America 1950 Vs. America 2010

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1950: The total U.S. national debt is about 257 billion dollars.

2010: The U.S. national debt is increasing by over 4 billion dollars per day.

1950: If a member of Congress doesn’t tell the truth it is a felony.

2010: If a member of Congress doesn’t tell the truth they are just playing politics.

1950: Americans dress up in suits and dresses to get on an airplane.

2010: Americans are forced to walk through full body security scanners that give gawking security workers a clear view of their naked bodies before they can get on an airplane.

1950: American schoolchildren openly read the Word of God and pray in public schools.

2010: Attempting to read your Bible or pray in a public school will get you slapped with a lawsuit by the ACLU.

1950: Wealth redistribution is considered communist and anti-American.

2010: Wealth redistribution is the official policy of the U.S. government.

1950: The U.S. Constitution is deeply loved and highly revered.

2010: Federal authorities are instructed to be on the lookout for anyone who talks about the U.S. Constitution too much because they might be a domestic terrorist.

1950: Mass murderers are executed and unborn babies are protected by law.

2010: Unborn babies are being mass murdered and mass murderers are protected by law from being executed in many states.

1950: We mobilize the entire U.S. military to protect the borders of South Korea.

2010: The U.S. government barely lifts a finger to do anything about the millions of gang members, drug dealers and serial criminals that are pouring across America’s borders.

1950: We actually attempt to parent our children.

2010: We pump our kids full of Ritalin and let video games and television raise our children.

1950: If a company makes too many bad decisions they go out of business.

2010: If you have connections in high places or you are “too big to fail” your business gets bailed out by the U.S. government.

1950: Socialized medicine is considered a bizarre scheme that only communist nations would be stupid enough to attempt.

2010: Congress and the president ram a bill down the throats of the American people that they did not want which basically socializes our entire health care system.

1950: The American people believe that the free market should run the economy.

2010: The American people are told that the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve should run the economy.

1950: American industry provides great jobs for hard working Americans and the United States has the biggest middle class in the world.

2010: Giant global predator corporations ship our manufacturing base and millions of great jobs to the third world and our politicians pretend that it is our fault when we can’t get jobs.

1950: Cities such as Detroit, Michigan are shining examples of the great American economic machine.

2010: Cities such as Detroit, Michigan are decaying, rusted-out war zones where houses sell for as little as one dollar.

1950: The United States lends more money to other nations than any other country in the world.

2010: The United States borrows more money from other nations than any other country in the world.

1950: The American people are the envy of the world.

2010: The American people are some of the fattest people on the planet.

1950: The American people are extremely well read and are deeply interested in politics.

2010: The American people are obsessed with American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and with how their favorite sports teams are doing.

1950: If children act up they are tanned on the behind and taught a lesson.

2010: If children act up they are told they have ADHD and pumped full of pharmaceutical drugs.

1950: Communists and socialists are considered dangerous extremists and the American people are taught to love the U.S. Constitution.

2010: Those who love the U.S. Constitution are considered dangerous extremists and we have a communist in the White House.

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • Take me back to the 50’s, PUULEEZE!!!

  • Mr Carpenter

    Where can I buy a Delorean and flux capacitor?

    Alas, time only goes in one direction.

    Until, of course, the end of time. Then, paradoxically, eternity begins for everyone.

    Here are 10 encouraging predictions for 2011 (kudos to my Pastor):

    1. The Bible will still have all of the answers.
    2. Prayer will still be the most powerful thing on Earth.
    3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
    4. God will still honor the praises of His people.
    5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.
    6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
    7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
    8. There will still be room at the Cross.
    9. Jesus will still love you.
    10. Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him.

    Isn’t it great to remember who is really in control, and that “the Word of the Lord endures forever.” (1 Peter 1:25)

  • Greg

    The ultimate revelation of what is happening in the world is obviously portrayed in the Bible. It appears that end time events as foretold are now happening. Another revelation that is important to understand is the founding of this nation and the purpose that America serves. I was taught that we had Christian founding fathers and believed that America was totally committed to Christianity from our inception but temporarily derailed by liberals and heathens who were getting this nation off course. My improper belief was also that God “needed” America because we were the defenders of Israel and the purveyors of the gospel around the world.

    Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free – that scripture applies even to truth that we may not want to know. Discovering the truth about America was quite troubling and I had to study numerous sources and documents prior to accepting the wicked reality of what America is and what we are destined to accomplish. Our founding fathers were primarily masons who were committed to bringing in the new world order and their false Christ. Our rise to power was planned so that we could prepare the world for this false messiah. Their plans are revealed throughout the architecture in our cities, especially in DC. Our military is being used to mold nations into the New World Order agenda and to crush nations that are not accepting that reshaping. Our demise is part of the plan because the NWO does not allow for any one nation to remain a superpower.

    The heartbreaking changes that are occurring in this nation are not accidental and they are not likely anything that we can change. Looking back to our glory days of 1950 and wishing them back is like seeing a train in Utah and trying to push it back to Kansas. If that train was destined to go to the West Coast it will run you over rather than stopping and going back. I do not believe that America is going back to anything we long to have restored but instead will continue down the path that I believe was planned for this nation.

    As a footnote, I argued vehemently for years with people who told me some of the truths about this nation. Learning about our history and future was not a joy but it has answered many questions about why things have and are happening. We don’t have to hate America to accept the truth about America. There are so many wonderful things about this land but they are going to change. Get ready for a bumpy ride and keep your eyes on the Lord. God remains in control.

  • Tina in Minnesota

    Thank your Pastor for listening to the Holy Spirit Mr. Carpenter. I forgot for a moment who was in really looking to change our hearts and minds. Satan has a real grip doesn’t he?

  • Kevin

    Just remember – before 1965, when women hijacked the civil rights movement, we had freedom. Now we have nothing but a nanny state, isn’t it wonderful? And now, even the men are feminized, and don’t even realize it….

  • George Kadlec

    G. K. Chesterton once said ” “When men cease to believe in God they do not thereafter believe in nothing; they believe in anything!”

    Pope Benedict XVI said “”Today, having a clear faith based on the Creed of the Church is often labeled as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, that is, letting oneself be tossed here and there, carried about by every wind of doctrine [Ephesians 4:14], seems the only attitude that can cope with modern times. We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s ego and desires.” — Cardinal Ratzinger (before he became pope)

    Another G. K. Chesterton quote “Once abolish God, and the government becomes the God.”

    Another G. K. Chesterton quote “I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.”

  • James

    Don’t forget, in 1950:

    Blacks weren’t allowed to vote in a lot of states

    It was legal to discriminate in housing, transportation and education

    Less than 10% of the US population held college degrees – it’s about 30% now

    50% of US had High School diploma – over 80% today

    I could go on, but you get my point. For a large percentage of the population, the US was a lot worst in 1950.

  • SuperConservative

    “2010: Giant global predator corporations ship our manufacturing base and millions of great jobs to the third world and our politicians pretend that it is our fault when we can’t get jobs.”

    I don’t understand this complaint. I thought you were an advocate of a free market, not a supporter of communism!

  • Tennwriter

    Most people should not have college degrees. It should not be necessary, in fact, it is not neccessary for most jobs. This is the Rise of Credentialism which is a bane on the Nation.

    Also, college should be for the deeply bright who are aiming at certain careers. You don’t, for ex, need to have a college degree to be a Senator. Engineer, Doctor…sure. Journalist…no way. A lot of jobs are best taught by an experienced mentor.

    As to Blacks…On the one hand, I own my own business, and my wife and kids live on a peaceful street in a house I am buying although some white Democrats are jerks. Or, I am a single mother on welfare in a project apartment who has her kids sleep in a bathtub so that random gunfire through the building won’t murder them….and still White Democrats are jerks.


  • Tennwriter

    Continuing James,

    I’m not a Black nor a Female, but I expect that in most major points we are similar.

    So if I pulled a Samuel Jackson and offered a Single Mom Black Female a red pill, and once she awoke she’d have a devoted, if occasionally stupid husband, who mowed the lawn on their very small house, and she had kids who were going to schools where the worst she had to worry about was them getting paddled for chewing gum, and hubby owned a small mechanic shoppe…and yes, she had a hard time voting. I expect most SMBF’s would swallow that red pill as quick as they could and not even wait for the cup of water. I would after all.

    My chief problem would be if I was in the South and didn’t own air conditioning.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Credentialism, I hadn’t seen that word before. It’s an interesting word.

    I do know this; I was in an old book store and found a book in which there was a factual description of a 8th grade (age 13) school graduation test from the 1890’s. I tell you truly that my jaw hit the floor when I saw that test. I have an IQ of 130ish and a college degree, but no way could I have passed that test.

    That tells me that, very probably, the Americans living in 1890 were most definitely better educated – even though most didn’t go past 8th grade – than the current crop of people paying $100,000 (in debts, usually) to get a virtually useless scrap of paper from post-modern universities.

    So I’m pretty certain that in 1950, most people with 12th grade or 8th grade educations did all right.

    As for blacks, females, etc in 1950 – I agree wholeheartedly with Tennwriter. But of course, there is no going back.

    As I said, time moves in one direction.

    However, this kind of exercise is useful for anyone reading this in 5, 10, 20 or so years who is trying to rebuild a decent society – it may prove useful to realize what NOT to do. Which is a form of “going back to the future” (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

  • TUM

    “2010: Attempting to read your Bible or pray in a public school will get you slapped with a lawsuit by the ACLU.”

    Stopped reading after this.

    You are an idiot.

    Anyone can read the Bible in school or pray in school. Schools are just not allowed to sponsor a prayer because government offices can’t promote one religion over another.

    Church-state separation has been in the Constitution since day one. I always find it ironic when conservatives claim liberals are the ones that don’t follow the constitution, yet fail utterly to understand one of the most important parts of it.

  • JohnnyBOy

    This is a classic case of the good ol’ days. How can a time period where both blacks and women had less rights than white men ever be superior to the present? Also, there is some praise for the constitution, but then there is advocating of forced prayer in schools? Then there is simply being misinformed, as the ACLU never goes after students for holding private prayer, and has defended students, specifically Christian students, in many circumstances when their rights weren’t protected:

    Remember, the 50s was a time where blacks were subhuman, women were only good if the stayed quiet and did what they were told, where we had a vicious witchhunt for commies that destroyed careers and reputations. The 50s was a time where you were ostracized if you weren’t Christian, and you could be hit and humiliated in schools if you did something wrong.

    Things are way better now than they ever were for the majority of the people, but white, Christian males appear to be bitter because they don’t have quite as much authority as they once had.

  • Cylar

    Church-state separation has been in the Constitution since day one.

    No, it’s been in a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists since day one…and the concept was intended to prevent the government from establishing a state religion, not scrub all traces of religion from the public square.

    This is a classic case of the good ol’ days. How can a time period where both blacks and women had less…blah blah blah, a bunch of inaccurate revisionist bullcrap

    I’m not even going to get started on your post. You’re beyond redemption. Just for the record though, the Venona Cables proved that the United States government WAS shot-through with communists. Google it.

    Good golly, I am sick of the ignorance on the Left. Personally, I miss the good old days.

  • Holly

    And today, if you spank your child to discipline him or her — you risk a visit from Family Services — investigating your home for “domestic violence”…

  • Gabe

    1950: Joe McCarthy and others persecute (and succeed in ruining the lives of) innocent Americans suspected of communism due to deliberate spread of misinformation and fearmongering.

    2010: McCarthy’s political descendants use similar tactics to attempt to discredit the PRESIDENT, who has repeatedly shown that he is willing to work with politicians of any (or rather, in the US, either) persuasion to help us through some pretty damn tough times and that he knows the constitution well enough to know that tolerance is one of the guiding principles. Maybe you should try it sometime.

    Seems to me that in some areas not all that much has changed.

  • wade garrett

    Loved the one complaining about Americans not being well read in a propaganda piece. Hilariously ironic.

  • JohnnyBOy


    Besides completely ignoring my argument by providing a complete handwaive, I’ll respond to your argument against TUM.

    The very reason why our founders were against state sponsored religion is because of the pressure to follow the religion of the government rather than their own. If the government sponsors religious events, does that not endorse a religion? Jefferson merely rephrased the first amendment into a convenient soundbyte. Nobody is preventing private citizens from practicing religion–that is merely dreamt up by fundamentalist Christians who cannot stand being treated equal to all other religions and the atheists. I posted a link earlier demonstrating that the ACLU has protected the rights of fundamentalist Christians.

    It is not I who is the lost cause. After all, it is my constitution that prevents government endorsement of a religion, it is my constitution that allows acts of “socialism” thanks to the general welfare clause, and it is my constitution that supports free speech.

  • Harry Westra

    I am from Holland. Let me tell you, we’re the most liberal nation on earth, and sure, we favor Obama (most of us do – I don’t), but that’s only because the USA is far away and because of a certain anti-American strain in our political culture.

    But Obama could not do to us what he is doing to America. We would not accept 1:5 people in certain regions in our country being there illegally. Would not accept dramatic INCREASES in spending (health care) while in crisis. So criticism on Obama is well deserved.

    • Holland home of the racist

      Geert Wilders

  • EUSTexas

    Wow the smartest guy here is the dutchman.

  • wat

    It is odd that someone from The Netherlands would consider their nation Holland, as Holland is a region within the country. It’s also curious as to why someone from The Netherlands seems to care about our immigration issue so much. Also, The Netherlands doesn’t have much to deal with when it comes to illegal immigration when it’s bordered by Belgium and Germany: two nations relatively economically stable and dominated by whites.

    Not to mention the major fault with the economic stimulus package was the tax cuts rather than the spending. Cutting out a part of your revenue source gives you less money to replenish what you do spend. Obama shouldn’t have been scared by the Republicans. If any tax cuts should’ve been made, it should’ve been solely on the poor–they’re poor for a reason, right? Too much spending on useless crap that ends up boosting the local and national economy. Well, I suppose that isn’t entirely true. Promotion of the free market has allowed for globalization, so all of our manufacturing jobs got shipped overseas–supporting the economies of our enemies.

    Thanks, guys. Way to be true patroits

  • HareKrsna!

    Bible doesn’t have all the answers, nothing mentioned about soul, or why really you are here, reincarnation, life on other planets, true purpose of human life, meeting god face to face, nothing is mentioned in Bible.

    Read the Vedas the most ancient literature on this planet passed down from the source himself. Don’t be to egotistical to just hide behind bible.

  • TUM

    “No, it’s been in a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists since day one…and the concept was intended to prevent the government from establishing a state religion, not scrub all traces of religion from the public square.”

    Who is scrubbing all traces of religion from the public square? As was said before, ANY individual can practice their religion in public, even in school. Not allowing a school (a Government building) to sponsor a christian prayer is NOT removing religion from the public place. It is preventing a government run place from promoting one religion over another.

    Would you be okay with a Muslim teacher trying to lead her class in a Muslim prayer? Of course not.

    Teachers and school officials can not promote ANY religion in school. That does not mean that students can’t read the bible (or the quran) at school in their free time. If you can find a single case of a student being sued for praying or reading the bible, please show me.

    And are you REALLY trying to say that minorities (like blacks) had less rights in the 1950s is revisionist bullcrap? Really?

  • Tennwriter

    Johnny Boy,
    May I suggest you reread my posts. Or let me pose it to you as a thought problem.

    JB, you’ve been swooped up by an angel. He offers you two choices of life. In one, you will occasionally have the black dominant race insult you, and if you’re really, really unlucky have serious damage including the possibility of death by a black supremacist. However, your children will grow up safe, you’ll have respect, your spouse will love and respect you all her days, and you’ll have a business that you slowly grow to the point where your grandchildren can afford to run for state senator.

    OTOH, you won’t be married. You will have a number of chicks, but none will love you, nor will they stay with you for long. Most of your rather small amount of money you will gain from illegal activities that bother your conscience. And you will die young, and alone in a dirty alley shot by someone who thought you were someone else. But, it will be illegal for black supremacist jerks to say mean things about you.

    As to the First Amendment…it prohibits the Establishment of a State Religion. It in no way bars the Free Exercise of Religion (as it says). Thus, a state official endorsing a certain religious viewpoint seems to be acceptable.

    And America was riddled with Commie scumsucking elitist trash. What about Elia Kazan, who got mistreated because he realized the truth? Where are the Hollywood movies that show Stalin, and Lenin, and Pol Pot, and Castro as the monsters they are? Why is Hollywood hiding this? Why do, even today, so many pretend that Communism just needs another chance. I’d say thats like saying Fascism needs another chance, but its not, for Communism is bothmore tried, and less worthy than Fascism. People’s careers do need Today to be destroyed over this shameful coverup of the worst atrocity by numbers of the 20th Century. Commies killed more than Abortion Docs and Hitler combined. Scum.

  • TUM

    Tennwriter, your idiotic “Blacks totally had it better in the ’50s!” rants only apply to a portion of blacks that live in poor areas. There are plenty that DO have good jobs and stable families and stable lives. Stop making generalizations about an entire race of people.

    “As to the First Amendment…it prohibits the Establishment of a State Religion. It in no way bars the Free Exercise of Religion (as it says). Thus, a state official endorsing a certain religious viewpoint seems to be acceptable.”

    A state official, like a politician can endorse a religion and even promote it, but they can not make laws based upon that religion.

    Teachers can endorse a religion, but IN SCHOOL they cannot teach their religion or try to promote it to their students. Outside school, sure, but IN THE CLASSROOM they cannot try to get their students to follow a certain practice of a certain religion.

    Would you be okay with a Muslim teacher making your child repeat verses from the Quaran?

    Students go to school to learn, not be preached at. That’s what churches are for.

  • TUM

    “Where are the Hollywood movies that show Stalin, and Lenin, and Pol Pot, and Castro as the monsters they are? Why is Hollywood hiding this?”

    Stain movie:

    You are about 18 years behind, pal.

    Also, Castro movies:

    “People’s careers do need Today to be destroyed over this shameful coverup of the worst atrocity by numbers of the 20th Century. Commies killed more than Abortion Docs and Hitler combined. Scum.”

    Let me start off by saying this: Communism is indeed a horribly flawed economic strategy, and anyone that thinks it could ever work is an idiot. But it was not communism that killed all those people, it was horrible dictator fascism that killed people. Nothing in the philosophy of communism says to kill those that disagree with you.

    And who the hell is covering up the communist atrocities? Go into any public school in America, grab a “world history” textbook, and open to the sections about Mao and Soviet Russia.

    All the info about the massacres (And much, much more!) is right there.

    Communism is indeed a flawed economic ideology, however if you think American citizens really deserve to have their lives destroyed because they endorse a flawed idea, you are un-American.

  • utahsinner

    Bottom line is that time and technology has made us lazy, weak, fat, and stupid. Our own government has turned against America because of Exposure and Greed. I was born in the 80’s and I wish I could go back to the 50’s!! It was a much simpler time…

  • JohnnyBOy

    Tennwriter, I have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to argue in your first two paragraphs. What does any of that have to do with providing blacks and women equal rights to white men? Equal rights mean equal rights. I’ve said nothing about restricting the free speech to protect the feelings of blacks, but actively discriminating against blacks by depriving them of basic needs–like a job so they can actually support themselves–is morally wrong. You’re presenting a false situation, like somehow blacks in the 50s had the great life, except that occasionally someone would want to kill them. Is that really how it was in the 50s? Did you forget that the blacks were considered so vile, they couldn’t even use the same bathrooms as whites, the same water fountains, nor sit in the same seats? Not only that, but you presented a false dichotomy, it’s either the easy life with some people out to kill you, or it’s the hard life, but at least people are banned from treating you like crap. No, blacks did not have it easier in the 50s, and there is no justification for taking their rights away. I suppose it’s really easy to make your argument when you never have to worry about identifying with that situation.

    The first amendment prohibits the government from endorsing religion. A state official being open about his religion is perfectly acceptable, but a state official endorsing religion on behalf of the government is not. Kids are forced to be in class, so a teacher leading prayer is unconstitutional because it’s a government representative forcing kids to listen to the prayer. If a student asks the teacher what religion he/she practices, then it is not unconstitutional to say so, but it would be to further proselytize. The government has no right endorsing religion.

  • JohnnyBOy

    One more thing, Tennwriter, nobody is advocating the kind of socialism propagated by Lenin, Stalin, etc. Advocating some Socialist programs does not mean you have a dream of Stalinism in America. After all, the police, fire fighters, and education are all Socialist. Desire for things like national healthcare is not a push for Stalinism. Maybe people are happy with a representative democracy that provides services for the general welfare of its people? After all, our constitution supports such endeavors: Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States”

  • Judy

    Our founding fathers were not endorsing a “religion”. They were endorsing worship for our creator. Why do you think His name is all over our government buildings and our money. If that is not endorsement I don’t know what is.

  • Shire

    Judy, those references to God didn’t happen in the time of the founding fathers. References to “God” on U.S. currency and the pledge of allegiance didn’t happen until the 1950s. If our founding fathers endorsed a god, it wouldn’t be a Christian God as stated in the Treaty of Tripoli:

    “Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”

    That was signed by John Adams.

    Our founding fathers were mixed when it came to religion. Some would nonChristian deists like Thomas Jefferson; some where adament Christians; and some were probably atheists considering their only references to religious belief were negative statements.

    Politicians who do their best to make sure that the government endorses their god are simply unpatriotic. This country was not founded on a guess.

  • TUM

    “Our founding fathers were not endorsing a “religion”. They were endorsing worship for our creator. Why do you think His name is all over our government buildings and our money. If that is not endorsement I don’t know what is.”

    The “In God We Trust” phrase was not added to our money until 1864. Look it up. That was nearly a hundred years after the creation of our country. None of the founding fathers were still around then. And I doubt they would have stood for it.

    Furthermore, It only just became the official U.S. motto in 1956!

    Endorsing “worship for our creator” is indeed endorsing a religious practice. It is also endorsing any monotheistic religions over polytheist religions.

  • Jessica

    Can I say LOGIAL FALLACIES!! Educate yoursleves people, and you wont fall for the manipulations of language and half-truths that are given here.

  • Wil

    I wonder if anyone stating life was better for African-Americans in 1950 is actually African-American. I wasn’t alive in the 1950s, but my parents were. They don’t talk about segregation much, but from the tales I heard, it stunk like old fish on a sidewalk in the summer.

    Having White people put your change on the counter because they wouldn’t touch your hand. Getting served at the back of a restaurant. No legal right to protect your family. Wondering if you would run out of gas before finding a gas station that might serve you. Represented as lazy, stupid, dishonest, sex maniacs in the media.

    Give me 2011, 365/24/7.

    If you were White, 1950 was a lot better!

  • Dane

    I came across this while doing research for a paper. I am writing about the changes in human development over the centuries. In my research one thing has become abundantly clear, when good things happen to humanity, as in a whole region advances, is when religion is at a low point and holds little sway over the public. The reverse is true as well, when religion holds power and influence over the daily life of the masses, they are less successful and advance very little. After all there is a reason why we call the time period when Europe was controlled by christianity, “The Dark Ages”

  • Tatiana Covington

    Everything flows.