Is Our Sun In The Very Early Stages Of Shutting Down?

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The Sun

Something is up with the sun.  It has begun to behave very erratically, and scientists don’t know quite what to make of it.  Sunspot activity appears to be slowing down with each new cycle and absolutely gigantic holes have started to appear in the sun.  At the moment, the sun is approaching the peak of its 11 year cycle, and an increasing number of scientists are becoming concerned about what the next cycle will bring.  If sunspot activity continues to diminish, could the sunspot cycle eventually die altogether?  Is it possible that we could be approaching another ice age?  Even worse, could the increasingly erratic behavior of the sun be an indication that the sun is dying?  Traditionally, scientists have taught that the sun won’t die until billions of years from now, but in recent years astronomers have observed stars similar to our own sun suddenly begin to behave very erratically and then rapidly die.  Is it possible that the same thing could happen to our sun?

It is a fact that the current solar cycle has been the weakest in 100 years.  This has many scientists searching for answers

The Sun is acting weird. It typically puts on a pageant of magnetic activity every 11 years for aurora watchers and sungazers alike, but this time it overslept. When it finally woke up (a year late), it gave the weakest performance in 100 years.

What’s even weirder is that scientists, who aren’t usually shy about tossing hypotheses about, are at a loss for a good explanation.

Of course most scientists insist that everything is going to be okay and that we don’t have a thing to be worried about, but others are not so sure.

For example, Matthew Penn of the National Solar Observatory believes that a new ice age may be on the way…

Penn offered another, more catastrophic option: the sunspot cycle might die altogether. His team uses sunspot spectra to measure their magnetic fields, and his data show a clear trend: the magnetic field strength in sunspots is waning.

“If this trend continues, there will be almost no spots in Cycle 25, and we might be going into another Maunder Minimum,” Penn states. The first Maunder Minimum occurred during the second half of the 17th century. Almost no spots were seen on the Sun during this time, which coincided with Europe’s Little Ice Age.

Another strange phenomenon that astronomers are watching closely is the appearance of absolutely massive holes in the sun.  Just recently, a massive hole that covered nearly a fourth of the entire surface of the sun made headlines all over the globe…

A space telescope aimed at the sun has spotted a gigantic hole in the solar atmosphere — a dark spot that covers nearly a quarter of our closest star, spewing solar material and gas into space.

The so-called coronal hole over the sun’s north pole came into view between July 13 and 18 and was observed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO. NASA released a video of the sun hole as seen by the SOHO spacecraft, showing the region as a vast dark spot surrounded by solar activity.

This comes on the heels of another giant hole in the sun that was spotted between May 28 and 31.

So is this something to be alarmed about?

Some scientists say yes and others say no.

Meanwhile, the weather here on Earth is becoming very erratic.

Just a few weeks ago, high temperatures in the southwest United States approached 120 degrees, and record temperatures are being set all over Siberia right now.

Summers seem to be getting hotter, winters seem to be getting colder, droughts seem to be getting more intense and we are seeing record setting floods all over the planet.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “22 Signs That Global Weather Patterns Are Going Absolutely Crazy“.

In addition, as I mentioned in a previous article, we seem to be witnessing an increase in the number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions along “the Ring of Fire” this year.  Recent examples include New Zealand, Peru and Japan.

Does all of this have anything to do with the activity of the sun?

Some people think so.

And what does all of this mean for the future of the United States?  In my new novel, there is a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault line and a major volcanic eruption on the west coast.  I included those disasters in my book for a reason.  Many believe that major earth changes are on the way, and many believe that the sun will play a major role in those earth changes.

Also, could it be possible that the activity of the sun has something to do with the mysterious hum that people are hearing all over the globe?…

It creeps in slowly in the dark of night, and once inside, it almost never goes away.

It’s known as the Hum, a steady, droning sound that’s heard in places as disparate as Taos, N.M.; Bristol, England; and Largs, Scotland.

But what causes the Hum, and why it only affects a small percentage of the population in certain areas, remain a mystery, despite a number of scientific investigations.

And could the activity of the sun have something to do with the strange unexplained sounds in the sky that so many people have been hearing in recent years?

Nobody really knows the answer, but we shouldn’t be afraid to ask these kinds of questions.

The truth is that at some point our sun is going to die.  Virtually everyone agrees on that.  The following is from an article posted on

The fact that the Sun, our Sun, the bringer of warmth, light, energy, and the sustaining force of all life on this planet, isn’t going to shine forever. Quite to the contrary, someday, the Sun will die in a fiery, catastrophic explosion, one which will quite possibly obliterate our entire planet, and then eventually cease to shine at all.

Most scientists believe that we are still “billions of years” away from that happening, but not everyone agrees.  And when our sun does die, it is likely going to look something like this

Basically, the sun’s chemical make up will cause it to grow twice as bright and twice as big as it is now, thus increasing Earth’s temperature from a mean of 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit and completely obliterating our planet’s oceans. That’s just the start.

Eventually, the sun will increase to a size 166 times larger than it is now, and literally melt Earth’s mountains, creating a planet dominated by flowing lava. As the sun grows bigger, its atmosphere will be shot off into space, pushing everything around it further away. Once that period ends, and once the sun basically runs out of fuel, it’ll approach the end of its cycle, and actually increase even more to 180 times the size it is now while also becoming thousands of times brighter.

Could it be possible that our sun is in the very early stages of shutting down already?  There are some people out there that are absolutely convinced that our sun is using up it’s hydrogen fuel at a much faster rate than previously believed.  And there are some people out there that are absolutely convinced that once the hydrogen gets down to a certain level that it will set off a chain reaction that will ultimately lead to the death of our sun.

So how soon could that happen?  Is it possible that the sun is rapidly running out of time?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth.  His new novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • 11Hotel

    While climate change is always happening, you had better be more worried about the rise and rule of antichrist. If you have your eternal house in order, don’t be too concerned about the sun & earth, as after the 2nd coming of Christ, He will rule on earth for 1,000 years…

    • Hammerstrike

      Don´t worry, the antichrist wouldn´t have a wife like moochelle.

    • Theodor

      Be careful not to be deceived… Christ’s Kingdom is not of this earth. The “1000 year rule” is a metaphor, and we are in that 1000 years now. This issue was settled in the first centuries of Christianity:

      When Christ comes, the Kingdom and eternity will come with him. But before that, the antichrist will come and will say that he is the Messiah and will promise heaven on earth…

    • verdinant

      Aw come on you guys also still believe in santa claus? I thought people were done with exploiting people by using a fairytale. Turns out people on this earth are not worthy to live. The sun is doing good things when he blows up now.

      • TheSeaquer

        I find it strange to knock at something that promotes loving people and living not materialistically. Believing in someone who even tho knew they were going to die in the horrible way that they did, still did it for me. No one bashes a person for having an inspiring tattoo of superman, batman, or pokemon on their chest/arm/leg/back. If you want to say well people know it’s not real, that’s just an excuse. For real is subjective, and only electrical pulses in the brain. You can only experience what I do to an extent, and if you say you care enough about people to tell them the truth that’s a lie lol. If that were true, I would think you’d be off trying to promote truth in the real troubles in the world. Not which “super hero” exist or doesn’t, who’s cooler and better. Lol

  • Johnrambo1

    Sun doom! Yaaaaaaaaa! Annihilate us universe!

  • DJohn1

    Space is incredibly big! Recently scientists have found evidence of a lot of debris between the stars. The debris in the form of dust might be the problem. We appear to be going through some dust clouds!
    This has effects on the light coming from the Sun. Thus the cooling. But the other effect is more dangerous!
    This dust is fueling the Sun with more material.
    If you put a cold log on an existing fire what happens? Well at first everything gets colder. This might be happening with the Sun!
    The increased fuel eventually catches up and the Sun then will get hotter.

    • Hammerstrike

      A signifiant part of the sun´s energy doesn´t come from fusion reaction in core, there are yet discoveries to be made about the cosmos and physic “laws”.

  • Eric D

    Thought provoking article Michael…

    Although it may sound quite far-fetched to many, it seems to eerily match the Apostle Peter’s description of the end ot the world in 2Peter 3:10-13
    Check it out….

  • KB

    The electric sun theory explains the variation in the sun’s brightness.

  • Kim


    • toya

      oh don’t laugh what is happening is no laughing matter.on the advise of our lord and savior we should all be praying fervently so please don’t laugh because god is making up his church getting us ready to won’t be funny if you’re left here to really see the things man will suffer because of sin and disobeying gods will for man.god bless be bless THE KING IS COMING.

  • Jeremiah Diehl

    Luke 21 – 25″There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, 26men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.…”

    This makes sense, considering we are near the end.

  • UV

    As Within
    So Without
    As Above
    So below

  • humptydumpty

    The sun shutting down would certainly throw a monkey wrench into the global warming alarmist theory 😉
    Can anyone say ICE-AGE……..

  • Jul.

    Its Mans Black Heart That is covering the SUN!

    • SamCarter12345

      Men aren’t the problem its the women that whisper wicked things into their ears. Now that is the problem.

      • autodidact12

        neither are the problem.

  • Hammerstrike

    On the contrary, hopefully the Sun will return to how it was in the age of the dinosaurs, when regions beyond the polar circles had forests.

  • seth datta

    Now this is just plain scaremongering.

  • jon

    It’s the suns magnetic field weakening. The field cannot contain the gases as before. If there are flares, cme, etc.. they will shoot out bigger and further than ever before. It’s an electric/magnetic universe. No ice age, but we will be burned alive, even the Illuminati hiding under ground.

  • CyberRabid

    What will be will be. All we can do is live our lives to the fullest regardless of what is happening.

    Just remember this; our Sun has never let us down before. So have a little faith in him now.

  • David McElroy

    Perhaps the Sun’s uptick in UV rays and such is why the skies are being filled with chemtrails. Perhaps scientists know the Sun is moving into a dangerous phase approaching its death, and would never tell the public the truth to avoid panic.

    • babeette

      Chemtrails are causing a dimming of sunlight reaching the earth. The sun’s fine. TPTB are the problem!

  • Wayne

    We have only been closely observing the sun for a very short span of time as compared to it’s life cycle. All of this could very well be just a phase of a larger cycle as yet unknown. We are analogous to germs on a bullet shot through the air. Eventually it won’t work out too well for us, but hopefully it will be hundreds of thousands of years until then, during whch we can figure something out. Meantime, nuclear matererials and cheicals are the major threat of our destruction.

  • salti

    Prof. ERic Dollard (our modern and equally suppressed Tesla) explains this further, and in layman’s terms, on YouTube.


    It might be worth looking at Is. 30:26 and 60:19-21. Isaiah
    gives some pretty startling info for last days thinking.

  • hypothesis’s’s’s

    could it be that an unseeable(unless you have infrared telescope tech) binary dark star is already nearby, continuing it’s approach and triggering said earth/sun changes?

  • Paul Tarsuss

    Spoken like a man with little for which to live….May God show you the error of your mockery while there is yet time for your to learn from it. Keep putting God in a box, and you may find that you’ve put yourself in one. His hand upon you, brother….Which hand, remains to be seen. Google – “Two hands of God” by J. Preston Eby for a crash course that just may help you change yours.

  • Ozymandias

    Sounds like a bunch of ca ca.. Has anyone observed the sun for any length of time (100 years, million years)…I don’t think so.

    • jaxon64

      this is how I also feel about all of the “climate change” whackos….for just a few dozens of years of observable and studied history of the earth’s climate cycles these enviro-cultist, Gaia worshippers make some kooky predictions.
      With geologic evidence in existence that the planet has had periods with up to 100x the current O2 levels–and life was abundant and flourishing. We have had periods of extreme cold with ice traveling within a few hundred miles of the equator–and life adapted and continued.
      We are living in one of the greatest periods of temperate stability in the planet’s history–well conducive to the propulgation and expansion of the human species–and crazy people get alarmed because prognosticators predict a 2 degree temp increase in the next 100 years? Seriously, 10 foot rise in ocean levels? So what! Some coastal areas get flooded out and man rebuilds further in-land..ultimately just an inconvenience and not the doomsday scenario that TPTB make it out to be….it is just another invented crisis that can be utilized to increase control of the masses.
      As for the sun winking out or growing and melting us? Se la vie…mankind in all of his arrogance has miniscule affect or control of the earth’s environment–it is all about the sun.
      If the sun goes out through a massive growth and then implosion–well there will be no record that our little planet ever even existed….every thought, dream, invention and evidence that mankind ever existed will cease to be–we would be less than a memory…
      This is one that is pointless to even worry about

  • Badger Badgerism

    “there will be signs in the sun and moon and the heavens”
    it’s here and now

  • Tatiana Covington

    If the sun shuts down that will get rid of Obamacare.

  • Shuunu

    Maybe it has something to do with the strange earth sized ufo’s hovering near the sun? :)) just a wild guess , but I think the light will shine no more for us as we take everything for granted..just my 2 cents..

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  • bounz

    the sun is making itself up for a new beginning 🙂 starting by changing it’s magnetic fields

  • BruceBaran

    Dies Natalis Solis Invicti – I am a disciple of the Lord Thy Sun, and the Lord has told me the Sun will continue to shine a hundred million generations of man.

    So sayeth the Lord our Sun!

  • TheSeaquer

    He said, there will be many who will come to Him in the end. He said that they will ask of Him, to take them for they did things in His name. That He will turn away from them saying, “go, for I never knew you”. You as a human being should know, that no one deserves to be loved for selfish reasons. It has to be genuine, not for self survival. Everyone has a moral compass, drugs and such block that. Being dillusional in a stupor is what they want, all because we all chase the feeling of when we were young. Everyone wants it back, whether good or bad. The good want it to never end, and the bad wish they had another opportunity to fix it. Either way its gone, but no one has to give up that light. Society wants you to fully grow up, but you must see through the eyes of a child in order to understand what’s really important.

    • Someguy

      Do you have evidence that immolating this particular flora impedes morality, or is this a conjecture with no backing? Our initialbresults indicate that it inebriates less than alcohol, and even our boy JC got his wine on sometimes. As long as they are a good person and accept your savior, my interpretation of your scripture does not lead me to the conclusion that inebriants keep you out of heaven. Just one extraterrestrial anthropological observer’s opinion. I wish our religions were this peaceful in their hay day!

  • account765xoleon

    consensual sex, sorry to say only a marriage between a man and a women is deemed holy to the lord. Weed could be taken a different way, the Lord wants us to be sober minded. God does not want us to suffer but sometimes to understand the full scope of things suffering in one way or another is necessary.

  • AutomatedSpellChecker

    Will we still have to pay taxes?

    • Badger Badgerism

      i dont pay taxes now….much less then
      i dont give money to criminals….as in the federal government

  • screamingmimi

    Since this article came out 4 years ago a LOT has happened in the heavens with the sun, moon, our orbit, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, bodies of water drying up, ocean water being sucked away from beaches, while flooding other areas of the globe, etc. Welcome to the end times folks! I think “scientists” have known for some time now that something’s going on with the sun. They’ve already put a ton of things in place to try to try to hide this fact from the public. For nearly 2 decades, a massive chemtrailing/geoengineering campaign has been going on. Clear blue skies that last all day long, with big fluffy clouds, are a thing of the past. They’re also using lensing and various solar arrays to mask or cover what’s happening with the sun. The sun has even been seen “flashing”, and the moon has been seen to rise while be eclipsed at the same time (starting out rising as a full moon, but as it rises, it turns into a crescent moon). Won’t be long now…

  • Badger Badgerism

    Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath.
    cuz with the sun dying Winter is going to be very bad.