The Truth About Elena Kagan

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Barack Obama’s latest nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, is almost certain to be confirmed, and that is truly frightening news for America.  Why?  Because the truth about Elena Kagan is beyond shocking.  When she is confirmed, she will become the most liberal member of a Supreme Court that is already extremely liberal.  She is radically pro-abortion, extremely sympathetic to the gay agenda and has no respect for life whatsoever.

Just consider a few of the startling facts that have come out about Elena Kagan….

*After the election of Ronald Reagan, a young Elena Kagan openly yearned for a more “leftist left”.

*As an aide to President Bill Clinton, Kagan took a lead role in fighting a Republican bill to limit abortion.

*Kagan once referred to the Pentagon’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy as “a profound wrong—a moral injustice of the first order”.

*One newly produced document from the Clinton archives has revealed that Kagan once defended ex-President Bill Clinton’s veto of a bill to ban partial-birth abortions.

*White House memos from 1997, when Elena Kagan was a top domestic policy advisor to President Clinton, show that she recommended that the Clinton administration permit cloning of human embryos for research purposes.

Cloning of human embryos for research?

Is that the kind of future we are headed towards?

Well, the answer is yes if Elena Kagan has anything to say about it.

The truth is that Elena Kagan would give new meaning to the term “liberal activist judge”.  Between Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, the Democrats now have a liberal core of judges on the Supreme Court that could last for decades.

America cannot afford for Elena Kagan to be confirmed, but with the Democrats firmly in control that is exactly what is going to happen.

This is yet another indication of just how far America has fallen.

The United States is heading straight into the moral toilet, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. 

What a horrible nation we are becoming.

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • Greg

    You were pretty accurate in this article until the last sentence when you indicate we are becoming a horrible nation. Some people get angry when negative things about this nation are discussed. My own independent research forced me to go from the belief that America was the epitome of goodness that was being hijacked by the wicked to the understanding that this nation is the epitome of wickedness from day one that for a time period was blessed with the freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and many took advantage of that opportunity. However, this nation has also corrupted the name of the Lord throughout the world and we are responsible for untold millions saying “if that is Christianity, I want nothing to do with it!” In addition to the despicable wickedness this nation sends around the world, we have also spread a false “salvation” message around the world. America is described in Revelation 18 and that scripture is likely to be fulfilled during the lives of those reading this blog.

    The most important thing to understand is that every malady we are experiencing is planned and that the evil and demise we are now seeing are also part of the plan that was laid out before our Declaration. I encourage readers to research this issue and to gain an understanding of who we truly are and why, for example, there are so many satanic figures in Washington DC and NYC. You will see that these events unfolding in our daily news are all a part of the journey this nation was destined to take. The end of that journey is not going to be pleasant and we are nearing our destination.

  • pro-obortion? i belive abortion does not have to be prohibited in any country, but to make it popular is just crazy. its a murder. she does not look like a woman who has kids.

  • Greg

    “TRUTH” Does it have a place in America anymore? I’m leaning toward the belief that it doesn’t. We have been so saturated with lies and with so many things that take away our ability to reason that it seems the vast majority of people in this nation now want to either attack what they mistakenly hate as the problem or pretend that everything will work out because “it always has and this is America and we’re spesssshull!” The result is that the wolves are now totally in control and the people are as unable to overcome the plans of the wicked as the sheep are incapable of grouping together and overpowering the wolves who are gorging themselves. The wolves are quite gleeful at their long-term lunchbox and they are not going to spare you just because you were one of their many useful idiots. We are all mutton in their eyes.

    You may have heard about the new insanity in our schools where kids view themselves as werewolves. Let’s pretend those kids carry this belief further and begin to kill and eat people during full moon. Your belief that there is no such thing as a werewolf does not mean that they will stop eating people and it does not mean that you won’t be their next meal. You would be stupid to ignore what they were doing and why they were doing it. There are numerous people who are eagerly awaiting their messiah because they believe that there will be bliss and peace and prosperity for all (that they don’t kill before he gets here) and a large number of those people have the wealth and power to manipulate things to bring their messiah onto the world’s stage. They do not accept that Jesus Christ was the messiah but instead are looking for another messiah. America was raised up centuries ago to usher in this new messiah and it is our planned destiny to be crushed as a part of that ushering in. Their messiah is going to be welcomed by the world because of the demise of this nation and the chaos that is being intentionally brought in around the world.

    The bottom line for the chaos we are seeing is that we have rebelled against the Creator and Satan now has temporary dominion. Whereas the “new messiah” is going to be satanic, there has to be a great deal of chaos and bloodshed to usher him in. Rejection of that fact does not mean that you have to reject the spiritual aspects behind our planned destruction. Again, don’t be so stupid as to disregard facts just because they don’t line up with your atheism or other misguided beliefs. It is beyond hope that there will be a return to true Christianity in this nation so don’t be afraid that if you allow yourself to stop hating God there will somehow be a sweep of repentance and revival.

    Christianity in this nation has been systematically destroyed with the concerted attack beginning in the mid 19th Century and the appointments of wicked heathens such as Kagan are the culmination of this planned sweep of immorality in our nation. We are too far down the toilet for even a plumber’s helper to extract this nation. In spite of that fact, it may still be possible to get people to open their eyes to the reasons behind the destruction of this nation and the enslavement of the people. It is not by accident.