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11 Horrifying Photos Of The Devastation Caused By Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is doing even more damage than originally anticipated.  As I write this, parts of Manhattan are under several feet of water.  Nobody expected that.  It is also being reported that water is pouring into the New York subway system.  Some of the subway tunnels reportedly have four feet of water in them at this point.  That is absolutely unprecedented.  All along the eastern seaboard we are seeing utter devastation.  The storm has just reached shore and yet already more than 2 million people have lost power.  From end to end, Hurricane Sandy is more than 1000 miles across, and this slow moving storm is going to continue to pound the northeast for most of the rest of the week.  The truth is that the northeast part of the country has never seen anything quite like this.  The storm surge has produced incredible damage all over the east coast.  Posted (Read More...)