11 Horrifying Photos Of The Devastation Caused By Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy is doing even more damage than originally anticipated.  As I write this, parts of Manhattan are under several feet of water.  Nobody expected that.  It is also being reported that water is pouring into the New York subway system.  Some of the subway tunnels reportedly have four feet of water in them at this point.  That is absolutely unprecedented.  All along the eastern seaboard we are seeing utter devastation.  The storm has just reached shore and yet already more than 2 million people have lost power.  From end to end, Hurricane Sandy is more than 1000 miles across, and this slow moving storm is going to continue to pound the northeast for most of the rest of the week.  The truth is that the northeast part of the country has never seen anything quite like this.  The storm surge has produced incredible damage all over the east coast.  Posted below are some photos that people have posted online of the devastation that they are seeing in their areas.  Of course there is no way to 100% vouch for the accuracy of these pictures, but I think that you will agree that many of them are extremely powerful.  We haven’t seen scenes like this since the horrific tsunami that hit Japan back in 2011.  We all need to be in prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy because this crisis is far from over.

The following are 11 horrifying photos of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy…

#1 A photo of the road to Atlantic City posted by Sharla McBride

#2 A photo of lower Manhattan posted by Wilson Pitts

#3 A photo of the lower east side posted by Terri Pitzel

#4 A photo of Brooklyn posted by Nick Cope

#5 A photo of the boardwalk in Atlantic City crumbling posted by Shawn Reynolds

#6 A photo of Long Beach Island posted by Jenn Perry Katsikis

#7 A photo of Ocean City posted by Ken Shane

#8 A photo of flooding in Atlantic City posted by Jim Roberts

#9 A photo of power lines down in Seaside Heights posted by Jim Lipof


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  • Eisenkreutz


    • Palestina

      And what’s hilarious about a hurricane flooding thousands of small town cities and metropolitan areas? State of emergencies declared, deaths already reported and 80 houses under fire in Queens. Manhattan is flooded, subways are flooded and firefighters are helping hundreds of citizens in the low-lying areas to save their lives from a unprecedented disaster? Let’s look at the real side of the story and pray for all the people affected by this life-threatening hurricane and now post-cyclone monster.

  • Matt

    Sorry #11 is not real…see http://www.snopes.com for details.

    • NSVP-311

      Yes, a bunch of basement-dwellers would know.

      • Brass Knuckles

        We stay in the attic in the winter it is much warmer.

  • Lefty Mongtard

    Comrades George W. Bush drove this storm with his HAARP because he hates black people. Comrade dear leader the Christ Messiah will put a stop to this.

  • Anne MArie Shotwell

    Photo number 8 is from Hurricane Irene 2011 and is a phtot by Tracey James of Ocean Grove NJ

  • Justacomment

    Has anyone noticed the uptick in natural disasters since our President and Vice President came out in favor of gay marriage?

    • vancouver mark

      Like Katrina, for instance?

      The series of judgements against America started soon after the US began invading and terrorizing peoples and nations who had done nothing to it. America has rained death and spewed poison across the Middle East, all while claiming to be such a good, Christian nation.

      Remember how Jesus felt about hypocrites, about those who say they are Jews but are not Jews. How many innocents have died or had their lives ruined because of America’s lies, greed and pride?

      Only God is keeping track.
      And He is keeping track.

      The judgement against America is only starting.
      Repent, you fools.

      (And before someone points a finger back, I claim no higher moral ground for Canada, especially with the frightful administration we have now put in place…..)

      • Gay Veteran

        America is an evil country and it has little to do with genitalia but instead with our massive war crimes and shredding of the Bill of Rights

        • Graham


          Well put, with an interesting angle. It’s amazing how the threat of faceless bearded bogeymen make it all look so different in the minds of so many. Not sure what the latter keep in their trousers (pants). Not my department. It could however be explosive to some.

        • AJ

          Disagree..don’t forget Sodom an Gomorrah, it happened and will again for like sins. You might be living in deniel but the rest of us see it for what it is.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Gay Veteran: I couldn’t agree more. The Banana Republic of America is not a rotting, decaying, collapsing Third World cesspool because of gay marriage, women in short skirts or sexually explicit rap tunes. The BRA is collapsing because it has become a corrupt banana republic run by corporate thieves, criminal banksters, war-obsessed imperialists and neocons who trash the Constitution at every turn. The BRA has become a pariah nation and a sewer of corruption.

          “I don’t think people realize just how evil and what an abomination our country has become.”—Alex Jones

          “The fish rots from the head down, and the fish is rotting. The rotten fish is Wall Street and Washington.”—Gerald Celente

          “Death is what ‘your’ government in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats, are bringing you. Both parties are driven by the neoconservatives who believe that American hegemony over the world is worth nuclear war to accomplish. If these dangerous ideologues continue to prevail, life on Earth has a very short-run prospect.”—Paul Craig Roberts

          “Without bread, Americans will be consoled by circuses for only so long. One more bailout, another high-ranking government official caught with his hand in the till, one more indication that the Marie Antoinettes who inhabit the District of Columbia believe themselves above the law—and then, watch out. It could get ugly.”—Justin Raimondo

    • Lina

      You are truly insane if you think there’s any connection here. As a Canadian I sometimes can’t believe we (the US citizens and I) share the same time period let alone continent. You sound like someone from the Middle Ages. As Dr. House would say, “You’re an idiot”.

      • AJ

        Your the idiot if you think for one minute you wont answer for such evil—you will unless u repent and change your ways. Your sin brings wrath on us all and we got a right to be mad about it…

        • Brian M.

          Sigh, not this again…

  • NSVP-311

    The Earth´s axis is being affected.

    “It is also being reported that water is pouring into the New York subway system. Some of the subway tunnels reportedly have four feet of water in them at this point. That is absolutely unprecedented”

    Same reason why the WTC towers collapsed in one gol, it is the result of low quality construction, shoddy workmanship.

    • Anna

      I think the amount of time the towers stood in spite of massive damage says something about how well they were constructed.

      The subway is below sea level, dork!

    • Rich

      Wake up and smell the truth…………….It was a controlled demolition

      • Graham


        … and the evidence to back it up is “substantial”.

        Those who get to grips with 9/11, also have a firm grip on the phoney war on terror. The numbers are still growing, thanks to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth and many others who have spoken out.

        The official story is an affront to human intelligence and rational thinking. Questions will be answered once the Poppy Bush (Scherf) Nazi cabal is **************** along with their associated oilmen, bankers and henchmen.

        Forget the theory and thoroughly examine the conspiracy!

    • Graham


      And which planet are you observing the earth’s axis from? The axis of my head has become tilted after reading your nonsense at the end.

      The WTC buildings collapsed? Really? Which one’s? One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, or Seven? WTC 1 & 2 certainly didn’t “collapse”, they were pulverised to 0.6 micron dust. Building 7 dropped like a pair of hookers knickers at around 5:20pm. Not sure why; it wasn’t hit by an aircraft. Shoddy construction?

      Lookup YouTube to educate yourself on what a “collapse” looks like and what “controlled demolition” looks like. You may also want to check out “steel framed” building fires too. Some skyscrapers have been “engulfed” for 18-20 hours yet remained standing. Must have been well constructed.. eh? Have a look at Firefighters for 9/11 truth. They know all about building fires.

      Do you know how many Israeli’s were arrested in NY on 9/11, some driving white vans full of explosives? Checkout the MSM footage and FOIA released Police radio recordings. Mossad were very busy in 2001… in the USofA.

      Learn who the real enemy is. It is running your country into the ground!

      • Brian M.

        I would give a detailed response as to what all that you just said is crap, but it’s not worth it.


        • Graham


          … which means you don’t have a clue what all the known facts are within your government, military, emergency services and qualified experts in various different fields. Many have spoken out on the record.

          You stick to the official story which contains cracks all over it. If its the official story you think you know, then you clearly don’t know what the full version of thr official story is.

          • Brian Miller

            I actually have did my homework on the subject actually and its people like you and your ”theory’ that’s bunk and still is bunk and has proven to be bunk.

  • Tatiana Covington

    It’s just air and water.

  • Rich

    As far as the Shark, sure it could be real and probably is. There is a new movie called “Bait” where a Sunami rips into a south florida town sending a 12 foot Great White into a Supermarket that has flood waters in it that are not receding. Of course it is just a different twist on a Shark Movie. Worth a peak on You tube Video to preview the flick. This is one supermarket where the shoppers are the food……………..your gonna need a bigger shopping basket !

    • Graham


      Very interesting. One golden rule that the “Illuminati” must follow, is announcing what they plan on doing in advance. They always do and always have done! Complex subject and I will leave it for others to check out.

      A South Florida tsunami will occur when the volcano in the Canary Islands (El Hierro) collapses. It is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. So now we have a movie called “Bait”. Learn whose who in Hollywood and why they make certain films.

      East Coast Tsunami Warnings:-

  • jeff

    Yes,Itoo believe that the more our president and country is not for Israel, the more natural disasters will come and yes God blesses those that bless Israel and curses those that curse ISRAEL.Repent U.S. If your a Christian as I AM. BORN AGAIN THEN PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE 2016 AND VOTE FOR Romney. HE IS FOR Israel,aganist abortion> WHICH IS MURDER AGANIST THE INNOCENT, AS LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION. Also our president is for gays and more debt. Time for change,A new president. Barrack Obama is a good canidate but a wolf in sheeps clothing. IT’s not about black or white, republican or democrat, morals or values, ethics etc. It’s about whose going to be the more godly president, now there both bad; one is a muslim sympthesizer and other a morman. Choose the one that is more godly, Romney.

    • Gay Veteran

      I want a president that looks after AMERICA’S interests, not Israel’s.

  • jeff

    then choose Romney. God is love,God loves the sinner but not the act of sin. Being gay is a sin, no one is born gay as no one is born to commit adultery.We were created for a purpose, God has his standards. The puppet doesn’t tell the puppietier what to do. Life has rules for everything. Personally no man can judge another man, however Gods word does the judging. JESUS loves u gay veteran, I too was in the Navy. God bless!

  • jeff


    • Graham


      Dude, please ask your handler for a new keyboard. The one you have seems to have a dodgy CAPS LOCK key, or maybe it has just got a bit sticky with your preaching excitement. Isn’t Gods life force energy just wonderful? Samadhi!

  • DifferentIdeals

    Jeff, calm down. The number of Christians are dwindling and you are holding fading ideals. Good is good, and god isn’t going to help anyone. Evolution will determine the future as we continue to change with our environment. Personally, I think this was a tragedy but a lot could have been prevented with preparation and planning for the future by many citizens. Romney is more interested in his business deals and selling out to china for any sane person to vote for him. His hatred of gay marriage, abortion and his ‘God fearing’ ways will prevent his ascension as a presidential candidate. There is a reason for separation between church and state, and religion should have nothing at all to do with our leaders. Good day everyone.

    • AJ

      LOL..God should have nothing to do with his own creation? WOW, is all I can say to that.
      IF ya’ll used your brain instead of letting lust guide u into stupidity maybe u could understand the mind and heart of the creator, you remain blinded by your own illusions filled with sin and hate and lust and all evil…repent for the days are short, nothing is getting any better from here on its getting worse and your a great example of that…..

  • Bessie Meyer

    We get hurricanes like this in Alaska but we call them storms and on top of it is some of these storms happen in below zero weather. Although , what we lose in these storms are not luxury items but our only possessions of making a living. Through all these storms, we do not get classified as a disaster where federal aid is available.