A Cartoon From 1948 That Every Obama Supporter Needs To Watch Immediately

The cartoon posted below may have seemed incredibly far-fetched back in 1948, but it is incredibly timely today.  It is a very well-produced little cartoon that warns children about the great dangers of socialism and communism.  Of course there was no chance that the United States would turn to socialism in 1948, but today that has all changed.  Barack Obama, his supporters, and the (Read More...)

You Know Things Are Bad For Obama When Even CNN Calls Him A Liar

During the first year after Barack Obama was elected, there were times when CNN could have been renamed ONN – “The Obama News Network”. There were literally days when it seemed like it was just praise and worship of Barack Obama 24 hours a day.

My oh my how all of that has changed.

You know things are bad for Obama when even CNN calls him a liar. Of course it is just Jack Cafferty, but still – for a CNN personality to openly call Barack Obama a liar (Read More...)