Mourning For America

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American Flags 2014

Have you ever mourned for America?  All over this country, there are tens of millions of Americans that still deeply love the United States and that are deeply saddened by how far this nation has fallen.  Recently, I posted an article comparing the America of the 1970s to the America of today, and it really struck a nerve.  Those that grew up in the 1940s, the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s remember how great life in America was back then, and large numbers of them are absolutely disgusted with what America has become today.  We have abandoned our values and the principles that this nation was founded upon, and the consequences of doing this are manifesting in our society in thousands of different ways.  The very foundations of our once great nation are rotting and decaying at a staggering rate, and the entire structure may soon collapse.  Around the world, many will celebrate the downfall of America, but I will not.  Like millions of other patriotic Americans, I still deeply love this nation and I mourn for what has been lost.

Of course there are countless others that feel the exact same way.  A friend of mine, former police chief Dennis Evers, said that I could share some excerpts from a piece that he recently authored.  As a Baby Boomer, he remembers very clearly what life in America used to be like, and he is very sad that his children and his grandchildren will never get the chance to experience it…

It was an honor to be bestowed the duty of leading the pledge of allegiance at school. A flag that our dads, neighbors and family members had recently fought and died for. My dad rarely talked about the war, most soldiers who saw real action didn’t. He did tell me once about being on Saipan and going to the latrine only to return to find the soldier he was sleeping next to dead with his throat slashed by an enemy guerilla.

When it came to sports, everyone played outside, every moment they could, like in “Sandlot”. We kept score and if you or your team sucked, you sucked it up. I always dreaded being called last when the classes’ most popular students chose sides for dangerous games like “dodge ball” but you learned early on that life was full of disappointment.

The playgrounds had actual steel equipment, things like towering swings and slides and merry go rounds and teeter totters, all death traps, but what a ride.


I remember my dad bought a 57 Plymouth station wagon that held 8 (it must have for us to go to grandmas some 2500 miles away with all six kids). The back seat faced rearward and the entire rear window rolled down, leaving half of the back wide open so my little brother and I could breath those lead rich exhaust fumes for weeks on end. There were no such things as seat belts, and the dash was soft steel, loaded with pointy metallic knobs. In the event of a crash, mom would stick her arm out to prevent you from flying through the windshield. I remember roughhousing with my brother once and the door opened up and he rolled out, fortunately we were only doing 35 so mom pulled over and went back and retrieved him (true story). At the gas station, you were greeted with a smile, and at .28 cents a gallon, you would cheerfully get your windows washed, oil, radiator and tires checked, a free map and some S&H green stamps, that you could save (and eventually lick) so your mom could get a new iron or mixer. Sodas and large candy bars were a nickel, and I remember when a new place called “Taco Bell” opened up and everything was .18 cents.

Entertainment consisted of 3 TV channels, all at the whim of the antenna. Often, the 200 pound television set would be on a TV tray with spindly metal legs, or teetering on some other piece of furniture. Cartoons, were great, had heroes and villains, and a moral. Comedy was funny, not dirty. In fact the married couple in the Dick Van Dyke show slept in separate beds.

Crime wasn’t an issue; you could go downtown any time day or night and not worry about it.

Patriotism was a good thing. We were proud of America, proud to be Americans.

We were taught to remove our hat when the pledge of allegiance was recited. We were taught to cover our heart with our hand when the flag presented itself in a parade or other patriotic ceremony. We gave thanks before every meal.


I am deeply saddened that my Children and grandchildren will not know what an exceptional, wonderful, powerful, inventive, creative, generous, fiscally responsible country America used to be, not always perfect or right, but always trying to be better.

But you don’t have to have been born in the United States to experience this sense of loss.

Recently, I was sent an excerpt from an interview with a high level defector from Communist Romania named Ion Mihai Pacepa.  The following is what Wikipedia had to say about him…

Ion Mihai Pacepa (Romanian pronunciation: [iˈon miˈhaj paˈt͡ʃepa]; born 28 October 1928 in Bucharest, Romania) is a former two-star general in the Securitate, the secret police of Communist Romania, who defected to the United States in July 1978. He is the highest-ranking defector from the former Eastern Bloc, and has written several books and news articles on the inner workings of the communist intelligence services.

At the time of his defection, General Pacepa simultaneously had the rank of advisor to President Nicolae Ceauşescu, acting chief of his foreign intelligence service and a state secretary of Romania’s Ministry of Interior. He defected to the United States after President Jimmy Carter’s approval of his request for political asylum.

Subsequently, he worked with the American Central Intelligence Agency in various operations against the former Eastern Bloc. The CIA described his cooperation as “an important and unique contribution to the United States”.

Pacepa loved America even before he came here, and now he is deeply saddened that we are steadily heading down the same path that absolutely destroyed his nation…

President Obama has indeed bought into the siren call of Marxism, as I myself once did, along with millions others like me around the world—even including former President Reagan—when we were young and innocent. But President Obama did not come to power following a KGB coup. He was brought in the White House by 65,182, 692 Americans who were proud that the U.S. had become mature enough to elect a black president, and who fell in love with his redistribution of wealth. In my other life, at the top of Communist Romania, we proudly called this redistribution of wealth Marxism. Today, however, it is considered bad manners to even pronounce that word, because Marxism had transformed a third of the world into a feudal society in the middle of the XX century.

Pacepa can hardly believe that Americans are willingly choosing to embrace the same political philosophy that he once risked his life to defeat in Romania…

Here I would only say that thirty five years ago I paid with two death sentences for helping my native Romania, at that time the epitome of Marxism, to stop thinking of Marxism as a boon bestowed from on high. Now a new generation of Americans, who have no longer been taught real history in schools, along with most of the people belonging to the 47% of households paying no taxes, became fascinated by Marx’s utopia “to each according to his need.” Millions of Americans cheered. Some electoral gatherings looked like Ceausescu’s revival meetings—over eighty thousand people were assembled in front of the now famous faux-Greek temple resembling the White House that had been erected in Denver. They were, of course, galvanized by the prospect that a new administration would force rich Americans to pay a part of their own health care, mortgages, loans and school tuition.

As I was writing this article, I remembered a video entitled “Mourning In America” that has been viewed on YouTube nearly a million times.  If you have not seen it yet, you can find it right here.  We were once a land that embraced liberty, freedom and free market capitalism, but now our nation is being transformed into something radically different.

So does that mean that we have lost?

Is there any hope for the future?

Those are some very interesting questions.  Without a doubt, things certainly do not look good.  But that does not mean that we should ever give up trying to do what is right.  In a recent article, Charles Hugh Smith offered some suggestions on how we can keep from losing the battle…

1. If we believe that debt is inevitable, they have won and we have lost.

2. If we believe that what we wear, buy, drive, display and consume defines our identity and place in the world, they have won and we have lost.

3. If we believe that we express ourselves through what we buy, consume, display and own, then we have entered a state of permanent insecurity and adolescence; they have won and we have lost.

4. If we believe that without its Empire, America would perish, they have won and we have lost.

5. If the “news” leaves us fearful, anxious, frustrated and angry, they have won and we have lost.

6. If we believe that being connected to and consuming digital media during every waking hour is not just necessary but desirable as a display of coolness and status, they have won and we have lost.

7. If we believe fast food and packaged food is cheap, tasty and convenient, they have won and we have lost.

8. If we believe we would perish without a payment from the Central State, they have won and we have lost.

9. If we believe that measures such as the unemployment rate and gross domestic product (GDP) are meaningful metrics, they have won and we have lost.

10. If we believe that our identity and self-expression flow from our membership in various “tribes” defined by signifiers such as sports team logos, corporate logos, tattoos, programs and music we consume, brands and other consumables, they have won and we have lost.

11. If we believe the America of today is the perfection of all that is good about America rather than the suppression of all that is good about America, they have won and we have lost.

12. If we believe that learning and intellectual accomplishment are to be scorned as “elitist,” they have won and we have lost.

13. If we believe that health results from consuming handfuls of pills, they have won and we have lost.

14. If we believe it is normal to transfer the vast majority of our earnings to the state and a handful of crony-capitalist cartels, they have won and we have lost.

You can read the rest of his excellent article right here.

So what would you add to his list?

And what would you say to those that are mourning for America?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • Anonymous

    “……Millions of Americans that deeply love the USA and are deeply saddened……”

    I am one of these Americans.

    “Pacepa can hardly believe that Americans are willing choosing…..”

    That is because Americans are discouraged from studying history, and are made fun of if they study history in spite of being discouraged. Americans are pushed to only study STEM topics and are led to believe that only STEM topics are of any value. So, since many Americans do not study history, many are ignorant as to what each step brings us closer to. “When you don’t know history, you are doomed to repeat it.” -Edmund Burke

  • Anonymous

    “You don’t get it. They are fattening us up so they can eat us.” -Reggie the turkey in the movie “Free Birds.”

    For those that have tried to warn others, consider watching the movie “Free Birds.”

  • Kim

    The scene of this world is changing.

  • I did not know that distributing wealth to the rich was Marxism. It is Fascism!

    • Bruce

      There are many things you don’t know. Turn off the television and learn something.

  • Keepsmyeling

    I mourn the death of this once great nation everyday.It makes me think of the sound of music when the father sings edelwise before they all have to walk through the mountains to escape the Nazi’s.I fear that one day I might have to carry my family and escape this country too the same way.Its sad.Very sad to think about. God be with you all.

  • K

    I mourn for this Country, and its’ people. We lost it the day the Government stopped worrying what the people might do. And the people started worrying what the Government might do. A man once asked, what will you do without freedom? Americas answer seems to be, sit home watch TV and drink beer.

  • j6j6321

    America has not been great since Thomas Jefferson was President. Liberty has been eroding since that time. Ask the native Americans how “great” America was in the 1800’s. Ask the Americans of Japanese, Italian and German descent who were interned in camps during the second world war how “great” America was. Ask the blacks who were enslaved for hundreds of years and then denied the right to live with dignity how “great” America was. The fact is this, America was “great” for some people and not so “great” for a whole bunch of other people (primarily the ones who were not white, anglo-saxon protestant). This country has not been “great” for a long, long time. This country experienced true liberty for a very, very short time. Until liberty and the constitution are restored, we are just another version of every other third rate nation.

    • 1SKTrynoskySr1

      Nah! You forget that we have gone past the issues you bring up. There is neither anyone alive today who held a slave or was a slave. 600,000 young mostly protestant anglo saxon white boys gave up their lives 1861-1865 to end that atrocity. That is not to mention that in the 6,000 years of recorded human history, slavery has been only almost eliminated for about 150 years. Making a good comeback in parts of post colonial Africa too these days. Last I looked, the internment camps were closed and shuttered. That’s not to mention that they contained neither gas chambers nor crematoria. Yep, stole the land from native Americans the same way they stole the land from other Native Americans. Nobody however beats the Spanish who managed to subjugate all of South, Centyral and 1/3rd of North America and completely destroy native culture and language. But then, even they did some good by ending the atrocities of the Aztec’s who woudl routinely sacrifice 25,000 people at a time to appease their Gods.

      • Zechariah

        Unfortunately, America has sacrificed 56,000,000 unborns to the material Gods of convenience and pleasure: each little fetus mutilated to a degree of horror that would make any Aztec proud. As a 66-year old Boomer, I have experienced a great fall. God be with us if there is anything worth saving.

        • 1SKTrynoskySr1


      • JasonD

        Believe it or not, there are literally more slaves in the world this very day than in any other time in recorded history.

  • Celesta

    If you look at it honestly the decline that is happening to America today started just a little over 100 years ago with the beginning of the Federal Reserve monetary system. Yes, it was better in the 50s, 60s, 70s, (if you remember those years you can remember how with each passing decade, each passing year, it became steadily worse and worse) yet all through those years America was in decline the entire time. With each passing year things were and still are becoming incrementally worse. It started with the Federal Reserve, the only solution is to end the Federal Reserve.

    • mitchie124


    • mitchie124

      Save our country: Round up and imprison the Rothschilds & Rockefellers!

      • Bruce

        Round up all members of all occult secret societies.

  • lkw

    And what about the Fukushima radiation, the nuclear waste buried off shore and in towns, the GMO crops, the chemtrails, the corexit, the fracking etc? We have trashed and poisoned this Country. It’s toast.. You can talk about survival, but to talk about restoring this Country to it’s former glory is just wishful thinking.

    • Bruce

      When you talk about all the crimes that “we” have committed, that doesn’t include me. I don’t share your white liberal guilt, and your environmental propaganda doesn’t interest me either. Go send some money to Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Jr. and leave “us” alone.

      • lkw

        Seriously? Pathetic partisan name calling is all you have? Enjoy your Fukushima cancer; your toxic GMO food; and your corexit fish. Because you deserve it. And BTW, no one buys into partisan politics anymore. Only suckers.

  • Syrin

    I believe liberalism is a cancer to the planet that has already killed dozens of nations and hundreds of millions of people from Stalin’s Russia to Hitler’s Germany to Mao’s China and Castro’s Cuba. I believe the state media is a liberal propganda machine, and the American pop’l has fallen in love with the romantic sanitized version of what they think liberalism is rather than what the reality is as we see even in cleaned up Sochi. As such, America is past saving or redemption. A complete reset is needed and coming.

    Liberals cannot survive what is coming. Why? Because post collapse, you have one of four options, and only one of four:
    1) Hope the state takes care of you in a collapsed society. The state won’t have the means or the resources unless they take care of the problem the way Aucshwitz took care of the “problem”
    2) Take what you need from others alone or in groups. Eventually you will die in this scenario
    3) Do nothing out of complete despair and shock like we saw post Katrina
    4) Work hard for yourselves and neighbors to survive and thrive

    So in 3 of those scenarios you either die or end up in a FEMA camp wishing for death, or you have a “Come to conservatism” moment where hard work, ethics and individualism matter meaning you are not a liberal.


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  • Anonymous

    Yes, people love to separate themselves through Social Stratification/Caste Systems/Class Systems. The “I have money for this brand or gated neighborhood and you don’t” attitude exists in America today. The “I lay around all day while you work until you need back surgery, to support my golf habit, while I yell that you need to work harder” is also too common in America today. Many students of history realize there is a pattern of the wealthy exploiting the poor, in many different ways, throughout history. It helps those that are really in power with their “Divide and Conquer” agenda.

  • Anonymous

    How many years does a Republic usually last? I have heard that there is no Republic in history that has lasted longer than 300 years.

    “We have given you a Republic; if you can keep it.” -Benjamin Franklin

  • Johannan Baptiste

    So WHY are we all sitting around crying for?

    Time for action. Make phone calls to DC. Connect to like-minded people and groups.


  • With Fortitude

    Lament all you want everyone! Change is about to happen , and that is what we are seeing. The peoples of our country,and I’m talking about the true American patriots . The Peoples that say to hell with political correctness , and socialism. Because , in the good ole days if you acted like a socialist you wouldn’t be called a socialist . You’d be called a communist and thrown out of this country toot sweet!! Now everyone from another country wants to come over and enjoy the freedoms our fathers fought for without fighting for their freedoms in their own country(Lazy Cowards)!!!! There are people here now more than ever that hate us and our country(Muslims). Their the ones changing everything. Wasn’t there a time in history where Christians and Muslims had a big disagreement? People this time it will be a disagreement that the worlds never seen before!
    Things are changing people , and their doing it from within our government… Don’t Lament WAKE UP!!

  • Seen2013

    ‘They’ve won when they can advance normalization of brutal and often lethal crackdowns’.

    ‘They’ve won when we fail to commit to determined-resolve instead of instant gratification’.

    “For every man there is a cause which he would gladly die for
    Defend the right to have a place to which he can belong to
    And every man will fight with his bare hands in desperation
    And shed his blood to spread the flood to barricade INVASION!” (Bleach, Invasion)

    I grew up in the 80s, and we have much more than children today. Technology didn’t consume our lives.
    I stand that people need to be able to stand up be strong, so paths for apparent trend reversal can be accomplished. Top-Down does not work and actually grants further past precedent. Any answer that thinks they won’t resort to violent and brutal crackdown is doomed to fail.

  • Bruce

    Your political and religious leaders have always been Freemasons. This nation was doomed from the beginning.

  • RapidRay01 .

    As a 65 year old , I could not agree with your article more ! Next question is how did America get to be into the situation that we face today !
    Until Americans admit that it is an occupied country , we are all spinning out wheels and nothing will get accomplished .
    An occupied country ?
    A small minority of the ” Tribe ” that controls the World’s Banking System , the F. E. D. , Banks too BIG to Jail , MSM , Hollywood , the DHS and it’s toad agencies ( TSA , FEMA , ICE , ATF , and is presently Militarizing all local police departments ) all U. S. Security Departments , and the Education System of America .
    Quote two famous members of the ” Tribe ” , Maurice Samuel , ” We are the Destroyers . We will always be the Destroyers , no matter what you do ! ” M Rothschild , ” I care not who makes the laws , as long as I control their money , I control them ! “

  • Alleged Comment

    It’s too late to turn back now. Prepare for destruction America.

    It started with TV, then movies and now the internet. With each progression the user has gained greater control and now he can’t control his mind.

    The Devil has been let in and the liberals have been let out. Pandora’s box has been opened.

    They only thing I can tell you is build your spiritual strength up because the demons are going to take you for a ride!

  • Bill

    this mad man in the white house has all the earmarkings of the roman emperor Caligula, with his 5 year reignof terror , this madman in our house has very many traits as Caligula had., then one day the Proterian guard did him in along with some from the senate. it could happen here , nothing changes under the son. if I was the fraud in the white house i would really consider picking up my handbag and getting out of there now. before his entrails are left all over the place, just like Caligula entrails were. I woulld be crapping in my pants right now if I was him, his 5 years of terror reign in the U.s. is about up according to past emperors of other empires.

  • laura m.

    God has slammed the door on America big time. Ever since the501c3 registered churches became gov. controlled (incorp in 1954), people fell into apathy. Leaders/pastors/hierarchies were muzzled under gov. IRS control, Biblical preaching declined to a social gospel, churches became businesses, as the country declined into ruin. Put no faith in political parties or voting either. America is over with. Home church with small groups, stay out of the corp. gov churches., get kids out of gov educ. Civil war is inevitable.

    • DJohn1

      The problem is worshipping money instead of God. As for being controlled most of them are closet Republicans. The Republicans on top of being for big business are in bed with most of the Christian Churches in America. They have a really trashy reputation of being anti-labor as well. The entire thing smells to high heaven.
      The second problem is Democrats are just as bad if not worse than the Republicans when it comes to trashing the every day middle-class American family. They are supposed to be for Labor. They are not.
      Just about every raise in taxes comes from this group. Just about every devilish idea comes out of this group. It is no wonder Christians run from them.
      The trade professions have always been a Union thing. They have an organized educational program of apprentices that get a percentage of a skilled person income. The difference is instead of college these people come out of their time not owing a dime. Contrary to popular belief trade unions are not against the companies but maintain a level of skill that the companies normally need to in their employees.
      The difference is that these trade people give the companies skilled labor vs unskilled labor. I was there when the Republicans trashed the labor movement by making it impossible to get a square deal in a labor dispute in the 80s. I was there when the companies decided to trash the unions by refusing to negotiate and spend millions in law suites in an attempt to kill the unions. All of this was supported in full by the Christian Churches of this country in their blind support of people that are no more Christian than the Demoncrats were.
      It is basically a set up. Heads the Devil wins, Tails you lose.
      I think when Jesus comes back they are all going to be very screwed. If the description in the Bible is true, he is a telepath (mind reader). I just hope he comes back with that army of angels he talks about with the full backing of his Father. At that point in time, a lot of church leaders will be exposed for what they really are. At that point I expect they will go straight to hell, do not pass GO and do not collect any $200.
      I believe the people responsible will start a war to end all wars. In a single day, these people will destroy the planet. Unless Jesus comes back first and stops them. He can only move when his Father lets him do it. So far the Father has said “no”.

  • LesBaer1911

    I read in several different historical papers
    the Bolshevik jews slaughtered 66 million, mostly Christians.
    But, when the murder rates get this high
    who can keep up.

  • mike

    mourn for america? the old syphilitic whore wants an audience with Fate, does she? well, get in line! she aint the first to plead for someone to at least show up for the funeral, even if a paid stranger. Those who mourn the passing of america are hypocrites at best, if only because they have perpetuated and aided the death of “the whore that everyone loves to f-k”, because wars don’t pay for themselves, they require TAXES. How many of these hypocrites faithfully pay their taxes? Then why are they so mournful….they got what they paid for!!! What’s that? Buyers remorse? LOLOLOLOLOL Too bad, tough luck.