Volcanoes All Over The Ring Of Fire Are Erupting Right Now – Is The U.S. Next?

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Volcano Erupting

All of a sudden, the Ring of Fire is starting to tremble violently.  Last month, we had a whole bunch of major earthquakes along the Ring of Fire, and this month volcanoes all over the Ring of Fire are erupting.  Of course there has always been seismic activity within this giant band that stretches around the Pacific Ocean.  After all, approximately 75 percent of all volcanoes are located in the Ring of Fire and approximately 90 percent of all global earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.  But what is alarming is that the level of activity appears to be rising.  Chile is experiencing almost constant shaking by earthquakes, a volcano in Peru just awakened for the first time in 40 years, and major volcanic eruptions have just taken place in Ecuador, the Kamchatka peninsula and off the coast of Japan.  The west coast of the United States also lies along the Ring of Fire, but so far it has gotten off easy.  Yes, there has been a little bit of shaking in southern California in recent weeks, but it hasn’t been too bad.  But scientists assure us that will change.  At some point, there will be a major seismic event along the west coast.  It is only a matter of time.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media in the United States pays very little attention to seismic activity around the rest of the world unless it happens in a heavily populated area.  But the truth is that we have been witnessing some very unusual things lately.

For example, a volcanic eruption off the coast of Japan has created a brand new Island called “Niijima” that is literally eating another small volcanic island next to it…

Niijima is Japan’s newest island located in the Philippine Sea that has consistently grown in size since its inception in November. A NASA satellite image from March 30 found that Niijima merged with nearby island Nishino-shima.

Niijima resulted from a seafloor volcano that sprouted in the western Pacific Ocean this past November. It is located 600 miles south of Tokyo in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which spans from the coast Chile to Alaska and Siberia and then south to New Zealand. The volcanic island has not stopped erupting since November.

As a result of the nonstop eruption, Niijima recently merged with another nearby volcanic island, Nishino-shima. The newly formed island is about 3,280 feet across and sits 196 feet above sea level.

In Ecuador, the Tungurahua volcano has been extremely active lately.  In fact, it shot hot ash 10 km up into the sky just the other day…

A volcano in central Ecuador has spewed up a column of hot ash and smoke 10 kilometres high, increasing fears of an eruption.

Activity has been building at the Tungurahua volcano 130 kilometres south of the capital Quito since early February.

On Friday (Saturday Australian time), experts reported a loud explosion that lasted for five minutes and an expulsion of ash.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but there are some very powerful volcanoes in Russia as well.  On the Kamchatka peninsula, which is located on the east coast of Russia, a large volcano has belched a column of ash 6 km into the air…

Volcano Shiveluch has erupted ash at an altitude of six kilometres above sea level in Russian Far East’s Ust-Kamchatsky municipal entity, Kamchatka branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences geophysical service stated on Sunday.

Down in Peru, a volcano that has been dormant for most of the past 40 years has suddenly “awakened” and is now “spewing ash and dust into the sky”…

It’s been four decades since a volcano in Peru has awakened, but on Tuesday, it came back to life and began spewing ash and dust into the sky. The volcano is located in southwestern Peru and has led to more than 50 people being evacuated from the nearby village of Querapi.

So should we be alarmed by all of this?

Without a doubt, it is normal for volcanoes to erupt and for the earth to shake along the Ring of Fire.

But what is a bit concerning is that the intensity and the frequency seems to be picking up.

Just look at what has been happening down in Chile.  We have seen dozens upon dozens of large earthquakes down there over the past month, and there have been eight earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater in Chile over the past 24 hours alone.

Hopefully things will settle down soon.

But if they don’t, it will probably only be a matter of time before the west coast of the U.S. joins the party.

Scientists have been warning about “the Big One” down in California for decades.  But up until now, it hasn’t happened and people have gotten complacent.  Scientists tell us that a magnitude 7.5 earthquake along the Puente Hills fault in southern California would be “the quake from hell” and would cause hundreds of billions of dollars of damage.  An earthquake of magnitude 8.0 or greater in the same location would be catastrophic beyond what most people would dare to imagine.

And do you remember the devastation that the eruption of Mount St. Helens caused back in 1980?

Well, that was small potatoes compared to what we could eventually see up in the Northwest.

In Oregon, Mt. Hood experienced a swarm of more than 100 earthquakes in just a few days last month, fueling fears of an eruption.

Up in Washington state, Mt. Rainier could send a river of volcanic mud 30 feet thick over surrounding communities at any time, and a full-blown eruption of Mt. Rainier could produce a cloud of volcanic ash that would potentially cover most of the continental United States.

But of course most of the recent attention has been on the Yellowstone supervolcano.  A YouTube video that seemed to show a herd of bison running away from Yellowstone has been described as “bunk” by authorities, but now a new video has emerged that appears to show a herd of elk running away from Yellowstone…

So does that video actually prove anything?

Of course not.

But what we do know is that certain areas of Yellowstone have been experiencing “ground uplift” in recent months, and there has been some highly unusual earthquake activity in the park in recent weeks.  In fact, one of the earthquakes was the largest to be recorded at Yellowstone in about 30 years.

Does that mean that something major is going to happen soon?

Let’s hope not, because a major eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would end life as we know it for most of the country.

We have entered a time of heightened seismic activity all over the globe.  Even with all of our modern technology, we are still at the mercy of natural disasters.

If you are living along the west coast or near one of these volcanoes, your life could literally change at any moment.

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  • Matty

    Another great article Mr Snyder, I pray for these tragic prophetic inevitable events to never take place, but that is in Gods hands.

    I also pray that we all come to the Lord and seek Him for truth, protection and salvation.

    This is all brewing and God is certainly holding back all of this until the time is right.

    • NoChip4Me

      Amen…………Maybe God is tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus too. 😉

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      • tipton.regina

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      • ned.sullivan@mail.ru

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    • Nogods

      What is with you (gullible) people?
      The bible is fiction, ego, so is everything related to it.
      No god exists.
      What you are seeing with earthquakes has been going on for millions of years, and will continue for millions of years, long after the last human has died off.
      Stop with your home-schooled education, get out and find reality. It’s actually not so bad.
      Imagine no religion, I do, and the world will be a much better place.

      • Matty

        I have found reality my friend, its Jesus.

        Did you know that one day, you will have to bow down to Jesus and confess that He is your Lord?

        As will I……….as will all of us?

        I will love to see the look on your face when that happens, not in a I told you so mentality, but in a mindset that we are all equal and this is it, Gods plan has been fulfilled.

        Religion is the devils trick for causing division between us all.

        We are not gullible my friend, we can see clearly now, we have set free from the devils grip, Jesus has taken our blindfolds off.

        And for your information, earthquakes have INCREASED in frequency and intensity in the past decades.

        But, we are still praying for you because you are lost, because of your refusal to submit to a higher power, because of your inability to comprehend the mind of God, because of your inability to do your own research, may God be with you my lost narrow minded friend.

        • Copper Munger

          Well said. With the pressure being put on Israel by the current administration, GOD will not remain silent. The division of Jerusalem will be the trigger for the final judgement in the tribulation. The books I mentioned above opened my eyes though I have been a believer for decades. The day the Madrid “Peace” talks were opened by HW Bush, the PERECT STORM battered New England and 30 foot waves washed the furniture out of his mansion on the coast in Kennebunkport, Maine.

          • Marge

            God is not only silent, he is invisible. A person honest with themselves, not afraid to embrace the truth, would realize it’s totally fiction, and they have lived their live in a prison of ‘faith.’

      • Copper Munger

        I suggest you read “Eye to Eye” by White House correspondent William Koenig and “The Israel Omen” and “The Israel Omen II” by David Brennen. You will realize there is a GOD of Israel and that HE IS active in the world today.

        There are at least 12 record breaking catastrophic weather events that have occurred since 1991 that have followed on the day of or on the heels of the US & the Quartet making progress in dividing Israel & giving the land that GOD has promised to the Jewish people. Both books cover them as they unfolded. Often the headlines of the “progress of ‘peace’ talks” and the catastrophic event appeared on the front page together. “Eye to Eye”

        documents all the headlines as a correspondent would.

      • I BELIVE

        Well I look at it this way. I know there is a very real God…However in the event I could be wrong like you think I would loose nothing. On the other hand in the event that you are wrong you would loose everything! God is real and does not seize to exist because you think other wise. Why don’t you ask him to show you?:)

        • Marge

          ‘Cease,’ and not ‘seize,’ by the way.

          Many have asked God for miracles, for food, for water, for help, for rescue, for healing. They died and god did nothing.

          • ryan.dorsch@mail.ru

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          • http://secure49.com Mitchell Adams

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      • Swordfish_00

        Oh I’m sure you have so many questions on your mind, I’m pretty sure with that.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Actually, this is all just plate tectonics, and that’s been going on for some 4 billion years, since the earth formed.

    Ever hard of continental drift and plate spreading? They’ve been confirmed. Here we are with our tiny little attention spans of 10 to 100 years, observing paper-thin slices of processes billions of years old.

    Beware of small-number statistics.

    • Jus’Say’n

      4 Billion Years?!!!
      No one has been around long enough to confirm the earth is 4 Billion Years Old.
      Beware of large-number statistics.

    • Kim

      Actually, you’re wrong. There have been more large earthquakes in the last 100 years than all the years that seismologists (if you will) began recording these seismic occurrences COMBINED. You better check your statistics.

      • NoChip4Me

        It is liken in the Bible to a woman in birth pangs……..Hosea 13:13
        Pains as of a woman in childbirth come to him, but he is a child without wisdom; when the time arrives, he doesn’t have the sense to come out of the womb.

        Mark 13:8
        Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

        • Nogods

          More bogus clap trap.

    • SarcasticwithaSmile!

      First off, The Zircon in the acasta gneiss rock formation of Canada has been dated to 4.03 billion years old, so this is a scientific measurement not a statistic.

      Second, Seismographs have barely been around more than 100 years so there is nothing but speculation and guesswork to compare the last 100 years to any other time in history.

      This Earth has always been violent since its formation spawned the Hadean age, named for hades due to the hell like conditions, and will continue to be until it is no more.

  • Hammerstrike

    Cthulhu Fhtagn!

    • Kim

      Xochyltll bhureqqu backatcha.

  • DJohn1

    And Japan’s nuclear reactor gone bonkers has nothing to do with the Ring of Fire going active? Seems like quite a coincidence here.

    Or is there something else going on? The most likely event is a pole shift. That might cause all of the rest of it.

    • Jus’Say’n

      “Japan’s nuclear reactor gone bonkers” was caused by an Earth Quake and Tsunami that occurred BEFORE the reactor went bonkers!!! Like the Earthquake/Tsunami 7 years before that off Sumatra. And the Haiti Earthquake etc. etc…..
      I doubt Japans Reactor has anything to do with it!!!

      • Kim

        Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. It certainly didn’t help the situation.

    • Nogods

      Pole shift.. hahahahahahahhahahhahhahha hahah hahhah hahah haha haha hahhahh ahhahah ahahha hahahahaha.
      I can’t stop laughing.
      Who makes this shyte up.
      Pole shift my ring.
      If we had a pole shift, you would not survive to be writing about it. Sheesh, that home school education really doesn’t work.

      • DJohn1

        The polarity of the poles shifts about once every 250,000 years according to geologists not me. We are way overdue.
        They have determined this from evidence. The evidence is partly due to volcanic activity freezing iron particles in place. They are pointing in the wrong direction.
        I am glad you have had a good laugh. No one should take science seriously. It changes direction with the weather. Last I checked there is still life on this planet.

  • JasonD

    I fell in to a burning ring of fire,
    I went down down down,
    And the flames went higher,
    And it burns burns burns,
    The ring of fire, the ring of fire…

    • TexasRedNeck

      Johnny Cash I knew you weren’t dead !

  • Rajak Assad

    Lets hope so.

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    USA is being very lucky.
    Since 2004 few deadly earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruption but the West
    2004 Tsunami in Indian Ocean – 280 000 dead
    2005 Pakistan/India earthquake – 90 000 dead
    2008 Szechuan (China) earthquake – 80 000 dead
    2010 Haiti earthquake – 300 000 dead
    2011 Japan tsunami 18 000 dead
    Lot’s of strong tremors in chile
    Even Greece, Spain and Italy
    USA is probably the last country in seismic zone around the World, with no major earthquake since 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
    I’m afraid this will change even in this year. Some tremors may be a foreshocks predicting the Big One.

  • Bryan

    PLEASE!! believe me time is getting short! signs are ramping up everywhere like birthpangs Jesus spoke of.
    For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, and the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. Most assuredly i say to you unless one is Born Again he cannot see the kingdom of God. we have all died spiritually because of sin, sin brings death physical and spiritual, and only through Christ can you be made alive again! Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us ( for it is written Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree’) that blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles IN CHRIST JESUS, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through Faith. For by Grace you have been saved through faith and not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works, lest anyone should boast. For if anyone be IN CHRIST he is a new creation old things have passed! Behold ALL things have become new. Jesus gave an invitation to the Church of Laodicea Behold I stand at the door and knock. IF anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him and He with me. it’s open only you can ACCEPT his invitation and how do you do that? by Repenting of your sin ( turn away from have a change of mind about) and ask Jesus into your heart Paul wrote to the Romans that if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead you will be saved! For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whoever Calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!!

    • Nogods

      What a load of codswallop.
      You are just spouting more fictional dogma. The bible and it’s god is all pure baloney, made up by one group of men to control other groups of men.
      You are simply gullible to believe any of this tripe.
      Imagine no religion, that’s where we’ll find a better world. Following fiction just creates more deluded fools.

      • Ashly Kuether

        haha, codswallop

  • Kim

    Extremely hot nuclear core material from Fukushima Daiichi 1, 2 and 3, presumably fissioning, at subterranean levels could be the cause of some of the volcanic activity along the Asian ring of fire.

    • Hiroshi Yamamoto

      Nuclear material?
      It must be a melted natural uranium ore.
      I read once some scientific facts about one natural nuclear reaction in uranium ore somewhere in Africa. Also peat(turf) or coal can self-ignite like recently in Australia or Centralia, PA

      • Kim

        I meant the melted cores or “corium” from the Daiichi triple meltdown. Have they located this material yet?

        • Hiroshi Yamamoto

          Chinese syndrome is an urban legend like story. Corium will cool down after going several meters down. Worst thing – it’s close to the sea. Saltwater will cool it down even more but humongous amount of highly radioactive isotopes will be released to the Pacific Ocean. That’s why all life is disappearing from the Pacific and more radioactive fishes are catched near California or Oregon. When you buy a seafood, better check if it’s not from the Pacific Ocean. Canned Tuna especially.

          • Kim

            Thanks for the information. I never knew how hot some of this stuff is, but I presumed it to be extremely hot. Some of it was active fuel, not spent fuel. Anyway, you’re right, it’s such a mess. So sad, and horrifying.

          • NoNukes!

            The Corium will not cool down, you’re just perpetuating the nuker position (of utter bullshyte).
            Fukushima is a lit fuse and we cannot stop it. The cores will continue to meltdown, and expel radioactive materials that will poison the Earth.
            Nukers are criminals and need to be prosecuted for crimes against nature, Earth and humanity.
            The fiasco is not even close to being over. And you are just pushing more propoganda.

          • Hiroshi Yamamoto

            What propaganda? I already said that huge amount of radiation is released. And the Chinese syndrome is a hoax.

            “In reality under a complete loss of coolant scenario the fast erosion
            phase of the concrete basement lasts for about an hour and progresses
            into about one meter depth, then slows to several centimeters per hour,
            and stops completely when the corium
            melt cools below the decomposition temperature of concrete (about 1100
            °C). Complete melt-through can occur in several days even through
            several meters of concrete; the corium then penetrates several meters
            into the underlying soil, spreads around, cools and solidifies”

  • Kim

    In Oregon, Mt. Hood experienced a swarm of more than 100 earthquakes in just a few days last month, fueling fears of an eruption.>>>>

    Oh joy!

  • NoChip4Me

    People e-mail. God, GOD MAILS. Possibly God is trying to gently remind people that He is still the top Kahuna? If people don’t listen and return to acting more righteous, God may start to shake things up a bit more.

    • Nogods

      If there was a god, it would most likely give you a clear and unambiguous message.
      Instead, men just make up symbolisn in order to control other men.
      Religion is a crook of shyte, built on dogma.
      Find reality, it’s far less confusing and it doesn’t empower false prophets.
      Wake up from the nonsense, we’ll all be better off for it.

    • Marge

      The top kahuna is doing remarkably little for the last some thousand years, huh?

      Appearing in toast and tea leaves, just doesn’t count.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The only volcano I’ve been near is Mt. Vesuvius near Naples, Italy (the one that wiped out Pompeii in 79 AD). When that thing blows again, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Napoli.

    Vedi Napoli e muore.

  • Snoot Capp

    The gates of hell are starting to open.

  • Larry Major

    I had the most lucid dream I have ever had in the late 90’s, I was driving a church bus and looked and see volcanos blowing up and on the horizon I see 3 large moons and I have a few people on this bus and think to myself this looks like another planet now.
    I drive into this little place and a man comes out and I say to him how do you get home and he points at this highway and say take highway 101 and then he blows up in a volcano while I run for the bus!

  • kg

    this is the first time I have ever looked into this only because its not good we are warming globally. it wont be long now that the earth will either cook us or send us into another never ending ice age. this time will be the last. and I basically have not read into any thing on this topic. but the facts are getting more evident. I keep hearing about volcanos becoming active just 5 to 10 degrees what happened to the 1.5 deg difference earthquakes etc. and already nature WILL & CAN WIN!! Like we were never here. earths core can win or the freezer of space will get us. we talk a lot about people from other country’s being aliens. we are all from space dust or rocks came in when the earth was more pure. we need to get off this rock.. why not use the moon as a start ? why are we not doing this yet ? its only another dead rock but we can use it to study etc. its a solid foundation for Ankering / launching / storing etc. we act like we have a better vacation home some were better out there.. if we cant live there forget it !!! we will need a place to go to.. it might be a little close to this rock and hopefully it wouldn’t get sucked in to it etc. what we really need is space comacassies. that would dedicate there lives to traveling into the deepest reaches of space for the sake of man kind to get as far as they can go and report as much as they can back to us before you just die out there… it would be like exploring the deepest oceans even that’s risky in a way.. if I knew I were dieing of something incurable. I would try it you would be buried in space forever as long as I could hear Iheart raido out there and a few good drinks or some real mowi wowie for the ride.. no beer you cant take a leak much out there you could beam me up snooty there is no intelligent life down here I say its a GO NASA.5 4 3 2 1

  • Marge

    It doesn’t matter which way they were going. It is normal behavior for elk to walk/run in just this way.