These Ancient Elongated Skulls Are NOT HUMAN

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Nephilim Skull - Lake Titicaca - Posted by Brien Foerster on Facebook
Are you ready to be confronted with evidence that will directly contradict the version of “world history” that you were taught in school?  In recent years, hundreds of extremely bizarre skulls have been discovered all over the planet.  Scientific tests that have been conducted on some of them conclusively prove that these ancient elongated skulls are NOT HUMAN.  Many people are not able to accept what you are about to see because it is too radical for them.  But the truth is that ancient texts have been telling us about these “hybrid beings” for thousands of years.  There are even some ancient Indian traditions that claim that these creatures were in North America before the Indians were.  In fact, there is even one ancient Indian tradition about a war between a tribe of Indians and a race of red-haired cannibalistic giants.  The Bible refers to these hybrids as “the Nephilim”, and as time goes by the evidence keeps piling up that they were very, very real.

Down in Peru, particularly on the Paracas peninsula, researchers have been finding some very large elongated skulls that are extremely ancient.  On his Facebook page, Brien Foerster posted a photo of one of these ancient skulls that still has red hair on it…

Elongated Skull Peru - Red Hair

Another specimen with red hair was just recently discovered.  But this one was the skull of a young child.  This photo is also from Brien Foerster’s Facebook page

Baby Elongated Skull From Peru

These elongated skulls are much, much larger than normal human skulls would be.  Purposeful cranial deformation can change the shape of a skull, but it cannot increase the volume of the skull.

In addition, these skulls have quite a few other important physical characteristics that greatly set them apart from normal human skulls.  Brien Foerster discusses some of these key differences in the following five minute video

In a recent interview with the Examiner, Foerster explained that his research has led him to the conclusion that these creatures are either “a different species” or are “a mix of human and alien DNA”…

Examiner: In a recent video, “Alien Hybrid Human Baby Found In Peru?,” you show the remains of a baby with an elongated skull as well as a fetus with an elongated skull. Do you have any theories why these babies may have developed naturally with misshapen skulls?

Foerster: These examples are completely natural in shape, and have enormous cranial volume. They are either a different species from us, or, possibly, are a mix of human and alien DNA.

A sample of the red hair from one of these skulls was sent to a lab to be analyzed.  What was discovered was absolutely mind blowing.  You can watch researcher L.A. Marzulli discuss what the lab found starting at the ten minute mark of the following video

Other teams of researchers have come to similar conclusions about these ancient elongated skulls.  For example, the following is an excerpt from a Daily Mail article that was posted back in 2011

A mummified elongated skull found in Peru could finally prove the existence of aliens.

The strangely shaped head – almost as big as its 50cm (20in) body – has baffled anthropologists.

It was one of two sets of remains found in the city of Andahuaylillas in the southern province of Quispicanchi.

When an international team of anthropologists studied the skull that was found, they also agreed that it was “not a human being“…

Davila Riquelme said three anthropologists, from Spain and Russia, arrived at the museum last week to investigate the findings and agreed it was ‘not a human being’ and would conduct further studies.

He added: ‘Although the assessment was superficial, it is obvious that its features do not correspond to any ethnic group in the world.’

Another ancient skull that has caused a lot of controversy in recent years is the so-called “Starchild Skull”.  The following is a photo of the “Starchild Skull” compared with the skull of a normal human…

Starchild Skull

Obviously the physical differences are very great.  But the Starchild Project wanted to go even farther.  They wanted to do extensive DNA testing on the skull to determine how close to human this creature actually was…

For 13 years we at the Starchild Project have known the Starchild Skull came from a being that was not entirely human, if human at all. First, it shares no physical characteristics with a normal human skull—none! Unfortunately, this astounding divergence in physical points of comparison never impressed mainstream scientists because they could, and often did, glibly explain all of them away by insisting: Nature can do anything! But that was never true.

Nature actually functions by strict rules that confine life to well-defined boundaries outlined by the unique genetic code of each species. No laws are more firmly established than the laws of genetics. Fifty eye-witnesses can say that a person committed a crime, but if DNA shows otherwise, the witnesses are ignored. DNA dominates in courts because it is the math of biology. It says what it says, again and again, with consistency you can stake your life on.

When they came back, the DNA test results were absolutely shocking.  The following is a brief excerpt from the report

In terms of this all-important mtDNA in the Starchild, our geneticist has recovered four reasonably large fragments which together total 1,583 base pairs, or 9.55% of the 16,569 base pair total for humans. As before, this is only a partial result, but also as before, it is highly indicative of what the final result of a full mtDNA genome analysis will be.

Within those 1,583 base pairs, the Starchild carries a grand total of 93 variations that are different from the extremely highly conserved human mtDNA genome. That is 93 in only 9.5% of the genome! It’s already near to the maximum of 120 variations in human mtDNA. If we do a simple but highly reliable mathematical extrapolation, expanding the 9.5% out to 100% (times 10.5) we find that 93 established variations extrapolates out to 977 variations!

You can read the rest of the report right here, and I have posted video of researcher Lloyd Pye discussing the Starchild skull below…

For even more on all of this, please check out my previous article entitled “13 Nephilim Skulls Found In Mexico?

The evidence continues to mount that “people” other than humans once roamed the earth.  The Bible refers to them as “the Nephilim“.  Other ancient texts have other names for them.  The Paiute Indians claim to have once fought a war against a race of red-haired cannibalistic giants in Nevada.  In fact, a handprint from one of those giants can still be found in a nearby cave.

But many people out there will never be willing to even consider any of this.  Since it does not fit with the “accepted view of history” that they have always been taught, they will just dismiss all of this without even evaluating the evidence.

What about you?

What do you think about all of this?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s shocking new book about the last days entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on It is shaking the world of Bible prophecy to the core, and it is being called one of the most controversial Christian books of 2016.  If you would like to check it out, you can find it right here.*

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  • md

    Zecharia Sitchin wrote several books explaining who they are and what they are doing here. The best summary is, I think, his last book- Genesis Revisited. A great read. The longer version is a series called The Earth Chronicles. Enjoy!

    • krinks

      Sitchin was proven to be a liar sorry to say. Who these people are is found in Genesis 6.

    • Momma Mann

      i would go to Michael Heiser’s website and read what he has to say regarding Stichin or go to Jonathon Gray’s website. Both are very good at deciphering Sumerian.

    • highpriestess

      an elitest family with knowledge of the third force monetarily backed Sitchin, the Rockefellers, he was not a scholar and never learned to read ancient Sumerian, he was just winging it, and that is why the Rockefellers loved him for it…..Sitchin is a liar, or was a liar and I told him so… out for people like Rael, or Billy Meier’s or Sitchin, or Erik Von Daniken, these are people who perpetuated and brought forth the belief in Aliens, part of the alien agenda!

  • Kim

    The Fellers! They caused all sorts of problems.

  • Joseph James

    It will be as in the days of Noah

    • kstech

      The rest of the verse:

      “” For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. “”

      • mt

        You might like to think about why god says as in the days of noah. Why did god destroy his creation and all that walked the earth. Because it was evil, bitter, lustful, selfish, full of pride. Worshipers of idols and so much more. That is how our world today is heading and yes people will be oblivious for when jesus returns as life will be normal in ones own mind. People still marrying. Eating and drinking. Please keep watch and may jesus come to you.

        • Awaken

          Okay everybody, look busy, Jesus is coming!!

          • Mitchina

            lol.. that was funny. But you must quantify that with looking busy at being without sin…

          • Elliott Mess

            No one is now, nor ever will be human and without sin. Christ imputed His righteousness to us when we accepted Him as Savior. Human sin until they die, but only because of Christ, does God accept us. Its called grace.

          • Giants don’t accept your religion; that’s one of the problems. All the movers and men of reknown are our species, the ruling class, all over the world. We love our decent hybrid genetics. We write religion for roundheaded conformists to follow without getting much of the detestable contrivance on us ourselves.

          • Elliott Mess

            Just because someone doesn’t accept truth, doesn’t make it any less truthful. Hell is only half-full, plenty of room left. God knew to make it especially roomy.

        • Justan American

          But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

        • js

          “That is how our world today is heading” Dude its Already Like That NOW and Has been Ever since Day 1. We were Made flawed! and we forever remain flawed, Born into sin, Things like the Flood and Jesus are His attempts to redeem the imperfect creatures of his own design. Its sad that Our ” Loving God” will throw his children in eternal damnation because we were never “right ” to begin with. :-/

          • With Fortitude

            Don’t stop believing Js . The bible points to God and is inspired from him ,but Man a broken vessel obviously did not get it all right when writing it down. Sometimes I feel the stumbling block Christ referred to was the bible rather than Peter.

          • Mason

            only religion makes us born of sin. we are born of love and have freewill. that is the way i think it should be. but without love for our fellow man there is no love.

          • Reese Daniel

            Religion is man made and man’s effort (in vain) to get to God. Jesus is the Word of God and the Truth. Follow the Truth and you will find Him.

        • Reese Daniel

          Also because the DNA was nearly fully corrupted in mankind, first by the Serpent in the Garden (Genesis 3:15) via Cain’s progeny and then by the nephilim children of the fallen angels breeding with women and mixing the dna of humans and animals, creating dwarves, giants, unicorns, centaurs, satyrs, dragons, dinasaurs, gargoyles, phoenix birds, griffons, etc. These things were not the figment of some ancient person’s imagination (ALL OVER THE WORLD!). Nor where they “greek mythology”. These things were REAL and these things are being created again by fallen angels (ufo abductions/cattle mutilations) and human scientists in subservience to these monsters, but is being hidden until God removes His restraining influence and lets evil mankind have their way. Then it will be exactly as it was in the Days of Noah and Lot just like Jesus said it would. But right now we are INFESTED with the children of Cain/Esau who look human but don’t ACT human (they are evil and devious Cluster Bs who want to devour those with a conscience or TRUE HUMAN BEINGS!) Believe it. And these Cluster Bs are scattered everywhere in families. You can have a family of 5 children with all Cluster Bs and one normal or vice versa when a normal human marries a serpent seed human. I was born into a family like this. I am the scapegoat. My father was the cowardly human enabler to a Jezebel serpent wife who turned him into her bully to do her dirty work in destroying me openly while she destroyed me behind the scenes and turned my only sibling into her Golden Child who is also a Narcissist. She sucked the life out of my Dad who became a husk of his original self the finally died from being sucked dry of his life and spirit by this evil black hole of a woman. This is what Cluster Bs do and they are PURE EVIL and the government HIDES IT because they are FULL OF PREDATORS and the top 1 percent are PREDATORS. WE ARE THEIR FOOD SOURCE! Always have been but it has become so obvious in these last days. Many people are waking up to the fact they they are lunch for another breed of “humans” roaming about. Get on YouTube and put in “Narcissists or Psychopaths” and look at all the people WAKING UP TO THE CON JOB! We truly are in the last days and God is separating the wheat from the tares.


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          • You are right. We wuz GIANTS! But how do you exterminate us now that we’ve all bred down?

          • Too many words. The ancient civilization held that the only truth is natural law. So the giants have already won; we created civilization to hypnotize, organize and trap the small-thinking little roundheads, which are the ancient breeds of smaller selves and black haired people that crossbred together and maybe sometimes got fortunate to breed up and realize some giant lineage and ability. Our advanced civilizations were bombed several times and we’re still in the ruling positions because we have the hybrid ability. But we have bred in and are hard to catch.

  • william mony

    These are the result of fallen angels and earth women. Genesis 6, !
    Man will mess with this again and bring them back, as Jesus said, as it were in the The days of Noah, so shall it be before the coming of the son of man.

    • Kim

      They are already here. Rev 12:10-12

      • Reese Daniel

        You are absolutely correct!

    • kstech

      If the 1st Piltdown man was faked. Why not these also. I dont believe it. No way.

      • Bodhi

        Oh geesh, Piltdown man. Let’s use one hoax many years ago to extinguish all future debate, even as the righteous argue endlessly over the Shroud of Turin!

        • kstech

          It’s not extinguishing debate. It just pointing out an important fact.

    • lifeofliberty

      Since the entire bible is a proven fabrication by the world’s best researchers and theologians, then whatever you “think” is factually false. Look it up.

      • oracled

        The ENTIRE Bible? Really? No Caesar? No Herod? No Pharoah? No nothing huh? You are a douchebag idiot.
        “Look it up” : the first refuge of the clueless. I have an idea! Post a link to what “the world’s best researchers and theologians” have to say on the subject. And please do hold your breath while searching.

      • william mony

        I will pray for you life of liberty. Jesus is coming soon and all can be forgiven of their sins. Soon, what is coming upon the earth will prove that the bible is the word of God.
        I will leave you with one verse.Jesus said before his return that ” as it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be before the coming of the son of man” go to genesis and compare then to today! No myths here at all!
        He is coming soon and the foundations earth will be shaken.

      • Reese Daniel

        Nobody has ever disproven the BIble. Every single person who has honestly attempted to discredit the BIble has ended up becoming a believer in it instead. But if you are just a paid shill or mindless dupe of Satan, then of course, nobody expects you to do anything but blather out nonsense and exhibit your stupidity just as you are doing. Carry on troll.

  • DJohn1

    What is the Chromosome Count? Humans have a distinct identifiable 46, two of which appear to be double the size of the rest. No other critter on the planet has that ID. For instance, the ape family has 48 chromosomes. All of which are normal sized. I compare us with apes only to show the difference in ID. The DNA of other animals is quite different than our own.
    I suggest the Chromosome Count on these skulls will be different than ours if they are from another branch of humanity or even something stranger.
    If that ID is present then they are probably some kind of mixed Human.
    What is the height of the individuals? According to descriptions, the “gods” of ancient times were a lot larger than we are. Somewhere between 8 and 12 feet are common descriptions. The bone structure was different as well, like they came from someplace with a much higher gravitational pull than we have here on Earth. I would suggest that they might have supported a larger muscle structure than our own.
    IF they had hybrid children, then they have to be species related to us. At least that would be true if they are following the path of all other animals on the planet. Horses and donkeys come to mind as a example. In the history of mules, only a few have ever conceived a second generation.
    So if these individuals have a different chromosome count then long term hybrid children might not be normally possible.
    Which would explain a lot of things.
    That other variations of us are possible doesn’t really bother me much. We have four distinct Human racial characteristics right now on the planet. I think the American Indian might qualify as its own though they are of the Mongolian branch. The Australian Aborigini might qualify as a separate branch. Don’t know for sure. All of these so called races can reproduce with other races.

    Recently, DNA taken from alleged American Bigfoot remains traces them to a giant sloth creature that supposedly went extinct a long time ago. That is still being disputed in academic circles.

    Again we are dealing with human ID vs. other animal ID.
    Nothing says that other creatures cannot have intelligence equal to or even greater than our own. Only our own vanity gives us that impression.
    The planet is old enough to have produced any number of species with large brains and intelligence. Even a lizard or reptile might have produced an intelligent species in the remote past. The question is if that happened what happened to those creatures?

    What we have found is that in any ecology there are creatures that tend to fill slots or categories of creatures. So you have a number of intelligent creatures in alien environments such as the oceans and the whale family.
    That there are no human critters in the oceans doesn’t mean some other critter doesn’t fill the spot. We simply do not know enough to make a skilled judgement. Extinct creatures are sometimes not so extinct as we thought.
    There might be large brained creatures somewhere in the remote areas of the world that we have no knowledge of.

    • Mitchina

      Ah yes, but Bodhi seems to know more since he’s a scientist and an idea farmer and all.

  • Stealth

    Well look at the bright side….if they come back, we know they can die.

    • bailey78

      If it bleeds it dies.

    • Minnesota Madman

      If it bleeds, we can kill it.

      • whatcanisay?

        Perhaps they a billion years ahead of us in technological terms and
        perhaps they can even read your mind from a faaar distance? Now again, how do we kill such a
        creature and why? ..or maybe I should ask this instead, how big of a chance do a rat have to escape it´s trap once you located it and set the trap with a yummy piece of cheese?

        Just curious that´s all..

      • Apollyon

        Not one with a personal energy screen.

  • Frank

    Look up the cosmic abandonment theory! Fits perfectly with this information

  • K

    From what I understand of the Human circulatory system, as well as certain skeletal feature. People taller than 7’4” tend to have quite a few health problems. I do not think at 10′ they would survive any length of time, if fully human. Are they Nephilim? Quite possibly.

  • Mickey Rayfield

    Why is their an absence of the names of the anthropologists from Spain and Russia? They are ‘quoted’ but not identified, sorry but I need a bit more than ‘he said, she said’.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Valid point. The Daily Mail article I quoted was not very long and did not have a lot of details.


  • With Fortitude

    Good article Michael . It would be nice if when talking about an interesting subject like the ones above it would be presented in a better show format other than Sid Ross’s. L.A.Marzulli did a good job presenting the information . I’m not familiar with either of them, so I’ll check em out.

  • juice

    Look at you all going bible thumping all over this, Bible does not allow for a belief in “aliens” its angels and demons blah blah blah,its another life form, your book is wrong, stop pushing your views on everybody and dignifying this great scientific find with the holy bible. lmao get a grip. its real.

    • Bodhi

      I know, they drive me nuts too. Bible Believers don’t believe in evolution, so they show up to all these articles thinking that the Alien Explanation will prove them right. Course this opens a whole new can of worms for them but their faith never wavers! Plus they get a chance to show off their Bible quoting skills. Adding something relevant to the debate has nothing to do with their input, it’s all about making a lot of noise only they can hear.

      • guest

        Hey, you are welcome to believe whatever crackpot theory you like. Aliens landed here making a rest stop, defecated into a puddle and walla out crawled mankind. Go for it. The criticisms you level against the Bible indicates that you have never studied it.

  • hehehe

    If they bleed, you can kill them. So lock and loan and let us get shooting!

    • hp b

      Lock and loan?
      Isn’t that the Jew’s motto?

      • Mitchina

        Sheep have a motto like that? *SHOCK*

  • With Fortitude

    Good article Michael. Sid Ross is somewhat too flashy for me, but the message is more important. I’ve haven’t heard of L.A.Marzulli but I will check out his findings;it all looks interesting.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I have a tremendous amount of respect for L.A. Marzulli. And if you have never seen his “Watchers” DVD series I would highly recommend it.


  • With Fortitude

    Also, I’m surprised that Marzulli didn’t draw the parallel of the skulls with the discriptions of ET’s (big skulls large eyes) that have been around and where widely know by the public before the knowledge of these skulls where. In fact he refuted the idea of ET all together. I understand there are Christians that refuse to ask questions when it come to scripture but I’m not and I do!

    • Ed

      If you are not afraid to challenge your faith, you should listen to John Wells interview Gerald Clark 10/26/13 on Coast to Coast, and read ‘The Lost Book of Enki”

      • With Fortitude

        Friend my faith will never be shaken, but it’s the understanding of scripture that I’m looking for . Marzulli stays on point to scripture. I still feel scriptures antiquity albeit 4 – 5 thousand years still shines a brighter light on our creator . The tablet of which Clark derives his writings is older and less well known for a reason

        • Ed

          I take it you didn’t listen to the interview or ever read the “tablet” that’s thousands of years older than the Bible, and yet is the blueprint for the Bible. Feel sorry for ya pal, you really don’t want the truth.

          • With Fortitude

            I listened to some of Clarks stuff.
            I said the tablets were older than the bible. There’s no correlation between the two though. The language of the tablets are of unknown origin are really obscure and ultimately fall under interpretation. One man claims to have deciphered the language and it is by this that Clark and all the others base their theories on.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Actually there are those that believe that aliens are “fallen angels” and that “demons” are actually the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim which were allowed to roam the earth. See the Book of Enoch (which is actually quoted in the Bible in the book of Jude).


    • Paul Juchniewich

      Wow … been reading your other 2 sites for awhile … this one is cool as well. Demons also may be the spirits of the pre-adimite beings that lived on earth b4 Satan fell. see JER 4:23 or there about

    • Bodhi

      If you are going to write articles on paleoarcheology and be taken seriously by those of us who actually work in this field, you’re going to have to put your Bible away. This topic is not about proving what the Bible says, as so many people on this thread seem to believe, it’s about determining our genetic lineage. If we use the Bible’s timeline as it is written, then there is no point in anyone digging up these things and spending years trying to analyze them because no matter what they find the Bible will continue to be deemed “the truth.” You can’t have it both ways.

  • With Fortitude

    One things that is confusing to me is under the premise the Nephilim are responsible for constructing the Megaliths with powers coming from advanced knowledge . Why aren’t they building with steel instead of stone? Why not a modern structure. I mean surely the angels are as smart as a modern day construction magnate .

    • K

      Simple answer, many of the stone structures still stand to some degree. Made out of any metal you can name. I doubt you would find any trace of them. Steel may be stronger, but the right kind of stone, will far outlast it.

      • With Fortitude

        When you put it that way. I think your right.
        good answer

  • eldon johansen

    The more likely account is in the book of Jasher: “in those days some of the men took from the cattle of the earth and taught the mixture of the seed thereof”
    after 5000 years, we’re now in those days.. human animal hybrids being manufactured in government laboratories all around the world now..
    God didn’t send a flood because some fallen hosts of heaven fell.. he sent the flood because man was a willing participant…

    • Kim


      • eldon johansen

        The pattern i’ve found in the apocrypha is they provide way too many excuses for man’s behavior. the book of Enoch for example specifically names the fallen ones, blames them for teaching man how to make war, how to artificially beautify women, how to make mirrors, how to work metal.. etc.

        the book of Genesis says cain slew able, not a fallen angel told him how to kill a man..
        the book of Genesis says TubilCain learned how to make metals, it doesn’t say a fallen host of heaven gave him that knowledge..

        it also says the nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterwards..
        the book of Samuel referances human animal hybrids according to some interpretations of the Hebrew.
        it also makes clear distinctions between the Giants, and those who were also desendants of Giants.. (hybrid Giant-humans?)

        so, i dunno what really happened..
        but i do know everyone and their brother is playing with dna like its some kind of shiny new toy.

        interestingly, today’s accounts of alien abductions resulting in a pregnancy.. the woman is abducted again and returns to earth without a child.

        so i think they are not allowed to leave their seed on the earth at this time..

        what if that changes in the future?

        • Kim

          You’re barking up the wrong tree, hon.

          • eldon johansen

            do you have anything to add or are you blaming man’s problems on someone else?

            and no,
            those angels are locked up in hell until the day of judgement, read Jude 6 and II Peter 2:4,5

          • Kim

            Ya ok

          • oracled

            Ever consider that Earth is Hell? Satan’s dominion? How could the devil offer to give Jesus all of this if it wasn’t already his to give? Just sayin’

          • eldon johansen

            earth is not hell, and through Jesus, we can retake physical and spiritual dominion over the earth.

            this is why we’re allowed to rebuke the wind, and it dies down, and do the other things Jesus did, and even greater works.

            The next age is on this earth, when satan loses dominion and is cast into hell.

          • Kim

            Hell comes from the words Sheol (Hebrew) and Hades (Greek). It means pit, or grave.

          • eldon johansen

            Satan still has a stronghold on most governments around the world, but only because only about 1/50 people are saved. he also has dominion over the earth at this time, and he will lose it in the next age, when he gets locked up for 1000 years.. through Christ we have limited control over such things as destroying weather and demons.. but only on a case by case basis.. (otherwise the earth would be ridden of their presence today, after 1983 years)

            as far as hell being a pit/grave, etc.
            its eternal. you don’t want to go there.
            unfortunately for most, this age isn’t an age of ignorance, Acts 17:30..

          • Magnum

            All of this end of days type comments and the second coming of Jesus sound. IMO, as an allegory for finding comfort and closure in the dwindling time of the Apocalypse. It seems to me that this stuff was written as if they knew the end of days would be as described, it describes the world today to a T. Jesus coming seems to be a way to find comfort before idk a nuclear apocalypse???

          • Reese Daniel

            No because it’ not. Hell is “outer darkness” and the “lake of fire” just as the Bible says it is. Earth is what the Catholics call “purgatory” but they erroneously think they will get a “purgatory” in the next life. They are going to be VERY sorry.

    • Karen Ardagna

      Because the human gene pool had been polluted. Remember Noah was ‘perfect in his generation’.

      • eldon johansen

        i’m not saying the gene pool wasn’t polluted, just saying man’s free will was involved.

      • englishsunset

        and the definition of perfect?

        • Tuku Bacsi

          Genesis 1:31And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of the universe always increases in the course of every spontaneous (natural) change. In other words: over time, differences in temperature, pressure, and density tend to even out. So based on this the original was perfect!

          • Reese Daniel

            True only it wasn’t thermodynamics it was “thermo-fallen angel” tampering.

        • Reese Daniel

          DNA is 100% Human. That is the definition of “perfect” regarding Noah. None of us are “perfect” regarding sin.

    • ken koeder

      the book of Jasher?? where is that book?

      • WaitingForJesus

        Google the ‘Apocrypha’; Jasher is one of the books in it.

        • Sonny Ariano

          Its unfortunate that we have no knowledge about pleadian aliens which have 2 different head shape one is like us human and the other one is this cone shape heads that because of the pressure it make their eyes look Asian. we will learn about these aliens within 50 years! right now you think that I am crazy which is fine with me.

      • Kim

        Not part of the biblical canon and for good reason. It’s inconsistent with the other biblical text.

        • guest

          Maybe so. It is mentioned in Samuel and was well known to early Christians.

        • Heyoka

          So you believe the Roman Doctine instead of the Bible, the Council of Nicea or the Commission of King James??? Interesting that you would submit your mind and soul to a bunch of men. Their entire effort is contrary to the basic statements of jesus to study yourselves to know the truth and to kep the fundamental law. Those Jesus spoke out about also revered their own learning and indoctronation instead of the simple truth in the word. Judah created an abomination with their subversion of the Law. The Romans did the same thing…. Now who do you believe???

        • Mitchina

          Maybe the reason is just because some mortal man decided it that and it should all be part of the entire beginning of our existence. Who is to stay what is “consistent” and what is not? Oh, that’s right… God. I guess there were men that “knew” what God wanted. *rolls eyes*

          Hubris has been around since the first light.

      • Heyoka

        The bok of Jasher is referred to in Chronicals and Kings, twice. Now I will go as far to say that many believe that the Bible is not corruptable. This is not true. They depend upon one statement that whoever adds to or takes away will be cursed, and so they shall. It does not say that it cannot be done. That is from the commentaries of the “learned scholars”.
        In my study, which has been most of my adult life, the typical pastor minister and priest don’t have a clue. After three years of intensive study of the Book, in the languages, study with a Rabbi, and even cross referencing the Quran, I find that we so called Christians are just a bunch of mutts with no correct lineage from the teachings of Jesus. nearly 1400 years of Roman tampering with the scriptures and the absolute lie that Jesus did away with the law has destroyed any vestige of authority that the current “Bible” had.
        Two statements will bear this out. Timothy, Study the scriptures to show yourself approved. Matthew, Not on jot or tittle of the law will be done away with until there is a new heaven and a new earth.
        At the time of the statement in Timothy there was no “new testament”, and I don’t recall a new heaven and new earth forming in any historical text.
        The Law Jesus told us to be wary of was the traditions of men or the 1500 pages of the Talmud which is a collections of commentaries from the TORA. Jesus told the Pharasees that they had created something no man could live by. While they held men to this standard they themselves would not put themselves under that rule. Jesus said; “Woe unto you attorneys…”
        So Jesus admonished us to learn from the scripture and keep the Law as God gave it to Moses, not the animal sacrifice mind you as God wants Justice not sacrifice, another passage.
        The Sabbath is the New Moon and every seventh day. There were no names fro the days as the Romans have and Sunday is nothing more than a Pagan identiification of a particular day to pay Homage to the Sun not the Son. Even the modern Jews have it wrong….
        All that cannonized scripture crap, Council of Nicea 325 A.D. Jesus was long gone and the subversion of the truth well entrenched. It has been corrupted as the first church was corrupted by the Jews themselves. Even the Quran in Sura 4:19 tells that the birth of Jesus was a mirical performed by God, Allah. Pepople call Allah a Moon God and shout about it proclaiming their ignorance and lack of study in as loud a voice as they possibly can… Look how stupid I am !
        So all this hypothicizing about some far off race with broken and erroneous knowledge is just pissing in to the wind. If you foundation is not sound everything you sport about with conjecture is equally unsound. This is the parable of the man who builds his house upon the sand.
        Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. Jesus message was to empower the people not to get the people to pay homage to a doctrine of error. It was not to make a people sheep gone to the slaughter of evil people who always seek power and dominion over others. The Doctrine that came out of Rome and the subverted word does just that.

  • Author Patience Prence

    Some authors suggest that Osiris/Nimrod was a Nephelim and that he’s coming back, ‘the beast that was, is not, and will be again.” as the antichrist beast of Revelation 13. Whatever happens, Jesus is the Christ and accept no others who claim to be the Christ.

    • highpriestess

      the beast and the chasing of the beast, who is, then is not then is again, is the massive reincarnation that is going on…..

      • guest

        For it is appointed onto man to die once, then the judgement.
        There are no do overs for us.
        For the evil being manifest, it never died but was only restrained for this very hour.
        Seek Jesus while he still may be found.

  • prestodo

    I’m going to call this for what it is…a giant HOAX! By the way, the word “nephilim” does NOT appear in the Bible. Anybody who has read the Bible can tell you that.

    • billblash

      Gen 6:4……..the word giants most likely in your bible….
      Lexicon :: Strong’s H5303 – nĕphiyl
      Also Num 13:33…..but your right, your kjv doesn’t say that. Sadly it doesn’t make it true.

    • Dawn

      The Bible speaks of Nephillim and of other giants.

      Numbers 13: 33″There also we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim); and we became like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

      Genesis 6:4
      The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

  • prestodo

    So, let me get this straight…out of one side of Michael’s mouth, Evolution is simply not possible and is proven as a hoax, but out of the other side, the History Channel’s Ancient Alien Astronut theory is credible even though there is no credible evidence and not a complete DNA analysis???? I wonder what his stance is on Big Foot or Vampires…

  • Karen Ardagna

    Unfortunately I believe you are correct.

    • ug

      Wow. This was supposed to be a discussion of archaeology/anthropology and as usual the religious wackjobs just can’t resist the opportunity to soil peoples’ minds with their warped fables and fairytales.

      • Reese Daniel

        Yes so why don’t you sachey off and go watch CNN or something!

      • Mitchina

        Riiiight because actually looking at these authentic skulls and talking about where they came from; you know… anthropology stuff. Where do you think they came from?

        Could written documentation from thousands of years ago – eliminated from the original writings by Constantine and then called the bible – be a possible explanation for them?

        Or would you rather us believe that nothing is to be believed, because that is believable, right?

  • patriot156

    No the Nephillim is not found in the bible it is Giants, but in Enoch which should of been canonised because his words speak remarkable truth that word is found. The book of Jubilees is another such book that should of been canonised as well!
    Pangea existed in preflood era. Mankind exhisted in that time as well hence why there are Pyramids in Norh America as well. It wasn’t migrated over the seas like a lot of other people believe but was part of Pangea. The first 7 generations of Adam down to Noah was over 7k years just add them up. Meaning add up the ages the bible says they were when they died. 900 years here 900 years there it doesn’t take long.
    I fully believe there was some, or similar technologies as we have today, but that was lost in the flood. Looking at some of the other videos I see about these kinds of topics, once the flood hit and wiped out all mankind but 8 people that knowledge was lost, and were just now refinding it.
    Just look at machines encrusted in coal aged at severl million years. Look at the baghdad battery and some of those hyroglyphics that show something that looks like light bulbs.
    I think the giants either built those structors, or mankind did just before the flood as a statement to say hey we were here before. A warning maybe, or just a note to us that the Giants were here then and they fffed them up bad.
    For it has been noted that they were canibals in Enoch it says something about it. In hte account of Nimrod who was basically snubbing God by not spreading out as commanded, and playing God, or building some large building that was reported to being so tall, our towers would pale God confounder their speach so hence cave drawings rather than written words. I think Gobekli Tepe was related to Noah’s ark but buried by Mainstream to keep Sumeria as the cradle of civilization. The joke is civilzations exhisted long before Sumeria, but just more advanced until the flood.
    Eating and drinking, giving in mariage sounds like life as normal, but I beleive that since Israel and Judah had to be punished for well over 2k years America will and is going into a totaltarian society, and another form of slavery to rise soon.
    Its truly amazing to see truth come out of the wilderness just like Jesus talked about. Think about it Revelations tells us the dragon was wrath with the church, or truth, but is was fed and nourished in the wilderness until the time of the Gentiles be completed. Thes kinds of things are coming now because Jesus is telling us his Love story and truth to have faith in the tribulation that is coming!

  • Bodhi

    It seems like whenever an article discussing this subject comes around, everyone brings their Bible and starts preaching their prophetic interpretations. People want “proof” of aliens but use the Bible as their litmus for this proof. This is beyond ridiculous. There is “science” and there is “blind faith” and trying to cram those two things into the same box is the reason no one can agree on anything and we get nowhere.

    • highpriestess

      but this is all BS, so there is really no where to go….

      • Bodhi

        Ah. That explains everything and we can all go home now. Thanks.

    • Hammerstrike

      Where was yaweh when the Romans pwned ancient judea or when Hitler´s loyals pwned their (alleged) descendents?

      • seel1563

        Apostle Eric vonAnderseck of second8thweek Ministries has written two books that explain this. 1. The Book of Enoch teaching on Audio, and The Anti Christ Code made to order Book.

    • With Fortitude

      It’s funny Bodhi I agree, and unfortunately we loose people like yourself to evolution theories. Bodhi, the way I understand it the bible is mans testament to understanding God, and unfortunately man did a poor job getting it down on paper. Still the book by rights is something that was first past down through traditions for who know how many years and eventually became a writing. But, don’t loose sight of the main point of this book and that is there is a God.

      • Bodhi

        Let me clue you in on something. I have five degrees in anthropology and archeology. You cannot practice paleoarcheology and believe in creationism, you would be constantly wrestling with yourself and be totally ineffective as a scientist. Evolution versus creationism are not the only two options, there are many others, including the one outlined in this article. The problem is that people who cling to their Bibles cannot accept anything that is not in their book, despite the fact the Bible is inconsistent, contrary, and mostly metaphorical, and written by PEOPLE. Those who cling to their Bibles as The Word of God scoff at the idea that modern day people can channel aliens. What’s the difference? Belief and ONLY belief. Belief is not science.

        • With Fortitude

          Good for you Bodhi I’ll just have to take your word on the degree nonsense . For a person with so much book learning you make a claim on a platform that cannot be checked and so means little. I would be more inclined to believe your a naive kid that only realized this point now that it’s being made.
          So anyway Bodhi I’m trying to have a conversation with you. , so please read my posts before responding.
          After reading my post you should have understood that I was agreeing with you on the point of the bible being a poor example when using it when it comes to arguing science. But, none the less it is an account that was passed on first before written language and then meticulousness by the decedents of Abraham. This my friend we can both agree on , and which can bring us up to a fella name Jesus. Which brings me to the point I made in my last post to you and that was ; it seems there is a Creator. And by the way I’m a Surgeon. Impressed? I doubt it. Good ! Now the Sumerian writings are the oldest known language if you can call it that; on earth. Still understanding the meaning of the text is questionable because in all reality Sumerian Is comprised of more than one dialect. I am a Christian , but my faith is not threatened because I believe the bible is inspired by something(for sake of argument let’s call it the holy spirit) , and is not the absolute word of our creator. I believe the bible is important because it is a revelation to who we really are, and that is ;we are ourselves like our creator, so our potential Bodhi is unrealized. This mystery is what drives me, and makes life worth living….

        • Mitchina

          lol… science is no friend to the truth – you are one of the many whose hubris is your biggest downfall. So freaking what ~ your a guess worker. Gesh, I am sure Einstein would be really proud of all your undeniable facts that you “believe”. *rolls eyes*

          And if you think the Big Boom is your end all be all for your ultimate denial, then where the hell did the Boom come from; space; the galaxy; the universe… hey, speaking of, what comes after infinity? Do you know smarty pants?

          Your faith in failed science gives you absolutely NO superiority over anyone else’s belief. And you cannot practice “science” and ignore texts from thousands of years ago and call them lies merely because you just don’t believe them.

    • guest

      There is blind faith and Biblical faith.

      Science accepts Biblical facts. Example;

      “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”
      Think about that and remember, it was written thousands of years ago.
      Along with a round Earth and the jet stream to name 2 more ‘scientific’ facts.

      • Bodhi

        The Bible was put together by a group of men for one agenda- to put an end to paganism. Any scriptures that did not fit into that narrow paradigm were omitted. The Bible is metaphorical and no, science does not accept metaphorical stories as fact. I don’t know where you got that ridiculous idea, maybe it fell out of the jet stream?

    • Mitchina

      Dude – I would say not believing in any of this or that it could be possible makes you the Grand Skeptic of all time. You lean on your science and ignore how this has failed time and time again even in your own lifetime. Science is guesswork – not factual, just the best assumptions based on common attributes.

      Oh, btw – everything gives you cancer. There is nothing that is “good” for you anymore.

  • History nut

    What none of these people relate is that the Paracas people of Peru had the highest and earliest forms of art found in Peru ever, and that the quality of the art whether pottery or textiles, became lesser and lesser as time went by other peoples in the same area down to the time of the Incas who were thought of as the Romans that came after the finer arts of the Egyptians and Greeks. Same is true of the Egyptians whose arts were watered down after time.

  • James Vaughan

    You think this is shocking? Wait ’till you get a load of what’s waiting for you on Mars!

  • Richard

    The PTB control all media, thus the release of these ‘discoveries’ are timed and encouraged, perfectly, to foment their newest gig – that we were created by ETs, are in no way equal to them and therefore must be forever grateful and subservient to them. Interesting that many news reports on archeological discovers lack actual dates. Why, because the ‘discovery’ was actually made a very long time ago and suppressed but miraculously it is ‘rediscovered’ in a museum basement when the time is right. Releasing information to the masses must fit with their meticulous plan so the end result is assured. Humankind must evolve to live an impeccable life, respecting itself individually and collectively and our home planet, and we must let go of the need for hand-holding, idolatry and a savior. Then Humans will take a seat at the galactic table.

  • hp b

    Ancient mysteries (excluding the Vedas).
    Can’t have the progenitors crashing the kiddies party ..

  • Just Curious

    I didn’t know the “red haired giants” of North America were cone heads. Wow.

    Here is an intriguing tidbit. I always wondered about the curious name of the Flathead Indians of Montana. Turns out they were called that because they were the only tribe around that did NOT practice cradle board head reshaping. So neighboring tribes made fun of the naturalistic Flatheads for their non-pointy heads. Who where the other tribes emulating and why?

  • bailey78

    H’eh what will be will be.

  • trigon400

    How about investigating why Jews look evil when they smile?

    • John Gnotek

      That’s stupid.

  • jon

    Humans got the small greys pregnant. The greys bodies were to small. When they pushed out, their offspring heads were squeezed between the little legs of the greys. Hence the elongated heads. WE humans overtook earth and the aliens want their earth back.

    • Bodhi

      …. except the small greys are clones and can’t mate.

  • lifeofliberty

    You’re an idiot.

  • sickandtired

    Heck with what people think! I wish we could know more.
    I think it is fascinating to know about others that lived here before us.
    Being from Earth or from out of space, don’t matter to me.
    We can’t be the only ones living.
    Look at the size of the Universe!

  • Blither box

    The nephilim could have come from the misty land of Niflheim.

  • patriot156

    the word nephillim is what i meant but giants and nephilim are the same.
    Enoch used that word and book of jubilee tells of different races of giants.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      That passage of Genesis says the word Nephilim.

  • DJohn1

    Looking at the size of the head, how could a woman give birth to someone with that size head?
    It seems to me a C section would have to be automatic for someone of mixed birth between species. At least where the female is human.
    The only answer I can come up with is the head has to develop after birth.
    Most of the mammals on this planet have 5 fingers and have 5 toes per limb . We have 32 teeth excluding the baby teeth we have that are discarded. (Small squirrel monkey from South America have 36 teeth.)
    I suspect hybrids may have 6 fingers and 6 toes per limb.
    Then there is the tail bone. A lot of animals have visible tails. Do these Nephilim have a tail?
    There is a theory that all life on this planet came from somewhere else. That at some point in our past all life came through a near collision with another planet that came into our Solar System and was either destroyed or dragged out of the Solar system by something else.
    Now if that were anywhere near the truth, then one would expect to find other planets with the same kind of life as our own. These planets would have adapted to whatever the environmental conditions existed elsewhere. That these life forms could eat basically the same things we do would be evidence that we shared a common origin.
    I am throwing it out there.
    Sitichin might have been a fraud. I don’t know. But you don’t throw the baby out with the dirty bath water. Any really good lie has a lot of truth in it. That is how liars are able to convince a lot of people they are telling the truth.
    There are a number of stars in our immediate stellar neighborhood with Brown Dwarfs. Alpha Centuri comes to mind. It has a third star in a wide orbit that is a Dwarf Star.
    The problem with thinking so far outside the box is sometimes these people accidentally hit the target by chance. That has happened over and over again.
    Take a textbook from 1948 describing the conditions on an Earth-sized planet Venus as an example.
    Along comes Worlds In Collision. It certainly upset the apple cart. Scientists of the time actually tried to get the book banned all over the world!
    Come forward 20 years. Venus is the most mysterious planet in the entire solar system! It has a day longer than its year. It has a surface temperature of around 800-1000 degrees. The atmosphere is full of hydrocarbons(like oil). It is at least 15 times more dense than our atmosphere. The surface is a mass of volcanoes. All of which is evidence that Venus might have been a late comer into our solar system and is a lot younger than the Earth.
    Scientists are looking for life even in that environment!
    The latest is an effort to find life in the upper atmosphere where the pressure is almost the same as our own planet and where water vapor might be present.
    We just spent an enormous amount of money to probe Titan. We have spent an enormous amount of money to explore Mars. Does anyone else think that might be suspicious?
    Based on what they have found, I think if there is life, it is in caverns far beneath the surface where water might be present. I don’t buy that the planet is cold inside. I think there is a small hot core. If there is a hot core then life might be down there. It would be isolated and probably never comes to the surface. The most likely life? Probably giant sand worms very far under the surface of the planet. But that is all speculation. Was it worth spending all that money?
    My own conclusion is that Mars might have orbited a lot closer to the Sun at some point in time. But then it might have had a much denser atmosphere than we see today.
    I think there is a hidden agenda based on information that is not available to the general public in all our sudden need to explore everything in the Solar System.
    So a sentient species similar to our own capable of reproduction with us points fingers in a lot of directions. One of which is a common origin of all life that may be discovered in our solar system. But what I speak of here is pure imagination and speculation.

    • Justin Case

      “Looking at the size of the head, how could a woman give birth to someone with that size head?”

      You have obviously never seen Mexican cooch, if ever a people were built to breed… Some of those women could birth a 1939 Ford pickup so I doubt that some mutant child would be much of an issue.

      • DJohn1

        I guess that is why almost one third of the births in the USA are by c section. Mankind was oversized for the uterus to have a clear passage. Many women have died in child birth because they were too small to handle the birth of a human child.
        You are right that many women are much larger and are able to do childbirth easily. Most give birth within a few hours. 5 or 6 hours is also common. Compare that to women that are in labor for over 24 hours.
        With all the people on the planet, a certain percentage will be better adapted to giving birth. Statistically in the past children did not survive well in Mexico. With the advent of modern medicine a lot more are surviving. With antibiotics more survive to adulthood than in the past.
        I maintain there is a direct relationship between how much oxygen there is in Childbirth and how much intelligence survives the process. So the larger women might have more intelligent kids.

  • Hammerstrike

    Different species can´t cross-breed, thought.

    And furries, otherkins, bronies are not angels, not angels by a long shot.
    Don´t put the blame away from where it belongs, people.

    • Kim

      Have u ever read the account of Noah? It says angels looked upon human women with unnatural sexual desire, and made for themselves human bodies so they could take them as wives. It makes sense, since they were present when God made mankind- they understood the process of materialization of the atom. They could materialize human bodies for themselves to make human breeding possible.

      God himself even acknowledges that angels possess the knowledge of atomic materialization.

      • interested

        where do you get this information? ” They could materialize human bodies for themselves to make human breeding possible.

        God himself even acknowledges that angels possess the knowledge of atomic materialization from pure energy” I don’t have this in the KJV?

        • eldon johansen

          its a misquote of what actually happened.. which is that men learned how to mix the seed of the species..

          the nephilim (men who from heaven to earth came) were on the earth in those days..

          and after the fact men blamed their sins on fallen angels teaching them how to sin..
          its a natural thing to blame someone else lol, started about 1000 years earlier, in Genesis chapter 3

      • Mitchina

        Isn’t this the Tree of Knowledge? The blueprint of creating humans?

  • Hammerstrike

    The days ahead? Check “furries” on google.

  • Rod Van Mechelen

    The derivatives of Jehovahism, such as Christianity, are not the only spiritual traditions that convey ancient knowledge through religion. The fact that so many of them around the globe agree on the presence of beings similar to but more than human is a fairly conclusive circumstantial proof that they were real and that they did breed with “humans.” An interpretation that cuts to the essence is that through the mixing of the bloodlines down through the millennia today we are them and they are us. We are the descendants both of the original “human” species and of those who came here from afar. There is a saying that “history does not repeat, but it rhymes,” and as we are rapidly approaching the dawn of the Singularity I must wonder if we have not been here before, whether on this planet or others technology has invariably led to the evolution of a machine intelligence far greater than any biological intelligence, a machine intelligence that in some cases has elevated their biological progenitors but in others has cast them down. The future survival of our species may not lie in embracing ancient records couched in terms of mystery and warning, but by setting aside our fears, embracing the facts for what they are, and seeking solutions that are both ethical and inclusive.

    • Justin Case

      “we are rapidly approaching the dawn of the Singularity.” <—<<< WTF does that mean?

      You are an absolute lunatic. Every bit of what you said is pure gibberish. You are on way to many drugs or not enough of them but either way you should put down the hallucinogens. Your fantasies and delusions should be studied to make sure that you are of no real harm to your self and more over, to others.

      • Bodhi

        Singularity is a hypothetical moment in time when AI (artificial intelligence) will have progressed to the point of greater-than-human intelligence. Mr. Van Mechelen makes perfect sense, you just are not at a sufficient level of awareness to understand what he is saying.

  • Amanda Nunjabidniz

    Maybe the DNA from these skulls is not human because they’re the skulls of primates. Unless I missed it, there was no mention of whether or not these skulls were compared to primates, only how they differed from human skulls. I’m not questioning whether or not there were nephilim – the Bible says there were. I’m only questioning how they made the great leap to conclude these skulls are from aliens or nephilim without comparing them to species other than humans. The Scriptures also say the nephilim were giants so, aside from a larger skull capacity, how does the rest of the skeleton fit that description?

    • Bodhi

      Genetics is not that simplistic and does not use the Bible as a litmus for determining fact, and the fact everyone on this thread seems to think this is how science is practiced is further proof that the educational system in this country is a complete waste of time. Just give everyone “The Scriptures,” force feed it to them, and be done with it. I would save a lot on my property taxes.

      • Amanda Nunjabidniz

        Clearly none of the degrees you boast of included any education whatsoever in the areas of either writing or genetics. Genetics is simple (not simplistic) in that it can easily be determined whether or not the remains are human or not. DNA from a mosquito contains 6 pairs of chromosomes. DNA from a cabbage contains 18 pairs. Human DNA contains 23 pairs of chromosomes while DNA from an ape would contains 24 pairs. Actually the Bible is historically accurate – name one instance in which it has been found not to be? This discussion happens to be about the Scriptures, and how these remains may be confirming them, not the other way around. Just as no one has forced you to read this article or watch the video, how do you figure anyone is “force fed” the Scriptures?

        • Bodhi

          1) Jonah swallowed by a whale. Noah built an ark that managed to house every animal on the planet, including those found on the other side of the world…. just to name two easy ones.

          2) Geneticists claim 90+% of our DNA is “junk” because they don’t know what it does and they don’t understand how it actually works.

          3) This discussion is not about scriptures, it’s about human evolution.

          4) I was “force fed” the scriptures as a child every Sunday.

          • Amanda Nunjabidniz

            Actually this is a discussion about the Nephilim mentioned in Scriptures. They’re claiming it’s not human DNA – while I do believe that’s possible it would hold more weight if they mentioned whether or not it was similar to any animal DNA, which they don’t. The Biblical accounts of Jonah and Noah have NOT been disproven. They find stuff all the time that does confirm things that were mentioned in Scripture. For instance it used to be believed that the stories about Ninevah were fairy tales, because no such place was known to exist. Then they unearthed Ninevah. The City of David has been discovered. Archaeology doesn’t prove all aspects of the Bible but it does confirm much of it. I think the account of Jonah is entirely possible. The account of Noah too. The word used in the Hebrew manuscripts to describe the area where Noah’s flood occurred could mean the entire world but the same word also was used to mean their world – or the region they lived in, their entire world, not the whole globe. If this were the case Noah easily could have gotten two of every creature from that region on the boat. And the remains are seriously believed to have been found. Interestingly, Chinese history, which is much older than our own, records a massive flood in that region of the world thousands of years ago too.
            The human genome has been entirely mapped out. I don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve read up on it but it’s certainly not junk. They now know that many genes are responsible for most traits, not just one, and geneticists know too which ones they are. It’s almost frightening the speed at which genetics is advancing.

  • Stephane Brault

    Of course, they can’t be human… lol

  • Tom Dishman

    I always thought eggheads exist.

  • Mason

    the remains are always mysteriously never seen again or cannot be located today. we are getting played by the dark entities our ancestors decided they would worship.

  • ug

    Wow. This was supposed to be a discussion about archaeology/anthropology and as usual the religious wackjobs just can’t resist the opportunity to soil peoples’ minds with their warped fables and fairytales.

  • Tuku Bacsi

    Mark 12:25 When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. …

    Matthew 22:30 At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. …
    According to this the angels are not sexual beings capable of reproduction!

  • Ned

    The ancient inhabitants of Israel were nephilim. They were killed and kicked out by the Hebrews at which point they scattered to other lands.
    When God ordered the Hebrews to kill all the inhabitants including children, he meant the evil Nephilim.

    The Nephilim hybrids are not human and have no place in gods creation. Some escaped, and we see their bones today all over the world.

  • Christian

    Oh my god, this is completely incorrect, and quite uneducated. We (Osteologists, Scientists, and Anthropologists) know these are in fact human. Their heads were manipulated at birth. People TODAY still practice this form of adornment.

  • jason

    it is either a human skull and the owner wants money and fame OR its an alien / mixed human and alien skull and it is actively being covered up. I don’t know what to believe without real, irrefutable proof.

  • J

    The below quote from the article regarding genetics is not good science. it is basically saying that some scientist presumably was able to sequence less than 10% of the mitochondrial DNA of from the skull and found some 93 variants. That doesn’t mean anything, especially without giving us any kind of information on the technology used. There is also no “maximum of 120 variations in human mtDNA”. Not that I’m aware of… sounds like more bad “science” to me.

    “In terms of this all-important mtDNA in the Starchild,
    our geneticist has recovered four reasonably large fragments which
    together total 1,583 base pairs, or 9.55% of the 16,569 base pair total
    for humans. As before, this is only a partial result, but also as
    before, it is highly indicative of what the final result of a full mtDNA
    genome analysis will be.

    Within those 1,583 base pairs, the Starchild carries a grand total of
    93 variations that are different from the extremely highly conserved
    human mtDNA genome. That is 93 in only 9.5% of the genome! It’s already
    near to the maximum of 120 variations in human mtDNA. If we do a simple
    but highly reliable mathematical extrapolation, expanding the 9.5% out
    to 100% (times 10.5) we find that 93 established variations extrapolates
    out to 977 variations!”

  • J Raintree

    These things are still here, and they live in underground tunnels built mostly by the United States government who has signed various treaties with them. Some of these treaties allow them to abduct humans for reproduction, experimentation, etc. They are unable to produce female offspring and routinely abduct human women who are subjected to extreme abuse. They do cannibalize humans also. They also plan to “transhumanize” mankind into slaves along with a band of criminally cabalistic individuals known as the “Illuminati”. They want a New World Order, and must be driven from Earth. Be prepared for the big deception when they have a “fly over” in their star ships, etc. They will say they created man, however they are created beings. Very evil beings. Don’t fall for the lies and deception and fight the NWO with all you have.

  • MartinTimothy

    Egyptian Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti 1370 – 1330 BC, the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten whose name means “the beautiful one,” who ruled Egypt after her husband’s death and attended to affairs of state in the nude, possessed an elongated skull which is a Martian trait, as per the elongated skull photographed by the Opportunity Mars Rover lower right.

  • Steven Michael Lumb


  • Steven Michael Lumb

    What a load of old Mumbo Jumbo the only truth is Scientific proven
    truth, what about the Giants Skeletons in North America and the bones
    that have gone missing from the Smithsonian Museum the recent discovered
    Giant skeletons in Egypt , and lets not forget Sasquatch of coarse oh but that
    dosent exist so why have some states made it illegal to kill them
    ask Professor Jeffery Meldrum ,… so we all know that you
    GODITES all talk a lood of old Cods Wallop , The Truth is out there
    MULDER !

  • Reese Daniel

    “People” other then (fully) humans STILL roam the earth!! They are called in secular psychology: Cluster Bs or Psychopaths/Narcissists/Sociopaths. In Scripture they are called serpents. Jesus gave the parable of the wheat and the tares. He said an enemy sowed the tares (which look like wheat but are TOXIC) and He also said the field was the WORLD not the so called “church”.

    “The wicked are estranged from the womb; they go astray as soon as they are born speaking lies. Their poison is like the poison of a SERPENT: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear ; which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely. Break their teeth, O God, in their mouths: break out the great teeth of the young lions, O LORD.” Psalm 58:3-6

    “Surely you did not hear, surely you did not know; surely from long ago your ear was not opened. For I knew that you would deal very treacherously, and were called a transgressor from the womb.” Isa 48:8

    Well needless to say that if a person is called a “transgressor” from the womb, then that person is born evil.

  • Reese Daniel

    Their remains were located sooner. The Smithsonean Institute has been hiding giant skeletons for at least a century if not longer. There is a concerted effort by the Serpents who control mankind (psychopathic fake jews) to keep the truth from us because if we knew about the giant and dwarf skeletons and the skulls found with horns, etc. then we would know that the Bible is true! They don’t want us to believe in the God they hate (our Creator) or to know the abominations their “god” (Satan) “created”. God knew from the beginning that these evil beasts in human suits would SUPPRESS THE TRUTH from mankind that’s why HE says over and over in the Bible to believe in Him BY FAITH!

  • eldon johansen

    its been two years.. and no, the story still doesn’t add up. but yes, humans really are that wicked, unfortunately.. if you’re having problems seeing that.. ask God to show you your own sin.

    I have not made any excuses for the wicked and i have a problem with much of the apocrapha which seeks to blame man’s problems on fallen angels, as i said earlier. as we know from Jeremiah and Ezekiel, each man is fully responsible for his own sin and i would not be surprised if God requires you to forgive satan for tempting you. so consider that before you tempt others with accusatory speech.

    but on the other hand its also interesting that James doesn’t even acknowledge satan’s temptation, but says each man is tempted by his own evil desire. so perhaps satan doesn’t exist anymore. /sarc

  • Mary Smith

    If ‘god’ made the world and he was all knowing, he didn’t make it very well, did he?! In both the old and new testament he is quoted “this is not my world. My world is Spirit”. Our spirits were either tempted away or stolen to fuel living organisms including us, by those who made the physical world and made us physically – as their slaves.

  • Patrick Bishop

    This just proves to me that all this cultist gobbledygook being sprouted about a bloke ,and a god and all the other fables were just that FABLES This real history of our planet is only starting to be uncovered and now that we have enough intelligent people exploring these sites the real truth of our origins is slowly but surely being uncovered and exposed for what it is without any cultist rubbish we must look at these discoveries in the true context of what and where and how they are etc etc .you may wish to follow one or other cult but the real facts will always be REAL, Facts that can be proven are the only way ,and so far Ive not seen that from any cult as yet!!

  • Clifford

    When science is based on theory, and theory is only an unproven surmise unlike the laws of nature that hold truth and are objective. That so few have red hair, So many races have mixed to actually find the purest human as the Australian Dingo might be the perfect hybrid dog. Still minor genetic difference and adaptions occur.The scariest possibility is that artificial intelligence might replace human thought and are humans are headed to a future exodus or extinction?.Has a reconstruction of a Nephilim skull and facial features occurred? Probably.. If they were so smart why did they die out? Ignorance is bliss, no intelligence is bliss.