“Noah” Promotes The Luciferian Gnostic Belief That The Creator Of This World Is Evil

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Russell Crowe as Noah

In the new Hollywood blockbuster “Noah”, the Creator of this world is portrayed as an evil homicidal maniac that utterly hates humanity, and the Serpent is portrayed as the one holding the secret that will restore the “divine spark” to humanity.  Unfortunately, most Christians (even those that have reviewed this film negatively) have totally missed the Luciferian Gnostic themes that are being openly promoted by this film.  I have previously written about how “Noah” turns the fallen angels into good guys that actually help Noah build the Ark, but the occult themes in this movie go much deeper than that.  Director Darren Aronofsky has expertly woven elements of Luciferianism, Gnosticism and even from the Kabbalah throughout the film.  Over the years, hundreds of millions of people all over the world that watch this movie will be exposed to the Luciferian gospel without even realizing it.

There are many different strands of Gnosticism, but in the version that I call “Luciferian Gnosticism”, the Creator of this world is an evil being known as “the Demiurge” and the Serpent is a good being that possesses the secret knowledge (“gnosis”) that will help humanity rediscover the “divine spark” that already resides inside of them.  The following is how Wikipedia describes how the Gnostics tend to view God…

Gnosticism presents a distinction between the highest, unknowable God and the demiurgic “creator” of the material. Several systems of Gnostic thought present the Demiurge as antagonistic to the will of the Supreme Being: his act of creation occurs in unconscious semblance of the divine model, and thus is fundamentally flawed, or else is formed with the malevolent intention of entrapping aspects of the divine in materiality. Thus, in such systems, the Demiurge acts as a solution to (or, at least possibly, the problem or cause that gives rise to) the problem of evil.

In the most radical form of Christian Gnosticism, the Demiurge is the “jealous God” of the Old Testament.

And this is precisely how the God of the Bible is portrayed in “Noah” as Dr. Brian Mattson recently pointed out…

Except that when Gnostics speak about “The Creator” they are not talking about God. Oh, here in an affluent world living off the fruits of Christendom the term “Creator” generally denotes the true and living God. But here’s a little “Gnosticism 101” for you: the Creator of the material world is an ignorant, arrogant, jealous, exclusive, violent, low-level, bastard son of a low level deity. He’s responsible for creating the “unspiritual” world of flesh and matter, and he himself is so ignorant of the spiritual world he fancies himself the “only God” and demands absolute obedience. They generally call him “Yahweh.” Or other names, too (Ialdabaoth, for example).

This Creator tries to keep Adam and Eve from the true knowledge of the divine and, when they disobey, flies into a rage and boots them from the garden.

In other words, in case you’re losing the plot here: The serpent was right all along. This “god,” “The Creator,” whom they are worshiping is withholding something from them that the serpent will provide: divinity itself.

In “Noah”, essentially the Creator is the bad guy and the serpent is the good guy, just like in hardcore Gnosticism.

Another way that Gnosticism manifests itself in the film is that Adam and Eve are portrayed as bright, shiny, luminescent beings before the Fall.  It is only after the Fall that they take on flesh and bone.

This is also pure Gnosticism.  In the second century AD, Irenaeus of Lyon wrote the following regarding what one particular group of Gnostics believed…

“Adam and Eve formerly had light, luminous, and so to speak spiritual bodies, as they had been fashioned. But when they came here, the bodies became dark, fat, and idle.”

We can also find this doctrine in Kabbalism according to Dr. Mattson

It occurred to me that a mystical tradition more closely related to Judaism, called Kabbalah (which the singer Madonna made popular a decade ago or so), surely would have held a similar view, since it is essentially a form of Jewish Gnosticism. I dusted off (No, really: I had to dust it) my copy of Adolphe Franck’s 19th century work, The Kabbalah, and quickly confirmed my suspicions:

“Before they were beguiled by the subtleness of the serpent, Adam and Eve were not only exempt from the need of a body, but did not even have a body—that is to say, they were not of the earth.”

And guess what?  Dr. Mattson also pointed out that Aronofsky’s very first feature film was all about the Kabbalah…

I discovered what Darren Aronofsky’s first feature film was: Pi. Want to know its subject matter? Do you? Are you sure?


If you think that’s a coincidence, you may want a loved one to schedule you a brain scan.


When I first read that, I was absolutely stunned.

A movie that is openly promoting Gnosticism and Kabbalism has been pawned off to Christians as a “Biblical movie”, and millions of them are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

In Gnosticism, humanity has a dual nature.  The physical part comes from the evil Creator, but there is also a good part that comes from the “true God”.  According to Gnostic belief, the evil Creator is constantly trying to keep humanity from discovering the “divine spark” that supposedly resides within us all.  The following is a brief summary of how the Gnostics view humanity…

Human nature mirrors the duality found in the world: in part it was made by the false creator God and in part it consists of the light of the True God. Humankind contains a perishable physical and psychic component, as well as a spiritual component which is a fragment of the divine essence. This latter part is often symbolically referred to as the “divine spark”. The recognition of this dual nature of the world and of the human being has earned the Gnostic tradition the epithet of “dualist”.

Humans are generally ignorant of the divine spark resident within them. This ignorance is fostered in human nature by the influence of the false creator and his Archons, who together are intent upon keeping men and women ignorant of their true nature and destiny. Anything that causes us to remain attached to earthly things serves to keep us in enslavement to these lower cosmic rulers. Death releases the divine spark from its lowly prison, but if there has not been a substantial work of Gnosis undertaken by the soul prior to death, it becomes likely that the divine spark will be hurled back into, and then re-embodied within, the pangs and slavery of the physical world.

Not all humans are spiritual (pneumatics) and thus ready for Gnosis and liberation. Some are earthbound and materialistic beings (hyletics), who recognize only the physical reality. Others live largely in their psyche (psychics). Such people usually mistake the Demiurge for the True God and have little or no awareness of the spiritual world beyond matter and mind.

In Gnosticism, secret knowledge (“gnosis”) is the key to “liberation” and “enlightenment”.

And who provides that secret knowledge?

It comes from the Serpent.  He was trying to provide that secret knowledge about the divine spark to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he has supposedly been doing that ever since.

In “Noah”, this secret knowledge is represented by the serpent skin that shows up throughout the film.  In the movie, this serpent skin was supposedly shed by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Here is another excerpt from Dr. Brian Mattson’s recent article

The action opens when Lamech is about to bless his son, Noah. Lamech, rather strangely for a patriarch of a family that follows God, takes out a sacred relic, the skin of the serpent from the Garden of Eden. He wraps it around his arm, stretches out his hand to touch his son—except, just then, a band of marauders interrupts them and the ceremony isn’t completed. Lamech gets killed, and the “villain” of the film, Tubal-Cain, steals the snakeskin. Noah, in other words, doesn’t get whatever benefit the serpent’s skin was to bestow.

This movie is Luciferian to the core.

It is just another step in the massive ongoing propaganda campaign to convince the world that the Creator God of the Bible is evil, and that Lucifer (“the Light-bearer”) is good and is trying to bring “enlightenment” to humanity.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s shocking new book about the last days entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com. It is shaking the world of Bible prophecy to the core, and it is being called one of the most controversial Christian books of 2016.  If you would like to check it out, you can find it right here.*

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  • K

    As I said with the previous article, just more evil is good doctrine. Now you have youngs girls wanting werewolves, and vampires for boyfriends. Let me guess, you think that is silly, and just a small thing. You are wrong, that is how it starts.

    • No you have the causes and effects backwards, what you think started it is in fact its conclusion.

      If their is one thing fundamentalists are good at, it’s convincing liberals that they were right the whole time. Hypocrisy never defeats hypocrisy, the only able weapon is the sincerity of the Truth.

      The reason such horrific neo-liberal post-modern atomized ideologies have taken root, is because the economic system provides the foundation for all this evil. When you attack the surface culture, but ignore the true causes, you just further cement your own hypocrisy. Maybe you cared, but clearly not enough to go after the true causes.

      How can a world that rewards sociopathy lead to Christian values? Huh? Think about that one for a long time, tell me once you figure out the answer.

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      • daniel.gillette

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  • DJohn1

    I would describe the film from your comments as a mix of lies, sci fi and fantasy. Except that many people attempt to pronounce the true name of God. Whether it be Jehovah, Yahweh, or any number of variations, for some reason the Jewish/Christian faith attempts to name God.
    Truth is that very good lies always contain enough truth in them to make them believable. So where is the 50% truth in this Noah? Because if nothing else Lucifer is the Prince of Lies.

    • Kathymm

      the meaning of ‘Lucifer’ is LIGHT BEARER

      Mad Angel on FB

      • Nogods

        the meaning is anything you want it to be.
        it’s all make believe and fairy tales when it comes to religion, so whatever your imaginary friend says, goes 😉
        Wake up from the fantasy, find reality, do us all a favour.

        • Gistine

          Why don’t you do us all a favor and stop trolling and spew your hatred elsewhere? There are plenty of sites for angry atheists, you know. It’s sad, and though you are filled with bitterness, I will still wish you well in life and hope that you find something good in your life so that you don’t seek out and attack those who have found what feeds our souls and lifts our spirits. How dare you take away what fills us up because YOU don’t like or agree with it. Peace be with you, sir or madam. My ignorant, YHWH believing self will still say a prayer for you.

          • Justin L

            you havent found what fills your spirit, if you had you wouldnt be debating it on a forum, you are a mind controlled slave filled with self delusion

    • Nogods

      the true name of god is ‘utter b*llsh^t’.
      just make it up, like everything else in religion, it’s just make believe.

    • Justin L

      ya and nothing in religious teachings could ever ever be untrue, ha ha, man you people are ignorant.

      • DJohn1

        I agree with one thing that you have said.
        People in various religions all over the planet have used the belief systems to control and enslave a lot of people over our entire history.
        Whether it is Jupiter, Zeus, or many others, our history does reflect something very strange.
        It reflects living entities. The description of those entities existing also is strange.
        Those descriptions have these things in common.

        Immortals? Entities living thousands of years and not ageing.
        These entities are biological and can be killed under certain circumstances.
        These entities appear to be larger than humans often between 8-12 feet tall.
        These entities are enough alike us to breed children with our women.
        These entities suddenly left the planet leaving an entire system of priests high and dry.
        As far away as Japan, there are records of breeding with the “gods” forming a royal family.
        I have deliberately not mentioned anything here in the Bible. The records are all over the planet. Something did occur. India is one source of those records describing an entire society of elite “gods” that ruled over mankind.
        They also describe technology we are just beginning to explore.
        The question brought up is very good.
        Are there gods out there?
        Why kill off a population that could have reached into the billions prior to the “flood” mentioned?
        The only existing records that might prove or disprove the flood were put on stone in cuniform by the ancient Sumarians.
        I think the books of Enoch are also relevant. Why? because we did not even know about the effects of time near or at the speed of light on a spaceship. Yet there are descriptions of angels interacting with Enoch that describe several other solar systems. I have never seen those books translated. So they may or may not exist. But the description of 1500 years passing between Enoch leaving and Enoch returning? That is fairly close to the science that we do currently know about.
        I suspect onboard time may have been about 25-50 years at most.
        There are also descriptions of a civil war. If the India documents are true there is a description of radioactive poisoning that effected both the “gods” and mankind. That would explain why there are no “gods” on the planet right now.
        The falsehood of these entities was that they could not possibly die.
        They were immortals. The truth is they were quite mortal when it came to accidental death.
        None of this addresses the God of the Jews in Egypt with Moses. None of it addresses Jesus. That is deliberate on my part. It fogs the issue of whether or not a species closely related to ourselves ruled over mankind in prehistory.
        There is too much circumstantial evidence in history that we do know about to deny that such a species might have existed.

  • Tatiana Covington

    There was no flood and there was no fall. It’s all like mistaking Mickey Mouse for a real person.

    • krinks

      Remember these words when you stand before the Lord and give an account.

      • Nogods

        no one will ever stand before your fantasy sky-daddy – it doesn’t exist, it’s just dogma.
        you do not have any proof whatsoever to support the fiction of religion(s).

        • NowAlive

          God can neither be proven nor disproven with direct evidence. Your hysteria with the matter does not change that. You have a belief system and so do we. Yours is not based on scientific evidence but rather the inability to accept what you can’t explain. In short, you can not claim intellectual superiority simply by belittling someone else. You stand without defense and your only offense is to be offensive. Sad really. It’s simple, you have a presupposition that there is no god, therefore you are forced to accept an atheistic belief system of death and self-righteousness. Others accept a theistic system of life and God-righteousness. Your insults to others just prove that you have no argument. You’ve built a house upon sand.

          • Nogods

            What was offensive about my preceeding comment? Nothing.

            The only way it would be taken as offensive is if you are a gullible who is totally sucked into religion.

            And I never claimed ‘intellectual superiority’, I simply state the fact that there are no facts to support religion. It’s pretty simply logic, no superiority required.
            Like I’ve said before, I don’t ‘accept’ any belief system. I just see what’s right in front of me, and what is not.
            Life itself is a system of death, there is no avoiding it once you are here. And when you die, you’ll go right back to what it was like before you lived, nothing. Did it bother you before you were born? No, I didn’t think so. So don’t let it bother you after you die, because you wont have any conscious thoughts.
            But in the mean time, try enjoying life without the system of fear based repression called religion controlling your very short time on Earth.

          • ary

            I notice the phrase in the Wikipedia article, God is viewed as the ‘jealous’ god of the Old testament. In my studies I came across the hebrew word study that revealed the word jealous actually means protectively watches over you to defend you. That meaning is slightly like when a person jealously watches every move and even watches anyone who would come in contact with the one they love deeply. I mention this because so many times people turn away from the Bible because of experiences with people they met or knew and even because of some movie they see which makes use of a wrong understanding or wrong meaning of a word. Saddly they now turn away from the truth. And now we have a movie based on wrong understanding.

        • Hammerstrike

          Thinking that the Materium is everything there is is nearly as much great mistake as blindly trusting the entities of the Empyrean.

    • Hammerstrike

      Who can´t figure out that with only 8 or so as a start, the human specie would quickly go extinct from inbreeding?

      • Tatiana Covington

        Hey, these are christians. What else do you expect from those childish fools?

      • Shad Willoughby

        non Christian history records several boats up there with Noah’s ark, and every culture has a flood story, even the Mayans-whose god warned them also.
        The flood did happen, but their had to be more than just Noah’s family survive. Here is something interesting-find a map of the ocean floor and look at it near panama canal and between Argentina and Antarctica. The ocean floor appears to indicate that the Pacific burst thru the land mass to the Atlantic. You can see it plain as day. The Argentina surge would have inundated India and the middle east. And apparently so because the ancient maps of India show a lot more land mass than today-not to mention they have found cities under water…

  • DJohn1

    The fact is there was a flood. Scientists are trying to pinpoint the cause. It occurred so many years ago that no one has an exact date as to when it occurred.
    From a science viewpoint, there was a huge event in Antarctica and the dating is hazy. I would suggest somewhere between 11,000 and 13,000 before the birth of Christ. Add a couple of years because no one is exactly sure what the date of the birth of Christ actually was.
    There was an enormous glacier in Antarctica. The glacier fell into the ocean. The ocean had one huge wave that picked up height as it traveled. Estimates vary from 100-300 feet in height when it hit the land masses. I suggest it hit those masses at a tremendous speed. Possibly over 100-200 miles per hour depending on the displaced mass of the water.
    This super wave would have eliminated just about everything in its path. It would have given the impression that the entire world became flooded. Not really sure that it didn’t. The only doubt in my mind is where did all the varieties of animals come from that were not native to that area of the world where the ark landed?
    One of the only sources other than the Bible is the book of Enoch. There are also tales of a man named Gilgamesh.
    Similar tales as far away as Japan are told of a universal flood. So there is evidence that others might have survived the flood in other parts of the world. The correct answer is there is a lot of circumstantial evidence related to a world wide flood but all the details might be lost to history with the exception of the Bible.
    The Bible refers to rainfall. 40 days and 40 nights of rain.
    The design of the ark is not that of a boat. It is that of a building made to survive extremely severe weather and with the ability to float. In my opinion it had many of the characteristics of a submarine. A ship capable of surviving both rain and a huge wave of water was designed by someone with a little bit more technical knowledge than we give credit to people of that time period.
    It is a well known fact that animals have senses that we do not. That animals voluntarily moved onto an ark is very possible. We still have no idea how they communicate after all these years.
    That mankind perished except for a few people (I believe it was 8 people in the Ark) says volumes. I think the people under God thought of us as animals rather than sentient human beings. That the Sons of God mated with the Daughters of man tells me that something really bad was going on. That was so bad that God used a flood to destroy everyone involved? Only purebred human beings would survive the flood.
    That tells me that what once happened could happen again. Perhaps it would not be a flood this time. Perhaps it would be fire instead. I believe most of that is predicted in the Bible.
    Except for a remnant, all will be lost.
    I think we need to take the Bible seriously as a historical document that gives a lot of information about sentient creatures other than human beings. Someone decided to kill the population of an entire planet. That population was polluted with something other than humans. But then one would have to believe in aliens from other places to believe the story of Noah. At least from the prospective of man being genetically contaminated by beings other than our selves.

    • Nogods

      psst, you’re just wallowing in dogma and fantasy, there in not one iota of proof of these stories.
      In fact, the stories are so absurd, they are incongruent.

      • God is Love

        You sir need serious help, I will pray for you tonight

    • Kathymm

      Thank goodness there’s a few ‘lights’ out there…

      Through movies we are getting closer to the truth…. Enlil forced all of the gods to vote unanimously to keep the knowledge of the impending deluge from humans….. but Enki loved his favorites – his descendants and ‘talked to the reeds’, of the home of Ziusudra AKA Noah

      Mad Angel on FB

      • Hammerstrike

        Fallen angels on facebook raging about being condemned to the basement and being fat, their solution is to gather in Wall Street and turn the place into a trash-strewn shantytown.

      • Shad Willoughby

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we are getting closer to the truth from movies, I would say the new information that has come to light in the past several years has started making it’s way into mainstream media.

        After 10 years of being ridiculed, I was personally vindicated by the program “Ancient Aliens” and I certainly did make my previous critics eat crow,

        More information is out there,(meaning of life stuff) but the “owners” of that information do not have the intelligence and or spiritual maturity to do anything with it. Unfortunately they also have no intentions of sharing this information with anyone for fear of losing control of said information.

        Knowledge is Power.

    • Hammerstrike

      The fact is that the human specie would have gone extinct due to inbreeding with a start population of just 8.

      A lot of other vertebrate species would also have gone extinct even faster, having to restart with just a couple.

      • DJohn1

        Consider the description of mankind before the flood. I think if we were dealing with mankind today you would be correct. But if Noah and crew were close to the beginning of a project to bring life to the planet Earth, then they may have been designed a little different than today’s version of mankind. Inbreeding normally means bringing all the disasterous recessive genes to the fore front. But if those recessive disasterous genes got wrong are not there then the breeding may have come a lot closer to the tree without danger.
        There are over 400 genetic diseases associated with the human beings. In nature, 2/3rds of any inbreeding project are likely to die shortly after birth. The 1/3 that doesn’t is likely to be very directional leading to racial characteristics. We see this all the time in dogs and cats that have been selectively bred to form characteristics from anything like a massive heavy dog all the way down to a minature dachsund.

    • Shad Willoughby

      Here is something interesting-find a map of the ocean floor and look at it near panama canal and between Argentina and Antarctica. The ocean floor appears to indicate that the Pacific burst thru the land mass to the Atlantic. You can see it plain as day. The Argentina surge would have inundated India and the middle east. And apparently so because the ancient maps of India show a lot more land mass than today-not to mention they have found cities under water…

  • Kamil Levi Pyka

    What a chap article.The author doesn’t understand gnosticism and kabbalah. The gnosticism was rejected by Apostle Paul but the Kabbalah was observed by prophets even by apostles and early Christians.Also is good to point it out on people that massa nary is mainly based or was created on King Salomon teachings and wisdom.Not everything is wonder or conspiracy but deeply digging andstudying original texts in hHebrew and aromatic instead misleading people by individuals who are not able make sincere researchable heart.What a shame article.Seriously.

    • Nogods

      psst, it’s all fiction.

      • NowAlive

        Atheism is fiction.

        • Nogods

          How so? It’s the default state of every being of consciousness. That can’t be fiction.
          I don’t ‘believe’ in anything. I simply follow what is real and proveable.
          Religion fails the ‘factuality’ test. It’s incongruent throughout.
          You’re the one living with a system of fear based repression, not me.

          Try to wake up, we’ll all benefit.

      • kane elysee

        Psst, by virtue of your continued denial and multiple posts you’ve put yourself in the debate. Now, where’s YOUR proof?

  • Nogods

    Noah the movie is fiction based on fiction.
    There is no creator of this world. There is no sky daddy.
    All religions are based on fiction and dogma. It’s just one group of people trying to con another group of people.
    Drop the nonsense. Free our societies from the burden of having so many people lost in delusion and fantasy.
    Stop all the religion, it’s all bogus.

    • NowAlive

      Says the one living a false religion (humanism/atheism) of delusion and fantasy. The Creator God is the uncaused first cause, creator of both time and space. Atheism says that everything was sprung from nothing. Even theoretical physics (let alone observation) can explain this illogical belief. Who is delusional?

      • Hammerstrike

        It is foolish to deny that there are things beyond the Materium but it is even more foolish to blindly trust these things if they do (somewhat) exist.

      • Nogods

        I don’t have a religion, although gullible people like yourself may find that hard to believe.

        Atheism is certainly not a religion, it’s the default state of all beings who have not been brainwashed into submission.

        Ask the animal kingdom about their atheism, do they or I go to any ‘church’?
        Face it, you and your kind can provide no proof whatsoever, not one iota of evdence of your sky daddy. It’s all fiction.

        • Justin L

          no actually man atheism is just another system of mind control, the default state of people who havent been brainwashed are people who know their is a spiritual dimension to things, and own their own minds and have walked into their own spiritual power and are using it to change the world for the better, its a place where very few people are at.

    • Hammerstrike

      The Materium is not the only thing there is, thought, other planes of existence underlies it.

      Trusting them is just as foolish as denying their existence.

  • Kathymm

    Through movies we are getting closer to the truth…. Enlil forced all of the gods to vote unanimously to keep the knowledge of the impending deluge from humans….. but Enki loved his favorites – his descendants and ‘talked to the reeds’, of the home of Ziusudra AKA Noah

    Mad Angel on FB

    • Nogods

      anyone who follows religion is mad.
      you have no proof whatsoever of the jibberish you are spamming.

      • NowAlive

        Neither do you.

        • Atheist

          I can disprove that an infinite God can exist. By the way, Atheism is not a religion.

          • tkw072

            I would like to hear your proof.

        • Nogods

          I’m not spamming a non-existant entity to all and sundry.
          You’ve posted a very lame argument. I don’t need to prove anything as I am not the one claiming there is a gawd.
          Those that make the claim need to provide the proof, not the other way around.

      • Kathymm

        I DO NOT follow religion….. I follow history, in particular, that which is written literally in stone

        Mad Angel on FB

        • Nogods

          You follow the dogma of religion, I’ve read your other posts.
          And something carved in stone doesn’t make it fact. It’s still just a story. I mean, I see stuff that came via satelitte, but that still doesn’t make any of it real.
          There is no tangible evidence of any god(s). It’s all a lie to control people.

  • Kamil Levi Pyka

    Sir Bible is not dogma but accurate book which proved self by archeology or by science and fulfillment of prophesies.I will only agree all religions has been created by the men.

    • Shad Willoughby

      I wouldn’t consider it to be any more or less accurate than any other document that had been passed down and translated so many times.
      The problem with your claim is the blatant contradictions present in the Bible. If nothing else these qualify as “inaccurate”.

      • Kamil Levi Pyka

        I do read in Hebrew in original text.Only way to God is Jesus Christ.

        • Shad Willoughby

          How do you reconcile the meaning of the word “elohim” with a monotheistic belief?

          • Kamil Levi Pyka

            I don’t reconcile or judge any monotheistic believe or religion.Its not my authority.I keep commandment from Elohym Yahuah Je hovada and his Son Jesus Yahushua.

          • Shad Willoughby

            Are you not making a judgment by choosing to follow what you believe to be true?
            Furthermore how can you worship Jesus when it clearly states in the TEN COMMANDMENTS “Though shalt have no other God before me.” And every single one of you puts Christ before God.

    • Nogods

      Of course it’s dogma. It’s fiction. It’s fantasy.
      It’s what one group of men wrote to control another group of men. Just as you say in your last sentence. The bible is no different.
      Religion is nothing but a system of fear based repression.
      There is no scientific proof. And prophesies are always open to translation, that’s part of thir ‘magic’.. they are ambiguous to avoid any accurate proof. Show me one prophesy and I’lll show several variations of the same story.
      bible = fiction. god = zero. religion = drag society down.

      • kane elysee

        Not that it matters after 22 days but regarding prohecy here’s one: Jesus is Coming by Eugene Blackstone

  • DJohn1

    I totally agree that there are no gods as worshipped by people in the past. God, the creator of the universe, does exist. He is a living God.
    That Jesus Christ was in communication with that God is self evident.
    Jesus had a lot of power. He had a lot of authority. He was obviously connected and was able to do many things beyond normal everyday things like curing people from diseases we had no cure for.
    That something is going on in the New Testament is obvious. That the ruler of this world was attempting negotiations with Jesus gives whole new meaning to what was going on. There was a political thing going on amongst these same “gods” that ruled the planet.
    The question is does that ruler exist? I say he does exist to this day. And he is more than likely involved in current day politics. Is he a God? I don’t think so. Does he have abilities and powers beyond any human on the planet. I think that entity does. And I think that entity is still in charge over this planet until he is taken down.
    The entities that were posing as gods were very real as determined by people that had worshipped them. My own thought is about 500 b.c. they all got up and left this planet. Except the one God, the being worshipped by the Jews. So the real question in my mind is why leave?
    They had a pretty good setup with all the food, shelters, wine, women, whatever. I would suggest that they polluted the environment with wars and possibly an atomic war, that left them vulnerable to being killed. This planet lost a very viable filter when this flood occurred. Suddenly everything is living lifespans of less than 120 years? The “gods” were “aging” before our eyes. That aging might have been radiation sickness or even radiation from space coming through a much thinner atmosphere.
    What the servants of these “gods” did was to maintain the temples and their own lifestyles after the “gods” abandoned the Earth. They did this as long as they could get away with it.
    Do I believe in angels? I believe we have some very advanced critters under the command of a ruler on this planet that has not died. Can “angels” die? I don’t know the setup for them so I have no idea if they can be killed or not.
    Jesus was directly related to the Creator of the Universe and had networking privileges to that Creator. And there is reference to a third being called the Holy Spirit. We simply do not have the knowledge of the relationships involved to accurately pinpoint what is going on.
    To this very day, people willing accept Jesus as their Master. That means they are in slavery to Jesus. Just like people in the past were slaves to the false gods of history. That means the Jesus commands people in our religion. Do they realise this? I doubt it because it is all wrapped in the Christian Religion and the churches.
    When and if Jesus comes back(and according to scriptures he will at God’s command) He has command over all of us.
    Is it likely to occur in my lifetime? Doubt it will but it is possible.
    He has stated that all communication with God will be through Him.
    There is only one God. In the chain of command, Jesus is second to that God. But whether that God will personally come back to this planet and take over rulership of this planet from the existing ruler I have no idea when that will occur. By the stirring of the pot I think it is possible that the prophecies of the Bible are about to occur.
    Those people that think there is nothing to it and that it is all a big scam put on by the priests are in for quite a surprise. But I think all of humanity is in for a surprise when Jesus actually comes back.

    • Michael

      Jesus and God are the same read John chapter 14 Jesus plain as day says he is God, read Revelation 1:8 Jesus is the almighty, Jesus, God, and the Holy Ghost are all the same.

      • DJohn1

        You are correct. The scripture does make this statement. The Holy Spirit and God are not human. Jesus is at least half human, having been conceived by the Holy Spirit and the virgin Mary. Jesus may be God but he always deferred to his Father in Heaven. Otherwise how could they have a conversation in the Garden? Take this cup from me, but your decision not mine?(not a direct quote)

        The only explanation for both to be true is if all three are networked together and in constant communication with one another. That communication is both amazing and requires special understanding.

        Jesus defers to his Father throughout the entire New Testament.
        The greatest commandment was to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul. Jesus did just that. Total loyalty to his father, God.
        Yet he also said that if you have seen me you have also seen the Father.
        We are seeking to see things and our language gets in the way of that sight. I believe that Jesus is both subordinate to God and has a perfect understanding of his Father in Heaven.

        • Michael

          John 14:1-9 KJV
          [1] … Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. [2] In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so , I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. [3] And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. [4] And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know. [5] Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? [6] Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. [7] If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him. [8] Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. [9] Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me one.

          • Michael

            Also Revelation 1:8 Jesus is the almighty. Jesus is God there know saying this or that, Jesus said the things he did so people around him would understand.

          • jaxon64

            Michael..if you really want to blow people’s minds about the nature of the trinity and Jesus being an aspect of God–re-read the first chapter of John.
            Jesus -The Word of God- is actually the Creator of all things! He has forever existed and dwelt as part of God ( the Word of God) before He physically manifested upon earth as our atonement and reconnection with our Father.
            Mankind has repeatedly failed and fallen. As sinless beings we chose poorly the path of knowledge of right and wrong—we slipped into depravity and were expunged in the antideluvian period. Again we failed when given the covenants of the old testaments….and in one divine and amazing act of grace and love–God Himself sacrificed a part of Himself–the Living Word and Son of Man upon the earth–so that we again could have a relationship with our heavenly father.
            The depth of love that God has for His creation is so humbling and amazing–yet people would make filth like these gnostic/luciferian movies and actually portray God as some ogre who uncaringly would destroy those He has gone to such lengths to redeem….
            I sometimes think that people simply cannot grasp what the word “HOLY” means..God in His very nature cannot fellowship with fallen man–yet Christ as our sinless arbitrator has paved the way for us to once again stand before our Heavenly Father as redeemed and clean…
            ***Thank you Lord Jesus for what you endured on our behalf–in our stead–and thank you Father for not just getting sick and tired of willful and arrogant man and erasing us completely as if we never were. Your patience and love is unending and so far above what we can even comprehend–I humbly thank you God and praise you; in Jesus name, Amen ***

          • Michael

            John 1:14 and The Word became flesh, I am a one God man thank you for posting this so all the trinitarians will know the truth and turn to the one and true God, Jesus Christ.

          • Nogods

            Nothing but empty dogma. No facts, no proof.
            Just waffling on about useless garbage.
            Go out and find reality, it’s not as bad as you think (hint, drop your gullibility).

          • Michael

            Quit jumping around avoiding the obvious that Jesus does exist, Noahs ark was found in the late 80s early 90s, The rock of Meribah was discovered as well, the Red Sean crossing, My Sinai with the burnt top was discovered, not to mention all the bones of giants found all over the world specifically in the united states, do not believe me there is a skull in the Neveda state museum that came from Love Loch cave, go to Peru and you can see a lot more of these skulls from giants, just because the mainstream media does not show something does not mean it does not exist, also what about all the artifacts that have been found inside coal, oh wait according to science coals is what 300 million years old, I think not, how about the dinosaurs that are supposedly very old, but they can radiocarbon date them, but that can only go back 120,000 years radiocarbon dating, not to mention some of the dinosaurs still have flesh on them, well your looking into that stuff can you direct me to a zoo that has on display a half man half whatever that came from evolution or some bones of these creatures that were in between what they are now, can not do that because they do not exist, Darwin himself said there was no scientific evidence of evolution and that it was just a theory, even science itself points to Jesus the creator, you would just have to throw a lot of things out the window to agree with your stance, and that is just the things I can come up with off the top of my head while I sit here and type this. Jesus is king past present and future and will always be king form now and forever more.

          • DJohn1

            In the verses that you have quoted you make a very interesting point.
            I refer to: 1] … Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in
            me. [2] In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so , I
            would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. [3] And if I go
            and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto
            myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.
            Sounds to me like an evacuation to another planet.
            It sounds to me like Jesus intends to pick up all of his people living and dead and place them somewhere else other than the Earth before this planet is completely destroyed.

            There are also references in the Bible to the End of Time. But that would be a separate prophecy.
            We are currently discovering planets around other stars. Not sure how that works. But the astronomers think there are a great many planets around other stars. This correlates nicely with the comment about many mansions.
            Anyone in the old testament that saw the face of God died. I believe he was referring to himself as his Father’s son and having a very strong physical resemblance to his Father.
            That Jesus was telepathic is evident from many scriptures. Having a direct connection to his Father was also related in many scriptures.
            That all communication from now on with God is through Jesus is also in many scriptures.
            In Jesus, we are talking about an immortal. Someone that died yet came back from the dead. Someone that left to go to Heaven(space?) after visiting with his friends and disciples.

            In God, we are talking about something enormous and something not human but controlling the entire Universe and both space and time. That Jesus is tapped into that means that he is also existing everywhere in space and time. The third tier of this trinity is the Holy Spirit. Very little is known about this entity. We know that Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit.
            Any power that Jesus has is because it has been given to him by the entity he refers to as his Father. In other places it describes God. I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I am that I am. In other words he exists in the past, the present, and the future all at the same time and is all powerful over everything.
            To me that sounds like an operating system of the entire universe. That universe by our own astronomers reporting is enormous. No totally human mind can even conceive of just how big that is.

          • Michael

            6 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

            2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

            3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

            4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

            5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

            6 And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

            The sixth verse says it grieved the Lord at his heart, heart is flesh, the inner most part of a man. Jesus and God are the same,

            James 2:19

            Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

            one God not two not three, but one, Jesus is the human flesh of God.

      • Justin L

        does it ever occur to you that people made up these scriptures or changed them? do you know about all the books they didnt include in the bible, have you ever even read any of them? do you realize how much religion was a creation of human beings, have you ever investigated any of the historicity of it?

  • Mohsen Samii

    Well to be honest one only would have to look at the Human Being and Nature in general, yes all is violent and this fact cannot not be denied, if one is in doubt then have a good at your selves in the mirror, really now do you still persist that you as a Human are of a divine creation. No, you as the religious texts go are made in his image and to his likeness, in other words some intelligent entity or entities that created us and other life forms on this planet have left much to be desired. Noah was warned before hand lets say for the sake of argument but the Flood must have been a natural disaster that Evan the highly technological and advanced entities could not control it. The accounts in religious texts put their own twist to the truth as they have with so many other subjects in order to control the populace mainly through fear. For example, please show me where in the Bible or the Qur’an is written that one should respect god, no where but what is written is that though must FEAR the lord thy god.

    • K

      The word respect is not used but, Deuteronomy 6:5

      And thou shalt loue the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soule, and with all thy might. It might be argued, you could not love someone, you did not respect.

  • Shad Willoughby

    In “Noah”, essentially the Creator is the bad guy and the serpent is the good guy, just like in hardcore Gnosticism.

    Is that not exactly what happened? The Elohim-Translated as “the gods” decided to let us all die, while the Serpent(Toth) spoke to Uptanishtim/Noah through a reed wall???

    I don’t know about you but If one guy wants me dead, and another guy wants me to live, then I think I will go with life…And that would be the good guy in my view.

    • Justin L

      no one ever considers that maybe the dark forces could be these these gods and religions cause they are the true liars keeping people as their slaves, thats why anytime you question anything they just call you evil, cause they are not honest, they have something to hide. the measure of a good person according to the religious viewpoint is someone who blindly follows GOD or more those who claim to speak for god and doesnt ask questions and doesnt weigh anything out in their mind, just blindly believes in a book and sits there and listens to a pastor and nods their head yes. that is not the measure of a good person, that is the measure of an extremely naive and easily decieved person.

      • Shad Willoughby

        Well, I always consider that religion might be a deception. In fact I pretty much believe that to be the case, nothing else makes sense.

  • Jason7189

    Romans 9:21 “Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?”

    The Book of Job (Chapter 38), God basically tells Job, who are you to question me and my ways.

    We weren’t made for seeking our own pleasure, we were made for God’s pleasure and to do good works…because our own pleasures and Human instinct direct us towards immorality, greed/idolatry, power, control of others….ect.

    If God requires my life tonight, it’s his right to do. HE created ME and hopefully I’ve did things, that have pleased him and have directed many others to his truthful words.

    • Nogods

      What a load of clap trap. You’re spouting dogma and nothing more.
      There is no god. We are not here for it’s pleasure.
      Find reality, it’s much better for you, and all of us benefit. But while you are floundering in fantasy, the rest of society considers you a loss.

      • NoChip4Me

        Oh there’s a God and a satan alright……..the smartest thing satan ever did was to make modern, sophisticated man not believe in anything…….smart move. You’re being deceived big time. I’ve seen the abyss, if but for only a second and that was enough to change my whole line of thinking……I don’t lie and I’m not delusional. You keep up with your current mindset and you will loose your very soul.

        • Nogods

          You’ve not seen ‘the abyss’, unless you’re talking about the movie.
          I 150% know you haven’t seen shyte, because no one, and you, for sure, are no one special. You can pretend to be ‘special’ with your fiction, but that’s all it is, pure fantasy.
          You’re lying through your teeth, or you are exceptionally deluded. You haven’t seen shyte and you and I both know that.
          It’s all fiction, fantasy, dogma and propoganda. And you’re a sucker for it.

          • Bos

            The hate in your words only tells us that God and the devil exists. (and yes, you actually have to read the bible to understand what I mean. It is obvious that you did not read it and just saying stuff without knowing)

          • Justin L

            and it is obvious that just because you read a book you think you know everything and you dont, you are just extremely egotistical and under a strong form of mind control.

        • Gistine

          You’re wasting your time talking to this hate-filled person. Don’t invite his bitter energy into your life. 🙂

    • Infinight Moon

      I read that God made us for his own pleasures, and envisioned a giant hand picking up a human and using him as a Dildo (Dildo is capitalized because it’s God’s Dildo).

    • Justin L

      you guys are like a recording just reciting the same thing over and over. ya we get it you think the bible is final word on all matters in this universe now and for all time, we get it.

  • Nogods

    What a load of dogmatic crap. Not proof for anything you’ve just waffled on about.

    • NoChip4Me

      Look around you…….everything going on. You honestly don’t see the big picture, this all is just happenstance……..mathematically the odds tell you different. But then the Bible predicted that most would scoff. Good luck. I would suggest you pick up a copy of the 1611 King James Bible because it contains ALL the Bible verses later editions left out or twisted. Read it and learn what is to come………all there.

      • Nogods

        There’s no ‘prophecies’ to come. Like I’ve said, it’s just fiction, and any words will be distorted to pretend they match a circumstance.
        I’d bet my life fortune against any one of your so-called prophecies… not one of them will come about, because they are just stories made up by fallible men. There’s plenty of examples of failure by people trying to assert ‘prophecy’.
        And you’re being patronising by trying to tell me I don’t see the big picture.
        Frankly, you are the one most likely to be blind, you gullibly follow fantasy, now that’s delusion for you.

        • Gistine

          What a bummer for you to be filled with so much hatred and anger. Good luck with that.

  • Nogods

    just dogma and fantasy.

  • Seen2013

    In short, typical Hollywood.

    “In other words, in case you’re losing the plot here: The serpent was right all along. This “god,” “The Creator,” whom they are worshiping is withholding something from them that the serpent will provide: divinity itself.”

    Essentially, Rosacrucian, Luciferian, Magi, and etc. In short, the belief is that people may become gods themselves.
    … It certainly takes the God Complex disciplines of scientific law are very prune to… ‘Just a little more of this, a lot less of that, and we have perfection’…

    “In Gnosticism, secret knowledge (“gnosis”) is the key to “liberation” and “enlightenment”.”

    Yet, vanity, lust, and pride tends to be the byproduct in the quest of enlightenment, power, and etc. Some of the worst things imaginable have happened through various people’s lust for riches and power and knowledge, vanity in their intentions and etc, and pride they are on the right direction.

    • Infinight Moon

      Gnosis is a spiritual knowledge. In Gnosticism, it is said that the Aeon Sophia (literally, Wisdom) sought to fully understand to creator. She broke away from the rest of the Aeons. In her quest for answers, her negative emotions created the demiurge (Yahweh). The first Gnosis, was her realization that the creator, the True God, is unknowable and that she would never understand him. Riches and power are born of the physical world, created by the evil demiurge. Gnosticism is about escaping the physical world.

  • NoChip4Me

    Hollywood is satan’s mouthpiece and the actors that make the big bucks have done sold their souls for the pleasures of this short period……….I expected no less from the whore of Babylon known as “Hollywood” (which by thee way is the wood real wands are made of).

    • Dcd Studio

      The Church of Scientology was founded in 1954, based on the teachings of an American author named L. Ron Hubbard

      Parsons was a Luciferian.



  • NoChip4Me

    And even not believing in anything is the same side of the chessboard as satanism. satan is a crafty old fellow, isn’t he.

  • Brandon

    Here’s an idea…if you’re a believer and think the movie isn’t Biblically accurate enough, MAKE ONE THAT IS! Stop judging people who may not have a complete understanding of scripture as you THINK you do. Every article like this that’s written only solidifies what the world thinks about Christians, which is that we are self-righteous, judgmental, hypocrites. The early church referred to these people as pharisees.

  • jeff turner

    The Jewish Encyclopedia published in 1904 by Funk and Wagnall; volume 8, page 653 was written by 400 of the worlds internationally top respected rebbi(rabbi). It states that yahweh/jehova is the adversary, anti messiah known as satan. Hebrew lexicon entry #452 has 2 definitions, 1st being “GOD of jehova”. Of course, it can not be made any clearer than this to anyone who jehova, yahweh is. Go argue with a rabbi about who the demiurge of the religion of judaism is. End of discussion!

  • jeff turner

    One can search for the good chabad rabbi ginsburgh picture giving worship to his demiurge god . who am I to argue with him about who his god truly is? Oh, maybe he is just a texas longhorn fan along with the bush family and the pope, clintons etc. The world better awaken quickly.Christians need to re read their bible COVER TO COVER USING LEXICONS paying close attention. Israel did fall to idolotry, jehova is the deity that they fell to. Yahweh/jehova is satan.

  • Hammerstrike

    Satan = Yaweh

  • SarcasticwithaSmile!

    The opposite to the evils created by mankind is the good within each of us, not God. Every one of us is manifested in this perceived physical realm with the capability of good and evil alike to balance the complex equations of life. When we peer past the veil that clouds our perceptions we realize that we are each of us Divine and we shall each eternally traverse this mysterious universe creating experiences and knowledge for infinity as there is no beginning and end to the nonphysical consciousness that inherits these mortal shells we call flesh. This can be seen in the mathematical and physical structures of everything that surrounds us. The only good or evil, heaven or hell in this wondrous universe is that which we invent or create ourselves.

  • Infinight Moon

    No. The snakeskin represents the skin that the serpent shed prior to turning evil. It does not suggest the snake is good.

    This is neither Luciferian, nor Gnostic. It does draw from the kabbalah, and Aronofsky made no attempt at hiding this.

    By the way, I like the way you skip over the fact that the serpent in Gnosticism is JESUS.

  • Ken

    If these god haters had a life like they say they have, why do they spend their time on these web sights trying to make satans point

  • jeff turner

    Jewish encyclopedia, published 1904, page 653, volume number 8 claims that jehova/ yahweh is the adversary, anti messiah also referred to as SATAN. The god of judaism is satan . If you disagree you can argue with the 400 rabbi that wrote it. Also, you can easily google pictures of prominent chabad lubavitcher rabbi giving the devils /satans handsign. or maybe they also are texas longhorn fans as well.

  • jeff

    This site is censoring my comments

  • William Rothschild

    The other thing that most people fail to realize is this: Most people think that the opposite of God is Satan. That’s a lie. Satan was created by God, so the opposite to Satan is Michael the archangel. That’s why is says in the New Testament that He who is in us, is greater than he who is in the world!

  • Eileen Jones

    Whatever has befallen the human race then and now, is our own fault due to the free will God gave us. Like a parent who was angry with us , he punished us with the floods, then like a parent he sent a saviour to wipe all our sins away. He is not evil , but angry with our bad behavior ! He gave us so much and how do we repay him ? Badly !!!!

  • Geoffrey Franklin Finn

    Have you read chap. 5 of William Bramleys book The Gods of Eden?
    Chapter 5 is entitled Brotherhood of the Snake. Bramley says the original Brotherhood was destroyed by the alien custodial gods.

  • Justin L

    sure no doubt that things around us exhibit traits of intelligent design, something probablly put them here, but what i find extremely egotistical is that you presume to know what the creator is and what it wants just because other people just as arrogant as you told you so.

  • Justin L

    ya and go and look at the numbers of how many people various religions have killed

  • IHaveAllies

    Sounds like the devil still very busy doing his work .
    God is good all the time !

  • Great Article and Post!!! I NEVER watched this movie because the Director even he said is was UN-BIBLICAL, and he dropped “F” bombs to people!!

  • retrogamer176

    I was gonna avoid Noah, because I thought it was gonna be just a rehash of the biblical flood.

    Now I wanna see it!

  • Brandon White

    Those stories are out-dated. Mankind is not only running circles around a “God” manifesting our creative developments and ability, but we’re also running circles around a “devil” in perpetuating every negative that exist and can only exist by way of Man. Why don’t everyone of you do the future generation a favor and document something meaningful and anchored to reality. For an example; create a book titled “It Was All A Dream” explaining growth and development and how stories of old including those propaganda devices we currently use were archived in the wrong section. Instead of being archived in the fictional-entertainment section…it’s been archived in the non-fictional section. Smh

  • Brandon White

    Great research! Also, those scientists should have informed you that life is an autopoietic cognitive process…meaning it not only creates itself, but it regenerates itself. Its programmed in our existence.

  • Brandon White

    The author mentions devine spark… but he implies nous in the phenomena Mankind experiences. Using analogies and metaphors to explain the phenomena of life were needed in primitive era. However, we as the creators of ALL that exists need only objective words and definition to explain lifes happenings as in a previous example: “Great research! Also, those scientists should have informed you that life is an autopoietic cognitive process…meaning it not only creates itself, but it regenerates itself. Its programmed in our existence”.

  • Brandon White

    Lets just say existence acts as that invisible hand.

  • Andrés Tremols

    To set the record straight lucifer is not even mentioned in the Nag Hammadi scrolls, its not part of gnosticism. It is true that some golden dawn and freemason dudes have attempted to hijack gnosticism into their cosmologies to fit their agendas.
    Then Jesus didn’t accept the teachings of the pharisees, it is ridiculous for christians obeying the roman kings, to believe in scriptures interpolated by pharisees. The old testament is absolutely anti-christian.

  • Givemeyourmoney

    Feminized men ?next they get pregnant !Now Babylon just told you who ruins this world !! Idiots are U.S and traps every breathe you take heterosexual apes ,,,,,

  • Painfulrealisations

    Funny how we only know and from earth we are made so how could we claim superiority in anything but temporal time so this process of life sprang from the emissions from our star .keep learning don’t arrogantly claim something yet

  • Palacialtearjerkers

    How many find themselves drugged to oblivion because of incomprehensible consequences to farting around life’s demands ,Yeah the freedom to jump felt good just as pot was jumping off the backs of the greatest generations determined efforts to rid the world of cruel tyrants ..?Now to see females completely played the possibility of world order as theirs .ooopps there it is …

  • Riots

    Remove the tyrants by terror and force them to their knees Embrace the suck bitches

  • Morgana

    There are no fallen angels. Lucifer is a made up name and isnt even in the Bible. The enemy’s true name is just that: serpent, that old dragon, the devil.
    He has ALWAYS been a serpent and never was an angel or perfect in the beginning and had a “fall”.

    That is the deception my friend… “for no wonder, satan often masquerades as an angel of light”.

    The key word their is MASQUERADE. You have to understand that the serpent has ALWAYS been a serpent. He had no perfect beginning.
    Jesus’s own words in the Bible state: He was a mankiller FROM THE BEGINNING. He is a liar, and the father of lies, for there is no truth in him.”

    What this means friends is he has ALWAYS been a serpent and decieves the whole world into thinking he was once a perfect awesome angel of light that was once perfect and good before he “fell” and is now a “fallen angel”.
    This is not Biblical… this is the “doctrines of men” we are being taught in falsehood that Jesus warned about,. The leaven of the pharisees we need to beware of. People twist the Bible into saying things it doesnt actually really say.

    The king of babylon and king of tyre are not about satan as this “lucifer light bearer” being and there is no relation between them and satan the serpent.
    Jesus told us he was sinning from the beginning and going even further, God himself formed the satan serpent creature with great pain fashioning him/it with His own hands like unto birth pangs of a woman creating a fleshly new human as a baby born.

    God created the heavens and the earth in SPIRIT and His spirit kingdom and all the heavenly host as well. But the serpent was different… he/it was fashioned with Gods own hands and that is why HE/IT is different. God creates evil not with spirit but with the work of His hands to do HIS will and serve HIS ends and purposes.

    This is why He allows evil because it all works out in the end to the betterment of humanity and in making His will and plan be carried out. God says in the Bible “I create both good and evil, dark and light” and even talks about the great sea SERPENT leviathan in the Book of Job. This is that same serpent who decieved our parents in the garden of eden and the same serpent, the devil, satan, that is decieving us today friends.

    Check this website and its articles out and give it a good read… because the author exposes so much in the Bible we never even thought to look at and pay attention to and its all truth.