A Cartoon From 1948 That Every Obama Supporter Needs To Watch Immediately

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The cartoon posted below may have seemed incredibly far-fetched back in 1948, but it is incredibly timely today.  It is a very well-produced little cartoon that warns children about the great dangers of socialism and communism.  Of course there was no chance that the United States would turn to socialism in 1948, but today that has all changed.  Barack Obama, his supporters, and the Democratic Party are marching the United States right down the road to socialism.  In fact, 63 percent of all Republicans believe that Barack Obama is a socialist.  And, well, the truth is that Barack Obama is a socialist.

But he is far from alone.  The United States has become a nation full of socialists.  In fact, Newsweek ran a cover article a while back entitled “We Are All Socialists Now”.  While that is a bit of an exaggeration, the truth is that we all need to wake up and reclaim what once made this country great. 

Perhaps if every single Obama supporter would watch this cartoon from 1948, that would be one huge step in the right direction…. 

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • Jimmy Cracks Corn

    What a load of garbage. Obama is taking away your property rights? Obama is telling you what job you can have? Obama is telling banks not to make loans? Obama is telling corporations not to hire people? Obama is telling you what food to eat? You bull**** artist. Why aren’t the CAPITALISTS hiring the 30 million unemployed Americans? Because they are too busy spending all the money they made shipping the jobs to China….a COMMUNIST COUNTRY. Who screwed you on Wall Street? Capitalists, unregulated capitalists.

    The only vehicle available to the American people to protect them from capitalistic abuses, to protect you from pure greed, to protect you from unfair trade laws and competition, is the ****ing govt…..you might consider THANKING this administration for actually giving a s*** about the people of America and not just the corporate elite who have, over the last 40 years, gone out of their way to screw you in the ass, rob you bling, and destroy the environment you depend on for a healthy life. All so 1% of the population can live in opulent luxury…sorry pal but that s*** aint right, and it aint worth fighting for. The America yo think disappeared NEVER EXISTED.

  • Meirsch

    So “capitalism” isn’t an “ism,” as long as we re-word it as an “istic?”

    Oh, myopia and hypocrisy. May you never go out of style in this fine country of ours.