14 Cold, Hard Facts About Noah’s Ark That You Probably Do Not Know

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Noah's Ark Discovered

The new Hollywood blockbuster “Noah” has created a tremendous amount of interest in the story of Noah’s Ark.  Traditionally, most people have regarded it as just a cute Bible story to tell children.  But could it be real?  Is there solid evidence that Noah’s Ark actually existed?  If there is real evidence, would you believe it?  What you are about to see is absolutely stunning.  In fact, some of the things that you are about to see are so shocking that many people will simply refuse to accept them.  Later in this article, you are going to see video footage of the physical remains of Noah’s Ark.  This discovery has been known about for quite some time, but the mainstream media has mostly ignored it.  A boat-shaped object that is the exact length that the Ark should be and the exact width the Ark should be has been found on the mountains of Ararat.  Ground penetrating radar shows us how the Ark was laid out, and scientific tests have been conducted on wood and metal extracted from the gigantic buried boat.  If you have never heard about any of this before, prepare to be blown away.  The following are 14 cold, hard facts about Noah’s Ark that you probably do not know…

#1 The Ark was about 500 feet long.  That would make it approximately the size of a World War II aircraft carrier.

#2 It has been estimated that the Ark had an internal volume of more than 1.5 million cubic feet.

#3 According to brand new research conducted by scientists the University of Leicester, Noah’s Ark could have carried at least 70,000 animals without sinking…

Noah’s Ark would have floated even with two of every animal in the world packed inside, scientists have calculated.

Although researchers are unsure if all the creatures could have squeezed into the huge boat, they are confident it would have handled the weight of 70,000 creatures without sinking.

#4 Of course the Ark would not have needed to hold 70,000 animals.  One conservative estimate puts the number of animals on the Ark at about 16,000.  This would have allowed for more than enough room for food, supplies and lots of empty space.

#5 We have discovered at least 250 different ancient cultures that have a story of a massive, cataclysmic flood.  Most of those stories have striking similarities to the Genesis account.

#6 If there really was a global flood, we would expect to find billions of dead things laid down in rock layers all over the globe.  And that is precisely what we find.

#7 We know where Noah’s Ark is today.  Yes, you read that correctly.  As you can see from the YouTube video posted below, the remains of Noah’s Ark have been discovered on “the mountains of Ararat” in Turkey.  This video footage is absolutely stunning…

#8 The remains of the Ark are just as long and just as wide as the Bible says they should be.

#9 Wood from the Ark has been tested, and the tests show that it does contain organic carbon.  That means that the fossilized wood that was discovered was once living matter.

#10 Along with wood, metal was also used in the construction of the Ark.  Iron fittings and aluminum have both been discovered at the remains of the Ark.

#11 Petrified animal dung, a petrified antler and and an ancient piece of cat hair have also been retrieved from the remains of the Ark.

#12 Historical records confirm that people have believed that this is the correct resting place of the Ark for a very, very long time

The Gilgamesh Epic (650 BC) gives Mt. Nisir as the landing place of the Ark. The local name for the town where the Ark was found is Nasar.

The annals of Ashurnasurpal II of Assyria (833-859 BC) places it south of the Zab river (correct).

Theophilus of Antioch (115-185 AD) said the Ark could be seen in his day in the Arabian mountains. Later Church Fathers also mention the Ark as late as the mid 7th century.

In the 13th century, Willam, a traveler, stated for the first time that Mt. Masis was the Ark location (present-day Mt. Ararat).

Ptolemy’s Geographia (1548) mentions the mountains of Armenia as the place of landing. So does the traveler Nicolas de Nicolay (1558).

#13 A village near the remains of the Ark is known as “the Village of Eight”, and a nearby valley is known as “the Valley of the Eight”.  There were eight survivors on the Ark.

#14 The site is now known as “the National Park of Noah’s Ark” and it has previously been officially recognized by the Turkish government.

If you are interested in learning more, you can find additional videos about this incredible discovery here and here.

When I was young, I desperately hoped that Noah’s Ark would be found someday, but I doubted that it would ever happen.

Well, it has happened.

We have found Noah’s Ark.

It is not just a story for little children.

So will you believe the evidence, or will you just dismiss it because it does not fit with your current worldview?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s shocking new book about the last days entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com. It is shaking the world of Bible prophecy to the core, and it is being called one of the most controversial Christian books of 2016.  If you would like to check it out, you can find it right here.*

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • K

    Indeed this may be the Ark, it sure sounds like it. And the cup in Italy may be the True Grail. As a Christians, such proof for me is not needed. And for most who do not believe, no amount of proof will help. But for those few, who are truly sitting on the fence. May these things open their eyes.

    • Sammy

      No offense, but what makes you think that “grail” will be found. Why would whoever served the meal separate His cup from the others? He was not considered to be the Son until the third day.

      • K

        I was just quoting a recent story. But to answer your question. Peter for one, had already recognised Jesus to be the Son of God, long before the third day. I am sure there were others.

        • Sammy

          Again, please excuse my ignorance on the subject, but I still do not understand why His grail would be set aside. I know of nothing physically tangent to Christ that was kept, or known to exist.

          • K

            Even those who did not yet believe he was the Son of God. Considered him a prophet, or at the least a great teacher. So just like any other famous person things may have been put aside. As a Christian, I require no physical proof. I know what I know. Therefore, I am far from an expert on these things. A couple of other possible examples, the Shroud of Turin, the nail inside the Spear of Destiny. No one can be sure, and to me they are just interesting possibilities.

          • Sammy


          • Nogods

            Nothing exists, because it’s all a fairy tale.
            Fictional dogma, nothing more.

          • Terri Horn

            There is proof Jesus existed by non christian outside sources. You do not believe he was who he said he was then explain to me after the 3rd day when everyone was hiding in fear they started proclaiming he was the son of God. 1st century Christians were torn apart by animals, crucified, boiled in oil died in gladiator contests. That is not human nature for people to die for what they believe is a lie. The ways they died were told from outside sources who did not like Christians. John the apostle was exiled on the isle of Patmos when he survived the boiling of oil. This is verified by outside sources. Do not believe it cause they are dead then you would not believe the exploits of Alexander the Great (who was mentioned in the book of Daniel WAY before he was born) if you do not believe outside sources then you can not believe in any part of history since this documenttaion is been proven to have been within 100 years of Jesus death and no other figure in history has ever had historical information told or written down within that short of time. do the research. do not just be stubborn and just think it cannot be real what if it is and you do not research it and find out too late. Do the reasearch still disagree then put your reasons why down so others can review and have an ongoing dialogue if possbile.

      • Trick Daddy Flash

        First of all, Jesus did not drink wine at the last Supper, secondly it was NOT Passover. It was the 14th of Nisan, the feast of unleavened bread. It began at sundown before they ate the meal early in the evening hours of Nisan 14th. ” I had WANTED to eat this Passover Feast with you.” HE never ate Passover because he WAS the Passover Lamb. The only Gospel which cited that was John; he was there.Exodus chapter 12 gave the blueprint for the whole operation in c 1445/6 BC to Moses when he designated “today is the 1st day of the month Nisan ( paraphrasing) 2 weeks before the Children of Israel left Egypt on the evening after sundown when it had become the 15th of Nisan.
        The lamb was to be selected, w/o spot of blemish on the 10th of Nisan, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Sunday the 10th of Nisan, Palm Sunday, after 4 days the lamb was killed in C30 AD as well as C1445/6 BC. It gets very confusing sometimes because the date changes in that calender at sundown “And the evening and the morning was the first day” in Genesis 1. So at sundown Wednesday when it became the 14th the last Supper took place’ that made it the 15th after sundown and Jesus was taken in the wee hours of the AM on the 15th beaten, given a mock,illegal show trial and crucified all by sundown which became the 15th or Thursday by which tine, sundown, he was in the tomb, courtesy of Joseph of Arimathea, and the Passover feast was in progress as in Egypt as they ate the lamb, with unleavened bread and with loins girded, sandals on their feet and staff in hand just sandals on their feet a’fixin’ to walk out of the land of ancient ha Mizraim. Thursday afternoon before sundown as he had to be placed there after about dying about 3PM in accordance with the Torah, Thursday night as sindown Thursday would be the beginning of the high Shavat of Passover with he feast of unleavened bread occurringthe day before or the 14th. Pm 15th night 15th, daytime 16th night 16 which was, after sundown, the 16th nightime

    • Danielle

      I agree with all you said. This proof won’t help anyone unless they are unsure, and then it may direct them on the right path. As for a Christian already, I don’t need the proof, but this sure would be a site to see.

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    • GSOB

      All genuine Christians believe in the historical account of the global flood.

      • GSOB

        Leviticus 18:22-30

        Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

        22 You are not to sleep with a man as with a woman; it is detestable.

        23 You are not to have sexual intercourse with[a] any animal, defiling yourself with it; a woman is not to present herself to an animal to mate with it; it is a perversion.

        24 “Do not defile yourselves by any of these practices, for the nations I am driving out before you have defiled themselves by all these things.

        25 The land has become defiled, so I am punishing it for its sin, and the land will vomit out its inhabitants.

        26 But you are to keep My statutes and ordinances. You must not commit any of these detestable things—not the native or the foreigner who lives among you.

        27 For the men who were in the land prior to you have committed all these detestable things, and the land has become defiled.

        28 If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it has vomited out the nations that were before you.

        29 Any person who does any of these detestable practices must be cut off from his people.

        30 You must keep My instruction to not do any of the detestable customs that were practiced before you, so that you do not defile yourselves by them; I am Yahweh your God.”

        • A. Void

          Do you follow every single commandment in the Old Testament? Like, the many many rules about animal sacrifice? Seems to me like any true Christian citing the Bible to prove that homosexuality is wrong would also be able to properly prepare a calf as a burnt offering.

          • GSOB

            A. Void…

            But remember this—the wrong desires that come into your life aren’t anything new and different.

            Many others have faced exactly the same problems before you. And no temptation is irresistible.

            You can trust God to keep the temptation from becoming so strong that you can’t stand up against it, for he has promised this and will do what he says.

            He will show you how to escape temptation’s power so that you can bear up patiently against it.

          • ryan.dorsch@mail.ru

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          • Grace

            Um… Actually, no they don’t. That’s Jewish people. Christians believe that Jesus spilled his blood to cover all sins. That’s why they call him the savior. Blood was the most precious, life-giving substance available. That’s why it was used to cover sins. It was a very serious thing to sin. Most of the sins were crimes against humanity. So it took something serious to cleanse the sinner. It encouraged them not to sin again. Because who wants to sacrifice an animal? I think that was the idea behind it all, anyway.

          • Ferdinand Fernandez

            Animal sacrifice in the Old Testament was just a shadow of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in the cross- He was the Lamb of God who washes away the sins of the world. Do you understand why you are told not to break any bone on your roasted passover lamb? Since the crucified should die before sundown, Roman soldiers usually break the tighs so hasten death. But in the case of Jesus, he was already dead as evidenced by the dlow of blood and water when his abdomen was piered by a spear. My point exactly is why do I need to sacrifice animals when Jesus Christ the perfect sacrifice already did it for me and to all who will believe in him.

          • JohnMS

            Agree. And animal sacrifices of God’s creatures is cruel and barbaric and unnecessary.

          • Danny Dodge

            Really? Because one should learn to understand the torah before criticising it. The Levites prepare the sacrifices.
            I bet you will respond with something about stoning to death… When was the last time you imprisoned a murderer or gave a lethal injection (assuming you’re from a country or state that does that)? If you believe you follow the law of the land, by the same logic that random people obedient to torah should sacrifice animals (which is the equivalent of paying a fine in case you hadn’t figured it out, and I’m assuming that you haven’t) – the people GIVE a portion of what they have – the standard penalty is mentioned for the specific crime BUT it also states that those who do not have what is being charged, they can give what they have of food (grain, smaller animals etc) OR money can be placed in the temple collection box to donate to the widows and orphans. The animals given to sacrifice are sacrificed by the levites. Outside of Israel the fines are imposed by the governments of the nations and are often not optional, and no lesser amount is permitted because unlike Israelites, your lot don’t take compassion (yet attack jews constantly! ironic) and instead of a sanhedrin and judge using a court with the rule of two scrutinised witnesses and reasonable doubt (which I suggest you read) before a RARE case of stoning to death can be decreed, the police of the nations, who often batter and victimise alleged criminals, and (usually corrupt) judges and unlearned juries make judgements, some of which are fair, some of which are not, and people who are starving and choose to eat food that supermarkets have thrown away get thrown in prison (and potentially beaten, sexually abused and more) and labelled thieves, and others are treated the same way for possessing natural plants…
            It’s you and your people (ancestral and modern) who have it all wrong and are ridiculous, but your uneducated mind tries to find ways to attack and ridicule the ways of the Jews… Shame on you.

  • Guest

    Very exciting, Michael.

    By the way, I just finished reading “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs” by Mark Biltz.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      What did you think of the book?


      • Guest

        I really like it. It has caused me to become more watchful. The first blood moon is just a couple weeks away! What an exciting time to be alive.

        • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

          And one of the things that I really appreciate is that Pastor Mark Biltz is bringing awareness to the importance of God’s prophetic calendar. Once you understand how the Biblical calendar works, it opens up Bible prophecy in a whole new way.


  • krinks

    Another good point to this end would be the many peoples all over the Earth that trace their lineage to one of the sons of Noah. Odd isn’t it how the same “myth” would be told worldwide by people who have never met who also trace their lineage to one of the survivors?

    • Kim

      If the account of Noah were not real, it would be very odd. But, as you know, the account is in fact real. I have read where oceanographers believe the oceans were originally much smaller than they are today.

      Interesting topic!!!

      • krinks

        This is the only conclusion that makes sense in light of the many cities off of every major coastline that are now under miles of water. The Myth of Atlantis is a tale of but one of these places.

      • Trick Daddy Flash

        Look at all the sunken cities they havefoundoff Cuba, Japan Spain and other places do a search and be amazed. Ancient cities below the sea! You are dead on.

  • Tim

    I discovered early on in my Christian life that the Bible is very deep, and when a date is mentioned in the bible there is often a connection with some other significant biblical event. For example, Genesis 8:4 says the Ark rested on Mt. Ararat on the 17th day of the seventh month. Okay, fast forward to Exodus 12 where the children of Israel were preparing to depart from Egypt. The Lord was going to bring his final judgment upon the Egyptians by smiting all the firstborn in the land, both of man and beast. The Lord instructed the Israelites to select a lamb on the 10th day of the month, a lamb for each household. On the 14th day of the same month they were to kill the lamb in the evening, and they were to take the lamb’s blood and put it on the two side posts and the upper door post of their houses. And then they were to roast the flesh of the lamb and eat it. The Lord said when he saw the blood on the houses of the Israelites He would pass over them and their firstborn would be spared. This was the first Passover. Now, in Exodus 12:1-2 the Lord told Moses and Aaron that that month would be the first month of the year. That is, the Lord changed the Israelites’ calendar. What had been the 7th month since the creation was now the 1st month of the year. So what’s the significance of this? Jesus was crucified on Passover on the 14th of the first month, which was originally the seventh month. And He resurrected three days later on the 17th day of the month, the same day that the Ark rested on Ararat!

    • blackciti_fo5

      AMEN!!! This is one of the many reasons why I believe in God’s word. Everything in the Bible is there for a reason. Everything.

      • Nogods

        It’s not god’s word, it’s the words of men, created to control other men.
        There is no god, all religions are based on factless dogma. Not one single iota of truth or proof in all of them.

        • blackciti_fo5


        • Jerry Jensen

          Do not cast your pearls before swine
          Do not waste good things on people who will not
          appreciate them. This proverb is adapted from a
          saying of Jesus from the Gospels,“Cast not pearls before
          swine.” Jesus appears to be warning his disciples to preach only
          before receptive audiences.
          only before receptive audiences.

        • mike

          DO SHUT UP!!!! Your heckling is stale and old and boring. You do not want to even hear the truth, so why the F are you here??? You are not needed to pose an opposite “choice” You words are nothing but DRIVEL. Consequently, the only reason for your being here is to annoy, harass and put down the Word of God. We have satan for that.
          You are REDUNDANT, either prove your “claims” or shut up.

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      it has taken “the church so long to grasp this based on your clearly understandable posted dates from the Torah. So few people never knew this based n Romes folly and the fact that the date changes at sundown makes everything fir perfectly,Feast of the Unleavened Bread on the 14th, Passover did not start til sundown on the 14th which became the Passover cause they ate in Egypt at night ready to walk out that very night, sandals, staff loins girded fixin’ to go. Death of Jesus on the 14th Date change, Judah ate Passover the night of the 15th and resurrection after sundown Saturday or Sunday morning the 17 Feast of the Firstfruits. John is the only Gospel that makes it clear when he says basically that while Passover Lambs were being slaughtered all over Israel that Jesus died that afternoon . In the Tomb by Joesph, Passover rated after sundown. The date changing at sundown makes it infuriatingly difficult to keep up it.
      Jesus never ate that Passover, “I had desired to eat this Passover with you”, They ate the feast of unleavened bread.
      The Lamb Slain From the Foundation of the world WAS the Passover that day in about April 6th C 30 AD.
      He died on Thursday not Friday. God told Moses exactly what to do and once the sundown date change is figured in it lines up perfectly. It is beautiful to see the end declared from the beginning by El Shaddai. The only Gospel writer who laid it out accurately was John He was there.Shalom

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      Deliverance years apart on the same day. There is a pattern here for a reason! 2480 years approximately to 2500. GOD knows what he doing even when we can’t figure it out exactly.

  • Kim

    There are also large boulder known as “erratics” in locations where they ought not be. Geologists think that these huge rocks were effaced from larger rocks (mountains) by a sudden onset of powerful rushing water. I don’t believe that large canyons were carved out over a long period of time. I believe water sheared off the rock suddenly creating these canyons.

  • DJohn1

    We often see pictures of a boat when dealing with the Genesis description of the Ark.
    More likely would be that the Ark was a huge rectangle shaped object that was especially designed to float no matter what happened to ocean around the Ark. Was the Ark submersible? I think so. Boats are meant to travel from point A to point B. The Ark was designed to survive the worst flood and violent waters in history.
    Now think about this a little bit. 16,000 animals going to the toilet every day. I don’t think I want a smell of that!
    16,000 animals having to be fed and watered every day. All of this by a small crew??? The very size of the Ark leads me to believe it was without a rudder or any kind of steering control. It was a safe haven.
    Now genetically speaking I think our scientists have traced mankind back to a single woman?
    What I do not understand is how long ago was this? I have heard numbers dating from about 11,000 B.C. all the way back to around 25,000-35,000 years ago.
    Some people have traced more than one Ark in history. Some scientists think that there may have been at least 5 different Arks over the entire planet.
    The racial characteristics of the human race suggests that they may have survived on different Arks in different areas of the world.
    For instance, two areas of the world have an entirely different set of animals than we see in both the Americas and Africa.
    There is evidence in the teeth of the monkey family to show a long term difference between the two groups dating back an enormous number of years.
    For instance the monkeys of Africa have 32 teeth.
    The monkeys of South America have 36 teeth.
    Both are genetically different sets of animals. Both are monkey family.
    Scientists have also traced a world wide flood to a time when a huge glacier broke off Antartica. The resulting wave must have been hundreds of feet high and they think it reached the southern coasts of Africa traveling over 100 feet high over most of the continent.
    Anything in the path of that wave would not have let any evidence of buildings or human settlements survive. Yet the Ark must have been on high dry land when it was built.
    The other path of destruction is the entrance to the Mediterrean. If the Pillars of Hercules were broken then a massive wave from the Atlantic would have torn everything in its path flooding even the Arabian area.
    So what exactly from a physical point of view caused the sudden flood and increase in waters all over the planet?
    Before the flood there is records of people living 900 years. After the flood, the people started living much shorter lives like 40-50 years. The upper limit being declared to be 120.
    I too am fascinated by this enormous disaster. The Bible gives a very slim description considering how many people there were prior to this flood.
    The polution of our genetic line is often given as the reason that all those people had to die. I think there is a lot more to the story than what we are told.
    The Jews of the time think everyone was destroyed except Noah and his family. They may be right. Or there might be a whole lot more to the story than what has been told.

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      Big scientifically proven stable design for big BOX. No locomotion. maybe no steering and no power except a large invisible hand guiding it.The rations of lnght width and height are the most stable as determined by engineers ho build ships, The size of WWII eo carrier. Battle fast fleet carriers were up to 808 feet long Jeep carriers for convoy duty about 500 WWI Battleshipe 5-600 ft in length.WI Battlewagons 680-808 feet long just for comparion, big boat for c 32345-2350 BC and first bot in the world as it had neve rained until then.Thats why people though Noah was crazy with no rain far from water.

  • James B Canada

    Great article Michael. Be as what your name means in Hebrew:
    ” Who is like God“. In Hebrew “ mi “ pronounced “ mee “ means who.

    No Hebrew no Mickey Mouse!.

    In Hebrew we say ”noach”. In Hebrew Noah means to rest. Which is strange since he did anything but rest to build such a craft!!.

    In Hebrew we do not say “ In the beginning “. In a beginning is a better transaltion.

    I respect Christians very much. My best clients are of the Christian faith. In fact modern day Christians are often more closer to Biblical Jews than modern Westernized Jews of today.

    But what bothers me is the tacit arrogance Christians have when it comes to “their“ Bible. Their ancestors basically stole it from the Jews and claimed it as their own and then called it “ Old“. This is basically the way Europeans do things. So much of English was stolen from other languages as they were invading lands to steal their wealth and historical artefacts.

    • Hecky Pooh

      Actually, England had been invaded many times in the past. I would use the word “assimilated” rather than “stolen” when it comes to language and culture. The book called Gilgamesh is very similar to Noah ark story. Would you call it stolen by Babylonian? Or assimilated? As for artifacts, all countries even Israel stole something from others.

      I welcome your insights but try see it from both sides. We all came from Noah. The greed is in us, not just only Europeans.

    • Mike

      Please, get off your self-righteous high horse. It is nauseating to hear of how jews “respect” christians. Look here, we KNOW about the talmud, ok? I don’t care if you’ve read it or not, or even that you “don’ kno vat I’m talking aboot”, we know what the jews think of us, and I for one, am NOT the least bit impressed or convinced about this horse-sh!t “respect” you babble about. You admire us so much? Then get off your duff and go to your own, who despise us with such a pure satanic hatred, it is breathtaking, and please,DO let them know how “admirable” and “worthy of respect” we are. They happen to think we are nothing but, what’s that word they use..ah, yes GOYIM. That means cattle. That we are given to them by God to “serve” the jewish rabbi’s. So, I doubt they will even listen to a gentile like myself, but since you “admire” and “respect” us so much, please put in a good word for us at the next Kol Nidre you attend, OK? And yes, I already know about the Kol Nidre and what it means, hence my sarcasm. I am so utterly offended and disgusted by what I have learned about the jews in recent years, I am of the persuasion that we would be better off without your help.
      You are aware, that this us-them only serves to fuel anti-semitism, right? After what I have learned of why the Germans and many many others have been so angry with you as a people, because of the behaviours displayed, this “chosen-by-God” thing is staring to backfire…I’m wondering if the jews were “chosen” by God as a warning to the rest of the world of what NOT to do….

      • Mike

        ….you’re concerned about the arrogance of christians??? REALLY?
        When and How does the arrogance of the jews come into play?

  • Tom


    However why The Truth cannot inform current days of North Korea’s advanced army technology ? it threats Northern Asia’s peaceful tension. they have been making tons of advanced, cheapest UAV observation flying robots. then

    Current days, Some of South Korean democratic party member has been proposing Army laws to be good for gay, Originally, Korea does not allow gays to take any army service though it goes change as awfully… It’s unbelievable.

    • Kim

      I hate those translating machines. They never work right.

      • Jarek Draven

        Why have you much damage understanding precise define of commentary?

        I make many times premium style language transformation from the google.

        Try transformation as order: English > Russian > Hindi > Pig Latin > back from English. Work much greatest.

        • Kim

          Please. Language you transform to English me Klingon to style me a single fashion understanding in this order. Me horse trot much local economic bye bye go away dollar.

          Map to you also to my heart language to me Klingon. Thank it.

          • Trick Daddy Flash

            That’s what I was gonna say. I am willing to give anyone a try but when the talk person to speak to make ta so do have not wordings for talk or any other word is eaking/spay for ibberish/ gay and a anslating/tray eed nay uch may ractrice/pay…..alom/Shay and aranatha/May. Hootie kootie haydo.

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      Korea army laws should be good for gay huh? What dies that mean Tom…you do not any gays in North? or South Korean army or you do.I am confused?Maybe they should not miss out on he responsibility of defending their country because they are gay. They should not be shirkers I mean. They should face the elephant too.

  • Tim

    I don’t believe that Pastor Mark Biltz is scamming anyone or trying to get rich. One of his goals in the book is to make other believers aware of the significance of God’s calendar. He makes it very clear in the book that he is not setting any dates for the Lord’s coming. And I commend him for his humility. There are a few (minor) things in the book that I disagree with, but for the most part it’s an insightful and encouraging book that I can recommend to other believers.

    I have never heard of Greg Miller, and I’m not going to waste my time watching the video you linked to. Frankly, I’m tired of all the controversy among Christians today regarding eschatology.

    • Coffeedrinker

      Regarding this:

      “…One of his goals in the book is to make other believers aware of the significance of God’s calendar….”

      I would say–still–he is scamming because he the charging for the book. However, if in the next few months it turns out he is wrong and refunds the money then your touchy-feel argument might hold some water; money is still the root of all evil.
      Otherwise, don’t be afraid of the truth. Click on the link and set yourself free of Satin’s grip.
      By the way, I started drinking coffee again but in moderation.

      • Tim

        You have some real problems.

        • Richard Fishel

          Tim, “answer not a fool in his folly.” The drinker has obviously convinced himself that “he knows something.”

          • Tim

            Thank you, Richard.

      • Top Hat Kenney

        love of money…not money…root of evil…money is an inanimate object…a tool

        • Coffeedrinker



          I was typing with great emotion to free my message of truth to the viewing audience. And Satan rather than Satin.

          Michael will most likely know that emotional arguments presented in legal settings are the most powerful and beneficial type of arguments. I believe this is because they originate-arrive closer to the truth.

  • Michael

    Ron Wyatt discovered the Noahs Ark back in the late 80s early 90s it been around for a while, his videos are on youtube, he also found the Ark of The Covenant, as well as the red sea crossing, Mt. Sinai, and Sodom and Gomorra, and a few other thing, he video recorded everything, look it up on your tube its all there and this stuff has been around for more than twenty years, repent and be baptized in Jesus name, the time is coming soon.

  • adam

    the ark did not have 2 of each animal! it had 7 of every clean and 2 of every unclean (male and its mate so maybe 14 and 4)

    Gen. 7:2
    Take with you seven pairs of every kind of clean animal, a male and its mate, and one pair of every kind of unclean animal, a male and its mate,

  • martin

    How about posting the Google Earth co-ordinates so we can look at the satelite view for ourselves.

    • Danielle

      Look it up. It’s there.

  • John royman


  • John Cook

    Sadly, those who choose to believe require little more than a church leader or a person recognized as a great believer well accepted by the church to blindly follow, accepting their word as truth when those words carry nothing of reality. They are simply an exaggeration of an ancient myth. No more substantial proof than their words are needed for the myth to be strengthened in the loose and disconnected, emotionally biased, mental set of those who so wish to find proof–any sort of proof, that almost anything is accepted as the rock of reality–even when it’s foolish in it’s construct.

    Believers will believe, and that is that. That’s truly sad and insists the insubstantial fabric of myth as reality. No solid and critical examination is ever needed, and in fact any reality presented is diminished without examination–especially when it appears to lend something of a different nature and not substantially agree with the current and socially accepted line of unreasonable thinking.

    Religion will not allow the truth. Religion can only follow the structure of the myth, regardless of any concerns brought forward by current discovery or thought. Nothing in the ancient myths is ever allowed to be questioned. Thus the fallacy of the ancients will continue to prevail in the minds of those unwilling to consider realities.

    • Michael Anderson

      You’re missing it John. What’s sad is that you refuse to see the truth. Let me ask you a question. Why is it truly sad that someone is a believer? What difference does it make to you? Such arrogance is astounding!

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      On that day when you seek to hide in an inner chamber, then shall ye know and wail. Why do ou come here if you think it all a joke? we don’t go to your witches sabbath. drawing down the moon articles and post the truth . Why then come ye here to boast of the mind of man. “The wisdom of man is foolishness before GOD, for it is written-he taketh the wise in their own craft. Why are you here with us blind foolish ancients? Go and eat some puppies instead.

    • 02144pomroy

      You will not allow the truth. The evidence is all around you and you still deny it. You problem is your arrogance and pride.

    • TJ

      It is all Mythology. God of Abraham became what is known today as Jesus Christ.

  • Tremors Van Zant

    There’s no way Noah’s Ark could have existed. Learning basic physics would give you enough insight to know that a wooden ship that large wouldn’t be sea worthy, even if it was completely empty.

    Also, anyone care to explain how kangaroos and koalas don’t show any fossil record anywhere in the world other than Australia? Surely Noah didn’t build a second boat and send them on their way.

    • anonymous

      In my experience, the most unbelievable stories, the ones I just know are lies, usually end up being true.

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      Pangea, Gondwanaland. “Peleg because in his day was the earth divided”. Stop thinking like National Geographic. Silly silly argument.

      • Nogods

        There’s always some other piece of fiction to add to the never ending story of fiction.
        The whole shooting match is just fantasy. The religious nutters just keep twisting and distorting the story to suit their agenda. It really is pathetic to watch.

        • 02144pomroy

          It’s laughable to see you atheists go crazy over this stuff. You surly are of Satan because no one at peace with themselves would get so nuts about this. .Fact is stranger than fiction.

        • Mike

          Well, then ya stupid doofus, STOP WATCHING!!
          If we are crazy and out of touch for believing this “myth”, what does that make you for continuing to watch and ridicule?

    • 02144pomroy

      They just haven’t found them yet. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I can’t see the air, yet I know it exists.

  • anonymous

    For anyone that has ever said “God, if you just gave us some evidence, or a sign, that you really do exist,” I think this might be the sign from God.

    • GSOB

      The ARK is a type of Christ and salvation.

      The Gospel needs to be communicated in such
      manner as to stir the mind to see and hear.

      God has spoken in many ways but in these last days, He has spoken to us in His Son.

      Faith comes through hearing….

  • Axudur

    You date the Epic of Gilgamesh as 650 BC.. Versions of the story go as far back as 2000-2500 BC, in Akad and Mesopotamia.. The global flood was probably the glacial ice melting and receding after the ice age.. No doubt many legendary stories came about..

  • Axudur

    And # 9 is redundant.. Fossilized anything would have once been living?

    Durupınar site is mentioned as a National Park? Lol..

  • wooddragon

    Like all bible stories this one is an allegory as well and not to be understood literally.

    • Nogods

      In other words, it’s all fiction.
      Just which part is truth, and which part is metaphor?
      There is no marker to say what section is fact or fiction.
      Therefore, it can all be safely classed as fiction. Because anytime someone questions the ‘facts’, suddenly the story becomes a parable.
      Only the gullible could take any of the bible as truth.

      • 02144pomroy

        Every word is the truth in the Bible. . No allegories etc. You have no faith. You are very angry. Your life must really suck to get so upset over a story about Noah’s Ark.

      • GSOB

        The truth that you need to be concerned about is that you will die in your sins unless you repent.

  • Bill G Wilminton NC

    The blood moons info of dates was set by Nasa. The first blood moon is next tuesday can be seen in north America. Google up. Pastor Greg Miller is entitled to to his views but his debate is with Nasa not Blitz. Also Pastor Hagee has an excellent book and video about the tetra moons. And google ‘blood moons hagee fox news’ for a great interview on Fox covering the blood moons. This is real no scam. But I must admit i have not watched Pastor Millers video.

  • Nogods

    The one and only cold hard fact you need to know is that Noah and all the characters in the fictional book called the bible are just fantasy figures.
    Fact, it’s all fiction.
    Any other ‘cold hard fact’ from there is simlpy trying to perpetuate the dogma of religion. It’s all a fairy tale. Created by one group of men in order to control another group of men. Get over it.
    Imagine no religion, the day is coming when society will be free of this superstitious clap trap.

    • 02144pomroy

      Fact is, you have no facts to back up anything you say. You are a very angry man.

  • Jim Green

    Some amazing info many don’t realize–given time, the Bible has NEVER been proven wrong on any archaeological matter–NEVER. Nonbelievers would tease for centuries, then one day, a discovery is made, and the nonbelievers say, “Oops!” If God isn’t lying, or these aren’t just cute Bible stories for children, like Noah’s Ark, maybe the Bible is true in everyting it says, including, “You must be born again!”, (Jesus speaking) “He who has seen Me has seen (God) the Father.” Unbeliever, read it for yourself, rather than depending on what others have told you all your life. You can do it nowadays without anyone knowing by getting on a Bible website. I challenge you.

    • Nogods

      It’s all fiction. Nothing has been proven.
      There is not one iota of truth in any religious texts, they are all man made dogma, to control other men.
      Absolute hocus pocus, fantasy and lies, that’s all the bible is.

      • 02144pomroy

        What you say is pure fiction. There are more archeological facts that prove the bible than you can shake a stick at. You are just an angry guy who will not accept the facts.

        • Poser, the

          Please don’t feed the trolls. It just makes them stick around for more attention.

  • Emily Janzen

    “We have discovered at least 250 different ancient cultures that have a
    story of a massive, cataclysmic flood. Most of those stories have
    striking similarities to the Genesis account.”

    I’m a Christian and I think the Genesis account bears striking resemblance to myths from other cultures. A global flood? Animals gathered from the entire world, without supernatural teleportation? I think not.

    And do you know what? It doesn’t matter. My faith doesn’t hinge on the fantastical tales, like Noah and Jonah being literally true.

    • 02144pomroy

      Then I guess Jesus was a fake too. He mentions both Noah and Jonah in his teachings.

      • Emily Janzen

        Didn’t say they weren’t people. Only that their stories have been embellished. And to be fair, one can reference a mythical person to make a factual point.

  • Jim Green

    Dear nogods, I want you to know that I respect your opinion. But, maybe you haven’t heard this. It’s from a book written about 30 years ago by an absolutely brilliant guy by the name of Josh McDowell, called “Evidence that demands a verdict”. He used to laugh at Christianity just like you until he really investigated it. He was blown away by the overwhelming evidence.
    He found that there were around 330 prophecies for the first coming of Jesus (Christmas). I’m talking about things like where and how he would be born, who his ancestors would be up to 40 some generations beforehand–something that nobody has ever been able to pull off–and they all came true. Some of the prophecies were written down by Flavius Josephus–like a national newscaster of his day. These prophecies were all made and written down hundreds of years beforehand. Pretty amazing if it was just luck. To say they came true in Jesus by accident flies in the face of the theory of probabilities big time. The chances are so astronomical we can’t begin to comprehend it. So he narrowed it down to just 8 prophecies, and the chances are akin to burying the entire state of Texas 2 feet deep in silver dollars, mixing up the entire state like you’d shuffle a deck of cards after putting a red check on one of them, leading a blindfolded person into the state, and they, by pure chance, pick up the checked silver dollar on the first try. That’s just 8; there were 322 more prophecies.
    If your attitude isn’t, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.”, you may want to check some of this out. I’m sure you could locate that book on Amazon.

  • Rad

    Quote “#10 Along with wood, metal was also used in the
    construction of the Ark. Iron fittings and aluminum have both been
    discovered at the remains of the Ark.”

    Aluminum is never found free in nature.It has to be created.The process for doing this was discovered in the 1800’s.

    So if aluminum has been found and proven to be a part of the remains, this cannot be the Ark now.. can it !!!

    • 02144pomroy

      You dildo. The ancients knew the art of metallurgy. So the remains can be the Ark now……can it!

  • Emily Janzen

    Answers in Genesis is an embrassment.

  • Gigi Junker

    Wasn’t it Ron Wyatt who discovered the ark?

  • GSOB


    The majority of the The Book of Revelation, by John, has been fulfilled.

    The Great Tribulation has come and gone in the first century.

    We are in the ‘1000 year’ kingdom now, and have been since the incarnation.

    What is left is the conversion of more gentiles and generations of Jews to Jesus Christ, increasing the body of Christ – the Church.
    The advancement of the Gospel up to the return of Christ, to resurrect all for judgment, and then the glorious consummation.

    That is what God is doing and all things are subject to Him as He builds His Church, the gates of hell will not prevail….
    There is a lot of work to do.

    Stay focused. The ‘ark’ today is Christ.

  • Armel

    Excellent article! I wish I had more time to give you feedback on this stuff, it’s really phenomenal…wouldn’t it be great to try to go over there and reclaim the territory around Mt. Ararat and preserve it as a historical treasure…that video is absolutely amazing!

  • Julie Whitman

    it didn’t needto see it to believe it!

  • Science Believer

    Noahs Ark is just a story. Period. End of Story. It is ridiculous to believe that Noah, et. al. constructed this thing and then floated around for 9 months with a zoo. Please.

  • xxSusannaHoffsStillHotxx

    I saw a movie when I was a little girl about how we found Noah’s Ark back in 1975 I believe it was

  • JohnMS

    Though I am a Christian, and believe Noah built a large wooden boat in preparation for a great flood, I find it to be mind boggling and unrealistic to think that two of each animal species not only found Noah’s boat, but that Noah’s family could care for so many tens of thousands of animals.

    And as it possible for the animals to not fight? And stay put n their designated space? How was disease curtailed and prevented?

    What about those who point out other great floods?

  • Mike

    Seems its location has been known through the centuries except by our wizened and enlightened age.

  • bello I

    Your “cold hard facts” combine the efforts of multiple, independent, unsuccessful operations to discover the Ark. The picture you included is a geographic formation called a “basalt dike”, which a BASE research team determined after initially assuming it to be the Ark. You also reference carbon-dated wood at 4,800 years. That number comes from a separate operation, and was revealed later was a hoax; Ten Kurdish workers were paid to haul pieces of wood back from the Black Sea and assemble them on the mountain.

    “In 2007, a joint Turkish-Hong Kong expedition including members of Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) claimed to have found an unusual cave with fossilized wooden walls on Mount Ararat, well above the vegetation line.[22] In 2010, NAMI released videos of their discovery of the wood structures.[23] Members of Noah’s Ark Ministries International reported carbon dating suggests the wood is approximately 4,800 years old. It is unlikely that there was any human settlement at the site at altitude of 4,000 meters.[24] Randall Price, a partner with Noah’s Ark Ministries International from early 2008 to the summer of 2008, stated that the discovery was the result of a hoax, perpetrated by ten Kurdish workers hired by the Turkish guide used by the Chinese, who planted large wood beams taken from an old structure near the Black Sea at the cave site.”