The Pope’s Top Climate Change Advisor Does Not Believe In God – But He Does Appear To Believe In ‘Gaia’

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Green Planet - Public DomainWhat kind of people is Pope Francis surrounding himself with?  The fact that this Pope decided to choose German professor John Schellnhuber as his chief climate change advisor is raising a lot of eyebrows.  Schellnhuber doesn’t believe in God, but as you will see below, he does appear to believe in ‘Gaia’.  Schellnhuber has also advocated for the establishment of an “Earth Constitution”, a “Global Council” directly elected by the citizens of the world, and a “Planetary Court” that would serve as the pinnacle of a planetary legal system.  In addition, he believes that the “carrying capacity” of our planet is less than one billion people.  This is the man that the Pope has chosen to advise him on the issue that Pope Francis has made the centerpiece of his papacy.

The concept of ‘Gaia’ has deep roots in ancient paganism.  Many of the advocates of the ‘Gaia hypothesis‘ do not consider themselves to be religious, but in reality it is a kind of “scientific pantheism”.  This quasi-scientific theory was popularized by James Lovelock in his book entitled “Gaia: A New Look At Life On Earth“, and apparently this is a theory that Schellnhuber endorses.  The following is an extended excerpt from a recent article by William M. Briggs

In the Gaia Principle, Mother Earth is alive, and even, some think, aware in some ill-defined, mystical way. The Earth knows man and his activities and, frankly, isn’t too happy with him.

This is what we might call “scientific pantheism,” a kind that appeals to atheistic scientists. It is an updated version of the pagan belief that the universe itself is God, that the Earth is at least semi-divine — a real Brother Sun and Sister Water! Mother Earth is immanent in creation and not transcendent, like the Christian God.

What’s this have to do with Schellnhuber? In the 1999 Nature paper “‘Earth system’ analysis and the second Copernican revolution,” he said:

Ecosphere science is therefore coming of age, lending respectability to its romantic companion, Gaia theory, as pioneered by Lovelock and Margulis. This hotly debated ‘geophysiological’ approach to Earth-system analysis argues that the biosphere contributes in an almost cognizant way to self-regulating feedback mechanisms that have kept the Earth’s surface environment stable and habitable for life.

Geo-physiological, in case you missed it. Cognizant, in black and white. So dedicated is Schellnhuber to this belief that he says “the Gaia approach may even include the influence of biospheric activities on the Earth’s plate-tectonic processes.”  Not the other way around, mind you, where continental drift and earthquakes effects life, but where life effects earthquakes.

He elaborates:

Although effects such as the glaciations may still be interpreted as over-reactions to small disturbances — a kind of cathartic geophysiological fever — the main events, resulting in accelerated maturation by shock treatment, indicate that Gaia faces a powerful antagonist. Rampino has proposed personifying this opposition as Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction.

So why would the Pope rely on the “expertise” of someone that does not believe in God, but that argues that “Gaia faces a powerful antagonist”?

Perhaps someone should ask him.

And someone should also ask the Pope why he is hanging around with someone that believes that our planet is overpopulated by six billion people

Schellnhuber is most famous for predicting that the “carrying capacity” of the earth is “below” 1 billion people. When confronted with this, he called those who quoted him “liars.” But he then repeated the same claim, saying, “All I said was that if we had unlimited global warming of eight degrees warming, maybe the carrying capacity of the earth would go down to just 1 billion, and then the discussion would be settled.”  And he has often said that this temperature tipping point would be reached — unless “actions” were taken.

Schellnhuber is also an unashamed globalist.  In a previous article, I discussed how he believes that we need a global government, a global constitution and a global court that would have authority over all the other courts on the planet.  The following is an excerpt from a very disturbing article that he authored

Let me conclude this short contribution with a daydream about those key institutions that could bring about a sophisticated — and therefore more appropriate — version of the conventional “world government” notion. Global democracy might be organized around three core activities, namely (i) an Earth Constitution; (ii) a Global Council; and (iii) a Planetary Court. I cannot discuss these institutions in any detail here, but I would like to indicate at least that:

the Earth Constitution would transcend the UN Charter and identify those first principles guiding humanity in its quest for freedom, dignity, security and sustainability;

the Global Council would be an assembly of individuals elected directly by all people on Earth, where eligibility should be not constrained by geographical, religious, or cultural quotas; and

the Planetary Court would be a transnational legal body open to appeals from everybody, especially with respect to violations of the Earth Constitution.

So why is Pope Francis surrounding himself with such people?

Does he have similar hopes for the future?

Without a doubt, the Pope’s latest encyclical fully embraces Schellnhuber’s views on climate change, but it doesn’t stop there.  The Pope also expressed a very negative view of human progress, and he appeared to be echoing many of the exact same talking points that radical environmentalists have been hammering us with for years.  The following comes from a recent article by Steven Malanga

The encyclical, whose title is derived from a line from St. Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun (“Be praised, My Lord, through all your Creatures”), is being welcomed by some in the scientific community because it proclaims that climate change is real and that humanity must address it. But the nearly 38,000-word document—most of which is not about climate change—actually reads like a giant step backward for the Church’s social teaching: a rejection of technological progress; a dark, narrow vision of human nature that ignores the enormous gains the world has made in alleviating human suffering; and an almost antihuman call, reminiscent of the most radical environmentalists, to reduce human activity drastically as the only way to save the planet. As Michael Shellenberger, president of the Breakthrough Institute and co-author of An Ecomodernist Manifesto, observed: “When [the] Pope speaks of ‘irrational faith in human progress’ I want him to visit the Congo to see what life is like when there is no progress.”

So what does all of this mean?

Could it be possible that this Pope is far more radical than most people ever imagined?

If so, what does that mean for the future of Catholicism?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

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  • Andy Sloan

    The future of Catholicism is safe;

    Matthew 16:18

    And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    If only protestants could humble themselves and accept the grace of confession,then they would understand.

    St Alphonsus Liguori

    “Innovators say that the Lord gives each of the
    faithful a clear knowledge of Scripture. Behold, the ‘private
    interpretation’ of the heretics which has produced such a variety of
    creeds! Hence, after all of the Congresses and Synods they have held,
    they have never been able to draw up a formula of uniform belief; hence,
    everyone knows that among the Reformers there are as many formulas of
    faith as there are individuals. This alone is sufficient to show that
    they are in error and do not have the true faith. God arranged that the
    true faith would be preserved in the Roman Church alone, so that, there
    being but one Church, there would be but one faith and one doctrine for
    all the faithful.”

    “All the misfortunes of unbelievers spring from
    too great an attachment to the things of life. This sickness of heart
    weakens and darkens the understanding, and leads to eternal ruin. If
    they would try to heal their hearts by purging them of their vices they
    would soon receive light, which would show them the necessity of joining
    the Catholic Church where alone is salvation.”

    “Mary obtains salvation for all who have recourse to
    her. Oh! If all sinners had recourse to Mary, who would ever be lost? .
    .He who is protected by her will be saved; he who is not will be

    “If you persevere until death in true devotion to Mary, your salvation is certain.”

    • DaveEsther Douglas

      Unfortunately that is not what the Holy Scriptures say but what a group of men of the richest organization say. Salvation is in Jesus Christ alone. There is no other salvation but through Him. All others are like a thief or a robber

      • Andy Sloan

        Confession of mortal sin to a Catholic priest, is necessary for salvation

        Hebrews 7:12

        “For the priesthood being translated, it is necessary that a translation also be made of the law.”

        John 20:22-23

        “When he had said this, he breathed on them; and he said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost.
        Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”

        • greyprepper

          Catholics are so dumb that it’s downright scary.

          • Andy Sloan

            Wisdom 4:20 & 5;1-8 9The Last Judgement – Lament of the damned)

            They shall come with fear at the thought of their sins, and their iniquities shall stand against them to convict them.
            Then shall the just stand with great constancy against those that have afflicted them, and taken away their labours. These seeing it, shall be troubled with terrible fear, and shall be amazed at the suddenness of their unexpected salvation.
            Saying within themselves, repenting, and groaning for anguish of
            spirit: These are they, whom we had some time in derision, and for a
            parable of reproach. We fools esteemed their life madness, and their end without honour. Behold how they are numbered among the children of God, and their lot is among the saints.
            Therefore we have erred from the way of truth, and the light of justice
            hath not shined unto us, and the sun of understanding hath not risen
            upon us.
            We wearied ourselves in the way of iniquity and destruction, and have
            walked through hard ways, but the way of the Lord we have not known. What hath pride profited us?

          • greyprepper

            Not impressed. I’m a Christadelphian. Our 7-8 year old students could smoke your absolute best in seconds over ANY biblical debate, anytime anywhere. Not that this is a competition, it’s just that I’m out of patience where catholics are concerned. You DO understand that you and your people are the antichrist… don’t you?

          • Andy Sloan

            Before debating a Catholic, you would first need to address these clear errors of your sect;

            Christadelphians reject a number of doctrines held by many other Christians;

            1) the immortality of the soul

            John 17:2

            “As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he may give eternal life to all whom thou hast given him.”

            Acts Of Apostles 7:58

            And they stoned Stephen, invoking, and saying: Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.

            2) Trinitarianism

            1 John 5:7

            And there are three who give testimony in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost. And these three are one.

            3) The personal pre-existence of Christ,

            John 1:1 & 14
            In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.
            And the Word WAS MADE flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we saw his glory, the glory as it were of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

            4) Personhood of the Holy Spirit

            John 14:26

            But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, HE will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you.

            5) The divinity of Jesus

            -see answer 3 above and;

            Exodus 3:14

            God said to Moses: I AM WHO AM.

            John 8:58

            Jesus said to them: Amen, amen I say to you, before Abraham was made, I AM.

            6) The word satan is merely a reference to an adversary

            Matthew 4:9-10

            And said to him: All these will I give thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me. Then Jesus saith to HIM: Begone, Satan: for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve.”

          • nekksys

            1) Indebatable without exception.

            2) Indebatable without exception.

            3) Indebatable without exception.

            4) Indebatable with only a minor translation error. “The Paraclete” as you reference comes from the Greek word, “paracletos” meaning “one who is called to walk beside” or, more simply, “advocate.” The Holy Spirit advocates God to us, urging us to always choose the right path.

            5) Indebatable with only a minor translation error. “I Am who Am” is in error. The Hebrew text translates to “I Am that Who I Am.” Meaning is identical only the reading differs.

            6) Debatable. “Lucifer” is the correct name; however, “Satan” is used interchangeably, per your Matthew reference. See also Genesis. Often times, Hebrew names do have meaning; for example, Lazarus is the Anglicized form of El ‘Azar or Eleazar which means “God is my Help.”

          • Andy Sloan

            As it is written;

            1 Timothy 6:3-5

            “If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to
            the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to that doctrine which is according to godliness, He is proud, knowing nothing, but sick about QUESTIONS AND STRIFES OF WORDS; from which arise envies, contentions, blasphemies, evil
            suspicions, Conflicts of men corrupted in mind, and who are destitute of the truth, supposing gain to be godliness.”

            In any case, Christ gave the authority to interpret Sacred Scripture to His Catholic Church and not by private interpretation.

            2 Peter 1:20

            “Understanding this first, that no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation.”

            No prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation:
            This shews plainly that the scriptures are not to be expounded by any one’s private judgment or private spirit, because every part of the holy scriptures were written by men inspired by the Holy Ghost, and declared as such by the Church; therefore they are not to be interpreted but by the Spirit of God, which he hath left, and promised to remain with his Church to guide her in all truth to the end of the world. Some may tell us, that many of our divines interpret the scriptures: they may do so,
            but they do it always with a submission to the judgment of the Church, and not otherwise.

            1 Timothy 3:15

            “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the PILLAR AND GROUND OF TRUTH.”

            Matthew 18:17

            “And if he will NOT HEAR THE CHURCH, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican”.

          • nekksys

            Nice misuse of Scripture… Did your priest tell you what to say?

            Your 2 Peter reference shows that you aren’t thinking for yourself, like most Catholics when faced with challenging data. How do I know this? The words “shews” in the interpretation below the verse. “Shews” is a Late English spelling of “shows,” proving you copied and pasted your response. So much for your scholarly acumen…

            Your Matthew reference is seriously flawed because that passage is about handling a dispute with a fellow believer, not about a singular authority. The Greek term here translated as “church” is “ekklesia” which means “group, collective or congregation” and is in reference to the group of believers in any given area.

            Again, if you had actually read and translated the original manuscripts, you’d know better but you don’t. Besides, this is an internet forum; not a church. I hear YOU babbling on about Catholic b.s. which can’t stand in the face of logic and reason.

            I’ve asked my ministerial friends, some Presbyterian, some Catholic, if they think you’re correct: they disagree with you wholeheartedly. I guess you aren’t the Great Catholic Apostle you think you are…

          • Andy Sloan

            You can take what you have been shown to judgement with you; Your pride and commensurate sin are why God blinds you.

            “We declare that a great number of those who
            are condemned to eternal punishment suffer that everlasting calamity because of ignorance of those mysteries of faith which must be known and believed in order to be numbered among the elect.” Benedict XIV – (Acerbo Nimis)

            As the Catholic Church declares (Dogma 6:20), “membership of the Catholic church is necessary for salvation”.

            By the interior use of your own free-will, corresponding or non-corresponding with spiritual grace, you will be saved or damned.

            “Heresies are embraced only by those who, had they persevered in the faith, would be lost by the irregularity of their lives.” – St. Augustine

            “The devil is not busy in pursuing infidels and such men as live outside the bosom of Holy Church, because he considers them already won.” – St. Jerome

            Matthew 11:15

            “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

          • nekksys

            Like all Catholics, you neglect the gifts of the Spirit; among them “discernment.” You also neglect Paul’s declaration in Romans. To paraphrase:

            “For those whom He did foreknow, He called. And to those who He called, He justified. And to those whom He justified, He sanctified.”

            Your Dogma 6:20 reference can not be found anywhere in Scripture. Neither can any of your other references except Matthew 11:15. The interesting thing about that reference, however, is that it’s more of a commentary than a statement. When translated to modern English, it reads more akin to “Hey, if you get it, you get it.” Obviously, you don’t.

          • Andy Sloan

            Like all heretics, you neglect the teaching of Christ, in that you do not keep His commandments.

            And neither can you keep them, because without the grace that comes from confession, it is impossible to keep them. It is only through confession, that one is forgiven and brought back to spiritual life.

            John 20:22-23

            “When he had said this, HE BREATHED on them; and he said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”

            Genesis 2:7

            “And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and BREATHED into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul.”

            Until you make a thorough confession with true purpose of amendment, you will continue in your state of damnation and doctrinal errors that commensurate with it.

            The integrity of the dogma and morals of the infallible Catholic Church are found in Scripture by Divine guarantee;

            1 Timothy 3:15

            “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the PILLAR AND GROUND OF TRUTH.”

            Promulgated by the Sovereign Pontiff, with guarantee from error;

            Matthew 16:18-19

            “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, IT SHALL BE BOUND ALSO IN HEAVEN: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.”

            Hence, St Peter is buried under the Vatican and note the Papal flag;


            Your conceited heresies are nothing new – as St Augustine states;

            “Heresies are embraced only by those who, had they persevered in the faith, would be lost by the irregularity of their lives.”

            Many receive the gift of faith, but few are saved.

            Overall, you are a poor, spiritually impoverished, disobedient child and the provisional spiritual gifts that you have been given will be removed at death, when you are damned, unless you conform with the Catholic faith, prior to that moment.

            Matthew 25:29

            “For to every one that hath shall be given, and he shall abound: but from him that hath not, that also WHICH HE SEEMETH TO HAVE, shall be taken away.”

          • nekksys

            It amazes me that you can speak like you know me personally. The fact is you don’t know me at all.

            Over and over, I have recommended the same thing, for the same reason: read and translate the Scriptures for yourself, as I have done, because doing so “turns on the colour” that the Scriptures contain; meaning that translating the Scriptures for your own edification and knowledge brings one into a closer, fuller understanding of what was really meant by the writers. You, however, refuse to engage in educating yourself from the original Scriptures and continue to claim everyone else is a heretic because they aren’t Catholic; a very one sided and narrow minded position to hold.

          • Andy Sloan

            By definition, if you have not been given the Catholic faith, you are a heretic and the cause is a failure to keep God’s commandments;

            Titus 3:10-11

            “A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid: Knowing that he, that is such an one, is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned by his own judgment.”

            Deuteronomy 5:29

            “Who shall give them to have such a mind, to fear me, and to keep all my commandments at all times, that it may be well with them and with their children for ever?”

            It is not for individuals to interpret Scripture for themselves. As St Alphonsus says;

            “Perhaps that of those heretics who, separating themselves from our Church … have confused all revealed dogmas in such a way that the belief of one of them is contrary to that of his neighbor. O holy faith! Enlighten all those poor blind creatures who run to eternal perdition! But this light always shines forth and enlightens all men, both the faithful and the unbelievers … How is it, then, that so many are lost? O cursed sin,it is you who blind the minds of so many poor souls who open their eyes only when they enter eternity, but can then no more remedy their error!
            … O ye damned souls! Speak and tell me from the prison in which you live, what torments you most in Hell, the fire that burns you or the love which Jesus Christ has borne you? Ah, assuredly, the hell of your Hell is this: to see that a God came down from Heaven to earth to save you, but you, shutting your eyes to the light, have chosen of your own free will to be lost, and to lose this Infinite Good, your very God,Who will be yours no longer, nor will you ever be able to regain Him! ”

            God gave the Church to be the interpreter of Scripture, as conferred on the Apostles as figures of the Pope and the Bishops;

            Luke 24:35 & 46

            Now whilst they were speaking these things, Jesus stood in the midst of them, and saith to them: Peace be to you; it is I, fear not. Then he opened their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures.

            And we read;

            1 Timothy 3:15

            “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”

            That Catholic Church has never changed any dogmatic teachings in 2000 years, only added to them.

            That is sufficient to prove to you that you are wrong. It is of your own free-will whether to cling to your own false opinion, or consent to the teaching of Scripture.

          • nekksys

            You’re ability to misunderstand, misrepresent and misuse Scripture amazes me.

            I’m having a great laugh reading your posts. Please, tell me more about how errant the Catholic church has become!

      • Andy Sloan

        The reason God has deprived you of the gift of the Catholic faith is clear as follows;

        Titus 3:10-11

        ” A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid:
        Knowing that he, that is such an one, is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned by his own judgment..”

      • RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed

        Not sure why is the ‘ENGLISH’ language so corrupt and
        misunderstood ! First of all ‘MOTHER’ does not mean the ‘CREATOR’ . My
        mother did not ‘CREATE’ me or your mother did not ‘CREATE’ you . God is our creator
        . So same way The Blessed Virgin Mary did not ‘CREATE’ God . She only
        gave birth to him in the form of flesh and Blood . If you heretics claim
        ‘Mother’ to be a Blasphemy then you people should not call your own
        Mother as Mother , because it is Blasphemy because you then are claiming
        that your Mother ‘CREATED’ you….

      • RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed


        Heretics need to understand the Bible well and not just read it like some ordinary story book:

        Genesis 8:6 – Noah Sends a Raven and a Dove

        6Then it came about at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made; 7and he sent out a raven, and it flew here and there until the water was dried up from the earth. 8Then he sent out a dove from him, to see if the water was abated from the face of the land

        Here the Raven symbolizes the heretics that go out of the Arc ( true Church of Christ , THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ) . The Arc can only be the Church of Christ established by him . The Arc can only be the Blessed Virgin Mary ( Arc of The New Covenant ) The true Church of Christ the Catholic Church.

        So it is no surprise that even Satan will pray for forgiveness and on the last day and Christ will question Satan from where did he come from ?

        Job 2 1Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD. 2And the LORD said unto Satan, From whence comest thou? And Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

        Heretics will never get the true Body and Blood of Christ in the false Churches . Only the True Church laid down by Christ upon his apostles will survive the Judgment day . All outside the Arc will die . So does not mean just by praying and doing miracles that person will be saved .Christ only celebrated the Last Supped with his 12 Apostles and not with any random individual , no one has the right to celebrate the Holy Eucharist . Now those chosen by the Apostles are called to celebrate the Eucharist and forgive sins. This is the New Covenant .

        The Blessed Virgin Mary was NO DOUBT sinless . She was untouched by Satan or any demons . Original sin does not mean that it is embedded in our DNA Adam and Eve was not created with Original Sin, it only means that the ‘ORIGINAL’ satan at that garden of Eden is offering us all sorts of apples in all forms and tempting us right from the time we are born till we die. The Blessed Virgin Mary was protected from all forms of evil , hence we see the two Cherubim on both the sides of the Arc of the Covenant. This clearly explains that she was created pure and kept Holy. Once we die we will have to give an account for our own sins and we cannot blame our ancestors or Adam and Eve for our sins .

        (Deuteronomy 24:16)–“Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin.”
        (Ezekiel 18:20)–“The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.”


    • Skye Bowen

      “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build
      my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” This quote makes no connection between between Peter, and the church. Jesus only states that Peter’s name is Peter. Afterwards he makes a cryptic statement about building his church on a rock.

      Besides, what does Peter have to do with the Catholic church?

      • Andy Sloan

        Because Peter is the first of the line of Popes. And Christ built His Church on Peter,who has been given the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

        Matthew 16:18-19

        “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
        And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And
        whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven:
        and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.”

        “So that you may understand that the Church has received the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, hear what the Lord says … to all His Apostles:
        “Receive ye the Holy Ghost,” and then immediately following: “Whose
        sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you
        shall retain, they are retained” (John 20:22-23). These words relate to
        the keys, of which it had been said: “Whatsoever you shall loose on
        earth, it shall be loosed in Heaven” (Matthew 16: 19) …And outside
        the Church, nothing is loosed … The charity of the Church which is
        poured forth in our hearts by the Holy Ghost forgives the sins of those
        who are partakers of it. Of those who are not partakers, it retains.
        The grace which comes through the faith of Jesus Christ belongs only to
        those to whom the faith belongs. He who does not believe remains

        St. Augustine

        • nekksys

          It’s very obvious you’ve never read and translated the original Hebrew and Greek texts. If you had, you would know that “the dead know not a thing.” (Ecc. 9:5) and since Mary is DEAD, where does that lead us for salvation? It leads us here: “Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (Rom. 10:9)

          When Christ said those words (John 20:22-23), He was speaking to His Apostles. WE are not Apostles. We can forgive others when they act against us and we rightfully ought do so but the power to ultimately forgive sin lies solely with God at the behest of Christ, the Risen Son of God, who stands as intercessor for us. (Rom. 8:34) Mary is DEAD and therefore can not make any intercession for anyone.

          • Andy Sloan

            If Mary is dead, how is she able to effect the following?

            Apocalypse (Revelation) 12:17

            And the dragon was angry against THE WOMAN: and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

            See also Genesis 3:15

            When Christ gave the Apostles power to forgive sins, he was speaking to them in figure of the entire Catholic priesthood. What is the use of conferring such power, only for it to die with the Apostles?

            1 Timothy 4:14

            Neglect not the grace that is in thee, which was given thee by prophesy, with imposition of the hands of THE PRIESTHOOD.

            The passage you refer to in Ecclesiastes refers to those who are spiritually dead and in hell.

            Ecclesiastes 9:8-10

            “Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest,
            all the days of thy unsteady life, which are given to thee under the sun, all the time of thy vanity: for this is thy portion in life, and in thy labour wherewith thou labourest under the sun.
            Whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, NOR KNOWLEDGE shall be in hell, whither thou art hastening.”

            See also; Luke 16:20-31

          • nekksys

            Revelation 12:17 references all humanity for all are born of a woman. The dragon refers to Satan while the Woman refers to Eve, per your Genesis reference. Self-explanatory, no further discussion needed.

            Even so, let’s further invalidate your claims about Mary, shall we? Christ, Himself, said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) What can we take away from that? The only path to salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus as demonstrated by the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). Peter (by your own account, the first “Pope”) says, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” For this discussion, we’ll reference the whole passage in Acts 4 starting at verse 6 so you can see it for yourself. (Acts 4:6-12) Do pay particular attention to verse 10…

            1 Timothy 4:14 refers to the act of laying on of hands; a practice by which Pastors and Deacons were confirmed to be “of God.” Pastors and Deacons were prayed over and, often times, revealed to be chosen via prophecy. Since we know that not everyone is given the gift of prophecy, others had to be involved. If we look in Galatians, Paul notes how large his own writing is (Gal. 6:11), revealing that he had dictated most (possibly all) of his other letters. This shows that Paul travelled with at least one other person. It is commonly believed Paul also suffered a loss of vision from his encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus making travel with small entourage who were dedicated followers of Christ a necessity. It then makes sense, since he and his group would have performed these “laying on of hands” ceremonies, that he would refer to them as a Priesthood.

            Ecclesiastes 9:5 says very clearly (in the original Hebrew) “the dead know nothing” and, thus, is not open for discussion.

            The teaching behind the parable you reference in Luke 16 is valid; however, I can not give much credence to parable as written primarily due to a serious lack of provenance and the reference to “Hades.”

            Let’s address the Hades reference first… Hades is a place in Greek mythology and the concept of Hades in ancient Israel is, as yet, unclear. The closest reference in Hebrew is “Gehenna.” Gehenna was, quite literally, the garbage dump outside Jerusalem where trash was burned and buried daily. The story itself parallels historical Jewish and Ancient Egyptian stories meant to teach morality and compassion for the less fortunate. It would not be outside of Jesus established methods to use retellings of well-known stories to make a spiritual point; the origin of this portion is and remains in question.

            Again, Luke 16:19-31 is sound teaching but literary provenance is in doubt; very much like the final portion of The Lord’s Prayer. You know… The whole “For thine is the Kingdom, the Glory and the Power, forever and ever. Amen.” (Hint: that portion of The Lord’s Prayer doesn’t appear in the oldest of manuscripts.)

            Again, you really should read and translate the original Greek and Hebrew texts rather than relying on a book someone else wrote to tell you what it all means. For example, the word “hell” is not a Hebrew or Greek word and, as written, does not appear in the original texts. Hell is a word of Norse origin, referring to the demi-god of death, Hel. This word, and it’s altered spelling, crept into the English language through intermarriage of Norse and Angles (Yes, Angles; meaning the original English and not Angels). Please, do try to make contextual, literal and historical analyses when you reference or comment on Scripture. The whole picture is much clearer and brighter when you do.

            Since, however, it appears you’ve swallowed so much of the Catholic propaganda, this discussion doesn’t merit going any further.

          • Andy Sloan

            The best answer to you is from God Himself,through St Peter.

            2 Peter 3:16

            “As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable* wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction.”

            * in keeping God’s commandments

            Unless you go to confession and confess all your mortal sins and start keeping the commandments (Deuteronomy 5:29), you will be damned for eternity.

            Your manifest pride is the root of your alienation from Christ and His True Church

          • nekksys

            In another post replied with something to effect of, “lean not to thine own understanding…” yet here you provide a reference with an asterisk embedded… Something which, by definition, leans to someone else’s interpretation and understanding…

            If you can only quote other people’s interpretations, then quit trying. Read and translate the Holy Scriptures yourself so you can understand what is really written there FOR YOURSELF.

          • Andy Sloan

            Your answer displays your wish to justify yourself in your errors, rather than a desire to submit to the truth.

            God has not given the authentic interpretation of Holy Scripture to private individuals, but only His Catholic Church.

            1 Timothy 3:15

            “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”

            If you refuse this authority;

            Romans 13:1-2

            “Let every soul be subject to higher powers: for there is no power but from God: and those that are, are ordained of God.
            Therefore he that resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God. And they that resist, purchase to themselves damnation.”

  • Martha

    I enjoy your articles but you’ve really got to put down your copy of Left Behind and stop listening to the MSM talking heads about the Pope’s encyclical. Have you read it? TI mean the whole real thing, not little bites taken out of context.
    I’ll take a guess you haven’t. Until then, stop writing about these things you haven’t researched correctly. I’m guessing if you read it (without judging it before you start), then you’ll see it is biblical and in line with Christ’s teachings. Because Jesus says we are to care for the poor and creation. Yes those things have to be done in the correct context of scripture as a whole.
    Anyways, I hope you will consider reading it because the MSM has gotten MANY things wrong before –as you know well– and this is just the latest example.

  • billy batson

    Interesting, but hardly the final word in climate change.
    I think I’ll wait until Pope Frances addresses the Joint Session of Congress, in September/2015
    before I either cheer, or jump off of the nearest bridge.

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  • nekksys

    Please… Go on…

  • Zula

    This website is so pro religion its a contradiction of the TRUTH and an insult to reality

  • Fax Trivia

    *Grabs popcorn*

  • John Johnson

    Daniel 7, Revelation 17 & 18 spell it out… as Martin Luther stated, The Papacy is the seat of Anti-Christ…

    • RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed

      and Luther is in Hell , because Rome is not mentioned anywhere that it is going to be destroyed . The Babylon is Saudi Arabia , so you people are stupid to follow a person like Luther to hell

  • DJohn1

    I find it interesting that this “GAIA” concept thinks of the Universe itself as the source of “God”.
    The Bible is a collection of different books over an enormous length of time.
    The oldest is possibly Job.
    Job describes God as sitting on a throne surrounded by his followers. Assumed to be much higher on the food chain than mankind. Assumed to be a court of Immortals. Assumed that Satan is a member in good standing back then of said court. Assumed that Satan places a wager with God over his “servant” Job.
    It has a good description of that court and the leader of that court as God.
    In that book, God describes himself as the creator of Earth and the rest of the Universe.
    That seems to be a conflict with the “GAIA” concept.
    IN another book God describes himself as self existing from the beginning of space and time.
    Translated into English does not begin to describe what God described himself as.
    “I AM THAT I AM.” or some such English translation of ancient texts. God exists that God exists.
    In another book, Revelations, God again describes himself. I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Meaning to me God is a god of both space and time, reaching all the way back to the beginning of space and time all the way to the eventual ending of space and time.
    It really sounds to me like the GAIA concept is partially right.
    It is also wrong.
    Only because we are dealing here with a being far above us on the food chain of life. We are dealing with an immortal living since the beginning of the Universe.
    Everything else is below that being.
    We are dealing with a conscious entity capable of being any place and any time in a Universe we now know to be enormous in size capable of many galaxies and a Universe quite possibly 15 billion years old.
    Personally I think it is older than any one person can think of. I think God is regulating the entire thing called the Universe and possibly more.
    That means it is likely 100 billion light years across and older than that still.
    Unless the entire fabric of space and time is misunderstood.
    In which case we have an expanding universe possibly conceived in a huge explosion we call the “big bang”.
    On the other level, so small as to be inconceivably small, we have a Universe functioning in not 1 dimension of time and 3 of space, but at least 11 dimensions. Some theorize(educated guess), that at that level time moves backwards and forwards.
    This also means it is possible to move backwards in time and change things.
    Sounds like God to me.
    That we are living in a functional Universe with laws of physics and arithmetically correct principals defining a set of laws of physics is in itself probably impossible without a functioning intelligence behind it.
    The key here being that we do not understand how the Universe functions at all.
    The fact is the Bible is remarkable in that it was sourced from human beings a lot less likely to understand how the universe functions than we do right now. And frankly, we are still ignorant as the basics of reporting that universe. The reporters questions apply. How, Why, Where, When, Which, and Who.
    Do I believe in a God that created the Universe?
    Personally, yes I do.
    Do I understand how it all works? Not really.

  • Kenneth L. Walker

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  • mycho saniac

    the “antagonist” is niburu, confirmed recently by mike brown at caltech (under another plot course, and deliberately misnamed ‘planet 9’) despite having been heavily suppressed by nasa since the early 80’s (sitchin’s ‘The 12th Planet’ sumerian system includes sun, moon and jupiter)

  • Poupon Marx

    There is a good chance he is a Trojan Whores Jew or Jewish agent.

  • Deivis

    Interesting, the Pope’s Top Climate Change Advisor Does Not Believe In God but he believes his own thoughts to be real. God is experienced in silence and stillness. Now is not experienced through five senses. Calm down your senses and experience nonchanging everlasting being which is called God.

  • Perplexed

    If you want to see paganism in all it’s glory just look at the papacy! The pope is surrounded by pagan idols etc… The name Pontifex Maximus comes from the pagan priests that left Babylon and settled in Pergamum.

    • RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed

      What is the Meaning of ‘MOTHER’ ?

      Not sure why is the ‘ENGLISH’ language so corrupt and
      misunderstood ! First of all ‘MOTHER’ does not mean the ‘CREATOR’ . My
      mother did not ‘CREATE’ me or your mother did not ‘CREATE’ you . God is our creator
      . So same way The Blessed Virgin Mary did not ‘CREATE’ God . She only
      gave birth to him in the form of flesh and Blood . If you heretics claim
      ‘Mother’ to be a Blasphemy then you people should not call your own
      Mother as Mother , because it is Blasphemy because you then are claiming
      that your Mother ‘CREATED’ you.

  • Highland26

    This “Pope” appears to be a globalist plant. Why would he need a “climate change advisor” anyway…

  • Malik Favors

    MAN and WOMAN was created with Love…Compassion…Creativity…Adaptation…Knowledge…imprinted in our DNA…To provide service for MOTHER EARTH…Manage and Protect the Resources…Air…Water…Plant Life…Animals…Fish…Insects…..So that LIFE WILL SURVIVE FOR THE FUTURE…ALL RELIGIONS MUST TEACH AND TRAIN EVERYONE THIS IMPORTANT TASK….prophet malik…message from GOD THE CREATOR OF GALAXY…SOLAR SYSTEM..LIFE🌃