16 Sickening Facts That Show How Members Of Congress And Federal Workers Are Living The High Life At Your Expense

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Once upon a time, working for the federal government was considered to be a sacrifice and it often involved a significant reduction in pay.  Millions of Americans felt that serving their country and making a difference more than made up for the reduced wages that they would receive.  Unfortunately, those days are long gone.  Today, the federal government is the place to go if you want a cushy, high paying job with tons of benefits.  It is incredibly hard to be fired from a federal job, and if you stick around long enough you will be guaranteed a huge pension for the rest of your life.  The laziness at some federal agencies is absolutely legendary.  Trust me, I used to work in Washington D.C. and I have seen the mindset firsthand.  Some federal buildings are absolute ghost towns at 5:01 PM.  Hordes of federal workers are just putting in their time, collecting their fat paychecks and counting down the days until retirement.  And members of Congress are some of the worst offenders when it comes to milking the American people.  Yes, members of Congress have fat salaries and enormous pensions, but it is the host of “funds” and “expense accounts” that they have access to where the worst abuse takes place.  For example, did you know that more than $33,000 was spent in 2010 on the hair care needs of U.S. Senators?  That comes to more than $300 per Senator.  The truth is that most members of Congress and most federal employees don’t really care that other Americans are absolutely breaking their backs to pay the taxes that fund this system.  Most of them enjoy milking the American people and most of them have absolutely no intention of changing the system that has been so incredibly good to them.

There is a reason why median household income is higher in the Washington D.C. area than anywhere else in the nation.  The U.S. government is the goose that just keeps laying golden eggs.  Over the past 40 years there has been an incredible economic boom in the areas of Virginia and Maryland bordering our capital.  But it is not because those areas have added value to our economy.  Rather, it is because the federal government has been sucking the lifeblood out of the rest of the country and has been showering it on millions of parasites that are living the high life at our expense.

Nobody is saying that we should shut the government down.  All societies need government.  However, the cold, hard truth is that our bloated federal government has gotten wildly out of control.

We desperately need to change course, because our federal government has become a deeply corrupt monster that just keeps getting larger and larger no matter which political party is in control.

The following are 16 sickening facts that show how members of Congress and federal workers are living the high life at your expense….

#1 Nearly 500,000 federal employees now make at least $100,000 a year.

#2 In 2006, only 12 percent of all federal workers made $100,000 or more per year.  Now, approximately 22 percent of all federal workers do.

#3 If you can believe it, there are 77,000 federal workers that make more than the governors of their own states do.

#4 In 2010, the federal government spent $33,387 on the hair care needs of U.S. Senators.

#5 In 2010, U.S. Senators pulled $72,370 out of the “Senate Restaurant Fund”.

#6 In 2010, U.S. Senators took $166,673 out of something called the “Senate Gift Shop Revolving Fund”.

#7 In 2010, an average of $4,005,900 of U.S. taxpayer money was spent on “personal” and “office” expenses per Senator.

#8 Cooks working for the Bureau of Prisons make an average of $66,225 a year.

#9 During 2010, the average federal employee in the Washington D.C. area received total compensation worth more than $126,000.

#10 During 2010, compensation for federal employees came to a grand total of approximately 447 billion dollars.

#11 According to the Heritage Foundation, federal workers on average make 30 to 40 percent more money than their counterparts in the private sector.

#12 The U.S. Department of Defense had just nine civilians earning $170,000 or more back in 2005.  When Barack Obama became president, the U.S. Department of Defense had 214 civilians earning $170,000 or more.  By June 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense had 994 civilians earning $170,000 or more.

#13 If you are a federal worker, you are 13 times more likely to die of natural causes than you are to get laid off by the federal government.

#14 Insider trading is 100% legal for members of Congress, and they refuse to pass a law that would change that.

#15 At this point, more than half of those “serving the American people” in Congress are millionaires.

#16 Nearly 15,000 retired federal workers are collecting federal pensions for life worth at least $100,000 annually.  The list includes such names as Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Dick Gephardt and Dick Cheney.

Meanwhile, much of the rest of the nation is deeply suffering.

As I have written about previously, 77 percent of all Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck at least part of the time, and a whole host of statistics show that the middle class in America is in a deep state of decline.

Median household income has declined by 8.1 percent since the year 2000, and 14 million more Americans have been added to the food stamp rolls since Barack Obama became president.

It is not right for members of Congress and federal employees to be living the high life while the rest of the country is experiencing tremendous economic pain.

What makes all of this even worse is that the U.S. national debt has now reached the 16 trillion dollar level.

If we could pay for all of this wild government spending that would be one thing, but the truth is that the U.S. national debt is now more than 22 times larger than it was when Jimmy Carter became president.

We cannot afford this kind of spending.

We need to totally change the culture in Washington.

We need a government that is lean and efficient and that is full of people that have a passion for serving the public.

So do you think that we will ever get there?

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below….

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • k

    Somebody should name the congress and the senate ” The millionaire club”

  • k

    And no i frankly think we cant change them. But we can do one thing…we can pressure them to share the pie…..Abolishing the federal income tax. This is an idea whose time has come.

    • re-k

      Congress holds the purse strings and that is their primary source of power. Reforming the tax code properly means giving up much or all of their power. That is why they have not and will not do it.

      My idea of reform is to remove all deductions, except for the standard deduction, and count all income the same. Tax every dollar earned once, and only once, per earning, through the income tax system. Eliminate all other forms of taxation. (Even corporate taxes, which are actually double taxation.) Just get rid of all double dipping.

      A flat tax can be made into a smooth curve, without tiers, through the standard deduction.

      Let’s say, 20% rate, less a $20,000 standard deduction. Everyone pays the same. My 1st dollar is taxed the same as your 1st dollar. My 20,001st dollar is taxed the same as your $20,001st dollar. Tiers are inherently unfair and instigate cheating. A purely flat tax doesn’t take into account that goods are sold at a fixed price, not at a percentage of income. A smooth curve with a single point of taxation is the way to go, imho.

      But, as I said, the only thing that will wrestle the purse strings from the hands of Congress is utter economic collapse. It’s so sad that they put themselves before the good of the country and are happy if the system lasts only as long as they need it.

  • marK

    We have the answer to the problem of big government right in front of our faces. Follow the plan that our Founding Fathers laid out for us. A small Federal Government and if you want a larger government, live in a state that wants to have high taxes. We can down size this monster. The hard part would be all or the federal employees rioting on the streets as their paychecks go away. None of this will happen as the federal employees run the show and will never ever be willing to take cuts. They will milk this cow till she falls over dead. Don’t worry, Uncle Ben will just keep on printing and everything will be just fine. Oops, normalcy bias shows up again.

    • Doug

      Mark – your answer is PERFECT…..the Constitution is the answer…which was SUPPOSED to give us a SMALL Federal Government. If someone wants to live in a big government welfare state, there are MANY choices….among them are California, Illinois, New York, Oregon, and Massachusetts…..but the US has gone from being the wealthiest country that has ever existed to being bankrupt because of our out-of-control Federal government. The EXPLICIT annual deficit is over $1 trillion a year but unfunded liabilities are increasing at $5 trillion a year. If EVERYONE was taxed at 100%, there STILL wouldn’t be enough tax receipts to balance this total disaster we are in….of course, Obama cannot say this because he wants to INCREASE the give-aways to buy more votes….more food stamps? OF COURSE!!….more welfare? OF COURSE!….give blanket amnesty to all the illegal aliens so that they can receive welfare and vote for liberals? OF COURSE!! The more the merrier!

  • Jodi

    This is the problem…where is the outrage? I guess as long as people have their entertainment and free stuff they really don’t care what government is doing with our money. This is sick!

  • alex_g

    >> more than $33,000 was spent in 2010 on the hair care needs of U.S. Senators? That comes to more than $3,000 per Senator.

    This would imply that there are only about 11 senators in the Senate now. That is a major reduction since I last checked. It looks like they are cutting their expenses after all!

    • Jaclyn Pugh

      300, not 3,000

      • alex_g

        Jaclyn — there was a typo in the first version of the article.

        • Tom

          no there is not a typo im looking right at it learn to read

  • William

    After the false flag attacks on America on 911 by Israel and very high levels of the US government, Shrub Bush and the US Congress reorganized and expanded the federal government into the monstrous nightmare that it is today, at a HUGE cost in BORROWED MONEY. Not so funny now, is it??? The number of federal employees enjoying fat salaries and huge pensions when America is BANKRUPT is stunning. Way to go, Shrub Bush, and those who supported him! Civil servants (sic), once they are permanent, are just about beyond control. Most GS employees of the federal government spend most of their time doing little except studying their federal employee benefits handbook…..HARD FACT. The taxpayers are LUCKY to get two hours of real work in a day from these featherbedders.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “After the false flag attacks on America on 911 by Israel and very high levels of the US government”

      LMAO. Anti-semite much sparky? Yer a twofer too. anti-semite and left wing lunatic. Welcome. Yea, Bush reorganized and expanded – more so than that clown Clinton, but you somehow believe only them evil republicans made the govt the size it is today? You’ll fit right in there with the other ‘it’s all them evil republicans’ nutbags.

      So lemme know, what exactly do you think is going to happen with all those salaries and the pensions once they’re all unionized at the hands of the democrat party?

  • K

    Michael really, the Heritage foundation. They would not know a fact, if the tripped over it. They are not talking about federal workers. They are talking about politicians, political appointees, and high ranking agency personnel, who got their jobs through political favors. Your run of the mill federal worker, made less than their private counterparts. Until four years ago. Their wages did not go up, private wages crashed. I worked for the Federal Government for 30 years. My highest salary was 46,000 dollars a year. My retirement is not quite half that much. And yes, I know of many people with the same story. Actual Federal workers, the ones that actually do the work. Are some of the hardest working, finest people I have ever known.

  • Gay Veteran

    There’s a huge difference between our House of Lords and federal employess. What basis do you have to support the allegation that “…most federal employees don’t really care that other Americans are absolutely breaking their backs to pay the taxes that fund this system….”

    • Mal R

      How about – they’re all being unionized. You dont really need to look further than that.

      • Gay Veteran

        as if it makes a difference, what percentage of federal employees belong to a union?

        as if you know

        • Mal R

          and what % are they attempting to make it. as if you know.

          • Gay Veteran

            so you don’t know, figures

      • John W.

        Not hardly. There are quite a few non ubion areas. many continually vote not to unionize mostly in DOD.

      • Jim

        Federal unions are an oxymoron. They have absolutely no power. Feds cannot negotiate salary or go on strike. What is the point of a union?

    • Louise in MO


      I’ll give you an example of a federal government employee: the federal employees who work at the Veterans Hospital in St. Louis.

      They are rude, hostile and lazy. They act like they are doing you a favor just by being there. The care for my 100% disabled Vietnam war Veteran hospital is terrible. He has waited 9 months to be seen by the “shoulder clinic” and he can barely lift his arms.

      Federal employees should make no more than their counterparts in the private sector. Their pensions should be the same as well. And ditto on their health care.

      The Congress and Senate should have TERM LIMITS as the President does. The voters don’t seem to have the smarts to quit voting for the same do-nothings.

      Unions have far outlived their usefulness. They are as corrupt as the ones they originally fought against.

      Much needs to be changed in the federal government. However, the dingbat who posted above that 9/11 was an inside job is definitely in need of a psychiatrist.

      • Gay Veteran

        “Unions have far outlived their usefulness.”

        really? and what will counterbalance the power of corporations? you think that we somehow got a 40 hour work week?

        • Gay Veteran

          “Unions have far outlived their usefulness.”

          less and less of the national income is going to workers. why? because corporations are now stronger and unions weaker

        • buckeroo

          40 hr work week? who are you working for? i havent worked less than 60 hrs in a week in the last 10 yrs and yes i have had dealings with the unions and its not the work week they bitch about its more like “you mean i have to walk an extra 20 ft to the water cooler?”..im calling my stewart! they have been babyed so long that they cry like a baby at the smallest things.

    • Tom

      let me make this easy for you gay homo if you are a federal employee you are the problem got that! and we will remember that when the time comes for you and the rest of you homos in government.

  • Jaclyn Pugh

    Now we know who the “illuminati” are, as they sit right in front of our faces, a fraud, a hoax, a scam. The top 1%, monopoly board members of the Fed, are over fed for sure! Welcome to the millionaire club! You ain’t in it! I want my tax money back!!!

  • Gary2

    Nearly 500,000 federal employees now make at least $100,000 a year.

    Where can I get one of these jobs??

    • Mal R

      First, you have to be intelligent. You dont fit that bill so – I’ll have a Venti Iced Frappachino with a lil extra whipped cream. …and step on it.

      • k

        You are the biggest moron around here.You know why? People have seen through your stupidity and you have not realised it yet.

        • Gary2

          I know–I have been telling mal this for ever and he still spouts his stupidity. at least its semi-entertaining.

    • John W.

      That’s a **************** figure. the average Fed is a GS-6 making around 40,000 a year. Only in the DC area do these bloated salaries occur. Nost of the Federal Workforce is just nubs. Border patrol stats out as GS-7. To put up with the crap they do and take the risks?

      • Julie

        Glad to see someone correct the record! And with wages frozen yet again this year the value of that 40K is shrinking. While that retirement keeps costing us more and our so called health care keeps going up. Maybe the SES types are living large, but we Feds down here doing the real work are fast approaching the same things our civilan counter parts are. Union what union???? I’m not in a union and know of no union members in the area I am in.

    • Louise in MO

      To: GARY2

      All you need to do Gary is to pass a test and be an illegal immigrant, or be in a minority class and you’ll be in! Otherwise, you don’t have a chance.

      I guess your only hope is that Obama stays in office and further redistributes the wealth.

    • bob roberts

      Do you have a technical, medical or legal degree (and resultant 6 figure debt), or have worked your way up from the military or within the civil service after 20-30 years?

    • 38 year federal employee

      Well, first go get a college degree (Bachelors at a minimum, but some will require a Masters, PhD, or Post doctorate education) in a STEM or medical field. Then, start work fresh out of school at significantly less than your fellow graduates in the same discipline, and continue working for the federal government for 30 years or more. Be able and qualified to work in nuclear engineering or nuclear physics and be willing to expose yourself to the hazards those fields entail, as well as having to patiently manage the fear and paranoia of most members of the media and congress. Oh, and you have to compete with a population of similarly qualified people for a small bonus each year (if any), and have any cost of living increases driven by politics and be less than the annual increase in your health insurance premiums. Be prepared to spend sizable amounts of time you don’t have hosting and being respectful to frequently ignorant, asinine, and arrogant congressional staff members conducting political witch hunts on technical topics they know nothing about (and can’t be bothered to learn about) just to get their name in the papers to pad their resumes. Don’t worry, you can catch up on your day job responsibilities on your own time.

      It helps to place yourself in a position that requires you to ride on submerged submarines or ships at sea for sometimes extended periods of time w/o a nice hotel room or the ability to call home if the family needs to contact you.

      That would be a start.

  • Silver ScumbAG Canada

    We have our own band of mooches too who live off the sweat and stress of the Canadian taxpayer. At least you all can vote for your Senate mooches.

    The list failed to mention all the goodies they get from the Saudi Lobby.

    I wish this was all a bad dream.

    Many of them also have homes in China.

    Before the West falls into mayhem because our currencies are worthless, they will have made their exit. Most likely to China and the Carribean and South East Asia.

    Will they still have their bodyguards with them?

  • FK

    I can agreed to some point that Yes- our government is way too big and some are earning way too much. But it’s not the regular hard working Federal employees
    we need to worry about. We need to focus on the senators, congressmen/women, and those high profile appointees. Their benefits and bonuses are way out of this
    world. More and more I see the word Politician = licensed professional crooks.

    • Mal R

      You’re talking about ignoring hundreds of thousands with ridiculous salaries so you can go after 536 ridiculous salaries. How does that make sense to you?

      • k

        see this stupidy of yours is astounding. Those congress men and senators do far less work and take far more pay than than most of those regular federal workers.

        You know why you are making stupid comments??

        Its Anger!!….You have so much anger towards any one who has a different political opinion than yours that it is clouding your judgement and making you formulate ridiculous responses to their comments….without realising that your comments are showing your ignorance and bias to the outside world.

        You have issues…go visit a shrink.

  • It’s not restricted to those employed directly by the Federal Government.

    There is about a 50 mile radius around DC beltway (which extends north to Frederick and even as far as Timonium north of Balitmore, but certainly northern Virginia and the DC metropolitan area) where well-paying jobs are abundant, housing prices have never been better, and life is good.

    People in this area hear of a depression and they think it’s all nonsense.

    Rome, D.C. is sucking the life out of the country in order to feed itself.

    • S

      Just to add to your comment…

      The reason why work and pay is abundant in the DC metro area is directly due to the amount of government contracted work in the area. This is why it “seems” like the “depression” hasn’t hit this area so hard. When business is good,the economy is better, it trickles down to more jobs, better schools, better infrastructure, so forth and so on.

      Its not helping other parts of the US where they are shuttering bases (BRAC) and moving these agencies to the DC area, so thousands are faced with either losing their Federal jobs close to home or move with their jobs to the tri-state area.

  • Tim


    As a former federal employee (U.S. Government Accountability Office), I agree with the overall point of this article. And I have to say that I’m even surprised by some of the statistics presented in the article as it has been a few year since I left the federal government.

    The current level of federal spending is unsustainable. If all discretionary federal spending were eliminated–that’s every federal agency–we would still not have a balanced federal budget because mandatory spending and interest on the national debt are now greater than total federal revenue.

    I went to work for the federal government after graduating from college because that’s where the Lord led me. And I’m very thankful for my time there and the things I learned. It was while working at GAO, while David Walker was at the helm, that I learned just how dire our fiscal situation is.

    Most of my coworkers at GAO were dedicated and hard-working public servants. Believe me, we worked very hard. The level of talent and professionalism in that agency was remarkable. Yes, there are a lot federal employees whose salaries are excessive and who don’t do much. I remember one guy who worked for the FDIC Office of Inspector General who was making $140k before he retired. And he didn’t do much. The FDIC is a gravy train in terms of compensation and benefits.

    We both know that the current system cannot go on much longer. Let’s continue to try to wake up as many people as we can.


    Tim Murray

  • mike polak

    K, I have a question for you. Did you or any of you fellow (Best workers ever) pay anything into Social Security Fund? My Dad had his own business for all my life, he’s 80 now and gets $1125.00 dollars a month. Which amounts to $13,500….a yr…You stated you made only $46,000 on your best yr. and you get a less then half of that a yr…..BOO HOO i’d cry for you but; I’d really have to cry for us tax payers for paying your pention for the rest of our lives..You get 21,000/23.000 a yr…Your fellow workers (work for the Gov’t) Senators/Congressman also are in your pention fund so we small everyday workers pay for you and them and ourselves….We are screwed daily and yearly by you all….let the Whole System CRASH so we can START OVER….Maybe this work set the record to finally EVEN..

    • K

      Mike, never paid a penny into Social Security. Also will never get Social Security. I paid 7.5% of my wages into Civil Service retirement. My agency also had to pay another 7.5% into my retirement. So every year 15% of my wage went towards my retirement. Also unlike Social Security, my retirement is taxable from the first penny. This is not in any way a complaint by me. Just pointing out that what many of you believe, is nonsense. Since there is a surplus, in the Civil Service retirement plan. You have never paid me a penny in retirement.

      • Julie

        Under the current “FERS” retirement system, Feds do pay into Social Security. Old timers under the old system don’t but the new generation of Feds do.

  • Donna Macchio

    Fire all the parasites, take away all their perks. Put some laid off history teachers or middle class Americans in.

  • paul

    You voted for the rich, right?
    And you always defend the rich, right?
    Being afraid they might want to leave the country and get a higher income in North Korea?

    Well, you get what you deserve.

    Or next time vote for a homeless single mother of 5 to enter congress?

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Cushy government jobs not only exist at the federal level. They exist at the local level as well. Item: I know a guy in NYC who works as a plumber for the city and makes a six-figure salary (with very generous benefits and a lot of vacation time). A Democrat, adores Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama, barely got through high school, reads at about a 6th grade level, takes month-long vacations in Europe at the taxpayers’ expense, gets drunk at the corner bar every night, hasn’t been in the private sector in over 25 years. And he expects to retire early with a fatass pension. Ah, but this clown loves to talk smack about people in the private sector and say that if you can’t make a great living in a wonderful economy that is lucky enough to have Obama as el presidente, it’s because you’re stupid, lazy and unmotivated. And you gotta love the fact that small business owners who can’t even afford health insurance are paying for this slob’s health care. Nothing like a semi-literate city worker telling us what a rugged individualist he is and spitting in the faces of those in the private sector who are paying his salary, healthcare, vacations, pension, etc.

    It gets better. One time, this guy was driving drunk and came to a sobriety checkpoint. He was no doubt well over the legal limit after about 7 beers, but the cop let him go when he saw the city worker ID badge. Anyone else would have had a DUI for sure.

    Meanwhile, in the private sector, life keeps getting worse and worse for the vast majority of Americans.

  • atasteofcreole

    I’m a bartender in the DC area. I can’t tell you how many use govt cards to pay for food and alcohol (and are crappy tippers! Like $5 tip on an $82 tab!) plus they get transportation funds. One guy moved 50 miles south of DC and he had to take a shuttle which was $250 PER WEEK; the GOVT paid for his transportation!! HE chose to MOVE; but WE paid for him to get to work!

    Boy, could I go on!

  • slickzip

    When the inmates take over and start running the asylum , they can grab everything they want , ODUMBA opened the gates and set them free to riot and loot HOPE all you ODUMBA dumbocrats are happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mac1853

    1) The Constitution doesn’t give “lawmaking agency” to Congress, but that is generally ignored today with laws written as “wishlists” that unconstitutionally grant lawmaking authority and decision to the likes of EPA, DOT, HUD, Energy, Education, ad nauseam. Let’s fire or demand a recall election of any Congress critter that violates his or her oath to “preserve and protect” the Constitution or that votes to outsource his lawmaking responsibilities.

    2) In fact, pass a state law that requires that their oath be first given “Under Penalty of Perjury” before the State Supreme Court. Make the penalty 5X the annual salary and a year in the general prison population per offense. If the military can hold its officers and enlisted responsible for honorable behavior, so can we. President can give his oath in his home state. Sauce for the goose!

    3) Also require two things of all magistrates: (1) Same Oath requirements and penalties, as for Congress and the President. And (2) Must face reappointment every 5 years with a subsequent requirement for a super majority of 60% to pass. They are not there to “interpret” the state or federal Constitutions; they are there to enforce them ~ as written, applying the clear intent and original meaning of the words at the time of passage. Only way to hold the courts accountable.

    4) According to a 2008 article in Investors Business Daily, the total tax and fee costs of all levels of government for 2007 came to 45.4% of the GDP. The Federal Tax load was $18.5% of GDP. The cost of compliance with government regulations and red tape cost the private sector and businesses $1,07 Trillion = 8.5% of GDP. Together, it was 53.9% of our $14 Trillion GDP in 2007.
    In 2010, according to the SBA, the cost of regs. compliance rose to $1.75 Trillion or 12% GDP (+3.5% or 680 Billion and rapidly climbing), the costs for the Federal Government rose to 25.5% GDP (+7%) or so in 2011, while state expenditures were cut, of necessity. Assuming a slightly larger GDP of $14.5 Trillion, the total cost has to be North of 60% GDP, perhaps even 65% GDP! And today, with ObamaCare hitting stride, I dare not guess. Yikes!

    5) In addition to the metastasizing cost of the federal government and its illegal agencies, a very significant cost to the economy is the loss of the hard working and honorable civil servants to the general economy, where they could be using their talents to grow the GDP, not getting in the way and handcuffing the private sector with terminal bureaucracy and endless red tape. It’s like having a truck where the brake shoes are twice the size of the engine and never release completely.

    6) Calculate Congress critter salaries in this fashion:
    (0.1 x Average American income) / (% Inflation + % U6 unemployment)
    Example A: 0.1 x $45,000 / 0.02 + 0.18 = $4500/0.20 = $22,500 (much like today)
    Example B: 0.1 x $45,000 / 0.01 + 0.04 = $4500/0.05 = $90,000
    As you can see, the adverse impact on salaries when U6 unemployment
    and true inflation rates jump. The first example is close to today’s figures. Call it incentive! When we hurt, so do they. Might use the same formula to incentivize Judges to also consider the general welfare in tort awards. What goes around, comes around.
    When you have them by the wallet, their hearts and minds will follow!

  • Fed up

    I think the obvious answer is to replace them every time we have an election. Let them know we want true change and service not support. When they can all decide to cut this golden egg free and get back to living within the npmeans they require the rest of us to then and only then can they possibly expect a second term. Which also should be the limit!

  • greg

    This author is only ½ right, correctly identifies the problems in Congress but his facts about the average Government employee are wrong, lies, misinformation, propoganda…

    I work for the Federal Government. I make a good salary now, but I started work for about 25% less pay than my contemporaries in private industry. It was many years before I achieved parity with fellow graduates in private industry. I know my job well. I work from home a couple nights a week because there isn’t enough time at work to finish it all. My work parking lot still has cars at 630 PM even though our day is over at 530. I have two college degrees and about 185 college credit hours. Many of those highly paid people work in DoD and have credentials equal to or better than mine. If the DoD didn’t have smart people we wouldn’t have the best equipped Military in the world, and the Contractors would charge even more money and try to take even more advantage of the Government. I pay into social security like everyone in the private sector. I have the equivalent of a 401K that I have to fund if I want a comfortable requirement. I will have a small pension but it won’t be close to that in the article. I’ve read about the Heritage Foundation Study and it’s flawed because it doesn’t compare apples to apples (age, education, types of degrees, responsibilities). I do agree that the Federal Government has paid more than private industry for employees with a high school degree, though new hires for those positions today all have 4 year college degrees. DoD underpays it’s managers compared to their responsibility. A manager could be making $170,000 per year, have 1000 professionals working for him, and a total budget of over 1 Billion dollars. Compare that to a manager working in Private industry. Industry would be paying this manager $500K+.

    • Jim

      “I have the equivalent of a 401K that I have to fund if I want a comfortable requirement”

      That’s a point they obviously don’t know about or are choosing to ignore. The old government pension system was eliminated nearly 30 years ago. All hires after that have the 401k system so it is up to them how big their pensions are – same as private industry.

  • bob roberts

    How many of those federal workers are highly educated white collar workers? You have whole agencies with thousands of lawyers, medical practitioners, scientists, and engineers (FDA, NIH, SEC, NIST, USPTO, NOAA, NASA, let alone the DOD and VA). The government in general has a hard time keeping these people in part because federal pay, even with generous benefits, is less than the civilian world for these occupations.

    • TJ

      A highly educated and enlightened person would not base their happiness on how much money they make…. BOOOYAAAAA! EAT THAT! lol

  • Anyone who believes 911 was not an inside job is badly in need of High School Physics and Chemistry lessons. The facts and evidence speak for themselves.

    If you have not figured this out yet, you need to examine the evidence and think about what it means.

    Or do you spend your life believing what you hear on TV?

  • Maneb

    Pelosi thinks insider trading by senators and congress people ar ok. Best way to multi millionairedom.

    Need any more evidence of blatant abuse by the elite?

  • youvebeenduped

    It’s not the Federal workers or the unions that are getting rid of the middle class it is the corporations and the top 1% that are paying very little in taxes and keeping their after taxes income that is the problem. They used to pay a rate of 90% in the 1950’s and 75% in the 60’s and even 50% in the 70’s, now it’s down to 35% minus their deductions and loopholes. That’s why the Government doesn’t have enough money the rich are taking it all and the middle class is shrinking.

  • Usefulness

    The Republicans play the “government is too big” card all the time, and with all of the years they’ve had power, it has not gotten any smaller. The Democrats have played the “po folk need hep” card all the time, and the government has just gotten bigger while the poor have fallen farther behind the rich. Both parties are sycophants to the moneyed interests, and the rich get richer because the rest of us buy their stuff and work for them (giving the rich all of the power to buy our government’s lawmakers). Meanwhile, the discussions need to turn to “effective” government, and “useful” government. Fed workers are sometimes useful and effective, and even very efficient. We need to focus on those workers and getting the things done that NEED to be done. We did NOT need to invade Iraq or Afghanistan. We did it out of revenge by some rich people who pull strings. The result was massive growth in federal spending, but no change in the processes of government or the personnel (noting item about dying instead of being laid off). Big government isn’t necessarily a problem if it does the job, but making government bigger isn’t the same as getting the job done. Cutting taxes, by the same token, does not lead to smaller government: only an indebted one. Smaller government can be HAD, we just have to get the people who are IN government to do their freaking jobs, and stop hiring more and more people to justify promotions and pay raises. (yes, I’ve been there, seen it. The job I did in the military was replaced by 13 civilian employees: just one more Empire inside the Empire). Meanwhile, anyone who really wants Change: keep it in your pocket.

  • Some of the prior remarks have merit. But any federal employees are performing complex administrative functions that have no direct equivalent in the private sector. These workers have continued to receive some cola increases (though not pegged to the level of true inflation)(while most private sector workers have not). But there is an aspect that most of these discussions overlook or dismiss: It is not so much that these folks are overpaid. Rather, most of the private sector workers have had their wages/salaries and benefits suppressed over several decades. While salaries, benefit packages for executives, bankers, ‘financial services’ workers, etc.; the wage and benefit packages for many other (probably the great mass of workers) have suffered dramatic declines. . . . . Productivity has gone up fairly dramatically. But compensation packages have, in many/most sectors have stagnated or fallen. Certainly fallen when inflation is considered and the sharp decline in purchasing power of the US dollar. . . . . Pension funds for workers have been looted or drained by corporate manipulation and/or by ongoing economic crisis (brought on by the banking and corporate interests that did, have, and continue to profit from the crisis). . . . . The incomes/compensation of the top 1% and 10% have skyrocketed. What are they doing that is so valuable? = Off-shoring US jobs, exporting entire US industries and manufacturing capacities, not to mention technical expertise. We no longer have the skills and industrial capacity to win a WWI or WWII. . . . The wages of many workers are at or near poverty levels. So low that they still qualify for Food Stamps, and other income-based assistance programs. . . . We no longer hear the term: ‘Living Wage’. For many workers, we have returned to the pre-New Deal era. Our economic and political elites have, effectively, put the US worker into direct competition with the lowest paid Chinese coolie (not to mention the prison/slave labor and sweat shops that exist in many areas of the world). . . . If we cut of the so-called 47%, told them to go get jobs and support themselves — where would we send them? The jobs that many of these folks would qualify for have disappeared from the US job market. . . . . Perhaps, we now believe that we should return to the era of the robber barons. They being the only ones (along with their chief deputies and cronies) who are worthy of compensation. . . . I guess we have now come to believe that, ‘the laborer is NOT worthy of his hire’. 🙁

  • rbf

    Ok.what you expect from a country of sheep. Half of them sheep and the other half illiterate maggots. You were better off under King George. United Socialist States of America. Your congress and senate have destroyed your country. They should be jailed for treason. Abc nbc cbs cnn msnbc have done more damage than Al Quaida. Just mouthpiece for democrat/fascist/communist party.

  • pbr90

    Working against the welfare of the American people is how this should be described, but Congressional pensions are the worst!

  • Celine Zavanella

    I think you failed to mention the other 70-80% of us who make $55,000 or less a year. We don’t get “fat pensions” or cushy jobs. Sure, if I stick it out another 30 years then I will get a whopping retirement check of about $750 a month. Stop lumping us in with Capitol Hill. We are two different breeds of “Federal Employees” and I am tired of being berated because you can’t tell the difference.