Are Operatives From Both Parties Systematically Committing Election Fraud?

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The election is still more than two weeks away, and already a tremendous amount of evidence has emerged that operatives from both major political parties have been committing election fraud.  There have been reports of dead people being registered to vote, of voter registration forms being tossed in the garbage, and of activists purposely helping people get registered to vote in more than one state.  We have not had a presidential election this closely contested since Bush v. Gore back in 2000, so there has been a tremendous amount of concern that one side (or potentially both sides) may be tempted to cheat.  Supporters of Obama and Romney have both been charged with breaking the rules before.  We all remember the ACORN voting scandals from the 2008 election, and what Romney operatives did to Ron Paul in the state of Maine during primary season was absolutely criminal.  Anyone that believes that there are not operatives on both sides that would be willing to do “whatever it takes” to win this election is simply being delusional.  Politics in America has become a very dirty game in this day and age, and the truth is that an increasing number of activists on both sides truly believe that “the ends justify the means” when it comes to trying to win an election.

The integrity of our elections is of paramount importance.  After all, if our right to vote is taken away, what other way do we have to change things?

Sadly, the integrity of our elections has been called into question in recent years.  We all remember what happened back in 2000.  If another presidential election ends in similar fashion it could shake our system to the core.

A study that was released back in February by the Pew Center on the States found some very disturbing things.  The following are a few of the statistics from their report…

-Nationally, one out of every eight voter registrations is inaccurate.

-Approximately 2.8 million Americans are registered in two or more states.

-Somewhere around 1.8 million registered voters are dead.

Those are some very disturbing numbers.  But the truth is that our system of voter registration is very vulnerable to fraud.  Just check out what has been happening down in Florida

Strategic Allied Consulting is the company founded and head by Nathan Sproul, the former executive director and leader of the RNC in the state of Arizona. In 2012, Sproul was employed by the RNC and the Mitt Romney campaign to do voter work in five swing states: North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Nevada and Colorado. The public record shows that Sproul was paid more than $3 million this year by both the RNC and the Romney campaign to do voter registration drives in those five states. In Florida, from January through September 2012, Strategic Allied Consulting was paid $1.3 million.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has launched an immediate criminal investigation of Sproul and the Strategic Allied Consulting because of allegations of criminal acts of voter fraud across the state of Florida. There are allegations of dead people being registered to vote as well as numerous other voter registration infractions in attempt to increase Republican voter rolls. As soon as the news hit about the criminal allegations, the RNC’s national office fired Sproul and his firm.

Democrats have been howling over that incident and another incident that just happened down in Virginia.

One Republican operative has been accused of throwing voter registration forms into a dumpster.  The following is from a recent article posted on the Brad Blog

A man originally reported to have been working for the Republican Party of Virginia was arrested by the Rockingham County, VA Sheriff’s office on Thursday and charged with attempting to destroy voter registration forms by tossing them into a dumpster behind a shopping center in Harrisonburg, VA.

“Prosecutors charged him with four counts of destruction of voter registration applications, eight counts of failing to disclose voter registration applications and one count of obstruction of justice,” according to a report late Thursday afternoon from TPM’s Ryan Reilly. More charges could be forthcoming, according to officials.

If any of these allegations are true, they are deeply, deeply disturbing.  Nobody should be cheating when it comes to voter registration.

There is evidence that Democrats have also been involved in widespread voter fraud this election season.  In fact, apparently Obama campaign staffers have been very willing to help Obama voters get registered to vote in more than one state.  The following is from a recent article by Mac Slavo….

When undercover reporters visited various locations across the country they received the same response from Obama campaign staffers – that it’s basically okay to vote multiple times if you happen to be registered in two or more states.

In Houston, Texas, for example, the Project Veritas reporter made her intentions known, and rather than being rebuffed for her planned illegal activity, she was provided assistance with obtaining the proper forms to be registered in two states and was told to say “I don’t know” if the double-voting ever became an issue.

Similar situations unfolded at other DNC funded community organizations.

Sadly, the mainstream media has brushed most of these stories under the rug.  They want us to continue to believe that there are no significant problems with the integrity of our elections.

But obviously we do have some problems.

So what can be done about them?

Well, some states have passed strict voter ID laws in recent years in an attempt to cut down on election fraud, but Democrats have been attacking these new laws like rabid attack dogs.

In fact, they have been very successful in getting courts to strike down many of these new laws.  The following is a list of voter ID laws that have been struck down in recent months that is from a recent article that was posted on

Texas voter ID law struck down Aug 30

Pennsylvania voter ID law struck down.

Wisconsin voter ID law disallowed for 2012 election.

Ohio voter ID law struck down by two courts and rejected by Supreme Court.

Arizona “proof of citizenship” voting law struck down.

Florida voter registration law and shortening early voting days struck down.

Missouri voter ID law struck down.

South Carolina’s voter ID blocked by court for 2012 election.

Democrats attacked these laws because they believe that voter ID laws would hurt their candidates.

But shouldn’t the integrity of our elections be more important than who wins or who loses?

You would think, but that is not the way things work in America today.

Both sides deeply hate each other and are incredibly suspicious of one another.

The Democrats are so afraid of potential fraud by Republicans that they have even complained to the United Nations.  So this election day there will be 44 UN observers stationed around the country watching for “voter suppression activities by conservative groups”…

United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups, a concern raised by civil rights groups during a meeting this week. The intervention has drawn criticism from a prominent conservative-leaning group combating election fraud.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democratization and human rights projects, will deploy 44 observers from its human rights office around the country on Election Day to monitor an array of activities, including potential disputes at polling places.

Of course the biggest source of potential election fraud is our voting machines.  In recent years there have been a multitude of very serious “irregularities” that have been produced by computerized voting.  For much more on this, just check out this article for a long list of very serious voting machine problems over the past decade.

It is just so easy to hack into computers these days, and just changing a very small percentage of the votes can completely change the outcome of an election.

On this upcoming election night, stay alert for any reports of voter fraud or statistical “irregularities” in the results.  I have a feeling that the integrity of the results may be a major issue this time around.

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • OldPhart OutIn TheDesert

    Hey, if you see any of the UN observers in your poll, please take the time to step on their toes as you leave.

  • mark

    Look, both parties have their diry laundry. At least the republicans fired Sproul. The dems would promote a fellow like him. In Oregon we vote by mail and fraud can be done in two ways. When the vote is mailed back you have to sign your name to an envelope and the county checks to see if your signature matches your registration card. You never know if they throw out your vote if they do not like how you signed. If someone has moved, their ballot can go to their old address and if a relative can sign their signature close enough the vote is counted. I thought when I turned 18 and had to register at the firehouse worked out ok. I had to bring my birth cert, and picture ID. This is what it should take to register today. If you really care enough to vote you should be willing to go through a few minor hoops so that a lot of fraud can be shut down. We should have to show a state picture ID and go vote in person. All of this early voting for a month or more sets up the posibility of more fraud. A couple of days in a row should be more than enough to get the job done.

  • Jodi

    CBS station calls presidential race for Obama!

    140 Anti-Voter Fraud Billboards in Ohio & Wis. to Be Taken Down Amid Cries of ‘Voter Suppression’

    Election night is not going to be pretty! I have a feeling the results will take a few days.

    • mark

      I saw that, they were a few weeks early with their fraud. The CBS and the NBC polls sure do tilt heavy towards Obama when the other polls show a different trend. Are they trying too set up support in their polls for the fraud that they made a mistake in showing the public for 17 seconds on the TV.

    • jaxon64

      I think the Dem senator from Wisconsin is a RACIST !! She ordered the signs removed because she assumed that a message warning against voter fraud was targeting blacks? Isn’t she promoting the fact that she believes that blacks are cheaters? How dare she spread such racial hatred and stereotyping !! She is practically saying that she thinks the signs are directed towards blacks because they plan on cheating and reminders of the law constitute “suppresion” of their minority right to break the law without consequence…racist witch…stereotyping she has a white hood in her closet..

  • R.T.

    One suggestion about the map colors. Red is a universal color for socialists and communists, and blue or white is a general color for conservative parties worldwide. We should go back to the more truthful and descriptive color scheme, that is Dem = REDs and Rep = BLUEs.

    On the second thought, since both of the parties are pretty much socialists now, so perhaps we should use RED and light RED?

  • Dave Webb

    I would not be surprised at anything the parties do at this point in time.
    The name of the game is not to get caught at any cost.
    Don’t get caught! Other than that, anything goes.
    I think the Presidential Debates have been eye-openers on both candidates. It is also very entertaining.
    How do you know if a candidate is telling the truth or not?
    In my poker days, everyone has tattletale signs about them. Some players have a nervous tick when they have winning cards. Others tap their toes when they are bluffing. I am not a good poker player. I am too easy to read(grin).
    In the case of politicians, they may make a false statement. The nervous tick might be that after they talk, they give you the biggest grin that they can. That is a sure sign that they are hiding something. Probably in the way they phrased their answers. I have seen several candidates grinning ear to ear at the debates. Wonder what they are hiding?
    Remember that little graphic picture when you look at tonight’s debate (Monday, Oct. 22nd).
    I notice the questions are given to the candidates in advance. That is why they normally sound intelligent when they answer.
    Appearance is going to be everything. How do they come across? Do they sound confident? Do they pickup on things said by their opponent?
    Does the narrator have to call them on disobeying the debate rules like was done in Debate One where everyone is talking over each other at the same time? I still suggest the debate be called if they cannot act civilized. Shouting over one another is rude, crude and low class. It is not debating.
    If you want to catch the cheaters, lots of luck on that. I suggest going back to a hard copy of everything the computer produces. Lots of paper there and it will take time to check things out. But it is hard to hide things in plain sight on paper.
    Another way is duplicate computers, one a little behind the other as it checks for bad data like dead people voting . . .
    Stay away from common computer programming like windows 7 or xp. Instead go to main frame computing using a Unix base. Get some real programmers in there to put up walls to keep the computers from being hacked. Even that is not enough. I know. I am a rank amateur compared with these geniuses. But even I know to keep the programming under the wire and away from the majority of hackers. Using the most popular and most common computer operating systems is asking for trouble. Too many people know how to hack them. Most PCs and MACs are really not safe ground for an election.
    No system is completely hack free. But that suggestion would be a good start. Put everything on paper.
    This will be the closest election in years. Knowing what each person actually stands for, that is a much more difficult question.

  • Cleo

    We’re pretty much toast no matter who gets elected, it just a matter of how quick we get toasted.

  • Gay Veteran

    “Well, some states have passed strict voter ID laws in recent years in an attempt to cut down on election fraud, but Democrats have been attacking these new laws like rabid attack dogs.”

    In court regarding its voter ID law, the state of Pennsylvania could provide NO evidence of voting fraud.

  • Gary2

    The Republican voter suppression (voter ID) are so obviously aimed at keeping black and brown people from voting that even the dumbest of people can see this.

    Those anti voting billboards were put up by a company mittens owns through bain. They are ONLY in black and brown areas.

    Michael–for once a very balanced article. Keep up these better balanced articles. That is the old Michale I remember. 🙂

  • Gary2

    I have something to say to those people voting for Romney: You will not succeed. Those of us who will in fact vote Obama into office for another four years are going to MAKE SURE Romney and his pro-war, Anti-woman platform does not make it into the White House.

    We Americans cannnot go back to the GWB policies. We cannot. And that is what Romney has to offer. Remember-GWB was also a “businessman” in the Oil industry with an MBA from Harvard. I think we all know what “businessmen” do to economies–they detroy them in their own self interest for their own businesses.

    Romney has put forth the SAME EXACT PLANS and rules that GWB did: tax cuts–even BIGGER than GWB and Romney also has plans for war with Iran. Sound familiar? Thanks but no thanks.

    Romney even is to the right of GWB. GWB never would turn Social Security and Medicare into “Voucher” programs, basically coupons to use that cover nothing. What is so ironic is that the elderly are voting for this plan. Sad.

    Why would I vote another GWB in office? Nobody should ever do that after what they witnessed happened to the economy with HIS policies in place: disaster, utter disaster.

    No thanks.

    Obama 2012–He saved us from the Republican Destruction.

    • Michael

      So what happens if Romney actually wins?

      What will you do?


      • Gary2

        moot point as he will not win.

  • Tappedops

    Im going to be flipping a coin…

    If its heads… ill vote for the globalist…

    If its tails ill vote for the corporatist…

  • CristinaB

    Read your Michael Parenti! He has a great book called DEMOCRACY FOR THE FEW where he clearly explains why USA is no longer a democracy. Your voting system is one of the reasons. Unfortunately, EU is going in the same direction, trying to make participation of the humble people in the political arena impossible. We all should fight against making a job out of being a politician. People should not have the right to be voted for Parliament time and again and again. If we limit the number of mandates for presidents,we should do the same for all politicians. And we should audit the hell out of all of them, as I haven’t heard of a politician that is poorer at the end of his career than it was at the beginning.

  • Don Dunn