To The Global Elite The Math Is Simple: Human Overpopulation Is Causing Climate Change So The Solution To Climate Change Is Population Control

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Today there is headline after headline in the mainstream media about how dangerous “climate change” is and about how the world as we know it is going to end if we don’t take dramatic steps to fight global warming.  But what they don’t tell you in the mainstream media is what the “final solution” for the problem of “climate change” that the global elite have come up with actually is.  You see, for the global elite the math is simple.  They believe that human overpopulation is causing climate change, and so the solution to climate change is population control.  As bizarre as that sounds, that is what they actually believe.  The truth is that they are convinced that climate change is going to literally destroy the earth and that the best way to fight climate change is to get rid of a whole bunch of us.

In fact, it is the official policy of the United Nations to fight climate change by promoting population control measures.  They don’t even try to camouflage it anymore.  Last year the UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) released its annual State of the World Population Report entitled “Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate”, and in that document it was made clear that the official position of the UN is that the only way to avoid a major climate disaster is to dramatically increase “family planning” services around the globe and to do whatever is necessary to reduce worldwide fertility rates. 

Check out just a few of the quotes about the link between overpopulation and climate change contained in the UNFPA report….

*”The importance of the speed and magnitude of recent population growth in boosting future greenhouse-gas emissions is well recognized among scientists, including the authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s reports.”

*”Still, calculations of the contribution of population growth to emissions growth globally produce a consistent finding that most of past population growth has been responsible for between 40 per cent and 60 per cent of emissions growth.”

*”Each birth results not only in the emissions attributable to that person in his or her lifetime, but also the emissions of all his or her descendents. Hence, the emissions savings from intended or planned births multiply with time.”

*”No human is genuinely “carbon neutral,” especially when all greenhouse gases are figured into the equation. Therefore, everyone is part of the problem, so everyone must be part of the solution in some way.”

*”Strong family planning programmes are in the interests of all countries for greenhouse-gas concerns as well as for broader welfare concerns.”

No human is genuinely carbon neutral?

That means by being alive, we are all part of the problem.

To the elite, we are viewed as “useless eaters” that have multiplied to the point where we are now wildly out of control and are threatening to destroy the earth with our toxic carbon emissions.

And don’t think for a moment that the United Nations Population Fund is not a big time international organization.

They are active in virtually ever corner of the planet, they have the full backing of the United Nations, and thanks to Barack Obama they have 50 million U.S. taxpayer dollars with which to advance their eugenics agenda.

But it is not just the United Nations that is preoccupied with population control as a solution to global warming.

Bill Gates is absolutely obsessed with it.

In the video posted below, Bill Gates explains his belief that carbon emissions from humans are causing climate change, and that the only way to stop climate change is to reduce those carbon emissions to zero.

That is right. 

While you watch the clip, notice how many times he emphasizes the need to bring these carbon emissions down to zero.

So how does he propose to do this?

Well, one of his suggestions is to slow the growth of the population.

And how will that be accomplished?

In the video Bill Gates tells us exactly what his solution is….

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Now wait a minute – aren’t vaccines supposed to keep people alive?

Wouldn’t more vaccines actually increase the population?

Or does Bill Gates know something that we don’t?

What Bill Gates has to say in this video is absolutely jaw dropping….

But of course Bill Gates is not the only one who is obsessed with climate change and population control.

In this next video, David Rockefeller explains how we are on the verge of a massive ecological disaster because there are too many people on the planet….

The truth is that while you and I may not give much thought to “overpopulation”, the global elite are truly obsessed with it. 

In fact, they even hold gatherings where they all get together and talk about it.  Just over one year ago Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey and a number of other incredibly wealthy individuals held a secret meeting in New York.

So what was the topic of this secret meeting?

Population control.

One anonymous attendee of the meeting was quoted in a major U.K. newspaper as saying that overpopulation “is something so nightmarish that everyone in this group agreed it needs big-brain answers.”

Apparently they are the big brains that are going to figure out the best ways to make sure that there are fewer of the rest of us running around.

So the next time you hear about the incredible “threat” of climate change in the mainstream media, keep in mind what the global elite believe the ultimate solution to that threat is.

As Bill Gates said, they are not going to be satisfied until they get carbon emissions by humans down to zero.

And considering the fact that you have been breathing out carbon dioxide the whole time that you have been reading this article, that is not good news for you.

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  • Willis Whitlock

    Anybody who truly believes the world would be better off with less people has personal responsibility to end their own life.

    • max

      you have a resposibility to end your own life you idiot! 7 billion people and counting, in 10-20 years 12 billion people, you idiots who think it is your god given animal right to crap out your dna all over the planet by having upwards of 3 or more children are the problem, having 1 child is ok, anymore than that is pure selfishness,, people that have 5-10 kids are criminal and should be sterilised so they cannot pass on their denes like some kind of cancer!. Anyone who say that human population is in decline is delusional, births are outstripping deaths and that is a fact! how many tigers are left is sumatra, barely 100, how many Orangutans, barely 2000 how many people on the planet 7 billion, hmmm you can’t see a disparity there!

  • Greg

    You may not believe in the Bible, but these rich, powerful and sick people are certainly lining up with what God said would happen in the book of Revelation. They are following the principles of the Georgia Guidestones.

    The EPA has begun the move toward genocide by declaring CO2 to be a harmful pollutant. They now have justification to prevent the emissions of this pollutant by providing a quota for each person.

    The rich and powerful have been implementing depopulation measures for several decades. Fertility is declining rapidly but they most likely won’t be satisfied with the rate of depopulation until it includes mass genocide. Ted Turner has stated that the world population needs to be reduced by 95 percent and then he put millions into vaccines to prevent malaria in Africa. He was most likely being honest about reducing malaria – dead people don’t get malaria!

  • Anon.

    I feel that the writer of this article is not very open minded. Bill Gates, among many others, are right. Over population is and will be a problem; however, you make it sound like “everyone else” is the victim. It’s as easy as telling prospective parents “Please consider how many children you have” and to encourage society not to believe that you “need” to have a family and kids. If we do not start making changes now for our planet, think of what the future holds for your children.

    • Tamara

      If human beings are not carbon neutral, and Bill Gates says we must reduce carbon emissions to zero, that leaves only the extinction of the human species!!! Because according to him, humans are not by nature of being at zero by themselves. I’m not open-minded enough to accept the soft-kill and forced sterilization of mass numbers of people… Also, what happens when all these chemicals designed to control our population gets into the food and water supply of the animals and plants on this planet we’re supposed to bne saving? Couldn’t that cause mass population reduction of various animal species, poisoned planst and animas, and GMO mutations which cause further sterilization, mutations causing disease, suffering and death outside the human realm? What we need to do as a species is to STOP CHOOSING DEATH as ways of dealing with our perceived problems! If problem solvers can only offer death, death is all this earth will have. We have poisoned the earth with out demands to control and direct it to our desires and expectations, and now in order to “save” the earth we are going to, again, control and direct it to our perceived paths of salvation… Didn’t controlling and directing cause many of our problems to begin with?

      Also, in case you guys haven’t realized this yet, money (economy) does NOT reflect resources!! God, diamonds are plentiful on the earth but you pay through the nose for them because DeBeers, for instance, has a monopoly on them!! Excess food has been destroyed in order to control the PRICE (not amount) of food! Technologies and cheaper safer options have been suppressed over time because current businesses would lose profits if people could do it themselves or grow it themselves etc… There are resource options available to us for paper, plastic, cloth, oils, fuel, etc (marijuana plant can be used, for instance to make paper, biodegradable very sturdy plastic, fuel, etc and it grows very fast! Trees take how long? Compared to marijuana and seriously, people… you’re insisting we have to save the children from drugs… you can legalize a drug for medicinal and industrial use… morphine, for instance, is addictive and yet hospital routinely use it as a painkiller. So stop being so blindly fearful., will you? that would be far far safer but they are illegal!! Please, go research and expand your horizons! Stop listening to people like Bill Gates who only see death as the answer, there are many other options available for us to use to deal with life’s hardships all around the world! Death is not the answer and will only bring more misery, to all life on this planet the way these scientists and elite are going!

      Besides, our population is declining already, there is proof that naturally our population is already in decline… overpopulation is untrue, please don’t assume I’m wrong and dismiss this, look it up!! Lives are at stake and would you want to support death and forced sterilization if it was all for a fallacy? This is very important, please look it up!

  • Nature would be better off with less egotistic people who can only think of their own reproduction.
    Please send this message as an e-card to friend or enemy at:

    Stop Terrible Human OverPopulation Disasters

  • Slideshow in 5 languages against the nature-eradicating force of human overpopulation:

    (Languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.)
    Root nature into the future!

  • Joe from Texas

    What is funny is that STHOPD and WisArt are either bots of some kind or payed trolls. Payed trolls, makes you wonder…

    Anyways, the author is correct, because depopulation of a high-population region is the only way for central government to function at any noticeable degree. Therefore, if you want one government for over all humans, then you must decrease the number of living humans to that of the population of Dallas or New York. I wonder at what rate neutron bombs are being manufactured, considering they kill life but leave infrastructure intact?

    The best part is the fact that people pay to watch genocidal snobs like Oprah, a woman who simultaneously thinks that if less people were alive, then the world would be better off. This is idiotic, since her fan-base likely consists of those that would consent to being herded to their death.

    Obvious douche-baggery is obvious.

    I like how Americans are buying guns and ammo, because that will make human herding like herding rose bushes without gloves: the rose will die before any herding will take place, and your fingers will bleed the more you push.

  • Joao Costa

    What IS the problem in reducing our population after all?

    what´s wrong in preserving wildlife and nature so our children could have access to that?

    why is it so dificulty to understand that filling the planet with just human beings is compromising spaces that should be preserved for other species?

    Why is it so hard to understand that the end of nature IS the end of men?

  • TheActualTruth

    Stop turning the SCIENTIFIC view of overpopulation into some politicized, sensationalized, anti-science, and conspiracy theory-ridden pile of crap.

    It’s funny how you hide your lies and your baseless agenda behind a URL like “thetruthwins”. It’s quite disgusting really and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had right-wing think tanks (composed of the “elites”) and uber-rich/powerful industries backing you (also the elites).

    The fact is- THE WORLD IS OVERPOPULATED. If you knew anything of the entirety of the science involved, you’d know that we live on a planet with finite resources and that we’re extracting these resources at an unsustainable rate. Also, there is a term called “carrying capacity”- a certain portion of land can only support a LIMITED number of a species on sustainably, anything beyond that and eventually the land is ruined and/or the species goes extinct. Humans, ESPECIALLY industrialized ones, need MASSIVE amounts of land/resources to sustain ourselves. It won’t last forever, probably not even another century. It’s simple math and in fact it’s frighteningly UNDERREPORTED in the MSM rather than over-reported. To most scientists/environmentalists it appears as if the MSM doesn’t even care that the planet is going to sh*t. And you people have the nerve to pretend they’re pushing left-wing agendas?? HAH!!!

    Ask any ACTUAL left-winger and they’ll tell you for d*mn sure that the media is anything but left-wing. And they’d be absolutely correct. The MSM is a box… and that box is right-of-center on the spectrum, however the further left views WITHIN that tiny box are pushed harder (essentially towards a MODERATE position) while ACTUAL left-wing ideas are shut out FAR more often than right-wing ideas.

    The facts are the facts, and just because they suck doesn’t mean you right-wingers can stick your head in the sand and ignore them like intellectual cowards. Yes, we are overpopulated, yes it sucks, yes it’s difficult to solve such a massive problem, yes we still MUST solve it. NO it doesn’t have to require shadowy die-offs or conspiracies to cull the population. Actual studies into this show us that simply decreasing food supply and supporting better DISTRIBUTION of food (to those who need it) controls population better and more humanely without giving up any actual freedoms. The reason we’re overpopulated is that we practice totalitarian agriculture and create IMMENSE surpluses. If we stop creating so much surplus food for no reason, population will ALWAYS respond by slowing its rate of growth or decreasing. It’s simple biological math. Do your homework people, and stop swallowing down revisionist lies/propaganda simply because the right-wing wraps itself in the Bible, the flag, beef jerky, phony tough-guy attitudes, and guns, that’s exactly how Fascism is being brought to America… by appealing to the most superficial mentalities and divisions amongst the populace. Don’t let Glenn Beck and his puppet-masters divide you from your fellow countrymen, he surely DOESN’T speak or work for YOU.

    • Axiom Seer

      just plain wrong /watch?v=HsAracLBCxI

    • Jim Minch

      FACT IS: The entire planet is filled with plants that ingest carbon dioxide and expel oxygen as a waste product. But you never year the global warming religious heretics, and all their slobbering and self-defeating followers thereof, mention that simple fact, do you?
      In the bible, Romans chapter 1 speaks of many who profess to be wise, but become fools. In all their so-called, “intellect” they fail (or purposely ignore) this natural gas exchange system which takes care of any imbalance. In fact, plants and animals are dependent upon one another. I can just see these elites drastically erasing the populations of humans and animals only to later starve to death for lack of nutritional plant life which has died out due to the lack of carbon dioxide. So you see, our planet (and God) has its own internal judicial system too.
      Have you noticed how cold it is outside.
      You idiots never cease to astonish me with your blind, subservient ignorance.

  • Mark

    Well said TheActualTruth!

    If these nutjob conspiracy theorists would get an education based on the scientific facts instead of bullshit internet websites and paranoia, they’d might learn something. But they’re so fucking crazy and paranoid they think that a formal scientific education is leftist propaganda and are brainwashing people. I don’t think the world will change – it’s full of too many idiots. It is in every animal’s genes to populate and reproduce as much as it can to ensure survival – and every population who overpopulates it’s natural habitat experiences a massive natural die-off. The difference with people is that our globalized civilization is so interconnected that a mass die-off would initiate total anarchy and the collapse of society. A free-for-all of takers trying to survive and kill other people until they take their last breath.

  • The only reason why Bill Gates is the richest person in the world is because their are so many people who are buying his software.
    If the population of the world was reduced I am sure Bill Gates will lose his position as the richest person in the world. I hope he understands this concept.

  • Tom Baker

    WOW BILL-I’m so impressed. Harvard party boy borrows technology from naive developers and makes big bucks. Now purchases soap box from which social policy suggestions are attempted. Population control is rational, but not for the reasons harbored in the dark hearts of monoply capitalists. We all know you worked really hard Bill. Maybe as you cruise into retirement you’ll have the time to think things through.

  • paula

    Well then, all those rich, evil parasites should be the first to set their own example and eliminate themselves and their own families first…then the rest of us would be much better off!

    This “man-made” climate rubbish they are pushing is the biggest “fraud” of all time…specially designed by them to push their evil plans!

  • al

    Gotta love the hypocricy of the idiot greenies whining about over population. Get an education! Population growth is bad! We want nature and animals for our children!. Your children!? But what happened to overpopulation? Oh Thats right you want population control but it shouldn’t apply to your own families….. Idiots. BTW if you think genocide is a conspiracy theory go to the UN website and read agenda 21.

  • Julenissen

    Well… I would say that if you take into consideration that everybody needs to eat, and that growing that food takes energy (to fuel the machines). Exponential growth of the number of people on earth then will automatically increase the CO2 emissions- the math is clear. Math does not lie. It is really that simple, beleave it or not…

  • Guy Fawkes

    Seeing as CO2 is needed for all life how exactly is it now concidered a to be toxic?

  • I wonder if those here supporting the elite’s desire to eliminate between 80 to 90% of the global population would back up their words and support by volunteering themselves and their loved ones to be the first one “sacrificed” in the slaughter.

    It seems to me that the elite and their supporter forget that the elite with its huge corporations invading the Amazon and cutting off thousands of trees without bothering to reforest the land have been largely contributors to this CO2 problem. The Amazon has been the heart of the planet producing oxigen and absorbing the CO2 since the beginning, These elite knew that but profit and their greed was more important than the catastrophe that they were creating.

    Now, we all know that most members of the elite live with excesses such as private jet planes and other CO2 emitting vehicles. Of course, they are not willing to give those up. It is easier to kill off those who do not belong to their tight group. If they are so firm in their belief, why don’t they volunteer to be the first ones or, why don’t they volunteer their children and other loved ones? Lead by example!

    To those who support their greedy, selfish, evil agenda and rationale, I ask you, will you be still supporting them when you and your loves ones are sacrified? It is not just going to happen to the “other” guy you don’t give a damn about, it’s going to happen to you! if they are allowed to get away with their maniacal plans. Unless, you are one of them! I hope you don’t call yourself a Christian or a believer in our Creator.

  • Tatiana Covington

    If everyone could get their genitals under control then there wouldn’t be all this trouble.

  • Meyou

    I would like the people here to address the daily dispersion of poisonous clouds over almost all cities in the world, whether by actual trail-laying by jets that ‘look like” airliners, or by blowing rolling, obviously fake dark clouds of gunk, that look like smoke (not clouds), low over a city. Clearly the agenda to reduce population is well underway… the so called “chemtrails”. It is especially funny watching a spray trail being laid over a church on Sunday morning… the church being full of old people. (I too suspect you may be funded by these would-be killers… you don’t seem to provide much of a response to these claims of “too many people”… and of course there is no global warming anyway. It’s made up. The sprayers, however, make “localized warming”).

  • Well said Michael, as always.