DNA – Photo by Christoph Bock

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DNA - Photo by Christoph Bock

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
  • Mike Coffee

    The reason we are getting smaller, dumber and more susceptible to disease is simpley because of what we call, food, we eat everyday and what we call the places we send our children to every morning that we call schools. Our bodies were designed, by the beings that created us, to eat gold but the gold has to be in such small amounts that it has to be in a molecular form so our bodies can digest it and use it for energy. That’s why what we are designed to eat is fish, red fruit and green vegetables or anatomical gold. Our schools today are a joke, as long as the kids try to do the work, they pass. This is the reason none of the kids in my whole family go to these public schools. They are taught school by the whole family and by a wise elder friend of the family. Our family has different days we teach our kids. My seven year old nephew can mig weld, my fourteen year old just got done building a deck. All of the girls can knit, croshae and sow I’m starting to teach the ten and above kids some physics, the oldest of all the kids which is 16 has passed her GED is writing her own book and is getting ready to start her own business. We have entrusted our government too long with genetically modified foods and what we lie to ourselves about being an educational system. If you would like help in organising your family into doing the same thing please email me at lickedysplit803@gmail.com