Collapsing Earth: Why Are Giant Sinkholes Swallowing Cars, Homes And People All Around The World?

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Has the crust of the earth become more unstable?  All over the planet, giant sinkholes are forming.  Many of them are so massive and are opening up so suddenly that they are actually swallowing cars, homes and even people.  So why is this happening?  Is the earth’s crust collapsing?  Is it expanding?  Is something else to blame for this phenomenon?  It seems like there is a story about another giant sinkhole in the news almost every single day now, and scientists seem to be at a loss for an explanation.  Could human activity be responsible?  Yes, the number of sinkholes in the United States definitely seems to be increasing, but we are also seeing massive sinkholes occur all over the globe – often in very rural areas.  There just doesn’t seem to be any pattern that would seem to indicate that human activity is the primary factor.  Hopefully scientists can figure out whatever is causing it, because this epidemic just seems to keep getting worse.

For example, a giant sinkhole that is 60 feet wide suddenly opened up and threatened to swallow an entire resort near Disney World on Sunday

A 60-foot-wide sinkhole formed under a resort in central Florida late Sunday, forcing guests out of their rooms as one three-story building collapsed and another slowly sank.

Guests at the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, about 10 minutes from Walt Disney World, called for help before the collapse, saying they heard loud noises and windows cracking. All guests inside the buildings — an estimated 35 people, authorities said — were evacuated before the first structure crumbled.

This incident was so shocking that it made headlines all over the country.  The guests of the resort were absolutely stunned as the walls of the buildings began to crumble and sink into the ground…

“You could see the ground falling away from the building where the building started leaning,” Gade said. “People were in shock to see a structure of that size just sink into the ground slowly. … You could see the stress fractures up the side of the structure getting wider.”

In one of the adjacent buildings, firefighters and police officers knocking on doors woke up Maggie Moreno of San Antonio. She couldn’t get the door to her unit open all the way.

“It sounded like popcorn,” said Moreno, who was visiting with her husband, daughter and two grandchildren. “The building was just snapping.”

And without a doubt, Florida seems to be particularly vulnerable to giant sinkholes.  In Winter Park, Florida a massive sinkhole recently opened up very suddenly and swallowed an entire swimming pool

Insurance adjusters and geo-technicians spent Wednesday morning at the scene of a large sinkhole that opened in the backyard of a Winter Park home.

The hole, which measures 50 feet wide and 30 feet deep, swallowed a swimming pool when it opened late Monday night. No one was injured.

Orange County building inspectors declared a two-story home at 2300 Roxbury Drive and a utility shed “unsafe” to occupy as a result.

But these kinds of sinkholes are not just forming in Florida and in other places where geologists are telling us that they are “supposed” to be forming.

For example, a giant sinkhole that recently appeared out in Kansas is considered to be such an anomaly that it is actually attracting tourists

A massive sinkhole has opened in a Kansas field, drawing tourists for an ill-advised look into the void.

A Wallace County rancher found the sinkhole on Aug. 1 on land about 20 miles from the Kansas-Colorado border. The hole is about 90 feet deep and 200 to 300 feet wide.

Landowner Dalton Hoss said his brother discovered the crater-like pit while surveying pastureland.

“He called me up, and his voice was quaking,” Hoss told KWCH 12. “He said, ‘You’ll never believe what I just seen.’”

Wallace County Sheriff Larry Sanders said the sinkhole appeared out of nowhere.

“Man had nothing to do with this,” Sander said. “This is a God thing. There’s no oil well around here, there are no irrigation wells anywhere near. This is something that just happened.”

The sinkhole out in Kansas is in an extremely rural location, but they also have been popping up right in the middle of major cities.  In fact, a massive sinkhole that recently appeared right in the middle of Montreal, Canada was so large that it was able to swallow an entire backhoe…

A section of a downtown commercial street swallowed a backhoe on Monday as city crews were getting ready to repair a leaky water main.

The backhoe had started to chip at asphalt near the corner of Ste-Catherine and Guy streets when the ground crumbled beneath it and the heavy machine tumbled in.

The driver of the backhoe was not injured but was taken to hospital to be checked out as a precaution, city officials said.

And some cities are actually being eaten alive by giant sinkholes.  For example, more than 40 large sinkholes are plaguing the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s state capital is suffering from a rash of monster sinkholes, but city officials are too broke to do anything about it.

Loose soil and leaky, century-old underground water pipes are to blame for the municipal nightmare, which came to a head on the New Year’s Eve when a 50-foot sinkhole yawned open along Fourth Street, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The eight-foot deep crater — one of at least 41 in the city — is so large, locals made it a “check-in” site on the social media site Four Square.

Some cheeky residents and the media nicknamed the hole “Super Sinkhole Walter.”

And of course we find this phenomenon all the way out on the west coast as well.  In fact, one gigantic sinkhole is threatening an entire housing division out near San Francisco, California

Scott and Robin Spivey had a sinking feeling that something was wrong with their home when cracks began snaking across their walls in March.

The cracks soon turned into gaping fractures, and within two weeks their 600-square-foot garage broke from the house and the entire property — manicured lawn and all — dropped 10 feet below the street.

It wasn’t long before the houses on both sides collapsed as the ground gave way in the Spivey’s neighborhood in Lake County, about 100 miles north of San Francisco.

But that is nothing compared to what is happening down in Louisiana.  As you read this, the entire town of Bayou Corne, Louisiana is being swallowed by a sinkhole.

Are you starting to get the idea?

Sometimes these sinkholes appear so suddenly that people are actually being swallowed by them.  Back in February, an absolutely enormous sinkhole appeared so rapidly underneath a home in suburban Tampa that it swallowed a man while he was sleeping.  The man woke up as he was being pulled into the earth and he started yelling for help.  His brother tried to pull him out but it was too late.  His body has never been found.

Can you remember ever hearing of such bizarre sinkhole stories in the past?

This phenomenon is happening all over the nation.  This year sinkholes have caused major roads to close in New Jersey, in Arizona, and in Ohio.  It was estimated that the road that was swallowed in Ohio would be closed for months.

Over on the other side of the planet they are experiencing a similar thing.  For example, a giant sinkhole recently swallowed an entire cement truck over in China.

And a giant sinkhole opened up so rapidly in the city of Shenzen that five people died

FIVE people have died after a 10-metre wide sinkhole opened up at the gates of an industrial estate in Shenzhen, the southern Chinese boom town neighbouring Hong Kong.

The Shenzhen Longgang district government said on its verified page on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, that five people had died and added that it was investigating the incident.

The sinkhole formed just outside the Huamao Industrial Park in Shenzhen on Monday evening, at a time when many factory workers would have been changing shifts, according to the website of Beijing-based newspaper the Guangming Daily.

The state-run Shanghai Daily newspaper said that rescuers saved one man.

In fact, many of the largest and craziest sinkholes that we have seen in recent years have actually appeared in other countries.  The following is from one of my previous articles about sinkholes

You can see some photos of some of the craziest sinkholes in recent years right here.  It would be one thing if giant sinkholes were just appearing in the United States, but unfortunately that is not the case.

For instance, a sinkhole that appeared in the middle of Guatemala City in 2010 was about 30 stories deep.

Down in Sarisarinama, Venezuela some sinkholes have appeared in recent years that are more than 1,000 feet wide.

So what do scientists have to say about this?

Have they come to the conclusion that the number of sinkholes is increasing?

Well, the official story seems to be “we don’t know“…

The answer is we don’t know, because we just don’t have enough data. Sinkholes aren’t widespread events like hurricanes or earthquakes. They’re very localized. A lot of karst areas are agricultural, because they tend to have very good farming soil. And sinkholes happen all the time in farmers’ fields.

But there’s no national or international sinkhole database. Still, as our population grows and we develop more areas that are susceptible, we seem to be seeing more sinkholes—and more stories about humans being impacted by them.

And it is true that it is hard to find “official numbers” for sinkholes.

But there is some evidence out there.  For example, according to ABC News insurance claims in Florida related to sinkholes more than doubled between 2006 and 2009…

Hillsborough County, where Seffner is situated, is part of an area in Florida prone to sinkholes, with insurance claims associated with them more than doubling between 2006 and 2009, according to a Florida Senate report.

But that could just be a coincidence, right?

And all of the news stories about giant sinkholes that are popping up this year could just mean that people are noticing them more than they used to, right?

You can believe that if you want.  Personally, I am convinced that something very strange is going on.  I can’t explain precisely why it is happening, but it does seem clear that the size and the frequency of sinkholes are both increasing.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that this giant sinkhole phenomenon is something to be concerned about?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

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  • Graham

    Without having seen one aside from photos and taking into account that “nobody” seems to know the “cause”, plus assuming that boring, fracking and deep underground tunnels can be “completely ruled out”… best guess?

    If the ground material that once occupied the volume of the sinkhole cannot be traced and the holes remain perfectly round, I would be wanting to know more about “Direct Energy Weapons” and the possible testing from near earth space platforms.

    I certainly can’t see how HAARP or GWEN towers could be responsible for molecular dissociation, so I have given both a miss. Do we have any readers who have seen a sinkhole up close and can perhaps answer the “material” question?

    • sandwyrm

      What we see at the Earth’s surface has little to do with what causes the collapse, which is deep within the Earth. Before blaming HAARP or other exotic technologies that we know little actual info about, it would be more productive to concentrate on known causes. Like natural underground erosion, crustal shifts, old underground mines, fraking, drained aquifers, drained oil deposits, and the like.

      The Bayou Corne sinkhole, for instance, is undoubtedly the result of salt-dome mining (with high pressure water injections), that created a cavern too close to the edge of the dome. That cavern was then used as a storage ‘tank’ for natural gas. Eventually, the gas found its way through the relatively thin wall of the cavern, and resulted in not only a massive sinkhole, but several areas where the gas is leaking up through natural fissures in the Earth.

      • Graham

        You have clearly overlooked some blatantly obvious and very specific wording in my post. How unfortunate.

        The obvious and known causes you mention “must” have already been “concentrated” on and considered, yet the experts say they “don’t” have any answers.

        Whilst your posting follows a rational flow of enquiry, why has it so far been unable to produce expert answers? That’s where you perhaps have to focus.

        The key question I raised surrounded the ground material [volume] that previously occupied the sinkholes. That question hasn’t yet been addressed.

        In “many” sinkhole cases, I have never seen any mention of this, hence the reason I started to consider what else could be going on. If standard thinking can’t find the answers, one should move to lateral thinking.

        Whilst the sinkhole example you refer to is “very clearly” understood, exactly which sinkholes do the experts claim “not” to have answers to?

        You also seem to have missed by comment “Best guess?” and on HAARP, even though its technology can knowingly penetrate the earth’s surface up to 10 Km.

        A lot of data about HAARP was forthcoming from legal hearings in Alaska. The remainder comes through patent knowledge and publicised discussions with the founders of “aspects” of the technology.

        Details of other “exotic” technologies have been publicised by many, so its perhaps time Americans questioned exactly what their tax dollars have created and why.

        If a huge volume of specific evidence is correct, a substantial sum of “deep black” project funding is generated through shadow Government narcotics trade and distribution.

        • sandwyrm

          The short answer is this:

          All sorts of things, both man-made and natural, cause sink holes. But the point of collapse, and any evidence of a ‘reason’ is usually buried deep beneath the surface. Where we simply can’t get at it to gather samples.

          In the Bayou Corne example, we don’t have a ‘map’ or ‘scan’ of the bottom of the hole. But we have enough info about what was being done to the local salt dome, and what’s coming out of the hole, to make some pretty solid guesses that the NatGas reservoir there ruptured.

          There’s a sinkhole just beyond my backyard. But it’s on top of an earthen dam. So we can make a pretty good guess that the dam is eroding from groundwater movements underneath. Tick. Tick. Tick…

          I can imagine all sorts of ‘black projects’ (HAARP, etc.) and theoretical phenomena (pole-shifting, electrical discharges to space, over or underheated core) that could account for some sinkholes, or larger patterns of them. But until we see some hard data, its all just speculation. Just because this article doesn’t discuss each of its example holes in depth, that doesn’t mean that they’re unexplained or automatically something extraordinary.

          The truth is that HAARP is probably less dramatic and exciting in its function/purpose than we think. But far more insidious in whatever it’s actually able to accomplish.

          • Graham

            I understand exactly where you are coming from re Bayou Corne. As stated prior, let’s focus on the sinkholes where the experts have no answers.

            Back once again to the question I raised. This time I will state things differently. If the original ground material [volume] can be found at the bottom of a sinkhole, anything I have “theorised” clearly becomes irrelevant.

            Pole shifts incidentally are anything but “theoretical phenomena”. They are a proven reality brought to the fore by numerous geologists.

  • Steve

    Weren’t there some scientists a few years ago who were trying to stop the Cern Large Hedron Collider from performing its experiments because they were concerned that it would lead to small black holes forming that would in time keep getting larger. These black holes it was theorized would initially lead to sink holes appearing in various parts of the world which would eventually get bigger and bigger as the black holes grew, to eventually growing so big that the entire planet would eventually disintegrate. Might these sinkholes be a portent of such a calamity?

    • suz

      That was my thought a while ago. I definitely think there is something peculiar about the rate and frequency of these holes. We cannot just blame these on poor “infrastructure”, for these holes are appearing in more places than just roads and housing developments. They are appearing anywhere and everywhere.
      There was a lot of concern about the tiny black holes that Cern could produce. In fact, there was a woman who filed a lawsuit against Cern to try to stop it before it was turned on.
      Very scary.

    • TJ

      Interesting… thanks for sharing this..

    • Joe Dead Horse

      You got it. After CERN amped up the LHC into dangerous energy levels, weird things started happening around the world.

      I’ve been saying over and over for years that running the LHC at high energy levels would be fatal to the Earth. In return I got sneered at by others and called a kook because what I was saying was conflicting with how they were getting their personal cutie pie points.

      Ps. CERN flat out completely lied about the safety of the LHC. And knowingly lied. Why did the admin lie? Some sort of murder-suicide thing going on?

      (Also involved are strangelets. Strangelets will sort of act like a proton prion disease. 100% fatal to the Earth.)

      • Graham

        Steve and Joe,

        Extremely valid points. There is a place on the Internet where you can openly access an enormous amount of scientific data regarding CERN and its design and aims.

        Two very well known places in America are connected with the research project, despite America having its own smaller equivalents. This is the data I accessed. Most of it is well over my head.

        Two “kooks” or more make a very good kitchen, so let’s see what else can be served up for consumption. New flavours appeal to many palettes, whereas others stick to the widely tried and tested, considering little else.

  • Darrel Martin

    Could this be related to the fact that we are pulling vast amounts of water from the aquifers underlying these areas?

    • Ishmael

      Again, they occur also in areas without any such activities.

      • isnamthere

        OK, OK, you’ve earned your paycheck.

        • Ishmael

          And you have earned yours as well. Thanks!

    • jaxon64

      Contrary to this Ishmael character who argues every person who uses critical thinking and in return offers no substanative alternatives–you may be partially correct.
      I followed many of these links and………..
      The Harrisburg sinkholes appear to be related to 100+ year old water pipes which have been leaking for decades and have slowly eroded the underlying sediments from bedrock……….
      The Louisiana sinkhols is directly related to drilling/mining of vast amounts of chemical brine which is used for industrial applications……( there is even a lawsuit against the company)
      The Kansas/Colorado border sinkhole is at the fringes of the Ogala aquifer which has seen a steep decline so that what was once filled with a vast pocket of water has now got big air-caverns where the water once was……
      Similarly in Florida–the entire state has a giant but thin/shallow aquifer under it. It has been years ago that the populace exceeded the replenishable levels for the water table. Simply put, there are far too many surface people using the underground freshwater resources than the rate of replenishing. Additionally in Florida is the soil consistency. Florida does not have the hard bedrock of much of the continent, so shifting and holes are easily created.
      Many of you posed interesting food for thought–and while many of these cases are clearly man made in origin–it does not explain all of them…I enjoy the postulations………..keep em coming ( except for Ishmael who appears to offer naught)

    • Would you consider another something was in the earth is not there anymore .. like Ancient Crafts and manual facilities that are being contacted and activated by coded High frequency signals, causing objects below to be taken without out disturbing the surface that later simply cave in. A ‘quickening and quantum leap resurrection’ referred to in scriptures as “pluck” ?

  • isnamthere

    When you pull all of the earth’s resources out of the ground, what do you expect to be left other than a giant hole?

    • Ishmael

      Except they occur in areas that have no such activities going on also.

    • Paul Newby

      Keep your Self Loathing Pathetic Cowardly Liberal Anti Human Opinions to yourself…Isnam

      • James Godin

        He happens to be right lady.

        • Ishmael

          Not by any means.

          • James Godin

            Oh please just saying so does not make it happen. Proof it or be quiet.

          • Drew

            months probably years to proof it for you. Ive studied enough to know its not BS. Plus what do they gain by posting BS

      • S Justice

        Only anti-human I see and hear is you

        • Paulonthe400

          Humans, doing things to survive and prosper is not a moral issue. You, and the left have tried to shame oil, businesses, Police, rich people, whites, to push your Marxist agenda in our schools. You too can bite me.

    • Rich Holland


  • stingray

    world getting old

  • Vibhuti Shivananda

    Planet X or Niburu is the cause it is only going to get worse as it gets closer. It is playing with our magnetic poles and will cause a shift as it passes. Major changes coming soon and all world governments know and have been preparing for its passage digging holes for them and their elite friends. Think DUMB’s and Seed vault, no caring about the financial system, hoarding gold, food and ammo. Wake up time folks! 🙂

    • blackfire

      As to the “Great Collapse” and the change, you have wise and truthful sources…

    • Perhaps I’m not the first to suspect a new 1-terminal Kansas City, MO airport is just a top-secret government front for building a new Deep Underground Military Base (D.U.M.B.) beneath the new airport. It might just explain all the sinkholes. Joking aside, Consider the rumors surrounding Denver’s international airport in CO, though.

  • thursfield

    The magnetic fields of Nibiru (Planet X) are causing massive movement of the Earth’s plates. In the process, more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and sinkholes.

  • jk

    Maybe the earth is reacting to the fracking techniques we humans have embarked on to extract natural gas. Isn’t it logical to assume that all the material volume we extract from the earth’s interior must leave some void spots? As we suck oil and natural gas out, depending on the natural pressure with which that material is coming out of the earth, we usually push a certain amount of water back into the earth to keep the pressure up. But water obviously doesn’t have the same chemical properties, obviously, and can more easily penetrate the sediment layers, and thus migrate to some other area until it finds equilibrium. This results in two things: The original area is left void, and the new resting place of the water makes that new area softer.

    • Ishmael

      Lots of natural gas in the local area, yet that doesn’t happen here.

      • Dean Malkowski


    • Timmay!

      Well, that certainly explains the 30 erupting volcanoes, and the other thirty that are getting ready to erupt, and the 60 that are right behind them.
      Come to think of it fracking could even explain the sudden daily loss of electrons in the ionesphere from all those mysterious, magically appearing and disappearing flux-tubes from who-know where, and that gosh-darned, completely erratic, opposing solar-wind stream, that hair-raising, daily side-ways flip in the magnetosphere, and how about those ever-increasing, sudden reversals of windstreams all over the planet?! And by heavens, all this fracking has now caused almost one-third of the entire land-mass of the world to go up in flames. And don’t get me strated on the upwards of 2000 fireballs raining down this year alone!! I don’t want to hear another word about ‘fracking’ permits until after all these hundred or so sun-diving comets come to a complete fracking halt, nodgammit!!
      But what really get’s me is why in the heck are they fracking on Io?! Yesterday Io popped off with the largest volcanic eruption ever recorded in the entire history of the solar-system!! At least they could just keep their fracking fracking to our planet!!! Who the heck issued that license anyway?!!!!
      Somebody ought to make a blockbuster movie about all this so everyone will know about all this fracking nonsense!!!!!!!

  • Mark Colit

    The earth’s hotter molten core is responsible, along with X-ray and gamma ray bursts from the Sun.

  • David Gay

    We should not be so surprised that the earth’s mantle is so porous. The collapse of the mantle has happened before in geologic history.

    For those who read the detail account in Genesis 7:11, “When Noah was 600 years old, on the seventeenth day of the second month, all the underground waters erupted from the earth, and the rain fell in mighty torrents from the sky.” Most people only remember the rain in this account. But the global flood was much more than 40 days and nights of rain– its major cause was that all the underground waters erupted from the earth and the mantle collapsed.
    Based on genealogies since then, this event would have occured around 5,000 years ago. It is no coincidence that the earliest writing and human artifacts date back to around 3,000 BCE — any trace of human civilization earlier was destroyed by the flood.
    God’s design for the earth’s mantle is that it was a porous canopy with so much water now found in the ocean basins originally being underground. The geology and land masses we see today are the result of the global cataclysm when all the undeground waters erupted from the earth.
    We are witnessing again how easily the mantle collapses– but this time vast underground waters are no longer in place. Bible prophecy tells us that the next time the earth will be destroyed is not by water but by fire.

    • Ishmael

      The tiny problem with that is some of the civilizations in places like the Middle East and China stretch back more than 5000 years.

  • mohsensamiei

    Due to extraterrestrial activity a huge magnetic orb is interfering with earths magnetic field and because of its larger mass is wobbling the earth and causing it to vibrate and shake- hence sink holes. These such holes will become more frequent and larger in size as time goes by.

    • Graham

      That must also explain the “empty space” in many brain cavities.

      • Ishmael

        And you will find a MASSIVE number of them within the NSA.

  • Ron

    First of all, almost all of these “giant” sinkholes aren’t giant at all. I’ve seen ones in Mexico that have whole villages in the bottom of them, and a quarter to half mile wide. Golandrinas, which is one of the more famous ones, is 1,300 feet deep, and is shown is an ariel shot in the beginning of the cave exploration thriller movie “Sanctum” Since it’s discovery, many sinkholes and caves have been discovered that are hundreds of feet deeper.This is a natural phenomenon that has been occuring throughout geologic history, in mostly karst (limestone) areas.

    The title of this article is very misleading, leading one to believe that by reading it, you will find out why these”giant” sinkholes are forming . All it does is speculate at best.
    There is no doubt that the RATE seems to be increasing, and not just due to “better reporting”, and that is the crux of this mystery..which is still to be answered.

  • Robert


    • Paul Newby


  • Kate Elam

    Possibly, the world is imploding??? Maybe the Mayan prediction for the end of the world is/was a little off.

    • Graham

      There was never a “Mayan” prediction stating this. Those who misunderstood the meaning of the end of a cycle (Baktun) got it wrong and that “error” earned them plenty of $ in the process.

      The smart researchers travelled to South America in 2012 to interview a number of elders. Those elders were extremely angry at what had become of their ancient knowledge which had spread across the world carrying false meaning.

      What is very real however is the “Precession of the Equinox’s”, for which adequate proof exists that the Great Pyramid’s design and architecture was capable of measuring it, as were other sites.

  • MindFury

    it’s from all the tunneling for the Deep Underground Military Bases… sheesh…..

  • Dimitree

    Could it be some kind of supernatural force trying to escape from the ground. Then how can we explain the increase in all the evil things commited by humans around the globe.

    • Graham

      I think you will find that energy is essentially “neutral” to good and evil. That however can change when aspects of it are “manipulated”. Think “rituals” etc.

      Have you considered how “thoughts” interact with energy? They say you attract the things into your life that you focus on, or you create the circumstances that bring situations (and other things) into reality.

      What happens when people are conditioned to predominantly think negatively? Focusing on what you “don’t” want, is identical to what you “do” want where “energy” is concerned.

      Quantum physics and other subjects cover this aspect of consciousness and what happens to “matter” under conscious observation.

      • Ishmael

        That isn’t quite true. Energy, like physical matter is a product of the “universe”, the mind is not, though it has an extension here called “I/Me”.

  • Michael Sievers

    The earth is expanding. That is why there are more sinkholes, more earthquakes and more volcanoes.

    • Louise in MO

      And, Jesus Christ stated to his disciples that these things will happen; apparently He knew what He was talking about!

  • Adam Evenson

    First, let me say I have a distinctly sinking feeling that something is not right… I think we may be getting in “over our heads.”

  • Ishmael

    It might be most interesting to do a comparison of the locations of these sinkholes and a map of electromagnetic anomolies.
    The one in Louisiana is the one to watch; sits along the New Madrid fault- blow that one and we will have a nice inland waterway all the way from what used to be the Great Lakes down to the Gulf.

  • LuLu Roman

    I swear, the author of the article and others are so stupid. Today we exist on a planet that has been here way before we were even born. The universe, the galaxy, the solar system, the planets are ALWAYS transforming. We do not exist on a static world – it is constantly changing, just like our bodies from gravity and aging and other forces. People act like there’s never been a sinkhole in the history of the world. Dumb people. Grow up. No, they are not “God – attributed”, these are natural events. The earth moves, shapes, changes, rivers come and go, glaciers melt, mega floods scour out entire valleys, I could go on and on. Sinkholes are just another part of the transformation.

    • Louise in MO

      Your commet was very condescending. People are not stupid, they seimply are attempting to discover what is really going on. Does caling others dumb and stupid make you feel superioir? Sure sounds like to me.

    • Ishmael

      Lol! I am sure the Romans felt the same way when Vesuvius blew two of their major cities off the map…

    • Marsha Henriksen Redus

      Matthew 21:25-28
      “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon,
      and in the stars: and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring. Men’s heart’s failing them for fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the power of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the son of man coming
      in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws

      All of these things are happening now. There is incredible distress of nations and signs in everything around us. These sinkholes are an
      undeniable sign and one that can bring tremendous fear. But Jesus promised to save those who call upon him from the troubles of this
      world. We are living in the last hours before the tribulation period begins. A time such has never been seen before upon the face of the earth. Ensure your place in the rapture, let Jesus save you from the things that are about to come. Ask him into your heart today, repent (turn from your sins) and trust in Jesus Christ alone for your eternal salvation. I also encourage you to read the Book of John in the New Testament. Call upon Him now before it is too late and may God bless you and keep you in these last days.

  • Would you consider something out-of-the-box to add another possible explanation for some of these sinkholes? … consider that something that was in the earth is not there anymore for sure .. And consider a lot of Ancient Crafts and manual facilities are being contacted and awaken by coded High frequency signals … and that these signals are activating the process of quantum leap .. Allowing objects below to be taken without out disturbing the surface … but later the empty graves simply cave in ..and I consider that this ‘quickening and quantum leap process’ is referred to in scriptures as “pluck up” .. and consider that this is sign of the second resurrection
    45:4 ; Behold, that which I have built will I break down, and that which I have planted I will pluck (cause a particle acceleration and quantum leap transfer) up, even this whole land.
    14 Thus saith the LORD against all mine evil neighbours, that touch the inheritance which I have caused my people Israel to inherit; Behold, I will pluck (cause a particle acceleration and quantum leap transfer) them out of their land, and pluck out the house of Judah from among them.

    • Ishmael

      Manipulation of the phyiscal “reality” either through “technological” means or the mind. Nothing out of the box at all about that. The entire precipts of ancient “majick” are based upon that principal.

      • Ishmael

        Should be “physical” there. Old fingers, old eyes.

        • Either way I understood … I guess it take old fingers and old eye to understand old fingers and old eye .. Lol … : )

  • carolyn

    Yes, God is opening up the earth. He did this just before the flood. People had warning from God, but they choose not to listen. Things are out of balance. If you have cancer and don’t change your ways, the cancer will take over the body until the host dies. Now, evil people are rewarded for their bad behaviors. When good people have no power to stop it, then evil wins, until they kill the host and die too.

    • Jewels

      Cancer is not gods way of puninishing evil people that won’t change their ways my mom had cancer and she was one of the best people I ever met and a god living and loving woman. Also babies and children have cancer no cancer is not a puninishment from god for being evil.

      • Ishmael

        No, it increases suffering and misery, which certain parasites feed off of. That is what it is.l

  • DM

    The oceans are rising due to increased Arctic ice melt resulting in enormous water weight by volume which logically may be stretching the relatively thin earth crust and resulting in increased global sink hole phenomena, expect more frequent and ever larger sink holes relative to to the rising oceans…

    • Ishmael

      It is funny. but I have been fishing on the local coast for over 35 years, and the water levels at my favorite spots are exactly the same as they were years ago.
      The sole changes are due to beach erosion.

  • bob cratchette

    the whole earth is just going to dissappear into itself like a big brown turd going down the toilet run for your life

  • Sidra

    Nibiru (Planet X) is incoming and is causing problems with the weather and is responsible for all the sink holes.

  • DJohn1

    Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best.
    I don’t know about other areas. Ohio is full of limestone. I think Florida is nothing more than a giant sand bar.
    In both cases, the acid level of rain has increased dramatically. This has happened all over the planet.
    As the acid seeps down into the ground it melts the limestone. The limestone is a foundation stone holding the ground up.
    I know of a river running under the state of Ohio. It is roughly 400 feet below us. We get a lot of our pure water from that river. It is one of the hardest waters in the State. All my tea kettles need a vinegar treatment every couple of months because of the rock that forms on the bottom and sides of the Kettle.

    I suspect an entire ecology exists under our feet. There is enough play in that river to produce an enormous cavern. Possibly it has gone on long enough to be as large as the Grand Canyon. Only it is beneath our feet.
    The temperature goes up 1 degree for every 60 feet. That would make the temperature right around 60-70 degrees. I suspect that ballpark figure is wrong. Probably hotter than that. Ground temperature here is somewhere in the 50s.
    Anyone with a basement can tell you that.
    That river is not alone. There are many underground rivers all over the world. If the acid level is high enough. all of that limestone might be melting.

    • Ishmael

      Occam must have had a beard!

  • stonehillady

    The Earth’s crust is shifting due to Nubiru passing and an eventually a polar flip, the Plates are stretching & moving, the magnetic North Pole has moved 145 miles towards Siberia in less then 6 months. Media and the Scientific community will not and can not tell the populous the truth because they don’t want you to know till it’s too late, you must pay your bills, taxes and keep on working up to the final moments, when the Grids do go down.

    • Louise in MO

      I’d like to read more about what you state in your comment. Where did you find your information?

  • skywatcher

    Stop taking out oceans of oil and water that are supporting the land.

    • Ishmael

      What about were a sinkhole appears where that isn’t happening?

      • Would you consider something out-of-the-box to add another possible explanation for some of these sinkholes? … consider that something that was in the earth is not there anymore for sure .. And consider a lot of Ancient Crafts and manual facilities are being contacted and awaken by coded High frequency signals … and that these signals are activating the process of quantum leap .. Allowing objects below to be taken without out disturbing the surface … but later the empty graves simply cave in ..and I consider that this ‘quickening and quantum leap process’ is referred to in scriptures as “pluck up” .. and consider that this is sign of the second resurrection
        45:4 ; Behold, that which I have built will I break down, and that which I have planted I will pluck (cause a particle acceleration and quantum leap transfer) up, even this whole land.
        14 Thus saith the LORD against all mine evil neighbours, that touch the inheritance which I have caused my people Israel to inherit; Behold, I will pluck (cause a particle acceleration and quantum leap transfer) them out of their land, and pluck out the house of Judah from among them.

        • Ishmael

          There is nothing “out of the box” about that. “As above, so below”.
          Quanta is by the way, the smallest possible step that can be taken.

  • Louise in MO

    Do these sinkholes have any relation to the “black holes” in space?

    Is the weight of the structures too much for the land to bear?

    It seems like science fiction…’s scary.

  • crying teeth

    This is clearly as sign of the end, a sign of the “curse” of sin upon the earth. (The Genesis reality.) And so the reality is written in Isaiah 24 and the picture of the desolation of the earth that comes after 6000 years of sin and sinners unrepentant. This will become noticeably progressive, especially as the final end nears. The nuclear will be the final holocaust to bring about the worst sink hole imaginable, the earth itself. I think of these verses in particular: Isaiah 24:5-6 “The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.” Already, the sign of the fish perishing on the earth is an omen of the coming destruction. The sign of sink holes, is what it is, a sign of the sinking down of the majority of mankind into the iniquity of the pit (the earth). For dust thou art and dust thou shalt return.

    God is in wrath with man, yet his hand is stretched out still to those who will DO RIGHTEOUSNESS and depart from evil. Psalms 119:172 “My tongue shall speak of thy word: for ALL thy commandments are righteousness.” Psalms 119:151 “Thou art near, O LORD; and ALL thy commandments are truth.” Psalms 119:86 “ALL thy commandments are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me.” Psalms 119:6 “Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto ALL thy commandments.”

  • crying teeth

    As the article states, though this seems a natural phenomenon, it clearly “a God thing.”

  • irun131

    The Kansas sinkhole doesn’t concern me at all. It is on the western fringes of the Ogallala aquifer. This water even comes to the surface in KS at St Jacob’s well to the south of this sinkhole. A lot to do about nothing.

    • Ishmael

      Really? Wait until you get one in your backyard and say that.

  • Italics Mine

    extracting 2 billion barrels of oil a day can’t be too helpful.

  • Rich Holland

    A pole shift sounds like science fiction but this has already happened to our planet several times throughout history, and strangely enough when a large planet passed through our solar system it happened. Ison is referred to as the electric comet due to it’s size and speed, it has a massive electromagentic field that’s already wreaking havoc on earth, and it isn’t even in our solar system yet, imagine what will happen when it passes just 64 million miles from earth later this year! That is a fact, just check the NASA website! The debris tail will be over 100 million miles wide according to NASA which will cause it to overlap our atmosphere! Be prepared.

  • yug

    I believe God is angry at the perverted, sinful people we have become, and he is just letting Earth run its course, to include massive death sinkholes.

  • From the 50th State

    I wonder if it has something to do with all the years of digging these “DUMBS”, all over this country I know of, but question this idea due to sink holes in other parts of the world ?

  • Janis Owens

    I am wonderin gif this might be at least a partial answer to a question I have been asking the last few years: What will happen to the earth if we continue to pump oil and water from it and remove natural gas? Will it fold in on itself as a water-filled balloon would or can it remain as it is?

  • Real Man

    Real Man
    if you will look every where these sinkholes have been appearing the last 10 years or so, you will see that they are perfectly round. a natural event would not do this on this scale. the odds are to great. study the TWIN TOWERS there were three there. the list goes on. only HAARP (USA in Alaska or Sclar waves Telsa Techonology from Russia.) extreem weather modification. been going on for years. Shurlanka,Japan, the Twin Towers, even the space Shuttle Challanger. DO YOUR RESEARCH IT IS OUT THERE. study TELSA Teconology. China is building one. there is one in Australia.

  • iamlg34

    This is what the earth does. the cold earth sinks and the hot earth and gases rise. People live everywhere now so it seems as though there are more but really its because humans are taking over every part of the planet and we have the internet now so you know everything thats going on around the world.

  • Kay

    I honestly don’t know what to say but there is frequent earth movements in USA but there r lots of circle shapes. Think it possible if there is a giant earth worm or something? Anything is possible what is underneath our feet. There r documents that Used to Hve dinasours but it’s possible that something is huge inside the core of the earth. I think the earth worm attract to water leak for thirsty. Scientists Hve to figure it out. That’s one opinion.

  • badmikiev

    I read down through the comments, and they are all quite
    plausible, so I could not ever say that mine is better or righter than anybody else’s. But here is MY own explanation.

    The L.H.C., or Large Hadron Collider, in Switzerland, that
    just turned on in 2012. They, the
    operators, knew, and do say, that such an experiment, MAY cause ‘micro’ black
    holes. And if such a thing DID occur,
    there is NO means in place that could detect it. The ‘black holes’ would sink to the center of
    the earth, and slowly crush the earth down to 5 centimeters.

    So, those are FACTS, that can be looked up. Now for the my idea part. Isn’t this the kind of thing we would see, if
    the above said, ‘black holes’, were created?
    I think yes, but that part is not fact.
    Just my opinion.

  • Divine Monday

    last month i was visiting an old clan in Syberia and they took me to a sinkhole wich they worshipped. They believe it has powerfull energies. And it has! it felt like being very close to a whale, they showed me things i still have trouble with getting my head around. The shaman of the clan put every body around the gap wich had about a diameter of 10m around. He got next to me and everybody was holding hands. He began some sort of prayer and immediatley it felt like a fast wind was coming up and out of the sinkhole. Than the Shaman discontected himself from the chain we were forming, and he jumped into the sinkhole. But he didn’t fell into it, he was hoovering above it. He invited the people and me to also step forward slowly, and we did. i was hoovering above the sink hole it felt like solid earth . The people began to dance and beating their drums. It got realy intense. Than suddenly the Shaman shoot high up i the air and flew above us, his eyes were turned back so they looked complete white. He made a rising movement with his arms and the whole clan including me got lifted as if a strong loving giant pulled you up in the air like a warm embrace. We giggled it was such a happy feeling. Than the shaman formed us in a circle again and put himself i the middle it felt like solid earth again but than at least 3meters above the sinkhole wich seems unendingly deep. I looked down and some sort of animal apeared. Looked like a giant snake but it wasnt scarry it had big eyes and a grey skin but the sun light gave it a colorfull shimmer when it moved. The creature felt like family and communicated with his eyes. it was like i could feel him speak with my body. He told me he didnt want to hurt people but that he is not alone and there are creatures just like him that do want to hurt humanity. they create their holes in cities swallow people and building. he told me those holes should be filled with love to seal of the heavy negative energy they create. He told us he was getting tired and thanked us for the new energy we gave him. than e creature was gone. What previously felt like solid earth in e sky felt as if sinking into a warm deep bed. the shaman signed us to jump slowly to the edge and onto the soil of earth again. it was a magical experience. i havent been taken drugs nor alcohol. also the shaman and the people of the clan didnt take anything before or after the experience. we embraced eachother and cried tears of deep love for the creature what he told and the earth. i dont know what i have to do with this story but this seems to be the right place to let it out i to the world. i think we have to be warned about the city sinkholes. where ever one apears please make a circle of humans around it and think of pure love to seal the hole. thats the best we can do for now, i guess.

  • Cheddleton

    I am so disappointed – All these nutters in one place and I have only just found it, a whole year later! – Does anyone know a timescale for this nutter planet Niburu or is just “Next year” whenever you ask ?

  • Hannes Kirsman

    So if these are caused by black holes made by CERN then I’m waiting for them to appear above the ground. Let me know if any cities or forests have gone missing.

  • Ian

    It could bee those carbon foot prints, ha ha There is something very strange going on, and these holes are not all due to a breakdown in lime stone and for that matter why most are round. May be those aliens who have bases under the earth, are leaving, so instead of leaving by a mountain entrance just use a laser weapon to break down the rock above. and fly out. With this happening on the increase, something serious is going on.

  • Guy New

    all the tunneling they are doing for the NWO peeps … wanna buy a tunneling machine cheap… they are cheap now that they are done with making tunnels all over the earth

  • flogger


  • mysteryjesus

    The earth itself may be one large living organism. So with all the fraking, mining, radiation in the ocean etc. it is causing the earth to die. The sink holes might be a symptom. There are bound to be millions of more sink holes to come and bad news for humans.

  • orthotox
  • luis dejesus

    the things happening to the earth now & forever is going to continue until every person living on the earth turns from there evil ways.if you don’t something really big is going to happen.because jesus is the way,the truth,&the life.&god bless you &your family.