The Obama Doctrine: Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament On Steroids

Barack Obama unilateral nuclear disarmamentFive months ago in Prague, Barack Obama called for a world free of nuclear weapons during one of his first major foreign policy speeches.  It turns out that he was actually serious about this absurd proposal.  In fact, Obama is demanding that the Pentagon conduct a “radical review” of the U.S. nuclear weapons program in preparation for deep cuts to America’s nuclear stockpile. 

What kind of deep cuts?

Well, the United States currently has approximately 2,600 nuclear warheads deployed, with about another 2,500 in reserve and 4,000 more that are waiting to be dismantled.

The Obama administration has been negotiating a deal with the Russians to reduce both nuclear arsenals to 1,500 warheads, but Obama views this as simply a “first step”.

According to the Guardian, Obama completely rejected the Pentagon’s first draft of the “nuclear posture review”.

Why did he reject it?

Well, apparently it was “too timid” for Obama.

You see, Obama does not just want to trim the U.S. nuclear arsenal, he wants to gut it.

Instead of an arsenal with thousands of deployed nuclear warheads, the Obama administration envisions a U.S. nuclear arsenal with only a few hundred deployed nuclear warheads, with a goal of eventually abolishing nuclear weapons altogether.

The Guardian quotes one anonymous European official as saying the following about Obama’s mindset: “Obama is now driving this process. He is saying these are the president’s weapons, and he wants to look again at the doctrine and their role.”

Since when did America’s strategic nuclear arsenal become “his” weapons?

The reality is that possessing a very strong nuclear arsenal has kept America safe for decades.  Without it, the United States and Europe would have been vulnerable to invasion from the Soviet Empire and their much larger conventional forces.

But isn’t the “Cold War” over?

That is what most Americans think, but the truth is that not only has Russia made a dramatic comeback, but China is now a bigger power than they ever have been before.

If the United States dramatically reduces their nuclear arsenal, the odds of war with Russia and/or China dramatically increase. 

Most Americans think that such a thing is impossible, but such a scenario could play out something like this…..

Russia and/or China would figure that they could take out most of our nuclear arsenal in a surprise first strike (most likely using sub-launched first strike weapons) and that they could weather the limited number of warheads that we would be able to launch in return.  Afterwards they would launch a devastating invasion with their much larger conventional forces.

In addition, terror-supporting nations would have much less to fear from a United States that has eliminated or drastically reduced its nuclear arsenal.

Just think about it.  In high school did the 250 pound muscle-bound jock get more respect than the 105 pound weakling on the playground?

Of course.  The 105 pound weakling usually was the one who got picked on and pushed around.

Now Obama wants the U.S. to willingly disarm and become much weaker strategically.

What in the world is Obama thinking?

It would be wonderful to have a world without nuclear weapons, but the truth is that worldwide strategic threats are seemingly multiplying by the day and there are more nations out there today who hate the United States than there ever have been before.

To openly declare to the world that you want to dramatically cut your nuclear arsenal is absolute strategic madness.  It makes the United States much less secure and it will only embolden those who wish to do harm to this nation.

Millions of Americans are furious about Obamacare, but this issue could ultimately prove to be much more serious.  Tell your representatives in Congress that you do NOT support radical cuts to America’s nuclear arsenal.

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