Massive Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discovery In China – Includes Skin And Feathers!

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Tyrannosaurus rex skull - Photo by EncycloPetey

A fossil bed in China that is being called “Jurassic Park” has yielded perhaps the greatest dinosaur soft tissue discovery of all time.  According to media reports, “nearly-complete skeletons” have been discovered that even include skin and feathers.  But of course if these dinosaurs are really “160 million years old”, that should be absolutely impossible.  Needless to say, this shocking discovery is once again going to have paleontologists scrambling to find a way to prop up the popular myths that they have been promoting.  What they have been telling us simply does not fit the facts.  The truth is that this latest find is even more evidence that dinosaurs are far, far younger than we have traditionally been taught.

Once upon a time, scientists believed that it would be impossible to find anything other than the hardened fossilized remains of extinct dinosaurs.  And if those dinosaurs really were millions of years old, those scientists would have been 100% correct.  But instead, we are now starting to find dinosaur soft tissue all over the place.  The following is an excerpt from a recent Daily Mail article about this new discovery in China…

Almost more impressive than the diversity of the biota is the preservation of many of the vertebrate specimens, according to the study published in the Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology.

Fossils include complete or nearly-complete skeletons associated with preserved soft tissues such as feathers, fur, skin or even, in some of the salamanders, external gills.

One is the feathered dinosaur Epidexipteryx whose soft tissues have been revealed by the use of ultraviolet light scanners.

A fossil of the salamander Chunerpeton shows not only the preserved skeleton but also its skin and external gills.


Hopefully scientists in the west will get a chance to closely examine these soft tissue samples.

Prior to 1991, you would have been laughed out of the room if you had suggested that we might dig up the soft tissue of dinosaurs someday.

But all of that changed when Mary Schweitzer, a molecular paleontologist at North Carolina State University, did something that was absolutely unthinkable.  The following comes from an article in Smithsonian Magazine

In 1991, Schweitzer was trying to study thin slices of bones from a 65-million-year-old T. rex. She was having a hard time getting the slices to stick to a glass slide, so she sought help from a molecular biologist at the university. The biologist, Gayle Callis, happened to take the slides to a veterinary conference, where she set up the ancient samples for others to look at. One of the vets went up to Callis and said, “Do you know you have red blood cells in that bone?” Sure enough, under a microscope, it appeared that the bone was filled with red disks. Later, Schweitzer recalls, “I looked at this and I looked at this and I thought, this can’t be. Red blood cells don’t preserve.”

Schweitzer showed the slide to Horner. “When she first found the red-blood-cell-looking structures, I said, Yep, that’s what they look like,” her mentor recalls. He thought it was possible they were red blood cells, but he gave her some advice: “Now see if you can find some evidence to show that that’s not what they are.”

What she found instead was evidence of heme in the bones—additional support for the idea that they were red blood cells. Heme is a part of hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen in the blood and gives red blood cells their color. “It got me real curious as to exceptional preservation,” she says.

Posted below is an excerpt from a 60 Minutes video report about her remarkable discovery…

Of course since that time, many others have also dug up dinosaur soft tissue.  At this point, more than thirty specimens have been discovered and tested, and the specimens have come from an impressive array of various dinosaurs

The dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures that have yielded their biological material are hadrosaur, titanosaur, ornithomimosaur [ostrich-like dinosaurs], mosasaur, triceratops, Lufengosaurs, T. rex, and Archaeopteryx.

When Schweitzer originally made her discovery public, she was viciously attacked by other evolutionists who insisted that finding dinosaur soft tissue that was millions of years old was absolutely impossible.

And those evolutionists were right.

If the dinosaurs were really that old it would be impossible.

But now sample after sample and test after test have proven without a shadow of a doubt that we really are digging up dinosaur soft tissue.

Schweitzer and other paleontologists that are desperate to prop up their existing theories are now suggesting that “iron in the blood” could have preserved the soft tissue that we are finding for all of these millions of years.

If you believe that laughable theory, I have a bridge to sell you.

But there are a lot of people out there that are so desperate to keep believing their flawed version of “the truth” that they are actually buying it.

If you are interested in more of the technical details of this theory, you can find a more detailed explanation right here.

And of course it is not just soft tissue that scientists have to account for

It is not just dinosaur soft tissue, either, but the presence of detectable proteins such as collagen, hemoglobin, osteocalcin, actin, and tubulin that they must account for. These are complex molecules that continually tend to break down to simpler ones.

Not only that, but in many cases, there are fine details of the bone matrix, with microscopically intact-looking bone cells (osteocytes) showing incredible detail. And Schweitzer has even recovered fragments of the even more fragile and complex molecule, DNA. This has been extracted from the bone cells with markers indicating its source such that it is extremely likely to be dinosaur DNA.

In this case, I think that it would be very appropriate to apply Occam’s razor.  The reason why we are finding dinosaur bones with soft tissue in them is because they simply are not very old.

And when we carbon date dinosaur bones, it tells us the exact same thing.

Due to the rate that it decays, there should be absolutely no measurable radioactive carbon left in anything that was once living that is greater than 100,000 years old.

So there should be absolutely no measurable radioactive carbon in dinosaur bones.

But instead, that is precisely what we find.  Here is one example

“In June of 1990, Hugh Miller submitted two dinosaur bone fragments to the Department of Geosciences at the University in Tucson, Arizona for carbon-14 analysis. One fragment was from an unidentified dinosaur. The other was from an Allosaurus excavated by James Hall near Grand Junction, Colorado in 1989. Miller submitted the samples without disclosing the identity of the bones. (Had the scientists known the samples actually were from dinosaurs, they would not have bothered dating them, since it is assumed dinosaurs lived millions of years ago—outside the limits of radiocarbon dating.) Interestingly, the C-14 analysis indicated that the bones were from 10,000-16,000 years old—a far cry from their alleged 60-million-year-old age.”

And the truth is that radioactive carbon is being found in dinosaur bones that have been excavated all over the planet

Real Science Radio interviewed a scientist returning from the American Geophysical Union’s conference in Singapore where his international team presented results from five respected laboratories documenting significant quantities of Carbon 14 in bones from ten dinosaurs excavated from Alaska, Europe, Texas, Montana, and China’s Gobi Desert.

Additional evidence for the young age of dinosaurs comes from the fact that we find very accurate depictions of dinosaurs in ancient artwork all over the planet.  This is something that I covered in my previous article entitled “Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs?

Considering the fact that we only started digging up dinosaurs a couple hundred years ago, how did those ancient people know what they looked like?

That is something to think about.

I realize that this article is going to directly challenge things that a lot of people have believed all of their lives.

But we are never going to get anywhere if we just have blind faith in whatever the system tells us to believe.

It pays to question everything and to allow logic and reason to lead us to the truth.

So what are your thoughts on all of this?  Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

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  • DJohn1

    There might be dinosaurs living today. It would be in isolated pockets in areas where the cold is not to intense and they are isolated from the rest of the world.

    • Hammerstrike

      en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/Mokele-mbembe

      • 2Gary2

        broken link

  • 2Gary2

    I wonder if as creationists claim there will be the bones of people riding said dino’s

    • Kim

      Only if the evidence is there.

      • Tom

        Creationists do not believe they need evidence. Otherwise if their claims were evidence based there would be no such thing as Creationism.

        • Kim

          That’s not true.

          • Tom

            Oh really? Tell me your evidence of a god created earth that doesnt quote the bible.

          • Kim

            There is evidence. Lots of evidence. In fact, there is so much evidence that denying it would really be inexcusable.

          • Tom

            You’re “evidence” is not reproducible nor provable.

          • Matthew

            And neither is the “Theory” of evolution, but you maintain that as a “fact”!!! Show me where science has reproduced the small black dot that exploded with such great force that everything that is, formed??? What was that??? You can’t???

          • EducateURSELF!

            Actually, evolution is no longer theory… it was when Darwin offered it up for an explanation, since then, it has been proven countless times not only in the fossil record, but also in the mapping of human DNA. Ignorance is bliss… or shall we call that “faith”.

          • Hammerstrike

            WARNING: You may have a huge, invisible spider living in your skull. THIS IS NOT A METAPHOR.

            You will dismiss this as ridiculous fearmongering. Dismissing things as ridiculous fearmongering is, in fact, the first symptom of parasitic spider infection-the creature secretes a chemical into the brain to stimulate skepticism, in order to prevent you from seeking a cure. That’s just as well, since the “cure” involves learning what a chain saw tastes like.

            You can’t feel the spider, because it controls your nerve endings. You can’t see it, because it decides what you see. You won’t even feel it when it breeds. And it will breed. So what happens when your family, friends, and neighbors get mind-controlling skull spiders? We’re all about to find out.

            Just stay calm, and remember that telling you about the spider situation is not the same as having caused it. I’m just the messenger. Even if I did sort of cause it.

            Either way, I won’t hold it against you if you’re upset. I know that’s just the spider talking.

          • John

            So, where is this evidence?
            Before you answer, can you please define evidence in your own words? I want to check if you understand what the word evidence means.

          • Tenacity7

            Read a Case For A Creator by ex-atheist Lee Strobel. His research into the evidence forced him to reject the same malarkey you are pushing.

          • John

            How do you know your god exists?

    • Hammerstrike

      It is a well-known fact that jesus rode dinosaurs.

      1.bp.blogspot.c om/-_2sfaQ675e8/TVWxbXR4RtI/AAAAAAAACe8/-aLAjaP5JqU/s1600/jesusdino.j pg

      Here is the proof.

  • javier cruz

    you ask, how could they have representations of dinosaurs if they never saw them? If we accept that they must therefore have seen the dinosaurs we must also accept that they saw helicopters. That is even harder to explain so there must be another answer. Of course there is! The argument here is not logical or reasonable.

    • Kim

      Not necessarily. There are many things in nature that resemble a helicopter. It’s not a stretch to conclude that the imagination of men would sketch a machine resembling something in nature, like a helicopter, IF those ancient sketches/carvings are even real. It’s called biomimetics or biomimicry. That said, I don’t discount the possibility of “otherworldly” sightings. That doesn’t mean they were based on anything real. But the spirit world, and those who inhabit it, is real and very powerful.

      But to imagine something like a dinosaur, in all that detail? No, men were there.

      • Tom

        Lets just throw all rational thought out the window and come up with a statement like this “But to imagine something like a dinosaur, in all that detail? No, men were there.” So you’re suggesting that being that artists can draw a dinosaur in detail that you automatically jump to the conclusion that people were alive at the time dinosaurs. its called artists interpretation and based on how the paleontologists reconstruct the bones dug up in a single area, the dinosaurs shape takes a general figure. From that the artist can basically play connect the dots. Its quite a leap to go from artist interpretation to “They were there” as you say.

        • Kim

          Yes, they were there. It’s obvious.

          • Tom

            Again, because YOU say its Obvious does not mean its true. as you have no provable credentials stated yet.

          • EducateURSELF!

            There is no arguing with Faith, Tom. If I truly TRULY believe that Santa Claus is real, then it is. I don’t need proof because I wouldn’t be willing to look at it anyway. There is no fixing the ignorance that exists in this world, which I’m ok with as long as they leave their fairy tales out of the science classroom. Unfortunately the idiots in Texas are trying to do just that… if that happens, this country will no longer develop anything of importance, rendering us in the dark ages… which I have a feeling would suit Kim just fine.

          • Tenacity7

            There are many dumbed down, misled, misinformed, greedy and deceptive people with credentials.

          • Tom

            Sadly there are many more deceptive, greedy, hypocritical, misled people in the church that feel they can make things up to fit their argument. Then write online where people mistake their fallacies as fact. Science doesn’t prey on belief and expect people to believe just on faith. Major Science theories go though many stages including publishing and peer review and open up for proving the theory wrong vs “god said this so its true” where there is no questioning it. If someone heard voices these days we could prove the persons sanity and millions of people wouldn’t have to die in the name of what this crazy person heard or didn’t hear.

  • Kim

    Oh those darn dragons!

    • Hammerstrike

      e n.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/Mokele-mbembe

      • Kim

        If u have something to say, please tell me in your own words. If your ideas aren’t worth writing out in the form of a thoughtful response, then I have to assume your links aren’t meaningful to you as well.

        • J A

          Oh, and darn dragons is really insightful right. Get over yourself.

          • Kim

            Sorry I offended u.

          • EducateURSELF!

            You don’t offend any of us. Personally, we are saddened by your lack of education. I’m assuming your from the south, where education just doesn’t seem to carry an importance.

          • Kim

            I am from the south. Southern Washington. Actually northern Oregon, however u wanna look at it. I am uneducated. I barely finished law school. Let’s not even discuss the bar.

          • Callengreen

            lol @ “the bar”
            some people think it’s a multiple choice test you take with a pencil….

          • Kim

            Lol. I’m trying to keep my sense of humor intact.

            I guess we all have our opinions. I need to be more respectful of some, even if I believe they are wrong or stupid.

          • John

            How do you know your god exists?

        • Hammerstrike

          Simple, There are likely dinosaurs still alive today, known by the locals.

          The creature, Mokele-Mbembe, kill hippopotamuses, its likely competitors.

          Where it is said by the natives to exist, there are indeed no hippopotamus to be found.

          Where dragons inspired by just a few bones and skulls?

          Is vampirism just something that was made-up across many countries and cultures, not an actual maladie?

          The answer is no.

          The carcass of a dragon is discovered in a high mountain in western europe, then what?

          There would initially be some controversy but eventually, it would be dismissed as a hoax, even with DNA testings. Back to “normal”, yes.

          Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention. That is how it is here.

          It happens in PRC, Chinese medias would go for whatever evidences there are, the governement decide to use its DNA, first to sell dragon meat, then to make clones of it.

  • Hammerstrike

    What if I told you dinosaurs still exist? -)

    e n.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/Mokele-mbembe

    • Kim

      Yeah but they’re not as big.

    • Tenacity7

      Many of the larger dinosaurs could not exist today with the lung capacity they had pre-flood due to the change in oxygen content in the atmosphere. Shorter life spans mean they don’t live long enough to get that big. And yes, they still exist. Look into political prisoner Kent Hovind’s video lectures. He shows the truth from a scientific (observable) perspective.

      • Matt Atkinson

        Hovind, the guy with the phony Ph.D. and laughably-bad “dissertation” from a literal trailer on a dirt road “university” who thinks there used to e a dome of ice suspended over the atmosphere around the entire planet? Yeaaaah, no.

        • Liam H. Suh

          Not a dome of ice, but enveloped by water. The only way dinosaurs (large) could survive would be in a pressurize environment. They did not have the size (muscular) to fill those lungs by inhaling, their design implicates that they had to exert energy to exhale and the pressurized environment did the inhaling for them.

          Again, the Bible; thousands of years old; not a science book, yet scientifically accurate. How could that be without the revelation from He who created it.

          If you have answers that differ from our Creator’s, please share your wealth of knowledge with us, my friend.

          “A rebuke goes deeper into one who has understanding Than a hundred blows into a fool.”

          “He that answer a matter before he hear it, it is folly and shame unto him.” -A man whom was searched out for his wisdom by Kings and Queens, King Solomon

          • Callengreen

            One of the things that support major differences in past atmospheric pressure are tools which have been found in the depths of various quarries around the globe, some of which are manufactured from ferrous metals that display characteristics can only be duplicated in a controlled environment under much greater O2 concentrations and higher barometric pressures.
            As for the “dome” of ice or water, orbital temperature currently range from approximately +250ºF (in the sun’s light) to -145ºF or so in the shadow of the planets. Obviously this lead the hypothesis that the “dome” would have been in flux from one form of H2O to another, but does not mean it would necessarily cease to exist. Evaporation, to some degree, is continent on having an atmosphere, but another possible reason the H2O could have been sustained in the “dome” is the ionization of the atmosphere below, and/or interaction with the surrounding radiation currently known as the Van Allen Radiation belts. Who knows? I know someone who does and hope to meet Him someday. We surely It is just hypothesis from all sides after all. We were not there. But hypothesis is what it is. Mainstream wants to put their hypothesis on current conditions and controls, dismissing ancient writing and global abundant evidence contradicting their theories, and is you get a copy of “Forbidden Archeology” you with see (partially) how far academia will go to protect their presumptuous theories.

          • jobi3e

            Have you been told about the invisible unicorns that cause earth’s rotation? I would love to share the true word of unicorn rotation with anyone!

    • Matt Atkinson

      I’d congratulate you for how cleverly you’d trolled the young-earth Creationists here with a reference to a fabled sea monster considered a thoroughly non-existent analogue to the Loch Ness Monster. Unless you were SERIOUS, and in that case I’d honestly feel a bit smug that I’m not as prone to this kind of bull$@% as creationists are.

  • Robere

    As a professional geologist and young earth creationist I have seen how immersed the profession is in dogma concerning billions or years etc. Is it possible that not much in the main stream media, popularized science, such as Bill Nye, Discovery etc. is nothing more than propaganda? Look, these evolutionists have to have billions of years and yet the dinosaur discoveries clearly indicate a young earth. The truth will ultimately win out, I just hope it is not too late!

    • Tom

      Nothing in this world suggests a new earth. And the fact that you are calling yourself a professional geologist you know better to make that remark. Unless by professional geologist you mean you collect rocks in your backyard.

      • krinks

        You are what he is talking about. Brain dead and lost by your own bias. An honest look at the evidence proves the Bible, Creation, and Young Earth.

        • Tom

          What evidence do you speak of? In science when someone says look at the evidence they will also reference what evidence I should look at. Your insults do not affect me, I know exactly where I am and definitely not brain dead. I would tell someone that truly believes in fairy tales is much more delusional than someone that seeks evidence to explain humanity in a methodical way.

          • Only lies are spoon fed

            That’s called observational science Tom. True science is not part of the religion of evolution/old Earth. Tom must believe in the evolutionary fairy tale where life came from no life, something came from nothing, and genetics ‘somehow’ intelligently built upon itself all without any intelligence, EVEN though we can find no evidence of genetics expanding on itself now. Amazing!

          • Tom

            Lol at evolutionary fairy tale. So its more believable that a guy built the universe in 6000 years even though REAL evidence we can see right before our very own eyes says that is blatenty false. Its frustrating arguing with you people because you are not living in the real consciousness but blinded by a religious faith that has no basis in fact.
            You cannot call evolution a religion due to the face its constantly proven in nature and history. Religion is based on stories written in a shroud of mystery and based on interpretation of texts handed down for generations. There were councils that voted whether to keep or ditch items of the bible due to their context that would make the religion less holy and more human.
            I like to live in the real world thanks.

          • Tenacity7

            My very own eyes see stasis and extinction. Old earth theory is based upon assumptions and circular reasoning. If you had an open mind, you would see that there is a great deal of observable data indicating the earth has been here less than 100,000 and likely much less. Look at the deltas, the magnetic field, the lunar orbit, polonium 218 halos and etc. When you look at the observable data through the lens of Scripture, the answers are clear and simple and lines up with the most documented history we have. Have you ever seen a mutation create information? You have bought into the fabrications of men looking for fame and fortune who find power in denying the Creator and inventing their own pseudo-science.

          • Tom

            Its like talking to a misguided wall. I’m not going to get anywhere with you nor do I care to. Keep plugging your ears and believing in the booty man

          • Liam H. Suh

            Check these things out for the little man in your picture. You have nothing to lose and will gain either real knowledge or ammunition against those you disagree with. Regardless, do it for him. I am sure that you already do things for him that are not for your pleasure.

            It will be time well spent, I promise you, Tom.

          • Tom

            There are much better ways to spend time with him that does not include religion. The world is beautiful because of science, if everyone left it up to god to fix later humans would take no responsibility for messing up the environment and thus would not clean it up.

          • nekksys

            1) God insists we be good stewards of the planet He gave us. He isn’t some Intergalactic Mr. Fix-it or some nebulous wish-granter. We have the responsibility to keep our Earth in good condition. Don’t confuse those who refuse to be good stewards with those of us who are.

            2) In regards to Liam’s contentions, there are clear Scriptures which reveal scientific details the authors could NOT have known. For example, in Job 26:7 (from the original Hebraic texts, not the Septuagint or Vulgate) we find,

            “He suspends the Earth upon nothing.

            How would Job know that our earth is quite literally floating in space if he hadn’t been told?

            3) The Apostle Paul tells us that,

            “A day is as a thousand years to the Lord”

            Judging by that statement (and by what I glean from the book of Genesis), God took about “2 weeks” to do creation. Therefore, the Scriptural date of creation has to be somewhere around 25,000 to 40,000 years ago rather than the much-alleged 6,000 years. I, however, do not subscribe to this simply because the rate at which fossilization occurs is much longer than 40,000 years. How or why some things get to be so well-preserved while others decay away into nothing, I do not know and neither do I really care. It’s a curiosity to be sure but well outside my realm of conjecture.

            So, you see, there is room for intellectual debate on this issue and not just dogmatic nay-saying. I’ve put up my conjecture on the subject along with supporting evidence. Please, feel free to do the same.

          • Liam H. Suh

            Or simply look at all the scientific evidence given in the Bible. There is NO WAY that the authors could have known these facts without divine revelation. Who knew that there were under ocean currents, mountains in the deep, springs at the bottom of the ocean, that stars “sing” (look up the actions of a hydrogen atom and what happens when the electrons change direction), the water cycle, etc.; the list continues, but would it matter to one who disregards proof and fills it in with whatever they have been told or use of others fabrications.

            Look for yourself or continue to be blinded by your guides.


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          • ME

            PRAISE GOD!!!!

          • ME

            Tom if we are such smarties geniuses if you will I’d like for you to tell me how it is that in 220 yrs this is all we have built in the US look around…we’ve destroyed as much as weve “created” actually more because not only are we destroying our inventions but ourselves our planet and our minds with filthy evil lies and man is the propaganda mouth piece to do just that! You sir are much to pride filled never giving GOD the credit he deserves without him and his GREATNESS THE GREAT I AM ……. THERE IS NOT LIFE!!!!

          • Tom

            LOL. Have you been watching the Cosmos series, or seen the Carl Sagen version. These are the things MAN has discovered, God is only present in the things we havent discovered of figured out yet. You people are the past, holding the rest of us back from moving to the future. We learn from the past, but only grow towards the future. If you look back as to why we did not discover more in the past 200 years, almost always it is due to religious influence. Killing great philosophers and scientists for simply questioning the word of a board of people who didnt even write the bible until 600 years AFTER the death of your savior. (Ever heard of the game telephone). You may think im being blasphemous and I know someone so lost as most of you really will not accept proof if its under your nose. but I assure you, the world is SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL without god or religion. Understanding and Consiousness is truely one of the greatest gifts EVOLUTION gave us.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            I was once as lost as you. We are here on earth only for a moment our life is but a vapor. In the temporal world this physical body dies and then you go to the real world, which is spiritual. Did you ever notice that atheists never die for anything, whereas the Christians walked into the Coliseum to be killed in a grotesque manner rather than give up their faith. I want to know who was the last person to die for evolution. Lastly this is a fallen world and it is degenerating at an accelerating pace because God has been taken out. No prayer in schools , no ten commandments, just jungle rules. We are now seeing first hand lfe without God and what it means. God Bless.

          • Tom

            Hahaha. Really you want to go there. MANY great scientists and theologens were BURNED AT THE STAKE, murdered for their beliefs at the hands of Christians such as yourself. A woman had her flesh torn from her bones by a group of christians for her ideas and writings which were later burned by your people. You cant deny your history if you choose to live in it. How many people have died in the name of religion? And how many more need to?

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            I am not religious but a non denominational bible reading person. I study the Bible and have been on a quest for the truth for 20 years.
            The historical actions you describe are religious tyranny and the climate that the pilgrims left England to escape.
            The rights that you enjoy today ( that r very fast fading ) came from God not gov. these r unalienable rights ( and soon to be taken away)
            Man is a fallen creature and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have a gov and financial system that is absolutely corrupt. U are abou to see how corrupt and fallen very soon.
            Get right with God there is not much time left. Read about the blood moons which are on the immediate horizon. These r signs from God that His Son Jesus is Coming for those that love Him and have lived by the Word of God. This is called The Rapture. Haha the gov will tell u that the aliens abducted us. But that is a story for another day.

          • Tom

            All kinds of crazies in here. The “New Universe Nutties” and “The End is Near Crazies” with that said im going to unsubscribe to this thread as this is now beyond help.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            You feel/believe that you are dealing with crazies and nutties lol. I understand I once was where u are. I have a friend who is not Biblical as I am and his recent comment to me was ‘ Bill one does not need to be a rocket scientist to see that everything is going to hell in a handbasket but I am not ready yet to put what I see into a Biblical context but I am eyeballing this route. ‘ Lastly if we all agreed on every topic what would we talk about at cocktail parties lol. Stay on and debate opposite views and thoughts are good.

          • Jo Brown

            The gov won’t need to lie about it. When Jesus comes to collect his followers “every eye will see him”, it will not be done in secret. Just like the two witnesses in Revelation are raised to life and rise to heaven in the sight of their persecutors, so the saints will rise to meet their Lord in the air in full view of the rest of the world. Check out “Amazing Facts [dot] org” or “Final Events [dot] com” for more details on the unfolding of end-times events. God bless you!

          • Liam H. Suh

            Actually, they will not all see Him until the end of Revelation. The moment that we are ‘caught up’ will happen ‘in the twinkling of an eye’, ‘like a thief in the night’. Let’s not confuse one (Rapture) with the other (2nd Coming).

          • John

            Does your god know if I will repent or not?

          • John

            Do you believe in the Bible because of Jesus, or do you believe in Jesus because of the Bible?

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Hi John, The Bible is the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is the Jewish Tanach and talks about a coming savior The Messiah ! The New Testament was written about the Messiahs life and His name is Yeshua. The Bible is your lifeline if you love Jesus.

          • John

            You did not answer my question.

            I did not ask you what the Bible is. I asked you:

            Do you believe in the Bible because of Jesus, or do you believe in Jesus because of the Bible?

            Please pay attention to my question and try to answer it.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            I believe in Jesus BECAUSE of Jesus. I never read or studied the Bible until I was 48. I was raised Catholic and so was my education was attending Catholic elementary school and Catholic private boys school. But in all those years of Catholic education I never had classes in The Bible and never read or studied The Bible. What a disgrace and loss of good learning time.

            At the age of 48 my real walk with Jesus began as I was ” SAVED ” at a pizzeria and Christian mission in Ft Lauderdale Fl. named Heavenly Pizza. It was there that I learned the importance of The Bible and began to study in THE BIBLE in earnest and attended Calvary Chapel of Ft Lauderdale a non denominational BIBLE based Church.

            So, I am now 68 and still learning, studying, and reading The Bible EVERY DAY. I go to home BIBLE STUDIES 3 nites a week.

            There are people in areas of the world that do not have a Bible and only VERBALLY hear of Jesus and love HIM as much as I.

            There are areas of the mideast that you die if caught with a BIBLE. So there are people who must think it has some importance.

          • John

            You did not answer my question.

            Are you saying that you believe in the bible because of Jesus?

            Please answer it.
            And no, you can’t believe in X because of X. That is not epistemologically sound.

            If you are saying you believe in Jesus because of Bible, then you are a bibliolater; you workshop the Bible and not your deity (Yeshua/Yahweh/spirit with no name or mane).

            If you are indeed saying you believe in the Bible because of Jesus, then tell me:

            1) How do I get saved?
            2) From what do I need to get saved from?

            Pay attention, answer the questions. Your scripture (1 Peter 3:15) commands you to defend your faith.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            GET SAVED by ASKING Yeshua for forgiveness of your sins and asking Yeshua to come into your life and be your Lord and Master and live inside you. This is most commonly called the sinners prayer. You are then Born Again and HOLY SPIRIT FILLED.

            SAVED FROM the all loving Justice of Yahwah . There is none righteous no not one.

            I have been saved by the graciousness of Yahwah for over 20 years and I am waiting for The Blessed Hope to get me out of this septic tank that I am walking in.

            I pray that this September Feast of Trumpets I hear the trumpet blow.


          • John

            So, to get saved, you say : “GET SAVED by ASKING Yeshua for forgiveness of your sins and asking
            Yeshua to come into your life and be your Lord and Master and live
            inside you. This is most commonly called the sinners prayer. You are
            then Born Again and HOLY SPIRIT FILLED.”

            But that is not being saved if I have to do something. I asked, how do i get saved. I did not ask you what I should do to get saved.
            In summary, you are saying that I need to save myself.

            From what to get saved from: “SAVED FROM the all loving Justice of Yahwah . There is none righteous no not one.”

            So, I need to get saved from ‘justified of Yahwah? I need to get saved from something that your deity created, his creation.

            Ok, so just to recap:
            I need to save myself from your god.

            In other words, I am fine. No need to do anything because you have not even convinced me that your deity exists!

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            I cannot convince you and that is not possible that is the work of God and YOU.
            God exists OUT OF TIME and in eternity. He can see both ends of the parade of LIFE at the same time. He knows what your choice will be.
            God honors your choice if you do not want HIM in your life you will have that….. for eternity.
            If you have these doubts of God why do you spend time asking questions ABOUT GOD why not just go to an atheist site and you can all tell each other were all FINE there is NO GOD and quaff it all down lol
            Quaff Quaff Quaff haha lol

          • John

            You claim: “I cannot convince you and that is not possible that is the work of God and YOU.”

            Oh, now I have to so save myself and your god saves me. That makes no sense.

            You claim: “God exists OUT OF TIME and in eternity.”

            Definition of Eternity: Endless time.
            So, your god exists inside and outside of time? That makes no sense.

            You claim: “He can see both ends of the parade of LIFE at the same time. He knows what your choice will be. ”

            So, he knows if I will repent or not. Therefore, no matter what I do, he already knows the outcome, thus I have no free will. But your scripture says I have free will. So, I have free will, but also do not? That makes no sense.

            You claim: “God honors your choice if you do not want HIM in your life you will have that….. for eternity.”

            Oh, now he does not know what my choice will be? So, your god is not omniscient, he does not know my future decisions. OK then, stupid god.

            You claim: “If you have these doubts of God why do you spend time asking questions
            ABOUT GOD why not just go to an atheist site and you can all tell each
            other were all FINE there is NO GOD and quaff it all down lol ”

            But you have not convinced me that you god exists.
            All you did was argue that I need to save myself from your god.
            You then tried to explain to me what you god is (can exist inside and outside time, is not omniscience, and never gave me free will) and how contradictory his attributes are.

            You, my dear, just argued that your god is illogical and therefore does not exist.

            Tissue baby?

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Haha time for your quaffing at an atheist site. Quaff Quaff dont waste my time lol.
            You must be a school teacher……….

          • John

            So, you do not respect my time or your own content or your scripture (1 Peter 3:15).
            That is quite evident in the fact that you refuse to address the mistakes and the questions that I asked you for.

            What I find quite stifling is your ability to claim to know my beliefs when I have not stated them.
            I never claimed to be a school teacher.
            I never claimed that I believe in: Evolution, Global Warming, Abortion, No God, and most definitely LGBT, and yahoo SAME SEX MARRIAGE.

            What other magic can you do besides reading my mind?

            How do you know your god created time?
            How do you even know your god exists?

            Pay attention, answer my questions.

            Prediction: You will once again not answer my questions or address your mistakes that I pointed out. But you will deliver more assertion fallacies grounded in your museum of mistakes. You would not even tell me how to get saved or from what to get saved from, of dear. Are you happy with that?

          • Keith Tauber

            Ignorance at its best. Your straw man argument is fallacious and silly. Unless I was a witness to Jesus I and anyone else needs the written Word to tell us about who Jesus was and is. Then people who are witnesses to his wonderful grace, love, and power share the good news throughout the Earth. So people might have heard of Jesus from a preacher or person but the Bible is why we know who He is. This in no way means I am worshiping the Bible. Your classic straw man argument is not going to work. The FACT remains that Jesus is LORD whether I or you or anyone else believes it. He doesn’t need us to validate Him John. It is you who needs to learn who He is. He already knows who you are.

          • spdwaver1

            Old comment, but a great question nevertheless; I would have loved to read a direct and sincere reply.

          • John

            Can you answer it?
            Do you believe in the Bible because of Jesus, or do you believe in Jesus because of the Bible?

          • spdwaver1

            I will do my best to answer your original question and answer the questions that followed.

            Q: Do you believe in the Bible because of Jesus, or do you believe in Jesus because of the Bible?

            A: I believe in [the truths contained within] the Bible because of Jesus.

            I do not “believe in the Bible” for my salvation, since that would be, as you put it, idolatry in putting my belief and faith in an object; but I believe that the Bible is a collection of books written by many authors (mankind) who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the words which leads one to understand the need for a fallen creation to seek salvation from a Savior because we cannot attain to the holiness of God other than by His means of reconciliation to Himself. He created the means by which man must be saved, and that plan is written in what we call the Bible.

            I believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior, the Son of God, who died a substitutionary death for our sins – sins which kept us separated from God the Father – and through belief in Jesus being who He said He is, we find acceptance with the Father. The Father’s acceptance and justification of Jesus’ death is illustrated by Jesus being raised from the dead after being dead for three days in a tomb.

            The Bible contains the words of our need for salvation and of our need for a savior – for *the* Savior – as provided by God the Father for the remission of our sins which separated us from Him.

            Q: How do I get saved?

            A: Confess that Jesus is who He said He is and ask Him into your heart to save you from your sins and to forgive you of your sins; believing that He paid for your sins through His substitutionary death, you will be saved and will have a right relationship with God the Father through Jesus, since you have accepted His offer of salvation by believing in His Son and His Son’s substitutionary death for your sins. He “paid the ransom” of that which is due to the Father through our disobedience. But, by believing in Him and accepting His death for your sins, you will be saved.

            It is not by our works that we are saved or by believing in the Bible; but by accepting the covering of His shed blood are we saved. After all, even the demons believe in the Son of God “and they tremble”. He died once for all and we need only accept His substitutionary death for the covering of our sins and confess our sins to Him so that He may pardon us of our sins.

            In times past, animals were sacrificed as a substitution for man, to cover man’s sins, which is a type or model that would come in later times in Jesus being the sacrificial “Lamb of God”. We accept Jesus as the Lamb of God and that by His death (and subsequent resurrection) are we saved.

            Q: From what do I need to get saved from?

            A: You need to be saved from your own sins – your fallen state of being in opposition to God the Father. We are born into a fallen world through rebellion to God, in opposition to a perfect and Holy God; you must accept the plan of salvation as provided by God through the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ by calling upon God to save you, in the name of Jesus Christ who died for you, so that you may be forgiven of your sins by the covering of His blood.

            Once you have called upon God in the name of Jesus Christ and accepted His offer of salvation for you, confess your sins to Him. In as much as is in you, con

            Through His salvation you will then be indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God, which will create in you both the understanding of the words written in the Bible and will lead you into righteousness and of good works. It is not for good works that one is saved, but by the saving blood of Jesus Christ who cleanses us of our unrighteousness and presents us clean and perfect before the Father.

            I could keep going on and in more depth (which, due to my long-windedness, will more than likely cause confusion), but I do believe I have adequately expressed what I believe to be a satisfactory reply to the questions you asked.

            I welcome any questions you may have and hope that you are either already saved or will, through belief in Him, call upon Him for salvation.

          • John


            So you believe in the Bible because of Jesus. That opens two questions:
            You stated , which means you accept that the Bible has faults in, and contradictions, it can’t be relied on. E.g. Evolution renders Genesis a myth. Many apologists accepts this, and have arguments for their god’s existence outside the Bible. Do you have one?

            God the Father? Are you a Mormon?

            A: To how I get saved, you say I need to beg Jesus for forgiveness. That is not being saved at all if I have to do something, do work (ask and beg). The savior saves, has to do the work to save the victim (me). You are merely suggesting that I need to surrender my critical faculties to accept that your god created me sick (full of sin) and that a story (your credulity, and I don’t have to believe what the Bible says) can order me well. You merely stated that I need to save myself.

            A: I need to get saved from my own sins. Your God created me sick (full of sin), so I need to get saved from the way your god created me. Why did he not just created me without sin? You may say I inherited this because of original Sin (Adam and Eve). Your god made Adam and Eve in his image; without the knowledge of good and evil; without a belly button. Yet your god punished them for eating from the tree of knowledge, for wanting knowledge of good and evil. And you god knew that this would happen even before he created Adam and Eve. Yet he created them without this knowledge and punished them for doing something unavoidable. How is that logical? How can you punish someone for something that was unavoidable? Wat that your god’s faulty production line, or faulty design, or faulty foreknowledge. But your god did not stop there, he fashioned every single person born after that with sickness (sin), just because of his own incompetence. He even tried to kill his own son (or was it himself being a trinity), but we both know how that tuned out. He could not even get that right, his son just rose again after 3 days in a maggot invested body scaring children! No wonder you state that I need to get saved from his creation, from him because he owns everything.

            How absurd.
            You just stated quite clearly that I need to save myself from your god. And that is exactly what I’m doing; I lack a belief in your god and his contradictory book. I’m glad that you are also doing that, or are you not? You lack a belief in only one less god than I do. You see, I feel exactly the same about Jesus as you feel about Zeus.

            Let me ask you these two more questions as well:

            1) Does your god know if I will repent or not?
            2) Does your god know more than me?


          • spdwaver1

            Ah, I see where this is going, and so I am going to make a few assumptions based on some of your remarks, and then I am going to respectfully bow out of this debate, since I do not believe that you even want to believe, but will only debate with me and others until you get bored and then move on to the next sucker. If I am wrong, then I sincerely apologize, but from my view over here, it seems that I am merely setting myself up by giving you target practice. That is fine, if that is truly your intention, I do not mind; but I would rather write to you with purpose and not with the end result of being the only with the apple on my head.

            But first, I will answer a few of your questions:

            I do not subscribe to evolution because of there being way too many assumptions and scientists seem to be bound by an almost fraternity of believers of a theory that has not been proven because it is way more convenient to believe in something that is so completely convoluted; it is a theory that sounds better and “cooler” than believing in a God that we cannot comprehend (which I believe is part of what makes Him so believable as being God; as being unsearchable and unapproachable as He is, holy and perfect, and with the ability to create everything that is out of nothing and then to reconcile all things to Himself). I do not believe that “evolution” has proven anything; I do believe that evolution is acceptable to scientists (not to science itself) because one can merely posit tens of millions to billions of years for random unguided processes to form a completely structured, logical universe that can be mathematically explained. The fact that evolution is the de facto teaching in class rooms – forcibly and with contempt – and threats of termination of employment and outright firing of those who publicly oppose, question, offer alternate theories or teach some other doctrine altogether makes it seem like it is so fragile that it must be guarded and force-fed.

            And no, I am not a “Mormon”. I was raised as a “heathen” with all the things that go along with being heathen (I say this in more humor than in seriousness) and came to believe that Jesus is the Son of God / is God (trinity) based on faith (“…the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen) that He is who He says He is, and since He has proven Himself to me personally by many infallible truths, to the point where I simply cannot deny that He is God without telling a lie.

            And now, a few assumptions of my own:

            You do not believe in God because He did not create us in an incorruptible body and without the ability to sin; you cannot appreciate the fact that He offers everyone the choice of whether or not to eat from the literal and symbolic “tree of knowledge of good and evil” or to choose life and follow Him; you do not like God because He asks you to believe in His Son (an act of obedience to Him) for salvation; you seem to subscribe to the same tactics as that of Richard Dawkins and have even quoted him or the late Christopher Hitchens somewhere in there, through ridicule and in seeming angst.

            As an aside, I happened to like Christopher Hitchens; I enjoyed his style and passion, and I was saddened by his untimely demise. I hope that he secretly called on Jesus before he passed.

            “Maggot-infested body”, “scaring children” — nice touch but I’ve heard these (and more) before. I am not immune to humor, but I was assuming you were genuinely interested in knowing what this God-thing is all about.

            I have always wondered in amazement how people can hate that which is not real. If He is not real, then why do you have a problem with Him (rhetorical, I really do not need your answer) or His ways? If He is absolutely not real, then why bother asking the questions?

            Your problem is not with me, because as far as you are concerned, I cannot be a rational person since I have accepted that this Jesus Christ is the Son of God without fully knowing whether or not ALL of the statements and alleged facts written in the Scriptures are absolutely true (taking into consideration that certain elements are indeed to be taken as symbolic rather than literal). We read in the Gospel that one came to believe in Jesus as He was hanging on the cross with Him. He only needed to confess that he was a sinner and then to ask that Jesus would remember him when He went to His kingdom. Jesus answered back to him that he would “be with [Him] in paradise”. No theology, no arguing, no spinning of plates, no reading even. Just a confession and a simple question, and he was saved.

            He has made a way of escape from eternal separation from Him, and you need only to accept His offer through belief in Him and faith in His Son. What is this so difficult for people to grasp? What will it hurt? What is there to lose? I personally do not wish anyone would decide against “so great a salvation”, but I know – as God knows – one cannot make another to decide one way or the other and since He cannot do it, neither can I. I do not believe I can convince anyone to put their faith in God, and so I cannot continue on the premise that I should try to convince you by answering all of these pointless questions. I can only write to you as respectfully as possible and pray that you will take a serious introspection and see if you want to be saved or if you want to live in rebellion.

            Who else has ever made the offer for all of humanity to escape damnation? It was not Zeus, it was God.

            If you want to learn more about scientific evidence or for philosophical debates, read up on Biblical archaeology (ICR) or watch William Lane Craig debates or read his Q & A on his site; I am not nearly as well versed as he is in the nuances of debate, but I think he can at least help you with some or a lot of your questions on a purely philosophical basis.

            In closing, I can only hope that this zeal of yours will allow you to genuinely seek after and find the truth, and not believe in assumptions and/or sarcastic remarks made by other Atheists or believe solely the fallible words of people like myself, which leads only to arrogance and a mind settled on bitterness toward a “god that does not exist”.

            If I am wrong in any of my assumptions, then I do sincerely apologize, and regretfully so, but I am human and fallible and I make plenty of mistakes. But given the tone of your response, I can see that this will get both of us nowhere. I only want everyone else to have what I have (besides these bills) in being secure in my salvation.

            One last question, for you to think about (you have probably heard this one before, but I am doing a terrible job of paraphrasing it):

            “If it could be proven to you beyond any reasonable doubt that Jesus is the Son of God, would you accept His invitation and follow Him?”

          • Keith Tauber

            John, your ignorance for all things Holy knows no bounds. Your general lack of knowledge on the things of God is enormous. Please stop the charade.

            First God did not CREATE YOU. He Created Adam and Eve. In His creation he gave the ability for Man to procreate. So your parents created you and if you were created sick, I am sorry for you.

            Sin began in the garden. Sin is disobedience to the command that God gave Adam. Adam chose to disobey God and thus brought about sin and all of the destruction that came with it including death. We now live in a world ruled by death. Everything dies now. This is why John, our LOVING FATHER (No I am not a Mormon. To quote you, “How absurd”) sent Jesus His only begotten Son to die for you John. Jesus lived a sinless life and was not born in Sin as you and I were. How? Because Jesus was not fathered by man. He was fathered by Almighty God. The good news here John is that God so loved you (& The Cosmos) that He gave his own Son to die for it. Basically to restore it back to how it was pre sin. Now, you have a choice to make, either to accept this or to deny this. Questioning it is to deny it. There are only 2 options. Chose wisely John. Your very Eternity depends on it.

          • Keith Tauber

            The KJV Bible is the Inerrant Word of God. All of us who are Saved learned about Jesus as a result of the Bible. Once we learned who Jesus is through scripture, we by “Faith” accepted Christ into our lives. So it is by Faith that we are saved. Then a relationship was established between God and us through Jesus. One that continues till this day. Jesus speaks to me John. Does he you? If you were his sheep, you would know his voice. So we all learn who Jesus is because of the Bible and I am proud to say that God’s word is a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path.

          • Jo Brown

            The persecution you speak of was done by the harlot of Babylon, mentioned in the book of Revelation as being drunk on the blood of the saints. The various indentifying markers the bible gives for this harlot indicate she is the roman catholic church-state. This is NOT the church of God. (though doubtless many devout God-loving people have been deceived into membership of this satanic counterfeit church.)
            But as for Bill Wilminton’s point, he is right: Many followers of Christ throughout the ages have died for their faith, and even these days Christians are still dying for their faith in various places around the world. How many evolutionists have died for their stance since, say, the mid 1800’s when Darwin popularised the evolutionary notion?

          • Keith Tauber

            Hearsay unless you PROVE your assertions. I say CHRISTIANS have not burned people at the stake or tore skin from anyone. Real Christians do not behave like this. Pseudo Christians do or CINO (Christians In Name Only) behave like this. So post your proof as to WHO did these things and when. We can discuss the FACTS after.

          • Jo Brown

            If your brain and consciousness are the products of random events over eons of time, how can you place any confidence in its ability to correctly understand anything? Your own thoughts would just be random gibberish! But if we have a brain designed by an intelligent Creator, we can be confident that our thoughts can be rational.
            The word of God shows us it’s true. It contains many prophecies about the rise and fall of empires that have come true to exact details. This shows the Being that inspired the writing of the scriptures exists outside of, or indpendent of, our time domain and sees past, present, and future, all in one go.
            This same Being also said to Job Do you send the lightning bolts on their way? Do they report to you, ‘Here we are’? [Job 38:35] And what is lightning? Electromagnetic energy! What device commonly used today uses electromagnetic energy? The cellphone! What do we commonly say on a cellphone? Something like “Hey mate, I’m at the gym, wanna meet up for coffee?” So you see here in this book of Job -written about 3000 years ago- God gives us a hint that we can use the lightning to send a message to others, and he even indicates what we would typically say in such messages!

          • Keith Tauber

            The God of this world has blinded you Tom. Repent and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you and to forgive you. His LOVE is real and you can have peace and acceptance ONLY through Christ Jesus. Science will NEVER give you peace nor will technology.

          • jerry

            keep religion out of it and claims of that 6000 year propaganda used as a debunkers narrative and its as clear as the PHD at the end of your signature

          • Jacqueline Alberto-Vasquez

            First of all Christianity isnt. Religion because religion is for those who dont know were they are going and second the bible says that God made different beautiful creatures in his image like land roaming beasts or different ocean animals so there a animals out there that we dont know about or the government doesnt want us to know about and third if evolution is real then why are monkeys still around in general and not evolving into humans

          • billybongo

            Earth’s civilization is considered 6000 years, not the age of the universe. See, you’re already spreading falsehoods of things you don’t want to know, just like your flawed science.

      • Liam H. Suh

        You are right, Tom. There is nothing in THIS world that suggests a new earth. However, our Creator and His Word are not of this world and if you dig in to it a bit, you will find out that the One who “knew you before the foundations of the world”, tells us that there WILL be a new earth. I know this sounds far fetched, but IF you look at the accuracy of Biblical prophecy you will find somethings a little frightening. Also, the original post said “young earth”.

        Let me throw this at you: google Isaiah 17. I am not a prophet, but do you think that this could happen any time soon; Damascus, destroyed overnight? Why would Israel do this? Chemical weapons perhaps? They said that they will never go through what they did again. At the first hint of a WMD attack against her, Israel will launch.

        I would love to share more, but do not know if you want to KNOW or if I would be wasting my time.

        There is nothing quite like knowing the end game, and then, getting to watch some of it play out.

        • Tom

          The Isaiah prophecies hold absolutely no weight and it’s quite scary that you are using them in your arguement. Quoting an ancient text which (regardless of your view) has no knowledge or bearing on the present doesn’t make it true when applied to the present. If Damascus doesn’t fall does that prove the prophecy wrong and thus nullify Christianity? No unfortunately for this world it does not. Why? Because the prophecy doesn’t claim when it would happen. What if it should have already happened? If I prophesied that in the future Mexico and the US would become one country. Would you believe me? God told me this so I wrote it down. Now I instantly have credibility. I don’t say when it will happen but future generations will look at my prophacy and when we have issues with Mexico they say “it was written this would happen!!!!”

          • Octavio Carles

            Hello Tom just to add a fun fact (fun to me cause I follow no religion)… Did you know many of the ones leading the inquisition, were converted jews??

      • WM

        Mt. St. Helens , 1980.
        The results proved that a young earth is at least a strong possibility,

        I think God in his mercy is trying to wake us up with yet another harbinger, as the time for judgement is nearing, and people are getting yet another evidence of a young earth, and pointing towards a Creator.

      • nick

        that is a dogmatic statement. you can’t say nothing in this world suggests new/young earth. however now we are talking about your opinion. when you make a claim and don’t provide the “why” then that’s being dogmatic. and dogmatic means to say that you think that your thoughts are that of fact when they are actually that of thought.

        • Liam H. Suh

          You are correct, Nick. I read that post, not realizing it was from me, and thought, “yes, there is evidence, what kind of a statement is that?” and then, I read that it was mine 🙁 I regret that I worded it that way. I was insisting to Tom that The Bible has enough statements to give it credibility when looking at our cosmos and, if it is credible with these, its credibility with me, carries over in to other aspects.

          There is plenty of evidence, maybe not that the earth is young, but that life and its current condition (creation included) are not that old, at all.

          Thanks for pointing that… uh, my ego just got me. I made an untrue statement and Nick called me on it and then, I re-read and see that he was actually commenting on another person’s comment.
          However, my ego is still intact, as it tells me that I am still right, in acknowledging that what I said was wrong 😉

      • jerry

        LOL your defiantly a Phd (proffessionaly hoodwinked and programed)

        • jerry


    • Barn Cat

      Antarctica has a two mile thick ice cap. It has discernible layers that go back 100,000 years.

      • Kim

        I don’t think so.

      • googleit

        Using ice to date the Earth doesn’t even come close to agreeing with the ‘billions of years old’ myth, not to mention there is the Lost Squadron problem. A plane under 250′ of ice in 40 years.

      • Tenacity7

        Do some more research. They found that their assumptions were wrong and that what they thought was aging indicators of say 10 years was occurring in one year. More bogus assumptions.

      • Grugore

        Ever hear of those WWII planes that were abandoned. Someone went back for them, and they were under more than 100 feet of ice. Hundreds of layers. And that was just after a few decades. Try again.

      • Jo Brown

        Wrong. It has layers that can be counted, many thousands of them. That those layers represent YEARS is mere speculation. A pair of layers does not represent summer + winter = one year. They represent warmer and colder, and you can have those temperature swings occur multiple times in one day, and definitely over the space of a week or a month. Look up the “lost squadron”, a bunch of planes ditched in Greenland during WWII that someone went to recover years later. They were many feet down under the ice, covered by thousands of layers of ice, representing just a few decades of actual years.

    • Kim

      I wouldn’t say the earth itself is young. It could be billions or even trillions of years old. But life on earth isn’t as old as people think it is. There is no evidence that man kind existed millions of years ago. Dug up bones?

      Just visit the British Museum. See anything in there such as art, tools, writings that old? No. I think the oldest thing I saw in there (art, writings..) was about 5000 -6000 years old.

      • Will

        For evidence look at Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. They point to many instances of human bones and tools being collected that are older than we would have recorded humans to be around.
        Also google adam’s calendar or Bosnian Pyramids to get a look at potentially older archeological finds.
        Also, don’t trust the British Museam

      • bodomite

        Let me guess…. Christian?

        • MacFly1

          bod, let me guess, transvestite?

          • Callengreen

            it’s the age old question….what’s in a (screen) name?
            humorous, ain’t it?

      • EducateURSELF!

        Every science museum in the world contains artifacts that are over 100 million years old. Your done here, Kim… move along. Back under the 6000 year old rock you crawled out from.

        • Jo Brown

          Museums contain items that are believed to be millions of years old. That does not make it so. radio-dating contains many unprovable assumptions and thus cannot be said to be a reliable dating method. Also, there are many ‘clocks’ in nature that tell us what the maximum age of the Earth can be. Many of these clocks gives ages far less than millions of years, some as low as a few thousand years. Virtually all these clocks gives ages that massively conflict with the evolutionary timeline, but evolutionists quietly ignore them. They stick with radio-dating because it’s the only dating method that gives them the millions of years that they need for their theory to be plausible.

    • MrRedNeckParadise

      Gather enough facts and they tell their own story. That ‘story’ does not match either mainstream, creationist nor most alternative ‘theories’ and hypotheses.
      Think for yourself. As much as possible, do your own research and do your own thinking. Anything less means that someone else controls what you think and believe, and thus, controls you.

      • krinks

        I beg to differ. This evidence proves that Dinosaurs roamed the Earth in relatively recent history, proving the creation account of the Bible.

        • Tom

          WHAT EVIDENCE!!!!

          • Brian Griffin

            Did you read the article? Duh.

          • Tom

            The article is ridiculous. And what’s funny is that every time some discovery is made the Christians are quick to run to the scientists saying “see this is proof of god. Prove this wrong!” And science will take their time researching and learning about the discovery then come up with a hypothesis. Then work to prove it.
            That’s the thing that bothers me most. Is that whatever you can’t explain you people instantly say god did it. It’s the catch all for everything science hasn’t explained yet. But we are in luck because it’s becoming easier and easier to prove things so your god arguement doesn’t hold up for centuries like it used to.

          • Kim

            I don’t know what kind of evidence you require…Obviously your mind is made up, so why bother? Most of the information is circumstantial evidence- much like putting together pieces of a puzzle. You look at one piece and decry “where’s the evidence!” Piecing together the past is complicated and arduous, and requires an open mind. New discoveries that debunk old ideas are constantly being made. I’m sure some scientists out there still believe the earth is he center of the universe and the Catholic Church controls it.

            I actually agree with u that’s it’s irritating to attribute everything and every event to God.

          • Mason

            It’s alright bro, we love you anyway. I hope one day your so called “knowledge,” will turn to wisdom and understanding, cause it’s calling out to you and you know it.

          • Jo Brown

            And what evolutionists do whenever this type of controversial evidence surfaces, is that they squirm around and try to concoct a just-so story that “explains” the new data in a way that allows their sacred theory of evolution to survive unscathed. They’ve already decided that their theory is true, therefore no evidence must be allowed to disprove it, but must instead be adjusted and interpreted in a way that fits with the theory.

          • Octavio Carles

            Bible as other sacred texts where writen as a mean of control, science is the new religon…. we most think and research for ourselves. Both science and religion are fucked up loaded with data that only “A Few” are able to understand. Lets remmenber Evolution is nothing more that a theory otherwise they will call it law, and religion… mmm well yes its a fairy tale taken from some true facts, then totally twisted….. Like Joseph Goebbels said… The bigger the lie, more people will believe it. And by the way my friend….Lies can be sustained for a long long time… as long as you are in the power, controling educational systems, money and information…and this last one is the most important….people have been killed just for having information…. cheers!

            PS Stop giving yourselve a hard time if you dont like Christians, just stay away from them. Unless you like drama and endless conflict.

            And for everybody involved in the argument I have nothing against religious or atheist people, everybody is free to follow whatever makes them feel good, Like I fall on my knees every sunday at Zereldas lee`scandy store!!!

    • EducateURSELF!

      Please remove yourself from the discipline of science exploration of any kind. You’ve clearly proved your not capable of advancing mankind in any meaningful way. Young earth… deep down inside I know you don’t truly believe that, especially if you’ve actually went to college for the stuff. I’m assuming you are a self proclaimed geologist. Your just looking for reasons to justify a religious belief written by people who didn’t know the earth revolved around the sun… or was even round for that matter.

      • Dez

        Should we instead rely on someone such as yourself who does not even have a grasp on how to dicern between “your” and “you’re”? Derp derp derp derp

        • EducateURSELF!

          Ah yes, the Internet English majors to the rescue. Invalidate any argument with the correction of one meaningless word. You win!

        • Spooky Little Girl

          discern…not dicern.

        • Mason

          HAHA that’s great! you criticize someone’s spelling, and you can’t even spell… wow

      • NowAlive

        An ad hominem attack on someone’s character rather than a logical attack that would invalidate his arguments. Very telling. PS Mr EducateURSELF: “you’re” not “your”.

        • Callengreen

          yep……”dead” giveaway 🙂

      • Michael

        Job 22:14

        King James Version (KJV)

        14 Thick clouds are a covering to him, that he seeth not; and he walketh in the circuit of heaven.

        Proverbs 8:27-35

        King James Version (KJV)

        27 When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:

        28 When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:

        29 When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth:

        30 Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him;

        31 Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth; and my delights were with the sons of men.

        Isaiah 40:22-30

        King James Version (KJV)

        22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

        23 That bringeth the princes to nothing; he maketh the judges of the earth as vanity.

        Before you say anything read your Bible all the answers are in The Word of God, the circle of the earth. Jesus made everything the Bible says so look around everything points to Jesus the creature.

      • Callengreen

        hey…just a word or two about paradigms regarding educating yourself….the earth does NOT revolve around the sun the way you were taught….it is spiraling in a helical fashion, like a vortex, as the whole solar system travels through space, itself revolving around the our milky way galaxy (a spiral itself), which is one of billions of others that are revolving/spiraling around another main central point “science” has yet to publicly disclose, or perhaps even discover.
        Seriously, look it up. Shamefully, even the Russians and the Chinese teach astrophysics in a greater light of accuracy than we do with our old “revolve around the sun” models.

        • nekksys

          Now that you point that out, this gives me clearer understanding of HOW and WHY orbital perigee and apogee occur.

          Thanks for stirring some stagnant brain cells for me!!!

          • Callengreen

            You’re welcome.
            We all have stagnant cells, we just have to individually find the right spoon and use it:)

      • Jo Brown

        Actually, the bible writers did indicate the Earth revolved around the sun, that the Earth was round, and that it hangs on nothing. The bible also includes many other scientific observations that weren’t known at the time.
        It would be appropriate for you to EducateURSELF! on what the bible actually contains, instead of showing your great ignorance by criticising it with mindless drivel.

  • moomoo

    Hmm, I wonder why my post was first approved, and later deleted by moderator.

  • Sir Evil-yn Rothschild

    China state media reports this? And we should believe it? The same Chinese media that reports smog is good for you and televises the sunrise on giant tv screens? Riiiight.

  • Barn Cat

    The earth is billions of years old. The dinosaurs have been extinct for 60 million years. The only people who dispute this are young-earth creationists. And there’s no evidence to support what they believe. They pick and choose among the facts like a child putting together a jigsaw puzzle and pounding the pieces together that don’t fit.

    • banana

      There is no evidence to support an old Earth. The best argument evolution has is homology, which doesn’t prove evolution any more than it proves cars evolved by chance, since they are similar in design too.
      The best argument there is for Old Earth is certain types of radio dating, except they’ve been proven to be completely unreliable and all radio dating methods are inconsistent not only with other radio dating methods, but using the same method will produce vastly different results. This is what they DON’T teach in secularized public schools.

      • Matt Atkinson

        Oh dear god. I’m almost certain your post isn’t satire, and that you really think you’ve written a legitimate comment on science. And that’s just sad.

        • Tom

          Hahah it’s just sad that these peoples vote carries as much weight as yours.

  • Will

    Ancients would have found dinosaur bones too. They also explored caves, dug mines, and moved large portions of earth. They’ve found dinosaur bones in ancient temples in Greece and elsewhere. Scientists and anthropologists maintain that they were brought there as relics of heroes, like hercules femur, or the head from a hydra, etc. I’m making no claim how old dinosaurs are, or for that matter how old humans are (Hindus have interesting perspectives on that not commonly discussed in the west), just that dinosaur bones have not been a discovery of the last few hundred years.

  • pduffy

    Somebody has “deceived the whole world”. I wonder who?

  • Jason7189

    2 Peter 3:8 “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”

    Psalm 9:4 “A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.”

    Humans keep track of time, with an eternal God there’s no boundaries and limitations. He can wipe off the the canvas called Earth and start over, if he’s not pleased with how things look.

    • wisefool

      2 peter 3:8 often used as an excuse to believe in an old Earth, except you’d have to exclude the first part of the verse. If you include it, it doesn’t make sense for that purpose. It means God is outside of time and addresses man’s impatience at the time. Genesis is very specific on timing so are genealogies.

  • Sean Thomas Taeschner

    Think of how long Chicken McNuggets last without refrigeration….and chickens are ancestors of these larger dinosaurs. Yummy! McDonalds might want some of that dinosaur DNA in order to mix it into chicken stem cells in the lab. That would lead to larger chickens and make more profit for McDonalds!

  • BillClinton

    When I clicked on the link I was hoping to read a piece about the discovery only to find propaganda promoting the cult that is christianity. Soft tissues can survive for millions of years if they are hermetically sealed within rock or amber or anything else that can seal them. In the first instance of the discovery of millions of year old soft tissue the tissue was embedded within the rock that was the fossilized bone. Why would one think that soft tissue couldn’t survive under special circumstances? Science doesn’t purport to know everything. That is why there are always new discoveries that sometimes change previous beliefs. Science used to tell us that the Earth was flat. Now we know that to be untrue. This fact did not prove that the cult called christianity was accurate. The cult believed the Earth was flat as well. Why is it that every time a new discovery changes beliefs that some have held, such as the ability of soft tissues to survive eons, cult members use the occasion to try to prove their cult’s legitimacy.

  • cherpear

    Awesome! How does this fit into the earth billions of years old– it doesnt. This, along with hundreds of other pieces of evidence of a young earth, will be rejected by the so called ‘experts’ of our time.
    The Bible is true and the evidence is their to prove. Some fools will choose to ignore it even though it stares them in the face. The earth is around 6000 years old. That’s it. Cant believe how many are believing the lie of the billions of years junk. Its just so sad. Why do we find bones of man scattered with dinosours in the same layer..because of the flood. The evidence of the flood is everywhere and fits perfectly with the Biblical account. The so called scientists try to fit the evidence with their THEORIES this is not science.

    • Ed

      You people really need to read some Zecharia Sitchin and the Sumerian tablets the Bible was plagiarized from. Talk about Scientists being stuck in their paradigms, and dogma. Go to Coast to Coast and listen to the 10/26/13 show hosted by John B. Wells interviewing Gerald Clark for 4 hrs of mind opening truth, if you think you can handle it.
      Remember, Your mind is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open.

      • Barasheit

        You certainly are no biblical expert. Read the books of Kings, Jerimiah and Isaiah – and then go and read Sennacherib’s Annals (721 AD). There was no plagerism at all.

        • Ed

          I know the Bible inside and out, read it several times, was an Elder in Jehovah’s Witnesses, gave public talks. Im not saying the Bible is necessarily wrong, I’m saying there are much, much, older writings that tell the same story.Go figure? And they even have their own list of Kings that mirror, or should I say, the Bible mirrors.

  • Janus

    Having NEVER accepted the theories of million year old bones to begin with, much less the theory of evolution IE mankind emerged by genetic mutation over billions of years from primordial goo, this does not surprise me. What always did surprise me was that highly educated people could believe the erroneous theories projected from the study of archeology and/or anthropology. If there had been any sense in the field(s), I would long since have pursued it professionally instead of electrical engineering.

  • MacFly1

    I just think cloning T. Rex would be a great idea!

  • Matt Atkinson

    As soon as you see an article citing the Daily Mail as its source, just laugh at how gullible the author is, or how gullible they think YOU are, and leave (the Daily Mail is one of the absolute worst newspapers in the world, known for flat-out making bogus !@#% up just for the heck of it). But for God’s sake, don’t forward this crap around, please.

  • tearick

    Respectfully, In the bible in the book of Romans ch. 1:19-22 it says mankind is without excuse and should believe in God and creation. Also Jesus states in John 6:43-45 that:
    No one can come unto Him unless God the Father draws him. Being under the Adamic curse we are spiritually blinded until we become born again. Romans 3:10-12 speaks of our natural nature outside of God’s salvation. We are condemned for eternity unless our eyes are opened and this in fact is what it means to be born again. John 3:5-8 Salvation is an act of the Spirit of God regenerating us, causing our eyes to be opened. 2 Corinthians 5:17 and we become new creatures in Christ. Paul the Apostle states in Romans 10-13 that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. In John chapter 1 it states that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. In fact the Lord Jesus Christ is God who was at creation because He is the Creator. Please read the book of John for a start and heed the words of Christ Himself. This is where faith grows. Here is where the Spirit of God can reveal truth to an unbeliever by the Word of God, by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

  • A.S.

    Even carbon dating is a faulty way to date something for two main reasons:
    1. We can only use points we know about in the half life cycle. What if the decay of carbon is not linear as we project, but exponential. What if the half life slows down as time increases, then on the other side, it would mean the half life is fast where little time as passed thus far. Get it? We are projecting a linear half life which may not be the case.
    2. We cannot affirm if no outside force, whether natural or physical, acted upon the object besides natural decay. What if a few hundred years ago something interacted with the object that is being test with carbon dating, which is in itself faulty (see above)? Therefore carbon dating cannot account for such events.
    Any honest scientist will agree with my reasoning.

    And as for those scientists attempting to explain why something is not really 10K years old, even though the data even from the already faulty carbon dating says otherwise, they should have their degrees confiscated for academic dishonesty.

  • motorsportsnz

    Immediately the thought that Yeshua Jesus has opened up to the stiff knecked and cold of heart this truth.
    As it is written every word spoken every action that man has made will be shown clearly and brought before him
    and no doubt others too
    as the time of His promised return says

  • Arizona

    12,500 years ago,NIBIRU,came thru the solar system,and FLIPPED earth upside down,like it does every 12,500 years,LOOKING at the earth with that in mind you see the egyptian records in the liberary at alexandera,PROVES ITS TRUE,they recorded FOUR such pole shifts in their recorded history,ALL THE GOVERNMENTS have lied to keep this fact a secret,WHY?? because its about to happen again,NIBIRU’S out there in the sky and coming this way,RIGHT NOW,and they have NO intentions of warning you about it,,,SO THEY HAVE TO LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING,.BUT all the earth changes are PROOF its near by and on its way in…..NOT to mention,every government telescope on earth is watching it come………THE WEATHER IS THE BIGGEST WARNING,second ALL THE EARTH QUAKES,and its going to get a lot worse,FROM HERE ON OUT,so be getting ready,or you’ll die of starvasion,SEEDS ,FOOD,WATER,AMMO,and don’t be near the coast………..

  • Teri Whittlinger

    Perhaps Dinosaurs didn’t become extinct? There are reports still today of living dinosaur like creatures all over the planet.

  • sanctified

    “Behold now, Behemoth, which I made as well as you; He eats grass like an ox. Behold now, his strength in his loins, And his power in the muscles of his belly. He bends his tail like a cedar; The sinews of his thighs are knit together. His bones are tubes of bronze; His limbs are like bars of iron. He is the first of the ways of God…” Book of Job

  • Art Lowe

    There so full of it, they got caught last time in china with another fossil committing fraud linking dinosaurs and their feathers, I don’t believe this at all. just another scam that the same idiot is trying to do again…

  • nekksys

    Looked at it and, no, that map is grossly inaccurate. Here’s why:

    1) The map shows a double line on the right half, indicating the Tropic of Capricorn. The land mass appears slightly below the tropic line which is located at 25deg South. Antarctica projects only slightly beyond 65deg South. On modern maps, the tropic line runs thru Australia.

    2) The declination lines show the land mass beginning somewhere around 25deg. South. Again, Antarctica projects only slightly beyond 65deg South. Australia’s northernmost point is around 10deg South, lying just off the Indonesian coast.

    3) The map shows the island nation of Zanzibar to be south and east of Madagascar. It is located off the coast of the modern African country of Tanzania. This place it north and west of Madagascar.

    4) There is no peninsula pointing toward South America. Instead there is a “pincer-shaped” bay. Between Australia and Tasmania, there is a river inlet that is somewhat similar in shape. I suspect the cartographer mistook Tasmania to be South America.

    Considering other inaccuracies as well as the date on the map itself, this is a poorly projected map showing Australia and NOT Antarctica.

  • Bob_Gods_Truth


  • Seen2013

    Well, this article puts me at ease with the potential likelihood of NATO V Russia and China exchanging nuclear targets as the radiation emitted by the radioactive isotopes becoming inmeasurable after 100,000 years must also not possess a massive health threat at a shorter estimate as argued by scientific fields to discourage use of nuclear weapons during conflicts particularly against nations who also possess nuclear capacities freely due to the radiation emitted by the radioactive fallout in addition to the explosion itself.
    So, obviously the government can simply issue or compel purchase of anti-radiation poisoning medication to make the radiation completely survivable.
    It also means if war is good for the economy; then, nuclear war must be great for the economy.
    I feel safer already 😉

  • Hammerstrike

    images.encyclopediadramatica. es /2/ 21/Asianvsblacks.j pg

    If you owe them, you better pay back!

  • John

    What is the law of gravity?

    As for your 2nd law of Thermodynamics:
    You forgot that the sun is part of the system. Please stop increasing entropy.

  • Mike

    The stone, bone yards of Evolution falling under the weight of flesh.

  • billybongo

    Those who insist on relying on flawed science, are the same folk who used to believe that the earth was flat and would fall off the earth. It took an ocean traveling explorer with minor schooling and alot of common sense to make scientists of the day realize the earth is round. Unfortunately, scientists have not evolved into smarter individuals with their hypothesis to this day.