Absolutely Shocking Syria War Bible Code

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Syria War Bible Code

Did you know that there is a Bible code matrix that contains the words “Armageddon”, “Asad”, “Military” and “Holocaust”?  Did you know that there is another Bible Code matrix that contains the words “Syria”, “World War”, “Russia”, “China” and “USA”?  These discoveries were made by Michael Drosnin in his 1997 book entitled “The Bible Code“, but what is going on in the Middle East right now is causing a lot of people to give these Bible codes a second look.  Could it be possible that our future is encoded in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures?  Some people believe that there is something to these Bible codes while others consider them to be a total load of nonsense.

If you are not familiar with the Bible codes, the following is a quick summary from Wikipedia

The Bible code (Hebrew: צפנים בתנ”ך‎), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. Although Bible codes have been postulated and studied for centuries, the subject has been popularized in modern times by Michael Drosnin‘s book The Bible Code and the movie The Omega Code.

Many examples have been documented in the past. One cited example is that by taking every 50th letter of the Book of Genesis starting with the first taw, the Hebrew word “torah” is spelled out. The same happens in the Book of Exodus. Modern computers have been used to search for similar patterns and more complex variants, and it has been published as a “challenging puzzle” in a peer-reviewed academic journal in 1994.

There have been endless debates about the legitimacy of these Bible codes, but personally I am convinced that there is something to them.  If you doubt this, just watch Chuck Missler explain the astounding Bible code matrix found in Isaiah 53 right here.

But it is definitely far, far easier to find past events in the Bible codes than it is to speculate about future ones.  For one thing, when it comes to past events you already know the words that you should be searching for.

However, what Drosnin found in his book regarding Syria is definitely noteworthy.  The following is a very short excerpt from that book


“Armageddon” is encoded in the Bible with the name of Syria’s leader, Hafez Asad. In fact, the name of the actual site of the long-prophesied Final Battle appears with his name in a single skip sequence: “Armageddon, Asad holocaust.”

Syria War Bible Code

“Syria” is encoded with “World War.” It is the country that stands out, because it is not expected. “Russia” and “China” and “USA” all also appear with “World War.” But they are the three superpowers most likely to be involved. “Syria” is the surprise.


One correction needs to be made to what Drosnin wrote.  “Hafez” does not show up in this matrix.  Only “Asad” does.

So could this be potentially referring to “Bashar Assad”?

I am sure people will be hotly debating that one in the months ahead.

The following are some other terms that some people say are also in this matrix…





9th Av

shooting from the military post



whole land

So does all of this mean something?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

But it is definitely interesting.

And there are apparently other Bible codes that appear to be about Syria as well.  For example, L.A. Marzulli once wrote about one that seems to indicate that Syria will attack Israel with chemical weapons someday and that Israel will respond by completely destroying Damascus…

The Bible Code alleges, that there are secret messages encrypted in the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible. The way one access the code is to start with a phrase or word, like CHICAGO, then skip a certain number of letters in the text and see where and how many times the word appears. Often there will be a matrix of other words that, like a game of scrabble, are attached to the  main word. Before the computer age this was done, by counting the letters by hand. Needles to say, this was painstakingly slow. These codes can now be accessed by computer and thus, we have the modern Bible Codes that have piqued the interest of so many people.

The post, that I received, gives two prophecy’s from the Bible code. The first, discusses a plane hitting the Sears Tower in Chicago. The second, speaks of a chemical attack in Israel, resulting in the Israeli’s retaliating, by using their nuclear arsenal and destroying Damascus. For some of you who have read my book, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, you know that I speak about a two prong attack that will hit the USA and Israel simultaneously. (This is why I found the Bible code so interesting and it is why I’m commenting on it today) Added to this, according to this Bible Code prophecy, is that it will happen on the 9th of Av. This date is significant because that is the precise day, in which the first temple was destroyed, by the Babylonians. The second temple, destroyed by the Romans centuries later, occurred on the same day, the 9th of Av. It is also the date that the Nazi’s began to exterminate the Jews in Treblinka, one of the first concentration camps set up in WW2. This is a day of mourning for the Jewish people and many fast and pray during the period of days that lead up to the 9th of Av.

A few months back there was an interesting post from the Israel’s telling the Syrians, “That if you use chemical weapons against us we will annihilate you.” We see in the news just last week that this is precisely what is happening. Hezbollah may have acquired the chemicals, from North Korea, to build chemical weapons. These would be used to retrofit the existing Katusha rockets that they have.

It is very easy to imagine such a scenario playing out today.  According to Ynetnews.com, Syria has approximately 100,000 missiles and rockets that it can launch at Israel…

According to estimates, the Syrian army has in its possession some 100,000 missiles and rockets. Several thousand of them, such as the Scud-D missiles, are considered very powerful and accurate and can reach any target in Israel. President Bashar Assad’s army also has Russian-made SS-22 medium-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles, which can carry some 120 kilograms of explosive material.

And as I mentioned yesterday, Hebollah reportedly has 70,000 rockets pointed at Israel.

If thousands upon thousands of missiles and rockets start landing in the heart of major Israeli cities, Israel will strike back with overwhelming force.

So could we be looking at the last days of Damascus?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    What do all of you think about the Bible codes?


    • Kim

      The prophecy is more compelling. My favorite prophecy is the one in Psalms 37:10 and 11. And Ps 37:28 – Hope in [God] and keep his way and he will exult you to take possession of the earth… When the wicked are cut off, you will see it.

    • Bad Kitty Cat

      I have done some reading on it, and it is interesting and possibly something to it. However, it likely shows possibilities. We will learn later, based on our decisions, whether it happens, or the disaster is averted. And perhaps then we will find those associated events in the code.

      We must be careful not to turn it into a “fortune telling” as it is forbidden be both Jews and Christians.

    • Ross Galbraith

      The Bible is a man-made book written by superstitious, primitive desert nomads. This is just rubbish, wake up people.

      • Rebecca

        Um, if you feel that way why are you even reading this site? Maybe you should find a forum devoted to the religion of evolution instead?
        I suppose you are right, though, belief in God is utter rubbish. It makes so much more sense that in the beginning there was absolutely NOTHING, which somehow managed to explode and create the universe. Then, over billions and billions of years, water somehow managed to just make itself, and it rained on the rocks (that also created themselves from nothing), and it kept raining on the rocks until we got some proteins and stuff that also created themselves. And POOF!!! Here we all are.

        • Ross Galbraith

          If you had any knowledge of science whatsoever, you would know that there are very plausible explanations as to the origin of life based in FACT. We do not need to rely on mythologies about a big guy in the sky as to how we got here.
          Besides, have you actually read the Bible? I have. It is filled with sadism, superstition, and contradictions. If the character in the good book purporting to be God appeals to you, I feel bad for you.
          Expand you mind. Try reading the other side of the argument some time.
          Funny also how you try to denigrate science with your “POOF” comment. It seems not to bother you that supposedly God created the universe by going…POOF!

          • Joseph Michael

            Life has NEVER come from non-life. Entropy is the Science of the day. Everything is dying due to the sin of Adam & Eve. Even our DNA has 200-300 mutations every generation. From Earth’s gravity to the Sun’s light, all is dying. Only Jesus can save you. Fukashima alone will kill millions and sicken billions. Wake up! (Romans 3:11) All the signs in the Bible are appearing! Thousands of Proofs at BibleProvenTrue d o cm

          • Rebecca

            Plausible explanations based in fact as reported by a bunch of scientists who are just making wild guesses. God is capable of creating the universe via “POOF” because He is supernatural. Makes a lot more sense than anything natural causing this to happen. Perhaps instead of blindly believing in the Darwin worshippers you should consider reading about intelligent design. Read Darwin’s Black Box instead of being like the sheeple who just blindly believe what the “scientists” tell you. I know all about the so-called “scientists” because I was an atheist for 23 years. Then I expanded my mind and started reading some other theories instead of going with all the other lemmings who put on their tunnel vision and just focus on the religion of evolution.

          • Ross Galbraith

            Okay, I’ll bite. Who created God?

    • Rastus

      Studied much of Dr. Chuck Misslers briefings and commentaries over the years but his wealth of knowledge concerning eschatological events and biblical codes are to be coveted and sought after. Thanks for your faithfulness Michael.
      “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God”

    • Marietta Alexander

      It is a proof of the existence of Almighty God. Only a Superior Intelligence could have engineered such an incredible and perfectly woven text. Many of the scholars that first discovered the codes would fall on their knees weeping as if they had just beheld the Almighty Himself standing before them!

  • Tim

    There was a Messianic Jew man named Yacov Rambsel who did a lot of work with equidistant letter sequencing in the Hebrew Masoretic Text (the Old Testament) and wrote several books. The late Grant Jeffrey wrote the forward to some of Rambsel’s books. I read that Rambsel died in 2005.

    As a Christian, I believe in the verbal inspiration of Scripture (the original texts). So it’s not hard to believe that there are codes in the Hebrew text. However, I was a busy college student when I learned about this, and I didn’t have time to devote to studying it.

    • Marietta Alexander

      I have several of Yacov’s books and I used to watch Grant Jeffrey and Yacov Rambsel on TBN for years. I have always been fascinated by this amazing discovery. It is so astonishing; that is why the scripture is so stern on changing any part of the Bible. It warns us not to add to or subtract from what is written!

  • MelArk

    wow….very interesting stuff!!!

  • seth datta

    The Bible may or may not have been subverted from its original form. And anything can be proven. However, I do believe in the truth of Revelations and I most definately believe in the Ten Commandments. I am a believer in ‘grassroots’ Christianity, in that first principles are the only important ones to follow. And whether you agree with my view or not, we can almost all agree that common sense dictates the Ten Commandments to be true. Its a map for social contracting between people. Having turned away from this, the nation suffers.

  • Jonathan

    can this be tied to July 15 to 16, 2013, 9th of Av for y2013?

  • Tim

    Probably not because, unlike the Bible, those works aren’t inspired. But, hey, if you’d like to look into it, knock yourself out.

    • Marietta Alexander

      Exactly, not until we had computers could we unlock the codes within the Bible effectively. There had been some work done prior to computers but the computer made finding the patterns faster and opened up more than would have ever been found before. These codes were put their by a superior intelligence beyond our comprehension. Only God would know that the computer would be invented in the last days. a proof that God knows all things. The amazing part of these codes is each individual person that has ever lived is somewhere encoded in the Bible text. For those that have eyes to see; the astonishing nature of the codes makes some bow their heads in worship because they are seeing the Glory of God; the Magnificence of Almighty God before their eyes!

  • Copper Munger

    How awesome is GOD to include information in a way that could only be accomplished by a supernatural being.HIS ways are beyond determining. Bill Salas has written two books on a war he sees in the middle east prophesied in Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 35. Fulfillment would give Israel plenty of room for the rest of the Jews of the diaspora to return. Then they surely could be living without bars and gates since that ‘inner ring’ of Islamic States would be gone. The Gog, Magog War can take place when Israel is living in UNWALLED villages. GOG/Magog is a coalition of the ‘outer’ ring of Islamic nations. Take a look at prophecydepot.net.

  • Theodore

    There’s also a “Bible code” linking the dinosaurs and the “asteroid”, while we know this theory is clearly false, they died after Noah’s flood, a few thousand years ago.

    There may, or may not be, some truth in the Bible codes, but it seems to me it is easy to find almost anything in them.
    Besides, I’m more than 80% sure the Congress will vote against the strike. Maybe Obama knew this from the beginning.

    • TruthKlown

      Wow, science isn’t even in your choice of words. “Self is the only prison to ever bind the soul”

  • Yitzhak Chaim

    “Did you know that there is another Bible Code matrix that
    contains the words “Syria”, “World War”, “Russia”, “China” and “USA”?

    USA? Really? The thing is, there are no vowels in Hebrew…
    so how in the world could one spell “USA” in Hebrew? There is an “aleph” which
    can “act” like an “A” but is mostly a silent letter. There is no “u” at all.
    There are words that are pronounce with a “u” or “oo” sound like Y’shua. But
    Y’shua is Spelled yud-shin wav-ayin. Yahushua is Yud-hey-wav-shin-ayin. The
    ayin can also give the “A” sound depending on where the letter falls as well as
    the letters that accompany it. Hebrew does not work like English… and there is just
    no way to ever get “USA” from a Hebrew manuscript. Ever.

    There are some undeniable… amazing things hidden in Scripture…
    but the enemy likes to also confuse what is real with what is just silliness so
    as to call even the true Bible codes into question.

    • Gena

      Then how do you spell out Jerusalem? It has USA in the middle of it

    • Ron Smith

      I hope your right, Yitzhak. Because someone just found a Bible Code saying Hillary Clinton is predicted to be President of the USA. I hope that’s not correct.

      • O.C. LIFE

        Thats brilliant.

  • Yomish

    There is only one thing wrong with your rant, Assad did not cause the foreign invading terrorists to enter his sovereign country nor did he attack his own countrymen…get U facts straight then aim all of that rant to the invading terrorists including Israel who have air attacked Syria on at least 2 occasions within the last 6 months – yes, Israel is actively killing innocents indeed in Syria as well as in Palestine where land theft is a daily occurance aka “settlements.”

    • george

      GOD gave that land to his people period. Get over it already.

      • Marietta Alexander

        The land of israel is forever! Jesus will rule and reign from Jerusalem; His Law will be obeyed all over the earth.
        Israel will be the undisputed Capital of Planet Earth probably by 2021!

        • Jenny

          Make that the FALSE Messiah…whom MANY Christians will, indeed, believe to be Jesus Christ! The narrative you’ve been working from, all along, has been scripted to fit the NWO format! If you believe the bible hasn’t been tainted, then you’re only fooling yourself and denying the Spirit of Truth that dwells in ALL of us…even supersedes, the dead letter! Many Christians have denied that piece of the divine inside of them and, instead, rely on [what they believe is] the “Holy Bible”…as IF the book itself is a piece of the divine! Do you not see? The new dispensation is about a spiritual renewal, with Jesus Christ appointed in the center of the temple.

          ~Jesus doesn’t return in the flesh, to judge the flesh…he returns in the spirit to judge the spirit…the fallen sons of God. He will deal treacherously with those who have deceived humanity for their own selfish profit…but even THEY have a chance to repent!

          ~Jesus comes for ALL to be grafted in and brought into his fold. Not ONE soul will be left behind!

          So WHY then, does the bible speak so harshly about the God’s character , as wrathful and vengeful? WHY does he require blood sacrifice as an atonement for sin? WHY does a jealous God want you to fear him? WHY would a so-called “loving” God require you to submit or else…and WHY is the consequence of “unbelief”,to be eternal damned with Satan?

          Is it clear to you YET? There’s more than ONE GOD in the bible who is fighting for your FULL submission! Jesus Christ does NOT require those things and it’s certainly not in his character to display wrath on an unbelieving soul! Deception over humanity goes DEEP!

          Allow me to suggest, that the bible could have been written with 2 groups in mind. The “gentile” christian church…and the elite bloodline of IS(is)RA EL. THEY are the “remnant” who will be spared though the great tribulation. THEY will be “raptured” by their bull-god, EL. The god of the bi-bull is a counterfeit god who mocks the Father so as to con-fuse humanity by twisting the truth!

          I’ve seen many of your posts…and I know your only desire is to see the fruition of the kingdom age…and seeing Jesus Christ reigning in his rightful place! This is my desire, as well. Only, you see it as a physical arrival and I see it as a spiritual arrival. The AntiChrist WILL arrive in the flesh…which is why many will accept him as the true son of God!

          There is so much to share, and yet…it’s not appropriate to explain here. If you feel compelled to know more, I’d suggest 3 channels on Youtube:


          The bible’s encoded b/c the one who coded it is none other than Lucifer!

          • Marinus Emmanuel Van Zyl

            The dead sea scrolls from around the time of Christ prove scripture has not been tampered with. The bible has not been encoded by satan. if you know the voice of your Shepherd, Jesus, you’ll should know that. If you can hear the Spirit of Truth, who testifies about Jesus, you’ll know what is true and what is not. Certainly some parts of the bible are addressed to other circumstances than those we find ourselves in, yes, but God’s love is constant, even when it is tough love, so to read it in context will show the truth of God’s love and let His goodness shine through.

            Idolatry and sin are destructive in nature, and the identity (soul) based on Destruction cannot spend eternity with the Creator. That is why we have to repent from identifying with sin, so that we can be saved. Our will is an integral part of our souls, our identities, and for Creator to override that without our permission, what is called “free will” by some, is effectively to destroy our souls. He doesn’t want to destroy our souls. God the Father and God the Son wants to save us from eternal damnation. He is not causing our damnation, He is not ‘vengeful’ in that sense. He is like a Father that wants to save His children, and is prepared to use violence to do so. Some say, nothing in this life is more violent than Love! 🙂

            Anyway, hope that helps! Any sin makes it difficult to hear the Spirit of Truth, one tends to hear your ‘idols’. God is not vengeful when He says we must not do sin, He cares about us and wants us to stop destroying ourselves.

            And others…

            Yes, the Holy Spirit indwells us as Christians, and in that sense God is within us. However, it is important not to be your own god (idol). Even Jesus regularly prayed and submitted to the will of the Father. To be like God is to be a servant to all, even your enemies. Humility and Servanthood. Jesus Himself said that scripture will not fall away, but fulfilled. To reject scripture, on the unfounded belief that it has been changed, is dangerous. Look at the archeological evidence of the dead sea scrolls, which is EXACTLY the same as the bible we have today. And the mathematical proof of the bible code itself: satan could never have encoded the kind of statistical impossibilities that is inherent in the Bible code, only the Spirit of Truth operates like that – it is the Finger of God! And it is your duty as a Christian to test all spirits. And how do you test them? According to scripture.

            As far as I’m concerned, the Bible Code is like a CRC check that proves that God, who knows the end from the beginning, was the author. Satan doesn’t know the end from the beginning, he could never have encoded it.

            Please consider the possibility, that when you realized that you are one with God in the Spirit, that you became your own idol, and then after that rejected scripture, because you could not hear the Spirit of Truth correctly any more (because of your idolatry). Just repent, ok? It can’t hurt, so why not just do it. and maybe God can get past you and save you (again), that would be great! 🙂 The renewing of the mind is an ongoing process. The saving of the spirit man is once off, the saving of the soul or mind is an ongoing process throughout life, and the saving of the body of man happens at the ressurection, right? After all, God is saving the whole man, not just the spirit part. Yes, the spirit part first, certainly, but eventually all of it. And there will come a time when He comes back physically, also.

          • O.C. LIFE

            ….and that folks is the work of satan himself in all his hideous glory. DONT BELIEVE THIS LIE.

  • Marietta Alexander

    Yeah, it has been down; doesn’t work that is why the Bible codes are so special. There may be a few patterns but nothing like the Bible codes.

  • Marietta Alexander

    The rare hybrid solar eclipse on November 3rd represents the final lit candle on the menorah of the seven churches in the book of Revelation according to research and study done by Luis Vega. Fascinating research he has done on a large variety of end time topics. He concluded the feast of Hanukkah would bring the church age to an end. Apparently the calendar is wrong by one month so Hanukkah should have been celebrated end of December instead putting the end of the church age either at the end of December, 2013 or the first few days into 2014. It was pointed out that before the flood hit, Noah and his family were in the Ark for seven days. If that is true, if the church age ended December 31st; or into the first few days of 2014. Then the church would be raptured about 7 days before the Tribulation judgments begin. January 12 earth will pass through the debris trail of Comet ISON, dire predictions of what will happen because of the enormous amounts of material earth will encounter coming from two directions at once; this is definitely a judgment event where many people will die.

  • Marietta Alexander

    Jenny, You are very confused and mixed up and upside down inside out and backwards. Do not know who deceived you but YOU ARE HORRIBLY DECEIVED BY THE DEVIL.
    You need to talk to somebody that has their foundation in the Word of God. Sorry for you. Ask Jesus to help you.

  • tabletto68


    Bible prophecy coming war in the Middle-East.

  • katty

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  • jhon ramm

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  • yhon

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  • Truth

    There is no concept of Hell in Judaism, is there?

  • stu

    I read Drosnin’s first edition titled” Bible Code” and it states WW3 is connected with Russia,USA, China, Syria and Assad as mentioned here in this forum. However, upon reading Drosnin’s second edition titled “Bible Code 2” his rhetoric shifts to stating that WW3 will be connected with terrorism, Bin Laden, etc. There is no mention of Syria. I’m now skeptical, because if this code is concrete, Drosnin would have upheld his conviction from the first edition. He seems to be reactionary to the events of the present, which, when writing Bible Code 2, was shortly after the Twin Towers, to determine future events.

  • Bill Davis✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᴸᵃⁿᵈˢˡᶦᵈᵉ

    Lying Jew idiot. Assad is innocent.