Has An Ancient Giant Handprint Been Found In A Cave In Nevada?

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Giant Handprint

Something really weird has been found on the wall of a cave in Nevada, and it is shaking a lot of people up.  Two paranormal investigators named MK Davis and Don Monroe claim to have stumbled upon the handprint of an ancient giant in Lovelock Cave, and the pictures that have been released to the public are absolutely startling.  If this handprint is real, it is estimated that it would have belonged to someone 18 feet all.  And what makes all of this even more compelling is that there is a very old Native American tradition that says that a tribe of red-haired giants was burned inside that cave a very long time ago.  So could we actually be looking at solid evidence that the old Native American tradition about the red-haired giants is actually real?

There has been a tremendous amount of interest in this particular cave going all the way back to 1911.  At that time, two guano miners claimed that they discovered several sets of giant bones inside the cave…

In 1911 David Pugh and James Hart, two guano miners (yes, mining bat poo is really a thing) were excavating a cave on the eastern side of Nevada when they found something intriguing buried under 250 tons of excrement.

According to the men’s bizarre tale, hidden beneath six feet of bat crap they discovered several sets of giant bones, remains which many now believe belong to the Si-Te-Cah, a storied Paiute tribe of red-haired cannibal giants. Legend has it that the last remaining giants were burned alive inside the cave thousands of years ago.

Unfortunately, nobody knows where those bones are today, and without hard evidence the excitement over that cave subsided over the years.

But now this discovery by MK Davis and Don Monroe is renewing interest in Lovelock cave.  According to Paranormal Geeks Radio, this handprint has a number of characteristics that point to it being authentic…

This knife and its sheath have been used to get a measurement. It is 18 inches. Look at Don’s hand compared to print!  If the proportions are equal to regular humans, this being would be 18 feet tall!

Besides what appears to be dermal ridges showing in the soot/fat mix that appears to be the basis of this hand print (from the cave ceiling and further legitimizing the story of a conflagration with the giants inside), the impression shows more pressure on the thenar eminence of the palm and the first three fingers, which is typical for anyone pushing or lifting something heavy (just hold your hands in front of your head as if you’re cradling a boulder – the inner aspect of your hand settles that weight).

Posted below is a video of MK Davis discussing this discovery in more detail.  What he has to say is quite compelling…

But this isn’t the only discovery of this nature that has come out in recent years.

Last year, a German news source broke the story of a 15 inch long human finger that had been photographed in Egypt.  The photographs of the finger were reportedly taken by a researcher named Gregor Spörri in 1988.  The finger appeared to have been mummified, and from top to bottom it was approximately 15 inches long.  According to the German news source, it is estimated that the creature that this finger came from would have been about 16 feet tall.

This really is a remarkable photo.  If you look closely, you can even see where the fingernail would have been…

Giant Finger

Unfortunately, nobody knows where this finger is today.  Spörri said that he had to pay “an old man from a grave robber dynasty” 300 dollars to see the finger and take photographs of it.  And since 1988 there have been no other reports of this finger.

Below is another view of the finger.  In this one, you can see part of a bone coming out of the end of it…

Giant Finger In Egypt

Another very strange piece of evidence that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years is “Goliath’s Footprint” in South Africa.  It is a footprint that is approximately 4 feet long, and it is located near the town of Mpaluzi, which is close to the Swaziland border.  A picture of Goliath’s Footprint can be seen below…

Giant Footprints

If you look carefully at the photograph, you can even see that there were five toes and that the big toe was the largest of the toes.

Posted below is a video that someone took of Goliath’s Footprint.  This video footage is quite stunning

So what does all of this mean?

Did extremely large giants once roam the ancient world?

To many, such a notion is completely absurd, but the truth is that there are a whole host of ancient stories and legends that claim that giants once existed on this planet.

And even the Bible makes such a claim.  In Genesis 6:4, we read the following…

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

So what do you think?

Are we looking at evidence that giants once lived on Earth?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth.  His new novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • DJohn1

    The trick is the chromosome count which is almost impossible to get. If it is 46 it is a branch of humanity. If it is 48 it is probably from the ape family and is probably older than 225,000 years ago. (That is when the break occurred but is not an actual date.)

    The teeth count is important. None of which is available.
    South American monkeys have a different count than South African monkeys. The squirrel monkey of South America has more teeth than the ape family of Africa.
    Forensics is important.
    We have the Sloth family of South America that had a very large relative in ancient times. It was distinctive because it was using the skunk defense. It stunk to high heaven of its own waste products such as urine. It was often confused with an ape and used trees.
    I have no doubt that the reports of large apes on the Northern Woods of California might be from the sloth family. It is often branded by the smelly ape feature.
    The implication in the Bible is we bred with a large humanoid that was worshipped as false gods. Mainly because of advanced technology.
    I find this fascinating. How were we that closely related to an advanced species of “aliens” that breeding was possible? It reeks of a common origin.

    Donkeys and horses have a different chromosome count and produce sterile mules. In the history of mules I think there are only 3 cases of a second generation mule and that mule was sterile.
    The “gods” also featured large sizes. Incredible longevity.
    Most of the giants we produce are of extreme limited lifespan living to their mid forties at best.
    I think you have found a whisper of the past we no longer remember.

  • William Vanderberg

    Read the book On The Trail of the Nephilim by L.A. Marzulli. He recounts many stories, from old newspaper accounts, of giant skeletons being found in the Americas and other parts of the world. The Lovelock Cave is mentioned on ppg. 122-123. Native oral history has told of a race of red haired giants that were here before they were. They say that the Great Circle Mound complex in Ohio was there when they arrived. The Smithsonian took possession of said skeletons and it is rumored all such evidence was taken out to sea and dumped so they could not be seen or studied because they disproved Darwin’s theory of evolution.

    • zokar

      Of a course the institution do not want this as evidence so as to disprove the Torah account is real about giants Nephilin son of fallen angels destroy during the flood of Noah day. Darwin(who originally was a theologian not a real academic with a degree in science) theory of evolution belong in the realm of science. Promotion of evolution is contrary to Gods account of man’s creation .Ask any evonut this question? In order to explain the fictional theory of evolution they should be also be able to explain this: How is possible for dead matter (dust)to come to life?

  • Kenny

    225.000 years old. Good grief!!

  • tray2000

    There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Thosewere the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

  • ort

    God’s Word says what it says. If we cannot take God’s Word on this matter, then we cannot trust Him on any other matter. Since “God is not a man, that He should lie”, then the logical conclusion is that giants/nephillim were real.

    • Defiant

      Except for the fact that God didn’t write the Bible. Also, when they say “There were giants in the Earth in those days” they could mean ANYTHING…and even something other than people. Suppose they meant that there were many heroes? Giants among men. We still use that term to describe men of enormous deeds…even when they are regular-sized. If we take the words literally, it could be argued that the giants were demons…since the Bible PLAINLY indicates that giants were “in” the Earth. Could it be that it’s just an apocryphal story? Or even an apocryphal BOOK!?

      • ort

        The Holy Spirit, Who is God, inspired men to write the Bible. If you like, you could buy a Strong’s concordance and check the Hebrew to the English. You will get the correct definition of the words.

        • John Dafesh

          too bad the holy spirit existed a time were you cant prove it…ur like a 13 year old who still believes in Santa claus

          • ort

            You are a man whom the Bible calls a “fool”. Think whatever you want.

          • John Dafesh

            which bible? there are 32 different versions of the bible written by men to control people like you that consider you a fool for believing it in the first place lol

          • John Dafesh

            and you happen to just pick 1 out of those many different bibles that
            exist…if you were born in India you would be Hindu taught from your
            hindu parents lol Be Smart, Be Free, Be an Atheist !

          • DixieAngel_76

            You do realize, don’t you, that there are many Christians in India? Have you ever heard of Ravi Zacharias? You should check him out.

          • Gods child

            You are an atheist and free but not smart…. some one smart would not challenge a strong Christian, because at the end we always win… see this is why God is God he still loves people like you even though y’all don’t even believe in him…. if I were God I wouldn’t be able to put up with people like you

          • Roy Wright

            Hey now! saying quote: “if I were God I wouldn’t be able to put up with people like you” is not treating someone as you would like to be treated, love thy neighbour ect. Either christian or atheist, just have an open mind, think for YOURSELF, and question everything.

          • DixieAngel_76

            Have it your way John. You will be reminded of those words right before you are sent to Hell.

          • Guest

            and you happen to just pick 1 out of those many different bibles that exist…if you were born in India you would be Hindu taught from your hindu parents. Be Smart, Be Free, Be an Atheist!

          • ort

            See how many hindu converts to Christianity there are, as well as muslim, etc. if a person sincerely wants to know the real God, He will move heaven and earth to have fellowship with a person. Those who foolishly pursue man made religions that say you can save yourself by certain acts, or leave you to rot in a misery of endless lives and reincarnation, are getting what they choose to get. It’s called “free will”.

          • Dugi Stefanic

            There is nothing out there, or in for that mater, that is not holy spirit. Even demons are part holy spirt.

          • Gods child

            Do you have proof their isn’t a God? I have proof… just look in a mirror and theirs the proof

          • Gods child

            And you are a complete idiot… just because he believes in God who does exist does not mean he is 13 he is smart and correct… this is what is wrong with the world.. there is no faith or belief…..

          • John Dafesh

            What’s wrong with the world is that it is mostly religious not the other way around…don’t worry we are working on that 😉 we have reason, evidence, the scientific method, technology and logic. You have faith , pathetic.

          • Roy Wright

            And In the end you will find out who was right…or not…

          • John Dafesh

            Prove it…show me evidence. Your claims are like saying Harry potter could be true. Twilight is a better love
            story Here’s another script for this movie: One day a supposed virgin
            named Mary got pregnant. To escape persecution and stoning by her peers,
            friends and family, she told Joseph that “God did it”. When the child
            was born, mom and dad built it up in his head that he was indeed the son
            of god. So much so that he believed it himself, was charismatic enough
            to have 12 disciples, plus a multitude of people follow his words. He
            was a nice enough guy, but he couldn’t prove beyond the shadow of a
            doubt that he was who he claimed to be. He was then put to death for
            blasphemy, and at his death, he realized his mistake, even crying out,
            “Why have you forsaken me?!?” And then the rest of it, miracles,
            earthquake after death, and all of that, was added to the story by his
            disciples to add substance to the story of just a regular guy that spoke
            so well he had people believing it. You can’t blame him, because he was
            raised to believe it since birth. All in all, if viewed in this
            context, Jesus’ life was all thanks to his mother who slept with another
            man, and she wanted to escape being shunned and possibly killed by
            society of that time. The End

          • Roy Wright

            Yes that sounds right, religion is just a control mechanism, just like money, and the monetary system. But I’m sure there is much much more going on we have no idea about.

          • Oscar Klipp Sr.

            You do realise John that the scientific method, technology, and yes lodgic points to the fact that alot of the stories in the bible have actually happened and science keeps finding evidence all the time that the afterlife is real ???

      • Freddie Ggsj

        You forget translation does not mean that IN is the correct word. It does not say int he earth. It does say they were people, human beings were giants. it says that. You have to read the ENTIRE passage.

  • james last

    Poor daughters of man!!!!

    • Nufsed

      I know where you’re coming from! No wonder they were enamored!

  • Makaipi

    The Smithsonian people will see to it that you won’t see these articles if they can help it. They have the blessings of our government. This isn’t baloney. Check it out. You may be visited if you find something. It’s too bad but that’s the way they operate. You can’t handle the truth.

  • melvin johns

    When Moses in Genesis 6 said that there were giants in the earth in those days, I believe that he was speaking of everything, that includes mankind the angels and all of the creatures.

    The dinosaurs I believe were contemporary with man, just as today a horse is in proportion to a man in terms of size so were the dinosaurs in proportion to man before the flood.
    The earth before the flood was an entirely different enviroment than the one we live in now. It was on this earth that the angels had forbidden relationships with human women that produced hybrid humans also called demons in the New Testament.

    And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.(Acts 16:18)

    We see them throughout the Gospels, we see them manifesting in our culture today as homosexuals etc.

    The angels that produced these creatures/demons are bound in the bottomless pit.We see them in Jude 1:6, IIPeter 2:4,5, Revelation 9:1,11.

    It is the fallen angel/king apollyon that I believe will posess the man that the bible calls the antichrist.

    We see the possession of the 8th king by apollyon in Revelation 17.

    And the beast/apollyon that was, and is not, even he/man is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.(Revelation 17:11)

    We have to ask the Lord for the understanding of His word.

    For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.(Proverbs 2:6)

    But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things.(John 14:26)

    When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come/the future.(John 16:13)

    • null

      You know, there is very good medication available now days. Mental health and treatment has progressed a long way since abraham heard voices in his head telling him to kill his child. The first step is talk to your gp.

  • Hammerstrike

    Humans never were the only intelligent specie on this planet.

    • Equineluvr

      FYI: The singular of species is… species! Specie refers to coin currency.

  • Convinceme

    I’m not saying there were or weren’t giants, but I’d like to know how a footprint could be made in granite. Wikipedia says that granite is igneous rock, so it would appear that the rock would need to be at least semi-molten in order to take a footprint. And I’m pretty sure that any rock hot enough to be semi-molten would burn your foot off! Anyhow, the footprint in South Africa would be more believable if it had been made in sandy mud that had hardened into sandstone.

    • the one

      Looks like it was carved out to me. The coloration of the surrounding granite shows it was carved out but a long time ago by the looks of it… Heavy weathering is evident on the outcrop.

    • Choo Zhoo

      See former professor of evolution, Walter Veith, and others, lay this out completely–rock and fossils can form in a matter of months. Evolution is junk science.

      We have been lied to. See his exposition on DNA complexity for a fuller, scientific understanding.


    It is worth noting here, that when the fifth trumpet angel is seen and heard while hovering over the Earth, there will be a release of two hundred million creatures from the bottomless pit of Hell, who will for five months sting and torment mankind. Then after a three and half day pause, they begin killing for the final thirteen months all those who love and worship the false Messiah, Revelation 9:5, 15. The followers of the two Jewish prophets and the 144,000 evangelists will be off limits to these mutated creatures released from under the Earth, whose bodily appearance are like horses and winged locusts, with faces as men, hair as women, teeth as lions, and tails like scorpions, Revelation 9. These creatures from under the Earth are led and possessed by another group of fallen angels who were imprisoned in Hell at the time of the great flood of Noah for genetically mingling with the daughters of men, thereby giving birth to the giants in the likeness of Goliath, Genesis 6:1-8, Deuteronomy 2:20-21, 3:1-11, 1 Samuel 17:4, 2 Peter 2:4-5, Jude 6.

    These imprisoned fallen angels are the friends of Satan who will help him to turn the world against the followers of the two Jewish prophets by not harming them. Remember that when these creatures are released the two prophets have already prophesied for some time (1110 of 1260 days), driving the President and Pope crazy with hatred. And then, when the creatures begin stinging everyone but the two prophets and their supporters, the President will announce that the two prophets are alien hybrids, possessed by “dark” angels in league with the creatures. Efforts to kill the prophets will intensify so that on the 150th day (1110+150=1260) of stinging torment, the Jewish prophets will finally be killed as the sixth trumpet angel sounds, Revelation 9:12-15, 11:7-14. With their death in Jerusalem, the stinging creatures disappear, and the whole world erupts in great rejoicing. It’s party time. And for three and a half days the dead prophets, who had prophesied of the coming of these creatures as well as their own death and resurrection, lie in Jerusalem with the cameras pointed at their dead bodies.

    The risen President will convince the nations that these hideous creatures had been hiding secretly underground until the time of the War of the Worlds, when they will prepare the way for the final invasion force that is coming. The military might of America, in alliance with all the world’s armies, will no longer be warring against one another, but join together to do battle against these supposed enemies of the False Messiah, Revelation 17:14, 19:19. This is Armageddon! Because the followers of the two prophets are not touched or harmed by these creatures, the false Messiah will use this to help turn the world even more against the true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, Revelation 9:4.

    To top it all off, when the slain Jewish prophets rise from the dead and ascend into the heavens on all television networks, the followers of the False Messiah will know for certain an invasion is coming from space. They will think the risen prophets are returning to the main alien force in the heavens that is preparing a final invasion. Following the glorious resurrection and ascension of the prophets the seventh trumpet will sound, bringing with it the fullness of God’s wrath in the seven last plagues that last 387 days, Revelation 10:7, 11:14-15. To the earth dweller’s surprise the mutant creatures are back with vengeance. Only this time they are killing their prey, Revelation 9:18. One third of mankind will be destroyed by these creatures.

    Do you remember the alien invasion movie “Independence Day” put out by Hollywood in the 90’s? Do you recall what the American President said on camera to the terrified multitudes as alien spacecraft hovered over the major cities of the world? With the whole planet looking for answers from him he said….”The question as to whether or not we are alone in the universe has been answered.” He then successfully united the nations to make war against the alien invaders. Chilling is it not? For Satan is today working through ignorant and willing vessels to prepare the way for what is to come. His mission is to call the truth a lie, so that good is evil and evil is good. He hates every one of us and desires us to be in Hell with him when Jesus comes again.

    As Daniel’s 70th Week of judgment, which began with America establishing a political-religious peace covenant in Jerusalem, comes to its final days and weeks, what will happen to the land and people of America/Babylon?

    (6) Babylon Falls:

    I need to repeat here, before answering the question of America’s final end, that this subject does not bring joy to my soul. It is gut-wrenching and fills me with sorrow. For I remember almost daily and vividly the five years I served in the United States Army during the time when soldiers were mocked and accused of being baby killers, when many war protesters spit on us when we returned home. To this day I weep when I think of my friends who died in Vietnam, and the friends, even family members, who bear the scars of bullet holes and shrapnel in their bodies, and in whose presence I don’t even belong. And I take a back seat to no one in respecting and honoring the men who served and sacrificed themselves for others, even though it was in ignorance of the truth. We were deceived, plain and simple!

    And now, after Jesus has opened my eyes, I am called a traitor, a pacifist coward, a flaming leftist, and yes, even a terrorist sympathizer. That hurts, but I know it is said in ignorance by those who refuse to study the scriptures and seek the truth from the Lord himself. They don’t know that I lived for many years with the guilt of not going with my friends to Vietnam as a trained combat reconnaissance specialist, where many of them were killed and wounded while I was sent to Officer Candidate School. And when I finally did arrive in Vietnam at the tail end of the Tet offensive in 1968, I was assigned to Headquarters command and not the jungles where my recon friends were killed and maimed for life. Please read the article “Moved with Compassion” posted on my web site, for the rest of the story.

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    The scriptures now came alive for the first time in my life. They were no longer just the boring words of ancient men recited by preachers who were just as lifeless as the manner in which they preached these scriptures. Even though they were sincere and earnestly prayed for me, they had forgotten or never knew that Jesus taught his disciples to understand and wait for the coming Kingdom of God that he would establish worldwide at his imminent return. This was never taught to me as a child, and neither was the truth that we are to love our worst enemies be they Communists or Nazis, pick up our own cross, and walk on this Earth as harmless as doves, and as sheep in the midst of wolves. I finally realized that in Vietnam I was not a harmless dove, but actually had become one of those wolves, even dressed in sheep’s clothing. As a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I had no idea that Jesus Christ spoke of two Kingdoms…his, and the one that Satan had created as a delusion and counterfeit, which the scriptures refer to as Babylon.

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    The heart breaking truth is that the delusional pride of militant patriotism, which so easily ruled in my heart before the risen Jesus Christ opened my eyes to his coming Kingdom, will only deepen and strengthen in men during the last seven years of Daniel’s prophecy. Even during the final eighteen months, when the mutant creatures come crawling out of the smoking pit of Hell to sting and then kill, this patriotic arrogance and the air of invincibility will manifest itself. Only in this war it will be the human race against the invaders from another world. This will lead to Armageddon, when all of the kings and armies of Earth are gathered together in the Valley of Megiddo to war against the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, thinking they are about to do battle against the alien armies of fallen angels, Revelation 17:14, 19:19.

    Before the gathering of all the armies to Megiddo, and before the cities of America have been burnt to the ground by the holy angels, while people are still deciding if the President and Pope or the Jewish prophets are telling the truth, the merciful God of Israel will send one last warning to the masses of humanity not yet killed by the judgments pronounced by the trumpet angels. For the day will come when he will send three angels, each having a specific message, Revelation, 14:6-13

    • zokar

      YOPU are a complete idiot

      • michael ferrel

        And to the person who can’t post your first word without a typo.

        Your Point is?

        My point is this. At least SMASH THE MACHINE is well prepared to give an account of his faith.

        And you… Can’t even communicate a three letter word.

        Tuck you tail my friend

        Shall we ask the readers who the real idiot is?

        Vote up if you think it is Zokar

        Vote down if you think it is SMASH THE CONTROL MACHINE

        • Aldric Smith

          “Tuck you tail my friend.” SMH and LOL at the same time. “YOU,” really???

    • jg86

      what’s your site?

    • robert alleman

      You need help.

      • J.Griffin

        What you fail to see is that he GOT help.

        Do you have any idea what happens to most of the people
        who went through that?

        He was honest and put a lot of time and effort in sharing his heart,
        right or wrong…

        and all you can say is that he needs help?

        What kind of help?
        Thorazine and institutionalization?

        That’s the only HELP that the system gives to such.

    • Roy Wright

      Thats some interesting happenings told right there. I hope i’m not on this earth when it happens. Also don’t go towards the light, just refuse, its a trick apparently.

  • Louise in MO

    Tthere appear to be many examples pointing to the reality of giants once living on earth. The biblical account is particularly compelling. If you are the kind that needs physical proof then those mentioned in Michael’s article gives extra proof.

  • Xaviant Haze

    Read my book “The suppressed history of America” there is an extensive chapter on giants and info on the Lovelock cave. One of the skulls from the cave is in the possession of the winnameuca museum in Nevada. Just ask and they will show you!

  • Mike Aherne

    for dinosaurs to grow to massive size logic says gravity must have been a lot less, man would also grow larger. the Adams theory that the earth is getting larger seems to be true. check out his vid on u tube.

    • Nufsed

      There is also the possibility that our (rumored) twin sun and it’s planets altered the earths orbit in the far past?

    • Mike W

      Gravity is tied back to mass of the earth – won’t change much. Key to it was much higher oxygen content in the atmosphere back then.

      • Selaasie

        Oxygen seems NOT to be the source of gravity as you seem to suggest. I would advice you to read Dr. Rampa’s “Twilight”. Thank you

  • hp b

    “Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race”

  • King Lear

    Elephant Mountain in the Black Rock Desert should be investigated as well.

  • theredhawg

    defiant you are an idiot. May you be first in line at the judgement seat. You are evil. Your mouth will fill with sores.

  • Joe Burkhart

    Giants were and are real.

  • Richard Freeman

    There’s no nut like a god nut.

  • Tom Coley

    My dad was a coal miner all of his life. He told me that one day as they were shooting coal, a mummified little man fell out of the top. He was hunched over as if in a fetal position. Some men cam from Washington DC and took it away.

  • James

    It’s strange why people find it so hard to believe the existence of giants. Even in religious teachings the fact is noted;for example in Islam, the first man, Adam a.s was said to be 60 cubits tall (90 feet) and the size of human decreased as time flows; in Bible, book of genesis, mentioned the existence of giants in ancient days; hinduism, the story of gilgamesh so on and so forth.

    The proofs are also been revealed one by one since the past century.

    Yes,the figure of all the ancient living things including the dinosaurs are based on cell samples and the estimated calculations from supercomputers to show that it would take thousand or million of years for things to evolved or had once lived.

    However, the environment that we live in today is NOT the same as that during thousands of years ago.

    What cell samples that we use as standard base for the estimation such as how long the life period, and how large it can grow, or how active it can be today might not be the same as those days because we know the environment now is countless times poorer in terms of nature’s condition than those days

    And yet for some reasons, most scientist and archeologist that follows darwinism would still believe human the size of giants never existed but rather human are born from apes.

  • mike88

    Where do these bones disappear to after they are discovered, that is a simple question to answer, the Smithsonian Museum picks them up and they don’t make any announcements about it, these bones are of scientific importance but the Smithsonian Institution as well as the u.S. government doesn’t want this talked about or even known so they keep this information hidden from the public.

  • Tony Petrowsky

    I can tell here by many of these comments that the Anunnaki have many people under their spell with their greatest brainwashing tool ever devised to manipulate and control mankind..the bible,which by the way is just one branch of the Anunnaki tree of religion,Satanism is the root,Catholicism is the trunk.

    Are you people aware that all the so called ancient gods,yes with a little g, were mountain gods including this yahweh,who is infact the biggest tyrant of all the Anunnaki? If I were you people,I would do a lot of researching,with an open mind. The only way to have an open mind though,is to put the things of this world away,including the Anunnaki brainwashing material because they all are connected with everything else in this reality we call life. Connect the dots… if you can.

  • Kjartan

    … well granite is an intrusive igneous rock, which means that it has formed from magma deep in the earths crust. In other words it would be quite impossible to “step” on it, and even harder to leave a footprint.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granite (03.10 – 2014)

  • Littlehorse Reynolds

    There is a cave up in the mountain above the K.O.A. here in Buena Vista, Colorado, and a few artifacts and a skeleton was found.