The 16 Most Important Stories Posted On The Truth In 2009

Angry Obama Evil ObamaWhat a first year!  In the aftermath of Barack Obama’s election, the political scene in the United States was anything but boring.  In fact, efforts by the Obama administration to move America towards socialism and to integrate us into emerging world political structures has created a conservative backlash unlike anything ever seen in modern times.  Health care “reform”, global warming and the ongoing world economic collapse all made huge headlines this year.  With Congressional elections looming in 2010, next year also promises to be an incredibly interesting year.  The truth is that the American people are becoming increasingly fractured and divided.  There are those who completely support Barack Obama’s march towards socialism, but there are many others who recognize that Barack Obama’s policies are destroying what remains of this once great constitutional republic.  How this plays out on the field of American politics in 2010 will be fascinating to watch.

But for today we wanted to review some of the key stories from this past year.  The following are the 16 most important stories posted on The Truth in 2009…. 

#1) The Population Control Agenda Behind The Global Warming Movement: For The Environmental Extremists At Copenhagen Population Reduction Is The “Cheapest” Way To Reduce Carbon Emissions

#2) 10 Really Nasty Surprises For The American People In The Health Care Reform Bill

#3) Is Global Warming Being Used As A Pretext To Move Us Towards World Government?

#4) Instead Of Auditing The Fed Obama Reappoints Bernanke

#5) Taxed To Death!

#6) 45 Percent Of American Doctors Would Consider Shutting Down Their Practices Or Retiring If Obamacare Is Adopted

#7) The Global Warming Religion: Those Without Blind Faith Need Not Apply

#8) $2.6 Million Spent To Train Chinese Prostitutes To Drink Responsibly

#9) Obama’s Top Science Advisor John Holdren Advocates Mass Sterilizations, Forced Abortions And A Global Police Force

#10) Blood And Gore – The Nickname For Al Gore’s Carbon Trading Firm That Is Poised To Make Billions Of Dollars From Carbon Credits

#11) Why Sarah Palin And Joe “You Lie” Wilson Are Right About Obamacare

#12) NBC’s Extreme Pro-Obama Bias To Make G.E. Billions Of Dollars?

#13) The Horror Of Government Run Veteran Health Care

#14) Political Repression In The United States

#15) U.S. Government Healthcare On Indian Reservations Is A Nightmare

#16) 18 Signs That America May Be Too Stupid To Continue As A Nation

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