Political Repression In The United States

police-stateCivil libertarians are increasingly alarmed by the trend towards increased political repression in the United States. Political candidates and organizations that are out of favor with the establishment are now being labeled as “dangerous” and as “potential terrorists” in official government reports.

For example, on February 20, 2009, the State of Missouri issued a report entitled: “MIAC Strategic Report: The Modern Militia Movement.”

This shocking report labeled individuals who supported presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin as “dangerous” and inferred that those individuals are potential terrorists.

In addition, people of various ideologies were singled out as being potentially dangerous.

The report instructed police and other government officials that the following political views are “dangerous” could signal a potential terrorist:

*Anyone opposing abortion

*Anyone opposing illegal immigration

*Anyone who believes that the New World Order is a threat

*Anyone who is against the North American Union

*Anyone who is against the income tax

*Anyone who has a negative view of the U.N.

No left-leaning political ideologies or organizations were identified in the report. Neither were Islamic extremists mentioned. Apparently the report only considered those who support candidates like Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin are dangerous.

This is exactly the type of tactics that were used in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia to demonize and crush political opposition. When official government reports start labeling supporters of certain political candidates as “potential terrorists” we should all get alarmed.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about those candidates. Perhaps you hate Ron Paul. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that when official government reports attack certain political groups, we are all being attacked.

Another example of this trend is the recent Department of Homeland Security report on “right wing extremism” that has created a firestorm of controversy across America.

Why was there such an uproar over that report?

Because it labeled tens of millions of Americans as “potential domestic terrorists”.

You can read a copy of this sickening report for yourself here:


Below is a list of 14 characteristics of a “domestic terrorist” that were pulled right out of the report.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, you might be a domestic terrorist if…..

*you are a U.S. military veteran returning from duty in Iraq or Afghanistan

*you believe in “end times” prophecies

*you believe in state or local authority

*you are against abortion

*you are against illegal immigration

*you believe in the 2nd Amendment

*you criticize any of the free trade agreements the U.S. has made

*you are against same-sex marriage

*you believe that an economic collapse is happening

*you think that the U.S. may declare martial law someday

*you believe that the U.S. is creating detention camps

*you stockpile food, ammunition or weapons

*you believe that illegal immigrants are taking away American jobs

*you believe “New World Order” conspiracy theories

Quite a few of those apply to me, so it looks like I have made the list.

What about you?

Has your own government just labeled you a domestic terrorist?

Even the big media networks are getting into the act.

In one of the most shocking comments uttered by a network anchor in recent history, CNN’s Anderson Cooper used a graphic sexual slur to refer to the recent tax protests by conservatives. In fact, he used the slur more than once, and the fact that his guests laughed at the term means that they understood exactly what Anderson Cooper was trying to say.

The video of Anderson Cooper using the slur is at the end of this article.

This all happened when Cooper had David Gergen and Ali Velshi on his show to discuss the events of the day. Gergen was responding to a question by Cooper about the Republicans when Cooper blurted out his graphic slur.

Gergen apparently got the joke and then continued by saying this:

Well, they’ve got the (CENSORED). But there was an interesting Politico survey — it was out today that said that, you know, the president — the trust level in the president on economic issues is extremely high, and, you know, and everybody else in the administration is well below him. But the Republicans are a little below that. So, Republicans have got a way — they still haven’t found their voice, Anderson. They’re still — this happens to a minority party after it’s lost a couple of bad elections, but they’re searching for their voice.

At least Gergen was trying to get the conversation back on track.

But in response to Gergen, Cooper made this offensive remark: “It’s hard to talk when you’re (CENSORED).”

Why would it be hard to talk? You see, Cooper knew EXACTLY what the smear meant.

THIS is what we are to expect from our network news anchors now?

The video of this stunning exchange below…..

This is the kind of thing that conservatives can not let go by. The Anderson Cooper comment must become a huge issue. Conservatives must demand an apology from Anderson Cooper. If this kind of smear becomes commonplace, then what is next after that?

When the U.S. government is demonizing certain political views in official government reports, and when network anchors are referring to those viewpoints with the most graphic of sexual slurs, then it should be clear to all of us that democracy is dying.

Do we want the United States to end up like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia? Do we want to lose freedom of speech and freedom of thought?

If not, then we need to stand up and protest these kinds of demonizations. Political freedom needs to be protected whether you agree with these groups or not.

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