Scientists Discover Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller And Weaker

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DNA - Photo by Christoph Bock

Scientists have found that our bodies and our minds have both deteriorated significantly compared to our ancestors.  In fact, just this week a very prominent professor at Cambridge University said that “our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours”.  The biggest reason for this, of course, is the degradation of the human genome.  Groundbreaking research by Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University and others has shown that our genes contain tens of thousands of mistakes (mutations), and with each passing generation even more errors are added and passed on.  So it should be no surprise that our ancestors were bigger, stronger, faster and smarter.  The truth is that they had better genes.

This kind of information comes as a shock to many people.  It is widely assumed by the general public that humanity is “progressing” and that we are better both physically and mentally than our predecessors were.  But that is not the case at all.  In fact, research conducted at Cambridge University shows that we are “weaker than we used to be” and that the most highly trained athletes of today “pale in comparison” to those that lived thousands of years ago…

‘Even our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours,’ Dr Colin Shaw told Outside Magazine. ‘We’re certainly weaker than we used to be.’

The study looked at skeletons dating back to around 5,300 BC with the most recent to 850 AD – a time span of 6,150 years.

It then compared the bones to that of Cambridge University students, and found the leg bones of male farmers 5,300 BC were just as good as those of highly-trained cross-country runners.

In addition, earlier research at Cambridge University showed that our bodies are “significantly smaller” than they were thousands of years ago and that our brains are also smaller…

An earlier study by Cambridge University found that mankind is shrinking in size significantly.

Experts say humans are past their peak and that modern-day people are 10 percent smaller and shorter than their hunter-gatherer ancestors.

And if that’s not depressing enough, our brains are also smaller.

The findings reverse perceived wisdom that humans have grown taller and larger, a belief which has grown from data on more recent physical development.

The decline, said scientists, has happened over the past 10,000 years. They blame agriculture, with restricted diets and urbanisation compromising health and leading to the spread of disease.


Most movies and television shows portray our ancestors as short, stupid, hunched-over people that could barely survive in a cold, cruel world.

But the hard science is revealing a very different picture to us.

As I mentioned above, the primary reason for our decline as a species is the systematic deterioration of our genes.  According to Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University, the author of Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome, each one of us already carries tens of thousands of harmful mutations, and each one of us will pass on at least 100 new mutations to future generations.  Many scientists believe that this will ultimately lead to something called “mutational meltdown”.  The following is an excerpt from a paper by Gerald H. McKibben and Everett C. McKibben

Geneticists have long worried about the impact of mutations on the human population, and that at a rate of one deleterious mutation per person per generation, genetic deterioration would result. Earlier reports were based on estimates of mutation rates considerable lower than what we now know to be the case. Findings going back to 2002 show that the human mutation rate is at least 100 mistakes (misspellings) per person per generation. Some scientists believe the rate is closer to 300.

Even a rate of 100 has profound implications, and the mutation rate is itself increasing. Furthermore, most, if not all, mutations in the human genome must be deleterious.  “And nothing can reverse the damage that has been done during our own generation, even if further mutations could be stopped.”  It would appear that the process is an irreversible downward spiral that will end in “mutational meltdown”.

This is incredible stuff with absolutely staggering implications.  For much more on all of this, check out the video interview with Dr. Sanford that I have posted below…

Not only are our brains getting smaller, but humanity is also getting dumber.

This sounds strange to many people, especially considering the technological boom that we have seen in modern times, but it is actually true.  In fact, a Stanford University biology professor recently published two papers in which he expressed his conclusion that humans have been getting dumber for thousands of years

Are humans becoming smarter or more stupid? Comparing our modern lives and technology with that of any preceding generation, one might think we are becoming increasingly smarter. But, in two papers published in Trends in Genetics, Gerald R. Crabtree of Stanford University claims that we are losing mental capacity and have been doing so for 2,000–6,000 years! The reason, Crabtree concludes, is due to genetic mutations—which are the backbone of neo-Darwinian evolution.

Professor Crabtree, like Dr. Sanford, is convinced that this loss of mental capacity is due to the accumulation of errors in our genes

Based on data produced by the 1000 Genomes Project Consortium and two recent papers in Nature, Crabtree estimates in the first article that, in the past 3,000 years (approximately 120 generations), about 5,000 new mutations have occurred in the genes governing our intellectual ability. He claims most of these mutations will have no effect, while about 2–5 percent are deleterious and “a vanishingly small fraction will increase fitness.” Crabtree bases his conclusion that humankind is losing mental capacity on the ratio between the deleterious and the beneficial mutations.

And to be honest, we can see the loss of mental capacity all around us.

Just check out the following video in which average Americans are asked really basic questions that appear on the U.S. citizenship test…

So what do you think about all of this?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

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  • Tatiana Covington

    We can’t be getting dumber. Science is advancing!

    • Theodore

      Science is advancing because it is using the enormous knowledge base built by so many previous generations. Otherwise…

    • Hammerstrike

      youtube. co m /watch?v=icmRCixQrx8

      Yep, people are growing obsolete.

    • NowAlive

      We have the accumulation of knowledge to be thankful for. Most of the greatest scientists were from previous generations. We ride their coattails. We used to have giant leaps in science. The last giant leap is really the microprocessor and even its development is a bit stagnant. Are new ones being developed? Sure, but they aren’t jumping in ability like they have for the last 35 years.

  • DJohn1

    Everything ever programmed in a human being is still there.
    It is true that there are over 400 genetic diseases in modern man.
    Modern man has 46 chromosomes with two of those chromosomes double the size of the rest.
    That is exactly how someone would go about altering a species to advance that evolution.
    What it points to is a gradual devolution of animals all over the planet.
    The people before the flood lived longer than we do today.
    I suggest we are dealing with a faulty filter in our upper atmosphere that allows radiation to cause mutations at an advanced rate.
    Aging resembles radiation sickness.
    It is possible to revive that original program. The number of people on the planet is the key. It will take some super science to make it happen.

  • K

    If the professor is right? Then I have bad news for all of you. The process is greatly accelerating. Why? Between nuclear accidents, nuclear testing, thinning of the ozone, and weakening of the earths magnetic shield. All this has greatly increased the amount of radiation, modern humans are exposed to. Add to that modern pesticides and medicines with mutagenic properties. If we were going down the road of extinction at 25 mph, I would say we are going over 100mph now.

    • iris

      When my husband and I were growing up, we had only “heard” of cancer. I knew of someone who got it as a child, but didn’t actually know the person. Fast forward 20 years, and in our early 30’s, we knew many people had faced it, but no one in our immediate families. Now we’re in our 60’s and it seems to be everywhere.

      • charles

        How much of that is because we are better at diagnosing cancer and there is simply more awareness of it?

        A lot of people you knew growing up probably had cancer except they didn’t know it because they weren’t diagnosed.

      • Wayne Johanson

        Also we hardly ever heard of anyone having Autism. Now Autism is a epidemic especially among young boys.

        • Thomas

          ADHD also

    • Wayne Johanson

      We are sliding down a slippery slope that is for sure.


    “Dumber, Smaller And Weaker”
    Yes, we are all Obama now.

    • Mike

      uh, yeah…..what’s this “we” crap? I got news for ya…NO, we are NOT all Obamanation now, well maybe YOU might be ok with that designation, but don’t put me in the we , cuz I ain’t NEVER even thought of doing what that hound-of-hell has done, not even close. There are many of us who do not fit in the neat category of “dumb, smaller,and weaker”, and we despise abominations of all kinds. That makes us WISE, REDEEMED and BLESSED. Care to join us?

      • I_RIGHT_I

        That was a “corporate we” and since “we” are all in the same boat then you can be redeemed all you want but you will still suffer here and now. Also, I’ve already got a Redeemer.

        • patriotpix

          Thats right… unfortunately we are all in the same boat thanks to the DUMBER who voted for the Dumbest … they are really the Dumb of which we speak.

    • Wayne Johanson

      that was not the hope and change I was looking for.

  • Hammerstrike

    youtube. co m /watch?v=icmRCixQrx8

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Ha! Great video. Explains the problem very succinctly.

  • apeiron

    I’ve been a proponent of devolution since the 1970’s. The ancients did amazing things with small populations & limited mechanization. We have accrued technique that our ancestors. lacked & that makes us seem advanced, but our world (the world man built) is in reality becoming increasingly fragile as it becomes more interconnected & tech-dependent.

  • apeiron

    As for the ‘citizenship video’, ignorance doesn’t really indicate lack of capacity. I suspect many of these people would consider those facts irrelevant. Sports & Hollywood gossip on the other hand…

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      True. Their attention is simply elsewhere.

      • Wayne Johanson

        Attention spans our getting shorter that is a proven fact.

    • L. Davis

      That’s true, but one needs to also query why the attention is diverted elsewhere? Why was knowing this information more important to previous generations? How was it utilized by them? Why do we no longer find it relevant enough to pay attention to it, yet we criticize immigrants who have been here for a while for not “learning” this stuff? It’s dumb not to pay attention to history, because those fail to learn from are doomed to repeat the worst of it.

      • apeiron

        “dumb not to pay attention to history”…Couldn’t agree more.

    • Cynical Guy 42

      So it’s more like society has succeeded in distracting them. Entertainment and sports aren’t bad in and of themselves, but our society overemphasizes them. I would also like to add that public education nowadays sucks.

      • Wayne Johanson

        Kids nowadays just recite what they are told. They are not taught to reason, to think, to question, or critical thinking. No wonder we are getting dumber. Our brains never get challenged. Sort of like garbage in garbage out.

  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    Does anyone else perceive that language skills have deteriorated significantly over the past couple of hundred years? Read letters written by English-speaking people during the 1700’s and 1800’s and you’ll notice how eloquent they were; and not just the scholars but also common people like merchants and even former slaves.

    • Cynical Guy 42

      Where can I find these letters? I was already aware of the fact that we’re ruder and more immoral than back in the day, but this stuff about people being less intelligent is news to me. The part about us being weaker makes sense because we exercise less.

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        Many history books and biographies contain excerpts of diaries and speeches. It has been said that intellectual abilities are like muscles, the ones you use more are more developed. Research (so-called Flynn effect) has shown an increase in IQs all around the world, but that doesn’t mean people are smarter. They’re not. They are better at abstract thinking and better at taking tests. That’s because they have developed those abilities through use, in order to function effectively in the modern world . My guess is that verbal abilities have been lost because they are not so important anymore, and therefore people aren’t developing that “muscle ” as much as they used to.

        • Cynical Guy 42

          So, you think people being less intelligent is more environment and less genetics? You could be right. Education in this country isn’t that great, and it used to better.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            And it’s way too expensive for what it’s worth. Public schools and colleges waste a ton of taxpayer money.

          • Wayne Johanson

            Pretty soon I you will need to get into college is a pencil.

          • David Oldham

            hahahahahaha…that’s hillarious, but probably closer to the truth, then most would like to admit.

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          • sven brown

            No kidding. When my twins were in school about 9 years ago, I would often visit their schools and I was shocked to see both private and public schools they attended were mostly a waste of time. I found one school in Tulsa where the teacher gave the students their work and was there for individual’s needs but the students worked at their own pace. My daughter later told me she learned more at that school than any of the other schools she attended.

          • daniel.gillette

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      • charles

        Rudeness and morality are completely subjective to the time period and culture so they really can’t be compared to present day.

    • Cole Vidrine

      Yes they spoke on a whole different level and used far more eloquent speach than we do today. In a few hundred years language will be ruimentary if it is not already.

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    • krinks

      Right. The Wesley brothers who were mostly home schooled in the 1700s would embarrass most modern PhDs.


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      • ramos_natasha

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        yashpal rawat


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      • neal.schweitzer

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    • John

      Hey Jodie . You’ll also notice regular folks didn’tpeak that way, only snooties

    • charles

      Personally I view it as a change in skills and what society views as important.

      Schools train students to write in a clear and concise manner. The 1700-1800’s writers have a lot of extra words and convoluted sentences that are easily misinterpreted.

      Writing is ultimately meant to communicate and store information. It’s simply not practical to do that in things like Shakespearian prose.

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        Here is a comment concerning Andrew Jackson’s oratorial style, written during his tenure as Representative from Tennessee: “He had none of the arts of oratory, so-called. His voice, though strong and penetrating, was untrained. He had no idea of modulation, but let his inflections follow his feelings, naturally, as he went along.His gesticulation was even less trained and artful than his voice….”
        Now I ask you, is there anything unclear or impractical about that little editorial? Convoluted? Overly wordy? No, the author states exactly what he means, and much more skillfully than most modern writers. What is particularly irksome to me is how President Obama addresses an audience. Defending ACA, for instance: “This…law…is…good” Do…you…understand? And he’s considered to be such a great speaker. President Jackson, whose speech was considered unimpressive in his day, was much more articulate.

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        Oh sorry- I didn’t get the cadence right. It’s more like “THIS law………………… GOOD.”

      • Pat


        Greetings from France and sorry for the grammar and

        You are spot on with your answer.

        Evolution itself has always favored the more
        efficient, and the same is true for language as the least effective ways to
        communicate die sooner or later. Besides the extra words 1700-1800 writers
        used, they were for the most part completely unlearned to the point for some to
        believe hearth was 6000 years old… Ignorance with extra words is still

        But I think it goes beyond that. It’s a
        never ending fight between the ancients and the moderns, between an older
        immobile generation and a new creative and imaginative one. There is a dying
        generation jealous of the creativity and imagination of the new one and instead
        of helping them they berate them.

        Had not new generations challenged older ones mankind
        might well have to been able to discover the fire or the wheel.

    • Mayflower Passenger

      What about the plays of Shakespeare? These were plays performed to entertain to “common” and poorly educated people of the times, yet today students find the dialogs and monologs daunting to comprehend.

      • Thomas

        Great point.

    • Shorty20122012 .

      They didn’t have TV’s, phones or other forms of communicating ideas or highly stimulating entertainment. They spent a hell of a lot more time reading and writing than people do now and probably had better attention spans and memory capacities.

      • ellis_brian

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    • sven brown

      Yes, language skills are not as they used to be. However, it seems that scientists are working on a universal language that possibly will not require using language – just thought exchanges. This would
      avoid mistakes and save time which is necessary for our future. And I know while very eloquent and
      beautiful words were spoken in an earlier time, I cannot help but think of those who were too poor to
      enjoy the benefits of education. Thus, the upper classes were very well educated, while the lower
      classes only knew their slang and code words. If we improved our educational system, this might
      change. Education is not acceptable today and for the government to pass laws requiring tests to
      be passed, etc is not the answer. It has to come from a generally accepted feeling of pride and love
      that all citizens should feel for one another.

  • K2

    We are getting lesser physical activity, weaker nutrition, lesser sleep, more alcohol, more chemicals, more kinds of radiation into our system than our ancestors. All these affect our genes too.

    • Wayne Johanson

      not only that but our ancestors worked physically harder. Did back breaking work while most of us sit behind a desk that will certainly make one weaker and less healthy.

  • Yeshua

    I do not doubt it, between GMOs, medical and environmental toxins they keep pushing, not surprised one bit!

  • Syrin

    My anectdotal experience supports the dumbing down, but not the size. Kids playing sports these days are ENORMOUS, I mean absolutely ENORMOUS compared to kids 20 years ago. I saw a basketball team of 7th grade kids whose front line was 6’3″, 6’2″, 6’2″. The smallest kid in the starting five was 5’9″. This is 7th grade. Look at the average size of NFL players. They are MUCH bigger than NFL players were 20 years ago.

    • Copper Munger

      That is due to the fact that our children consume large quantities of milk and cheese. When Asians move to the US, their children grow much taller than their parents and it has been determined to be the result of adding milk to their diets. .

      • Wayne Johanson

        Are there not growth hormones in that milk and cheese not to mention meat. I have notice kids going into puberty at younger and younger ages.

  • Kim

    Centuries of human imperfection, environmental pollutants, drugs, alcohol abuse, depression, lack of spirituality, poor nutrition, laziness, poor physical health… … …

    • patriotpix

      … Sin …

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    Thanks to environmental pollution, toxins and chemicals in our food, fluoride in drinking water, aspartame, electromagnetic radiation from TETRA masts and of course Fukushima, this human genome deterioration will be dramatically faster. For a couple of centuries (if we will not annihilate ourselfes in a.e nuclear holocaust) we will be looking like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. Precious!

    • Reid Moore

      I give it a few decades before society as we know it falls apart due to the decreasing mental capacity. It could end in a huge war or environmental disaster, or people could just gradually stop being able to keep society running after the last few barely capable ones retire or die. Either way, it’s just a matter of time.

      And then the planet will slowly start to thrive again once we’re gone.

      • patriotpix

        NO ONE knows the time or date … except God, who made it all.

      • Wayne Johanson

        We are in big big trouble. Fewer and fewer of us have any survival skills.

    • Wayne Johanson

      With all that you would think someone is trying to kill us.

  • NowAlive

    My pastor told me this long ago. He said that when God created the world, He made everything perfect. This means our genetic code was perfect. Scripturally, people kept living fewer and fewer years after the fall. Also, you can find that the Bible says that the Earth is winding down (Psalm 102:25-27) (2nd law of thermodynamics, entropy). This was long before modern science. I always find it mildly amusing when modern scientists using observation and sophisticated techniques finally catch up with those of us who already know the Truth.

    • Tim

      Yes, it is interesting to observe the decline in lifespan in each successive generation after the Flood.

      Noah – 950
      Shem – 600
      Arphaxad – 438
      Salah – 433
      Eber -464
      Peleg – 239
      Reu – 239
      Serug – 230
      Nahor – 148
      Terah – 205
      Abraham – 175
      Isaac – 180
      Jacob – 147
      Joseph – 110

      Joseph didn’t live very long compared to some of his early ancestors, but by today’s standards he lived a long time!

      • GSOB

        All miraculous physical resurrections occurring prior to His Second Advent brought deceased persons back to life…. but since those resurrected did not receive their final, perfect, eternal bodies,… they suffered death once again.

      • Wayne Johanson

        This is what happened when sin entered the world. Everything became contaminated.

    • okiecarl

      EXCELLENT points!!!

    • GSOB

      Adam was not created ‘perfect’

      philosophically speaking,…

      if Adam was created perfect then why did he

      disobey God?

      Adam was not created ‘perfect’.

      Yes he was created.
      God said it was good.

      • Guest

        Adam was created in a state of uprightness with a will that was inclined toward God his creator. Adam’s will was a free will because it was self-determined. It was determined from within himself. That is, Adam was self-motivated and not moved by force. But Adam’s freedom was mutable self-determination. (God is immutable.) Adam came into the world inclined toward God. It was Adam’s mutable self-determination that led to his fall, and after his fall his will was enslaved to sin. After his fall, Adam passed from inclination toward God to inclination toward sin. Since Adam’s fall, the will of every person is inclined toward sin by nature and remains so until the Spirit of God regenerates him. Then, his will is inclined toward God by grace.

        • GSOB

          “Adam was created in a state of uprightness with a will that was inclined toward God his creator”

          As I read it, Adam was not ‘inclined’ toward God but chose to disobey.
          Your theory don’t gel.

          So much for being upright and ‘inclined’ to God, much less being created ‘perfect’.

          Only God is perfect.

        • Hammerstrike

          Adam was told to eat that apple so he would forget what was about to happen to him…

      • Ricardo

        Adam was created perfect but a loving God gives humans the power of choice. If we choose not to follow our creator that is our choice.

        • GSOB

          God created Adam to fulfill a role He had for him.

          In that sense, yes,… I guess you may say Adam was perfect….but Adam was not created morally perfect… the bible simply says God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

        • Wayne Johanson

          We choose where we want to spend eternity. it is our sinful pride in ourselves that says there is no God. Man has put himself above God and look what shape our world is in today. We have all the resources to have paradise here on earth. But our Sin and Greed keeps us from having it.

      • Hammerstrike

        Good but not perfect?

        • GSOB

          Very good.

      • Pat

        Voltaire once said: “Si Dieu nous a fait a son image, nous lui avons
        bien rendu” (“If God has made us in his image, we have returned him the favor”). If
        man is imperfect and man was created in the likeness of God, then God himself
        is not perfect.

        • patriotpix

          Typical reasoning by … a man. God is perfection …

          • Pat

            if God is perfect and we are his creation then why men are not perfect ? Maybe he wanted us to be imperfect but why then ?

          • patriotpix

            Being perfect does not mean that we stayed that way, however. We were created in the image of God. God created us creatures of free will. Indeed, even when Jesus (God made human) was on earth, he had free will (or else his death meant nothing!). Adam and Eve chose to ignore what God said and become imperfect, they chose a shortcut God explicitly told them not to take, killing them spiritually, and separating them from God. Did God know they would do this? He exists in all of the spectrum of time simultaneously, and Jesus is the lamb slain before the foundation of the world, so I would say yes. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean he’s at fault for our free will, in fact, he sent his own Son to die so that we could be saved through grace, because of Adam and Eve’s failure.

      • patriotpix

        All was perfect … Satan turned Adam and Eve against the truth … and sin came into the world … then all was no longer as God had made it.

      • Wayne Johanson

        What does perfection have to do with obeying. Two separate things.

    • Sandbagger

      Lots to learn about this on Dr. Hovind’s YouTube videos:

      Creation Science College Class 102: The Garden of Eden – Class 01 – Dr. Kent Hovind

    • patriotpix

      Think of the number of times DNA has been copied from person to person, cell to cell before it has reached you or me. There is a lot of room for error. Today it suffers from serious decay, thus our medical nightmares.

  • jaygoji

    We were poorly engineered, on the fly even. No surprise. We were bred to be slaves and kept down. That’s why so few of us fight the minority elites.

    • Wayne Johanson

      Good point. Most of us are too dumb to realize we are slaves to ruling elites. We seem to love our servitude. If this is not proof of us getting dumber and weaker, I do not know what is then.

  • Copper Munger

    I love it! God created the human race with an expiration date. What will the “Darwinians” have to say about evolution now? Creationists have been pointing out that ‘mutations’ are almost NEVER beneficial. This proves it.

    • GSOB

      At the resurrection our renewed bodies will be animated and restructured by the Holy Spirit rather than by simple biological power: we will no longer have psuchichos bodies, but pneumatikos driven bodies (1 Cor. 15:44; Rom. 8:18-25).

      The Resurrection will be at the end of history
      (John 6:39_40, 44, 54; 11:24) and will involve all men simultaneously (John 5:28-29; Acts 24:15), ….contrary to the popular teaching of Dispensationalism.

    • Sandbagger

      Looks like Captain Caveman really WAS smart.

    • bobfairlane

      So you believe your “god” has destined you to be doomed to dwindle and “expire”? How inspiring!

      • patriotpix

        Man doomed himself.

        • Wayne Johanson

          Mans Greed, pride, Arrogance, Anger etc etc Doomed us. It is all our fault.

    • atheist

      That’s fantastic. What a lovely god you have there, dooming all humans to die one day. All hail that guy.

      • patriotpix

        We were suppose to live forever and be happy … until man (Adam and Eve) sinned … thats why we die. blame man, but not the Lord who wants the best for all of us. He died for our sins so we will be able to live one day … and never die. I praise his Holy name.

        • Wayne Johanson

          The price for Sin is death.

      • AJW

        Silly. Gods are all man-made.

        • Wayne Johanson

          Some are. But where is your proof the creator of the universe is man made. Were you there in the beginning of mans history. No you were not. So no one can say for sure how we came about.

      • Wayne Johanson

        There is punishment and judgement for sin. If one has a child and the child keeps disobeying etc etc. You eventually have to discipline. Spanking, Grounding, Sitting in the corner, Privileges etc. But punishment comes. You can not expect God to let humans going on doing evil for ever do you. If you then he is not a righteous god.

      • atom

        well, if you’re willing you can actually find out why and what the plan is. I believe only a pompous fool would react by invalid criticism without information on the subject matter and pure ignorance.

    • charles

      What’s your point? Mutations are almost never beneficial but the one in a million that is beneficial is enough to drive evolution through mechanisms such as natural selection.

      Beneficial mutations driving evolution is seen every day in antibiotic resistant bacteria.
      Also as a side note, no credible scientist supports creationism because there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support it.

    • Reid Moore

      You’re a victim of the devolution that they’re talking about. Even with all of the proof against it, you still believe whatever you’ve been told by someone who looks a bit like an authority figure. It’s gotten harder to believe since the middle ages, so it’s clear that people are going backwards.

      It’s pretty simple really. We’re no longer under the effects of natural selection like other animals. That means that the negative mutations won’t die off, and will spread like all of the others. There is nothing keeping our genes in check, so due to chance it was certain that we’d start going backwards one day.

    • Jon Roberts

      Lol our problem is we try to save everyone and have almost cancelled survival of the fittest with modern medicine so genes that should never of been passed down are.

    • Commenting about your dumbass.

      All life comes to an end at some point. Same thing happened with dinosaurs, mammals in the Ice Age (with the exception of few that managed to survive until now), and it will happen with us until another animal will take our place.

      Also, lets talk about something else: your religion, among many others, claim the same thing will happen, so what makes YOURS more theoretically correct over the others? NOBODY ever said that mankind would last forever, so the statement: “God created the human race with an expiration date” is an idiotic statement and argument, when there was nothing to say otherwise.

      Anyone common sense would realize there is end to everything, but certain things (like the vastness of space) do not have a physical end. Lifespans have an end, however life in general does not.

  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    And modest, too! Kidding aside, didn’t even James Flynn, the researcher, doubt the significance of the increase in test scores? I think he stated that it had to do with increased ability to solve abstract problems and not intelligence in general. I myself have a hard time believing that we are smarter than our ancestors, despite our superior ability to score well on tests and figure out how to operate a microwave oven. As I have written before, if you will examine the memoirs of men and women from 18th and 19th century America, you will be struck by their extensive vocabulary, complex sentence structure and clarity of expression. An d not just well-educated people, or those thought to be very skilled in oratorical or literary skills. Compare Andrew Jackson’s speeches and letters (he was not considered a particularly able speaker) to those of the current American president and you will see what I mean. Verbal skills have dropped dramatically.

    • Michael Geoghegan

      you are comparing the mundane writers of today with the gifted writers of history also Europeans and North Americans have become taller in the past 100 years for example In the late nineteenth century, the Netherlands was a land renowned for its short population, but today its population is among the world’s tallest with young men averaging 183.8 cm (6 ft 0.4 in) tall. The decline you are noting is societal not genetic.

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        But it’s not just the gifted writers whose diction was far superior to ours; it was ordinary people. I don’t think the decline is genetic, but neither do I think that the improvements in intellectual ability or the increase in height is genetic either. How could it be? Natural selection wouldn’t work that fast in our species and besides there has been very little evolutionary pressure in modern times that would favor those traits. So unless there is some weird phenomenom that is resulting in similar mutations around the globe , then the cause must be environmental: better nutrition, schooling available to more children, etc. Someone ( I can’t remember if it was Flynn or someone else) suggested that maybe our brains aren’t getting better, just more modern and suited to meeting the challenges of the current world. In an age of photography and instagrams, and universal understanding of abbreviations and codes ( such as are commonly used in text messages) perhaps extreme proficiency in the use of language simply isn’t all that necessary anymore.

        • Michael Geoghegan

          Yes I agree look at the growing difference in height between North and South Koreans

  • GSOB

    The Second Advent is necessary in that otherwise, we would have a creation (Gen. 1:1; Heb. 11:3) without a consummation (Acts 3:20-21; Rev. 20:11)…

    resulting in an open-ended Universe (1 Cor. 15:23-24; 2 Pet. 3:3-4).

    • GSOB

      We would have a world eternally groaning (Rom. 8:22; 2 Cor. 5:1-4), without any glorious perfection (Rom. 8:21; 2 Pet. 3:12-13), leaving God enduring a Universe in eternal sin.

  • GSOB

    “Knowledge is a comfortable and necessary retreat and shelter for us in advanced age, and if we do not plant it while young, it will give us no shade when we grow old.”

  • Charles Mitchell

    Then why is the average lifespan increasing and the average human height increasing as well?

    • Cynical Guy 42

      The increasing human height contradicts the smaller thing. The part about humans being weaker seems to be the case, although it could be related to exercise. The part about intelligence is news to me, but I’ve heard plenty of people complain about other people lacking it.

      • Charles Mitchell

        This is just a guy selling a book. He is trying to appeal to Creationists, so he has to disprove/denounce science, as if doing so somehow validates religion. fail.

        • Cynical Guy 42

          The only thing in here that would appeal to Creationists is mutations making us worse, as beneficial mutations are necessary to evolution.
          I think he’s wrong about us being smaller – we are in fact taller than in the old days. I do think folks were stronger back in the day, though. In regards to intelligence, I hear people complain other people are dumb all the time. I myself have complained about this generation, but not because of dumbness – but for hypocrisy and meanness.

  • John Turner

    The pace of decline has doubtless been accelerating, as many children who would have died are coddled through childhood. They are able to pass on their unfortunate genes.

    Incidentallly, many ancient languages are more complex than later derivitives. Latin is more grammatically precise than its doggeral Romance descendants.

    Don’t you think that there may be some danger of a new “Super Race” ideology, base not on “Arianism”, but reletive genetic quality?

  • bobfairlane

    Diversity is our Strength (sarcasm).

  • Elaine Perkins

    Well, I do believe this is right, otherwise, why would we have these dumb idiots running our Government. And one more thing, my Parents, Grand Parents, Great Grand Parents, etc, etc, all believed in God and lived what they believed. Compare that with the Godless Society we have created for ourselves. God is allowing America to slide into the Abyss because we have rejected His Son, Jesus Christ. When you tell God to get lost as America has done, you will pay and pay dearly. Shock and Aw is coming.

  • R.s. Moffatt

    Well, of course humans are getting dumber. Where else do you think we get Democrats and Obama lover’s from?

    • patriotpix

      Hahahaha … good one.

  • DJohn1

    Every birth is a semi-random shuffling of a deck of cards. That deck is all our genetic material. One half from the sperm and one half from the egg. Right now we have approximately 7 billion shuffles of that deck inhabiting this planet.
    So every combination makes up a different human being with different features, talents, intelligence, longevity, and everything else. Statistically, a certain percentage of the population will be stupid.
    Statistically, a certain percentage will be at the top of the food chain with intelligence, talent, longevity, and all kinds of gifts.
    Along with this shuffle there are dominant and recessive features that almost randomly show up. There are genetic rules that govern this.
    The closer to the tree, the more recessives. The closer to the tree, more genetic diseases show up and kill off the individual that holds them. Each individual is different. Just like no two snowflakes are alike.
    Theory says that we could use the dominants and recessives to breed a superior human being with features that would carry on from generation to generation.
    It has already been done with our breeds of cats, dogs, and cattle. Even horses are breed for features and talents.
    Longevity is one of those “features” and we have people on both sides of the spectrum. Some live only 20 years and die of old age. There is a name for that genetic disease. Others live well over 100 for the same reason, genetics. It is basically preprogrammed into every human being on the planet how long they will live.
    Robert Heinlein actually wrote a book about it. He had a wealthy foundation in this fictional account set up to encourage people with long lives to marry and have children. The eventual children having lives in the 150s. Encouraging the longevity factor in the species.
    The NAZI regime thought they could manipulate the genes to produce a super human. They also had some fairly horrible morales and ethics and killed off a huge number of people.
    I think they are in the process right now of trying to completely rewrite the genetic code to produce super humans in our future. “They” being the elite in charge of the planet.

    • Wayne Johanson

      When it comes to Genes and DNA. it really is the luck of the draw. Some are born more luckier then others in this regard. Goes to show life is not fair.

  • BillyTJ

    Ancient ancestor to modern progeny: ” I’m smart; you’re dumb. I’m big; you’re small. I’m right; you’re wrong. And there’s nothing you can do about it” !!! (With props and thanks to the movie “Matilda”)

  • OdoriferousZephyr

    Does this mean there is no hope or such things as miracles?

    Ask a dog.

  • Jack Hoff


  • DJohn1

    We were just talking to our Grandson’s teacher. One of our grandchildren has a learning disability.
    We were told that 40% of the children in major cities in Ohio are not ready for the fourth grade. That they need extra attention to bring them up to par to learn the new things in the 4th grade.
    40%? that is almost half of the children. I was stunned by that number.
    Two things are going on that I can see. The learning disability has to be food related in some way. It might be something as simple as flouride in the water or it could be related to the Genetically Altered Foods being slipped into the food supply or even something as simple as a dye used in the food. That is of course politically uncorrect as a lot of industry makes money on these things.
    All human memory is related to imaging. Most of the schools are not aware of this and do not train children how to access the memory retention that they actually have. This is especially difficult with children with learning disabilities. Whether it be something like seeing the letters backwards or something more serious.
    I have seen properly trained children memorize entire documents with little problem. This comes from the Memory Institute of Chicago. They study and are training children the proper way to retain things in memory. Part of this study is supplements to help people with memory problems.
    I am an average person. I have an average person’s ability with memory. I have been in school systems from England, Canada, Ohio, and California. The best are aware of memory retention problems.
    Retention is often the use of what you have learned right after you learn it. Retention is also physical. Genetically we are all different with different abilities. There are basics that apply to most children.
    The real problem is the size of the classrooms in public schools and the assembly line approach to education.
    Yet everything you acquire in life is dependent on your ability to learn.
    I maintain that no one is dumber, or physically different than we were before. The change is environmental based on the differences in food we have in today’s grocery stores.

    • patriotpix

      I also believe a lot of what you said …

    • Wayne Johanson

      But there is more to intelligence then memory retention. Maybe the problem is the kids do not get enough practice in improving there memory. Like any other skill acquired one has to work at it. You want to do better at math. practice more. Want to become a better read. Practice more by reading more. I have seen kids that are not as intelligent as other kids do better on tests because of the work and practice they put in.

      • DJohn1

        In my 40s, i was having memory problems. So when a course came up from the Chicago Memory Institute, I took it. They put me on a couple of supplemental memory enhancers. One was 1200 mg of Lecithin. I still take it daily. It clears the nerve passages so they work a little better. As a diabetic (type 2) I am well aware that someday I might lose my memory.
        You appear to be in education working with kids. I respect that. But I have found it is not a matter of hard work but it is smart work.
        Our memories are basically excellent as a rule. It is our access to those memories that causes the problem. And that is where the Chicago Memory Institute excelled. They were teaching an image system of memory to access the incredible amount of memory we actually do have.
        They teach that memory is mostly visual in its nature. Using that visual memory creates a file system in the brain that people can actually use to recall what they have learned.
        They have had spectacular results. Some children were actually memorizing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. All because of the way they taught children to access memory. They did it in a way that bypassed the “hard work”.
        One key they taught was use it right away. The sooner you use something the more of it you will retain.
        I would wish that our entire education system might change from one in which memory plays such a huge part in our learning to one in which children are taught how to memorize efficiently and with little if any pain.
        I remember quite clearly an old teacher of mine who drilled and drilled forever. I was not her best student. i was lucky to get by with average grades. Yet when i was placed in an earlier grade for a day, they tested me at that level and I was straight A all the way.
        I was learning all right, but something was keeping me from learning right away.
        Today we perceive things differently than when I was a child. We recognize learning disabilities and strive to work around them.
        At 73, those learning disabilities are not so apparent as they were when i was a child.
        I have strived to read at least 3 library books a week for most of my life. And that is not just fiction but learning new things.
        Last week I repaired a dishwasher. The week before I installed a washing machine when the belt broke on an old one.
        I love the internet’s wealth of knowledge readily available to anyone that wants to access it.
        We are quickly coming into an age where the entire education system is going to be revolutionized. I think in the near future children will be tested and placed where their knowledge puts them rather than in a structured school of grade levels. Which leads me to think that the entire school system will have to be leveled. Some will be at least a Sophomore in college at 11 or 12.

        I think that the current system is going to have to change.

  • SheepleCatcher

    Ever seen the movie Idiocracy ? If we don’t have an Economic Collapse or World War 3 then Idiocracy is the future of humanity.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    It depends on how you define smart. Is it the ability to correlate cause/effect relationships, or is it the amount of data and facts that are able to be retained?

  • dog oN

    You people don’t really believe this crap, do you?

    • banana breath

      I believe facts. Declining genetics is a reality, and going at a faster rate now then ever. “crap” to you is what goes against your belief system most likely.

  • DJohn1

    I think we need to move on to newer and better articles on this site.

  • K2

    1) People should get seven hours of ”uninterrupted” sleep no matter what.

    No matter what.

    The key word is ”uninterrupted”

    For this to happen…a) Coffee/tea should not be consumed five to six hours before bedtime. It makes us fall asleep later than the time taken by our body naturally.

    b) Quantity of alcohol should be cut down, not suddenly but slowly tapered down.

    c) Smoking before sleep should be avoided too.

    d) Cell phone talk before hitting the bed also messes with the time taken to fall asleep. So following these will help us fall asleep faster and get us our ”seven hours uninterrupted” sleep. Seven and half hours is even better, but seven is the minimum.

    2) Water should be stored and consumed only in ‘food grade’ bottles. That will reduce BPA entering our body. Same with food.

    3) The white light emitted by our computers also messes with the time taken to fall asleep. So computers should be avoided before hitting the sack. If it is unavoidable, there is a software called ‘flux’ which is free to download that turns the white light into light pink. Pink light doesnt affect sleep as much as white light does. I am using it and it really made a difference. I can vouch for it. It can be found by a simple google search. And its easy to install.

    4) Eat a couple of walnuts every day. Not more. And also not if you are allergic to them. But for those who arent allergic to nuts or walnuts, its very helpful for boosting brain power

    5) A boiled egg in the morning (not scrambled or fried or modified in any way).

    But this should not be taken a) in summer months b) and by people that are already taking cholesterol rich fatty food and meat. Its dangerous. Even scrambled or modified eggs should be avoided by these people.

    These things really can help people boost their brain power.

    Like most guys i too never used to care about all these, but having suffered insomnia for years, i do everything i can now to follow these.

    • K2

      I forgot to add. The flux software turns screens pimk only at night when it is required. In day time the screen becomes white again.

  • Michelle Cofg

    Sin is what has made us weak. Bottom line! The more lazy, gluttonous, and self serving we get the more genetic mutations that occur in our DNA. This is all a deviation from the lifestyle God has designed us to have. When we deviate from our designed purpose there will be degeneration, changes will be made to the next generation because we have changed the use of our mind and bodies. Introduced toxins, which were designed to “help” or “fix” us also is causing change and break down of God’s perfect design. Evolution theory right out the door. Do you ever wonder why we only use a small percent of our brain? God didn’t originally design us that way. He designed us with full use of our brains.

    • Wayne Johanson

      Good point. One cannot become smarter and stronger if they are lazy all the time. You want to become smarter and stronger you have to work at it. The body and the brain need to be exercised. The more exorcise it gets the better it gets. No wonder we are turning into mush.

  • Calabash

    The smartest human that ever lived was Adam, who assisted God Who created him in His likeness (intellectually as well as physically, but of course on a level designed by God) by categorizing and naming all plants and animals. Adam most likely assisted the Great Creator in other ways that would seem super-human to us now and which were not mentioned in the Bible. God walked and talked with Adam daily. Is there anyone smart enough today to have a daily conversation with God and keep it interesting or even to be smart enough to understand what God spoke of? It’s always made perfect sense to me that since the fall of Adam, the human race has declined slowly but steadily and almost imperceptibly to each generation as it occurred. Just my opinion.

    • patriotpix

      Its a good opinion … thanks for sharing it.

    • Wayne Johanson

      I thought Solomon was the smartest. But you could be right. You do make a awesome compelling argument. Very well thought out.

  • ropeknot

    Wow, the latest “news” is from 2 months ago.

    Is this site up and running or are the operators asleep?

    • Wayne Johanson

      I guess we were to dumb to notice. LOL

  • Armel5

    it makes sense, if you look at the entire picture: ages ago, when people mated with each other, at first, I would imagine, it was more of a survival thing than it was for the reasons we create babies today. On a genetic level, I believe our genes push us to procreate, and not just with someone…but with someone who compliments ourselves. It’s the principal of ‘opposites attract,’ and it’s a brilliant mechanism, because it creates generation after generation of successful–and that’s the only word I’m using here–offspring. Successful in the sense that they, too, can reproduce successfully, survive and thrive in their given environments.

    Early man, if I had to hypothesize here, would have likely chosen a mate that could help him the best in whatever environment they were in. In the northern climates, perhaps this meant the mate with the flattest nose, because she would have a better likelihood of cooling arctic air before it hit the insides.of the nose. Or maybe she was the fastest runner in their population.

    Early man selected his companion based more on what he needed from her to survive than we do now. Now, during our current age, when a guy goes after a girl there are a multitude of reasons, the least of which is likely survival because in our society, at age 18, you’re expected to be able to survive on your own regardless of whether or not you choose to find a special someone.

    It’s no wonder we’re dumbing ourselves down; we’re not, as a society, selecting what is best for the survival of our species. We should be…but because we are of a different culture, with a separate set of norms and priorities than earlier man, finding a suitable mate–one that by breeding with, would produce better offspring than previous generations with respect to height, intelligence, and emotional stability–is a task that most people take for granted or don’t pay enough attention to. Perhaps subconsciously, we are still able to pick suitable mates…using pheremones and body language, smells, etc…but consciously, our society is fed a ‘mainstream media’ set of instructions on what to look for in a spouse, and it’s ruining society as a whole, in my opinion!

  • DJohn1

    We have all met them at one time or another. They are the people that do not fit into any mold we might give them. The crazy thing is that often times they are literally geniuses in the one area that they are exceptionally good at. The rest, they are retards.
    I call them the broken arrows. Broken arrows fill our jails to capacity.
    They are the people for whatever reason find themselves on the wrong side of the law. They are the people that have not conformed to a lifestyle of working 8 hours a day or have become desperate because economic times are very harsh.
    Our country came from this source. England and Europe used the colonies as a dumping ground. It made economic sense not to have to jail large numbers of people that could not survive outside of a jail in Europe.
    The potato famine in Ireland was one cause of immigration.
    Those same people migrated from one jail system to another.
    The key here is how far from the family tree the apple fell.
    When we mixed all these people together in this country the result was people with mutltiple talents and abilities quite capable of making a success out of life. These were the second generation of people that mixed all the genes up into new combinations and they were not second cousins for the most part.
    Each new wave of immigration caused a new mix of genes far from the apple tree. This has occurred over many generations and includes every race on the planet.
    That success has had a price.
    No longer do we particularly want all those rejects immigrating to our country. Each generation though brings with it people of multiple talented individuals and a new crop of geniuses. And that is the real challenge.
    That immigration of new genes into our gene pool is what has made this the greatest country on the planet.
    Eventually it stagnates. Then the rejects become more common and people get into trouble more often. We still have one of the largest prison populations on the planet.
    The answer is to give them whatever special education they need to cope with life and not get into trouble. That is unlikely to happen anywhere soon with the current brand of government.

  • cowboybob

    some think that the dinosaur extinction was genetic, and not that comet.

  • David gains

    I am sorry to report this study is flawed. People are bigger today than in the past. The real issues are diet and culture. For example if you go to south east Asia people are eating better and bigger than when I was in nam in the 70’s. Also they do not let their kids watch crap on tv and they actually teach English math and science in their schools! They. Are not PC over there and we are a lost cause in the us. I cry everyday

    • Wayne Johanson

      Political Correctness would make anyone dumber and weaker.

  • Janet Hamster

    I’m 64; I would love to take a class that covers the same information that immigrants must learn. I tried to find such a class several years ago, and couldn’t, since I’m not an immigrant. Our school systems suck, in the first place, and in the second place, there doesn’t seem to be any way to re-learn what we might have forgotten. Don’t blame Americans for our ignorance; besides working too many hours, there doesn’t really seem to be any place to get the information. Do you know where I could get a copy of the books immigrants study for their test?

  • David V. McCorkle

    Natural selection of the human gene pool apparently has diminished allowing more delterious mutations to persist. Perhaps this is to be expected in what I term a “socionic” social system. (See my book “Why the Universe Bothers to Exist, Theistic Determinism, Evidences and Implications”, 2014, SBPRA. Google the title to access the press release info.) But at the same time the advantages alleles should survive as well so there should be at least some individuals with a high level of intelligence, etc.

    To hold that the gene pools of all organisms has deteriorated is not a conclusion that is justified by the study described in the initial posting.

  • Kenny the Disabled Veteran

    “Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller And Weaker”

    …and a church on every street corner wasn’t proof enough?

    Over half of the entire population believes in resurrection but laughs at zombies, and I DARE you to go argue with them about it.

  • samarastt

    I have studied human body size for about 40 years. Smaller body size and brain size are not tied to poorer performance. For example, during the period of 1300 to 1800s, Europeans got smaller in height but yet great achievements were made during the Renaissance and subsequent periods.

    Great achievers that were small or short by today’s standards include scientists, such as Millikan, Michelson, Einstein, Steinmetz and Buckminster Fuller. Artists include Picasso, Juan Miro, Thomas Benton, Salvador Dali, and Michelangelo. Many small or short men are found among writers, musical composers, philosophers, and business and cultural leaders.

    In regard to brain size and intelligence, Einstein had a smaller brain than his peer group and women have smaller brains than men but now do better in getting higher academic degrees. Dog intelligence does not appear to be related to brain size. Toy, miniature and standard poodles have the same intelligence. How can we say people over 10,000 years ago were smarter than we are? Certainly their achievements were infinitesimal compared to our last 2000 years.

    As far as physical attributes go, I’m sure the ancients were stronger and hardier than we are today. However, I doubt that anyone really knows whether the ancients could compete in athletics against today’s youth.

    In addition, small people have been very effective warriors. The smaller Vietnamese, Japanese and Gurkhas were able to do well against larger people of European size.

    I just had a paper published in Policy Innovations, a publication of the Carnegie Council, which is ranked 18th from the top out of almost 2000 US think tanks. The paper is available at:

    If you are interested in the subject of increasing body size and its ramifications on the individual and human survival, see a list of over 40 articles and books on the subject at:

  • samarastt

    I have studied human body size for about 40 years. Smaller body size and brain size are not tied to poorer performance. For example, during the period of 1300 to 1800s, Europeans got smaller in height but yet great achievements were made during the Renaissance and subsequent periods.

    Great achievers that were small or short by today’s standards include scientists, such as Millikan, Michelson, Einstein, Steinmetz and Buckminster Fuller. Artists include Picasso, Juan Miro, Thomas Benton, Salvador Dali, and Michelangelo. Many small or short men are found among writers, musical composers, philosophers, and business and cultural leaders.

    In regard to brain size and intelligence, Einstein had a smaller brain than his peer group and women have smaller brains than men but now do better in getting higher academic degrees. Dog intelligence does not appear to be related to brain size. Toy, miniature and standard poodles have the same intelligence. How can we say people over 10,000 years ago were smarter than we are? Certainly their achievements were infinitesimal compared to our last 2000 years.

    As far as physical attributes go, I’m sure the ancients were stronger and hardier than we are today. However, I doubt that anyone really knows whether the ancients could compete in athletics against today’s youth.

    In addition, small people have been very effective warriors. The smaller Vietnamese, Japanese and Gurkhas were able to do well against larger people of European size.

    I just had a paper published in Policy Innovations, a publication of the Carnegie Council, which is ranked 18th from the top out of almost 2000 US think tanks. The paper is available at:

    If you are interested in the subject of increasing body size and its ramifications on the individual and human survival, see a list of over 40 articles and books on the subject at:

  • krinks

    An examination of the first post flood peoples shows an advanced technology that we haven’t yet rose to today. 2 million pound stones fit together so neatly you can’t fit a piece of paper between them.

  • MatthewJ

    Dumb and dumber. Scientists and those who believe what they say.

  • John

    This I is dumb and dumber. Dumb to listen to scientists and dumber to think they are correct

  • Time

    The human is not becoming dumber. Human is forgetting. Your page filled with dumb ads make them forget more. The human needs to wake up, and it has to be Now. Time is not going fast enough for them. Humans need to see the Real Truth.

  • destal3

    Becoming weaker, yes, but smaller ….I don’t think so! People are now more than ever BIGGER & FATTER due to their consumption of GMO foods, growth hormones put in milk & meat and the increased occurrence of metabolic syndrome from inactivity & overeating.

    • Wayne Johanson

      Yes we are getting fatter. Obesity has become a epidemic.

  • Diq

    As a comedian once phrased it, “Back in the day the dumb kids would wander off of cliff and splatter. Now those dumb kids are protected by the government and everyone else in addition to there mothers so they are free to pass their traits onto the next generation of even dumber kids.” If you want your dumb, weak, and genetically stunted kids to survive, then this is the price you must pay. Survival of the fittest doesnt exist, therfore we cannot evolve.

  • I would guess that we’re “becoming more stupid” because we’re becoming too reliant upon things like Google, MapQuest, cellphones holding our friends’ numbers instead of having them committed to memory, and so on. Back in the day, you retained knowledge after learning and memorizing it all. With info so easy to get today, why bother retaining it? You can always just look it up again if need be.

    We’re driving to work (or worse, riding the bus/train) instead of walking or riding horses (both great exercise), we’re sitting at desks instead of doing manual labor, we’re buying groceries instead of growing them, we’re calling friends and businesses instead of visiting in person, and even our damn3d “recreation” today is spent sitting at a computer, very often moving nothing more than or wrist and forefinger.

    Becoming smaller though is a VERY GOOD thing however. Soon, maybe we can phase out anyone over 5’9″ or 5’10”, as the taller you are, the more resources you use up. The earth is not growing in size, least of all is it growing to accommodate the growing numbers of people. Smaller people eat less, use less textile for clothes, could live in smaller homes, drive smaller cars, and generally just use up/take up less of everything.

    • patriotpix

      You had me till the last paragraph … you might want to rethink that. I have short friends who eat more than me, have way more clothes than me and drive SUV’S … oh and most of them also have bigger homes than I do so lol … a persons height has nothing to do with your reasoning. Whats funny too is that I am under the impression that MOST of the “famous” people in Hollyweird (today and in years past) are short people as are most of the worlds leaders … and look at how they all live with their mansions, multiple cars, huge closets full of clothes and shoes, they have planes and boats … and on and on. Yeah, your last paragraph is way off … besides that … I love tall men, short guys dont do it for me.

      • patriotpix

        … and as the article says Dumber … SMALLER … and Weaker … not good!

      • Meh, I’ve dated taller and shorter. I prefer short. Preferences are just that — preferences.

        True, smaller people may opt to use up more resources in some instances, but when we’re talking about limited space/resources across the planet, then taller people WILL NEED more resources just to survive, effectively taking away from more people than they are worth. Today, many of us still live in a wannabe luxury, owning much more than will ever be needed. When it ultimately comes down to too many people and not enough resources though, anyone much over 5’9″ will be seen as more trouble than they’re worth.

        On an aside note, the short men I know live like spartans, and the tallest person I’ve ever lived near (Dennis Rodman) blows $$$$$ per day on just cut and delivered flowers.

        • commentfirst

          You are a idiot. I am 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds, yet I only eat two meals a day, I am on welfare yet I always have a pile of food in my cupboard, I don’t drive, i live in a room. You probably damage the environment more than i ever have.

          • Jacob Stewart

            You are arguing from numbers too small. Though your opponents are arguing from numbers still not big enough.

    • Wayne Johanson

      When I was a kid we did not have calculators. We had to do the math calculations either in our heads or on paper. We knew our times table inside and out. And we got plenty of practice. Also we read more, watched less TV and did not have video games and all this electronic media.

    • commentfirst

      Or big people like me can just eat the smaller people.

      • Judging by your posting history you wouldn’t know how to make them go into your mouth without detailed instructions

        • commentfirst

          “Meh, I’ve dated taller and shorter.”

          I’m sure you know all about putting things in your mouth.

          • Well, your male-on-male video instructionals were a godsend. I’ll just let my husband think I was a natural at fe||atio without your videos though.

  • Messed up logeecian

    Great way to test their mental capacity by asking facts that these people most certainly find too irrelevant to even try to remember. I am astounded by the childish notion that you can test somebody’s mental capacity by testing their ignorance.

  • Reid Moore

    Well, we already knew something was going on with humanity’s intelligence. Look at the amount of extremists these days, people can only get like that by being stupid enough to believe every single thing they’re told, whether it’s religion, politics or something else.

  • nyxalinth

    Aha, Devo was right! We ARE de-evolving!

  • Didius

    shrinking genes mean the stabilization of genes and not mean genes dissapearing…..

  • Paul

    I have read this artical with an open mind and it seems to me that people have not become “dumb” as you suggest but have rather adapted to ways of living that tend to encourage less effort in everything we do. Excess leisure time is simply the reward for hard ‘work’ fast and processed foods require little to no effort to prepare, it’s no wonder there seems to be a decline in physical and mental well being! However humans have adapted to modern life over a short span of time which demonstrates our innate ability to adapt. I think that our ability to adapt comes into play when we need it to. Example a person learning to survive on the streets for the first time, and learns to survive with an inadequate supply of food, minimal shelter, and very little sleep! Situations like these tend to bring out our animal instincts that have allowed for us to make it to the top of the food chain…

    • Wayne Johanson

      Technology has made our lives easier. We have become a push button society. So many things have become to easy. That would make any one weaker and dumber.

  • Max_Mercury

    I think this was to be expected. Humanity’s greatest enemies, such as disease or international war, are declining. We are forging our environment to be perfectly suitable for us. This would mean that we no longer need the skills and abilities to outsmart nature, and the physical capacity to overpower it if we can’t outsmart it. We’re getting dumber, smaller, and weaker because that’s all we need to be in a perfect world. Human ingenuity will not necessarily be our downfall, but it will bring in a new era of Humanity. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. And this is all just my speculation.

  • Eric S

    Please, put down the pipe and get help.

  • Wayne Johanson

    I do know we are getting dumber but I think that is due to our education system.

  • Wayne Johanson

    Perhaps you come from a great gene pool. Have awesome DNA. Are your parents and grandparents tall and smart too.

  • commentfirst

    And I’m not your partner retard. That article is about people escaping abusive relationships.

    • Wow, you’re not my retard partner? (Had to switch the words to the correct order for ya.) So many people will be less confused now.

      The article is about dealing with people like you. So yes, the article shouldn’t so much be read by you, but rather by people who need to deal with you.

      • commentfirst

        What makes you think I want to bother reading your replies? But please, keep wasting your time,cunt.

        • Just who told you that I think you want to become educated (by reading my replies)? I never stated what you claim I stated. Never did I claim, hint, nor even intimate that you wanted to read my replies.

          YET THERE YOU ARE, DOING JUST THAT. Educating you is not a me “wasting [my] time”, is it? Surely you aren’t that unteachable.

          (BTW, that lovely little C word means “intelligent person”, so thank you for that.)

  • commentfirst

    “Will happily respond to off-topic discussions… for a fee!”


    • Why would you sign your post ‘prostitute’? Ugh, I’m not interested.

      “If you can’t give it away, sell it!“, as your pimp might say.

  • Goldenpuff2

    My Mom used to say if you think of the most talented, the most beautiful person you can think of on Earth, imagine what we were like in Noah’s day….so close to Creation.

  • Jossarian

    Genetic deterioration is obvious outcome. Civilisation gradually removed natural selection and human population lacks “fitness function” now. Our evolution has stopped, we got increasing chaos in out genes instead.
    This is why we should consider human germline editing with methods like CRISPR-Cas9 as being inevitable in near future. Fix our DNA or perish.

  • Joe

    Theres another thing that everyone is afraid to mention which i believe also causes the negative genetic mutations to increase exponentially. In the old days the people with inferior genes were weeded out of the gene pool in a number of different ways. When that doesnt happen those negative traits are passed down and multiplied. Darwinism is a positive, natural thing. I think somehow we need to get back to that if its not already too late.

  • Wendy Schaefer Kowalczyk

    toxic vaccines.

  • Jacob Stewart

    Knowledge =/= intelligence

  • .info

    We have evolved so much as humans and documented so much, we don’t have to be as smart. we have technology we can rely on for most things. But our intelligence has shifted to something greater this is what I believe.

  • jimmi

    So its true. There are more liberals!

  • Guest

    And there is still people who oppose genetic engineering on the premise of it “crippling our genome”. Our genome is already crippled plenty.

  • Yi 8

    With the degeneration of the brain comes the degeneration of ethics,and, therefore, the rise of corruption and decay among the elites and rulers.

    A good current example of this is the mainstream genetic engineering establishment. They’ve long claimed that GMO foods are safe but what everyone should know is that there has been a long history of ignoring and suppressing the real dangers of GMO foods.

    One of the earliest cases that has demonstrated that fact is the infamous tryptophan disaster of 1989 where the degenerate FDA ignored the warnings of their own scientists about the real risks of GMOs, simply to protect the business interests of the GMO industry, which they’ve been colluding with for decades – see

    The government-biotech industrial complex has the average person believing that they’re protecting their health. Yet, lying about real facts, denying real facts, or minimizing or ignoring real facts is not protecting or helping the public, it’s deceiving the public. That cartel also pays online trolls to denounce anti-gmo commentators and spread the corporate GMO hype.

  • Adam was the first man and it is all downhill from him….another case where the moral guide of the bible has better science information than the science as god folks at their finest…
    the greatest scientists are true believers because they know amazing creation didn’t just happen…as opposed to mental midgets like hawking which the press has puffed up so much, it is amazing he doesn’t explode

  • Angel Light

    I was googling to find out if there is a trend whether humans have become ‘weaker’ or ‘stronger’. I was worried that we are becoming ‘weaker’ due to advances in modern medicine that allows the ‘weak’ to survive and pass on their genetic material. Then I stumbled on this article.

    I cannot believe that we have become dumber compared to our primitive ancestors. I can accept that generally we may be physically weaker than our ancestors due to our lack of physical activity. However with better nutrition, we have also become physically stronger. Linguistically we have also adapted to globalisation where we need to keep our language simpler and easier to understand across cultures. Our vocabulary did not shrink but simply changed according to the times with new words added especially from new technology and old words becoming obsolete.

    Just google Dr John Sanders and you will understand his belief system is affecting his research work. His findings are probably not yet accepted by the scientific community. He published several papers in non-peer reviewed venues.

    • lilbear68

      IQ and life expectancy passed each other going in opposite directions decades ago lol


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  • sven brown

    Couldn’t it be possible that the gene damage done to life is from radiation. Knowing there was at least one nuclear war in the ancient days per green glass found in the Sahara – it makes sense that this would happen. It does not indicate to me that there is a certain point when intelligence will reverse totally. And it certainly doesn’t open the door for transhumanism which I think is a very bad idea. Do you? Surely, there is a way to regenerate the genes
    and stop the destruction. If the idea of a nuclear war ala Sumerian texts is absurd to you, then surely one should consider the constant leaking from all nuclear plants world wide almost hourly plus the bomb testing that should never have happened and the dumping of radiation in barrels in the North Sea, the piping of radiation into the Irish Sea and the many accidents that have happened world wide. Some have not been reported to main stream news
    which is another reason to not rely on those dishonest people.

  • drx

    First, author claims that evolution is a fairy tale

    and then he writes article saying that evolution is making us stupid. . .

    Skills depend on individual abilities and on education one received. There were lots and lots of simpletons and stupid people in the past. If you think humanity got so dumb how do you explain all this discoveries and technological advances in last decades. As for achievements in sport there were many records broken recently.

    looks like this guy covered some of that:

    “Most movies and television shows portray our ancestors as short, stupid,
    hunched-over people that could barely survive in a cold, cruel world” – where do you think they took this picture from?

  • Josh

    I do believe that the human geneome is systematically declining and that over the years our memory had devolved to have very short-term memories. However we do still have smart humans I hope these people find a solution to this rather apparent problem the video above where people where asked citizenship test questions would probably fail your average 8th grade history test. I do not see any way to improve our genes without selective breeding or bringing natural selection back into our lives. I am not optimistic about humanity’s future. If you go to any school you can easily see that some kids are more intelligent than others and these intelligent kids tend to socialize with each other and tend to get annoyed at most unintelligent or otherwise offensive language. Furthermore I do believe that the most scientific solution would be finding out a way to keep a fertilized human egg alive and then alter it’s genes when the egg is still a single-celled zygote.

  • Paul

    It is a good thing that are minds are shrinking, the less dominating your mind is the more in touch you become with your true self, your spiritual self. We are actually evolving, spirituality is the next step in our evolution. Google search truthcontest and read The Present.