Detroit: One Of Our Greatest Cities Has Become A Desolate Wasteland Where The Lawless Reign

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Once upon a time, Detroit was one of the greatest cities in the entire world.  Today, it has become a desolate wasteland where the lawless reign.  Once upon a time, Detroit was a teeming metropolis of about 2 million people.  Today, it has become a rotting war zone with a population that is down to about 700,000.  Once upon a time, Detroit was known for good paying manufacturing jobs and it was packed with middle class homes.  Today, nearly all of the good paying manufacturing jobs are gone (many of which has been shipped overseas), and there are more than 30,000 vacant homes in Detroit.  The city was once a shining example for the rest of the world, but now it is a laughingstock for the rest of the world.  If you can believe it, more than 50 percent of all children in Detroit are living in poverty, and close to 50 percent of all adults living in the city are functionally illiterate.  The high school graduation rate in Detroit is down to about 25 percent, and the city has become a breeding ground for gangs and violence.  The number of murders in Detroit is already higher than last year, and recently groups of young men toting AK-47s have been running around robbing gas stations.  How much worse can things possibly get for Detroit?

Many of those in Detroit that are trying to live normal, honest lives find themselves living in fear.  There are not enough police officers to deal with all of the crime, and the criminals know it.  Ten years ago, there were approximately 5,000 police officers in the city of Detroit.  Today, there are less than 3,000.

As a result, many average citizens have been arming themselves so that they can defend themselves and their families.  This has led to quite a few violent confrontations with criminals.  As I discussed the other day, justifiable homicide in Detroit rose by 79 percent during 2011, and the rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is about 2200 percent above the national average.

At this point, even the police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“.  The number of murders has already exceeded the total from all of last year and we still have about a month to go…

The killings were the latest in what has been a particularly violent year in Detroit. The city announced last week that homicides rose this year, reaching 354 through Thanksgiving after totaling 344 for all of 2011.

And now the criminals are becoming even bolder.  As I mentioned above, gangs of young men with AK-47s are terrorizing gas stations all over Detroit.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article by the CBS affiliate in Detroit

Detroit police are investigating whether a group of AK-47 wielding robbers who hit two gas stations Wednesday morning are responsible for several similar crimes that have recently occurred across the city.

What would you do if you were confronted by a group of young men with AK-47s?

Police seem to think that this group of young men is responsible for a whole string of gas station robberies that have occurred in recent weeks…

Investigators are also looking into whether the two incidents are related to a string of other gas station robberies in the city, all of which are believed to have been carried out by the same group of men.

Police say those men robbed at least 11 gas stations in a two-week period. Then, just hours after police put out a public notice about the robberies, the group struck again — this time robbing six different gas stations in one hour. In every instance, police say the suspects will cover their faces, walk into a gas station armed with assault weapons and announce a hold-up.

In other instances, groups of young men have decided to “move in” and take over entire gas stations…

A Detroit man says his business is being held hostage by a group of teenagers who continually loiter inside and out of his gas station.

“There’s a lot of good people around here,” said the station owner, who wished to remain anonymous. But now, those good people aren’t coming as often to the Marathon station along W. 7 Mile Road on the city’s west side.

“This is a Bad Crew gas station,” said one teen loitering out front on Tuesday. When asked what that meant, he said, “If you don’t know, I can’t even tell you.”

When the police are called, the teens just disperse and return later.  Police say that there is nothing that they can do to keep them away permanently.

It is so sad to watch what is happening to what was once such a great city.

Detroit was once known for making the greatest cars in the world.  Now, it is known as a dumping ground for the dead

From the street, the two decomposing bodies were nearly invisible, concealed in an overgrown lot alongside worn-out car tires and a moldy sofa. The teenagers had been shot, stripped to their underwear and left on a deserted block.

They were just the latest victims of foul play whose remains went undiscovered for days after being hidden deep inside Detroit’s vast urban wilderness — a crumbling wasteland rarely visited by outsiders and infrequently patrolled by police.

Detroit was once a symbol of everything that America was doing right.  Now it is an example of everything that America is doing wrong.  The following is what one British reporter discovered during his visit to Detroit….

Much of Detroit is horribly dangerous for its own residents, who in many cases only stay because they have nowhere else to go. Property crime is double the American average, violent crime triple. The isolated, peeling homes, the flooded roads, the clunky, rusted old cars and the neglected front yards amid trees and groin-high grassland make you think you are in rural Alabama, not in one of the greatest industrial cities that ever existed.

Most of the abandoned homes and most of the abandoned vehicles in Detroit have been looted and stripped bare.  Thieves are ripping up anything that they can and selling it off.  In Detroit today, criminals have stripped so much copper wiring out of the street lights that half of all the lights in some Detroit neighborhoods no longer work.

Things have gotten so bad that many people are afraid to drive through the city in the middle of the day.  The head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, says that his drivers are literally “scared for their lives“….

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

Needless to say, many people that are able to move away are getting out while they still can.  In the worst areas of Detroit, property values have been horribly depressed.  Some homes in Detroit have even been sold for a single dollar.

So what is the answer?

Well, Detroit Councilwoman JoAnn Watson says that since citizens of Detroit overwhelmingly voted for Obama, that Obama should return the favor by sending a whole bunch of money to Detroit…

“Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson. “Of course, not just that, but why not?”

Nearly 75 percent of Wayne County voters pulled the lever for Obama in November.

What do you think?

What is the solution to Detroit’s problems?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

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  • Mark

    I try to stay away from cities. I do not like being around lots of people. We live alone in a mountian valley with very few nieghbors. If a group came armed with intent to do us harm we would each have a problem as we would each be armed. We have lots of folks going around here with weapons as there is a lot of hunting here. We hear gun shots out of hunting season quite often. We even have an old logging company rock quarry nearby that is a good place to practice shooting. The rock is very soft and absorbs all of the shots. It might be a good lead and copper mine someday. lol

    • Ralfine

      I love the residential high rise buildings of Hong Kong. Switch off the elevator and any intruder will face 40 flights of stairs. And there are no private guns in Hong Kong. Even fireworks are outlawed. And even buildings are not destroyed by explosives, but by jack hammer.

      • Need to air-drop ak47’s and ammo all over the city so all the gangs can fight it out and make themselves extinct. Fastly and Furiously.

      • bob

        Sure, they’re going to shut off the power to the entire high rise. Let me know when that happens.

  • Tj

    It is is sad what happened to my hometown.

    • Nate Higgers

      Get rid of ALL of the n1ggers. The rest will fix itself over time.

      • Tj

        It is not a race problem that led to Detroit’s decline. It’s a big government, class warfare & anti-business agenda that led to Detroit’s decline. Detroit was suppose to be a socialist utopia at taxpayer expense under a white democrat mayor named Jerome Cavanaugh (look him up).He got the black people to vote for him by promising them free goodies at taxpayer expense and marching with Martin Luther King. All of that was politically motivated as usual. He implemented a host of new taxes like the commuter tax and city income taxes. Both black and white middle class residents and business owners left because they was not going to pay for wealth redistribution in the 1960’s. This resulted in the 1967 race riots of Detroit. Honestly, the black people here are the victims because they got betrayed by socialist politicians to get thier vote. Since the 1970’s Detroit has been ran by black politicians continuing the same exact policies of Jerome Cavanaugh. I’m offended by your comment because not every black person here is a thug/gangster that wants to see Detroit die. Most people here want to see Detroit come back but are ignorant to the fact that their own bureaucrats and socialist policies is the reason why Detroit is horrible. The only solution to Detroit is to let the free-market come back, limited government and get rid of the policies that made the city decline in the first place. That means to complete the steps I said in the last comment.

        P.S. I’m black by the way and I live in the city.

        • Pollynkorect

          Sorry, Tj. There is no such thing as a prosperous, safe, black-majority American city. Blacks have never, anywhere in the world, created a “First World” civilization comparable to that which Whites & Asians have created They can’t, because they are not genetically or intellectually capable of doing so, as a GROUP. Yes, INDIVIDUAL blacks can function well inside White-dominated societies — once natural White instincts are suppressed by Supreme Court rulings that outlaw freedom of speech and freedom of association, and curtail property rights by forcing business to allow unwanted persons to trespass on private property. The whole system collapses when blacks are left to depend on themselves only without White people and their brains, money and temperament. Every black-dominated city, town and village in America is a testimony to that truth. If you think Detroit is bad now, just think what it would be like without the massive infusion of welfare benefits to individual households.

  • MeMadMax

    No amount of federal money will save detroit. Federal money can only offer a temporary reprieve from the inevitable…. You have to give a reason for business to come back to detroit… If they haven’t figured it out by now, then they will never figure it out… even after the place becomes an empty lot next to the highway…

    • Tj

      Right, Detroit had been recieving Federal Grants & Loans since the 1960’s.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–are you still living in Detroit?

  • Ralfine

    While the population shrunk more than 50%, the number of police offices shrunk less than 50%.

    Is this good or bad?

  • the end

  • Tj

    Detroit is screwed because of local politicians who are very anti-business & only worried about themselves. Joann Watson just admitted the city is under socialism.

    • bob

      Everybody is equally miserable except for the socialists in power. That is coming to the rest of America

      • tj

        Get ready for it

      • johndoe

        I agree lets find out who the real enemy is

  • My research shows we do not produce good cars in Detroit. The market place agrees with me. And that is the reason Detroit is in ruins. Detroit was built in another time. The only competition was Volkswagen. Even that competition was too much for them.
    What do I think killed them? Poor records of repair was one issue. The cars were engineered to die in 4 years or less. I refer to customer surveys put out by consumer groups. In all these surveys, people are eaten alive by bad parts on cars. I know people that have had their cars in the shop more than in their garages. The only thing a manufacturer has that influences people to buy their cars is their good name from past products. If they have earned a bad name then you see the results in Detroit.
    The other problem is hiding behind “buy American” slogans. I agree. But I do not buy junk if I can help it. When Clinton was running for President, his opponent criticized him. The criticism was that huge vaccuum sound you hear is our jobs sucked out
    of the country. Clinton signed international agreements making all this possible. If Bush Sr had won, he would have signed the same agreements. The minority candidate quit after threats to his family were made back then. He is a billionaire by now and living comfortably out of the public eye.
    And there is no “American” in the big 3 cars. They are all producing their parts overseas and shipping them here rather than providing jobs for American workers. Delco is just down the street from me here in Ohio. It looks like a abandoned parking lot. The weeds are tall. The fences are in ruins in places where a car hit them, and the place is abandoned. That plant employeed a lot of people here in Dayton, Ohio. Now it is gone. They made brakes. Hope the new people make good ones. It is a real chilling experience when you approach a traffic stop and the brakes don’t work.
    The nightmare that has become Detroit can happen anywhere. It is a nightmare for a police department because of the number of vacant buildings all over the place. There are just too many places for a gang to hide. Would you risk your life protecting a city that has layed off 2,000 of your 5,000 people? I would tell them where they could take that job. I would have a moving van in place that day. My family would be somewhere else by tomorrow even if I had to clean toilets for a living.
    The key word here is “living.”
    I suggest our leaders declare martial law. Go in with the army engineers and demolish Detroit. I mean demolish every froeclosed home in Detroit. Only the Army can do a job that big. Move the people temporarily to safe quarters on a military base somewhere. Hopefully far from Detroit. Hunt down the gangs. Put them in high security prisons. Terrorism is a federal crime and punishable by jail time. That is a federal offense. And that is where they have messed up big time.

    Down the road, all of these teenagers in gangs have to be rehabilitated. All of them are going require blood tests and urine samples. We are testing for drugs.
    Those people that are clean need to be separated. They need job skills. That means Co-operative High School with vocational education so they have a way to make a living somewhere else. They need individual attention. No one in this country needs to be functionally illiterate. But what I suggest will not matter. Our real functional illiterates have college educations and law degrees. They are seated in our Congress. Just how functionally illiterate they are will be demostrated by the end of the year when they fail to come to an agreement on the budget and taxes.

  • I WANT A CREDIT CARD WITH NO LIMIT!!!That is a bad strategy for America, it’s bad strategy for businesses. It’s not a game I will play.”

    — President Obama talking to the CEO members of The Business Roundtable about the possibility that Congress might not grant him an unconditional increase to the debt limit.

  • “What is the solution to Detroit’s problems?”

    How about just sterilizing its blacks and being done with it?

    • Brian Miller

      How about “No.”

      With 87% of the city of African-American decent, you’re talking about near-genocide of an entire city.

      Yes there are killers and low-lifes there, but you don’t have to stoop down to their level to get results.

      • Well, that’s true, I did propose that the Detroit blacks should be sterilized. One can’t deny that that would clear it up fairly quickly.

        • Kim Asadourian

          You’re insane. Seriously.

        • Nate Higgers

          The only reasonable and effective treatment is death.

  • Im_Rick_James

    40 years of union labor and mismanagement by the democrats that represent them are what have turned that city into a wasteland. I say let it rot.

    • Zygs

      Our government enacting trade agreements like NAFTA and refusing to protect American jobs is what killed Detroit, and is destroying the rest of the country.

  • Kim Asadourian

    The same thing is happening to mid size cities of 80+ thousand. I am from Yakima, Washington and the city used to be a popular vacation destination for Seattle-ites because of the great weather in summer, lots of outdoors activities and close proximity to the mountains. It used to have a thriving economy. But now it’s nothing but a convenient location for Mexican drug dealers and gangs. The downtown area is like a ghost town and block after block of commercial property and buildings are vacant. The mall, which once housed several department stores and national retail stores, is even closed up and vacant. The city has the highest unemployment rate in the state and the highest crime rate as well. I worry about my relatives that still live there. We own houses and property there. But will ere even be a city called Yakima, Washington ten years from now?

    Spokane is the same.

    This is happening in city after city all over the country.

    • Nephi Lott

      It’s happening to mid-sized cities who allow liberalism to infest their borders. Take the cities of Provo (112,000) and Orem (84,000). Both super-conservative, both among some of the most family and business-friendly places to live in America.
      The decline of the middle class is indeed a tragedy, and it’s a shame our country has come to that.

  • “What would you do if you were confronted by a group of young men with AK-47s?” See them coming and shoot first. Most of these subhumans can’t shoot worth a damn, anyway.

  • bob

    Would you really open a business in Detoilet? I would rather open one in Iraq or Afghanistan, where it’s much safer

  • Once a city hits 20% black the inevitable decline starts to happen.

    • Hey racist. The problem with Detroit is not “blacks” the problem is liberalism. The whole city is an experiment in modern liberalism and has become an urban wasteland because of liberalism.

      • Tony Nobaloney

        Black liberals

  • Cotten_Fields

    What’s wrong with Detroit? One word…

  • Read the recent column by black economist Walter E. Williams, entitled “A Hundred Per Cent of Nothing”.

  • Fence off the entire city and let nothing in and nothing out. Let them kill each other.

  • Apehater

    Just Get rid of the Ni993rs,, problem solved!!!!

  • Massa

    You can blame unions, economic hardship or anything else you want.

    The problem with Detroit is the savages that live there.

    Ship them back to Africa and let them run around with AK-47s all they want. Once they are gone the city will flourish once again.

  • Nate Higgers

    This is just the beginning, folks…a sign of what to come for N1gger America.

    And you all thought it would be a GREAT idea, putting a n1gger in charge of it all?

    Anyone that voted for Onegro, this is YOUR fault, as well as all of you n1gger-pandering liberals.

    Do NOT come crying when your own town is taken over by n1ggers. We will NOT come to your aid.

  • James Flower

    We all know why Detroit is the way it is, just as we all know why Chicago, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Haiti, inner city London, Paris suburbs and Malmo in Sweden are the way they are. its entirely down to the ‘type’ of people who live there. Nothing else.

  • Antisiege.blogspot

    Our only hope:
    #1 Impeach Obama
    #2 Reinstate Glass-Steagall
    #3 Return to a National Public Credit System and (truly) Federal American Banking (Hamiltonian Principles in Banking)
    #4 Begin work where J.F.K. left off with N.A.W.A.P.A.
    Our only hope…

  • AFNenlighten

    Detoilet, the city of the turd humanoids. Built by humans, it flourished and prospered. Once the darker-than-blue apes moved in, it went downhill. Anyplace on earth that is governed by the turd humanoids has devolved into a cesspool.

  • Another prime example of the devastation nihggers bring in the wake of their very exsistence. Thanks you liberal fvcks for the whole racial integration thing. Just imagine what the White House will look like when barry soetoro is done.

  • Zygs

    And they think Obama is going to help them. That would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • USA,Falling empire

    its simple instead of having the US army all over the world specially in afghanistan overthere for no good reason and funding rebels in syria bring the army to detroit and clean it out.

  • James R Talbott

    Civil War II has already started as a race war in Detroit, Portland, Oregon, Yakima and Spokane, Washington and of course, the late Los Angeles, California.

  • Greedy unions & politicians , shoddy education ===FAIL !

  • pedro

    Detroit will become the new Camden, NJ soon enough!

  • john doe

    No one what’s to say it but all us taxes paying citizens already spent billions of dollars on Detroit trying to save the big auto industry the thing is that they are smart and they see a failing investment but after they took are money and then sent are jobs to Mexico and retired blame it on whoever you want but I blame myself more then anything for letting it happen
    Good luck guys protect yourself

  • Tuxi

    I can believe it. Chester, PA is a miniature Detroit. My great grandmother (born in late-1890s), grandmother (born in 1912) and their friends used to go shopping in Chester in the 1920s-1950s. They would go down the main line, catch the trolley, and go spend a day shopping, visiting friends, eating at a good restaurant and shopping at the small businesses. They never had to worry about crime, even when my mom (born in 1934) joined them in the 40s, it was still safe. Fast forward about 95 years, and you have one of the worst drug and cry me-infested cities, with abandoned homes, arson (5 buildings burned in 3 days) and horrible conditions. I can guarantee I can name what I exactly happened to start this, but I know the civil rights leaders would disagree most strongly and pull the race card over that. Chester is a shell now, a burnt, ugly she’ll of a once-great city.

  • Keith

    My sincere feelings after reading the sad state of Detroit and most America is that they no longer believe in Jesus, they believe in the god of this world (demons​) the people have given themselves to evil instead of doing good and turning from there wickedness, Where are the true Christian to stand up and fight the good fight of faith, take the word of God and cut the devil to the heart, he has no place cause the word of God is powerful, use the word people and Chase the demon’s back to hell.