$2.6 Million Spent To Train Chinese Prostitutes To Drink Responsibly

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dollar-toilet-paperJust when you think that the wastefulness of the U.S. government can’t get any worse they go out and spend money on some really bizarre things.  Now it has come out that the U.S. government is spending $2.6 million U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, which is a part of the National Institutes of Health is spending $2.6 million tax dollars to study the drinking habits of Chinese prostitutes.  Apparently the scientist running the project believes that there is a legitimate governmental interest being served by this study, but this is just ridiculous.

There are people losing their homes and sleeping in their cars and living in tent cities in America tonight, and the U.S. government is spending money to train Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibly?

A whole lot of people deserve to be fired over this.

But unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.  The reality is that the U.S. government is wasting money at an unprecedented pace.

In a stunning waste of money, the U.S. government is actually spending $400,000 to study gay sexual behavior in Argentina bars.



And we wonder why the federal budget deficit is ballooning out of control.

The U.S. federal budget deficit for the current year is now projected to be $1.8 trillion, which would be about four times the record set just last year.

When it comes to wasting money, the United States has become the supreme champion. There is simply nobody better at it. Whether it is the trillions wasted on the Wall Street bailout, the hundreds of billions wasted in Iraq or the hundreds of billions wasted in frivolous government spending, there is no match anywhere in the world for the incredible skill that the U.S. government has for flushing money down the toilet.

After all, what other government would pass out trillions of dollars to a bunch of bankers and not be able to tell us where the money went?

When JPMorgan Chase was asked what they did with a 25 billion dollar payment that they were given, they had the following to say about it:

“We have not disclosed that to the public. We’re declining to.”


25 billion taxpayer dollars go to them and they tell us to stick it?

The Associated Press actually contacted 21 banks that received at least 1 billion dollars from the U.S. government and asked them the following questions…..

*How much has been spent?

*What was it spent on?

*How much is being held in savings?

*What’s the plan for the rest?

Now how many of those banks do you think provided specific answers to the Associated Press?

The answer is none.

So do we have any clues where the bailout money went?

Well, according to one study, banks that got taxpayer bailouts awarded their top executives nearly $1.6 billion in salaries, bonuses, and other benefits in 2008.

Hmm…..my bonus was a 50 dollar gift card.

Somehow I feel ripped off.

Are we supposed to feel good that all those fat cat executives got their bonuses on time?

Americans were told that they “had” to pass the bailout bill “or else” they would face serious consequences.

And so how is all of this money being spent?

Much of it is going to executive bonuses and towards “picking off” smaller banks.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the major Wall Street banks owe their executives more than $40 billion in pay and pensions that these firms fully intend to deliver to them.

Here are just a few examples of what these firms owe to their executives…..

Goldman Sachs: $11.8 billion

J.P. Morgan Chase: $8.5 billion

Morgan Stanley: approximately $10 billion to $12 billion

The American people should have stood up and DEMANDED that NO taxpayer money go to these executives. Instead, Barack Obama and John McCain pushed through a bill loaded with pork that will end up benefiting Wall Street executives more than it will benefit the average guy on main street.

The bailout bill contains “some” restrictions on future bonuses, but according to the Wall Street Journal, “the rules won’t affect what the banks already owe their executives.”

Wall Street executives also are admitting that this bailout money is not going to go for loans, but rather to pick off smaller banks.

Just listen to what one JP Morgan executive said about the bailout money during a conference call that New York Times reporter Joe Nocera was listening in on:

“What we do think it will help us do is perhaps be a little bit more active on the acquisition side or opportunistic side for some banks who are still struggling. And I would not assume that we are done on the acquisition side just because of the Washington Mutual and Bear Stearns mergers. I think there are going to be some great opportunities for us to grow in this environment, and I think we have an opportunity to use that $25 billion in that way and obviously depending on whether recession turns into depression or what happens in the future, you know, we have that as a backstop.”

Did you get all of that?

JP Morgan was admitting that they will use most of the 25 billion in bailout money to acquire more banks.

It was supposed to be used to loan money to regular Americans!

But this is what the same executive said about that later on in that conference call:

“We would think that loan volume will continue to go down as we continue to tighten credit to fully reflect the high cost of pricing on the loan side.”

Do you get that?

JP Morgan has NO INTENTION of increasing loans!

Are you starting to get the picture?

“Continue to tighten credit” means that they intend to loan LESS money.

So why in the world is the U.S. government giving them bailout money?

On another front, it is now being revealed that billions upon billions of dollars have been totally wasted in the reconstruction of Iraq.

It’s bad enough that we had to pay to blow Iraq up and pay to put it back together, but now they are telling us that billions and billions was simply “wasted”?


But the federal government wastes money every single day in a thousand different ways.

Just check out some of the ways that the U.S. government wasted money in 2008…..

*$1,529,220 for an Appalachian Fruit Lab.

*$742,764 for olive fruit fly research. $211,509 of this amount was to be spent in Paris, France.

*$172,782 for the National Wild Turkey Federation in Edgefield, S.C.

*$1,128,000 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Alaska Eagle River for an at-risk youth mentoring program. That is one expensive Big Brother program! There must be a lot of at-risk youth in Alaska.

*$50,000,000 for REAL ID grants. Got to be sure to track and trace those unruly American citizens!

*$123,050 for a Mother’s Day Shrine in Grafton, West Virginia (population 5,489, with a land area of 3.8 square miles).

Those are just a few sad examples. The list could literally go on for pages and pages.

The point is that the United States government is squandering the future by wasting money like it never has before.

I wonder what our children and our grandchildren are going to think about all this.

Do you think that they will be thankful that we wasted all of their money and stuck them with the bill?

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  • This seems like some made up fictional story! Unfortunately, it’s probably not.

    I am just stunned and can’t believe that this foolishness is going on when America has the debt we have. WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE?

    It has to be people with a secret agenda the public doesn’t know about, no one is this stupid. No one with any form of common sense would spend money like this, especially with the American debt? INSANE. or is it? Like I said, there has to be another reason the public is not being informed about where this money is REALLY going..

    When Bill Gates was asked why he continued to contribute BILLIONS of dollars to Africa, and continue to see very little results his response was, “Because some of it EVENTUALLY trickles down” I will never forget his words, because I always wanted to ask him that question myself.

    Why don’t we take care of our own country first, and then other countries needs? That is what other countries do! Why do we spend billions on stuff like what is in this article,and seeing which country can shoot their largest rockest at the sky (has to be men doing this…LOL) Aren’t starving EARTHLINGS more important???

    What about feeding and caring for good hard working people in the U.S. who go without medical care, jobs and even food they need…especially in the Appalachian regions? Why are they ignored?

    I wish I ran this country, this type of bull would be the first to go, and didn’t Obama promise that this would stop immediately? What happened? Why isn’t he getting rid of this unnecessary spending?

    Lord help us.

  • Alberto

    welcome to Italy! , here we are in this situation from long ago 🙁

  • Andi

    Here is a quote written by FDR 32 degree Mason…

    In Politics, nothing is ACCIDENTAL, If something happens,be ASSURED it was PLANNED this way!…

    More People need to pay attention to the Elites and what they are doing. They are the ones behind the scenes running things, not just here but around the world hence to bring about the “New World Order”

  • MP

    I am destructed with this news. I can’t believe that there is such budget to train this prostitute. This is just my opinion, I think, give the budget to best project that may benefit the whole people. I am just relying with this news. No offencement. Let’s observe morality.


  • Vanessa

    Before you debunk this kind of spending, do some fact-checking. Ask why? Ask If there is sufficient reason to believe that reducing irresponsible drinking among prostitutes and understanding behavior in gay bars that Americans visit elsewhere in the world will actually SAVE U. S. taxpayers’ money by reducing long-term healthcare costs associated with the spread of STD infections.

    Knee-jerk reactions are understandable, especially when you think your money is being wasted. You may also disagree with your money paying for other people’s healthcare, but complaining about this spending is not going to change the health care system. By attacking a symptom, you may actually make the underlying problems (healthcare spending and unregulated prostitution) worse.

    Your effort might be better spent advocating the legalization of prostitution nationwide, so that prostitutes have to get tested regularly and also share the tax burden with the rest of us.

    Drink responsibly. Blog responsibly.

  • rose

    Oh I totally believe these are true studies. There are many many sillier than these. But I think the money, if it had to be spent would have been much better served if they had studied why men go to prostitutes risking disease not only for themselves but their partners in the first place. I think our government officials should learn to govern themselves and their bad decisions..

  • @Mary Jo – You can’t!

    These programs are being created to intentionally bankrupt our monetary system. It makes no sense, senseless spending, so there can’t be any other reason. These one worlders and globalists want to kill every western monetary system in order to replace it with a global currency. This gives them better control over it, and the people of the world. All of our politicians are in the pockets of these world bankers. Why do you think $Ts of TARP went to overseas entities?

  • joliff

    where do i apply for this job hanging out with drunk chinese chicks?

  • JJ

    Vanessa – it is in CHINA and it is our tax dollars. They can do what they want just not with our tax dollars.
    Maybe, get a real job with insurance like everyone else. Healthcare problem solved.

  • JohnnyB

    It says “scientists running the project” – most of these Fed. Grants go to university researchers doing pet projects toward their field of endeavor. We will never know what the results of the study produce unless it pops up in the mainstream media because it produced some scintillating result. Some are directly from earmarks (campaign paybacks). Pumping money into the universities has an indirect effect of increasing the cost of a college education, just as the establishment of Medicare made medical costs skyrocket. Government funding NEVER holds down prices, but does exactly the opposite. Quantitative Easing (directed inflation) did nothing except make everything cost more. The U.S. does not own a trillion dollars worth of gold; it is somewhere between $500 Billion and $900 Billion by current rates which vary daily. That means if we had to pay off our National Debt in gold today we would have to default. Whether or not there is value in gay Chinese hookers is not the point. When you are broke you have to bite the bullet and quit borrowing. The Tea Party would enact the austerity necessary to bring the country back to sovereign solvency, but with MUCH pain. See what is happening in Greece; it will happen here if we do not turn it around NOW.

  • Jesse Lyles

    I will never vote for John MCcain again for voting on Pork-Belly-Spending ! I wonder if he ever thought about prisoners over seas. How many Hostages you could of bought their freedom back. I can’t imagain what you went through, you being a prisoner of war. Don’t forget what you survide, by the Grace of God !

  • James Garth

    You can’t responsibly take government spending on scientific grants out of context and write about them being ‘absurd’.

    I’m a PhD researcher with over 12 years research at the university level, and you have obviously have never attempted to apply for a grant. Money is VERY difficult to obtain. Your grant application has to be air-tight, and be likely to draw conclusions that are applicable across many other research disciplines.

    Actually, if you bother to rub 2 braincells together, you’d conclude that the study is not about Chinese prostitutes, but if the greater public health can be improved by targeting the addiction habits of sex workers.

    What if researchers are able to conclude that sex-workers are 50% more likely to enter the LEGAL workforce if they are taught how to cope with their addictive disease?

    I actually agree, that the government does do plenty of wasteful spending, but absolutely fail in reaching that conclusion.

  • the Spottedstone

    Look, I can solve this problem for free. Simply shut down all of the KTV bars in China that cater to Japanese men. The girls drink because the bar owners are charging the guy for every drink. So, close up the KTV bars, make the Japanese businessmen be tucked into their hotels by 10PM and voila. Problem solved! Cost to American taxpayers? $0. Mai Dan?

  • dale

    How about 1.2 trillion (a thousand millions is a billion, a thousand billions is a trillion) on US “defense.”

    This is 10 times larger than China, 20 times larger than Russia. This is where the real waste is. The two illegal wars have cost several trillion, and we spend 200 billion a year on debt repayment for previous debts. We spend 40 billion a year (thru Dept of Energy) for 10,000 nukes, when 300 is enough to destroy every capitol in the world.

    Griping about hundreds of thousands and millions on projects which are not explained is an excuse to hide from where the real money is going. Romney wants to increase the defense budget by 2.5 trillion (and lower taxes).

    If you are upset about wasteful spending, look at how we waste hundreds of billions killing innocent people and making 100 million dollar plans no one wants. Get some perspective and deal with the serious waste, which is not just waste of treasury but funds war crimes and spying on Americans and nukes and weapons and planes we do not need.