More Americans Believe Aliens Have Visited Earth Than Believe That Jesus Is The Son Of God

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Alien Head

According to a National Geographic survey, 77 percent of all Americans “believe there are signs that aliens have visited Earth”, and according to a recent Harris poll only 68 percent of all Americans believe that Jesus is God or the Son of God.  That means that the number of Americans that believe that UFOs have visited us is now greater than the number of Americans that believe what the Bible has to say about Jesus Christ.  With each passing year, the frequency of UFO sightings seems to keep increasing, as does the number of movies, television shows and video games featuring aliens and extraterrestrial life.  It is almost as if the population of the planet is being primed for something.  Could this phenomenon be the “strong delusion” of the last days that is talked about in the Bible?  And if there are beings out there that are not human, what is it that they want?  Could it be that they have an extremely insidious agenda?

When it comes to UFOs, it is important to be skeptical.  These days it is very easy to fake just about anything on video, and there have definitely been a lot of fraudulent reports over the years.

But virtually all of those that have studied this phenomenon for many years come away convinced that something very unusual is clearly happening in our skies.  Every year there are hundreds upon hundreds of very credible reports of very strange unidentified flying objects that seem to have no natural explanation.  For example, one of the most respected newspapers in the UK just reported on a UFO that nearly collided with an A320 Airbus just a few days ago…

It was certainly a close encounter, but with precisely what remains a mystery.

An airline pilot has reported a near miss in which a “rugby ball”-shaped UFO passed within a few feet of his passenger jet while flying near Heathrow Airport.

The captain told the aviation authorities who have investigated the incident that he was certain the object was going to crash into his aircraft and ducked as it headed towards him.

The investigation has been unable to establish any earthly identity for the mysterious craft, which left the aircrew with no time to take evasive action.

The incident occurred while the A320 Airbus was cruising at 34,000ft, around 20 miles west of the airport, over the Berkshire countryside.

And there are organizations out there that spend a tremendous amount of time and energy tracking these sightings.  For example, an organization known as “MUFON” received more than 500 UFO reports a month last year

MUFON is the largest civilian UFO investigation organization in the US, and probably the world. They have investigators in every state, and representatives throughout the world. Clifford Clift, MUFON’s director in early 2012, told Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post in January of that year that MUFON received over 6000 UFO reports in 2011. He added that they had already received hundreds in the first few days of 2012 and were expecting a big year.

In 2013 MUFON received 7646 reports worldwide. 6457 of those were in the United States.

And it isn’t just nuts and kooks that believe this stuff.  In fact, top military and political officials all over the world are starting to come forward with what they know about this phenomenon.  During a recent television interview, Paul Hellyer, the former Defense Minister of Canada, was asked why he believes that UFOs are real.  The following was his response…

Because I know that they are. As a matter of fact, they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years and one of the cases that would interest you most if you give me two or three minutes to answer is that during the Cold War, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying south from Russia across Europe, and Supreme Allied Command was very concerned and about ready to press the “Panic” button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for 3 years and they decided that, with absolute certainty, four species – at least – had been visiting this planet for thousands of years. We have a long history of UFOs and of course there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades, since we invented the atomic bomb and they are very concerned about that and the fact that we might use it again, and because the Cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the Cosmos, they are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again, and this would be very bad for us and for them as well.

So is he telling the truth?

That is up for you to decide.

Posted below is a YouTube video that contains some of the best UFO videos from 2013.  Watch the footage for yourself and come to your own conclusions…

Most people assume that if UFOs and aliens are real, that they must be here to help us.

But what if that is not actually the case at all?

Temple University Professor Dr. David Jacobs has been studying these things for more than 30 years.  At first, he also assumed that the aliens had good intentions and were going to be helpful to humanity.  But as his studies progressed, he eventually developed “a tremendous sense of concern about the future”

But I must say that now that I’ve learned as much as I have learned, and I think I’ve learned an awful lot, I am very, very unsettled and upset by what I see. I don’t like what I see. I wish I didn’t see this. I wish I hadn’t uncovered this. I despair of it. It’s thrown me into a tremendous sense of concern about the future and unease. I just don’t like it very much. I wish I did. I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. I could not have ever imagined that I would come to this position. What I’m seeing now, what I’ve found with the phenomenon, I could never have imagined.

In particular, Dr. Jacobs is deeply concerned about the insidious agenda behind the “alien abduction” phenomenon…

Abductions, you have to remember, are a means to an end. They’re abducting people for a purpose, for a reason. The physical act of abducting people, which is the abduction phenomenon, really is only part of the program. So what I’ve done is kind of divided it into component parts and fleshed it out a lot more. So what we have here is an abduction program, a breeding program, which accounts for all the reproductive activity that we see, and a hybridization program, which is why people see hybrids all the time–as babies, as toddlers, as adolescents, and then as adults.

And then, finally, I think all this is leading to an integration program in which ultimately these hybrids, who look very human, will be integrating into this society. And who will eventually, I assume, be in control here because they do have superior technology and superior physiological abilities that we do not have. We would therefore be sort of second-class citizens, I think.

To many Americans, what Dr. Jacobs is talking about sounds absolutely crazy.

But it is important to remember that Dr. Jacobs is not just some nutjob with a blog.  He is a respected professor at a major university that has been intensely studying this stuff for more than 30 years.

So what do you believe?

Do you believe that UFOs and aliens are real?

If so, who do you believe that they are and where do you believe they are from?

Could this actually be the “strong delusion” of the last days?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s shocking new book about the last days entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on It is shaking the world of Bible prophecy to the core, and it is being called one of the most controversial Christian books of 2016.  If you would like to check it out, you can find it right here.*

Alien 2014

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • John Willow

    The public schools do not teach religion anymore. All that is taught is common core subjects and indoctrination.

    Speaking of aliens, most are not here to help us. If they were here to help us, then why would these aliens torment humans by abducting their souls from their sleep? Why would these aliens make their victims endure sleep paralysis and lucid dreams? It doesn’t add up…

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      It is true. They are not here to help us. Abductions are being done against the will of the people being abducted, and those being abducted report nightmarish “experiments” being performed on them.

      For much more, people might want to check out this book…

      Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Where It Originates And How It Stops


      • K

        Good does not work in the dark places. Good does not force itself on people. Good would not experiment on people against their will. So I conclude, if the creatures exist, they are not good.

        • Hammerstrike

          Destroy a few major cities from space and most of the world would surrender.

          If the world´s oceans have 20 billions killer whales, that can be very aggressive, gang-up on enemies real and perceived and definitely ruled by the most ruthless among them, would you agree to give them an industrial society?
          Knowing that not only would they be a threat to humans but those in charge would use technology to make sure they remain in charge, making it so that even their own societies would remain stagnant for good?

          • Kim

            Maybe there is a more powerful being acting as a restraint. Maybe it’s a game of distraction to the real issues at hand.

      • Hammerstrike

        The question you should ask yourself, why should eventual extraterrestrials behave any different from the conquistadors, mongoles or Mohammed´s followers?

        Well, except by being less irrational and far more methodical.

        • Judaic Bolshevist Mammonism (Baphomet) = Mahomet (Muslim Brotherhood)

          They are both lying metrosexual bítches of the devil.

          Exactly how does a Jew get to heaven by dry humping the Wailing Wall like Miley Cyrus?

    • Hammerstrike

      Actually you are wrong.

      They may not be teaching christianity but they are definitively teaching a religion, with political correctness being its sharia law.

      That is why they hate christianity, they unconsciously for the most part, see christianity as competition to their own beliefs.

      Why should extraterrestrials behave any different from the conquistadors, mongoles of Mohammed´s jihadist?

      • Matthew 10:33… But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

        judaism = anti-christ

        Ich bin der Orden des Drachen… Die jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmen Europa mit Muslimen…

  • Whiplash

    First off the title of this story does not compare the dichotomy between aliens and jesus. That’s because it contains the word “believe”. We must look at evidence! Is there concrete provable evidence aliens visited earth? No, but that’s only because they haven’t came down and shook hands with Obama yet.

    So the difference has to compare “amounts of evidence” for each. What is the amount of evidence aliens visited earth, compared to the amount of evidence jesus was the son of god? I’m afraid the evidence for the ancient astronaut theory, or ET’s is much greater. And ironically it is also codified in the bible.

    Here is only a few;

    The Nazca Lines

    Etched into a high plateau in Peru’s Nazca Desert, a series of
    ancient designs stretching more than 50 miles has baffled archaeologists
    for decades. Along with simple lines and geometric shapes, they include
    drawings of animals, birds and humans, some measuring more than 600
    feet across. Because of their colossal size, the figures can only be
    appreciated from way up in the air—and there is no evidence that the
    Nazca people, who inhabited the area between 300 B.C. and 800 A.D.,
    invented flying machines. According to ancient alien theorists, the
    figures were used to guide spaceships as they came in for a landing, and
    the lines served as runways.


    Many Sanskrit epics, which were written in India more than two
    millennia ago, contain references to mythical flying machines called
    vimanas. Pointing to similarities between descriptions of vimanas and
    reports by people who claim to have seen UFOs, ancient alien theorists
    have suggested that astronauts from other planets visited India during
    ancient times.

    The Moai of Easter Island

    The Polynesian island of Easter Island is famous for its “maoi”: the
    887 giant human figures with enormous heads that guard its coastline.
    Roughly 500 years old, these monolithic statues stand 13 feet high and
    weigh 14 tons, but some are twice as tall and much heavier. How could
    human beings without sophisticated tools or knowledge of engineering
    craft and transport such incredible structures? Some ancient alien
    theorists believe it is the work of visiting extraterrestrials who left
    their mark on the island.

    Puma Punku

    Located in the Bolivian highlands, Puma Punku is a field of stone
    ruins scattered with giant, finely carved blocks. Such precise
    workmanship on a massive scale would have been nearly impossible without
    modern tools and machines, yet the ruins are more than 1,000 years old.
    Ancient alien theorists have hypothesized that extraterrestrials with
    advanced engineering techniques created the site or advised the people
    who built it.

    The Book of Ezekiel

    In the Book of Ezekiel, part of the Hebrew bible, a prophet has a
    vision of a flying vessel accompanied by fire, smoke and a loud noise.
    Some ancient alien theorists have argued that the vehicle’s design
    closely mirrors that of a modern spaceship. Rather than a divine
    intervention, then, perhaps the text describes an early encounter
    between humans and alien astronauts.

    And how did pyramids in Egypt and south and central America all be built without cranes or other equipment all perfectly aligned astronomically?

    The bible, the proven phony writing of Josephus, and a few other writers that never met him only heard of him, and they only wrote a few sentences.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Unfortunately, you are obviously not very familiar with the Bible at all.

      Josephus was a first century Jewish historian that wrote about history, and he did not write a single word of the Bible. In fact, most of the Bible was written centuries before he ever lived.


      • Whiplash

        I didn’t say that he wrote about the bible. I said he wrote about the existence of Jesus. Many christian scholars and theologians have quoted his writings of jesus as proof he existed. The writings have also been proven to be a forgery.

        • NowAlive

          You believe in a lot of “ancient astronaut theories”. Your belief is not evidence, as you seem to think. It is merely your belief. Ockham’s razor says that all of those ancient structures were built by men using available technology. It’s really pretty easy. Your assertion that the bible was written by people who never met Jesus is also wrong. Almost all of the New Testament is written by those who met Him. Finally, to say that Josephus was forged is based on assertions 2,000 years AFTER Josephus wrote. Again, you have simply chosen to believe it and the “proof” is poor indeed. It’s just unbelievers being unbelievers. To quote someone smarter than the two of us, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

          • Whiplash

            My friend they are both theories. Jesus and aliens. What I said is that there is more evidence for aliens than there is for jesus. Also, They do not have the equipment or technology to build massive structures like the pyramids and they didn’t 3000 years ago. You need to brush up on history.

          • Whiplash

            Also is the fact that you have a belief not backed by any evidence period. Therefore your belief is not evidence.

      • Whiplash

        Michael, I just re-read your response again. Nowhere in what I wrote do I say Josephus wrote any part of the bible. Did you read what I wrote?

    • Kim

      Evidence that Jesus Christ was a real person is abundant. He performed miracles in front of hundreds of eye witnesses and there is a written record of it. If it was a fraud, someone would have informed his enemies. It would have been more of a miracle to pull a fraud off of such a magnitude than if Jesus had existed and live his life according to biblical record. Even his enemies acknowledged his power, but instead of saying he didn’t exist or didn’t perform miracles, they ascribed his power to the black arts. if they (Jesus’s enemies) had a shred of evidence that his miracles were fraudulent, or that he wasn’t who he said he was, they would have exploited it in every way and we would have a written record.

      If he was a fraud, they would have convicted and executed him on those grounds, but instead he was convicted of attempting to subvert the Roman government. Over a billion people worship based on his ministry.

      Our modern calendar is based on his birth. Our modern legal system is based on his teachings. Our culture is based on his influence. I would go as far to say that there is as much or more evidence that Jesus Christ existed and performed miracles as there is that George Washington existed and crossed the Delaware River.

      • Graham

        Was it not those affiliated with the “Synagogue of Satan” that ultimately led to Christ’s death? I find today’s writings by “Messianic Jews” very enlightening to read. Those are the one’s who accept “Jesus” as their messiah.

        Incidentally, I was educated in a Jewish primary school and as such, was fully accepted into the community. I am still in contact with many in the community today.

        That community is split three ways. Orthodox, traditional and reformed. The Rabbi’s are very interesting to talk with! The different factions worship in three different types of synagogue. The Talmud is very interesting reading for any Christian.

        It is amazing what “non Jewish” people don’t know and will likely never be told. Note that I am Protestant, taught in traditional and modern Hebrew. I also have numerous Islamic and Roman Catholic friends, hence possess a wide array of religious knowledge.

        Many posters on Michael’s blogs seem confined to one source of belief and indoctrination. I prefer to view people of different beliefs as “humans”, although some material I have been exposed to makes me wonder how “diverse” some humans are in their “origins” and bloodlines.

        I never knew there was a question over George Washington’s existence. Can you point me towards your research sources please.

        • Charlie

          Thank you for sharing Graham.

          It’s challenging to have an enlightened exchange with people with such a narrow perspective that the bible prevents from opening their mind to the infinite possibilities. When you think of it objectively, it is very sad…

          • Graham

            Welcome. To remain party to the “general theme” of the blog, I like to use what “God” provided me with.

            One of those “physical” items lies between my ears and the other pumps blood around my body. Source energy feeds both, that’s why I’m “alive” and remain connected spiritually. So are many others and the numbers are growing.

            I have learned more from Eastern culture than the proven nonsense that is taught in the West. Eastern knowledge can be put to the ultimate test. Experience! An experience that completely transcends the “ego”.

            Egoic based experiences are nothing but illusions of the mind, as can be observed by what many try to attest too. Whilst emotionally heightened experiences can be induced by the words of another, they do not open the gate. If they do, it is only momentarily.

            Knowledge comes out of a book, experience is totally different. If consciousness wasn’t intended to be a self referral mechanism, humans wouldn’t be designed to experience it.

            When one looks beyond, as in relying on the sole input of the five senses, they rarely ever find what lies within. That’s the general trap that humanity allows itself to fall prey too, and how that has been taken advantage of by the unscrupulous.

            If I was wrong, why is the world we are living within so destructive towards everything we share it with? That destruction is the work of the ego and little else. Psalm 46:10. Bring the mind to a state of restful alertness and all shall be revealed, with sufficient practice!

            I will leave those who read this with a thought to chew over. From where does “Satanic” based thinking and everything associated with it arise? The ego or consciousness?

            If consciousness is the ocean, there is no coincidence that nature designed the human mind to be a conduit to stream its flow. Shutdown that flow and what comes about? Madness and insanity, both ego driven. Are we living in a sane world?

            Through deception, thy shall do war… and the braindead always go along with it because they cannot identify the real enemy. The truth is hard to find amidst a mindset that is full of smoke and mirrors. The bible pinpoints the enemy very accurately.

          • Charlie

            Once again, thank you Graham.
            Meditation has changed my life and I concur with all of what you’ve written here.
            Western social engineering is Ego-centered thus; Westerners are the most programmed/brainwashed creatures of all yet; they want to tell everyone how to live their lives, based on their knowledge derived from mainstream media…Go figure…lol
            Your words resonate with me and by simply reading your words my vibration increases.
            As you also mention, more people wake up everyday, so it is my sincere hope that eventually the momentum will be large enough to awaken all of humanity.

      • Tatiana Covington

        One can write anything one wants on a piece of paper. That does not make it true.

        • Whiplash

          It’s a book people! Books are written by people!

          • Kim

            It’s an eye witness account of real, historical events.

            The US Constitution was written on paper too.

        • J.M.

          What about historical records written by his declared ENEMIES….

          • Kim

            Exactly right. Jesus’s enemies wanted the man who was guarding his burial place to lie and say his followers stole his body and ran off with it. If Jesus were a fraud, his enemies would have exposed him right off he bat and we would all still be subject to the Jewish system. Instead, they attempted to suppress his teachings and when that didn’t work, they executed him.

        • Kim

          If the claims that are written about Jesus in the gospels and by the prophets weren’t true, it would have been easy to expose these claims as false. But there is no historical record, no prophecy existing from a conflicting timeline, no nothing from any credible source or eye witness coming forward to do this.

          Instead, his enemies did three things: attributed his miracles to the darks arts, outright lied, and finally just took him out.

          It is would have been more of a miracle for Jesus to have pulled off such a fraud than anything attributed to him in the gospels.

      • Tatiana Covington

        Calendars, culture, laws, and beliefs are not proof. Was there an historical Jesus in the sense that there was an historical Caesar? I’d have no problem with that. But he was still only a man.

        • Kim

          Yes, I agree. He was a man. But he sure had an impact on the world, from the time of his birth to his death up till now. Our very culture has been shaped by the activities of this man.

  • DJohn1

    The problem is where we came from. If I wanted to alter a species, I would splice two chromosomes together. Since they come in pairs, that means two chromosomes on both sides of the genetic material. This would take a technology we can only dream of. It would mean having the complete key to the chemicals that make us programmed the way we are. We are related to other animals. That is natural. The closest relatives we have in the animal world are from the ape family according to scientists that know a lot more about genetics than I do. The closest relatives to mankind are at best second or third cousin species. As far as we know there have been no interspecies children between us and them. That means that they have almost the same genetic material as we do. By “almost” I speak of approximately 95%. That is not correct because the material is not arranged the same as a human being. Even the number of teeth are the same.
    The major difference is the number of chromosomes. The apes have 48 chromosomes in a normal arrangement.
    Humam genetics was thought to have 48 chromosomes until we got a look at it up close. It seems we have 46 chromosomes. Two of those chromosomes are double sized. That they are able to reproduce this configuration is amazing. That humans have this apparent double sized chromosome arrangement is direct evidence of manipulation.
    The real question is WHO did it . . .
    There are legends all over the planet of a species of giant human beings called “gods” and they did mix with humans according to the same books. The only way that would be possible is if they are related in the animal kingdom a lot closer than the apes.
    My own guess would be that this species might have created us. Even Genesis leads me to believe we might have been a copy of them in some way, manner or form.
    To create us they would have to have incubators of some kind or not. What if they incubated us in their own females? So they brought humans to term in their own bodies. To do that they would have to be biologically compatible with us.
    Jesus was conceived of a virgin by the third god called the Holy Spirit. That leads to a whole lot of questions about the nature of things. How was that interspecies conception even possible? We are not talking about religion we are talking about our meager knowledge of genetics and biology. Jesus is obviously an immortal. If not he would have had a normal lifespan and be long dead.
    By the rules of conception between “gods” and “humans” he would be a hybrid being called a demigod. I use lower case deliberately here because we are not talking about a conception between false gods of history but one of a conception by a supreme being like God of the Jewish People. Defined: This God is the creator of everything we know.
    There is evidence of these false gods throughout the Bible and ancient writings all over the planet. They are obviously still around somewhere. Possibly off planet in another place that is habitable.

    The current guess was put out in a book by a Russian Author called Sitchin. The book was called the 12th Planet. He died last year.
    Andy Lloyd, a graphic artist and college grad in England put out a slightly different theory based on Sitchin’s work.
    Both author’s think we have a Brtown Dwarf Star with 6 or 7 planets around it somewhere in the outer solar system.
    One of those planets has life on it similar to our own according to the theory.
    If it is true, then the UFOs might be coming from there.

    • Graham

      Great post. I believe aspects of Stitchin’s work with the Sumerian tablets has proven to be flawed. I personally cannot get my head around “Nibiru” and “Planet X” material. On the fence with it.

      In the field of Aliens and Ufology, some of the most interesting data arises from those who have been “bumped off”. William Copper comes to mind after his construction experiences at Denver International airport. As Clinton once said on TV to an Irish kid in Belfast, UFO’s are “interdimensional”.

      Another slight “oddity” are those tribes who still exist today (Hopi), claiming they “arose” from inside the earth. Hopi prophecy is also very interesting. They are undoubtedly a very “spiritually” orientated people, and extremely wise.

      Shame what the white “Eurotrash” did to the indigenous people upon their arrival in the “new world”. I believe we have much to learn about their way of life and respect for nature! What goes round, always comes around, but you never know from which direction!

      • DJohn1

        Thank-you. Stitchin’s work is a mixed bag.
        I don’t read Sumerian and neither does anyone else. Though some can get a little knowledge from them.
        Snowdon has made comments about a secret people living in the bowels of the Earth(a vast cavern system) which is supposed to be classified. (well the cat is out of bag, the horses have left the barn.) Anything he says is self serving I am sure.
        What I have noticed is the Solar System can be divided between two kinds of bodies. One is Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. They are all gas giants. Enormous balls of gas and often a lot of internal heat.
        The other type consists of Nickel/Iron core bodies that are also quite hot inside the cores.
        Where did this second set of planets and moons come from?
        In order to have complex heavy element substances inside, they have to have come from something a lot older than the gas giants. Brown Dwarf Stars meet those qualifications. They burn a lot lower temperatures and they last a lot longer than Stars such as our Sun.
        Now, we must do a What IF?
        Stitchin’s work explains it that there was a large planet. It broke up. That is where all the heavy element planets and moons came from. It was basically a very hot planet that was mostly molten lava. When it broke up it splattered. That indicates it was hit by something big.
        If I am correct then somewhere out there is a Brown Dwarf Star. The clearest indication that something big this way came is the sudden gap in the belt of asteroids, planets, and comets in the outer Solar System.
        They are at odds with the orbits of all the major planets. They are in orbits that are enormous comet like orbits out there and sometimes as much as 50 degrees off the orbits of major planets.
        Dr. Mike Brown figured it out. He started looking in all the wrong places for a planet to occur. So far he has found at least 4 small planets out there. Only they do not follow normal planetary orbits.
        He found one by chance because it was going out of the Solar System.
        The very best lie is one that is 90% truth and 10% lie. Stitchin’s work fits that pretty good.

        The other problem is I think the Brown Dwarf is orbiting in the wrong direction and at an angle way over 50 degrees off the regular orbits of our planets.
        I think it is in an orbit taking at least 3,600 years to 4,000 of our years to go around the Sun. If I am right, it is very far away right now Possibly 1,500-2,000 years from now it might be coming back into the Solar System. That makes it almost impossible to find.
        What are the chances of the Earth having as much water as we have. Or that we have a Moon the size we have? Or that the crust is thin with multiple volcanic eruptions.
        I think the “aliens” are not so much “aliens” as a commonly shared origin with us. Otherwise they couldn’t eat our food, breed with us, or any of many things. To do what they supposedly do they have to be an advanced tech civilization. We are barely out of the nursery compared with that tech.
        So the question is why are they here?
        I suggest the birth of the Atomic Bomb may have attracted their attention.

        • Bruce

          Space aliens are a purpose driven fiction. Sitchin, Eric von Daniken and the rest are money-making fraudsters. They are fantastic story tellers.There has always been a market for creative fiction. The History Channel program about ancient alien astronauts is produced in Tel Aviv by a company called Prometheus “Entertainment.” Do you also believe in mermaids after watching it on Animal Planet? If it were possible to do background investigations on these story tellers, we would learn they all belong to occult secret societies. I never believe a word that comes out of a freemason’s mouth.

  • Curious Gorge

    I too have been intrigued by the prospect of intelligent life beyond us, but as my discovery into this realm has widened, it appears that there is a hidden motive. Whenever something exists in the shadows, its merit is immediately called into question. I found a very interesting video regarding the abduction elements on youtube, and as conjecture can often provide, it was based upon a faith element. However, regardless of your religious pretext, the video discusses the Watchers that were originally placed to watch over man’s actions. I followed up with this notion by reading the Book of Enoch, which describes the intent of the Watchers and the similarities were striking. I cannot find the video any longer, but charge all of you as inquisitive and intelligent persons, to at least entertain the notion that something that is inherently malignant will never show its true face, at least in the beginning. I recommend the book Communion and Transformation by Whitley Strieber, they both are quite eye opening.

  • seth datta

    Those 3% of americans were abducted by the CIA and brainwashed; hence the experimentation done on them is masked by their belief that they ‘were abducted by aliens’. Yes, the government is that evil.

    • Graham

      What about the abduction cases that were discovered in the mountains of Peru? From memory, it was a “Dr. Mack” who turned his entire focus to the “abduction phenomenon” after being an initial sceptic.

      The results of his research were astounding. Yes, I’m also fully aware of the “lab” setup that could simulate numerous aspects of the process. What about the embedded “chips” of unknown origin that were later found in many abduction cases from around the world?

      Back in the 90’s, I was in regular contact with “Garry Woods” who was involved in the Scottish A70 case. Very down to earth guy, who worked in the engineering division of the St. Andrews Scottish Ambulance service.

      I was one of the first people he opened up to, so much so he took his first visit back to the exact location a number of years later in my company and that of one other trusted friend. He later told me a lot more that was going on.

      The only time I know for a fact the “CIA” were very active on the ground in Scotland, was within hours of Pan Am Flight 103 exploding over Lockerbie. They were very concerned about a certain “cargo” being “abducted” by the Scottish Police.

      Maybe someday Michael will fully cover what is known about that “plot”, which contained a known “patsy”. The wife of an acquaintance of 17 years had a few things to say about it. She was the Lord Advocate of Scotland until a few years ago.

    • Hammerstrike

      Not so.

      They would use such technology to “democratise” much of the world and brainwashing to create armies of fully obedient soldiers before declaring martial law.

      • both of them went to the wailing wall

        sodom hussein obama, romney, hitlery, mccain, christie, etc… are all metrosexual media agitprops…

  • Believe

    All I know is when I watch “Ancient Aliens”, I walk away believing we (humans) have most likely interacted for thousands of years with alien species. As a Christian believer in Biblical Scripture, I can’t answer to how they fit in to our “science” or faith, but I can hold fast to the Bible’s declaration that God made ALL there is, which would include aliens. I often ask God in prayer for protection from all harm–seen or unseen–and that would include protection from these creatures, if they do mean us ultimate harm. There is going to be some shaking and rattling coming upon the earth in these last days before Christ’s return, greater even than the whirl of many flying saucers. I can’t lose sleep over what I don’t understand, but I can have peace knowing the Creator of all is large and in charge.

  • Kim


    • K

      Perhaps, or their servants.

      • Kim

        Demons don’t have servants. Not in the spirit realm anyway, they serve their master, Satan the Devil, which translated to English mean Resister the Slanderer.

        • Tyler

          Satan means the accuser in Hebrew, you know the original text the bible was written in…

          • Kim

            …is Hebrew, Greek ans a little bit of Aramaic.

          • matt93312

            The bible and thousands of manuscripts that comprise it are the most thoroughly studied and verified document of all time. The entire cannon of scripture was re-validated with the discovery and translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls from the cave in Qumran in 1946. The bible has been supernaturally preserved for all generations. Unfortunately, religionists and atheists alike, misuse/misinterpret it to their own judgement.

        • K

          For most of mankind’s history, demons have sadly had human servants. A group of such people, cut off from most of mankind, most likely inbreeding, and in constant contact with evil. After many centuries, what might their offspring look like.

          • Jeffery Hays Black

            For starters one would look like Obama!! I am very serious in saying that. Genesis Chapter 6 tells of fallen angels mixing with the daughters of men. Jesus said that just as it was in the days of Noah, so would it be again at the time of the end. There is much to be said about the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. Nephilim are the off spring or hybrid species, and are a major reason for the great flood. Noah was found “perfect in his generations”. This statement does not mean that Noah was perfect in holiness, It means his blood line was unpolluted by the fallen angles. God had to preserve Noah’s seed so later on Christ could be born sinless and pure. Able to carry the sins of the entire world in His own body nailing it to the cross. Of course no matter who you are, we all need and use a yardstick of sorts to make sense to explain our reality. Mine is the bible. Which I personally believe to be God’s written word and Jesus is the embodiment of God incarnate and is the living word. One only needs to study the prophecies of the old and new testaments, and recognize their literal fulfillment all around us today. With this 100% accurate track record, it is proof that the rest of it is truth. Jesus Christ also being the embodiment of Truth. There is an insane war between good and evil, light and darkness, being waged furiously in this generation like never before. A great deception is well underway that will fool many who reject the truth of Jesus Christ being the only Lord and savior. This lie, in part is that aliens of great technology put life here ie. mankind and they and not God triune created mankind. Does anyone notice how the masses are already being conditioned to believe that all religions are true except true fundamental Christianity. The faith of which states that Jesus is God incarnate and the only hope for man. Why therefore is there such a war on the truth and a strong influence to fall for the lie? Back engineer this and it is clear that we are being manipulated to believe in anything except that Christ is who He claims to be. When one accepts THE Truth everything else becomes very very clear. I am fully aware not all will agree with me, but if there is no life here after, no heaven no hell, then what is there to lose to be a Jesus/bible believing Christian. Not Roman Christianity, but true bible Christianity? Instead as promised there is everything to gain. Faith in Jesus and salvation is not based on good works to save us, but faith in grace. Favor we do not deserve. There is great freedom and peace in knowing that a transcendent God and creator is firmly in control, and Himself provided the way to escape. Come and let is reason together, though your sins be as scarlet they can be made white as snow. There is no fear in that at all, but the words and promises of a loving God, who desires above all else to give freely eternal life. Man’s religious systems based on pagan Babylon, cause the fear and bondage’s of spirit and mind.

          • DW

            AMEN, AMEN and AMEN! Excellent post! Come quickly Lord Jesus and take us home!

          • Jeffery Hays Black

            I see you awake to what is going on around us in this generation. MOt people are totally clueless. Try and tell them and they think your crazy. LOL.

          • Kim

            You’re right, they have. Most of them unwitting. That’s what makes it so insidious,

        • Hammerstrike

          Calling them demons is STUPID.

          Demons wouldn´t exactly hold back if they could just drop asteroides on Earth until humans go the way of the dinosaurs.
          Or mererly destroying one city a day to make humans live in fear.

          • Kim

            Demons aren’t as powerful as God. But they are powerful; they are forbidden to exercise unrestrained power. Read the book of Job. God put a limit on the tests Satan (leader of the demons) could inflict on him.

            It’s not stupid to call these rebellious angels exactly what they are. While they are confined to earth, God has forbidden them to assume human bodies, so they impose their influence in spirit form, unseen. See revelation 12:11 and 12.

    • Graham

      To understand what the so called “non benign” types are doing to humans, may not be so dissimilar to what numerous groups of humans have done to other humans! Few consider this.

      To gain a better understanding about “aliens”, you may want to research the relevance that Orion and Sirius have within the higher ranks of “freemasonry”, which is very much in awe of ancient cultures. The connecting symbology isn’t hard to access.

      Egyptian based research may be a good place to begin. Also checkout “Archons”. They seem to be “demons” in the true sense of the word. A Christian Pastor has had a fair bit to say about them. Can’t recall the guys name, or website address.

      Many alien groups have an agenda with us because we happen to possess something that many of the so called “non benign” groups don’t. Whilst they may have access to highly advanced plasma and anti gravity technology, they lack the “spiritual” and “emotional” attributes that we do.

      Our access to “reality” consciousness (transcendental) is also heavily veiled by the subconscious. That is why “they” often come to a human who is experiencing the second or third state (deep sleep/dream). In those states, memory can be deeply buried from the conscious mind (waking state). Each state has its own set of brain wave frequencies and physiology.

      They also function with a “hive” mindset and many sightings and reports are based on the biologically created entities (Greys), who are controlled by more humanoid looking “masters”. Ask why many older buildings and Royal symbols contain “reptiles”. There is no coincidence. There is a huge giveaway in the bible about the latter!

      And now for the best laff. Note the “liberals” drive to create a “hive” type mindset out of everything they seem to touch. It is evident everywhere you look. With kids, it all begins with Common Core & Common Purpose (UK). Look closely at the aims of many new policies. Is free thinking and expression still encouraged? How about what the Constitution ultimately stands for?

      Under the “chosen” one’s present rule (Obongo), the setting is right to push multiple bizarre agendas, but who is really behind those agendas? Things don’t happen by accident at this scale. Order out of chaos is the name of their game.

      Find out who they are and what drives their agenda. At the end of the day, this “group” are still “minions”. Who are their true “masters”? It all lies in fully understanding the bloodlines, something that a “Knight Kaddosh” friend of mine wholeheartedly agrees with.

      • Hammerstrike

        The thing is, they could just nuke the world´s cities, then use asteroides or biological weapons to deal with the survivors.

        • Graham

          It is my understanding that some, if not many of the “non benign” groups “nourish” themselves through creating the emotion of human “fear”. Note that fear is not our natural state.

          That of course opens up Pandora’s box, and if true, that is probably the reason why we have become accustomed to being “bound” by fear. It’s an important function of the Matrix we are enslaved in.

          The state associated with fear also happens to destroy our internal organs over a prolonged period of time due to the destructive chemistry that flows through our bloodstream. Fear can act like a very powerful drug!

          Is there any proof to this concept? You will see instances of the “creation and maintenance of fear” going on around you every day. Both “medias” are a classic example of it. Created “enemies” are constantly being put in our face, no matter where you look and the threat of war is continuous.

          These beings would have no desire to quickly destroy their food source, hence the reason they don’t wipe us out. Fear is also a very efficient method to control us. What happens if the correct steps are taken to “remove” fear from the equation?

          Many are aware how to do it and one method is reconnecting the mind/heart with “source energy” (nature). That is an area of knowledge where the East excels, but the West knows how to measure it.

          The Western mindset especially, has essentially become immersed in the “egoic state of consciousness”, hence all the sheer stupidity and suffering. Once immersed in it, few are are able to “stand back” far enough to actually see the driving force that underpins it.

          Note that religion purposely keeps a human in “fear bondage”. That takes one into the realms of finding out what religion is ultimately based upon. Humans barely evolve “consciously” because of it. A good area to research is the true power of the human brain. What happened?

          I did say Pandora’s box! When one is compassionate towards another of the same beliefs and denomination, yet is prepared to sleight and slaughter a perceived enemy, that is delusion and not genuine compassion.

          Humans have much to waken up to about their own biological and emotional makeup. Until we do, a zoo may be the best place for most to observe the power of “nature” at work.

          Controversial subject field? Of course. Very few seemed primed to even look into it… due to FEAR. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Can these “non benign” beings be related to by a human? Yes. Many report having succeeded.

          Experiment. Try connecting with a so called dangerous animal “consciously”. The outcome will blow most people’s minds! Fear must be removed first.

      • DJohn1

        I think the experiments on Humans is right in line with considering us nothing more than semi-intelligent animals. If we are just animals then what they are doing makes a kind of sense.
        We do the same thing with lower life forms such as lab animals.
        The problem is they seem to share a common origin with us. By that I mean they are an Earth-type creature capable of eating the same things we do. They appear to be able to breed with us.
        My own thoughts are what they are doing is illegal on a galactic scale. There may be a Prime Directive in place to leave us alone.
        If that is the case, then other alien races may be on the way to stop them.
        What I would like to see is DNA or its equivalent from one of these UFO aliens. I would like to see a chromosome count as well. Only because I believe that these so called aliens probably originated on a water world somewhere similar to our own. If life here originated there then we have common ground.
        Now if the chromosome count is different it means we are dealing with horses and donkeys. In other words, the hybrids are probably mules without the ability to reproduce past one or two generations.
        The “gods” show too many human characteristics of personality if the legends of the past are true.
        As for the American Indian experience, it was total heresy to people with a completely rigid system of belief. Anything outside the orbit of that belief system had to be destroyed.
        Nothing will destroy Christianity better than for facts coming forward that do not agree with their insular little world.
        Jesus fit that description. He had to be destroyed because of the rigid belief system of the times.
        I still feel it was a complete set up. I think the Christians of our era are doomed to follow blindly the same kind of set up.
        And when the immortal person known to us as Jesus Christ does return? Will these same leaders want to kill him again?
        Because if and when he does return what he says will not likely agree with a lot of the belief systems currently saying they follow Christianity.
        The difference is this time I expect him to have an army of “angels” covering his back.
        The exploration of the new world did cause this kind of reaction. That should be an eye opener to all of us.

        • Graham

          I know for a fact the research you have painstakingly carried out has opened the door to the truth. I have read the vast majority of your posts with great interest.

          I have been researching for around 30 years. Psychology and esoteric subjects have been a major part of it. My mind “awoke” when I learned all about consciousness through the practice of meditation.

          I therefore see a very different meaning in the bible to most. The kingdom lies within, nowhere else and it has been proven time and again. Thanks to “Scofield”, many aspects of the original KJV were corrupted and the sheep went with it, due to brain numbing TV evangelism.

          Those who rely on external influence and indoctrination will get absolutely nowhere spiritually, unless they experience a life threatening situation and suddenly realise the matrix they have been conditioned to live within is nothing but an illusion.

          An illusion that their own delusions strengthen every day. Destruction and fear are the name of the game. Fear binds the mind from all of its creative aspects. Creative humans are dangerous to the corrupt status quo. Muppets run the latter.

          Reality only begins where illusion ends. The majority haven’t a clue what “reality” is based upon as the human mind has purposely been corrupted beyond belief.

          Any fundamentalist Christian that chooses to pick an argument with me is essentially on a hiding to nothing. I understand the processes behind their conditioning extremely well as I have studied it.

          I do however attempt to give such readers a wider definition of what is. In reality, they don’t have to make that major an adjustment to awaken from their indoctrinated stupor.

          The problem is, they are taught to ignore facts that oppose their belief system. An absolute shocking waste of brain power! Millions are suffering because of it. Hundreds of millions have been slaughtered too. Warriors or peacekeepers?

          I know through experience and in depth research who the real enemy is. They actually support it. That’s how mind boggling the situation is. That enemy is not Islam! The enemy practices usury and controls every G5 nation because of it. They create war with the others.

          Not the madness and insanity!

          • DJohn1

            We seem to be on the same page about a lot of things.
            I was born with an eye condition called lazy eye.
            At a certain time in life instead of going cross-eyed my mind automatically rejects the vision from the bad eye. Don’t even know how I am doing it.
            In the same manner, people everywhere censor what their brain sees. If I close the good eye then the bad eye’s vision is uncensored and I see through that eye. The vision in the one eye is almost 20/15. The other eye is 20/400 or less.
            Now Jesus taught people to get around the censorship of the brain’s sense of reality.
            I cannot help but think he used his own superior brain to alter his disciple’s brains so that they were capable of so much more.
            There have to be locks on the areas of the brain I am speaking of. Those locks are there for a good purpose. That purpose keeps us sane.
            At our present stage of development most people are not capable of handling the input from these areas of the brain.
            That takes training we no longer have access to. I do not recommend anyone try to access this area without that training.
            If I am correct . . .
            Part of that training is partitioning. The brain is partitioned into two actual brains that constantly communicate with one another. The ability to isolate particularly painful memories is part of what makes us human. It normally takes about 5 years to get over particularly painful memories.
            Now consider extra sensory perception that allows a person to see forward in time. That is what Jesus had as one of his “gifts”. So he could see and feel his own torture on the cross ahead of time.
            I suspect the language of his brain was different than ours as well. I think he was using a mathematical based language in his brain that was much more efficient than ours.
            This is all speculation at this point in time. Just as we reorganize our hard drives on computers to make them more efficient, I think somewhere down the road we will do the same thing with our brains. Right now these brains are very inefficiently programmed and memory is sometimes difficult to recall things with. I maintain that like all good processors, our biological ones place memory where ever there is a spot for it. So your memories might be scattered all over the brain.
            I think those chosen by Jesus will undergo an intense retraining of the mind. I think the memory core will be re-organized. That is why only a child can reach heaven. Their memories are relatively new. Their personality formation is also new and capable of being reorganized.
            The problem is that the reality we actually see is not what actually is there. There is much hidden that we do not see.

          • Graham

            Research “full brain coherence” and meditation. There are thousands of scientific studies available, dating back to the 70’s.

            A person will definitely know when they attain the state of full brain coherence. In fMRI scans, all four quadrants fully “light up”. Lookup the scans of Tibetan Masters. Some are online but I can’t recall where.

            Meanwhile, the meditator will have attained a state that every religion has attempted to explain. Today it is known as “bliss”.

            If you are carrying out the process of meditation correctly, an “energy” will rise from the base of the spine and travel towards the crown of the head.

            The outcome of each meditation appears to be based on the state of the nervous system, which is believed to be a manifested aspect of consciousness itself.

            The lower the stress in the system, the higher the experiences in “bliss consciousness”. Whilst you remain 100% alert, you will also experience a very strong golden coloured “light”. It is unbelievable. Welcome to the Kingdom within!

            Now you know how difficult words are to explain it. They can’t and that is why so few can relate to it without experiencing. The continuos bible quoters essentially know very little. Search for the Christians who know all about meditation! Plenty about.

            Many kids are being taught meditation within UK schools. Research all the known medical benefits that have been proven.

            Meditation over time returns us to our natural state of mind and being. Only then will you begin to see “everything” that has corrupted us.

            Was the knowledge lost in antiquity, or deliberately suppressed? I will leave it for others to find out.

          • Kp24

            Meditation is not,needed, you guys got soooooo far off topic it’s stupid. There is only one thing you should be concerned with, what happens to your soul after death. Jesus is the only way, no,other way. Am I one that goes to church to know this, nope. I don’t need church to be saved as many churches are corrupt now anyways

          • NVN777

            Keep on believing in your fairy tales.

          • al

            everyone has a choice to accept Jesus as the Son of God…go to heaven or…go to hell denying God the Creator of heaven, earth and man, angels. alas…most are believing Lucifer the devil and his lies instead and are following devils of other religions and ‘isms’ of man’s imagination.

          • NVN777

            Blah blah blah…same old crap I heard a million times. Stop rehasing BS and Say something new will ya?

          • T

            The Christian religion like all religions were for the early
            human race, created by the humans. The evolution of the human conscious demands
            thru what could be termed as an natural
            evolutionary process, change! Simply, track the beliefs of each religion from
            birth to present and see how it has evolved by force, by greed and by necessity. They will be replaced with other thoughts
            of origin and belonging. And eventually
            they will cease to be: This is not the
            result of the devil or antichrist, it just is.

        • Becca Betts

          Hi, I’m doing an anthropology project about the belief in aliens and UFO’s and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions for me. I would really appreciate it!

          • DJohn1

            If I can, I will answer any questions that I know the answer to.

          • Becca Betts

            thanks! my e-mail is if you wouldn’t mind sending me an email. if not, let me know and ill just ask u on here isntead

      • TheFirst

        Symbolism! Symbolism is the word you’re looking for.

    • Hammerstrike

      youtube.c o m/watch?v=4lJAw_BtM2g

    • marcy

      you got that right.fact.

    • RoguesScholarUSMC

      oooh, I like you more and more as we think alike and are aware of many truths.

  • Graham

    This is a subject I have been actively researching since the 80’s. Having met most of the better known “researchers” in the early to mid 90’s, especially Robert Dean, formerly a top ranking member of the Supreme Headquarters for the Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE), I am in no doubt about the evidence that such people have presented and spoken of.

    Soon after that initial meeting took place with Dean in 1996, myself and 30 others were invited along to a private audience with him in Edinburgh, Scotland in November that year. The purpose of his visit was to research the Knights Templars and the now infamous Roslyn Chapel, which I visit in January every year, along with Concorde down the road at East Fortune (aircraft and flight nut).

    What Dean said was this. Once you get to grips with the existence and capabilities of “their” hardware, you are left to question “who are we, why are we here, and where did we come from”. On that basis, it turned out he was doing what I had done in the field of knowledge, but in reverse order.

    I started in the 80’s studying freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Knight Templars (etc). That soon moved to the Hopi Indians in America, whom Dean later became well accustomed with. Remarkable history! They speak of the “Star People” and specific groups, especially around Whitesands.

    Conclusion. No question in my mind that “UFO’s” exist. As to their occupants, there were 12 different species known to SHAPE in 1967. Not all are benign! As the human brain is conditioned to experience limited dimensions, it was known through various government studies that revealing all would bring about mass panic.

    According to Dean, five Generals within SHAPE committed suicide after reading the report he had helped compile for NATO. Long story, but it led to NATO withdrawing from France.

    I think Genesis in the bible states enough about other types of beings on this planet for the average person to deal with. You have already covered aspects of this Michael. Very very tricky subject, but the hard evidence is there! Who were all the “Gods” of old? Egypt?

    I will leave it for other readers to ponder why a human only has 46 chromosomes, instead of 48. It’s the tip of a huge iceberg. The other part to consider, thanks initially to pioneering German research, is 99% of our DNA is anything but “junk”. It is actually “alien” to this planet. It is also reprogrammable through meditation.

    It’s worth checking out what was written in the “Vedas”, 6,000 years ago. Also, where was Christ during his 13 “missing” years in the bible? Who was Saint Isha and where did the missing Buddhist scrolls go after various Westerners were shown what was written in them?

    On a final note, I was in direct contact with the British Ministry of Defence on numerous aspects pertaining to the UFO phenomena. I also met Timothy Good, Stanton Friedman and “many” others, notably Americans who were connected with the Rendlesham Forest case. The base at the time was known as USAF Bentwaters, which contained numerous nuclear weapons silos.

    Have I seen a “UFO”? Yes. I was with 15 witnesses in Scotland at the time and purposely involved the Police and the Air Traffic control tower at Prestwick via there direct phone number. Did Prestwick give anything of interest away? Yes. Once I answered the guys specific questions about the “sighting”, he admitted that Prestwick were trained to handle “Aurora” after Machrihanish had closed down.

    Note that a squadron of Stealth 117’s flew regularly out of the latter in 1986. Nice and handy for Russian airspace. Joe public learned of its existence in 1991. An estimated three and a half thousand people had kept their mouths well shut. Unbeknown to many, around 1,500 people are involved with transatlantic and UK air traffic management at Prestwick. Call sign “Shanwick”. Major operation.

    Are humans (specific factions) under the control of superior beings? Yes. Those factions are “hybrids” and can be recognised through their symbols today. Are those beings aiming for total control over our planet? Apparently so, hence all the turmoil and changes that defy belief to most.

  • John Roberts

    they are spirits! they’re everywhere! why taking trouble you stupid people!

  • Bryan

    don’t forget they have the blue beam project as well and can beam images that look almost realistic! don’t put your trust in what is seen for it is temporary, but put your trust in what is unseen for that is eternal.

  • Hammerstrike

    Q: So this is something atheists and christians can agree on?
    A: No, aliens prooves that your sky daddy is a fairtytale, you bigoted christian piece of ****! What would the pope say about that, huh?
    Q: 1) I am not a catholic. 2) Actually, the catholic Church have deemed that te existence of Alien Life does not contradict the christian faith and that aliens may or may not have souls too…
    A: Shut up, you christian ***hole!

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    This ‘strong delusion’ is upon us today. Sadly, it seems people want to believe in these kinds of things because it’s about intrigue, the unknown, cool, the mysterious and its far from believing in Almighty God. Little do most know that Satan and his hoards will throw all kinds of signs and wonders at humanity in the last days and many will be deceived and fall for his lies -2 Th 2:9-11, John 8:44. As a result many will be lost.
    Make no mistake folks, aliens are not real – they are demonic spirit manifestations that seek only to deceive mankind -1 Pet 5:8. They have an agenda and that is to destroy, devour and suck many into their web of lies and deception. Read the Bible.

    • Hammerstrike

      Why should aliens not be real? Why should Earth be the only place where life exist?

      And if there are demons, holding political and financial power over much of the world would make far more sense than flying around in some metallic disc and kidnapping a few farmers or suburbians.

      Far more people dies from jihadism or from fully curable diseases every year than have been abducted in decades.

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        Ever seen an alien? Even seen an abduction? Ever seen an alien ‘spaceship’? Why? Because they are not real. Sure we ‘hear’ about others who have but I dare say they don’t even know for sure. Lots of fuzzy pictures but why, if they are real, have they not been seen by now and photographed clearly…?
        IMO, it’s a hoax concocted in the pits of hell to deceive people. There are no ‘aliens’ referenced in the Bible but there is a lot of warning about deception.

        • Hammerstrike

          Yep, I have seen one, a friend saw one.
          Other people have seen them, a lot of people.
          Devices have been removed from some of the abducted. People and plants showing signs of irradiation and so on.
          Debries from UFO where shown to be aluminium more purer than anything manufacturing could come up at the time (circa 40 years ago).
          Lots of clues for a very long time.

          Ever seen picture of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or even the effects of deplete uraniumn on Iraqi children?

          It sure wasn´t UFOs, whoever or whatever piloting them that made that.
          And it was not them that brought the economies of the west on the verge of collapse through self-serving policies or have been actively seeking to destroy christanity.
          It isn´t them who are murdering christians every day in the middle-east or africa, now is it?

          Pushing asteroides into a collision path with Earth or sending a continous stream of large moon rock would not be that difficult. 60% of the world population lives near coastal areas and would be annhilated by just a few asteroides.
          Either the world´s governements surrender unconditionally (and there would be more than enough collaborators) or much of human specie perish in short order.
          So while they might not be good by a long shot, they are not exactly malignant either, unlike the clique in the White house, that simply watched a US embassy being stormed from the drone that can could have rescued the people inside it.
          There is the “atheist” idea that alien life prooves christanity and all other religions wrong, that is not the case, in fact, it is a rather stupid “debunking”.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            You’ve actually seen an alien? Up close and eye to eye? You’ve actually seen with your own eye a device removed from someone? Or was this in a movie or TV documentary?

          • Graham

            I personally haven’t, but I do accept the testimony of those who are/or have been extremely high up in the military that decided for the sake of mankind to go public.

            Some of those know that we have duplicated the technology. In an open and transparent world without underlying agendas, there should be no “secrets”.

            I read every other type of testimony with interest and try to maintain an open mind at all times. Some of the the best data undoubtedly comes from pre internet times!

          • Hammerstrike

            Seen an UFO departing and it sure wasn’t an aircraft or a balloon!

            If it is a plot of hell, then it is a plot void of actual planning, hell would be utterly and thoroughly incompetent, nearly incapable of innovation.

        • Whiplash

          If your using seeing something as evidence, as you asked “Ever seen an alien”?
          Likewise, have you ever seen Jesus?

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            I have faith is Jesus but no faith in concocted aliens. History records Jesus. Aliens are fictitious and have no historical basis.

          • Whiplash

            There is no historical record that Jesus ever existed, outside of the bible except for the phony (proven phony) testimony of Josephus.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Believe what you want!

          • Whiplash

            It’s not about believing. It’s about seeing. You said so your self in your above comment.; “ever seen an alien”. I asked you if you ever seen jesus and responded with having faith and so forth. So if seeing is believing, as you say for aliens, then have you therefore seen jesus?

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            I did say that it is my faith in Christ. I have not seen Him but my belief is not based on sight. You see it’s called faith. And I can prove my faith has resulted in countless supernatural acts of God’s faithfulness to me. My faith is also in God’s word as written in the Bible. He has been proven over and over to people of faith for thousands of years.
            I have no faith in aliens for they are not what they seem. BTW, if aliens (real aliens – another life form say from another planet) do exist, what’s the purpose of their ‘abductions’, fuzzy sightings, ‘implants’, etc? If they are so assumed intellectual and advanced why haven’t they shown themselves to the people of earth? Why do they seem elusive? Are they timid or afraid?

            As I stated, you can believe whatever you like.

          • Whiplash

            Exactly my point! No evidence for Jesus! Why don’t aliens show themselves? Maybe we are insignificant to them. I don’t know. Why doesn’t jesus show himself? Is there a difference in what your saying? No

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Ah … but Jesus will be showing Himself. The Bible so states it. He is coming again for those that are looking for Him. And … guess what? Don’t you think if you could prove the reliability of the Bible, you could prove (for those that need proof, that is) the existence of God and Jesus Christ, His Son and the Holy Spirit? Some top questions, friend.
            So the Bible containing 2500 prophecies has had 2000 already fulfilled – exactly. This is empirical evidence. Biblical prophecies are fulfilled 100% error free. That’s a fact! The probability of these all being fulfilled is astronomical to say the least. But nevertheless, since God is real, His prophets were real, Biblical history has been proven in detail, therefore according to logical and scientific reasoning and evidence, Jesus Christ was and is real and He is returning again.

          • Whiplash

            Well my comment is still awaiting moderation. Anyway, still waiting for that evidence you said you had. Nostradomus did way better prophesying than your bible ever thought of. The bible is a political construct from Rome. It was an invention, period.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Ummm. Old Testament – all the writings we have were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls (all but book of Ester) between 1951 and 1956. Authentic OT writings, validated by archaeologists of today.
            New Testament – mankind has in its hands over 5000 manuscripts corroborating the authenticity of what we have today.
            “…construct from Rome”…? Ummm. Then try reading the 1599 Geneva Bible which in its earlier forms preceded the King James by 51 years. The Geneva Bible was the one the Pilgrims used when they floated over on the Mayflower.

          • Whiplash

            Ummmm…, Hey Nimrod! You have some out of accurate BS here! First off the Dead Sea Scrolls have been under lock and key and manipulated as the late John Allegro has testified. He is the only one to sit on the committee evaluating the scrolls that was not Roman Catholic. The interpretation of the scrolls is a very guarded secret. He exposed this fraud.

            In the first century CE – the era during which Christianity emerged. Judea was occupied by the Roman Empire, which required them to worship
            Caesar as a god. The Jews found this blasphemous, and they waged
            constant rebellions against the Empire.

          • Whiplash

            Well it appears I’m being censored here cant post a reply. I guess that makes me the spawn of satan.

          • Graham

            Certain words are filtered automatically, hence moderation is required. Same applies to links.

            Good policy if you think about it. Keeps the blog focused on clean debate, where multiple views are welcomed. They include a bit of harmless name calling 🙂

            From time to time, I either get very close to, or surpass the “eject” button. Woops!

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Oh goodness … as I said before, believe what you want. Further replies seem to be a waste of my time. See ya.

          • Graham

            That pretty much sums up the findings from my own in depth research of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

            Anybody got anything to contribute on the “Nag Hammadi” scrolls/texts? All ears (eyes)!

          • Jeffery Hays Black

            Oh really? No proof He ever existed? Would you care to offer proof of your statement?

          • Graham

            With all due respect, your level of cognitive dissonance and ignorance is absolutely astounding. I assume the cause is due to the word “aliens” not appearing in the bible.

            You may want to look at it a lot closer however, as many species are mentioned that are clearly not of homosapien origin. Hopefully I have worded that correctly.

            Start with Genesis. The Nephilm may just be the necessary giveaway. That is only a part of the full picture. Trace who the hybrid bloodlines are today. Have fun!

            Knowledge can be very enlightening, but true enlightenment only comes about through practical experience.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            NewsFlash: Nephilim are not aliens. They were a demonic race on the earth when the sons of God intermingled with the daughters of men -Gen 6:1-7. God destroyed them and they are no more. The Bible records their existence but God locked them up – Jude 1:6; 2 Pet 2:4, until judgment.
            Hey … I thought you didn’t believe in the Bible and here you using it. I am confused sir…

          • Graham

            You need to question your thinking and any confusion would appear to be on your own part. You have somehow managed to misquote what I have written in one instance, and made an assumption in another.

            Perhaps your interpretations of the “written word” need to be considered a lot further. Are your interpretations intuitive, or conditioned?

            It is not so much what has been “written” in the bible that I have an issue with, but rather the “interpretations” that are so often given to the words (etc). I prefer to experience what those words mean in the moment of NOW.

            The NOW is the only “reality” that can ever exist. A split second before is now the pas,t and a split second ahead simply holds anticipation for what may, or may not unfold. Can you bring Jesus “back.. tomorrow”, or are you suspended in anticipation for a desired event to occur?

            It is actually a false construct of the ego to have the mind focused on “yesterday”, let alone “tomorrow”, aside from learning about history and “planning” a constructive event. Can the return of Jesus be planned by any living human being?

            Eat thy daily bread instead! The state of “heaven on earth” can be attained today, but only in the NOW. No wonder so few actually get it. Meditation is the key.

            There is nothing worse than putting the ego in a heightened state over tomorrow. It does however keep the unwary under total control and believing in a possibility. A possibility isn’t living in reality, but leaves one open to manipulation.

            Always guard your thoughts.


          • Jeffery Hays Black

            Jesus said just as it was in the days of Noah so it will be again……Their baaaaack…..Even in the times of Joshua, as the spies entered the promised land, the giants were seen and killed. David killed the giant Goliath who also had brothers, the sons of Anak! Why do you suppose he lifted 5 stones for his sling? This Anak is akin to the Sumerian Annunaki, are are well documented and recorded from antiquity.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Giants have been with us for some time but not the Nephilim. The fallen angels who did this to the daughters of men were locked up according to
            the scriptures I quoted before. God locked them up.
            Bible ‘experts’ today use the notion that this will occur again but this is false teaching according to God’s word. They sensationalize this in order to sell books and DVD’s, etc. They do this in greed!
            The Days of Noah and Lot are upon us now – but make sure you read how the Lord described those days – Lk 17:26-27, 28. Giants, Nephilim are not listed, implied or suggested. Shalom.

        • Graham

          The typical ramblings of a completely deluded and highly conditioned mindset that barely perceives what reality is actually based upon.

          That mindset has been very prominent in America for far too long, hence the absolute mess the country is now in. The true enemy of Christianity is taking advantage of every moment of it and that enemy is not Islamic in nature. Most are too ignorant to realise that.

          The latter have however stood up in the face of sovereign attack by completely spaced out muppets in Western power. Their fundamentalism is also financed from within by the same. Get researching if you want to find the truth. Much of the latter remains classified for a reason.

          The mindset you adhere to has also proven incapable of stopping any aspect of tyranny. Your benchmarks for “reality” testing typically arise from the very same. It is highly destructive, but you are far too blindfolded to realise that.

          It might help if you actually carried out some proper research into the subject matter being discussed, rather than quote from a book that has been proven to contain many “deliberate” errors. Scofield I believe started all this and the “zombies” went along with every aspect of the words he wrote.

          Gods mansion has many rooms! Time you climbed out of the basement and had a good look around. The bible actually tells a lot more than you have been brainwashed into understanding. Sixty million in America are known to be on the exact same boat.

          Millions are suffering as a consequence. One type of fundamentalism always leads to another, which stand as a diametrical opposite. Such is the nature of “duality” in the human mind.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Believe what you want!

          • Graham

            I believe in a rational mind that is capable of critical thinking. I also believe in spending enormous amounts of time researching the totality of all available knowledge.

            The view from the peak of a mountain is far more interesting than listening to a preacher who sits in a wooden shack down in the valley below.

        • Jeffery Hays Black

          I beg to differ a bit. Genesis the 6th chapter tells of Fallen Angels cohabiting with the daughters of men. They are in fact real, but spiritual in nature. Spiritual is not any less “real”. In fact the spiritual realm is more real than this 3rd dimension we call reality. God is a Spirit and it is He that created all things. So Spirit is the original and this here and now we are conditioned to accept., is only a copy of the true. The bible does indicate the host of heaven, Revelation go’s so far as to say that the Dragon is thrown down with 1/3 of the stars. Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6, states that we do not war against flesh and blood, but the powers, principalities, rulers of darkness and SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES. So something evil this way comes.
          It is both here, and from above that is manifesting more and more as we approach some sort of climax of the ages. Jesus will return and put down the rebellion that began in heaven in the ancient past, but will end on the day of His arrival at Armageddon. A literal physical place in northern Israel. That is why it is called the battle OF Armageddon. It is the final battle manifested in our world of good vs evil. The news in advance is the free mason’s, Illumaniti etc lose and will never rise again. Neither will Israel be removed, she will remain forever and whoever comes against her God will surely declare war on and they will lose.

        • NVN777

          Ever seen “jesus” ? Ever seen “god” ? I rest my case.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Nope I haven’t … quite yet but I will in the future. Right now it’s my faith.
            Aliens are fictitious to say the least. Why believe in them … what’s the purpose? Sensationalism, book and movie sales, etc.
            Q back to ya – Ever seen the wind? Do you believe there is wind? Now wind has a purpose.

          • NVN777

            You haven’t and you shall won’t. I don’t see the wind but I can feel them as they’re real. On the other hand you can keep on dreaming about “jesus” all you want.

      • jihadism = judaism

        it is lipstick on a kosher pig

        • Hammerstrike

          Somalia is what israel would look like if it had not been conquered by the Roman Empire, complete shít-hole of no importance.

      • Kim

        Aliens? as in beings from other planets? There is no evidence such beings or planets even exist. But, people have been reporting sightings of all sorts of other-worldly things for centuries, and that I do believe. The question remains tho– what is the true source of these strange sightings and experiences? Who would want to mislead mankind like this?

  • Luis

    In his book “Pentagon Aliens”, William Lyne believes these gravity defying UFO’s are of human origin. He says they are electric flying machines invented by Nikola Tesla (which is why most genuine UFO sightings are a little blurry, on account of the corona surrounding them). He argues the technology was obtained and developed by the Nazis and brought over to the U.S. after the war via Operation Paper Clip. According to him, it’s the most carefully guarded secret of the elite. I have another book I bought a while back on this topic… I don’t know
    where it is or what it’s called anymore, but I recall the author came to a similar
    conclusion as Lyne based on the triangular shape of some of these “alien” craft which he believes is just the Illuminati playing around with their little toys (to put it in my own words). Anyways, the upper echelon of the elites are Luciferian,… as a Christian, I believe this technology will be used as part of the devils last days delusion to deceive the whole world.

    On a slightly different note, I believe these alien abductions and the experiments they conduct on human beings are purely of demonic nature. I put it all right up there with the psychiatric profession… just the devil hiding his shenanigans under the umbrella of mental illness or alien encounters (yes, I know there are many genuine cases of mental illness, but I believe most of it is a sham). The devil likes to hide himself, because he knows if people realize who is really involved, they might turn to Jesus Christ for help. And that is the only thing the devil fears.

  • Whiplash

    You’ve been duped!

  • James Vaughan

    You wanna know what I believe?! I believe Jacobs is some nutjob with a blog!! There you go, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • Whiplash

    “The christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun.”
    ~ Thomas Paine

    • Graham

      Amen… Ra

      • Whiplash

        Exactly! Also look at the parallels between Jesus and Horus. They are too close to be coincidental.

        • Graham

          I have noticed that too in my travels… and a lot more!

          There is a five hour video traditionally known as “Secret Rulers of the World”. It continuously disappears, but keep an eye out for it, often under different names and split into 27 sections, or as a one’r.

          The narrator is a female who discovered some astounding things amongst her fathers possessions after his death. He wore the ring with the “G”.

          It turns out there is almost an identical story to the bible that unfolds elsewhere and that knowledge is highly protected by the top ranking elements of secret society’s.

          There is also some very interesting research that attempted to uncover any material evidence that would verify biblical history.

          No coincidence that the Western powers like to plunder Middle Eastern museums where rare artefacts go missing or get destroyed. What they have done with pre 50’s history books is an even bigger laugh (or not)!

          YT:- “It’s Not There!” (snordster) 10m

  • Stacey Holt

    The gods who came down” satans crew! It will be as it was in the days of Noah when the nephilim roamed the earth and had offspring with human women. It’s satanic.

    • Graham

      And the “hybrid” bloodlines produced still exist to this very day.

      Can you be specific as to who they are, what they aim to achieve and how they are going about it?

      I’m “assuming” you may know.

  • Whiplash


    A woman had coffee with Jesus one day. The conversation went like this.

    Me and the girls got so wasted last night. I don’t even remember what happened!

    You got high on cocaine and ran over a hooker.

    Oh. Good thing you died for my sins!??!

    It’s weird how the hooker is now in hell and your still going to heaven.

  • Whiplash

    A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything ~ Nietzsche

  • Tatiana Covington

    Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not alone in the Universe. It must be one or the other. There is no third choice.

    If we are not alone, then either we *do* have visitors from afar or we *do not* have visitors from afar. Again: it must be one or the other. Again: there is no third choice.

    If we do have such visitors, then they must have some way of getting around the speed-of-light barrier and some means of controlling gravity. If these are fundamentally possible, then any sufficiently advanced species could do them by the application of natural laws equally accessible to all.

    Thus, if they exist (whether or not present on or near Earth), then they are not demons. They are the results of evolution and engineering… nothing else… because there isn’t anything else.

    • Whiplash

      Absolutely correct. They are not demons. Christianity requires an enemy in order to function. If there was no enemy, or enemies, there could be no christianity. Whenever a christian approaches something different or something they don’t understand they have to demonize it. Very arrogant religion. It is also very arrogant to believe we’re the only ones in the universe.

      • matt93312

        Negative. You believe in aliens, but you don’t believe in the supernatural. Seems a little close minded and arrogant to me. You can believe an uncreated beginning and an evolution without transitional forms, but you cannot consider a comsos of order and design. Your cell phone is the pinnacle of R & D, but it can’t match the complexity of an ant or cochroach. You might want to reconsider your charge of arrogance.

    • Graham

      Very meaningful post!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if it turned out that they were here strictly for the laughs and to tape Jerry Springer.

  • joshua

    in order for anybody to understand the reality of this they have to go to the Holy Scriptures and 1 Enoch, Jubilees and the Dead Sea Scrolls. This dates back to around the time after Jared [Book of Genesis, Jasher & Jubilees]. Genesis 6 says [and if you get the hebrew text and the septuagint, and you’ll see its true] that the sons of God or as the original text says devine beings mated with women of the earth. Thats where giants came from. there offspring! Nephilim/Rephaim/Emim/Anakites, are all giants the Holy Scriptures says. 1 Enoch goes into more detail of what happened before the flood [which was worldwide]. lets use only Scriptures and we’ll see that the aliens are fallen angels and demons. according to enoch demons are earth bound by the Eternal GOD and are the spirit of giants since the giants were a mixture of angel + flesh, women [Genesis 6]. According to Paul the Apostle, in 2 Cor. 12, there are 3 heavens: 1st heaven is the sky [ in the original text heaven for earth is sky] of the earth, 2nd heaven is outer space, the universe, & the 3rd heaven is where our Great & Awesome Father GOD & Saviour Jesus CHRIST our Lord reside, the highest heaven. now according to Book of Ephesians satan, the prince of the power of the air is in the second heaven and according to 2Cor. 4:4, he is the god of this age. look at every major civilization babylon, persia, egypt, even indians in n.america that say beings who descended from the skies. those wasnt aliens but fallen angels and demons. remember the Bible is the true history book. and it states that mankind has only been here for close to 6000 years. babylon, persia, greece, romans, indians, didnt exist till after the flood [look deeply into Noahs sons and there descendents]. this aint nothing but a trick from the father of lies [Gospel of John]. its so much more to this “alien thing”, but wayyyyyto much to type, i hope and pray that all will read, read, meditate, pray for understanding, lean on GOD for revelation, and listen to the Holy Spirit for clarity and let the Good Sheperd guide you to the truth. remember Ephesians ch. 6, all must put on the Full armor of God to stand strong against the devil and his angels in the Heavenly places! as this age is winding down, the clock is moving towards modnight, and JESUS return is soon, satan and his host will give everything to bring people down to hell with them. Gospel of John, Jesus CHRIST our King & Lord is the way, the truth, and the life!

  • Mike and Ainslie #

    “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all” (:26-27). Nephillim?

  • prestodo

    It’s more likely that people are seeing things in the sky that are man made.

  • Anthony

    Fallen Angels is what they are and they are trying to manifest themselves in this realm in so called alien bodies, which they created from mixing DNA. Also they are putting the evil spirits of the Nephilim in these bodies. But there is good news, because in the name of Jesus Christ we can cast them out and rebuke them. There has been instances that abductions has been stopped by calling out the name of Jesus Christ.

    Also this has to do with the very near future, when Apollo/Abaddon/Antichrist (One and the same) will walk this earth in physical form. Satan (he is not the antichrist, but the one who is giving him the power, for Abaddon is a fallen angel and Satan the ruler of all of them) seeks to change our DNA to that of a non-humanbeing (more or less than 46 chromosomes and perhaps and extra helix), so that we are not anymore made after the image of God. Remember that the Mark of The Beast will alter your DNA, that’s why you will immediately loose your salvation if you take it. Because Jesus came to save mankind and nothing else.

  • Charlie

    I’m glad I came back to read your subsequent words Graham.

    On the meditation aspect, I have been practicing Toltec meditation techniques, which are very simply steps to gradually quiet the mind. Quitting TV many years ago, helped immensely.

    I’ve been able to change many old habits i.e. smoking, drinking, consuming sugar, etc.

    You are totally right!. I experience heaven on daily basis and meditation enabled me to finally come home. All of this was precipitated by a serious car accident, which in retrospective; it’s the best thing that ever happened to me…:)

    Life is better that it’s ever been. As far as the bible, I was really turned off when as a child, the teacher refused to answer my very logical questions and instead called in my parents, which of course punished me harshly for questioning the teacher’s words…What a bunch of non-sense, blind faith and zero room for inquisitive minds, no wonder why so many people are struggling today…:(

    As far as children being less contaminated, every time I attend a party or social gathering; I soon end up playing and talking to the children, as I relate very well with them and feel the truth of her words/actions/emotions. This for me is much better than listening to adults repeating somebody else’s words, typically from a TV character…lol

    You are evidently very knowledgeable about human consciousness and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to answer my humble messages.


    • Graham

      Welcome. When we are through learning, we are through life.

  • Tatiana Covington

    It could be they’re just here for the laughs and to tape Jerry Springer.

  • RoguesScholarUSMC

    all one has to do the give credence to this mindset is to look at the bible for the answer. Genesis 6:2 “the sons of God (aliens) saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.”
    We have an element in our DNA that cannot be explained as it is “not of this earth”. I believe angels was a misinterpretation to mean ALIENS.

  • Kp24

    The reason people believe is because they see things, God does not do the bible miracles any longer. Let’s face the facts, if he would part the ocean for the world to see, then think of all the people that would believe. People see the bible as just stories, because there are no real amazing miracles any longer. Reason being, we call all the small things miracles that probably are not even touched by God. Many times I have asked God why, why not do something really big if you want and love everyone? I mean sure there are signs in the heavens, but now they are common things we know happen. Back 2000 yrs ago comets were a big thing as were meteors. Now we know it’s really nothing and a common occurrence same as solar eclipses. So you can see why people would believe in out of the ordinary things they see and hear. I know what I believe, I know what I have seen and that’s fine for me. I only concern myself with my souls eternity. I knew when I was a kid aliens and God were somehow connected. It even says in the bible 1/3 of the angels are among the stars, so it’s easy to put 2+2 together

  • SantosGarcia

    How about if both are true? The LORD Jesus Christ is GOD the Son, the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity: three persons that are One GOD (YHVH). Aliens and UFOs are NOT primarily extra-terrestrials (although within our solar system there has been documentation)… They are primarily trans-dimensional ‘demonic’ entities- EVIDENCE? Prayerfully study this monumental expose (640 pages): as well as the comprehensive work of this Christian genius:
    Are you ready for the ‘Last Days’?

    May the LORD bless YOU with His Wisdom!

  • Lance

    The results of the poll mentioned in the article prove yet again that, “You can’t fix stupid” !!!

  • Arizona

    THE hand writing really is on the wall,the middle east records says OUR LORD did create races for other planets and star systems,A whole universe with no life but planet earth,NO,NO,NO,theres life everywhere in the universe,SOME GOOD,SOME BAD,you can’t win them all,no ones perfect but the LORD,and when the sky falls in on america,YOU BETTER BE ON YOUR KNEES praying to the LORD for his protection,cause its all you’ll have….FUNNY everyone in the universe knows who the LORD is ,except on planet earth,is this planet stupid we’re on,or what………………

  • neilwani

    This is happening because America has lost their belief in God and his creation. Now days people would rather believe atoms came together all by themselves and created everything including aliens. It is so sad people do not believe in God, angels, demons, good and evil. Because when they die the truth will be known but then it will be too late.

  • LifeLongLearner71

    Just more proof that humans have an innate need to place their faith in something. I would say we are simply _created_ that way. And it’s more proof that Jesus will be back, real soon now, to clean up this mess.

    Hello World. Please get this, Jesus was here before, and walked around in the dirt just like you and me. And he said he’s coming back. And the Bible says he’s coming back. And so he is.

    Whatever evidence exists for aliens visiting in the past, the evidence of Jesus Yahshua Ha Meshiach trumps it all.

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    That proves how stupid Americans are.

  • chad kern

    so if the government knew that there were aliens coming to earth, and the government was driving around in converted U.F.O.’s from “roswell.” why would they spend billions of dollars on robots to crawl around on Mars looking for possible signs of life from a billion years ago? wouldn’t that be…stupid?

  • NVN777

    ET’s are real. “Jesus” are made up.

  • Paul Long

    Jesus is the son of God and in someway He is an allien. Jesus said that He was from another ” world” . He used the word Kosmos that means another planetary system.
    Read the site bibleufo

  • abinico

    Years ago while hiking in central Mass wilderness, did run into something – it was like time froze – didn’t see anything but sure did feel it and heard beeps.

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    Soooo…68% of Americans believe in a 2000 year old Jewish zombie that will return from outer space and rescue them from invisible evil?

  • grumpdad

    Nepheilm …. if the account of the flood to destroy the sons of God who had taken daughters of men to produce evil beings has credence then we may be seeing a repeat. As one analyzes the Corp. Greed, drug industry, illegal drugs, wars, crime, government tyranny, escalated persecution of Christians and Jews it would lead one to believe that there is an evil agenda seeking to rule over us.

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    This proves more Americans are stupid.

  • Guest

    A bunch of psycho-babble, you people have let the words of Earths religions become plagued with science FICTION

    Shame on all of you for doing this!

  • Jennifer Bynum

    Kim, I do concur; demons! Absolutely! No doubt in my mind.
    To my astonishment, I have seen an UFO in December of 2009, they do exist, for thousands of years, they have had access to earth and they will not stop until, He who has the title deed to the universe comes back; Lord Messiah, at His second advent!
    In the meantime the earth is going to be sent a strong delusion because they would rather believe ‘the lie’ instead of truth.

  • Sylvia

    I enjoyed your website very much until I came across the section “The Most Important Thing,” and I’d like to suggest that you edit this section to include a disclaimer about Christianity as YOUR choice of religion, and that you respect all others and aren’t looking to convert anyone. I respect the fact that you are a Christian and am happy you have found meaning in life by finding Christ, however I don’t appreciate the subtle proselytism in focusing only on Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the light – he is but one existential solution among many. I understand that Christianity works for you and the rest of God-fearing America, but billions of us around the world are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and others. We are all part of one God and I find that single-minded lapse in faith in that section of your website out of place considering how intelligent the rest of your content is.

  • Brandy Church

    These “aliens” are most definitely demons and nephilim.

  • lee vitalone

    It is purported that the Vatican harbors these “aliens” that are in fact actual demonic living creatures. This is the part many cannot understand, that spiritual creatures are real, and influence the events of the world today. Only Bible truths are important now, nothing else matters anymore-it’s way too late in the game to be wasting time on unimportant reality’s.

  • Brian A. Caldwell

    Mork calling Orson…..come in Orson…..I think from my perspective the “alien threat” idea is really a provocation or a taunt, really playing with fire, if I had my way there would be a shift in energy and economic policy toward a social structure fostering more independence rather than collectivist “hive” thinking, I think, “why does anyone want to “unify the planet” in the first place? Especially “AGAINST” someone or something? What if your “aliens” are actually friendly but are confronted with some SDI garbage on first contact? You’re going to have some reaction. I would say the propaganda regarding this issue discounts the reality of Pantheism, and a Monothestic and spiritually dualistic viewpoint (god vs. devil) in which all comers fall on one side or another hampers conscious inquiry on the topic. I have had lots of experiences regarding this subject and the study hasn’t really started until I can meet an equal-type as myself and really give each other the “tune-up” we’ve been needing, I see peace and harmony, the song “The Window” by Steve Miller Band, I have aspirations such as this. Peace and Justice are UnChristian and Non-Biblical concepts given the inherent racial supremacy the Bible is founded on, from the founding “god” of racial supremacy who appeared first here 6,000 years ago and claimed to have invented the internet or something like that. Or created everything himself when he is simply a predatory genetic engineer who likes to have fun at human being’s expense, a sadistic and destructive adolescent tyrant. “god” needs to be lower-case and plural to be accurate, and lots of relativity and variance therein, “Do no harm” the first rule, “prime directive” is a good one, you would not be able to understand the truth regarding culpability and responsibility for harms or infringements unless you took into consideration very subtle mind control techniques the CIA uses on some of us to create apparent “villains” out of primarily benevolent beings, without the psychological warfare against benevolent beings you would have benevolence and not friction.