Hezbollah In Mexico: The Truth About Islamic Terror On The U.S. Border

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While the Obama administration celebrates the death of Osama Bin Laden and our military forces are poking around in caves all over Afghanistan looking for members of al-Qaeda, a far more dangerous threat is growing right in our own backyard.  Hezbollah has established bases all over Mexico, Central America and South America.  Hezbollah is now heavily involved in the drug trade and in trafficking illegal aliens.  But do we hear about any of this in the news?  No, instead our government and our media are obsessed with al-Qaeda.  This is a fundamental mistake.  Hezbollah is far more organized and far more dangerous.

One local television news program recently interviewed a former U.S. intelligence agent who has spent many years tracking Hezbollah activities in Mexico.  The following are some quotes from that interview about Hezbollah….

*”They are recognized by many experts as the ‘A’ team of Muslim terrorist organizations.”

*”We are looking at 15 or 20 years that Hezbollah has been setting up shop in Mexico.”

*”they are the equals of Russians, Chinese or Cubans”

*”They’re focusing on developing … infiltrating communities within North America.”

Right now they are making a ton of money from selling drugs and trafficking illegal aliens, and they send that money back to Lebanon to fund the fight against Israel.  But someday the organization that Hezbollah has built up in Mexico will be used to fight against the United States.

The following is a video news report that contains the quotes you just read above….

So why doesn’t the U.S. government do something about all this?

That is a very good question.

In our recent article entitled “The Truth About Securing The Border” we noted that the U.S. seems more than happy to help other nations secure their borders and yet refuses to secure our own….

Is there a reason why the U.S. government refuses to secure our border with Mexico?

After all, we seem more than happy to help other nations secure their borders.

In fact, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has just agreed to help Saudi Arabia secure its dangerous border areas near Yemen.

Not only that, we have secured the border between South Korea and North Korea so well that not a single North Korean has crossed over the border illegally in over 50 years.

And yet we continue to leave our border with Mexico completely wide open.

Not only is doing so insanely bad public policy, it also greatly endangers our national security.

Border officials tell us that a growing number of radical Muslims are sneaking over the Mexican border into the United States.

And we are doing almost nothing to stop them.

Our government likes to pretend that they are serious about national security, but the truth is that they are asleep at the switch.

Illegal immigration is rampant and our border is wide open.

In fact, our border with Mexico is now being called “the most dangerous place on earth“.

Someday our lack of border security and our tolerance of Hezbollah in Mexico is really going to bit us on our backsides.

So what do all of you think about this?  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

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  • We will take matters in our own hands very soon if this border will not be secured my our Government! Civil War is on its way!

  • Luis

    Exactly. The US government is very ignorant at times. Transfer the US troops from the middle east to the border!

  • Great post on this BIG and developing problem. Cool blog, and a great URL. I’m putting it in a new PDF of my book. It will be on page 301. Hopefully I’ll have it ready in a week or two.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe knows
    Iran won’t nuke Europe

    if they swear to Allah
    or embrace full dhimmi life

  • Elaine Stumbach

    You are absolutely right. They want to leave the borders open so they can establish the New World Order is what I’ve always heard. They have been building these super hwys that go from Mexico through the U.S. to Canada… Now the peace treaty with Israel and the crap our government is doing to us poor people makes me realize that we don’t stand a chance… with out God anyway… Glad I’m a believer… Keep putting the truth out there… People need to know what this country is all about these days… It’s not America land of the free anymore… But it is home of the brave at least… God Bless all the troops!

  • Max

    Bro u must be on some cheap drug, writhe something usfull dum ass.

  • sharonsj

    You say the government is asleep at the switch. I think it’s more than that. There have been loud, public complaints about the border problem for many years and they are ignored.

    Corporations, businesses, and farmers profit greatly from hiring illegal aliens. And I have no doubt that they are greasing the palms of state and federal legislators to look the other way.

  • Rwolf

    Re: Hezbollah Sets Up in Mexico.
    It has been reported 230 U.S. Cites are proliferated with street gangs that support Mexican Drug Cartels—selling illegal-drugs in America. Mexican Drug Cartels among other acts of terrorism are deploying (roadside bombs) in Mexico to maim and kill police and military personnel to further their Narco-Terrorist-Enterprises—that extends into the United States.
    U.S. Street gangs that market illegal-drugs for Mexican Drug Cartels are effectively agents of Foreign Terrorists. The “Patriot Act” defined “supporting terrorism” as any criminal activity that “participates” in “World Markets” that terrorists may use or depend on for their support. It is obvious U.S Street Gangs sponsored by Mexican Cartels to sell illegal drugs in the U.S., are participating in “World Markets” which Mexican Cartel Terrorists use and depend on for their support. U.S. Government should charge gang members arrested in the U.S. caught selling Mexican Cartel illegal-drugs, with aiding and supporting foreign terrorists.
    U.S. police and border patrol agents that take bribes from Mexican Drug Cartels to help smuggle their drugs and other illegal contraband into the U.S., should be charged with aiding and supporting foreign terrorists.

  • Lloyd Welch

    I want to know when people are going to wake up to the dangers we face as a nation right here and right now. I go through and read comments on a lot of conserative web sites and weep in the night for my country. Most people are more worried about a nuclear Iran than the threat that is breaking down our back door as I write. Most are not worried at all about someone who will enforce our laws and defend our constitution because most people haven’t got a clue what our constitution really says. Please America wake up from your sleep.

  • Lloyd Welch

    The current drug policies in America are feeding this beast. When will we see what is helping and what is not. Legalization will take the profits out of the pockets of these foreighn criminals and put them into the pockets of American farmers. We will never stop Americans from using drugs no matter how bad we would like to. The profits now go to people bent on our destruction and fund their efforts at destroying us. Look at the realities of the situation and stop dreaming.

  • Lloyd Welch

    Do you honestly think that the members of congress don’t know these facts? If you don’t realize this then you are living in a dream world. The members of congress know this and not just that but are getting rich on the side by allowing it to continue. How much worse do you think it will become when the NAFTA super highway is compleated? Traffic will move in and out of Mexico unchecked right into the heartland of America. More cargo will move in and out of America that 10,000 customs officals could possibly check. America you are being coned by your oun government. Please America wake up before it’s too late.

  • So what? How does it change anything that I know this information? At least give us a call to action. Incorporate activism with the news

  • Occupy Wall Street

    You guys are ************** fruitcakes.

  • IMO

    The person that wrote this article has a vivid imagination.Its almost like scaring my baby sister about monster in the closet.HAHA.LOOL

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Obama “diplomacy” is evident in the fact that even Egypt laughs at us, and seizes American citizens for show-trials, including the son of a Cabinet member..

    Hell, Bora-Bora and Outer Mongolia are contemptuous of Obama as well, and will probably try the same tactic.

    He’s beginning to look and sound like James Earl Carter, Jr…


    >IMO….make a couple calls to Arizona! Ask Gov Jan Brewer, ask Sheriff Joe, ask Sheriff Paul! You must be a paid liberal shill or just brain dead. The article is spot on!

  • babbooie

    I love the fact American citizens can gloss over this kind of news while they hinge upon the outcome of lottery drawings and inane reality shows.
    Does the American public not believe we can be infiltrated from our borders? Maybe it only happens on TV and in other countries…
    If it is happening on TV it means some news network is covering it and usually doing a bad job of it. Given the fact we are reading of it before it happens means they are doing a really bad job of it.
    Most Americans are doing what they do best – keeping their heads in the sand until a liberal news source want to rag on a conservative and then surfacing to fuel more stupidity to the bonfire.

  • Patricia

    i am scared to death ……….our country is being taken over from the inside……and our gov. is helping

  • ken

    What has perplexed me ( easily done in general), is if muslim fundamentalists want to kill us all and implement sharia law then why is the border open.

    A) the government is incompetent

    B) the Muslim threat is bogus and a way to keep everyone on edge, willing to give up freedoms and make some people a whole lotta money

    C) There is a common theme regardless of political party to not piss off the hispanic vote even if it means the whitehouse gets an Iranian back pack nuke brought across the border.

    D) There are folks in power that want the drug cartel malignant spread to infect our people with violence and drugs and therefore leave the border open.

    I could probably imagine a bunch of other scenarios.

    We are securing on our dime, the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Maybe we would all be safer in Saudi, that is unless women forget their head covering or if you are wearing a cross necklace.

    If there is a threat, secure the border.

    If there is not stop all the wars and propaganda .

    If there’s a threat and they do nothing then they are failing to defend us and throw the bums out.

    At least we still have elections but then again republican and Dem a like will do nothing to secure the border.

    The yukon is starting to look good lol

  • Rockandroll84101

    obama has a concerted knowledge attack planned for al qaeda, turkish forces and hezbollah, all that he needed was the p.r.i to get back into power in mexico to help them into the country from out of mexico by looking the other way. it is planned to take place at the same time as a nationwide power outage and nuke attack from china in which the al qaeda, hezbollah and turkish infantry will enforce obama made quarentine law for u.s citizens because they have been terrorist attacked by way of having been given some deadly diseases, so the ummah force will lock down america entirely for obama and then go into perimiter force kill out super genocide of all american citizens!!! director of cia john brennan and chief of defense chuck hagel (both support iran, islam and hate the u.s israel friendship that we now have) will tell anyone complaining about enemy forces should not be allowed to be on u.s soil even if it’s to help maintain the peace and enforce a quarentine law that they and all americans should remember that america is NOT AT WAR WITH ISLAM!! this means obama has everything covered already, he is only waiting to be able to sabotage our red and blue force satellite enhanced missile defense shield’s infrared viewership of our border with mexico so that there is no automated deployment of u.s troops to the border to meet obama’s planned ummah advance into the u.s. Love the living God, call on the Lord your Savior Yeshua The Messiah, he will be here in this world very soon!

  • Karen Hopkins

    In my novel Up the Devil’s Highway, the Cartel and an Iranian group cooperate in supplying drugs, weapons, and smuggling illegals across the border. Unfortunately the situation is not fiction. It is very real and all to easy. Thanks.