18 Facts That Prove That Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control

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Piers Morgan - Photo by Nan Palmero

Piers Morgan is getting on television every night and flat out lying to the American people about gun control.  Nearly every statistic that he quotes is inaccurate and he fails to acknowledge a whole host of statistics that would instantly invalidate the arguments that he is trying to make.  Yes, the UK has a lower gun murder rate than the United States does, but what Piers Morgan fails to tell you is that the overall rate of violent crime in the UK is about 4 times higher than it is in the United States.  A woman in the UK is not allowed pull out a gun to protect herself against a gang of potential rapists.  So perhaps that explains why the UK has about 125 percent more rape victims per 100,000 people than the United States does.  While UK newspapers are declaring that the UK has become the “violent crime capital of Europe”, crime rates in the United States have actually fallen dramatically over the past 20 years.  This was also a time period during which gun laws became much less restrictive in the United States.  Today, murder rates in the U.S. are generally far higher in cities that have very strict gun control laws (such as Chicago) than they are for the general population.  The cold, hard numbers make it clear that when there are more guns there is less crime, but hardcore leftists such as Piers Morgan are absolutely obsessed with gun control and Morgan continues to relentlessly attack the 2nd Amendment night after night.  We need to start pointing out that he is not telling the truth.

The following are 18 facts that prove that Piers Morgan is flat out lying about gun control…

#1 The UK has approximately 125 percent more rape victims per 100,000 people each year than the United States does.

#2 The UK has approximately 133 percent more assault victims per 100,000 people each year than the United States does.

#3 Piers Morgan continues to insist that there are more than 11,000 gun murders in the United States every year.  But that is flat out wrong.  According to the FBI, there were 8,583 gun murders in the United States during 2011.  And as Ben Swann recently pointed out, 400 of those were justifiable homicides by law enforcement and 260 of those were justifiable homicides by private citizens.

#4 The United States is #1 in the world in gun ownership, and yet it is only 28th in the world in gun murders per 100,000 people.

#5 The violent crime rate in the United States actually fell from 757.7 per 100,000 in 1992 to 386.3 per 100,000 in 2011.  During that same time period, the murder rate fell from 9.3 per 100,000 to 4.7 per 100,000.  This was during an era when gun laws in the United States generally became much less restrictive.

#6 The city of Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States.  So has this reduced crime?  Of course not.  As I wrote about the other day, the murder rate in Chicago was about 17 percent higher in 2012 than it was in 2011, and Chicago is now considered to be “the deadliest global city“.  If you can believe it, there were about as many murders in Chicago during 2012 as there was in the entire nation of Japan.

#7 After the city of Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring every home to have a gun, the crime rate dropped by more than 50 percent over the course of the next 23 years.

#8 Approximately 200,000 women in the United States use guns to protect themselves against sexual crime every single year.

#9 Overall, guns in the United States are used 80 times more often to prevent crime than they are to take lives.

#10 Only about 3.5 percent of the gun murders in the United States are caused by rifles.

#11 According to Gallup, an all-time record 74 percent of all Americans are against a total handgun ban in the United States.

#12 Down in Australia, gun murders increased by about 19 percent and armed robberies increased by about 69 percent after a gun ban was instituted.

#13 When Piers Morgan claims that there are only 35 gun murders in the UK per year, he isn’t exactly being accurate.  According to official statistics, there were 59 gun murders in the UK in 2011.  It is also important to keep in mind that gun crime was already super low even before the gun ban in the UK was instituted, and that a 2009 article in The Telegraph declared that gun crime had doubled over the past decade even though it is widely acknowledged that crime statistics in the UK are massively underreported.

#14 The UK has the fourth highest burglary rate in the EU.

#15 The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.

#16 A 2009 article in The Telegraph had this stunning headline: “UK is violent crime capital of Europe“.

#17 Despite the very strict ban on guns in the UK, the truth is that the UK is a far more violent society than the United States is.  In one recent year, there were 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people in the UK.  In the United States, there were only 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people during that same year.  Do we really want to be more like the UK?

#18 According to Gun Owners of America, the governments of the world slaughtered more than 170 million of their own people during the 20th century.  The vast majority of those people had been disarmed by their own governments prior to being slaughtered.

But you won’t hear many of these statistics on the mainstream news, will you?

In fact, right now there seems to be some sort of a nationwide backlash against gun advocates.  A few high profile gun advocates have even ended up dead in recent days.

For example, self-described “gun nut” Keith Ratliff, the owner of the ninth most popular channel on YouTube, was found dead at his business on January 3rd

Keith Ratliff, 32, was a channel producer for FPSRussia firearms channel, an account with more than 3 million subscribers that features videos of a man testing a variety of guns.

Ratliff was found shot in the head at his business on Jan. 3, and while police don’t have a motive, they have classified his death as a homicide, FoxNews.com reported Wednesday.

Not only that, one of the most prominent rifle manufacturers in America was killed in a “mysterious car crash” on January 4th.  The following is from a recent article by Mike Adams

John Noveske is one of the most celebrated battle rifle manufacturers in America. His rifles, found at www.NoveskeRifleworks.com are widely recognized as some of the finest pieces of American-made hardware ever created. (I own one of his rifles, and it’s a masterpiece of a machine that just keeps on running.) Sadly, John Noveske was killed in a mysterious car crash just a few days ago, on January 4, 2013.

According to the Outdoor Wire, his car “traveled across the oncoming lane onto the dirt highway shoulder until it struck two large boulders. The vehicle rolled and Mr. Noveske was ejected.”

But barely a week before this incident, John Noveske posted a lengthy, detailed post on Facebook that listed all the school shootings tied to psychiatric drugs. At the end of the post, he asked, “What drugs was Adam Peter Lanza on?”

That was the last post he ever made.

So are these two incidents just coincidences, or is some sort of a pattern emerging?

Meanwhile, radical leftists are introducing gun grabbing legislation in legislatures all over the United States.

On the federal level, Barack Obama is developing plans to bypass Congress and use executive orders to implement his gun control agenda.

There seems to be an all-out attempt to bring strict gun control to the United States.  It is going to be very important to get the facts out and show people that reducing the number of guns is not going to make us all safer.

Please share this article with as many people as you can.  Hopefully this list of facts will help to change some minds.

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  • The problem seems to be assault rifles according to the government. The most deadly weapon isn’t a rifle at all. Police often carry a weapon known as a Police Special. It is a hand gun. It has an effective range of about 50 feet. When I was in service we carried a pistol. It was a .38 caliber police special.
    I think it was a revolver and it had about 6 bullets. We carried 5 bullets and left the chamber empty.
    Current versions may or may not have a laser sight attached. If it does, it is capable of shooting a nut from the jaws of a squirrel at 30 feet with no problem at all.
    The shortest lifespan of any career weapons man in service was a machine gunner. I think the average lifespan on a battlefield was 15 minutes. That is because of all the noise and attention a machine gunner brought down on his head.
    Well an assault weapon capable of multiple firing of bullets is the equivalent of a machine gun in the modern world.
    So, the question is: Do you want an average lifespan of 15 minutes in a tense situation.
    An average sniper needs just one bullet to do the job. It comes from nowhere and no one knows where it comes from. Because by the time the shot is fired, the person is long gone. This is fairly standard information from Army Standard Operating Procedures and it is quite old.
    In the 60s and 70s, a standard hunting rifle with a 6 or 7 power scope was the weapon of murder of choice.

    My point is that weapons have been used for murder for a very long time and nothing really has changed. Professionals have been doing it for a long time and were seldom caught.
    This country has had weapons since its beginning.
    Whether it was to defend their homes from Indian attacks or to keep a crook from invading their homes, it is a tradition that goes way back in time.
    No terrorist in his right mind would ever attack this country. It happened, but I think the people involved were out of their minds to do so. Neither will this country ever face a real invasion while it is fully armed with good old boys that have had a rifle in their hands since they were 6. Most learned to shoot the hard way. You either hit your target or you went hungry.

    Just when I think no one could possibly be that stupid, I am sure someone will prove me wrong.
    There is a reason why the Audie Murphies and the Sergeant Yorks have a reputation for lethal sharp shooting. A lot of the country boys born here are very good with a gun.

    Personally, even though I have sharp shooter status with the U.S. Air Force, I don’t even own a gun. Don’t want one.

    But I do think that everyone has the right to own a weapon to defend their homes.

    • Nexusfast123

      Why not a minigun, grenades, a rocket launcher, a tank. etc.

      • Because a semi-auto rifle is more accurate and the most effective way to defend your home, which is why they want to take them away. If they were concerned about stopping crime, they would be going after hand-guns which are used in far more violent crime. They are not trying to stop violent crime, they are trying to make home owners defenseless against having their house raided by armed and armored thugs in disguises. In the UK you go to prison for defending your home with a gun! Michael did a good job, and proved how craven your kind are. All these mass killings being done are staged and use patsies, so they don’t prove anything. Even if they had been real, they still wouldn’t have proven semi-auto rifles should be banned. It would actually be easier and quicker to use hand guns in a mass killing up close, so banning semi-auto rifles is illogical even if the recent tragedies were real.

    • Handog

      Outstanding post!

      @Nexus, why not? The 2nd amendment gives me the right! We have enough control freaks in Washington. We have been infringed upon ENOUGH.

    • Ralfine

      There is no need to attack the US with guns. Just send some white powder by mail and everyone will fall over each other to get gunned up. The Americans don’t take time with their kids, pump them full of Ritalin and let their guns lying around. Restrict their game boy time and they grab the M16 and shoot half the school.

      You don’t need to be an electrician to kill a TV. Just pour some water in from the flower pot.

      Asymmetric warfare has so many faces.

      Sell substandard medicines, so that the government is introducing quality requirements that make medicines too expensive for most of the population, and the reduced demand makes vaccines not profitable for the pharma companies.

      Next time you have the flu, travel to America!

    • Ralfine

      Actually, the most dangerous item you can have at home is a bed. Most people die in bed. When people are shot, they don’t die right away. Often they die after they have been put into a bed at the hospital.

      Beds are highly immoral and corruptive, too. Watch an XXX-rated movie and you will see that beds are involved.

      This can be supported by statistics. 2000 years ago, when people didn’t have beds, much less people died every year than today.

  • Noob

    Any country that does not allow it’s citizens the right to bear arms is a police state. Enough said.

    • Really? Japan doesn’t allow it and they are ranked freer than America in free speech and free press by Reporters Without Borders and and Japan is ranked 19th on the Police State Index, while America is 6th! Fear mongering is for the unintelligent Americans are unintelligent because FACTS ARE UN-AMERICAN!

      • Japanese civilians have always been more peaceable towards each other, and live closely packed yet get along, unlike here in Amerika. However, I do believe Japan has a police-state, because the government is intentionally sickening its own population with radiation, forcing them to have yet more nuclear plants, and making them eat radioactive food from Fukushima. Children there are abused by the government, not their parents, but what can the parents do? They are unarmed, so no way to challenge their criminal government and yakuza, which works with the government. Guns are harder to get, so criminals often use blades instead, which Japanese are very good at making and useing…

      • Noob

        @Akemi_Mokoto:disqus And do you really think anyone cares about your piss poor excuse for a country where worms qualify as food? World governments have been able to condition billions of fools like you into thinking that civillians owning guns are bad. Guns are what keep us the land of the free. When the goverment turns back on us we will be able to defend ourselfs. But when your governnment turns back on you the only thing you’ll be able to do is hide in your house and hope the millitary decides to skip your house.

        • Ralfine

          You are not the land of the free.

          You are the land of the prisoners.

          Nowhere else you have so many prisoners as in the US – not only as percentage of population, but also in absolute terms.

          BTW, I love Japanese food. 🙂

      • Noob

        @Akemi_Mokoto:disqus And do you really think anyone cares about your piss poor excuse for a country where worms qualify as food? World governments have been able to condition billions of fools like you into thinking that civilians owning guns are bad. Guns are what keeps us the land of the free. When the government turns back on us we will be able to defend ourselfs. But when the governemt turns back on you the only thing you’ll be able to do is hide in your house and hope that the millitary decides to skip your house.

        • otter1111

          You are correct. Paul Harvey wrote this in 2000:

          In 1929 the Soviet Union
          established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million
          dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          In 1911, Turkey established
          gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend
          themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Germany established gun
          control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies,
          homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend
          themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          China established gun
          control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents,
          unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Guatemala established gun
          control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to
          defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Uganda established gun
          control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to
          defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Cambodia established gun
          control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated”
          people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          That places total victims
          who lost their lives because of gun control at approximately 56 million in
          the last century. Since we should learn from the mistakes of
          history, the next time someone talks in favor of gun control, find out
          which group of citizens they wish to have exterminated.

          It has now been 12 months
          since gun owners in Australia were forced to surrender 640,381 personal
          firearms to be destroyed, a program costing the government more than $500
          million dollars. The results Australia-wide; Homicides are up 3.2%;
          Assaults are up 8%; Armed robberies are up 44%; In that country’s state
          of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300%.

          Over the previous 25 years,
          figures show a steady decrease in armed robberies and Australian
          politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in
          “safety” has been observed after such monumental effort and
          expense was successfully expended in “ridding society of guns.”

          It’s time to state it
          plainly; Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and,
          yes, gun-control laws only affect the law-abiding citizens.

          • Ralfine

            Having guns and death penalty does not prevent crimes.

            There is no gun control in the US, and the US has the highest prison population of the world.

            The US has only 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners are in the US.

            So, there might be something you are doing not right?

          • Hsialin

            We have too many blacks.

          • dwinkle

            Every single violent city in America has excessive gun control. Chicago and Detroit are practically disarmed, yet dozens are murdered every week. As for your other comment, I think your forgetting that in most Asian and African countries prisoners are executed upon conviction for crimes as small as shoplifting.

          • Ralfine

            And every car going to Detroit is searched for guns?
            Regarding your info regarding the death penalty you sure can back it up with evidence, or is it just free speech?

          • Priszilla

            In the US people are executed for trespassing, even without trial.

          • Jammer

            Of course you mean a death penalty that has no teeth, right? The average life expectancy in the united states of America on death row is close to 25 years. Upwards of 69% of prisoners in the southwest states are res idents here illegally to begin with let alone a lot of repeat offenders. Death penalty actually works when there is a death within weeks of judgement. Ask Asian countries and Muslim nations where this occurs. I believe the Russians would concur.

          • Ralfine

            If death penalty would work, you wouldnt have 6,000 executionw every year in China.

          • Dave Killion


            I don’t know what propaganda you read in your country, but rest assured there is SIGNIFICANT gun control in the US.

            There are still many places where gun ownership (Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC) for the un-privileged is out-right banned, and many more places where actually taking your gun with you is also illegal unless you are a member of the political elite that are given special passes to carry (California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Alabama, Maryland).

            Normal, everyday people cannot obtain licenses in these states, but the rich and powerful, however, are completely exempt and most can carry guns upon their person at any time in any place without any problems. Many of these privileged few are the most vocal in the efforts to further expand gun control laws for the “commoners” – which is fine, since the law already does not apply to them.

            The incarceration rate has ZERO relevance to guns or gun control and has everything to do with the War On Drugs(tm).

          • Tenzin Rob Lowery Gyaltsen

            In Maryland for example. At least half of the Democrats who pushed for and received NYC style gun laws have conceal carry permits. The only people in Maryland who get these permits are the cops, the rich and the connected

          • Woody

            Actually, having guns does prevent victims, not necessilarily crime so technically you are correct.
            An abundance of prisoners is a result of morality and ethics issue (lack there of). With freedom comes responsibility. Unfortunately we have legislated ourselves into overcrowding our prisons rather than instilling morals and ethics into our children and students.
            Other than their abuse, guns have no bering on the prison population,
            And, by the way, there IS gun control in tthe US. It protects only the criminals and limits law abiding citizens ONLY …. which is why Gun control does NOT work.

          • Ralfine

            Thats your problem. We have tight gun control and less gun possession, and pess gun crime, and less gun accidents.

          • Jonn F

            people like you are backward

          • Priszilla

            We have a country ruled by laws, not by guns.

          • Tenzin Rob Lowery Gyaltsen

            First no gun control in America ? Ca, Il, DC, NJ, CT, MA and NYC have very very strict gun control. It response most of those states have very high crime and poverty. Neighboring states with less gun control (less because gun control is everywhere, at least for people who follow the law) have much lower crime. Add in conceal carry permits and crime goes down more. Our prison problem is directly related to the war on drugs. Remember the DEA/CIA operation that brings drug in, gets people hooked, makes a lot of money and ships guns all over the world? If the US government would stop making drugs a crime and treat it as a medical issue our prison population would decrease. Even high ranking police, DEA, CIA and other have come clean tha ewe have been on both sides of the war on drugs.

          • charles freeman

            and the correlation between strict gun laws and poverty is what?

          • Tenzin Rob Lowery Gyaltsen

            The poor don’t have the extra money sitting around to buy a gun, background checks, pay for the ammo, training, gun ranges and the fees for a conceal carry permit. Add in the fact that the poor in cities like NYC, DC, Chicago and LA have the most oppressive gun laws in the country. It’s the poor in these cities who need to have guns to protect themselves from the out of control crime.

          • charles freeman

            ghetto poor already have guns. why else would gun crimes be so high in big cities? sheesh, what a knucklehead! inner-city ghettos are a nexus for crime. drug disputes, domestic disputes, petty arguments all settled with guns.

          • Tenzin Rob Lowery Gyaltsen

            there is a difference between the hoods with guns and the working poor in the hood who follow the law. they work for next to nothing, and are forced to work several jobs just to try to get by. they are the ones who should be allowed the right of self protection but they cant. Yes they could break the law and get illegal guns but they are not the bad guys. They are the ones trying to raise their kids the right way. To teach them that an education is the way to get out of poverty while they get shot at while walking to school. So labeling all poor as “ghetto poor” is narrow minded and just plain wrong. If the real hoods knew that the working poor might be armed, maybe it would make them think twice?

          • kfilly

            Governments around the globe are corrupt. I bet you get all of your news from the MSM. In their reports, everything is hunky dory and a ok. I live in reality. How many illegal aliens are incarcerated yet we allow our borders to be open? How many nonviolent criminals are incarcerated for things like minor drug offenses? Have you heard of judges being bribed to throw people into for profit prisons? This is the gubernment our Founding Fathers warned us about. We are a fascist country. The Act of 1871 and Federal Reserve Act of 1913 made that a reality.

          • Priszilla

            If you were living in a democracy you’d be able to choose the government you want. In North Korea and countries like that you can’t.

          • kfilly

            So, you think democracies are all good. A straight up democracy is mob rule. The majority gets to impose its will on the minority, and that leads to democratic tyranny. An example of what I am taking about is the following analogy: two wolves and a sheep vote for what they’re eating for supper. What do you suppose they’ll have for supper? In the democratic constitutional republic like the US is supposed to be, the law prevents the simple majority from destroying the minority opinions. An example if this with the same characters is as follows: two wolves a sheep vote what to have for dinner, but this time the sheep has a gun. The subject of supper becomes a little more complicated in this case. However, every country with a Rothschild controlled central bank is either fascist or communist. That includes the US, Australia, China, Europe, and South America. The US was sold into fascism in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson. All Americans have is the illusion of freedom which our gubernment is stripping away from the people.

          • Priszilla

            There are no communist countries.

            Communism is the absence of classes, and only ruling classes need states and countries.

            Banks are a vital part of capitalism.

            A state is a power instrument of the ruling class. Through the state and its organs the ruling class cements its rule.

          • michelle

            I am sharing your post on my G+ profile !

        • Jonn F

          FREE dont make me laugh

      • Hsialin

        They dont allow mexicans and blacks into their country either.

        • Dolan

          Blacks & Mexicans weren’t “allowed” here. They were BROUGHT here, Mr. Racist.

          • bcmugger

            So that means they can be removed too right?

    • Ralfine

      Well, what’s wrong with a state, where you live longer and have the freedom to move around as you like without fear of being harmed by anyone?

    • Jonn F


  • A.S.

    If he hates American so much, why doesn’t he go back to his hellhole UK?

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      Read the UK papers and you’ll know why

      • Nexusfast123

        Can you read?

        • Hsialin

          Shut up jew.

    • Gay Veteran

      how dare CNN let this British wanker tell us what OUR Constitution means!

      • Nexusfast123

        You don’t know so someone has to tell you.

        • Gay Veteran

          try talking about someone you KNOW. I’m a lawyer

    • Well, A.S., for one, he’s in deep water over the phone-hacking scandal that’s also ensnared the Murcochs. However, he must be sent back to face the music; plus, he’s become persona non grata among the vast majority of US citizens, on account of his interviews on gun control.

    • Hammerstrike

      He wouldn´t have armed guards in the UK.

    • Why do people go to zoos? To watch the animals and Americans are what? ANIMALS! The fact you idiots kill each other everyday and spew nonsense like that proves it.

      • Yes we are animals and you are monkees – what a shameful example of a Japanese person you are! I still respect Japanese culture despite your kind. Japan is about to get into a war with China of some stupid islands, all to distract the Japanese people from their radiation problem. Maybe you are suffering from radiation sickness Mokoto?

    • dwinkle

      Because he doesn’t want to mop floors for 5 quid an hour.

  • Jodi

    I’m tired of this guy. I sure hope your prediction comes true. Let’s hope he leaves CNN soon!

  • Hammerstrike

    More liberal lies.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.”—Alex Jones debating Piers Morgan and winning the debate

    • Nexusfast123

      Jones is an idiot. Americans live in a world of delusion. What has your stupid gun obsession to do with the UK?

      • Hammerstrike

        Who tried to take guns last time and what was the outcome?
        UK is worst off than the US due to its gun control laws, that is a fact.

      • AloAlo

        Actually, America does not have anything to do with the UK, unless someone is trying to send up back to submitting to and being like the UK… No one with a brain wants to go there… if they do, they should move on….

      • Handog

        We are not subjects here in the US. We don’t have a King. We won the revolutionary war with guns, against stupid red coats who were obsessed with guns. Cheers!

      • Hsialin

        Nexusfartu you are an idiot, shut up already.

      • idiots give up rights.

    • Banksy002

      He hardly won the debate, all he achieved was looking like a fool by shouting and dodging questions

  • Simple remedy. Don’t watch CNN. They have been caught in too many lies any way and can’t be trusted. Credability? NONE!

  • Didge

    Perhaps if you imbeciles actually took the time to read just what it is that Piers Morgan is campaigning for, some of you might find yourselves in agreement!

    • bsmsnudge

      Never in his life has Morgan done anything of value, nothing, nada, zilch, niente zero. No one in the UK wants him back for any reason, face it you’re stuck with this imbecile.

      • Nexusfast123

        Gets paid more than you. Who are you?

        • What a dumb reply. As though wealth has anything to do with value or truth…

        • bsmsnudge


      • Hammerstrike

        Let him unarmed in Detroit.

      • Didge

        I never claimed that Morgan has done anything of value, and I don’t want him back in the UK, but I repeat ‘READ WHAT HE ACTUALLY SAYS’

        • bsmsnudge

          …and I say, consider the source…

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      What is it where can we find it? If your going to make a statement defending the guy fine, but go into some detail or at lest supply a link. Just don’t call people names and don’t back it up your statement.

  • Ken Gareaux

    Send Piers Morgan to the Republic of South Africa for a year and see how he manages.

    • Anonymous

      You want to know why S.A. has such high crime, it’s because of the lack of gun control. If we actually had the ability for our government to sanction these laws against gun sales, we would have that much less crime in our country

  • Too bad you ruined an attempt to produce a factual article with speculation and conspiracy theories.

    • Hammerstrike

      So what is the guy wrong about?

  • RJVB

    You forgot one, he is British, ever have met an honest one? Don’t believe me, just look at the last 400 years and just try and find one.

    • Rouge

      resorting to blatant racism now?

  • Kenzob Breaze

    Strict gun control laws in Piers Morgan’s own country are causing gun death rates to soar.

  • American Vet

    Can’t help wondering if any of those commenting know the original reasons for the Second Ammendment, which you absolutely won’t hear from the NRA or from anyone championing gun rights. Dig deeply into the history of how that wording came about and you’ll find that it was a forced concession to influential southern slave holders who would not otherwise ratify the new US Constitution. The “well regulated milita” described the state-sponsored gangs of armed citizens who circulated through out the southern states, in defined territories to regularly inspect all slave quarters, to make sure that none of them had any weapons whatsoever, in order to eliminate the risk of slave insurrections, which were a growing threat to southern economic interests, including the personal safety of slave owners at that perior in history. The whole purpose of the “the people’s right to bear arms” (in well regulated militias) was related to those southern militas, rather than to be a completely unregulated freedom for use in overthrowing some perceived oppressive government. It’s especially interesting that those very same militas eventually morphed into the KKK, which may help to explain at least some of the vitriol in today’s society and on blog sites similar to this one. Not a single one of our Constitutional Rights are absolute. They are all regulated to some degree. Do your own thinking if possible and you might come to a similar conclusion.

    • Gay Veteran

      provide citations for your assertions, otherwise pure BS

  • Handog

    You would put Piers to shame Micheal. Just the facts, that’s all we need. Alex tends to get too emotional.

    I just read that Obama has ordered armed guards for life. The DPS is stockpiling guns and ammo. Their bullet count exceeds the US population. Meanwhile King Obama has issued an all out assault on the 2nd amendment. Why does he fear his subjects? Could it be the inevitable economic collapse and anger towards those responsible?

  • Hammerstrike

    Are you stocking up food? Make sure it is well hidden and few as possible know you do.

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      I sure am, and trust me I’ve told nobody out side my kid sister..

    • Mark

      You could stock up enough so that you could feed your neighbors. You will need their help if things get that bad.

  • K

    Morgan and the rest are just doing, what they are paid to do. Must not be working as well as they hoped. You noticed they brought out General McCrystal for backup. A man I now consider, in the same group with General Benedict Arnold. The American people started down this path, with the Patriot Act. And we have been losing ground ever since. If now they allow the gutting of the Second Amendment. Then they will end up with the government that they deserve. Thankfully, I am old and will not live to see the worse of it.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I would suggest watching “Tell Me and I will Forget” It follows two sets of EMT’s in South Africa. One working for the Government Health Service and another working for a private company. It goes into the crime issue and what a mess the RSA is from a crime stand point. apartment complexes have become fortresses. You can it find on Netflix streaming. It’s window into the future.

  • An Australian

    Sorry to correct fact. #12. The numbers were actually the other way around. A check at the Australian Institute of Criminology reveals that the Australian measures reduced gun crime, and armed robberies did not go up 69% – this is a fallacy. If you are concerned with truth – please check. You are down to 17 ‘facts’.

    • kerijay

      Armed Robbery 69%
      Assult w/guns 28%
      Gun Murders 19%
      Home Invasions 21%

  • Colin

    For those who are interested, here is another article about the origins of the Second Amendment.

    * http://truth-out.org/news/item/13890-the-second-amendment-was-ratified-to-preserve-slavery

  • Ralfine

    These charges brought against defenders of their own home brought out a lawsuit.
    Result: If a burglar gets killed while burgling a home, that’s tough. It’s a risk they have to take.

    (If you really need money that badly, get some welfare handouts.)

    The guy who killed the burglar was set free.

    I live in a poor neighborhood. There is always some construction going on. Better doors, tougher windows and right now insulation.

    What’s annoying here? The kid down the street using his toy motorbike to race the street up and down. – Doesn’t matter. He eventually has to pay to refill the tank.
    The kids next door running up and down, probably using wooden shoes on wooden stairs. – Well, kids are kids. No need to get excited about. Better go shopping when the noise gets too much.
    The bitch shouting all day, every day. And then their kids screaming. – They are quiet now. Might have the flu.

    That’s about it.

    GET OUT !! Ah, the bitch next door just woke up. 🙂

  • lilbear68

    in the UK if a guy/guys rob an entire apt bldg of say 16 residences its reported as 1 crime. the stats in the Uk are very controlled and slanted. IMHO to keep the sheep calm

    • Ralfine

      Is that your opinion or a fact? (evidence please)

      • lilbear68

        you can look up how crime in the UK is reported from various sources. no matter what source i direct you to you will find an excuse to discount it. do the work for yourself

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–close this site down and concentrate on your others. These articles are stale.

  • Ralfine

    “#8 Approximately 200,000 women in the United States use guns to protect themselves against sexual crime every single year.”

    So, those 200,000 women are sexually attacked every year in the US?

    That is one every three minutes.

    And that’s only the number of women who carry or have access to a gun.

    How about girls?

    Shouldn’t you rather do something useful regarding the breakdown of civilization than giving every toddler a gun to protect herself?

    • kaiserin

      Maybe you should go out and get raped then come back here and tell me that I can’t own and carry a gun to protect myself from being raped AGAIN. Yep, it happened once to me and I will die before it happens again. People like you are despicable, you have no idea how it feels to live as a victim of a crime like that and I wish I had a gun so I could’ve killed the guy…who probably went out and raped more people after he raped me.

      You can run your mouth about “fixing society” and all that high handed liberal idiocy but the fact is, people can be animals and no matter how much “fixing” you do, there will still be criminals that do bad things. There wasn’t a cop anywhere around when I was raped but I’m supposed to trust them to protect me? The best lesson I learned was you can ONLY trust yourself to protect yourself. And the best way to do so is with a gun, especially if you’re a small woman against larger men. The rapist or criminal could get the gun from me next time and shoot me, but having been raped once I’d rather be dead, and die fighting than live with the shame of cowering, crying and sniveling like a little bitch for mercy from someone who had none.

      Unless you’ve been there, you cannot understand it and no, you never get over it. It affects every aspect of my life in weird ways, despite 11 years of counseling, but scumbags like you want to tell me and other women how we’re “allowed” to protect ourselves. Maybe I should’ve vomited or peed on the guy, isn’t that what you people are telling women to do to “protect” themselves from rape now? i bet you wouldn’t be so cavalier about women’s safety if it was your wife, daughter, or mother that had been raped. You are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Ralfine

        And you are sure the guy who raped you wouldn’t have taken the gun from you and shot you after the rape?
        Instead he would have waited until you found the gun in your purse?

        • DefiantDeity

          Wow, liberal logic or lack thereof. Chances are she wouldn’t have been raped in the first place AND I don’t think the guy is going to do anything to her after she puts a hole in his head. Oh, but I guess according to people like you it’s best that she just lays there and takes it because there is a slim chance he may take the gun and use it against her.

          BTW did you even bother to read her entire response before making your idiotic comment? “The rapist or criminal could get the gun from me next time and shoot me, but having been raped once I’d rather be dead, and die fighting than live with the shame of cowering, crying and sniveling like a little bitch for mercy from someone who had none.” . Which means your entire response is not only stupid, it’s invalid. This woman isn’t a coward, unlike all you liberals. I think being a coward, having a single digit IQ, and being opposed to logic and facts are a prerequisite to being a liberal/progressive.

  • Gay Veteran

    and of course the original “gun control” laws were aimed at preventing Blacks from owning guns

  • I look at this issue this way: you can argue that higher rates of gun ownership decrease crime and that may or may not be true. It is obvious that pro-gun advocates just simply don’t care about statistical evidence. The basic issue for me is this: is there any actual REAL evidence (not anecdotal or emotional-based “reasoning”, but real statistical evidence) that gun control actually decreases violent crime rate. So far, to date, no one has ever provided ANY evidence that it does. So, pro-gun control advocates are simply trying to justify the destruction of civil liberties based on fear. The only arguments I hear in support of gun control laws is “wasn’t it horrible about those kids? We have to ban all 300 million guns in the country!” Although these extremely rare shootings are, indeed, tragedies, they are still extremely rare and not even in the top 100 causes of pre-adolescent deaths. Are we banning cars? Are we banning swimming pools? Are we banning bicycles? Skateboards? how about drugs? Oh, wait, drugs are currently against the law and yet way more pre-adults die from drugs than guns. How is that working out for us?

    The problem is NOT the tool. The problem lies with the people. We will NEVER, EVER be able to “prevent” tragic events like those which have happened recently. To think so is to claim that no tragedy like this ever happened before the advent of guns and to claim that no violent crime ever happened before people were able to arm themselves. To think that banning or restricting firearms (ANY firearm / magazine capacity / attachment, style, whatever) is as ludicrous as claiming that we should outlaw all cars because some people are irresponsible and don’t buckle their kids into seatbelts or drive drunk and run over children. It’s nothing but emotional-based knee jerk reactive idiocy.

    The fact of the matter is that, with 300 million firearms in the hands of the populous, there is just simply no way that all of the guns will ever be taken away from us, so the only thing that banning guns will do is create more victims, not less. There is no evidence that suggests otherwise.

  • Buzz

    Reason #19: Piers Morgan is still alive, despite the USA having the highest gun ownership in the world, and despite his stupid and misleading beliefs. If that doesn’t say that we have restraint, nothing will! Enjoy your first amendment freedoms, Piers! The second amendment makes that one possible!

  • Plus Piers Morgan left the UK with the phone hacking scandal at his tail. % of his so workers have been arrested and I bet he would if he returned for any length of time.

  • Ian

    This is useful stuff to keep guns in perspective. The *only* semi useful comment that comes out of the current fear of guns is that one nut case with way too much ammo can do a disproportionate amount of damage to life. But that being said, it’s pretty rare, even though it is horrific. And it’s worth looking at why these people go nuts and trying to figure out how society breeds nutcases.

    But I also think it’s nuts to say “we need our guns to overthrow the government”. Good luck with that. We have the best equiped military in the world. You and I have *zero* chance against our military. Insane claims like this make gun ownership just need like crazy people wanting to shoot stuff. It should be sufficient to say 99.9% of responsible gun owners use them carefully and as they should be used. It’s the people that don’t use them well (criminals, etc) that need to be weeded out, period. And if that means I have to do a background check regularly, I think that’s a minor inconvinience at best…

  • Piers loves to say that countries where guns are outlawed have “Virtually” no gun violence. “Virtually” indicates to me that even in countries where guns are outlawed gun crimes and violence still exists! He also neglects to mention the TOTAL data of violent crimes as gun violence would only be one part. Even a junior high school journalism student would get a poor grade for the way Piers neglects ALL the facts and data, and it shows CNN doesn’t care about it either for keeping him on!

  • Tenzin Rob Lowery Gyaltsen

    Japan has never had free speech due to cultural norms that widely reject it. Things are changing due it will take a few more generations

  • shonji

    The purpose of the 2nd ammendment was to prevent future U.S. governments from encroaching on the rights of individuals and states. Given the legacy of English Commin Law, self defense of a citizen’s person and property was a given.

    I am an enthusiast supporter of the right to bear arms in the U.S. What I could use is better stats than those linked in this article. Many are links to sources any half-witted progressive could object to on the basis of the source’s bias.

  • jeffrey melton

    A lying liberal, who knew.

  • Jonn F

    i bet it would be different if you’re family were shot

  • xteeth