What Barack Obama Said To Michael Phelps

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The following is a joke that was sent to me the other day.  I am not certain who the original author is, but it is quite funny.  I think that it demonstrates the kind of mentality that Barack Obama and the other socialists in the government have right now….


After winning his latest gold medal, Michael Phelps got a call from Barack Obama.  But it wasn’t a call of congratulations.  Rather, it was to remind him that he did not do it by himself….

“If you won a gold medal, you didn’t do that alone. There was a long line of government workers, food stamp recipients and drug addicts that swam those practice laps for you, and allowed you to get where you are.”

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  • Gary2

    Obama is correct–no one ever succeeds on their own period. We all stand on the shoulders of others. The whole self made man crap is just that-crap. Only a selfish conservative tea billie could ever possibly believe they ever did anything on their own. The only thing these dolts did on their own was loose their teeth.

    • Mal R

      “no one ever succeeds on their own period”

      Nope. No one succeeds without some kind of influence, input, or assitance from someone else somewhere along the line. But of course, that isn’t the argument.

      Now please tell me how any of that gives selfish communists like you the right over any part of my business. You didnt build the bldg. I paid someone to do that. You didn’t train me. I paid someone to do that. You didn’t make my product, I made it and then I paid people to help me mass produce it. You certainly didn’t build the roads that I travel on you broke a$$ OWS slacker. I PAID THE TAXES FOR THAT. You didn’t buy my car, I paid for it.

      So please tell me again what part of your moral code (because you keep claiming were all immoral low lifes) tells you that you have a right to any part of me, my skills, my products or my business. Why do you leftists believe in slavery against the US Constitution?

  • Mark
  • anthony

    I agree Michael Phelps didn’t win gold on his own. But he didn’t have to try to be a champion swimmer either.

  • Robin

    If you won a gold medal, you didn’t do that alone. There was a long line of coaches, trainers, non-profit organizations like the United States Olympic Committee and the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, plus his parents who were both government workers, his mother a principal, his father a state trooper.

  • AJ

    Well then let these food stampers and drug addicts swim for ur NSA from now on. Peace.