What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?

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Dead Birds In Alaska

Why are huge numbers of dead birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska?  It is being reported that many of the carcases of the dead birds are “broken open and bleeding”.  The photo of some of these dead birds at the top of this article was originally posted by Alaska native David Akeya on Facebook.  You can find more photos of these dead birds right here.  And of course it isn’t just birds that are dying.  As you will see below, something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well.  In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and “oozing sores”.  So precisely what is causing all of this?  Could Fukushima be responsible?  Authorities are claiming that all of this is being caused by “disease” or “harsh weather”, but are they actually telling us the truth?  Evaluate the evidence that I have shared below and decide for yourself…

#1 Something is causing large numbers of dead birds to wash up on shores all over Alaska.  The following is a report from Alaska Public Media about just one of these incidents…

Hundreds of dead birds washed up on the shores of St. Lawrence Island towards the end of November. And though the cause of the die off isn’t yet known, the quick response demonstrates a mounting capacity for dealing with unexpected environmental events in the region.

Scientists do not know why this is happening.  Some of them are blaming “harsh weather”.

#2 Something is causing large numbers of seals and walruses to lose hair and develop “oozing sores”…

For example, while skin ulcers and other conditions — hair loss, lethargy, oozing sores, bloody mucous, congested lungs — are affecting seals and walruses, it’s not known if the two species are suffering from the same sickness. And although much studying has been done to determine whether it’s the result of a virus or radiation, and no tests have linked these origins to the illness, it’s not yet known what the root cause is. Toxins and environmental factors, like harmful algae blooms and thermal burns, are under consideration. As is whether allergy, hormone or nutritional problems might play a role.

Once again, scientists do not know why this is happening.

#3 Polar bears along the Alaska coastlines are also suffering from fur loss and open sores

Wildlife experts are studying whether fur loss and open sores detected in nine polar bears in recent weeks is widespread and related to similar incidents among seals and walruses.

The bears were among 33 spotted near Barrow, Alaska, during routine survey work along the Arctic coastline. Tests showed they had “alopecia, or loss of fur, and other skin lesions,” the U.S. Geological Survey said in a statement.

Once again, scientists do not know why this is happening.

#4 The population of sockeye salmon along the coastlines of Alaska is at a “historic low”

Aboriginal people in British Columbia who rely on Skeena River sockeye are facing some extremely difficult decisions as sockeye salmon returns plunge to historic lows.

Lake Babine Chief Wilf Adam was on his way to Smithers, B.C., on Monday for a discussion about whether to entirely shut down the food fishery on Lake Babine, something he said would be drastic and unprecedented – but may ultimately be necessary.

Authorities say that the number of sockeye salmon has dropped by more than 80 percent since last year…

Mel Kotyk, North Coast area director for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, said the department’s monitoring activities were finding one of the lowest runs in 50 years.

Only 453,000 sockeye are expected to swim along the Skeena this year, Kotyk said, compared to approximately 2.4 million last year, forcing all commercial and recreational Skeena sockeye fisheries to be closed.


Once again, scientists do not know why this is happening.

#5 Something is causing Pacific herring to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs

Independent fisheries scientist Alexandra Morton is raising concerns about a disease she says is spreading through Pacific herring causing fish to hemorrhage.

Ms. Morton has called on the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans to investigate, saying it could cause large-scale herring kills and infect wild salmon, which feed heavily on herring.

“I’ve been seeing herring with bleeding fins,” Ms. Morton said Monday. “Two days ago I did a beach seine on Malcolm Island [near Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island] and I got approximately 100 of these little herring and they were not only bleeding from their fins, but their bellies, their chins, their eyeballs. These are very, very strong disease symptoms.”

Once again, scientists do not know why this is happening.

#6 Some residents of Alaska are absolutely convinced that Fukushima is to blame for the rapidly declining fish populations.  For example, just check out the following excerpt from a recent editorial in one Alaskan newspaper

We are concerned this hazardous material is hitching a ride on marine life and making its way to Alaska.

Currents of the world’s oceans are complex. But, generally speaking, two surface currents — one from the south, called the Kuroshio, and one from the north, called the Oyashio — meet just off the coast of Japan at about 40 degrees north latitude. The currents merge to form the North Pacific current and surge eastward. Fukushima lies at 37 degrees north latitude. Thousands of miles later, the currents hit an upwelling just off the western coast of the United States and split. One, the Alaska current, turns north up the coast toward British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. The other, the California current, turns south and heads down the western seaboard of the U.S.

The migration patterns of Pacific salmon should also be taken into consideration. In a nutshell, our salmon ride the Alaska current and follow its curve past Sitka, Yakutat, Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands. Most often, it’s the chinook, coho and sockeye salmon migration patterns that range farthest. Chum and pink salmon seem to stay closer to home. Regardless of how far out each salmon species ventures into the Pacific, each fish hitches a ride back to its home rivers and spawning grounds on the North Pacific current, the same one pulling the nuclear waste eastward.

We all know too much exposure to nuclear waste can cause cancer. And many understand that certain chemicals, such as cesium-137 and strontium-9, contained in said waste products can accumulate in fish by being deposited in bones and muscle permanently.

We are concerned our Alaska salmon are being slowly tainted with nuclear waste. We are worried about the impact this waste could have on our resources, and especially the people who consume them.

#7 Something also seems to be causing a substantial spike in the death rate for killer whales living off of the coast of British Columbia

A Vancouver Aquarium researcher is sounding the alarm over “puzzling” changes he’s observed in the killer whale pods that live off the southern British Columbia coast.

Dr. Lance Barrett-Lennard says he fears changes in the ocean environment are prompting odd behaviour and an unusually high mortality rate.

Barrett-Lennard says the southern resident orca pod, which is found in the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and the B.C. mainland, has lost seven matriarchs over the past two years, and he’s noticed a lack of vocalizations from the normally chatty mammals.

Once again, scientists do not know why this is happening.

These kinds of things are happening further south along the Pacific coast as well.

For example, the recent death of thousands of birds down in Oregon is absolutely baffling scientists…

Residents have reported groups ranging from 10 to 200 dead or dying barn and violet-green swallows in barns and around other structures where they perch. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the dieoffs appear to be worst close to rivers and standing water where the birds tend to gather.

The toll, estimated in the thousands, has stunned Fish and Wildlife specialists. “This type of mortality event is unprecedented and considered a rare and unusual event,” said Colin Gillin, wildlife veterinarian for the agency. “The effect on bird populations is unknown.”

Some scientists are blaming these deaths on “harsh weather”.

Do you buy that?

Clearly something very unusual is happening, and it should not be unreasonable to ask if Fukushima is at least partially responsible for all of this.

Without a doubt, the Pacific Ocean appears to be a much different place than it was before the Fukushima disaster.  In fact, one very experienced Australian adventurer said that he felt as though “the ocean itself was dead” as he journeyed from Japan to San Francisco recently…

The next leg of the long voyage was from Osaka to San Francisco and for most of that trip the desolation was tinged with nauseous horror and a degree of fear.

“After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead,” Macfadyen said.

“We hardly saw any living things. We saw one whale, sort of rolling helplessly on the surface with what looked like a big tumour on its head. It was pretty sickening.

“I’ve done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I’m used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen.”

In place of the missing life was garbage in astounding volumes.

“Part of it was the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan a couple of years ago. The wave came in over the land, picked up an unbelievable load of stuff and carried it out to sea. And it’s still out there, everywhere you look.”

What in the world would cause the Pacific Ocean to be “dead” like that?

Where did all the life go?

Hopefully we will start to get some answers to these questions.

For much more on all of this, please see my previous articles entitled “28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima” and “Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean – Could It Be Fukushima?

Meanwhile, radiation levels around Fukushima just continue to increase.  The following is from a recent RT article

Outdoor radiation levels have reached their highest at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant,warns the operator company.Radiation found in an area near a steel pipe that connects reactor buildings could kill an exposed person in 20 minutes,local media reported.

The plant’s operator and the utility responsible for the clean-up Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) detected record radiation levels on a duct which connects reactor buildings and the 120 meter tall ventilation pipe located outside on Friday. TEPCO measured radiation at eight locations around the pipe with the highest estimated at two locations – 25 Sieverts per hour and about 15 Sieverts per hour, the company said. This is the highest level ever detected outside the reactor buildings, according to local broadcaster NHK.

And every single day, another 400 tons of very highly radioactive water gets released into the Pacific Ocean.  The total amount of radioactive material in the Pacific is constantly rising, and because many of these radioactive particles have a half-life of 30 years or longer, much of this material is going to be with us for a very, very long time.

This is turning out to be the greatest environmental disaster in modern history, and it is very far from over.

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  • Tatiana Covington

    Say we lose the ocean… then what?

    • ~~~T~~~

      If we lose the ocean … we lose everything … even our lives …Kaput, Finito… See you at PP …lol…

  • Hammerstrike

    LOL, nope!

    • Sitara Singley

      Prove him wrong.

      • Hammerstrike

        Easy, doesn´t happen on the coasts of China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.
        Japan is where Fukushima is, China has the world´s largest industry and rather incomplete pollution regulations.

        Then again, reason isn´t something you luddites apoproves off.

        • Kim

          There is nothing “luddite” about being concerned about high levels of radiation entering the environment in which we live.

          • Hammerstrike

            Indeed not but believeing the Fukushima powerplant have enough radiations to make the Pacific radioactive or cause an extinction event is simply ridiculous.

            Far more radiations have been released by testing of nuclear and thermonuclear warheads (1054 by the US alone, offically) during the cold war, a lot more.
            People, in the US, exposed to fallouts had their jhair falling off and so on.

          • Kim

            You are wrong. There is massive amounts of radiation emitting from Fukushima. It will never stop. Not in your life time, not it your children’s lifetime, or your grand children’s lifetime.

          • Hammerstrike

            For it to never stop, you would need a constant generation of radioactive material, do they have Tiberium there?

            Pacific water volume is just too big for all of the isotopes contained at Fukushima or even a 100 Fukushimas to have any significant effects other than local.
            And the effects are not consistent with radiation poisoning, which are well-known by scientists.
            The phenomenom is part of global trend of events that has been going on years before Fukushima leak happened.

          • Kim

            It’s fissioning underground. Research nuclear fission and u will have your answer.

            And u are wrong about volume. If volume could mitigate the damage caused by poison entering the environment, why did 3000 people die as a result of the union carbide accident? The volume of the air should have dissipated that poisonous gas, if we follow your logic.

          • Ex_MislTech

            The amount of fissile material in ONE fuel rod is more then the material in one bomb. There were and are thousands of fuel rods at the fukushima facility.

            Some of the isotopes such as cesium137 ad strontium90 have
            decay rates of decades, and
            the plutonium is even worse.

            Its great that you have info on the
            number of warheads detonated,
            but maybe you care to look at the
            increase in cancer rates.

            Once some of these particles enter a human body they are there for the entire life span of that human.

            The more that enter, the worse it gets, and alpha particle based radiation is not detectable by hand held meters and that is the real issue.

            Long term damage and accumulation in the food chain.

          • Hammerstrike

            “The amount of fissile material in ONE fuel rod is more then the material in one bomb.”

            One Hiroshima-type bomb or Czar bomba type bomb?

            And you know what happened in Iraq, due to not-so-deplete uranium?

            Beside, how does radiations causes the ring of fire to become active? How does it cause increased activities at Yellowstone and how did it cause climate change on Mars and Pluto?

            How does it make birds drop dead of blunt trauma? Cause strange sounds heard from sky worldwide?

          • Ex_MislTech

            He is using textbook disinfo techniques, he is very likely one
            of the many paid disinfo agents
            who are paid to derail threads like this one. And yes our gooberment, and
            the corporate aholes pay ppl to logon and spread disinfo to keep ppl from getting to the truth of certain events such as this one.

          • Hammerstrike

            Socrates: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

          • Sitara Singley

            It is not disinformation to expect people to prove their claims.

        • 2¢Wurth

          Did you know that Russian cities such as Khabarovsk have had to shut down their entire water system because the rivers coming out of China are so polluted that massive illnesses have swept through the city. Just this year, Seoul, South Korea installed over half a billion dollars of air pollution control equipment from fouled airsheds coming from the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Vietnam was ranked 123rd out of 132 nations in air quality in 2012. Once again, you are sadly mistaken and ignorant of your facts about East Asia and its effect on world air and water pollution.

        • Sitara Singley

          You lose when you call names for no reason. Ad hom attacks=logical fallacy.

      • Ex_MislTech

        The Iodine 131 contamination of milk in the US due to nuclear testing here in the US and it was far less radiation released.

        Anyone who actually studied the history of nuclear contamination would know this.

        Hammer is either a sock puppet shill or just ignorant of the reality of radiation, take your pick.

        • Sitara Singley

          Prove it with a link.

  • Hammerstrike

    Let us remind you that there are things between the earth and sky which they would not even dream to be possible.

    • BlindPrometheus

      I think no one is actually arguing here. Just attempting to trace bullet holes in the earth and disagreeing on the source of the shots. I don’t have the awareness to conclude on the total picture.

      I do know that Fukushima, is already or will become the greatest nuclear release known, unless we mess up further. I also agree that the galactic warming phenomenon, is more validating than the “Gore”, carbon credit driven, global warming.

      Both theories, where competing attempts at validation using the same evidence, shouldn’t dismiss each other. The fact is, we are over mining, burning, polluting, poisoning and consuming. In a higher rate than ever known before. Add to the picture 1,000 +, nuclear detonations. Then add two meltdowns, one dumping into the ocean. Considering that humans are causing the problem but the most resistant to it, all while exponentially growing in population. With the cherry on top, of thinking we understand the basics of our solar physics but cant explain in the slightest of why everything is warming up or the effects that that will have.
      I thank you for the Prussian Blue recommendation and if where i live it becomes necessary to use, I’ll be indebted to you. I take all warnings seriously and if there is something with in reason to be prepared, consider me prepared. I cant stop Fukushima, galactic warming or the consumption of this planet but I do have a garden and an eye on the oceans and skies.

  • K

    Do I think radiation is the direct cause of what is happening on the west coast? No, but I do believe it is the indirect cause. Many organisms are affected by relatively small doses of radiation. It seems to have a general weakening effect on them. In this weakened state, diseases of opportunity infect them with much greater ease. If radiation was killing directly, the readings would be far higher from these animals. The same will happen with man. When man absorbs enough radiation from the environment, they too will be in a weekend state The saddest part, is the children will be affected first. They are affected at a lower dosage level.

    • Hammerstrike

      Does radiations also cause the ring of fire to become more active too?

      • K

        No, I would think that very unlikely. The ring of fire, seems to be somewhat cyclic. Going through times of greater and lesser activity.

        • Hammerstrike

          Why does it happen just now, along with the economic crisis?

          And it is not just Earth that is dealing with climate change.

          • K

            Economic crisis happen often in one place or another. Increased activity in the ring of fire was bound to some day coincide with economic collapse. Random chance. Yes there have been changes in other planets. Perhaps increased solar activity, perhaps also cyclical.

      • Kim

        Who knows? But the massive heat from the melted cores (1,2,3) at subterranean levels could be effecting it. It is unknown (and will remain unknown) where these melted cores ended up, only that they are presumably out of containment, and obviously, underground somewhere.

        • Hammerstrike

          Remember what caused the leake in the first place?
          Events have been happening before Fukushima and earthquakes have been increasing for many years now.
          It isn´t just Earth that is experiencing climate change.

          • Kim

            Daiichi nuclear material is aggravating an already unstable situation. Melted corium, at massive temperatures, at subterranean levels, could very well cause more seismic instability in the region. The thing is, this is out of the realm of understanding and knowledge amongst the most educated and knowledgable nuclear physicists and scientists.

            The exact location of this melted nuclear material is not known- what is known, is that it is in the earth somewhere deep in the ground. It will never be precisely located, recovered let alone contained.

  • Fernando Martínez

    This IS because Fukushima. Keep in mind those birds eats fish, they can get them far from coast, they (birds) don’t need to show high external radioactivity to die from Fukushima. We don’t have much time left too, humans are too stupid, ignorant and greedy. The only solution is to vanish, and it will happen. The really sad part is we will kill everything alive with us too.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Personally, I don’t plan to vanish any time soon. 🙂


      • Ex_MislTech

        Some of those in power are planning for about 6 billion of us to vanish thou.

        Google “Georgia Guidestones”

        The insane nihilists and eugenics crowd of WW2 was not wiped out, they were imported as more workers for the globalist death cult.

        Google “Operation paperclip”

    • Chubby Freen

      Swallows don’t eat fish…

    • Hammerstrike

      Sorry to burt your bubble but….

      1) Radiation would still be high enough to be detected by Geiger counters.

      2) Doesn´t happen in Japan.

      • Kim

        It already is high enough to be detected by Geiger Counters.

        • Hammerstrike


          • Kim

            Random areas of the pacific including several species of sealife.

  • Mountainhiker

    Yes,every single day, another 400 tons of very highly radioactive water is dumped into the ocean, and yes, it is going to effect the ocean food chain as all levels. Maybe its time that the US government got involved it assisting Japan in fixing the problem. Clearly until it effects them, they seem determined to slow roll it.. The same currents take the water back to Japan so its just a matter of time before their food supply is tainted as well.

    • Trace Smith

      Every Country should be involved unless… Thats what they want. To kill us resource sucking animals off their planet!!!

      • Kim

        Even if every country in the world were involved, it would make no difference. There is no known solution to removing the melted cores from the earth. No one can even locate them. Containment is not an option at this point. Fukushima Daiichi disaster is out of the realm of knowledge and understanding by any man, group of men, any nation, anyone.

        • Alex1956

          Why remove the cores? Contain as best we can to avoid continued atmospheric releases. That’s about the best we can do. If the coriums pollute the Tokyo water table, Japan is toast. Boron, cement, rocks, and more cement is needed, lots of them.

      • Ex_MislTech

        That is what is carved in the Georgia Guidestones, they want 6 billion dead.

    • Kim

      Japan has already asked for help from any and all nations, including the US, but no help will arrive.

      The melted cores (corium) from three reactors (1,2,3) in an unknown location, most likely out of containment (hence high radiation emitting from general location of reactor 2) – no man or robot can get near enough to the area to investigate, locate, let alone remove and contain.

      Unit 4 has spent and unspent rods that contain plutonium, in an open air pool full of debris. This pool must constantly be tended to, 24/7, so it doesn’t overheat.

      The point being, there is no solution. There is no known technology or knowledge or understanding by any nuclear scientist or group of scientists to deal with this disaster. This is out of the realm of mankind to fix Fukushima.

      • Alex1956

        With respect, that’s not what I’ve read. Japanese culture is all about “saving face” not dealing with reality head-on. I was an EVP for an Asian airline years ago and understand the culture quite well. Basically, if you ignore bad things they will simply go away or serious problems do not exist. It is a childlike mindset completely unsuited to solve huge and overwhelming problems. The current government instead of dealing with reality allows a highly unqualified utility to tackle such an enormous task without global scientific, military and industrial involvement? I don’t think so! The US Govt. has failed the American people miserably by not telling the truth. Actions speak louder than words and the US isn’t much better than Japan in looking out for the health and welfare of its people.

    • Ex_MislTech

      The university at berkley in california’s nuclear engineering department has confirmed the the Israeli and US made stuxnet cyber weapon played a role in the disaster in Fukushima, it either caused it or made the situation worse.

      Top hit if you google “stuxnet fukushima”

      • Alex1956

        The photos of Fukushima after the Tsunami says it all.

  • Jason7189

    The Oceans water eventually ends up on land….Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. The Animals won’t be the only ones suffering.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very good point.


    • Kim

      Not to mention biomagnification in plant life and sea life. Cesium 137 settles nicely in plant life. But there is also strontium 91 and tritium so we are dealing with multiple types of deadly radiation infecting the air and water coming out of the Fukushima Daiichi site daily.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Indeed – we are literally watching the earth be destroyed right in front of our own eyes.


    • Graham

      Re Fukushima, home in on everything that is known about Magna BSP. That will lead directly to some interesting facts.

      Government paid scientists often have to keep their mouths shut, hence the reason they “know nothing”. Something that independents don’t have to participate in.

      Also checkout Arkansas Nuclear One! A recent incident may be of interest.

  • DJohn1

    Does anyone know how much water is in the Pacific Ocean? We are talking massive amounts of ocean water. That does dilute things quite a bit.

    I suggest that these scientists get their counters out and start checking for radioactive birds, fish, and animals. The key here is not the amount of water. It is the amount of radioactive water in the currents running all up and down the coast lines of America and Asia.
    Our primary current is the Gulf Stream. But that is in the Atlantic not the Pacific. Yet that stream goes all around the Atlantic side of the world. The same thing happens in the Pacific Ocean.
    The key word our Scientists pay attention to is FUNDING. So if the government wants to make a point, they simply withdraw the paychecks.
    Could that have something to do with the NO NOTHING attitude in this article by scientists?
    Most of our prevailing winds come from the Pacific Ocean over the continent. Again we get a lot of our water in the Midwest from the Gulf. A lot of this rain is driven across the plains by the rotation of the planet. So it is a combination of wind and rain with the wind being likely to spread radiation across the country. The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. What is really happening is the Earth is spinning as it runs around the Sun in its orbit.
    So all that nuclear stuff is likely to be blown around the world. The Southern Hemisphere is more than likely safe. The winds do not usually go that far south. So I would imagine that Australia and New Zealand might still be safe. Brazil sounds good right now.

    • Hammerstrike

      165.25 million square kilometres of water, that is 165 250 000 000 000 000 tons of water, to make the Pacific radioactive one would need more radioactive material than the full mobilization of the world economy would allow produce over a century.

      • Kim

        You don’t know that. You are assuming. The introduction of poison into the ocean is a problem. Would u drink a glass of water if it had a single drop of cesium 137 in it? How much cesium is acceptable to you, in terms of ingestion. A little bit ok?

    • Wayne Chipman

      Our World does not spin or rotate around the Sun, It is a Big Lie. I have a $10,000 standing offer on the Web for any Single Fact ( not Theory ) that we spin or move.

      • DJohn1

        Please enlighten us as to what you think the status of the Earth is in the universe.

        • Wayne Chipman

          The following is hard for most to swallow, as No one likes to admit they have been brainwashed.

          The following are the claims of Science.

          1. That our Milky Way Galaxy is travelling through the Universe at approximately 670,000 miles per hour.

          2. That our Sun is circling around the Galaxy at approximately 500,000 miles per hour.

          3.That our Earth (World) is travelling around the Sun at 67,000 miles per hour.

          4. That the Sun is 10,000 times larger than the Earth and approximately 90 million miles away.

          5. That the Moon is one fourth the size of the Earth and approximately 250 thousand miles away.

          6. That the Earth is spinning on it’s Axis once a day.

          7. That the North Star is 200 to 400 light years away.

          Now with a moving Sun and an Earth revolving around it. The only logical and mathematical conclusion is the Earth spiralling through Space. Some Scientists are actually awakening to this.

          Through the Seasons, the Years and the Centuries. the North Star and all the visible Constellations are fixed on the Earth. For Science claims to be right. The Celestial Sphere ( Those Stars we can see with our own eyes ) would have to be spiralling along with the Earth, and the Earth always at it’s center.

          No other conclusion can be reached if You take Science claims as fact.

          Now for the spinning Earth theory.

          Foucault’s Pendulum. In the Northern Hemisphere it rotates opposite of the Southern Hemisphere and at the Equator it stays swinging in an East West position. Science claims it is the Earth spinning. In reality it is a close Celestial Sphere exerting gravitational pull ( or there is no Gravity and likely we live in an EMC Universe ). Focault’s Pendulum does prove the Earth is not flat.

          At the Equator the World is moving at 1040 miles per hour approximately according to Science. It would stand to reason you could buy Gold at the Equator then go to England and have it weigh more as England is travelling at around 600 to 800 miles per hour. But Science fantasy claims Centrifugal Force ceases to exist when concerning the Earth.

          The Winds absolutely do not support a spinning Earth.

          Now for the Sun. As anyone will answer. that a Ball of Light will send light off in all directions. A Giant Sun 90 million miles away, by the time it’s force would reach the Earth. Would appear to our 8 thousand mile diameter Earth as a solid wall of light heat radiation. After travelling 90 million miles through the cold vaccum of Space, to hit our Equator and simply going another 4 thousand miles to hit our poles would not diminish it. With the amount of tilt Science claims the Earth has, we would never have darkness at the Poles.

          Science may answer that our Atmosphere bends light to achieve these things like darkness at the poles, two Telescopes parallel and a few feet apart will not see the same Star( Stars are not Sun’s by the way) when everything is put in a pictograph or just drawn on paper Science claims become even more silly.

          Science on TV most always shows the Moon very near the Earth, to show it as they claim in their numbers would not look right to the eyes. The Sun is very near the Moon in size and both are very near the Earth.

          Science claims to detect Stars Hundreds if not Thousands of Light years away.
          100 Years x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 x 186,000 Divide that by Earths diameter to put it in a relation that we might comprehend. Then study up on the Magnifying power of Telescopes ( Visual ones not Radio ones )

          N.A.S.A. creates nothing but CGI images.

          All Science is funded by a very few.

          All claims of a moving Earth are theory, any math can be applied to point either way. People are not trusting what their own eyes and senses tell them. Stand out side under the Sun on a Hot Bright Day.

          Now a Theory of mine, I cannot find anything at all on this subject.


          A Spherical Earth has one problem how does the Water follow it’s curve.

          The inward pull of Gravity along with Air pressure does not have enough strength to hold Water to a curved shape.

          A Sphere of outward pulling Gravity circling our Sphere of inward pulling Gravity will accomplish this.

          The only reason the moving Earth theory got off the ground was that people were very ignorant 500 years ago. For some reason it seems that if a Lie is repeated over and over people begin to believe it, I do not understand how anyone can believe these lies over the truth. School used to center around learning and rhetoric, then it became; Listen to what your teacher tells you. That seems to be kind of limiting, as when your teacher is a brainwashed imbecile, what does that make you then.

          • DJohn1

            I don’t know. You spent a lot of time attempting to disprove what science believes the truth is. You didn’t really explain what you think is actually happening.
            Since the Russians and the USA have sent drones to other planets I think that is a logical conclusion that at least part of what they believe must be at least partly true.
            A very good lie has to contain enough truth for the false parts to be perceived as truth.
            What they are having a whole lot of problems with is dark energy and dark matter. Both of which do not follow the rules laid down by science.
            My own guess is it is the ash left over from the start of the current Universe. That is a whole lot of matter to figure on.

            You also say the Earth is too small in their theory to retain as much water as we have. That is a mystery no one has come up with a good answer to. The isotobe fingerprint from water on the moon is identical to that coming from the Earth. No one really knows why. So everyone assumes the Moon came out of the Earth in the distant past.
            Assume is a really nasty word. It makes idiots out of anyone that assumes anything.
            Theories are nothing more than assumptions based on existing evidence. The problem is when theories are considered past an educated guess as fact.
            The entire paycheck of these “scientists” is at stake. Follow the money. If they are believed they get a pay check each month, if not the pay check disappears.
            It is important that all of us keep an open mind to all theories(educated guesses) and use them to better understand our universe.
            In 1905, no one believed Einstein’s Relativity. IN 1945, we had things based on it like Atomic Physics. Still don’t entirely believe it was Einstein’s work. I think it was his first wife’s work under his name because she couldn’t get a hearing in the male dominated society of 1905. Before that we had Newton. Both were brilliant people far beyond my knowledge of things.
            It is important to not discard theories out of hand.

    • Alex1956

      Sorry, radioactive particles do not “dilute”, remaining somewhat small in overall mass, they remain in suspension and float atop ocean waters.

      • DJohn1

        Thank-you. I was not aware of that fact.
        If these particles are in suspension and float, could that mean we could sift the surface and clean the ocean?

        • Alex1956

          I wish you were right, but the task is simply impossible. Once the materials get to shore, they accumulate and make the beaches and adjacent lands uninhabiltable. This is so enormous and overwhelming that words cannot describe my melancholy. The food chain, air and water contamination are beyond our scope of undertanding. Seriously, the only viable thing for most of us to do is relocate to places where the contamination will show up the latest. If true, I fear much of humanity is doomed. Beachfront property especialy in California is going to become very cheap when average people begin to fear it. I went to a friend’s multi-million dollar home on the water in So. Calif last week. In former years, I used to look upon the calm waters as beautiful, teeming with life and nature. Now, I am afraid those same waters carry possible lethal disease and death. Truly frightening! Economically, this will hit us like a chunk of wood to the side of the head when people suddenly awaken that we may very well be facing an ELE event. Yet, government doesn’t tell us the truth as they want to keep the party going as long as they can. The music is going to stop eventually and when it does it will be chaos. I cry for all of us. This was avoidable and is in fact a crime against humanity, a nuclear war without a war.

  • Hammerstrike

    Sad ignorance. Radiations are pretty easy to measure, Geiger counters.

    The Pacific 165.25 million square kilometres of water

    Even if fukushima releases 1 millions tons of plutonium, it is hardly going to dent the ecosystem of the Pacific as a whole.

    • Trace Smith

      LOL… I know I should bite my tongue.. But I can’t… GFY!!!

      • Hammerstrike

        Do you know how much a square kilometer of water is? 1 billion tons.

        • Kim

          Whether it’s in the air or water, radiation is a highly toxic poison and it lingers for decades. Are u suggesting that the introduction of poisons into the ocean is nothing, because of its size? Would u accept a just a tiny drop of poison into your glass of water? Then drink it? The problem with cesium 137 is that is settles in plant life and fish consume it, and it magnifies. It’s gets into the food chain. As for your Geiger Counter claim, your wrong about that. There have been detectable levels of radiation in Geiger reads in Japan, South Korea and California.

          • Hammerstrike

            yet instruments doesn´t measure

          • Kim

            You don’t know that.

          • Hammerstrike

            Actually yes, yes I do and it isn´t exactly rocket science.

            If it was, it would be known at least on the internets, even if the lamestream medias decided to ignore it, locals would still have access to the internets and it would become known.

          • Kim

            It is being ignored because the MEDIA know there is no solution. Also, the Japanese government has already admitted to engaging is massive coverup. And u are wrong about Geiger counter reads. Cesium 137 is showing up in many species of fish and it has infected the food chain. Cesium 137 does not exist naturally in the earth and there are no known safe levels. In other words, low levels are harmful. U continually cite figures against the capacity of the ocean without considering time. Highly radioactive material has been emptying into the pacific for over two years. It will never stop. Time will tell what damage is being done. Obviously, something is wrong out there.

          • dankyogurt

            Unfortunately, this shill does have a point that there is something far more serious going on, on a solar level, which is in turn affecting tectonic shifts and volcanic activity, especially in this highly volatile area of the pacific. The blatantly undeniable evidence of first responders, american navy and japanese developing cancers already, this is definitively worst disaster we have ever seen, no question about it. There will be ramifications far greater than can be assessed right now.

        • JC

          A cubic kilometer is around 264 billion gallons with a weight of around 10,000 metric tons. I’m curious how one figures weight or volume of a square kilometer of water. I have no position on this debate, I just think you are a clown.

          • Hammerstrike

            Oh right, square kilometer.

            1 cubic meter = 1 ton

    • Kim

      You don’t know that. This is unprecedented. Time will tell what effect the radiation will have on the environment. If it were safe to dump it into the ocean, we wouldn’t need Yucca Mt, which is over capacity at this point. Would u suggest they dump nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean? This waste continues to generate heat for years and years. To suggest it would not effect the ecosystem is an over confident assumption.

      • Hammerstrike

        Oh I know, for the same reason people knew Obamacare wouldn´t work, math, basic math.
        A single drop of cyanid won´t poison a 200X50X5 swimnming pool.

        • Kim

          No, not true. Radiation is the most toxic substance known to man. Some radioisotopes are stronger than others, for example plutonium is THEE most toxic substance to humans on planet earth. U are wrong on this. These radioisotopes settle in flesh and plant life and continue- they magnify and once they are introduced into the environment they are difficult to clean out. I will give u some advice – u may find this useful at some point- ask your doctor about ferris ferrocyanide also know as Prussian Blue. Pharmaceutical Prussian Blue binds with radioisotopes and aids in secretion before it settles in flesh and bones. Google it. You will need it, I promise.

          • Hammerstrike

            Excatly, people do not know as much about the Cosmos as they would like to think.

            youtube.c om/watch?v=KKMTSDzU1Z4

            Something is causing the ring of fire to become increasingly active, earthquakes to increase worldwide active and a number of volcanos to errupt in recent months.

            How much energy does that involve? Far more than the human specie´s entire nuclear arsenal at the height of the cold war.

            And these dies-off of animals, both in the airs (Before Fukushima happened) and sea, shows us what?
            There is something that can kill a lot faster than radiation poisoning.

            news.nationalgeographic.c om/news/2011/01/110106-birds-falling-from-sky-bird-deaths-arkansas-science/

            And it started before the Fukushima events.

          • Kim

            You keep drawing these unequivocal, authoritative conclusions and you really don’t know. This problem is unprecedented. Even the most knowledgable nuclear physicists with decades of experience contradict your conclusions. This is out of the realm of your understanding.

          • Hammerstrike

            Yet you believe scientists are holding back on Fukushima, do you not?

            Michael have had articles on the ring of fire, sinkholes and the increased volcanic activities in recent months.

            And January 2011 was obviously before Fukushima.

            youtube.c om/watch?v=KKMTSDzU1Z4

            Is this also caused by radiations? If it is not radiations, how do physicists explain this? Thing is, scientists in the west won´t touch something like this if they want to keep their reputations and pay.

            But I guess you´ll just have to witness for yourself things that today´s physics cannot explain.

          • Kim

            I don’t not believe they are holding back. I do believe that the Japanese government is engaged in a coverup of just how bad this is. Finally, two years or so later, they have invited any and every country in the world for help. They have set aside 80 billion dollars for clean up efforts, all futile. There is no solution to this.

            As for the seismic activity along the Asian region, I have said four times on this blog and I will say it again, the massive amount of HEAT (not ionizing radiation, at subterranean levels could be causing further seismic instability

          • Hammerstrike

            Heat, a LOT of it, could explain something else if it is starting to reach the Pacific waters.

            newswatch.nationalgeographic.c om/2013/11/22/sea-snot-explosions-feed-deep-sea-creatures/

          • Ex_MislTech

            He is using misdiection, its part of the disinfo play book, the same thing the hired sock puppets and shills did to try to cover the wall street theft, looting,
            and the obvious kleptocracy.

        • Ex_MislTech

          Bio accumulation you idiot, and it can cause mutation at a cellular level, and its decay rate is years and is not water soluable. Again you are a sock puppet disinfo agent for the corporates or the government and
          are likely one of the paid bloggers hired to sit here and spew pseudo science when the reality is of radiation and its effects are in the historical record. You are a shill….

    • Jon Grayson

      Ever hear of ‘CURRENTS” – you don’t have to pollute the entire Pacific.

      • Hammerstrike

        treehugger.c om/natural-sciences/more-50-birds-mysteriously-drop-dead-sky.h tml
        Is that the result of radiations? Is the increasing activity of the ring of fire due to radiation?

        • Kim

          Cite an objective source. Treehugger is a term intended to mock those who are concerned about the environment. Once u cite an objective source, you may be taken a bit more seriously. Until then, you are a shill for nuclear energy. Shills make excuses and dismiss dangers. TEPCO has covered up and made multiple excuses for the enormous and ongoing disaster at its Daiichi plant. I bet u also think fracking is a harmless and productive way to extract cheap gas.

          • Hammerstrike

            That website is not the only one reporting dead birds falling the sky.

            Thought, I can ask the same about Fukushima containing enough radiations to seriously irradiate even parts of such a large body of water as the Pacific.
            If you decide that a 1000 megaton H bomb is enough to shatter the moon, do I need articles as to why that can´t happen?

            Rather, you are a shill for whatever is really happening, something much more larger in scale and potentially dangerous than a nuclear plant meltdown or even all of nuclear plants suffering meltdown.

            Syria still holds for now and the jihadist filth is loosing ground. I don´t think fracking will make gas cheap, it is more of a ploy to convince China and others to keep lending to the US and A and of course, to convince the plebe that the recovery is right across the corner.

    • 2¢Wurth

      You are in grave error. Radiation is notoriously difficult to measure. It is contained in minute particles that may or may not dissipate, so a Geiger counter only gives an average background reading. And Geiger counters are extremely crude instruments – few are NRC Calibrated and Certified. You must pay close to $500.00 for a digital model that comes close to giving you accurate readings. Dosimeters and film badges are equally useless except for scatter patterns. No matter how much water is polluted or contaminated, fish that migrate for thousands of miles swim through trillions of tons of it, and radiation is cumulative! Millions of tons of contaminated debris is hardly a “dent”. It is estimated the debris field is the size of Rhode Island. Passing over a breeding ground, it can de-oxygenate the water and cause significant problems, with or without associated radiation.

      • Hammerstrike

        No, I am not, I just don´t let anti-nuclear fear-mongering cloud my judgement.

        Modern instruments works much better but they still do not detect high levels of radiations.
        And if you had been paying attention, you would know there are a lot of other events have been happening worldwide for years.

        • John N Tricia Martinez

          Unless it is tritiated water (which is also abundant) the water itself will block the radiation, making it difficult to measure. It is traversing the entire Pacific Ocean when an animal ingests particles or tsunami debris carries them. There are nano-particles being referred to as bucky-balls. They are so small they will permeate the debris very deeply. The ocean and life within IS being destroyed by radioactive waste.

    • Ex_MislTech

      You are a industry or government shill.

      The much weaker nuclear testing caused Iodine 131 poisoning of milk in the US and
      is a documented event.

      You are either stupid, or part of this cover up.

      • Hammerstrike

        That´s your argument? Pathetic!

        You are part of the real cover-up and certainly stupid and/or scientifically illiterate for not seeing why Fukushima can´t be behind this.

        1960s are over, banking rules the west and its governements today, not industry.

        Search on google deplete uranium Iraqi children, that is the kind of things radiation sickness does.

      • Hammerstrike

        Socrates: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

        If anything, you are part of the real cover-up and certainly scientifically illiterate for not seeing why Fukushima cannot be behind this.

        Put simply banking rules the west and its governements today, not industry, easier to print a dollar than obtain profit by good productions.

        Search on google deplete uranium Iraqi children, that is the kind of things radiation sickness does.

    • Sniffy Pop

      Even though the Pacific is a huge body of water, the radioactive elements are getting into the bottom of the food chain and will work their way up.

      The aquifer that feeds Tokyo has been contaminated, they also do not know how far down into the earth the three reactors have traveled since they have melted down.

      Then you have to take into consideration how far the radioactive emissions will travel by the air currents.

      This is a really bad situation and I think Japan needs to call in some outside help.

    • Alex1956

      Geiger counters measure ambient rad levels not particulates. Radiation does not dilute, it is merely held in suspension in ocean water. To destroy all life on Earth requires only 7 – 8 pounds of PU airborne! According to reports I’ve read, each spent fuel pool contains one ton of PU! Sealife in the Pacific Ocean is dying 2-1/2 years into this disaster. What will it be like 10, 20 years on? The largest body of water on the planet will be dead along with vital plankton and algea necessary to oxygen production. Are you scared yet? I certainly am!

    • joe


      One atom of plutonium 239 is 24,000 years, so its nearly 75,000 years for that one atom to fully decay. During that 75,000 year life span of just one atom it will kill any living organism it inhabits. It doesn’t stop killing just one bird, If ingested again via food, air,rain or dust, it kills again.
      One gram of a spent fuel rod contains more atoms than all the grains of sand on this planet.
      Fukushima had 3 full core meltdown melt through reactors.

      Reactor 3 was mox fuel (recycled nuclear bombs)
      Reactor 4 had 400 tons of spent fuel rods that detonated into the air.
      Reactor 3 detonated into the air.
      Reactor 2 detonated into the air
      Reactor 1 had full core meltdown.
      Each reactor 1,2 and 3 where 3 times the size of Chernobyl. Chernobyl had a graphite core, had a 1/3 meltdown and its meltdown was contained in 10 days requiring 400,000 men.
      Fukushima’s where never contained, it’ll be 5 years this march, 2016. The cores of 1,2 and 3 are still melting into the earth, over 400,000 tons of radioactive ground water seep into the Pacific Ocean every day.
      A nuclear reactor creates Over 1900 radioactive isotopes that are not of this planet, they are not of this universe. They are not bananas, potato chips, rocks or the suns rays. We and the other living organisms have no immunity to them. They are not background radiation nor do they have any position in an equation for comparison.

      Now which Geiger counter do plan on using to detect these nuclear reactor created isotopes with ?

      Because you need over 1900 Geiger counters, each one needs to be calibrated for the specific isotope your trying to detect, Then you need another Geiger counter to verify the readings of the first one are correct.
      The truth is in front of you. The nuclear and petroleum industry will say anything for a paycheck regardless of the deformation, birth defects, pain, suffering and death they inflict on humanity and wildlife. Its a religious cult like euphoria for them.
      The nuclear industry needs to be shut down completely. Nuclear weapons need to be band worldwide.

  • jim

    I saw the most fantastic end of the world sunset today in San Diego. It was freaky. The people around me said they had never seen anything like it. I guess 195 tons of plutonium blown up at #3 can be beautiful?
    Personally I’m just trying to enjoy the time we have left because the DREAM is OVER!

  • Fred

    I sent this article to my cousin who has lived in Alaska for decades. His response was “It is not radiation. Avian cholera is a natural occurring phenomena although this is the first identified case. There have been suspected cases in the past but due to the extreme remote locations it was impossible to verify.”

  • America Under Judgment

    The humans are going to pay soon, it is called the great tribulation. revelation12 dot ca

    • Chubby Freen

      Amen, bro–was just thinking the same thing…

  • Robert M Stiles

    America unnecessarily nuked Hiroshima + Nagasaki – now Japan is nuking America. Where is the problem?

  • Trace Smith

    What sucks though is most of humanity hasn’t caused this! It’s those in power!!! When we vote these assholes out the voting machines become rigged or the incoming work for the same corrupt party. If a poll was given of the people no Nuclear plants or weapons would exists. We have cheaper and better energy but the corrupt keep it hidden for the profits of oil and gas. So… I don’t blame all of humanity although I blame them now for not running down to the White House and kicking every single one of these corrupt assholes out. We’re done… Fukushima has killed us!!! Life expectancy will be lower and maybe thats what they wanted while they will breath clean air in their radiation proof bunkers.

    • Ex_MislTech

      Watch “hacking democracy” and you will realize the voting is rigged as much of the entire system is rigged, If those in power got what they really wanted we would all end up like Terrence Yeakey and Michael Hastings.

  • Kim

    I don’t think it’s wrong to discuss Prussian Blue (ferris ferrocyanide) with a doctor. It’s legal to dispense and there are large stocks available, so I hear.

  • Arizona

    AS the church was placing a blessing on the soldiers who were headed off to war,AN OLD MAN in a long white robe,walked into the church,Pushing the pastor of to one side HE adressed the church,he told them ,doing evil can be a two bladed sword,LIKE THE US NAVY,setting off nuclear weapons off the coast of JAPAN,causing a tidal wave that killed 80,000 innoucent japanese citizens,JUST to force the government of japan to turn over their banks to the queen of england and the federal reserve banks of NEW YORK,ALL the navy guys are sick and dieing,the japanese are sick and dieing,and NOW THE ENTIRE pacific ocean is poisoned,all the wildlife will die,along with most of the coastal residents exposed to the water on the coast,IT IS THE JOB of your police gangs to protect these criminals who are murdering the world for money,AND YOU SUPPORT THEM,I’am not even going to say how STUPID I think americans are…BUT I WILL warn you ,GODS JUDGEMENT IS UPOND YOU for the evil you have brought on an innoucent world…..IT WILL now be poured out DOUBLE on your own head………………

  • Jon Grayson

    FUKISHIMA!!!!!! WTF??? Are they that STUPID?

    • Hammerstrike

      news.nationalgeographic.c om/news/2011/01/110106-birds-falling-from-sky-bird-deaths-arkansas-science/


  • Riadh Guetta

    I think that the HAARP project in Alaska is truly involved into this mass death of animals! and

  • Kat

    “…dead birds dropping dead…”? I couldn’t read any further.

  • MacFly1

    Radiation will burn you up. Clear and simple, its Fukushima.

  • Marc

    Radioactivity dont cause fur loss and open sores. Maybe Fukushima has been blown up to be blamed for and to cover all these experiments with microwaves or other secrets new weapons…

  • Hammerstrike

    I.E. nothing of what I wrote about.

    And meanwhile, ring of fire is waking up.

    nukefree.o rg, moveon.o rg rootsaction.or g

    Nice to see some unbiaised perspectives!

    • Kim

      This is not about activism or politics or anti this or that. This is about the continual polluting of the ocean and atmosphere by a full on triple nuclear meltdown that is anything but under control. It appears that your own activism is obscuring your ability to view this disaster objectively,

    • Ex_MislTech

      Correct, Fukushima was caused by Stuxnet per the nuclear engineering dept at Berkeley. They could have done a controlled shutdown otherwise,
      and the Tsunami alone could not have made the accident as bad as this.

  • ridingwaves

    Hammeridiot seems to know a lot, thus knows little, when comments come from a inlander with little knowledge of the ocean, its easy to root out the shill…

  • ridingwaves

    of course it’s fukishima, maybe hammerhead should go count birds around northern japan..

  • Kim

    I’ve been constantly urging everyone within my internet connection and the sound of my voice to look in to Prussian Blue. It’s all we have here. I’ve also heard vitamin C and biotin can flush radiation from digestive tract before it settles in the bones, in the case of ingestion, but I am not really 100% sure of it. Take it anyway.

  • bobfairlane

    Why did Japan ever have nuclear plants, if they’re still occupied by the USA, and anyway they are on an island prone to disaster. What a stupid idea.

  • dankyogurt

    “Cover up would be difficult if it actually was radiation poisoning on a large-scale.” You either doubt peoples ability to blind themselves to obvious truths, or you deny our power systems ability to mask them, or you actually are a consensus bot.

    • Hammerstrike

      Considering that the events have been going on for years before Fukushima, that earthquakes increases worldwide along with volcanic activities, I think the people proclaiming this to be caused by Fukushima radiations are the ones deliberately delluding themselves.

      1) effects are inconsistent with radiation poisoning.

      2) scale of the events shows this can not possibly be caused by radiations released by Fukushima.

      3) Events have been happening on other planets too.

      sott.n et/image/image/s5/113579/full/global_wa
      rming_on_mars_postcar.j pg

  • dankyogurt

    They would love you to believe that, don’t blame humanity for a small amount of tyrants who view our world through a set of divine glasses. People that run the world today are no better that the Hitlers, Stalins, Trumans and all the other sycophants of generations past. The only difference is that they’re no longer politicians, as we all know politicians are tools who are used for others means.

  • YahSen

    I just read all the comments after this article.. boy.. I have to say, Kim and MisITech, you’re contributions were amazingly eye-opening even though i’d been researching this since 2011. Thank you both. Chapman, really enjoyable to read your post on the “spinning” earth. I got nothing to add here.

  • darkgoob

    The bald eagle deaths were from West Nile virus.

    What I don’t get is: why not just go get geiger counters and go around Portland sampling? Why not just get some sushi and put it through a compositional analysis to see how much actual radionucleotides there are?

    Why are we resorting to finding any disease outbreak among birds or sea life and *assuming* it *must* be from Fukushima, without ANY scientific evidence to support this?

    Go do some actual research!


    Would less radiation be released by Fukushima if it were completely destroyed with a nuclear weapon? Kinda hate to ask that but…Could it be destroying the source of a massive 400 Ton a day release of radiation would safe the environment in the long run?Kinda like fighting fire with fire?