The Government Plans To Track Us And Those We Are Related To Using Our DNA

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DNA - Photo by Christoph Bock

The Department of Homeland Security is soliciting information from potential contractors for a new program that the DHS hopes will enable it to use DNA tests to identify criminal suspects and track their family relationships.  Down the road, the goal is to make the use of DNA identification as common as the use of fingerprint identification is today.  If you do not think that this could ever happen, you should think again.  Barack Obama has already said that he wants a national DNA database, and a recent Supreme Court decision has opened the door wide open for one to be created.  Someday soon, the federal government will have the capability of tracking all of us and those that we are related to using our DNA.  And eventually, a “DNA reader” could replace all of our Internet passwords and be used to log into our bank accounts.  In a world that is becoming more corrupt with each passing day, authorities consider being able to positively identify people as an extremely important goal, and DNA is considered by many as the best way to do that.

According to a recent report by Government Security News, the Department of Homeland Security is now actively seeking proposals from prospective contractors that have the capability of helping them set up the program that I mentioned above…

The Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) unit of DHS is gathering information from prospective vendors who could perform deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests on samples collected from various individuals to help the agency identify family relationships, criminal suspects and more.

The goal, according to the Request for Information that was issued on November 8th, is to find a more “cost-effective way to identify individuals when fingerprints are not available”…

“Homeland Security Investigations is comprised of Special Agents and support staff who need a better, more accurate and cost-effective way to identify individuals when fingerprints are not available or when a claim of family relationship needs to be proven,” says the RFI. “This need is also needed during criminal investigations where evidence is found and DNA is needed from the evidence.”

But of what use would DNA be to the government if the government only has the DNA of a limited number of us in their databases?

Wouldn’t DNA identification be much more effective if the government had samples of all of our DNA?

Well, right now the government does not have samples of all of our DNA, but that could soon change.  Law enforcement authorities all over the nation are calling for the creation of a national DNA database, and Barack Obama is definitely on board.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles entitled “The Coming National DNA Database“…

A national DNA database is coming.  Barack Obama has already said that he wants one.  A major Supreme Court decision last month paved the way for one.  The DNA of those that commit “serious crimes” is already being routinely collected all over the nation.  Some states (such as New Jersey) are now passing laws that will require DNA collection from those charged with committing “low level crimes”.  And a law that was passed under George W. Bush allows the federal government to screen the DNA of all newborn babies in the United States.  So how long will it be before we are all required to give DNA samples to the authorities?  How long will it be before DNA collection is routinely done when we take a trip to the DMV?  This may sound like science fiction to some people, but “security experts” and law enforcement personnel all over the country are now pushing for a national DNA database to be established.  Unfortunately, there is nothing really standing in the way of that.  The Supreme Court has already spoken.  Justice Scalia understood very clearly what the Supreme Court was doing last month.  In his dissent, he made the following statement: “Make no mistake about it: because of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason.”

Do you find any of this disturbing?

I certainly do.

Sadly, the government stopped being concerned about our privacy and our civil liberties long ago.

A national DNA database is coming.

It is just a matter of time.

In addition, the federal government is also working on other ways to watch, track, monitor and identify all of us.  For example, USA Today recently reported on a next generation facial recognition program being developed by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency known as “Janus”…

Called Janus, the program run by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA), “seeks to improve face recognition performance using representations developed from real-world video and images instead of from calibrated and constrained collections. During daily activities, people laugh, smile, frown, yawn and morph their faces into a broad variety of expressions. For each face, these expressions are formed from unique skeletal and musculature features that are similar through one’s lifetime. Janus representations will exploit the full morphological dynamics of the face to enable better matching and faster retrieval.”

Documents released by IARPA over the weekend show that the Janus program will start in April 2014 and run for four years. During that time, the agency hopes to “radically expand the range of conditions under which automated face recognition can establish identity.”

But just because the government develops these technologies does not mean that they will actually use them, right?

Unfortunately, that is not the way that these guys think.

In fact, as John W. Whitehead recently discussed, law enforcement authorities tend to have a “if we have it, we might as well use it” philosophy…

Then there’s the nation’s commitment to recycling America’s instruments of war and putting them to work here at home, thanks largely to a U.S. Department of Defense program that provides billions of dollars worth of free weapons, armored vehicles, protective clothing and other military items to law enforcement agencies. Ohio State University’s police department recently acquired a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP), a hyped up armored vehicle used on the battlefield to withstand explosive devices, land mines and other sneak attacks. The university plans to use its MRAP for crowd control at football games. Indiana University is also in line for an MRAP, as well as dozens of police departments across the country.

Keep in mind, once acquired, this military equipment which is beyond the budget and scope of most communities finds itself put to all manner of uses by local law enforcement agencies under the rationale that “if we have it, we might as well use it”—the same rationale, by the way, used with deadly results to justify assigning SWAT teams to carry out routine law enforcement work such as delivering a warrant.

America is slowly but surely being transformed into a Big Brother militarized police state.

DNA identification, facial recognition cameras, passive listening devices and automated license plate readers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Someday we may all wake up and find ourselves living in a totalitarian world system that is far beyond anything that George Orwell ever imagined.

If that does not appeal to you, then you need to stand up and say something about it today because tomorrow might be too late.

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • K

    The lack of response to this article, points out the problem. Most see nothing wrong with it. Most seem to see nothing wrong with police with armored vehicles. Most do not object to the TSA. In short, most are standing aside while the once great U.S., turns into the fourth reich..

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I fear that you are correct K. Most Americans have just come to accept the police state.

      What does that say about the future of our country?


      • im sorry but to far

        I’m not sure if you are still able to see this comment as this conversation started so long ago. Anyone ever heard of an organization made up of hackers lawyers scientists that are fighting for a “free internet “

    • friday51

      I agree; the NSA spying, when I talk to people about it, it’s like, oh, yeah, that, then the conversation moves on to who’s going to the bar or club, what’s on TV, what type of phone do you have…unbelievable.

  • DJohn1

    DNA testing has resulted in the release of a good number of people accused and convicted of rape under the system of trial by affluence in our courts. If you can afford a good lawyer, you obviously get a different kind of justice than one given to someone that is poor. Even court appointed attorneys often give short work to the poor.
    The states are the victims as much as the penalized victims innocent of any crime. They end up paying the freight after the victim is released from jail. They even fight people that are innocent from being released hoping to get them to give up their right to sue the state for injustice.
    This little scandal of justice is going nuclear! Way too many innocent people in jail!
    DNA testing might change that. If the lawyers and if the courts allow it to happen. There are financial concerns that have nothing to do with justice.
    So pardon me if I am for a more accurate way of determining who is guilty of what in a court of law where many innocent people reside.
    I am a professional salesman. I worked in the mid 80s for C-21 for a Broker that was a big believer in educating his sales staff to be the best that they could be. This was a second job for me.
    Convincing someone of their own free will to do something you want them to do is a good definition of salesmanship. Many very good salesmen are also lawyers. And that is the problem. Many of these very good sales people are Prosecutors with little or no morales. They are in it for gain and they do not really care if they cheat in the court system or not. The court system doesn’t care if they cheat or so it appears. Politically powerful people that were once this kind of prosecutor seem to be immune from being brought to justice.

    Like withholding evidence from the defense . . . that could possibly get an innocent person off. There are many examples of this happening in the news and on the internet. Some innocent people are still in jail after conclusive evidence that they did not do it.
    So in our system, two very good salespeople/lawyers go about convincing a jury of ignorant people that they have the right of it. They very carefullly select people they think that they can convince.
    Along comes DNA testing with all of its obvious effects on a court decision.
    I think the government needs to be very careful about how they allow this testing to be used, or they will upset the powerful groups that are guilty of a crime in this country. People with very good lawyers at their beck and call.
    We have an entire criminal group here at the top of the food chain that might be brought down by this very DNA testing.
    Right now a lot of them are protected by Rules of Procedure that only a lawyer could love.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      You are right – there is a good side to DNA testing if it is used correctly. It can potentially free the innocent.

      • seth datta

        but its never used correctly. They claim to want this whilst using it for all manner of evil.

        • K

          Also think of the expense. If the Government took my DNA. I would feel compelled, to have a private lab, run a DNA report for my own records. Not cheap.

  • seth datta

    They have already done this and chipped all of us. The public is merely kept ignorant of this fact, as they ‘propose’ ideas that they have already enacted out…

  • ezaxs99

    Before or after martial law?

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    If you are interested, you can find a new interview with me right here…


  • Seeing the times

    It’s not hard to see where things are headed and these just resound with the tenets of our times. At this point there is only one option of preparation left. We may no be able to change things as they sit, but we can have the chagrin and aptitude to change things after they occur. Oftentimes, the greatest good is done in the darkest of times.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    During George W. Bush’s reign of terror, many libertarians (including Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Gary Johnson and the late Irv Homer) tried to warn Republi-Cons and neocons that all of the fascist things the Bush regime was putting in place could be used against them someday. But the Bushbots wouldn’t listen. They were willing to trade liberty for security. Homeland Security (the name is right out of Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italia), the Patriot Act, the TSA: all of things were put in place by Dumb-Ya and Dick “Deficits Don’t Matter” Cheney and were expanded under the watch of Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama (so much for “hope and change you can believe in”).

    “The banksters are going to take our bank accounts here in the United States. That’s what Homeland Security is for. That’s what the drones and checkpoints are for.”—Alex Jones

    “The elite think of us as dumb animals who are infesting the earth and eating up their resources. So they’re going to use computers and robots to track and trace and socially engineer us to make us pliable and submissive so we can then be exterminated.”—Alex Jones

    “Homeland Security is armed and locked and ready to blow your brains out if you start protesting martial law. ”—Gerald Celente

    So welcome to life in The Banana Republic of America, fascist hellhole of the Third World. And as the country’s economic state goes from bad to much worse, the police state will become more and more vicious. Americans who sacrificed liberty for security will get neither.