The WHO Wants To Impose A Global Tax On The Entire World

Global TaxThe people who brought you “The Great Swine Flu Scare Of 2009” now want to bring you “The Great Global Health Tax Of 2010”.  The World Health Organization is actually considering a plan to ask governments all over the globe to impose a global consumer tax on such things as Internet activity and everyday financial transactions like paying bills online.


Apparently the goal of such a plan (Read More...)

Taxed To Death!

taxed-to-deathAmericans are already being taxed to death, and three proposals by the Obama administration would raise federal income tax rates on the wealthiest Americans to over 45 percent. And when you add up all forms of taxation in the United States, the average American will soon end up paying about 50 percent of his or her income in some form of taxes.

These are absolutely stunning figures, but the taxes are taken from us in so many different directions that you never feel the pain all at once. But three (Read More...)