The Truth About Illegal Immigration

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The U.S. government has been so negligent when it comes to illegal immigration that it has created a law enforcement crisis of unprecedented proportions in many areas of the southwest United States.  Authorities in Arizona are now openly admitting that Mexican drug cartels totally control some areas of the state.  Local police are outgunned, outmanned and are increasingly being shot by Mexican drug smugglers.  Yet the U.S. government continues to do nothing to secure the border.  The truth is that our insane immigration policy makes legal immigration incredibly difficult but does next to nothing to stop all the gang members, serial criminals, drug smugglers and terrorists that are regularly crossing the Mexican border whenever they want. 

The video posted below should absolutely shock you.  Law enforcement authorities in Arizona are now openly announcing that the Mexican drug cartels totally control a drug smuggling corridor that extends from the Mexican border all the way up to Phoenix.

As you watch the video below, take special note of the following incredibly shocking quotes from Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu….

“Drug cartels control this area.”

“Local law enforcement cannot handle and stop this on our own.”

“We are outgunned, we are outmanned and we don’t have the resources here locally for us to fight this.”

The following is another video news report that discusses how the U.S. government has now made some parts of Arizona off limits to U.S. citizens because of the threat of violence from Mexican drug smugglers….

So where is the federal government?

Local officials are crying out for assistance.

Talk about dropping the ball!

One of the things that the federal government is actually supposed to do is to secure our borders.

But years of neglect on the borders has created an illegal immigration nightmare as a Frosty Woolridge article pointed out recently….

Examples explode across America: 76 percent dropout rate in Detroit, Michigan high schools. Entrenched poverty. An astounding $35 million in goods shoplifted every day in America, honor killings of women now in America, mosques growing like flies in a barnyard, Muslim shootouts with FBI agents, first call for Sharia Law to be implemented in Detroit, Islamic calls to worship sounding over the once all American city. Another city, Los Angeles slowly returns to Mexican authority, language and culture. Every girl past 15 features a baby and most of those mothers cannot read past the fourth grade or work simple math. The Mexican “18th Street Gang” of 20,000 illegal aliens controls the drug trade in much of LA and police will not venture into their ghettos. MS-13 now in 40 American states. Millions of pounds of trash must be picked up as it is tossed all over LA. Chicago, Miami and Houston feature gangs, drugs and worse—all caused by mass immigration. Phoenix, Arizona features an astounding annual car theft rate of 57,000 vehicles to become the new “Car Theft Capital of the World.”

Things have gotten so bad that some states have taken matters into their own hands. 

But when Arizona recently passed a watered-down anti-illegal immigration law in an attempt to do something about this security nightmare, the pro-illegal immigration community exploded in outrage.

To get an idea of how absolutely vicious the backlash has been against this new law in Arizona, just check out the following video….

But do these protests reflect the will of the American people?

Well, no.

The truth is that the American people overwhelmingly want something to be done about this horrific illegal immigration crisis.

One recent Rasmussen Reports poll found that almost two-thirds (64 percent) of voters in Arizona favor the new law.  Another recent Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found that 60% of American voters nationwide favor an anti-immigration law like Arizona just passed, while just 31% are opposed.

Talk about a consensus.

But the U.S. government refuses to do anything.

In our recent article entitled “The Truth About Securing The Border” we noted that the U.S. seems more than happy to help other nations secure their borders and yet refuses to secure our own…. 

Is there a reason why the U.S. government refuses to secure our border with Mexico?

After all, we seem more than happy to help other nations secure their borders.

In fact, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has just agreed to help Saudi Arabia secure its dangerous border areas near Yemen.

Not only that, we have secured the border between South Korea and North Korea so well that not a single North Korean has crossed over the border illegally in over 50 years.

And yet we continue to leave our border with Mexico completely wide open.

Not only is doing so insanely bad public policy, it also greatly endangers our national security.

Border officials tell us that a growing number of radical Muslims are sneaking over the Mexican border into the United States.

And we are doing almost nothing to stop them.

This is a national nightmare and it is getting worse by the day.

If we do not do anything, crime will continue to get worse, gang violence will continue to get worse, drug dealing with continue to get worse and more law enforcement authorities will continue to be killed.

This is a desperate national security problem that needs an urgent solution.

But as long as Barack Obama is in the White House, nothing is going to be done about illegal immigration.

So if you live in an area that is crawling with Mexican drug smugglers, the truth is that you only have two options.

Either get used to it or move somewhere else.

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • Greg

    Nobody should talk anymore about “how we solve the crisis” or “how we fix the mess” until we first be truthful about why we have the mess. Most of the problems we are facing in the US would have been so easy and common-sensical to avoid that we can legitimately ask why we didn’t have a high school class making decisions for our nation instead of politicians because the high schoolers would have done a better job. The root of the matter is “who is driving the agenda to destroy America?” and “why do they want to destroy America?” This “immigration problem”, for example, could be solved in 1 day if we wanted to do so. For example, during the month of July, routinely drop flyers at the border stating that any person crossing the border illegally will be considered an enemy of the US. Starting August 1, any person crossing the border illegally is shot dead. Simple, done (comprende breakthrough!) and the legal border crossings would then be used properly by noon of August 1. This would also stop the drug flow but that, too, is desired by those seeking to destroy this nation. Don’t be so stupid as to say I am advocating killing Mexicans – I am advocating enforcing our laws and accepting the fact that there are solutions but those solutions are not wanted. Instead, a large number of people are leaning toward immigration reform and legalizing drugs, preposterous notions of abdicating to the lawbreakers and giving those who created the problems exactly what they wanted in the first place.

    I never wanted to believe anything other than what I had believed until about 4 years ago – that America is the greatest country on earth and the only reason we have problems is because of liberal heathens who are trying to derail this god-given nation. Unfortunately, that is not true. The liberal heathens are the most useful of the useful idiots but I also learned that this right wing conservative was equally duped in thinking that there was any real difference in the parties. We are being sold down the river by all parties and there is an agenda behind that sell-out. Chaos is used to condition the masses into accepting what the turmoil creators wanted to impose on us in the first place but when they give it to us as a “solution” to the chaos, we don’t think it is baaaaaad and we bleat out our thank-yous to those who are destroying us.

    • rose

      Well said

  • I came to the US at age 15 in August 1959 and except for short periods of time I have spent most of life here. I am a naturalized citizen and a veteran. The fact that I was not born in the US makes me an alien, a legal one, that is. On these basis I can tell you that if I can come here legally and comply with the Laws, why can’t other aliens do the same? Again, I am not a native born citizen but I am here legal and have become a citizen as well, and have rights just like anyone else. I am against illegal immigration and agree that an immediate solution to this huge problem is necessary.

  • spytheweb

    Employers must be fined. E-verified everyone and national ID cards.

  • Daniel Mendoza

    Secure the borders and THEN work out the 12 million illegals that are here. Hell if you start to grant amnesty with these 12 million and the borders are still open….there will surely be ANOTHER 12 million trying to cross to get in on that deal. What an idiot we have in charge!

  • JE

    I hope you know that man in the photo has no idea what is written on that sign. I bet some so called friend had a good laugh. It is not funny.

  • CS

    I live on the border between U.S. and Mexico so close that the border wall is a less than thirty minute drive away. I can say that the federal government is pouring tons of manpower into securing the border. All over my neighborhood there are border patrol agents and heck even armed air drones. When the Article said that the Feds are doing nothing to secure the border that is a bold face lie. Many of our farmers here had to give up their own land, the very thing that sustained them just so the US government could build the border “wall”. The majority of us here are very appalled at the immigration situation here though. It seems that they are dedicated at keeping the gangsters and cartels in but keeping the honest and hardworking out through their convoluted laws that people must jump through to try to provide a better life for their families.

  • humor

    hmm..maybe to get the NY’ers(liberals) support for border security we could trick the cartels and coyotes into shooting those birds on the wildlife preserve. Then they’d scream and cry about dying souls of birds(they don’t care about people) and send some national guard!

  • frankly, I could PhotoShop that image in about 10 seconds. It looks so phony, I doubt its authenticity. No one questions anything they see anymore.

  • Wm

    This isnt just dropping the ball.
    This is CRIMINAL TREASON against the USA and its citizens by the maggots that we’re voted into the White House and appointed by the socialist islamic nutcase currently running this country.

  • Wm

    “I can say that the federal government is pouring tons of manpower into securing the border. ”
    So we’re supposed to take YOUR word on this issue over that of the Sheriffs of these counties on the border and that of border patrols who have said that they ARENT getting enough help.

    Do you think we’re idiots ?

  • Bill

    The sign the protester is holding is obviously fake. It’s either a photoshop or some troll slipped in to make the real protesters out to be greedy freeloaders. No one talks like that, much less makes a sign like that.

    If anyone doesn’t want to pay their fair share of taxes it is Republicans.

  • Dr. G. William Walster, Ph. D.

    This is yet another example of how those on the right lie, distort, and use any means to accomplish their ends.

    I did a little research and found a number of things.

    1. Frosty Wooldridge (Frosty Wooldridge) does not appear to be a credible source. Many of the “facts” he cites have been easily refuted. See:
    2. With no attribution to the original source of the photographs, Frosty Wooldridge plagiarized them from this original article. In it, the original authors do not come to the same conclusions that Frosty Wooldridge does. Namely, they do not attribute the decline of Detroit to the influx of Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and their respective values and cultures.

    My conclusion is that yet again this demonstrates how intellectually bankrupt and fraudulent the right often is. If anybody believes this crap, then they are morally and intellectually bankrupt as well. To send this kind of vile material to anyone without explicitly disowning its contents, as I am now doing, the sender only perpetuates this kind of deceit that is designed to perpetuate racial hostility. There is no excuse to perpetuate this kind of hateful material that is easily proven to be full of lies.

    Remember this from Judgement at Nuremberg?

    “Defendant Ernst Janning, (played by Burt Lancaster) struggles with his inner demons and begins to rise from the abyss, gaining a modicum of moral respite as he forcibly rebukes Schell, changes his plea to “Guilty,” and testifies as to the soul-destructive nature of ‘a passing phase which became a way of life.’ Lancaster’s Janning is truly tragic, more so because he so clearly understands that ‘he made his life excrement when he walked with [the Nazis].'”

    I choose not to turn my life into excrement by walking with people like Frosty Woodridge, or doing anything that might be interpreted to mean that I in anyway find this kind of thing to be “thought provoking” or “very interesting”, except as I have explained above to demonstrate how vile, hateful, and dishonest those on the right frequently are.

  • PubliusK

    Wow. Hate much? Nothing like hate to rile up the voting populace. I love how the blame is put on Obama. But his predecessor, Bush The Younger, fought very hard against the far right wing of his own party to stop any kind of immigration reform. Why? Because they help his friends get reallllly cheap labor.

  • Shane

    Dr. G. William Walster, Ph. D. is a leftist radical just google this guy and you will se that he does not believe in America but rather the transformation of this great nation from what we are to a socialist utopia such as the greatness accomplished by the Soviet Union. Since communism has worked out so well everywhere else (over 100,000 million murders, forced abortions and a never ending slave class) I say hats off to him for being a true believer in stupidity. Keep praying to your god the state and your little red book and make your pilgrimage to Lenin’s tomb comrade. Better yet just move to Cuba it has all the laws you love and it is a economic and climatic paradise.

  • Cody Derespina

    This is a war we are in with Mexico and we need to treat it as such. No mercy for a Mexican enemy that is bent on destroying our way of life, culture and heritage. Mexicans are a backwards and primitive people denigrating the American way of life. They need to be kept on their side of the border, plain and simple, and I’d be happy to stay on my side. Good neighbors have large fences between them, especially when one is civilized and the other ain’t.

  • GuyWhoComments

    Not only that, we have secured the border between South Korea and North Korea so well that not a single North Korean has crossed over the border illegally in over 50 years.

    -Possibly the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever read. Does anyone really believe this?