New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them “Black Holes”

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Nuclear Explosion

Did you know that Russia is building submarines that are so quiet that the U.S. military cannot detect them?  These “black hole” submarines can freely approach the coastlines of the United States without fear of being detected whenever they want.  In fact, a “nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles” sailed around in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks without being detected back in 2012.  And now Russia is launching a new class of subs that have “advanced stealth technology”.  The U.S. Navy openly acknowledges that they cannot track these subs when they are submerged.  That means that the Russians are able to sail right up to our coastlines and launch nukes whenever they want.  But instead of trying to find a way to counteract this potential threat, the Obama administration has been working very hard to dismantle the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.  In the end, we could potentially pay a great price for this utter foolishness.

recent RT article discussed these new super silent “black hole” submarines.  To say that they are impressive would be a massive understatement…

Russia has launched its new state-of-the-art Novorossiysk submarine, which set sail from a St Petersburg shipyard to become the first of six diesel-electric stealth subs delivered to the Russian Black Sea fleet in the next two years.

The Novorossiysk belongs to the Varshavyanka-class (Project 636), which is characterized by advanced stealth technology, making it virtually undetectable when submerged.

“Our potential opponents call it the ‘Black Hole’ due to the very low noise emission and visibility of the submarine,” Konstantin Tabachny, captain of the Novorossiysk, told Channel One TV. “To be undetectable is the main quality for a submarine. And this whole project really fits its purpose.”

Of course Russia has been building “near silent” submarines for quite some time.  In fact, their nuclear submarines are already far quieter than anything the U.S. currently has…

Russia recently launched its near silent nuclear submarine following several years of development.

The Borey Class submarine, dubbed Vladimir Monomakh, has a next generation nuclear reactor, can dive deeper than 1,200 feet, and carries up to 20 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Each of these “Bulava” ICBM’s can carry ten detachable MIRV warheads, what they call “re-entry vehicles,” capable of delivering 150 kiloton yields per warhead

And as I mentioned above, these submarines have the ability to approach the coastlines of the United States without the U.S. military ever even knowing that they were there.

In addition, Russia has been working feverishly to upgrade other elements of their strategic arsenal as well.  For example, it was recently announced that Russia will soon begin work on a new strategic bomber…

Russia will begin the full-scale R&D work on its future strategic bomber in 2014, a senior aircraft-manufacturing industry official said Thursday.

The project, known as PAK-DA (an acronym meaning “future long-range aircraft”), has been in the works for several years but was given the formal go-ahead by the Russian leadership last year.

The Russians are also working very hard to modernize their nuclear forces…

Russia is developing several new missiles, including a weapon U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed as a covert intermediate-range nuclear missile called the RS-26 that is being developed and tested in apparent violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

The Russian government has denied the RS-26 violates the INF treaty and claims it is a new ICBM, which some arms compliance experts say is a violation of the 2010 New START treaty.

Sadly, most Americans have no idea that any of this is going on.

Most Americans just assume that “the Cold War is over” and that Russia will never be a threat to us ever again.

If only that was actually true.

Today, Russia is stronger both economically and militarily than it has ever been before.

And as you just read about, Russia is rapidly preparing for a potential future conflict with the United States.

If the Cold War truly is over, then why does Russia have more spies inside the U.S. today than it did at any point during the Cold War?

The American people need to wake up.

As all of this has been going on, Barack Obama has been working relentlessly to dismantle the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles


Back in 1967, the U.S. military had more than 31,000 strategic nuclear warheads.

Since that time, the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal has been reduced by about 95 percent.

The START Treaty that Obama agreed to back in 2010 will limit both the United States and Russia to a maximum of 1,550 deployed strategic nuclear warheads.

But that is not nearly enough of a reduction for Obama.

Back in June, he declared that “after a comprehensive review” he has decided that the United States can reduce the number of our deployed nuclear warheads by another one-third…

After a comprehensive review, I’ve determined that we can ensure the security of America and our allies, and maintain a strong and credible strategic deterrent, while reducing our deployed strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third.  And I intend to seek negotiated cuts with Russia to move beyond Cold War nuclear postures.

That would leave us with around 1,000 warheads.

And thanks to the various treaties that we have signed, Russia will know where most of those warheads are located.

So this makes a scenario in which Russia and China collectively conduct a first strike against the United States much more conceivable.  If Russia or China knows exactly where our warheads are, it would be very easy to take most of them out in less than 10 minutes with a submarine-based first strike.


The fact that Russia is building subs that are so quiet that the U.S. Navy cannot even detect them is a very, very big deal.

It means that at any time the Russians could have their subs pop up right off of our coastlines and deliver an absolutely crippling first strike that would hit us before we would have any chance of responding.

No, I do not believe that such a thing will happen this year, or next year or the year after that.

But as relations between the United States and Russia continue to go downhill, the stage is being set for such a scenario to happen in the future.

World War III is coming at some point, and the decisions that are being made right now are making it far more likely that the United States will be the loser of that conflict.

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • Tallkiwi

    Oh jeez…this reminds me of that nutcase Rumsfeld who thought the Russians had invented a silent sub. He set up listening stations all over the pacific, at great expense to the taxpayer of course, and found nothing….confirming to him that they actually existed!
    Look around at what America has been doing! Fomenting wars in the Middle East, Syria, Libya, Iran, spying on all of us, Libya is now a bracket case!
    What has Russia done? Well at least it averted another war in Syria! The threat to world peace is America, certainly not Russia! The supposed Russian threat in Sth America was BS mostly orchestrated with false flag attacks by the CIA etc. To look like the soviets were there. America was and is the one who props up dictatorships from the Middle East to Sth America.
    America was ready to go to war when Russia had missiles in Cuba but now has them all over Europe effectively circling Russia, this is escalating conflict, it’s not Russia we have to worry about starting a war it’s the USA

    • Kim

      Lol. This is one of the dumbest responses I’ve ever seen on these blogs.

      • Graham

        The fact you have labelled it “one of the dumbest responses…”, tells me you are completely blind to the truth. That’s fine. Just don’t use that ignorance as a platform to attack another.

        Those who invest hours, days, weeks, years and decades researching for themselves are under no illusion as to what is going on and why. It has been spelt out in so many places making the data a lot easier to find.

        It is those who suffer from heavily conditioned delusions that has led to little being done to prevent tens of millions being left in grave danger. How many million have already been wiped out in recent wars?

    • Graham

      Bang on the nail! It’s good to see others have done some pretty thorough research and have been able to pierce through the standard brainwashing crap.

      My own post provides an important omission. Look close enough and it will become apparent why. There is a plethora of evidence to back it up, including “official” statements dating back to the 40’s. All those statements are on record.

      Russia is not an enemy of the USA. Never has been. The true enemy is the “dual citizens” who control it and its military. Because of this, several other nations remain vigilant.

      If you want to see global peace, then you can work out how it will come about. The attack dog “Luciferians” thrive upon never ending wars. Trace and read their little book and examine the Protocols closely. It is all their in written form.

      • Syrin

        That may have been true in the past, but there are 386,000 Russian troops on American soil right now training with the DHS on gun confiscation techniques. believe me, when the collapse happens, the Russians won’t be your ally.

        • Marcus Demetrius

          And when this happens, even then people will not believe what’s going on. They simply choose to be blind, therefore they can not see it.

  • Graham

    There is only one country in the world today that is mad enough to pose a serious nuclear threat and that country refuses to officially acknowledge the existence of its nuclear and chemical arsenal, let alone sign any of the international treaties. The USA is also controlled by this regime.

    The contradictions surrounding this illegal little nation are playing out right now and “many of their own kind” are speaking out about its leadership and ultimate demise. The greatest lie ever told has led to the worst corruption this planet has probably ever experienced.

    The genocide this nation has brought onto others seems to forget that those they are killing are genetically connected with the territory, whilst 85% + of the attack dog nations populace isn’t and never has been. Proven fact.

    When Americans get to the bottom of the farce, the truth will require no defence, just concise action. Many military vets have already worked it out hence the reason why they have been silenced in the mainstream.

    The UK has a lot to answer for too!

    • Boni Biggun

      Everyone here is just peddling “THEIR” Hegelian dialectic! There are
      no sides! Our only enemy besides lack of knowledge, are the satanists in
      power! Like the Rothschild’s who control ALL CENTRALIZED BANKS IN THE


      Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope & Major Jordan’s Dairy are just two
      concrete examples of how the luciferian bankers control everything on
      this planet.

      The Powers That Be, have advanced super
      technology that puts all known military technology to shame & makes
      all known military technology OBSOLETE. It’s called scalar weaponry.
      based off of Nikola Tesla’s research & work from the late 1800’s to
      the early 1900’s. Col. Thomas E. Bearden is an excellent source of
      information on both Tesla & SCALAR WEAPONRY. The nazi’s funded by
      the puppet USAcorp, also rediscovered this reality of ENERGY
      MANIPULATION. Scalar weaponry allows for control of weather, mind &
      matter!They know where everything is in REAL TIME, EVERYWHERE on this planet. Please research & get up to speed everyone.

  • DJohn1

    The entire nuclear thing needs to go away!
    WE have a nuclear disaster going on right now in Japan! So we are going to make the entire pacific ocean into a radioactive waste?

    I repeat, no one ever wins a nuclear conflict, period.
    The problem is radioactivity that lasts for many years afterwards making habitation of this planet anywhere impossible. So who wants to use the Nuclear Card?
    The most horrible nightmare isn’t a nuclear attack.
    The most horrible nightmare is technology or a natural disaster that sets all these poisoned nuclear missiles off at the same time no matter where they are on the planet.
    The Sun could do this with the electromagnetic forces at play. Changing the physical rules that control the chain reaction that starts a nuclear bomb means they could all go off like firecrackers where ever they are. I believe that technology now exists.
    We have the ability right now to put infrared cameras on marine life. I refer to dolphins and whales. All of these silent subs mean nothing. Because they all have a heat signature.
    Has anyone come up with a nuclear sponge? Because that is what it will take to make this planet habitable after these clowns get through with a nuclear war. We will have to have extremely high magnetic forces that pull all of the radioactivity out of the environment. Don’t think anyone has that right now. Or all that radioactive water coming out of Japan would be contained.
    Even conventional warfare is becoming impractical.
    What we are told is totally censored. Anyone with half a brain knows that technology of the 21st century is much more sophisticated than it was just 50 years ago. Yet we still insist on antique weapons to deal with it. The real problem here is even the technology we have exposed is capable of much more than anyone realises.

    Like sending troops in to primitive places to expose terrorists. Take me to any hobby shop in this country and I will show you a radio-controlled miniature vehicle with explosives and weapons capable of taking terorists out. The only thing the military needs to add is cameras and explosives.
    These diesel subs are interesting. Using hybrid technology they are able to run for hours on battery electric then recharge it with diesels at their leisure. Sounds like the same technology as hybrid cars. It is also more cheaply made than a nuclear sub.

    They are also very vulnerable. One trained dolphin could take the lot of them out by planting a magnetic mine on the outside of the sub and setting it off at our leisure.
    Most humans cannot go outside a sub at 1,200 feet with all that water pressure. So you have to depend on drones to do it. Drones work with signals.
    I am not an engineer and I am not a scientist. I do follow articles by both groups. What I have said here is pure speculation. I am sure similar technology is readily available.
    I say that Obama is right to do away with the nuclear program because it is impractical long term for anyone to use it. I would love to see a program that keeps these nuclear missiles from arriving on our shores. Force fields of some kind might do the job. But anyone using nuclear forces in the modern world is just plain crazy.

    Even a closed wired drone might be possible but awkward.

    • watchman48

      Nuclear weapons will not be done away with in time to save America from a nuclear holocaust. America’s days have been numbered and we will see her destruction in the very near future.. God will never allow the destruction of a people or nation before He first sends His warnings….

      His first of three warnings that I am aware of was given in the mid 80s… Three men have seen the visions of a nuclear attack.

      Neither Pres. Obama nor all of our Armed Forces can save America from this destruction…. Christ Jesus is the only hope for the one that is a born again Christian.

      To read God’s judgment for America’s future or lack thereof, Google: “ The Message For America, Hand of Help Ministries. ” For what I think will be the 2nd major terrorist attack for America, Google; “ The Eagle and the Serpents, Hand of Help Ministries. ” And again for where I believe will be the location of this 2nd attack, Google: “ The Eagle and Serpents (Part 2), watchman48 BlogSpot com.” Also look in watchman48 BlogSpot com archive Feb. 09 and read this newsletter RFC #101.

      • Hammerstrike

        The republic will not last much longer.

        What will be left is a sickening travestie of what the US A once was.
        Only chances for the US to survive is a nuclear war or solar storm happening, shedding the layers of parasites that are killing-off the host, as well as their liberal tools.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      You are right that nobody ever wins a nuclear conflict.

      But that does not mean that it will never happen.


      • DJohn1

        It will only happen if the people in charge let it happen. Not just here, but in the major nations around the world. Someone wants to destroy the planet. They want to do it using the people on this planet. The questions become who and why.

        The embarrassing questions are going to be looking into why someone would go down this path of self-destruction.
        The answers to those questions might lead us into corners that we would rather not look at.

        1. Where is the money going and why? Who profits from a nuclear war?

        2. Is this situation being put together deliberately by a third-party? (Like Saudi Arabia in the middle east.)
        3, Naming Names. Indefinite pronouns just do not do it when talking about where things are coming from. For instance, almost no one talks about the influence on terrorists from Saudi Arabia around 9/11. Or the fact that the head of this country expedited a Prince of Saudi Arabia leaving the country in record time after 9/11. Or the fact how many of those terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.
        4. There are desperate nations out there that need to be brought down to a reality check. That also means putting things together so they have much more to lose by going to war or instigating a war.
        But the real problem is getting leaders to really lead both here and abroad. Delaying decisions that need to be made has caused the current financial problem. For instance, I do not recall banks having the ability to put themselves in crisis mode before Mr. Bush deregulated.
        That was a major financial blunder and it needs to be corrected and the entire industry is going to have to be overhauled to prevent everyone from going under. Outside of a few voices such as your own, I see very few discussions on this anywhere.
        5. We need to get back to being a truthful, morale nation UNDER GOD.

        When I led a small group of professional printers at my newspaper, I spent a lot of time on my knees in private praying for the right answers to the problems that came up. I am not smart enough to come up with these answers on my own.
        I always went where God led me. It often came in guidance that later was almost clairvoyant in its reach. That is what we need our leaders to do. Get down on their knees and pray. Because that is the only way they are going to get out of the jam we are all in.

      • Hammerstrike

        There wouldn´t be much of a police state after such a war.
        All the big liberal strongholds would be incinerated or left in ruines, no more welfare

    • Hammerstrike

      No, that is pure and simple fear mongering.

      To make the entire Pacific radioactive, one would need millions of tonnes of isotopes.

      How did the Pacific war end again? Nuclear war can be won if made one-sided.

  • Charlie

    Mr. Snyder, you are a brainwashed war monger.
    I wonder whether is the Rockefeller foundation that funds your blog…Laughable really. You need to educate yourself and stop watching so much Fox News!

    • Syrin

      I say this with all sincerity. Take out as much on your home as you can, put as much money as you can into the stock market, and keep all your assets in US dollars and held in US banks. PLEASE do this for me.

      • Charlie

        Thanks for the advice Syrin but I’m a self-made man and live debt free, for I don’t want to be part of this farce.
        This article is based on fear, so in the end what is the difference between this and TPTB?

        • bumbutcha

          It’s a farce if you can dispute the facts and conclusions which you do not. Instead you resort to pathetic name-calling instead of making a case for your viewpoint.

          • inspiredbyloveforhumanity

            Russia has always been friendly to the west, always looked to finally work together as equal, but the west always refuses for one simple reason, Russia is too huge, as such it has enormous West does what it can to isolate, sanction, destroy it, no matter the overtures of Russia, west is united in their burning desire to see Russia as a colony, no more than Saudi Arabia. Napoleon, Hitler, NATO, all the same, target Russia.Russia is holding the largest gas, oil, mineral reserves that needed to fund the corrupt criminal western civilization…
            Hopefully with west collapse this can change, west cannot change. Look at threatening Bolivian presidents plane ? This is piracy, unheard of breaking international law…why ? Europe is a vassal state to the US…sad and shame, EU project, even the US is defending it and threatening the UK with consequences if they retreat from the EU-project. US find jihadits and send them with drugs and weapons to create chaos, destruction, death…Us did the same in creating death squads in Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc… Look at the US military bases in Romania, Poland, Estonia…who is invading whom ? So much anti`Russia propaganda yet they protect human decency.

      • Hammerstrike

        Majority of Russian Soldiers are White and even less politically correct than Whites in the US.

        No way Obama will have them on US soil when SHTF, he would rather turn to Mexico, Saudi Arabia or Turkey.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      How am I a warmonger?

      What facts in my article are you disputing?


      • inspiredbyloveforhumanity

        It`s complicated in the background of the US-Russia relations because the US is waging imperial conquest of the world in which Russia is to play the role of a vassal…Russia obviously refuses to be vassal so the US gets mad. It is as simple as hell, really…
        As long as the US pushes imperialist agenda on to Russia, Russia will fight back, as long as Russia doesn`t accept the US imposed vassal outlook, problems and tensions will continue to exist for both countries.And the rest is just a noise…

  • Robert C. Laity

    Obama is a usurper.

    • Hammerstrike

      “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

      Abraham Lincoln.

      Was he wrong?

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Russia is getting bolder in politics and as a major world military superpower. Why?
    Russia will play a major war in an upcoming Bible Prophecy found inn Eze 38 and 39. They will lead a Russian-Islamic (with other nations) offensive against Israel but will be overwhelmed by Almighty God and only 1/6th of their armies will return home. These are God’s words and not mine. Read about it.

    • Hammerstrike

      Nope, it is the words of humans interpreting things.

    • inspiredbyloveforhumanity

      utter nonsense

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        Read the Bible and know the truth.

        • Slappy!

          I think you’re under the mistaken impression that the Bible was written by God, when in fact it was written by man, edited by those in power to be more “favorable” to their tastes, and translated from dead languages.

          It’s GOING to have mistranslations and misunderstandings abound when you can’t even read the whole book in it’s entirety, as some of the original books put into the bible have been taken out and hidden inside the Vatican.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            The Bible – OT – we have today (not the RCC Bible, use the 1599 Geneva) has been corroborated with the Dead Sea Scrolls. The NT validated with over 5000 manuscripts. The Bible is God’s written truth to mankind and the truth of Jesus Christ His only begotten Son that was crucified and rose again paying the ultimate penalty for our sins. He offers forgiveness and eternal life for those that believe in Him.
            Now you can choose to believe this or not. Your choice, but just remember when Jesus Christ returns you can’t say you were never told.

          • Slappy!

            The Dead Sea Scrolls were still written by man. So how does comparing one book to another prove the validity of the first book?

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Written by man under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – 2 Tim 3:16.
            What’s the ‘first book’. The Bible is really all one book of God’s word to man.

          • Slappy!

            Is it the Bible that claims that the Bible was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit?

            Funny how a book can validate itself as true. Do you seriously not see the flaw in your logic?

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            And that’s were we differ. I believe 100% in the Bible … in faith.
            I take no stock or put any credence in the ‘logic’ of who … man!
            Guess who made man … God.
            Like I said you can believe in God, the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ or not – your choice.

          • Reuben Prowse

            Yeaaah, but the bible nowhere says that Russia will side with Islam. LOL

            That is just your silly interpretation of things. Like the guy said further on up. Utter nonsense!

            Russia is more likely to side with China.

            Some say that all false religion including Islam is what Revelation calls the whore of Babylon, since religion sells itself out to politics like a cheap whore screwing with kings. Makes sense to me. Religion is at a tipping point and almost already at its’ end in the West.

            And in the end Islam is not a threat to be taken seriously in my opinion. One MOAB on Mecca and it’s history. You’d be surprised how many muslims are desperate to ditch their religion when the opportunity arises.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Not silly friend. Just read Eze 38:1-6 and decide for yourself – Iran (Persia) is among the nations that will arise against Israel. Iran being the strongest next to Russia. China will be there too but perhaps not in this coalition. Read Dan 11:44, for where China might fit in.

            Many things are still unknown to us but the days are progressing and opening up new knowledge of end time events – Dan 12:4.

          • anron4581

            Wow I never knew this /sarcasm off

            A secular mind can’t accept this or even understand this. Did Abraham have a bible? Moses? No, they had the spirit of God upon them.

            No one can be absolute certain which countries will play a role in the end. However, I can assure you that the Arab nations will be involved. Who are allies of the Arab world? Think about it for a minute and you will realize that, we are on the verge of an all out war. It isn’t going to be pretty and America isn’t the good guys, and neither Russia, china, EU, or any other major player will be seen as the good guys.

            Gods people, those that believe, will be atoned. Everyone else is fighting against God. Consider your actions and seek truth where your heart leads you.

            God bless!!

  • Kim

    Just read an article on RT about a new Russian air to air missile system. Pretty state of the art precision accuracy.

  • Daiban

    Actually, the new “silent” Submarines are easy to find. Just listen for the silence.

  • JAson

    In my opinion; the only thing that matters with this story is what’s ‘not’ being said. Where did the Russians come up with their ‘stealth technology’. This article uses the now popular catchphrase as if to imply that Russian stealth technology and American stealth technology could be the same!? Are they? Could it happen? Isn’t Stealth technology & wording protected by international copyright laws? Well if it isn’t “stealth technology” you say, then what is it?
    What is it indeed?
    This conversation reminds me of watching any modern Hollywood space flick in which we are trained to believe that a gasoline powered space ship can travel light year distances and shoot down advanced alien craft with gunpowder cannons.
    Einstein was famous for saying that no problem can be solved at the same level that it was created. And he was dead right. And the western mainstream media is under such a yoke of censorship that we cannot even begin to speculate about where the Russians might have come up with a scientific basis for their new anti-detection technology. It is NOT stealth technology as Americans know it from the trusted sources; ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX.
    It is POSSIBLY new and undocumented scientific research corrupted for militaristic use and the key (hint hint) (for the un-researched) probably lies in the fact that the new subs are powered by Diesel-ELECTRIC engines. Forget not that there is nothing more pervasive throughout the entire comos than the electric potential and all of it’s precursor forms.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I am saddened to see that so many people do not “get” this article.

    Unfortunately, most people end up believing what they want to believe.


    • Hooch

      Many people live in a day dream but soon they will wake up and see they were living in a nightmare all along.

    • Mike Hunt

      That’s because most people are idiots, to busy walkin around oblivious, rockin their iPhones, twittering and watchin NFL or other mindless drivel. They have their heads firmly planted up their arses with no hope of extraction.

    • Blue Beam

      In 1967 missiles couldn’t hit sht. So I get it. More death merchant propaganda.

  • Jonathan

    obama admin showing submission to the reds?

  • PPTA

    When IO would post things regarding Russia re-building their military, or China build thheir military people thought I wascrazy. So look at Rusia today, Thy even have battleships, we mothballedthe last one under Bush Jr. Look at China today, and it’s dispute pver some islands with Japan. No one is laughing any more. And Obama is dismantling our Military and defensde, with the help of Liberal Democrats. Meantime, who suffer? The working people, thats who. And the Republicans are doing nothing. Who’s side ar they on?

    • Catalacjack

      Russia and China would not be where they are today if it had not been for the traitor Bill Clinton. Russia ends up with our stealth subs prop designs and the Toshiba machinery they were made on. And China gets our most technical missile guidance system .

      • Hammerstrike

        On the contrary, Russian had these technologies first.

  • disqus_nnLrIiRVEb

    The American people are so ignorant about Russia and China. Maybe Romney was right when he said that Russia our worst enemy. How can the American people become so mesmerized by Obama? There hasn’t been a more corrupt president in our history. Stupid Americans deserve exactly what they deserve for voting for this fool. China just tested the Obama administraton about the air space near Japan and won. Both Moscow and Bejing know Obama is weak, weak, weak.

    • Hammerstrike

      “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

      Abraham Lincoln.

      • John Boyt

        That may have been true during Lincoln’s time, but not so much today other than the rot that has been created by the Satanists. Today, America is the outhouse of the world. She has thrown Yahweh out of her courts, schools, and places of business, and is now beginning to experience the consequences.

        • derhexen

          your little transjordanian war god never had any place in our courts

        • zencowboy61

          what did lincoln know? nothing he didn’t anticipate the way greedy american politicians would take money and sell out their country to Israel.

    • inspiredbyloveforhumanity

      Russia has never been an enemy of the US.Look at it this way – Russia is a big country, big nation, great resources. If Russia gets access to western markets Russia would become very rich, technologically developed and thus , for western point of view, too dangerous…for this simple reason the western society has ALWAYS put Russia in a containment policy with sanctions, threats and murder…West so far attacked Russia 4 times…Russia not even once !Napoleon (where all of Europe more or less was united in the attack on Russia…yes not just the French, there were Belgians, Spanish, Italians, Austrians, etc.), Ottoman (Muslim) and the UK and France attacked Russia in the Crimean War (imagine this, Muslims and the West work together to destroy Russia!) Hitler(where the UK, France did all they could to encourage Hitler to go East) and then NATO after the WW2 a Cold War declaration by the West . 4 times .
      When USA Government officials try to coerce and intimidate other nations into doing things their way, it is done with the intent of creating and escalating tension so the media can report back home that we have “enemies” that oppose us and then use it as an excuse to pump in lots more money to the military industrial complex which creates lots of jobs and gadgets, unfortunately, many of the inventions aren`t beneficial to humans but that doesn`t matter to the instigators, they want profit.

  • Hammerstrike

    That is, the US military is too busy spying on its own citizens and allies to bother.

  • DJohn1

    It took me a while, but I suddenly realized another side of things that happen if these subs are workable. Expense.
    What is the price tag vs. the price tag of our fleet.

    For instance does an Aircraft Carrier cost 1 billion dollars to make? How long does that Aircraft Carrier last if we go to war? I am thinking 15 minutes. But I may be wrong.
    Anything that big has to be a sitting duck in open warfare. It is true that they serve a purpose.
    Britain had Destroyers. Many destroyers before World War II in 1939. The German fleet sunk a good portion of them with submarines. Missiles never before seen did a similar thing to London. German military and German engineering destroyed the greatest fleet of dodos on the planet. Thank-you admirals. You haven’t learned a thing.
    People tried to tell the United States that aircraft could decimate a fleet before World War II. No one listened. They actually court-martialed someone who tried. They made movies about it.
    My point is logistics. Our armed forces went into battle with Springfield Rifles! And that was in a modern age.
    Logistics can make or break you in any kind of modern warfare. We take pride in giving the most expensive toys to our military that money can buy.
    Then we put margarine in the mess halls instead of butter. We cheat on things like cereal. Nothing but the best for our people in service. NOT! We often leave them in rank for years because they only promote enlisted people once every six months. Then they are cut-throat about it.
    We take highly skilled personnel getting discharged and make them clean toilets!
    My point is that logistics take a mean and sad second to what our military should be doing. I refer to those in charge of our people.
    It costs multi-millions of bucks when people die in service to our country. This eats us alive financially. Our opposition have no such problems. The idea seems to be SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, and then some more.
    Any company accountant out there will tell you this will not and has not worked in our favor in any small war we have been in recently.
    The point is not to win wars but to make money for a select few while we waste a lot of good service people’s lives.
    These diesel-hybrid subs are pure genius. For a small investment, Russia puts itself on the world military stage.
    The problem is we have multiple billions and even higher investments in obsolete military equipment and people.
    What has to happen after the admiralty is gone, and the generals, is someone has to pick up the pieces if there is time and produce economically feasible, effective weapons that will work against these latest and greatest logistically sound weapons of mass destruction.
    It will probably happen from somewhere in South America as the North American Continent is likely to be uninhabitable.
    But don’t worry, the same people that brought this about will have moved there long before the SHTF.

    • Slappy!

      We have so much outdated technology because
      1) The american people are still under the impression that the US Armed Forces are the best EVER, and because of that we would naturally have the best equipment and supplies, and
      2) If we do indeed have the best equipment and supplies, if we have LOTS of them, it means we’re even safer, right?

  • SRVES339

    Yes, by all means be afraid, be very afraid… the corporate world, and the Wall Street vipers and thieves that finance them, are counting on your capitulation.

    Of course the real fear is loss of absolute control of the oligarchical chosen few… by those in control, and the millions that surrender their critical thinking in return for the the crumbs they use to suborn them.

  • Not impressed

    “As all of this has been going on, Barack Obama has been working relentlessly to dismantle the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.” This is a pointless partisan jab. It is noteworthy and concerning that Russia now has a (another?) weapon we cannot defend, but it is rediculous to criticise reducing the number of US nuclear weapons, of which there are thousands. How many nuclear weapons would it take to destroy the US? or Russia? or China? I think about 10 would suffice to bring society and warmaking ability to an end. In fact, we see that one melted nuclear facility can destroy Japan. Gorbachev said that Chernobyl was a major factor in the USSR collapse. The expense of a vast nuclear arsenal actually makes the US weaker and is a greater threat through accidents than a Russian attack. Moreover, the US has established a first strike capability against Russia — recall the warheads in Poland. I do not like Obama, but that will not get me to side with partisan haters.


    so where did all those 31,000 nukes go. What happened to them .would be great to see an article on that.

  • Nicholas

    This is why America should have sided with the axis powers…

  • Peter Bourne

    The US has had silent undetectable attack submarines and “Boomers” since the 80’s or before. The Russians are just catching up with the technology.
    And how many Nukes do you really need to spoil your day.

    Couple of dozen launched against most major cities of the world would send us back into the stone age !!

  • Cody3/75

    What an idiotic article. The Russian submarines are not that quiet, not by any stretch. The “black hole” submarine was coined for American Ohio class SSBNs, not any Russian submarine.

    This article is the epitome of fear-mongering and its disgustingly inaccurate. To pretend like any information coming out of Russia Today is accurate is laughable.

    Russian submarines are NOT undetectable while submerged. The USN still has the US Seawolf, which is still the preeminent blue-water attack submarine in the world. Also, the new Virginia class submarines has been repeatedly shown to be one of the quietest submarines in the world. They’ve successfully tracked both British Astute class, and German 212A class submarines. Both of which are heads and tails quieter and more advanced than these “new” Russian submarines. I say new because the designs are actually quite old. They’ve got technology from 30 years ago. Its only the uptick in the Russian economy that has allowed for them to be actually finished.

    What an absolutely ridiculous article. There should be a law against spreading idiocy like this.

  • Don Izzy

    Disinformation at its finest. The Borei is a fine boat but me thinks they are just a bit boastful.

  • James Beckett

    question if the russian sub sailed around the gulf without being detected then how does anyone know it was really there at all?