Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Mount Shoria 450x298 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.  On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones.  Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.  Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before.  The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.  So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?  According to the commonly accepted version of history, it would be impossible for ancient humans with very limited technology to accomplish such a thing.  Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught?

For years, historians and archaeologists have absolutely marveled at the incredibly huge stones found at Baalbek.  But some of these stones in Russia are reportedly more than twice the size.  Needless to say, a lot of people are getting very excited about this discovery.  The following comes from a Mysterious Universe article

Alternate history buffs are about to be whipped into a frenzy!  OK, maybe not, but they will find this interesting.

An ancient “super-megalithic” site has been found in the Siberian Mountains.  Found recently in Gornaya Shoria (Mount Shoria) in southern Siberia, this site consists of huge blocks of stone, which appear to be granite, with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners.  The blocks appear to be stacked, almost in the manner of cyclopean masonry, and well…they’re enormous!

Russia is no stranger to ancient megalithic sites, like Arkaim or Russia’s Stonehenge, and the Manpupuner formation, just to name two, but the site at Shoria is unique in that, if it’s man-made, the blocks used are undoubtedly the largest ever worked by human hands.

When I say that this is a new discovery, I am not kidding.  In fact, the very first expedition to study these stones happened just a few months ago.  Prior to this expedition, there were no known photographs of these megalithic stones.  Archaeologist John Jensen is mystified by these ancient ruins, and the following is an excerpt from a post on his personal blog

The super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time by Georgy Sidorov on a recent expedition to the Southern Siberian mountains. The following images are from Valery Uvarov’s Russian website.

There are no measurements given, but from the scale depicted by the human figures, these megaliths are much larger (as much as 2 to 3 times larger) than the largest known megaliths in the world. (Example: The Pregnant Woman Stone of Baalbek, Lebanon weighs in at approximately 1,260 ton). Some of these megaliths could easily weigh upwards of 3,000 to 4,000 tons.

Below, I have posted some of the images that he was referring to.  As you can see, they are absolutely stunning…

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 1 450x298 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 6 450x298 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 7 450x300 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 8 450x676 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Mount Shoria 2 450x298 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Another very unusual thing about these stones is that they caused the compasses of the researchers to start behaving very strangely.

The following is an excerpt from a story on a Russian news source

Some events that were happening during the autumn expedition could probably be called mystical. The compasses of the geologists behaved very strangely, for some unknown reason their arrows were deviating from the megaliths. What could this mean? All that was clear was that they came across an inexplicable phenomenon of the negative geomagnetic field. Could this be a remnant of ancient antigravity technologies?

Of course much more research needs to be done on this site.

Nobody knows who cut these stones or how old they are.

Jensen believes that they come from a time “well back into the mists of pre-history”

These megaliths reach well back into the mists of pre-history, so far in fact, that conjecture about their ‘builders’, methods, purpose and meaning is pure speculation, and as such, I would hesitate to offer any observation at all, other than to say our pre-historical past is richer than we ever dreamed.

These stones are likely to remain an unsolved mystery for a very long time.

But what is abundantly clear is that according to the commonly accepted version of history they should not be there.

And of course this is far from the only site around the world that contains massive megalithic ruins.  Perhaps the most famous are the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon…

Baalbek Stone 450x337 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

The following is some information about Baalbek from one of my previous articles…

The ancient city of Baalbek is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Located east of the Litani River in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, Baalbek is world famous for its exquisitely detailed yet monumentally scaled Roman temple ruins. In Roman times, Baalbek was known as Heliopolis (after the sun god) and it contained some of the largest and most notable Roman temples ever built. In fact, the Romans had constructed an extraordinary temple complex in Baalbek consisting of three separate temples – one for Jupiter, one for Bacchus and one for Venus. But what these Roman temples were built on top of is much more important. These Roman temples were actually built on top of an ancient 5 million square foot platform that was made from some of the largest stones ever used in any construction project in the history of the earth.  In fact, the largest stone found near the Baalbek ruins weighs approximately 1200 tons and is about 64 feet long.  To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of approximately 156 full size African elephants.

How people in ancient times were able to move such massive stones is a complete mystery.  In fact, these giant construction stones were stacked so closely together that you can’t even fit a piece of paper between many of them.  Many of the architectural feats found at Baalbek cannot even be duplicated with 21st century technology.

So how did they do it?

How did they move such massive stones to create a structure of such intricate precision?

Keep in mind that the base of the Baalbek ruins alone weighs approximately 5 billion tons.

Evidence continues to mount that very sophisticated technology was used in the ancient world.

These megalithic ruins are undeniable reminders of highly advanced ancient civilizations.

So who were they and what happened to them?

Could it be possible that they were wiped out by a massive global cataclysm such as a global flood?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

3dnew3 240x300 Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered
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  • JustSaying

    If you want to read an interesting book, read The Gospel of Judas….it contains very interesting information about beings (God and Christ) that are so much more than the small minds presently on this Earth would want you to believe.

    • Fred

      I’m not familiar with the Judas Gospel. Thought it was a gnostic work. I would recommend the Book of Enoch — widely accepted but lost to, and subsequently neglected by the Roman Church.

  • K

    For me this is just further proof. That pre-flood, some civilizations were far more advanced, than most people thought possible..

    • Legalize Freedom

      Our planet’s history has been so altered and hidden in order to fit the agenda of the controllers. Our predecessors on this planet were extremely advanced…more than we are now

      • Sandbagger

        Right you are, just as the Bible states! Who else has the capacity to build a tower to reach into Heaven? God ruined that tower and scattered the people, and jumbled the language…but they still persisted in evil.

        The flood wiped them out, but some of their architecture has survived. (As well as some of their skulls, as Michael has recently reported on.)

        • Hammerstrike

          How would an all-powerfull deity possibly fear a tower of stones being too high?

          • maybeperfect

            If God is all powerful, can he make a rock so big that he himself can not move it?

          • Eddie

            A rock, by definition, is not infinitely large. So to say the rock must be so big that God cannot pick it up is to say that the rock is no longer a rock.

          • James Odonnell

            That depends on who the bachelor is married to..

          • Quasar

            God IS a rock so big that He cannot be moved! 1st Corinthians 10:3-4 (NIV)
            “They all ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ.”

          • disqus_44JbsFzgKV

            Sorry, only half of this statement can be true. Moving anything requires physics, God is the inventor of physics, surely he is not subject to it but master of it all.

          • maybeperfect

            Sorry, I merely repeated a line from a George Carlin routine, probably something he heard in Catholic school.

          • Diana

            They were delusional back then, just like today.

          • Dankhavos

            Perhaps it is just an interpretation of the naturalistic disaster events that happened? Maybe, the tower refers to an ancient race’ technological advancement, which reached a certain height until natural disasters occurred as a by product of the technology. Much like how our Green house gases are creating some current issues and perhaps even worse future problems.

          • Me

            It wasn’t that God feared the tower. It was the fact that God told people to spread out over the Earth and instead they tried to all come together and stay together and live as one giant civilization. As you may have heard, God tends to not like it when people disobey him. Especially repeatedly. There are documents which claim that God gave them plenty of warnings to cease and desist with the building of the tower, not only because of the fact that it would further cause people to stay together ( Imagine the manpower being used to build it and gather resources. People would be needed for generations and thus not spread out), but because of the audacity of humans thinking they could enter God’s kingdom whenever they chose to, instead of when He made it so. It under minded His rule and His position. Sound familiar? That is what Satan did when he challenged God’s position after the incident in the Garden of Eden.
            Also, Nimrod was most likely behind the construction of the tower, and he was anything but God’s biggest fan. He was blasphemous to no end and historians are sure the tower was being built as a challenge and insult to God in Nimrod’s eyes.

          • Mecca Wrecka

            uh…..the tower of Babel was built AFTER the flood of Noah’s time, according to the Bible.

          • trumpsahead

            You’re touting Bible BS – that’s kindergarten stuff. This is more truthful: God of that story was the god Enlil, commander of the earth then, and the people were assisting the god Marduk to build a mighty tower to revere Marduk which was like a usurpation of authority of Enlil, and so came down and destroyed the tower and scattered everyone and caused them to hear sounds differently among them so they did not understand one another.
            Read Zecharia Sitchin and the truth shall make you pee.

          • Keyrlis

            “As you may have heard, God tends to not like it when people disobey him.”
            I haven’t heard that. I’ve heard a lot of PEOPLE try to tell me what god does and does not like, or attribute various things to his wrath or pleasure, but I usually ignore them for the sake of reality. God speaks what I need to hear directly to me, and usually doesn’t mince words like men have done with all their holy books.

          • Carlitos

            Oh. So you never understood the meaning of that story. Interesting.

          • Hammerstrike

            There is no metaphores, hidden meanings to these fairytales.
            They are to be taken as face value, to be believed by smelly practicers of animal husbandry.
            Just like the verses of the Quran that dealks jihad.

          • Carlitos

            All of mankind was united in the endeavor of building the tower (ziggurat). The reason; pride, faith in the strength of men. What is the NWO attempting to do today? One world government – Humanism. Its cyclical.

          • Ruben

            It wasn’t about the hight, it was about the portal… Tom Horn explains it better…

          • Hammerstrike

            Dunno if broze age people, even with a global governement, could ever make a stargate.

          • disqus_44JbsFzgKV

            God fears nothing. But he does punish those who are not obedient. Building a tower and telling the people you are going to challenge God with it might fall into that category.

          • Hammerstrike

            Let them not fail miserably.

            That is the only way the masses of lemmings could be saved.

          • Ken

            It all has to do with the Seed.

        • 2012 Consciousness Shift Resou

          Greetings SandBagger, the Tower of Babble may not have been what we were taught to believe. Regarding its demolisher, that depends upon what “God” or “good” is from your perception and what that “God”s true agenda is.

          • NopeaDope

            my guess is the tower was really the sky formations described by David Talbot in Electric Universe theory.My theory is that the exterior earth was once almost entirely covered in land.
            There was an advanced hollow earth civilization existing inside earth. Atlantis was the atlas-spanning exterior land of the earth.
            There were no seas dividing the nations and people.The outer shell of earth was shattered into pieces

            as the inner earth was flooded and expanded. Larger humans from inner earth survived to live on the surface and build these megaliths.

          • haifisch8587

            Check out the space elevator proposal.

        • Ian

          Ummm…the flood was BEFORE the tower of Babel!

          • Diana

            The flood was the REASON behind the Tower of Babel.

          • phyllis55

            “And why does this same God tell me how to raise my children when he had to drown his?”
            ― Robert G. Ingersoll, Some Mistakes of Moses

          • Quasar

            Those that drowned in the Flood weren’t God’s children, they were the devil’s children. As Jesus said in John 8:44,
            “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

          • stevil


          • Quasar

            Well you thought wrong, perhaps because you haven’t read the Bible? And it’s not my story; Jesus said that. That we are all God’s children is a lie from the devil. The Apostle John wrote, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.” (John 1:12, NKJV) So nobody is born a child of God; but if one is born again, then they become a child of God. (see John 3:3)

          • Stevil gladden

            I have read the bible twice and I find it hard to belive that so many people call a book full of contradictions the truth !!! Not to mention the qualities that we are told not to exhibit are just part of who God is ??? I’m sorry but I would never put my children in a place like he’ll for turning out to be just like I am ….I can feel the love now oh yes!!!!!!

          • haifisch8587

            If you want to meet the devils children, they are identified in the Untold History of the US. Most were in the Bush Admin, although there are plenty in the obama WH as well as congress…

          • Me

            The Flood was before the Tower

          • Diana

            The Tower was because of the flood. lol

          • Hammerstrike

            But waite, with less than a dozen survivors or so, it should have gone back to only one language and culture.

            Also, one racial group.

        • Legalize Freedom

          There are so many stories of a flood and so many similar artifacts being found all over the planet that relate to one another, that all these civilizations had to have originated from a common ancestry…most likely the Atlantians. Our history is really fantastic…time to learn and teach it to all Humanity. No more deception.

        • Diana

          Amen to that, Sandbagger. It’s easy to understand why God is often so angry, destroying whole nations in order to damp
          down the wickedness and violence enough that something good and peaceful,
          somewhere, can survive. Men just keep rebelling and insisting on living by
          violence and hypocritically standing there in their robes and badges claiming
          they are doing right and always, endlessly “changing the law” – which is making
          up their own righteousness – self-righteousness – in a delusional and vain
          attempt to cover and rationalize their violent criminal acts.
          Yet, in God’s eyes, it is only the people, ultimately, that have any real value. Whatever we are
          doing in the way of temporal preparation should be done to benefit not only
          ourselves but to minister to others.

          • Hammerstrike

            Except that all dem wicked people could just be made to drop dead ala Death Note.

            No need to drown animals and babies.

            Yaya promised to get ride of all the wicked people, Odin promise dto get ride of all the ice giants. I DON`T SEE ANY ICE GIANTS, DO YOU?

          • Carlitos

            Referencing manga? And there is no Yggdrasil either.

          • Hammerstrike

            The fact is that even an anime scenario writer could figuire outa way to get ridde of the wicked people that is more efficient than the flood.

            The bible is dumber than most anime.

          • Hey Mr Fantasy

            Sorry but if you use an anime to prove a point, you have lost. Seriously, I liked your comments…but dude. ANIME. *shudder* I thought you were cool, man!

          • Hammerstrike

            The fact is that even an anime scenario writer could figuire outa way to get ridde of the wicjked people taht is more efficient than the flood.
            That tells you how retarded the bible is.

          • Hey Mr Fantasy

            No, NOTHING is dumber than anime. NOTHING. The Bible is a masterpiece of sane rationality compared to that garbage. I get it, but I don’t agree.

        • mike

          The Tower of Babel came after the flood.

          • Christian

            If you want to know some incredible facts look to the book of Enoch. It puts the picture together so you can understand much about ancient man and about God.

        • Ya’akov Ariel Ben Ezra

          Uh, the tower was built AFTER the flood, the building of the tower
          was done by all in the known world bar one man only and his family; who
          rebelled against Nimrod and his ambitions, who more than probably created a
          legislation for climate change and that ALL must comply. This man’s name is
          Heber, fifth from Noah and fifteenth from Adam, a man who is in the direct line
          from Adam to Yehoshua. By Nimrod’s new legislation Heber would have been hunted
          for disruption and terrorism, (just like we True Believers are now accused of
          “disruption and terrorism”, but he and his family was under Divine protection.
          As a result of this rebellion YHVH confused the world’s language except for
          Heber and his family which are the only ones YHVH did NOT confuse with the
          change of their language, they kept their original language, the language that
          Adam spoke and it was thus named after him, “HEBER”; THE EPONYM OF “HEBREW”.

        • Ken

          Sorry friend, but Nimrod and the tower came after the flood Gen:11, Nimrod, was a Giant that build the tower of babel.

        • trumpsahead

          Read Sitchin for the truth. All those early Old Testament stories were twisted by tptb. Remember, whoever has the biggest stick writes the history. Most of those early stories were about gods fighting against other gods, but we can only see from our small vantage point as our world revolved around us as most of the gods were almost never seen but were on Earth for a long time.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Let us hope that even more discoveries are made. This is something that my wife and I are praying for. We love to find new things that confound the skeptics.


        • JSB

          Hi Michael,

          I really enjoy your work here and on the economic collapse blog. Check out the books “Know What You Believe” and “Know Why You Believe” by Paul Little. Apologetics is so interesting. I love when archaeology points to the Living God as Creator and reveals historical Biblical events.

          Take care and thanks again for your great work.

        • Legalize Freedom

          The dogma that has been ingrained into us by a carefully controlled education system has pounded a thought behavior into our brains that questioning long held beliefs sounds crazy when the truth is completely different. We must have open minds and look at the facts and the artifacts that completely contradict their fairy tails. Suppression is over…truth is alive and growing every day for more and more people who are having the veils lifted for them.

          • Diana

            This goes way beyond biblical issues.
            What is needed is that the living become more aware of our own sense of community and stop trying to get our social needs met through the zombie culture – rebuilding the living culture from the ground up, out of the scraps of the dead culture where possible, even as the zombie culture has built up its society by feeding off of and destroying the former more living culture to build the violent one we now live in, while we still have a human race.

          • Legalize Freedom

            Exactly. It is no shock that they push a “zombie” culture in the movies and entertainment as well as the vampire one. While the unaware think it is purely entertainment, there is a more sinister agenda. They see us as “zombies” and they even do martial law drills against zombies…who surprisingly, well not surprisingly, are the dumbed down masses.

      • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

        What if some kind of super beings built those structures?

        • Diana

          Goliath was a giant. Those were the fallen angels that mingled with human women that God had destroyed.

          • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

            I don’t think Goliath was strong enough to pick up one of those huge stones, sure he was large but David with a slingshot and Gods blessing took him down. Personally i think fallen angels cut those stones out with lasers and moved them with their own power. Remember the weakest angel can still destroy an entire planet.

          • rusty

            Those cheeky planet destroying angels and their laser beams. There is simply no other possible explanation

          • Hammerstrike

            Supernovas are just angels playing piñatas.

            The proof is that the bible said so (or at least according to some internet poster).

          • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA

            If the stones predated the Bible then one can’t use the Bible as a reference or give authenticity to the story of the stones. I search for truth.
            Sitchin gives a possible reason for the stones and that is for a landing/liftoff site for the Annunaki rockets.

          • Hammerstrike

            To some people that just doesn´t matter, the bible is the answer to everything.

            fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.n et/hphotos-ak-prn2/t1/p180x540/1964784_412709745532128_1164355935_n.j pg

            Too bad that they did not bother finding out what the “good book” actually says, unlike what the WBC did.

          • James Odonnell

            Well actually no. I learnt to cook a mean roast lamb from me mother…but if you want to know everything revealed regarding the Creation of the Universe, the Cause of Universal Evil and the way to avoid eternal punishment away from God then you best turn to the Bible…

          • Hey Mr Fantasy

            You can disagree with the Bible, religion and all of that, but why do you rational atheists always have to be such a-holes about it? Why do you ALWAYS have to take snotty little swipes at people who have different opinions, world views and outlooks? “People that just don’t matter”, and so on. Why is that necessary? So many non-believers bash Christians as evil, hateful people, but then turn right around and insult them in the nastiest ways possible…and they never even notice their hypocrisy!

            Merely believing in the Bible, God and things of that nature doesn’t affect you, but you take it so personally that you need to insult them! WHY? Do you think it makes “your side” look good? What could possibly be the rationale behind that kind of approach?

            Why does people having a belief that you disagree with make it OK to insult them?

          • James Odonnell

            depends what you mean predate the Bible….The Bible starts at the Beginning, the Neccessary Being God,for the universal cause. Moses collated the different toledoths of the writers, God, Adam et circa 1400.

          • jodyalbritton

            So you discard one book full of wild speculation for another book full of wild speculation. Makes perfect sense.

          • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

            To put it simply they probably used their ki energy to do it.

          • Engish Kev

            Wow.can I have a fifth of whatever you are smoking?

          • phyllis55

            And where do you get that info on angels exactly. If you buy the bible story, Satan only killed 11 people. God killed millions. Stop with the evil angels mantra brought to you by a deceiving fictitious religion near you!

          • lucius-cornelius

            Satan only killed 11 people

            He brought sin and eath into the world by deceiving Adam and Eve. Every single death, rape, murder, manslaughter, infant death, miscarriage, etc, from that day to this is the result.
            Only killed 11 people?
            For goodness sake – wake up!

          • guest

            No, Goliath was not a fallen angel, but the product of a fallen angel.

          • Ian

            Goliath was a human giant, NOT Nephilim or other hybrid.

          • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

            Lets face it Goliath was a hybrid.

        • Legalize Freedom

          Possibly. What the ancients called “gods” and the stories of giants, I believe are based in fact. We are discovering more and more evidence to this point.

          • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

            Right on.

      • Ken

        Biblical Matrix=Womb. Christ was born on 9/11, War between, the Seed of Satan and the seed of Christ, is what this whole world is about. Only a Fool, would say there is no God. Blessed is he, that comes in the name of the Lord.

    • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

      I think fallen angels with incredible superpowers built those structures.

      • Diana

        Just think about the power even one angel would have. Has.

        • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

          One angel could destroy an entire planet no problem and not even a strong angel at that. It doesn’t even take super saiyan power to do it in fact only a fraction of that power is needed to erase an entire planet.

          • Diana

            I believe you, and the Lord knows they’ve been here since the Garden of Eden.

          • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

            The power levels that angels possess is hard to even comprehend but the good news is that Gods only begotten Son Goku aka Yeshua can rise up to meet any opponent no matter how strong they may be.

          • Roy Wright

            Everybody knows that even the weakest of the fallen angels power was over 9000 :P

          • Hammerstrike

            Of course, Vegeta was a fallen angel!

          • 2012 Consciousness Shift Resou

            Greetings Diana, the one you call “Jesus” said you will do this and even greater things. What did that statement mean to you? You will know (better stated) remember who you are, soon.

          • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

            What if people can fly and turn super saiyan with their ki energy?

          • guest

            Correction, since before the garden of Eden. Had lucifer not fallen beforehand, he would not have deceived Eve.

      • Hammerstrike

        Sounds legit!

        These angels are also posting mean things over the internets to make stupid and pathetic people feel bad (even worst than they already do) and hurt their feelings… yes, anyone disagreeing with me is either a fallen angel!

        • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

          Who do you claim to be to make the statement that whoever disagrees with you is a fallen angel?

          • Hammerstrike

            Someone who likes to troll the self-delluded, intellectually dishonest douchebags.

          • Hey Mr Fantasy

            It’s “deluded”. If you are going to insult others and call them stupid, you might want to make sure your spelling, grammar, punctuation, is perfect.

        • guest

          We get it, you hate God. Something needs to change. God and his words will not. Therefore, either you change or accept your fate.

          • Hammerstrike

            Yaweh = Satan

            Evil should be hated and the “God” of the ancient testament is just that.

            The words of the bible itself makes the case. evilbible. c om

        • Hey Mr Fantasy

          Why do you need to be so nasty about it? Nobody is calling you stupid, pathetic, or anything else because you DON’T believe, so why do you think it’s acceptable to insult people with a different belief system than yours?

    • JustMyOpinion

      “There is nothing new under the sun.” -The Bible

      • guest

        What you see has already been done.
        Genetic alteration being one.
        Read the book of Enoch for clarification of Genesis 6.

    • Ian

      Right you are and as science progresses more and more overwhelming evidence supports us and puts significant holes in evolutionist beliefs yet when speaking to one and putting such evidence at there feet even if they’re aware and learnt on the topic that is presented they will not only harden there hearts and fail to waver but mock the true ones that seek knowledge. Yet in there relentless persecution they further prove the most high, for is has already been foretold.

    • Hammerstrike

      You seriously believe the flood happened?

      static.gamespot.c om/uploads/original/1444/14441398/2376036-2003013-godzilla_facepalm_godzilla_facepalm_face_palm_epic_fail_demotivational_poster_1245384435.j pg

      Human specie would have died out real quick due to inbreeding, along with a lot other species…

    • oatwillie

      Very recently, an analysis of the distribution of flood legends postulates that a comet hit the earth SE of

      Madagascar in the time usually associated with the dating of the Great Flood.

    • R

      Does it not say in the Bible that nothing is new under the sun, well here you go and the flood took it all away or at least thre knowledge of it and when Christ comes back to rule for 1000 years things will change again and people will live to be close to 1000 years old again like they did in the beginning . Besides we dont know how long it took those structures to be built or why they needed to be so big in the first place unless you consider the Nephliem and those creatures were big and strong so that could explain why there so big and maybe where the power to lift and place them might of been possible short of having equipment to move them which I would suppose whoever built them took the equipment whith them when they left town .

    • Mecca Wrecka

      if only we could send Barack Hussein Obama back to them in a time machine, to be their hope and change. Funny to think what the ancient giants would do with the guy.

    • Ken

      3000 Eels=450 foot Giants, according to the Bible. Just wondering how strong, would one of them be. Fallen Angels, I would say, were very intelligent, and put to good use of their offspring.

    • Fred762

      One of my favvorites is the plethora of Viking landing stones scattered about up on hillsides out in the midwest and great whole area was under water very recently.

    • headlesssoldier

      i agree. the world is probably much older than we think. its not hard to see where people exist, then disappear for very apparent reasons. One bad harvest, a flu, an invader, water supply,,etc. and with them, the tech.

  • Fred

    Orthodox archeology has a very difficult time with these kinds of stories. Good research is found almost exclusively among “alternative archeologists” working outside the imprimatur of orthodox academia. Graham Hancock is one of the better known.

    As is always the case, one needs to look past the speculative and sometimes loopy conclusions and focus on the facts. Everything — in my view — points clearly to a strange and powerful Pre-Flood civilization.

    Thanks, Michael, to you valuable contributions here, with your Nehalem articles, etc. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! ! !

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you for the very kind words Fred. I have wanted to start writing more of these kinds of articles for a long time, and the response from the readers has been very positive.


    • Diana

      I never doubted it, because it’s in God’s Word, but it’s really neat from time to time to get confirmation, isn’t it?

    • Jo Brown

      I too wonder who built these monuments with giant stones. But I can’t see how these things can date to a time prior to the flood. The flood was of tremendous proportions, able to build the huge deposits around the grand canyon, and the huge coal fields in various places. It totally re-shaped the appearance of the Earth, so I highly doubt that any man-made or fallen-angel-made structure would have survived the flood. Those stones may look huge to us, but compared to the huge deposits of sedimentary layers around the grand canyon, those stones are insignificant. In a flood, they would have been pulverised by huge sheets of fast flowing water carrying large boulders that would have smashed everything in their path, and whatever was left of these stones would have been buried under miles of sediment, or would have become part of new ocean bottoms. (As the bible says, the mountains rose up and the valleys sank, to create the new lands and oceans of the post-flood earth.)

  • Dave Mason

    Giants with skills.

  • dangwillo

    I see nothing in the photos that look like real blocks, or rather I have seen similar rock formation in the Sierra Nevada’s. Moisture seeps into the rocks, freezes and the rocks split. I would like to see more photos. Also, Justsayin, Jesus was a mushroom. Amanita muscaria

    • Andrew

      Blocks in the Sierras, or any other mountain do not form naturally as neat levels, forming a wall, as shown here

    • Angry

      “Also, Justsayin, Jesus was a mushroom.” – This is sheer blasphemy!

  • Jonas Van poucke

    looks like ordinary rocks with cracks to me…

    • pa

      Yes, looks like a natural formation. Until there is some research demonstrating artificial placement of these stones, I will assume they are natural.

      Such rocks are not unusual, and are formed geologically.

  • l

    the link is to a video of 1 man moving several tons of rocks by himself similar to that of stonehendge….. please step away from the koolaid.

  • Ivan

    Is it possible that some of those people were sorcerers and using demonic powers to move such stones?
    Or maybe they were very devout believers, and the good agels were moving them for them.
    How can we tell? We simply don’t know.

    • English Kev

      Could it be science described as ‘demonic powers’?
      wasn’t nearly everything described as such before Newton etc?

  • DJohn1

    “The Earth is Flat and the center of the Universe. Anyone that disagrees will of course be cut off from their salary and benefits. If rumors about a round globe continue we will burn you at the stake!”
    Well, that is still the attitude of scientists everywhere. We no longer burn people at the stake. Now we keep them from publication when ever possible. If their ideas do not conform with the “normal” we put them in Coventry and ignore anything that they say.

    You ask some very valid questions about constructing huge temples and monuments such as Stonehenge. That we have buildings that are pre-flood is remarkable all by itself.
    If Enoch is correct, then a genocide of the existing human population pre-flood was done. Why?
    My own thought is that we were closely related to a pre-flood population that wasn’t quite human. The mules of that society of hybrids could not reproduce past one or two generations. Or could they? That is an important consideration.
    If I were planning to duplicate large stone monuments, I would do it by preparing a cement of some kind that turns into the super hard material that the stones are made of. That can be done several different ways. Melting the rock and using forms to prepare the shape is one way and it leaves a super conformity with tolerances of less than a sheet of paper. It is also very dangerous. But human life might have been considered very cheap back then. I do not know for sure.

    How would I gain the heat needed? Possibly through using Solar furnaces that could be dismantled after the building is done. Or they might have used more conventional methods.
    I would more than likely use limestone to cover the outside of the building to preserve it. But I am not a specialist in construction. So I simply do not know any of this for sure. But that is how I would approach the problem. An engineer with a very good knowledge of chemistry might be able to do it.
    I go with there is “nothing new under the Sun.” So it is very likely that we are simply repeating history.
    That this is a planet that goes through systematic disasters is obvious. It could be anything from a planet in a comet like orbit coming from a light year or more out there to a deliberate killing off of the animal life on the planet to make way for an invasion of some kind or another.
    Someone had a need to build extreme fortresses all over the planet for preparation for those disasters.
    Those buildings did not come cheap.
    My own theory is people forget. The effect of world catastrophe is horrifying and people forget in defense of their own minds.
    There is evidence all over this planet of “gods” being worshipped.
    There is evidence of contamination of our genetic pool. We have over 400 genetic diseases in our current human race.
    The double chromosome that gives us 46 chromosomes instead of 48 is evidence of that someone somewhere altered our gene pool.
    We have unusual longevity. Yet if we are to believe the Bible then it is possible that pre-flood man might have lived 900 years.
    Those same “gods” seem to have had many worshippers. That makes me believe they were actual creatures closely related to our own species. Or they took down the prevention of species reproducing with one another and forgot to put that prevention back in place.
    The advantage of a short life span is that we are not hampered so much by the beliefs of those that came before us.
    So if these “gods” were long lived then they would tend to have absolutes and not be tending to improve things. I suggest that most of the really big monuments are “gods” related. So these same critters might have used human slaves to put together these very large monuments. They may even never have thought about “books” and computers as they lived very long lives.
    The one theme that runs through the myths is that they denied “immortality” to human beings.
    That leads me to believe that they had a way to turn off the aging process in humans if they desired to do so.
    I can really see them getting scared of enormous increases in population and depopulating the planet then re-seeding it with a shorter lived version of ourselves.

    I think the engineering behind all of these buildings is probably the sophisticated technology of this group of legendary “gods”.

    • Bradley James

      You’re in the wrong business. The Hollywood freakshow department wants to see you. God’s word, in Genesis already tells you what happened. After the original creation of man, Adam and Eve, Satan entered in to the serpent and spoke decieving lies unto Eve. Eve, not being their when God made the original order ‘NOT TO EAT OF THE TREE OF TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE, OR YOU SHALL SURELY DIE’, (even though, it is truley shown that Adam shared that most important bit of information) decided to enter in with a discussion with a snake! But as noted by the active verb ‘enter in’, she ‘chose’ to do so.
      Not too far into the future the fallen angels decided to infiltrate mankind. Hence, you have the ‘giants’ of reknown. Greek mythology? And after…
      Noah and his immediat family are the only people who are’nt infected with the demonic hatred of the world population.
      Jesus warned of the last days, ‘It will be as the days of Noah’. Do you not see it?
      If there was only 8 out of 8 billion back then, how many will trust in Him this time?

      • ilove pele

        lulz. I’m gonna go with you’re the freakshow here B.J…. so brainwashed by politically motivated religious, mythical, nonsense… DJohn1, carry on sir, you are closer to the truths than most will ever even start to fathom.

        • ilove pele

          oops i seemed to have posted my humble opinion on a religious website. please accept my apologies. I love freedom of religion (all religions/beliefs) so def not my intention to insult you or anyone reading this, B.J.. I just felt DJohn1 could use a little support cause, well you called him a freakshow and then began quoting a book of ….well… hey believe what you like. I love it all!! life is never boring…

          • English Kev

            Most Definitely a religious website.
            Pity,as the answers are all scientifically explained.
            it just isn’t human science.
            not yet,anyway.

      • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

        A scary question indeed

      • DJohn1

        Actually I expect to be evacuated. When, not if the planet gets destroyed, I think that those of us that follow Christ will be evacuated to another planet similar to the Earth we know.
        The question in my mind is what will that entail? Humans come with a lot of baggage and I do not feel that will change.
        The key here is I go to prepare a place for you. New Earth and a new heavens means new constellations and a different location.
        I suspect there is nothing new under this Sun and just about everything we know today has already happened somewhere in the past.
        What I want is Jesus to take over and also to teach us as children so that the mess we have here can never occur under his leadership. But I do realise that there is way too much wrong and it will take a lot to fix it even if we are removed to another place.

        • 2012 Consciousness Shift Resou

          He will teach again John, what he taught before, but his biography and words were not accurately portrayed to the masses. As always, is about control of the mass mind.

    • 2012 Consciousness Shift Resou

      Greetings DJohn, it appears you are one of the few posting here who may be free enough from religious indoctrination to consider other possibilities. Is good to see. The very best to you on your journey of discovery. It is a difficult road, you will be ridiculed… a lot!

  • godcre8d

    If you’re interested, see chapters, “The Pre-Flood Pyramids” and “Archaeological Anomalies” in the book, Dinosaurs on the Ark, by David Larsen. Fascinating . . .

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I have never heard of that book. Would anyone else recommend it?


  • SoundsBogus

    Rumour has it that the ancients returned to the mother ship, cleverly disguised as a planet, that comes around every 3,600 years,which is due to arrive here again at the end of March, 2014. We can ask them ourselves — about levitating stones and such.

    • derekwardlies

      where are you getting march 2014 as the date ?

    • ilove pele

      sound. they used sound manipulation.

      • English Kev

        Mainly vibration manipulation I think.
        Sonic cutting and transporting tech.

  • Jim

    A group of 30foot giants

  • Mrweedcopeman69 .

    These structures were built by the nephilim

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I think that appears to be a very likely possibility.


  • Bradley James

    So…who are you gonna follow? The fallen ones, the nephilum? The ones that were spoken of by both Old Testament and then New?

  • Makaipi

    I am sure that the Smithsonian Institute would have the answer. Unfortunately they suppress the information. It’s too bad that we are supposed to put up with such willful ignorance from an egotistical establishment. It is my understanding from an anonymous source that anyone who manages to uncover items that is not congruent with governmental/politically correct thought will be ” severely dealt” with accordingly. Any thoughts along this line?

  • feenix219

    Gravity in the pre flood world was different which made large reptiles, mammals and giant blocks much more manageable / possible. The sky and orbital arrangements of our solar system were unstable and reacting violently to electromagnetic changes in the cosmic environment. The Gods were plasma formations and planetary auras in the sky. The Earth was at some point bombarded by electric discharges from space. Check out the work of Anthony Perratt, Wal Thornhill and David Talbot. Thunderbolts.Info. Their youtube channel is very enlightening.

  • Piers Corbyn


  • Jason7189

    It was probably the Nephilim.

    Genesis 4:6 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”

    2 Peter 3:8 “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

    How can a person comprehend and put a time frame on God’s plan, when he’s eternal and the creator of all. It’s all for his good pleasure and we’re just a mist that appears for awhile.

    • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

      I think it was fallen angels that built all that stuff? I don’t even know if the nephilim had high enough power levels to do that?

    • Hammerstrike

      It wasn´t just a christian thing.

      Heard of someone called Zeus/Jupiter?

  • tcm

    Nothing new has been done.

    Give me a fulcrum and a lever and l can move the world.

  • Diana

    I think so too, and all those secrets purportedly hidden behind the walls of the Vatican; evil things, “principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6

  • rusty

    You poor God fearing misguided people. Floods, garden of Eden, there really us no hope for you. Try thinking harder and reading more history…

    • zombiekiller117

      ‘History’ ?
      You mean the timeline created by the Jesuit priest Scaliger (1540-1609) which is the foundation of so called ‘history’ ?
      You poor Jesuit believing people, try reading more and thinking for yourself.

  • st.matthew

    Ivan, you’re lost and need to be saved. Just because you find a few examples that might not fit doesn’t disprove the Bible. The Bible was written by the Lord, now who are you going to believe, the Lord or man made science?

    • Ivan

      I do believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Examples that do not fit in the Bible? I found no such examples… Are you sure you replied to the right comment?

    • ilove pele

      Here all along along I thought it was passed orally for decades before being a rough draft and then translated through a multitude of languages, whilst ever changing to fit the most pressing political events… you mean it was actually written by THE LORD???

  • Hammerstrike

    Perhapse these stones can be lifted using a strong enough magnetic field.

    You´ll have to ask Wolfgang Kortzfleisch when he and his forces takes over the world.

  • libra10581

    Read Zacharia Sitchin (spelling?). though the specifics of his theories are debated, the archaeological evidence he presents is amazing. it is a great place to start in regards to shedding your “sheeple” education. Once you read his work, you will be hooked on researching “TRUE HISTORY”

  • Swamp Dog

    If you read the Old Testament, it says before the Great Flood, there were Giants on the earth. But for their sin of Pride, they were destroyed.

  • brenden

    hmmm. id definitely do believe it was sound manipulation, and some sort of natural bio energies. id have to say you guys definitely have some good points however you have way to much biblical perspective. think with an open mind and stop being controlled by a book. the book was not created by god and is also a fairly new book. if you want true information dig deeper, look at things from ancient Mesopotamia, it is said to be the oldest civilization known of yet, and they do have the most literal translation about your so called fallen angels, hybrid babies and a war between gods! or search from history around Alexandria of Egypt, those where the most open minded times and biggest time for trading and copying of true history, this benefits because at the time everyone just wanted to know the truth. this is why Greece was so fascinating and why many philosophers and scientists came from that part of the world! truth is something massive did smack into another object in space creating the earth and moon (or reforming the earth) you can tell by its geography, and yes a war did happen between a reptilian like race and another species, and yes we where genetically engineered, and yes one or both of these species did create children with us, and yes megalithic structures where built on planet earth with there help, just look at the history (the true history) human civilization came about from defeating a species of intelligent beings probably indigenous to earth, and then we were rewarded with the planet to be free. now humans are just trying to control humans, or a higher species is involved with the elite, oh and no there is no man in the sky controlling the universe, the universe itself is like a giant brain. everything is energy, everything is vibrating. stop being so primitive people

    • lety

      Just read The 12th. Planet or The Lost Realms by Zecharia Sitchin. The knowledge is there.

  • Ronm1945

    Maybe pre-flood these structures were at ground level but were raised up by the cataclysm of the flood. Far fetched I know but …

  • Suzanne Taylor

    With it being obvious that the history books must be rewritten, I think about all the money spent on war and how little is there for discovering our origins. It’s our priorities that we should be calling attention to.

  • prestodo

    Anybody ever hear of the City of Enoch???

  • gmo2ashes

    The world is a very different place than what we’ve been trained to believe all our lives.

  • douglas gray

    In his book THE HOLY SCIENCE, a great Indian Rishi, Swami Sri Yukteswar talks about the 24,000 equinotical cycle; the period from approx. 11,500 B.C. to around 500 A.D. was a descending cycle, where mankind was getting dumber. Then we completed the cycle, and started progressing again, after 500 A.D.

    Because we live in an ascending cycle, we find it difficult to understand civilization during a period of decline. That is why the older Egyptian work is superior in quality to the newer.

    James Churchward talks about the Uigher Empire as being one of the chief colonies of Lemuria, prior to the Great Flood. This stone wall is most likely a remnant of Uigher Civilization. The Capital City of the Uigher Empire, Kara Khota, is buried under 50 or more feet of debris and sand in the Gobi Desert.

    Prior to the Great Flood, the area of the Gobi and going on up towards Siberia was more temperate.

  • John Paul

    I know many wish for this to be true, but proof? It might very well be natural, these magnetic variations could show that it has gone through the magnetic shifts and stresses , there are various sites which show similar rock granite . Let not our wish for it to be the judge. Lets wait for further material.

    • k

      Well said.

  • Jo

    How about antigravity produced by ancient people having telekinetic powers…

  • B J Street

    The Atlanteans built huge pavements with a central focal point as a release for Earth’s core’s building torsion. Only by such construction can there be a sustained balance and harmony. Conversely, certain groups have promoted the buildup unto a one time release, so-called Judgment Day. The cycle is about 8,000 years, with the next due when Pisces precesses into Aquarius. Jesus, and the Magi, thought that the precession into Pisces was the cusp of Apocalypse, with Jesus as the Avatar of the New Age. His generation did not witness a worldwide cataclysm. The only prevention is to revive the Atlantean focus on peace, not dissonance.

  • Hammerstrike

    Hercules was Russian!

  • Mike

    These are pictures of rocks with cracks. In between those pictures are two other pictures of (most likely) cut stones with no reference as to where they were taken or how large they are. They don’t look anything like the giant stones. I guess this is proof of angels, demons, God, aliens, hybrids and suckers. This solidifies my theory that rocks are neat.

  • amerikagulag

    Beautiful! Keep on exposing the truth! That biblical fairy tale will be laid to rest one of these days.

  • k

    Everything can be explained…its not magic or aliens. We just havent found an explaination yet.

    People thouht the same thing about the pyramids. Later it was found out that they were built from the inside to the outside.

  • morris the cat

    Atlantis was the entire pre-flood world. I think it would probably upset Noah that we call it Noah’s flood. It was god’s flood, not noah’s.

    Mr. Ballard who found the Titanic claims there was indeed a global flood.

  • morris the cat

    The new tower of babel is the internet.

  • Rock guy

    All need is a geologist to tell you, it’s an intrusive with two main joint sets. Compasses acting funny hmm… it’s magnetic, solved. That our show more photos.

  • Richard T.

    They were called the Nephlims or giants. It can definitely be a work of these antidiluvian civilization. But also, we don’t really know who lived on the earth before God restored the earth and created Adam and Eve. So they may be works left from even more ancient time.

  • Sam Adams

    Granite contains Quartz Crystal, maybe about 30% or 50% like Yosemite granite. Quartz has its own electric, low frequency negative ions. It would disturb a compass, just like the pyramids do. Granite Crystal does clean up wifi and cellular radiation, Maybe people from Atlantis helped build this formation, their are 1000 books on Atlantis.

    • Havin Nunavit

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Hold your compass next to a magnet and it doesn’t work too well.

  • T

    IT get’s more interesting when you look at the locations of the ancient sites in russia. Arkaim(52N,59E), Man-Pupu-Njor(62N, 59E), Mount Shoria (52N,87E). Arkaim is directly south of Man-Pupu-Njor and Shoria is at precise east from Arkaim. Accordingly, there could be a forth site at 62N,87E (precise north from shoria and precise east from Man-Pupu-Njor).
    If you’d draw a line on the earth from this new point to Arkaim and continue drawing this straight line, guess where you’ll end up being – the great pyramides of Giza. The ancients liked their geometry and it shure would be worth to visit this potential new site.

  • Carlitos

    Sorry, but I don’t see a structure. The pictures are terrible.

  • JaLynn

    These structures are found all over the world, and have been thought to all be Preflood and built by the Nephilim that contaminated the genome as Genesis 6 says. This of course was the reason for the flood. A great site to check out, even if you don’t believe is L A Marzulli -

  • Y

    Wow has nothing to do with a pre adamic race this could be the result of fallen angels everything before the flood was corrupted by the fallen angel lucifer, he corrupted man and every species on the earth before the flood like he is doing now. but now they are calling themselves space aliens but what do you expect from the father of lies

  • jojo

    Giants…18-38 feet tall???

  • anderw_m

    The problem with things like this is that people are so brain washed by evolution they think that normal people couldnt possibly make these. Of course that can. If the old people were here to day looking at our structures, they would think “how did they do that”. people have always used different techniques and always will, some forgotten, new way founds. Old people were brilliant before they perverted their ancients nations… a lesson for today.

  • SantosGarcia

    If ANYBODY would like to study comprehensive evidence of what was the technology and the source of these many geoliths throughout our planet- the research of David Flynn is critical. See book review here:

  • lucius-cornelius

    And if some future men found one of our freeways, but didn’t have that technology themselves, how would they explain poured concrete? Some of what appear to be single blocks of stone are way, way bigger than anything discovered from antiquity.

    To quote Arthur C Clarke – any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  • disqus_44JbsFzgKV


    Gen.6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were
    fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.Gen.6:4 There
    were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the
    sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to
    them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

  • Gabriel

    Can someone please go and hit Zahi Hawass on the head with one of these?
    Our prehistory is known and protected by the gatekeepers of Illes and the occult masters – we are fed propagandised garbage to keep us in enslavement.
    Go and watch The Matrix again…

    • Havin Nunavit

      Oh, that guy…..He is quite annoying.

  • John Henke

    Human ancestry goes back about three billion years. In Africa the gold mining companies are digging in sedimentary rock 2.8 to 3 billion years old and they dig up nickel steel balls that were made by someone and dropped on to the ground or into a river one hell of a long time ago. This find in Russia is amazing and I hope to see more about it.

  • Luke Scheid

    I am glad to see a story on these things. It would be mind blowing to find out that these civilizations predate Sumeria,the ‘first’ civilization. I am still not sure if the discovery of ruins off the coast of Cuba is a hoaxor not but they say it was above water like 10,000 years ago but they say the writing looks Olmec but they didn’t make it to central America til 2500 BC. Mysterious.

  • Vasco DeGama

    sometimes it feels like god is a remedial 6th grader and the earth is a C- diorama project gathering dust in the back of his closet.

  • TV is brainwashing

    Good find, can’t wait for science to come up with an explanation/make something up

  • Gene Ric

    That could be a natural rock formation. I’ve seen rocks crack and separate like that, around here where I live. There used to be a place where I grew up where there was a crumbling shelf and there were dozens of cubed rocks, box shaped, etc. Me and my brother thought the Indians had made them. My dad just laughed at us. This isn’t the only formation like this in the world. You can find more on Google.

  • jcd0101

    I believe and the bible i also believe hints at this
    that the Nephalim were hybrid humans (giants) with
    both amazing strength – huge height and weight
    Along with the fallen angels that dispensed forbidden knowledge
    to man – that they tried to remake man in their own evil image.

    I think and do believe that many of these legends – were not gods
    but these nephalim who did many amazing feats – but ultimately were destroyed by the flood.

    the real reason for these structures i believe was a world wide communications and power system – with the goal of plantary control of the entire worlds population..

    I cannot prove that – but the more of these they find the more my eyebrows lift in wonder..

    Dont worry – you will soon see a return of the nephalim very soon.

  • trumpsahead

    You want to know the truth? You can’t handle the truth, because the pieces of the puzzle discovered about 1850-1925 were finally put together to make the big picture with all the fine details by Zecharia Sitchin in his masterpiece book of 1976, “The 12th Planet”.
    As if The 12th Planet was not the greatest story in the history of the world, Sitchin added eight more books to his original to make The Earth Chronicles. He also wrote End Of Times just prior to his death, and much earlier wrote The Memoirs of Enki, another great book that contains in its chapters The Epic of Creation.
    Btw, humans DID NOT build those foundations. Just as the foundation at Baalbeck, the new Russian discovery, it is safe to say, was built by the gods who came to Earth, and you can bet Yahweh who is Enki/Ea had much to do with it.

  • Joe Woolf

    Our scientists spout theories and show their work but, many of them are wrong. Just as when the scientists of long ago would state that the earth is the center of the universe and the world is flat…. our scientists of today are no different… For them to state that they have the secrets of creation and of life itself are so far beyond their ability to see.

    Our earth is old, indeed….. I don’t believe the Bible states anywhere that the earth is 6000 years old but, I do believe that Adam’s line is 6000 years old…. but, there were also other people that were already here…. they were created on the 6th day…. Adam was created after…. The 6th day men were hunters and fishers etc. Adam was a farmer and adam named the domestic animals.

    anyway…. that’s what I believe.

  • NicNiewart

    This looks like a natural uplift of fractured rock. What? Made by the man from the grassy knoll? By the Men in Black from Area 51? By Eric von Danekin with David Icke? By time travelling aliens who brought Mayan and Inca technology from Planet KX 52 to the outer quadrant of the Galaxy? Next you’re going to tell me these rocks were hurled into place by Vladimir Putin

  • NicNiewart

    These are natural, fractured and uplifted blocks as seen in many parts of the world. I wonder what early cavemen thought of volcanic hexagonal blocks, like on the Giants Causeway in Ireland, or strange phenomena he couldn’t explain like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.