The War On The U.S. Constitution

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Today, many among America’s liberal ruling class have openly declared war on the U.S. Constitution. It turns out that the U.S. Constitution just does not fit well with the radical green agenda and European-style socialism that they are trying to impose on all of us. In particular, many in America’s ruling class are deeply alarmed about the rise of the Patriot and Tea Party movements in recent years. Both of these movements stress fidelity to the U.S. Constitution and to the values that our founding fathers founded this nation on. Unfortunately for America’s liberal ruling class, the values of our founding fathers were completely contrary to the direction that they are trying to take us in. They tend to portray our founding fathers as racist, sexist, homophobic neanderthals who did the best they could at the time. They insist on referring to our Constitution as a “living, breathing document”, which is code for saying that they feel free to alter the meaning of it any time they wish, because after all, they know better. The truth is that the U.S. Constitution stands in the way of what America’s ruling class is trying to accomplish, and so now many of them have actually resorted to openly trashing it.

These days you will rarely hear any liberal speak of the founding fathers with any kind of veneration whatsoever. At best, they will make excuses for them, and at worst they will openly mock and attack them.

The most recent round of Constitution bashing began with a Constitution Day lecture by Michael Klarman of Harvard University Law School at Johns Hopkins University on September 16th. His address was entitled “A Skeptical View of Constitution Worship“, and it was a scathing attack on the U.S. Constitution.

Now keep in mind that this is someone from Harvard University Law School that is making these remarks.  At Harvard University Law School many of the future Obamas, Bushes and Supreme Court Justices of the world are being educated.  In many ways, Harvard University Law School is one of the pinnacles of the U.S. education system.

So the remarks you are about to read were not made by some radical professor at some obscure university.  These remarks were made by someone deeply embedded in the establishment.

In another day and age remarks like the ones you are about to read would have caused national outrage.  Klarman would have immediately lost his job and would never be put in a position to teach others ever again.  But today the world is a much different place.

The following excerpt from Klarman’s speech summarizes his four key points about “constitutional idolatry”….

I have four points I want to make today against constitutional idolatry, which is my label for our misguided tendency to blindly worship the Constitution, giving it credit for all the things we love and honor about our country.

(1) The Framers’ constitution, to a large degree, represented values we should abhor or at least reject today.

(2) There are parts of the Constitution with which we are still stuck today even though we would never freely choose them and they are impossible to defend based on contemporary values.

(3) For the most part, the Constitution is irrelevant to the current political design of our nation.

(4) The rights protections we do enjoy today, the importance of which I do not minimize, are mostly a function of political and social mores, which have dramatically evolved over time and owe relatively little to courts using the Constitution to protect them.

As you read through the rest of Klarman’s speech, you can almost feel the hate that he has for the U.S. Constitution rising off the page.  You can find a full transcript of the speech right here.

A columnist writing for The Economist picked up on Klarman’s remarks and published an article with this disturbing headline: “The Perils Of Constitution-Worship”.  It is an open secret that The Economist has deep ties to America’s liberal ruling elite and the big money interests behind them, and so it was only natural for them to jump on the bandwagon.

Right away the article in The Economist made it abundantly clear who the real targets of the article were….

At almost any tea-party meeting you can expect to see some patriot brandishing a copy of the hallowed texts and calling, with trembling voice, for a prodigal America to redeem itself by returning to its “founding principles”.

Yes, the liberal elite love to bash Tea Partiers.  They represent everything that the liberal elite believe is wrong with America.  In the article, those who support the Tea Party and believe in the U.S. Constitution are portrayed as “infantile”….

Indeed, there is something infantile in the belief of the constitution-worshippers that the complex political arguments of today can be settled by simple fidelity to a document written in the 18th century.

According to the article, when we revere the Constitution and the values that this nation was founded upon, apparently “truth is the victim”….

When history is turned into scripture and men into deities, truth is the victim. The framers were giants, visionaries and polymaths. But they were also aristocrats, creatures of their time fearful of what they considered the excessive democracy taking hold in the states in the 1780s. They did not believe that poor men, or any women, let alone slaves, should have the vote. Many of their decisions, such as giving every state two senators regardless of population, were the product not of Olympian sagacity but of grubby power-struggles and compromises—exactly the sort of backroom dealmaking, in fact, in which today’s Congress excels and which is now so much out of favour with the tea-partiers.

But the Constitution bashing was not done yet.  Just a few days ago Joshua Keating had an article entitled “Are Americans Too Constitution Obsessed?” published on the website of Foreign Policy – the official magazine of The Council on Foreign Relations.  Considering the fact that every single U.S. Secretary of State since the 1950s has been a member of the CFR, it is very disturbing that they feel free to bash the U.S. Constitution as well.  In fact, those who know the history of the CFR know that it has an absolutely enormous amount of influence over the U.S. government.

In the article, Keating makes the following statement….     

I also suspect most Americans don’t realize quite how old the Constitution is by world standards.

And that is what liberals want us to think – that the U.S. Constitution is archaic, that it is outdated and that it simply does not work in the modern society that we are now living in.

But they are wrong. 

A republic can still work in 2010.

Individual freedom and liberty can still work in 2010.

Limited government can still work in 2010.

The Bill of Rights can still work in 2010.

But liberals are becoming increasingly open about the fact that they want to take all of those things away from us.  They are no longer afraid to publicly bash the U.S. Constitution. 

In fact, many of them are willing to do just about anything to impose their version of a politically correct socialist paradise on all of us.

A war on the U.S. Constitution has been declared.

Will the American people rise to defend it, or are we about to lose the Republic that our founding fathers fought and died for permanently?

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  • Thes

    Defending the constitution is just another way for someone devoid of meaning and purpose in their life to latch onto something old and traditional is desperate attempt at preservation. In truth, (I mean the REAL truth), is that societies change, the world changes, people change. The only real truth in life is change. Any attempt to blindly ignore the overall fluidity of the natural world and hold to the ideals of an aged doctrine and expect it to be applicable in a dynamic society is the equivalent of expecting Newtonian physics to accurately explain all the new research findings of quantum mechanics. New theories must replace the old as new information is discovered, this is progress.

  • Shawn

    I am very disturbed by any attempts to minimalize the foundation of our undeniable and basic rights that every single person on Earth would be so lucky to enjoy. However I also find it Ironic that the author of this article thinks that the greatest threat to te Consitution comes from”liberals”.

    From what I can see, the greatest erosions to this sacred and just documnet in recent history have come almost exclusively from the Right. The last 10 years have seen massive deterioration of rights by the Republican party acting on behalf of larger corprate, finacial, military/industial and multinational entities.

    The Left wing of the political spectrum is not without blame as well as they have continued these erosions, but to try to pin the damage to one party or the other shows a naivete of the actual process of rule in this day and age.

    Even more reason to uphold that greatest of assertions that all men are protected and endowed with rights that no man should doubt, Left or right. Anyone who attempts to marginalize one over the other is either blind or part of the process of obfuscation and erosion.

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    Great article and points regarding what progressive liberals want for this Constitutional Republic. Complete control without limit so that they can protect us just like Uncle Joe, Moa and Hitler did while seizing control of their respective countries. Also, no black or white on anything, as we wouldn’t want to judge anyone else’s behavoir no matter how bad or despicable or damaging to our society and Country. The Constitution is like the 10 Commandments. It’s written in stone, and it will never be changed by those that would destroy our Constitutional Republic. Anyone who doesn’t agree can/should leave for a Utopia that they most richly deserve. Zimbabwe comes readily to mind and please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • John

    I read the examples of attacks on the Constitution and found none of them to fit the description. In each case, a very reasonable and true statement is being made that the law of the land must evolve if it is to serve society. Nowhere is the republic, personal freedom, size of government or the Bill of Rights being questioned in any way. It is worth noting that the Constitution values a black man at 3/5 that of a white man. Is that an idea that the author thinks should be upheld?

    Statements in this article, like those about the existence of a liberal ruling class in the United States, or claiming that simply pointing out the age of the Constitution is pejorative are just nonsensical and undermine the author’s credibility.

  • stella

    Fair enough, I’m all for personal rights and freedoms … where was the teaparty when Bush was using the constitution as personal asswipe :.?

  • Peter John

    The constitution was meant to be changed thats why we have a process to do it. When someone argues with hyperbole then their arguments should be ignored. We should not have a federal government that is so feeble that it cannot protect us or contain the power of the states. That way leads to anarchy. And we can’t have a federal government that is all powerful since that way leads to tyranny. We have to try and balance the different powers that be. This requires very careful and precise arguments. What is needed is small adjustments.

  • Bob LahBlaw

    The problem isn’t the Constitution itself but the powers that surround it. I can agree that the Constitution should be changed to fit our current times, but not under the hands of the corrupt or the greedy.

    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    The representatives “we” have put in charge are receiving far more “corporate contributions” than they’re making from our tax money, so who would they support more? And what’s worse is none of this is illegal or against the law.

    Welcome to the United States of Corporate America.

  • Fritzster

    Truth is constant and God is not neutral. Saying societies change on behalf of changing truth is a matter of debate, truth does not debate. It is the truth. Only add to origins never subtract. Americans are witnessing the biggest lie of our lifetimes.

  • Tom

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequite to the governing of any other” Ben Franklin
    “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of government” Adams.
    Where there is much of God,there is little of man,but where there is much of man,there is little of God,thus goes America .
    The Bible says in the last days “evil will be called good,and good evil” thus it is so,with this {Progressive socialist anti God “new society”of today}. The morals we had in this country at one time are bearing the fruit of the “if it feels good do it” generation.
    Our once great country is getting just what it deserves from both parties,by the way Oblamea takes gobs of corprate loot himself (Soros) and Hollyweirdos plus many other “very wealthy people.
    Bush is no longer in DC so be truthful and lay some blame on the “organizer”,that word brings up visions of other organizers,Chaves,Hitler, Marx,etc. Pinkos all.
    Leave the Consitiution alone. By the way throw the UN out of America,and get us out of it. Its a Progressive commie play ground.
    If you don’t like what i said,stuff it in your progressive left wing radicial nose.

  • Terri Lynn Sullivan

    Wow, the person that wrote the article is in left field without a vision, completely and utterly out of touch with reality. As soon as the words “liberal” or “radical green agenda” or “progressive left wing” is spoken, we know one has no clue. The inconvenient truth is, (oh I can just imagine the naïve people mocking my referral to Gore’s book as a “liberal” viewpoint)…..that the American Constitution is quite archaic, written in a time when we had muskets that didn’t hit anything, rather than the waste of taxpayer dollars today put into all our high tech robotics warfare that only uneducated people (“uneducated” by way of travel, listening to people around the world, thinking critically and analytically outside the narrow box of American “exceptionalism”)believe “defend our nation” or “freedom”. And certainly all that violence does nothing to “defend the Constitution”. If you believe this, I’ll sell you all some swampland in Florida somewhere. USA ranks around 110th in global peace today DUE to these unsustainable beliefs, God was never a “man of war”, the Bible was written by man to suit special interest, and our nation has among the highest rate of cancer of any “civilized” nation DUE highly to not pushing that “green agenda”. If you really wish to be pro-American and do something good for our nation, our world, fight for clean air, clean water, a clean soul, and get your eyes off the TV “news” channels such as Fox, CNN, NSNBC, ABC, NBC or ANY of those channels as they are all owned and controlling your minds by 1 of 3 war profiteers taking our nation down with your souls.