Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs?

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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics That Depict Modern Technology

The history of our planet is far more complex than most people would dare to imagine.  According to the commonly accepted version of history that is taught in high schools and colleges all over the United States, ancient man was a very simple creature with extremely limited knowledge.  Unfortunately for those that promote this flawed version of history, archaeologists keep digging up stuff that directly contradicts it.  The truth is that there is a tremendous amount of evidence of great intellectual achievement in the ancient world.  For example, just consider the Great Pyramid of Giza.  It is a true technological marvel.  It is such a massive structure built with such extraordinary precision that modern technology is only just now starting to catch up with it.  We think that we could possibly build a similar structure today if we wanted to, but modern man has never actually constructed anything like it.  And as you will see below, the Great Pyramid of Giza is far from the only example of advanced technology in the ancient world that we find in Egypt.

Posted below is a photograph of a wall in an ancient Egyptian temple at Abydos.  Look at the hieroglyphics very carefully.

Do you see anything strange?

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics That Depict Modern Technology

Researcher Lyn Leahz wrote about these incredibly bizarre hieroglyphics the other day.  The following is what she had to say about them…

Decorating an Egyptian temple wall at Abydos are strange hieroglyphics which depict what appears to be modern day aircraft. This finding has caused much controversy among Egyptologists and archaeologists who are not sure what to think. How could people 2-3,000 years ago possibly have known about modern-day aircraft?

When Dr. Ruth Hover and her husband took a trip to the pyramids and temples of Egypt, they were shocked when they discovered, in the temple at Abydos, hieroglyphics depicting modern-day aircraft. She photographed a wall panel in a section where an overlaying panel with Egyptian hieroglyphics crumbled and fell, revealing an older panel beneath it. This older panel, shown above, contains images of what appear to be modern-day technology—a helicopter, a submarine, a glider, and another unknown type of aircraft (some believe resemble the Hindenburg).

So how do those promoting the commonly accepted version of history explain this?

They can’t.

In the video shared below, Lyn Leahz shares even more about these hieroglyphics and discusses additional “out of place artifacts” around the globe…

There is also mounting evidence that mankind had knowledge of dinosaurs in ancient times.

Posted below is a photo of an ancient engraving on a Buddhist temple in Cambodia known as the Ta Prohm Stegosaurus.  According to the commonly accepted version of history, such an engraving should be absolutely impossible because dinosaurs died out millions of years ago and modern scientists only started digging them up a couple hundred years ago.  And yet this engraving is there…

Ta Prohm Stegasaurus

According to archaeologists, this temple in Cambodia is approximately 800 years old

Deep in the jungles of Cambodia are ornate temples and palaces from the Khmer civilization. One such temple, Ta Prohm, abounds with stone statues and reliefs. Almost every square inch of the gray sandstone is covered with ornate, detailed carvings. These depict familiar animals like monkeys, deer, water buffalo, parrots, and lizards. However, one column contains an intricate carving of a stegosaur-like creature. But how could artisans decorating an 800 year old Buddhist temple know what a dinosaur looked like? Western science only began assembling dinosaurs skeletons in the past two centuries.

Very strange stuff.

Another unexpected place where we find “ancient dinosaur art” is on the ancient Ica Stones that were discovered down in Peru.  These stones were originally found by the Spanish in 1535, and Spanish explorers sent some of these stones back to Spain in 1562.

The art on many of these stones is extremely beautiful, but what makes them extremely controversial is the fact that many of them appear to contain clear depictions of dinosaurs.  Here is one example…

Ica Stone

And here is another example.  If you look closely at this one, you can see what very much looks like a Triceratops

Ica Stones Dinosaurs

Once again, those promoting the commonly accepted version of history are at a loss to explain this.  Most commonly, they attempt to explain this phenomenon away as a hoax because locals did start creating fake “Ica stones” in recent years once they discovered that tourists wanted to buy them.

But the Ica stones that are considered to be authentic contain some remarkable details.  In fact, much of the anatomical knowledge about dinosaurs depicted on these stones was only discovered by modern scientists just very recently

Other items of anatomical accuracy that attest to the authenticity of these Ica Stone depictions include the positioning of the tail and legs. Early critics said the Ica Stones were fakes, in part because their tails were sticking out while walking. Paleontologists in the 1960s were confident that dinosaurs dragged their tails. The paleontologists were wrong and the Ica Stones were right.  Scientists now believe dinosaurs held their massive tails off the ground while walking, because there are no drag marks on dinosaur trackways.  The dinosaurs on the Ica Stones are depicted standing upright, rather than with legs splayed out in a lizard-like position. That, according to dinosaur experts, is “dead on” accurate.

Of course the Ica Stones are just one of the incredible examples of ancient dinosaur art that have been discovered all over the world.  For many, many more examples of this phenomenon, just check out the article that you can find right here.

Anyone that attempts to convince you that humans that lived thousands of years ago were bumbling dolts that were lucky to build mud huts and cover their genitals with grass skirts is lying to you.

The truth is that human history is incredibly complex.  There are monolithic structures all over the planet that are still standing after thousands of years that remind all of us that great civilizations with amazing technologies once thrived.

And there is actually evidence that modern humans are actually getting dumber.  A Stanford University biology professor recently published a work in which he expressed his conclusion that humans have been getting dumber for thousands of years.

Also, Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University has conducted groundbreaking research that demonstrates conclusively that the human genome is steadily degenerating and is eventually heading toward extinction.

So perhaps we should not think of ourselves as so superior to ancient humanity.  The reality is that they may have been physically and mentally superior to us in many ways.

Michael Snyder is the author of The Beginning Of The End and Get Prepared Now.  You can get his new DVDs entitled “Economic Collapse, World War III & The Death Of America” and “The Regathering Of The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel” from the Prophecy Club.

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • Tatiana Covington

    They were all Science-Fiction writers!

  • FreeThinker

    “……there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

  • Colonel Jack O’Neill

    Everybody knows the pyramids were built for the Go’auld to land their spaceships

    • Truth

      No the the great pyramid,..acts as a star gate to planet Nibiru. Home of the Annunaki

  • Tim

    “And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.” Genesis 2:19

    Adam must have been very intelligent.

    • TommyTabasco

      Really…Talking monkey paradigm genesis of Adam! Ya boy…The thereof living creature name given unto goto! Formed out of the earth by the LORD! Awesome, that explains everything! Really

  • DJohn1

    The only thing about the discoveries that makes sense is either it all came from somewhere else or we have civilization that we do not know about living side by side with us on this planet. One other possibilitiy exists. Time travel by an existing group that somehow ended up in the past. Or possibily all of the above.
    Notice the number of toes on the feet of the dinosaurs. There is something about that number that does not make sense.
    Are there dinosaurs alive today? We have many jungle settings across this planet and a lot of them are unexplored.
    We have a sink hole in Gainesville that goes down hundreds of feet into the ground. The temperature is even. There are plants in that sinkhole found nowhere else on the planet. IT is like someone formed a natural environment where extinction was kept from happening. Florida is basically a giant sand dune. Acid rain melts the limestone and you suddenly have holes in the ground. This occurs all over Florida and mostly swallows houses and cars.
    But what if there are places like that sink hole and creatures from other times are trapped in these places. They continue to live in these little sunken valleys in a natural balance with nature. Occasionally one breaks out. These holes in the ground would be temperature controlled The heat of the Earth itself would keep the temperature at an almost exact constant temperature. If it is deep enough or close enough to volcanic activity the temperature could possibly be anywhere from 53-85 degrees F.
    The platypus is one such creature in a remote place like Australia. It was considered a hoax originally. They were on the verge of shutting the group studying them down as a fraud. Someone managed to bring a live one back. The fraud charges of course were dropped but scientists often lack imagination. Truth is often far wilder than any science fiction we are likely to write.
    I have enjoyed Stargate for that reason. It is full of conjecture. Just how much of that conjecture might turn out to be close to the truth is any one’s guess. A critter out there taking over human beings and then giving their bodies extremely long lifespans?
    We are close to a lot of things that I think are “classified” and engineering that is approaching a lot of discoveries. How many we will actually hear about is any one’s guess.

  • http://batman-news.com Travis Cohee

    I agree that the mainstream history of what we been told for so long is rampant with inconsistencies. The only thing I disagree with this article in saying people have not been able to explain the strange hieroglyph depicting modern day aircraft. That’s not a true statement. People have. I’m not saying I necessarily agree with the explaination given from the other side, but there is at least an explanation that was not mentioned in this article and should have
    There are people who believe these hieroglphs were the result of “recarving” or over-carving. do a search and you can find what I’m talking about. I’m sure the author Michael knows of the researcher Klaus Dona who has uncovered many archeological artifacts that cannot be explained. Michael, if you have never looked into his work, I recommend it.
    Thanks Michael for all the work you do, you are a great writer and I appreciate all that you do.

    • Kim

      Another explanation could be biomimetics or biomimicry. People sketching ideas of modern like machines by observing birds, fish, insects. That is where mankind gets many ideas for inventions- jet-propulsion by observing a squid, hover crafts from bees, armor from tortoises, and so on. But the more detailed the depictions are, the weirder it gets. There are only two explanations: either these are fakes or there is something “other-worldly” going on.

      • JoBrown85

        Name even one flying creature that has a RUDDER. (an upright surface for steering, NOT a tiltable horizontal tail)

        • Emmanuel Mateo-Morales

          Name even one plane that doesn’t have wings. 😉

          • JoBrown85

            ummm, my dad’s wood-working plane?

            But seriously, Kim’s comment regarding inspiration from birds or insects does not hold up under scrutiny because these planes have rudders, whereas birds and insects do not have rudders.

  • bull

    Pseudo-scientific rubbish at it’s best!!!

    “So how do those promoting the commonly accepted version of history explain this?
    They can’t.”

    There’s actually sound explanation to these “odd” hieroglyphs = the surface was RE-USED so there are two hieroglyphs on top of each other making them seem like ufos, “star wars speeders” helicopters etc.

    There is actually a scientific name for these re-used surfaces, but can’t remember it right now.

    “There is also mounting evidence that mankind had knowledge of dinosaurs in ancient times.”

    i’m sure people found dino-skeletons and fossils in those times also.

    • Malcolm Reynolds
    • MS

      but, ante-deluvian flight would be a great reason for, among other things, the large (ie: meant to be seen from the sky) figures in the Nazca Plateau… So many things point to man having attained great knowledge prior to a universal flood.– but. evolutionary models have us traveling from knuckle-draggers to Einstein in an orderly fashion– whereas, this biblical concept is anathema to them.

    • MS

      ..and batteries from the middle east…
      mans footprints in the same rock as dinosaur footprints… come on, it is obvious.

    • ort

      “Bull” explains your post.

    • nekksys

      The surface was covered over and THEN reused. re-read the article and you’ll see that… Here, let me make it easier to find:

      “She photographed a wall panel in a section where an overlaying panel with Egyptian hieroglyphics crumbled and fell, revealing an older panel beneath it.”
      *Emphasis added

  • Lyn Leahz
    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Yes, I hope that people will check your fine article out. I linked to your article and to your YouTube video in the article above. Hopefully this will give both of them a lot more exposure.


      • Lyn Leahz

        I noticed that… thank you so much Michael and many, many blessings to you! I do appreciate all you do for everyone by the wonderful, and outstanding time and quality you put in to all of your writings.

    • With Fortitude

      Good article Lyn

      • Lyn Leahz

        Thanks, With Fortitude. I love Michael’s as well, and he mentions these stones.. I was unaware of the stones. Good stuff!

      • Lyn Leahz

        Thank you!

  • Kim

    Either these are fakes or man actually lived among the dinosaurs. If man did live among the dinosaurs, that would be consistent with biblical chronology of “sixth day” creation. Aside from these finds, I’ve always believed man lived among dinosaurs. Every culture has a legend of a large, fierce, flying reptile that breathes fire. These creatures known as mythical dragons were none other than dinosaurs. They had to be. The coincidence is too strong. I believe dinosaurs served or fulfilled a certain purpose and were not included among the animals taken into refuge onto the ark before the great flood of Noah’s day.

    As for the depictions of modern aircraft, who knows. That is a question among questions. I have my theories, but if I voice them I might sound crazy. And they’re just theories anyway.

    • JoBrown85

      Dinosaurs were taken on the ark too. They were not excluded. Noah wouldn’t have had to take full-size ones, but young adolescents who would attain breeding age by the time the flood ended. They did re-populate after the flood, but men hunted them down to extinction eventually. Read the book “After the flood” by Bill Cooper. He traces the anglo-saxon ancestry all the way back to Noah’s sons, but also lists many incredible accounts he found during his research: including accounts of man’s encounters with dinosaurs (or dragons) both on land, in water, and flying in the air.

      • Ben

        Really? Only those that had a split hoof and could chew the cud were clean. There were 7 of these in the ark and only 2 of the unclean. Hmm..

        • JoBrown85

          You really need to read your bible more clearly. Noah was to take all the animals on board that could not survive the flood otherwise. Of this group, he was to take 7 pairs (male and female) of the “clean” ones and 1 pair (male and female) of the rest. Therefore dinosaurs were on the ark and, depending on whether they were considered “clean” or “unclean” there would be either 1 pair or 7 pairs of each kind. In other words, there was at least 1 pair of each kind of dinosaur on the ark.

          • hp b
          • alice walters

            maybe the giants where the dinosaurs. perhaps they mated with the daughters of men and hence we have reptilian type humans.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        What codswallop!

        • JoBrown85

          Wow, the intellectual superiority of your rebuttal has stumped me. Did you get your education at the Codswallop university?

        • Mike

          One could say the same about the book you reference. Just saying.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            No, you could not Mike. Allow me to educate you. The Q’ran was written during the life of the Prophet (SAW) and it has not been changed in translation, existing word perfect to this day in its original language. Numerous witnesses to its provenance and the events depicted within it have given us equally pure testimony which exists to this day, along with the secondary testimony of those who knew these people. Every person depicted in the Q’ran has living family to this day, able to be traced, including the Prophet Muhammad. His family are well known and due to the rich and long history of intellectual and civilisational achievement of the Arab people we have a wealth of cross referential material to check the details of so many aspects of the events and people involved that it would make a CHristian scholar green with envy, since very little of any such things exist for it. Indeed the best evidence the Bible has for much of what it has written exists within the pages of the Q’ran. The Q’ran references a great many of the Biblical events because it is the same religion, even though some of you have strayed so far from the teachings of the Prophet Essa (Jesus) PBUH that you’d never know it. I had even rejected the Bible as man made when I first converted to Islam but was forced by the historical references in the Q’ran to accept it’s basic stories as accurate, and I do. However that doesn’t change a great many of the assertions it makes nor does it solve the main problem that the beauty and perfection of God’s message is lost in the garbled man’s translation and alterations., This fault does not belong to the Q’ran, a FACT accepted among religious scholars of all faiths and of most historians.

      • Jerry

        The only way anyone could fit all those species on a boat is through DNA. no way, no how a person could build a boat big enough to physically put all these species on there. And if they did … how in the world did they round them all up? It’s just not logical in any time. Enki is the one who saved us from the flood.

        • JoBrown85

          Have you done the calculations? Do you know how big the ark was and how much room it had to house the animals? Do you know how many “kinds” of animals Noah had on board the ark? Do you know what their average size was? Do you know how much of the ark’s load space they took up? And did you not read in the bible that God brought the animals to the ark?
          There’s a book called “Noah’s ark: a feasibility study”. I suggest you read it.

          • Phil

            How do you breath under all that sand?

          • JoBrown85

            So you have nothing of intelligence to add to the discussion.

          • Jerry

            I suggest you look up Enki.

    • Emmanuel Mateo-Morales

      “If man did live among the dinosaurs, that would be consistent with biblical chronology of “sixth day” creation.”

      Well, to be fair, if you’re a young earther. 😉

      • Jo Brown

        The evidence is out there: Human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints. Man-made objects in supposedly ancient coal deposits. Many ancient Icca stones depicting man and dinosaur and scenes of life showing man doing things like surgery. Human legends of dragons (aka dinosaurs). Ancient accounts of dragons in biblical as well as secular writings. It’s all there if you’re prepared to look for it.

    • Michael

      Genesis 2:7

      King James Version (KJV)

      7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

      There was a sixth day creation according to The Word of God, not until Jesus created Adam did a man have a living soul. Sixth day creation did not have a soul.

    • ArkJean

      Do voice your theory, in this page nothing sounds crazy. Besides you might be right, so please share.

      • Kim

        I may once this topic comes up again. For now, I’ll stick with the safe theory of biomimetics. Thanks for your support. :-)

        • Anthony9

          Hi Kim, it is nice to see people like yourself actually thinking and sharing their thoughts with the whole world.
          Bible does speak of a 6th day of creation and this theory does not work against a more ancient “Enuma Elish” sumerian tablets script of the beginning of humanity. I would recommend you to read “The Lost Book of Enki” by Zecharia Sitchin, in which ancient sumerian record has been translated into English. There you will learn in detail about how Elohim created humans, by try and fail methods of genetic manipulation until they finally made it ‘right’.
          I truly wish Bible could be the ‘only and the ultimate truth’, but if you expand your horizons and look further into the matter truth becomes a bit more vivid.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      These were not “days” as we know them, not Earth days (since Earth was still being formed obviously) and it isa pity Christianity is such a primitive and largely hijacked religion that having an intelligent discussion about true history with them is pointless. The Q’ran makes the many discrepancies of the much altered Bible go away and definitely allows for extraterrestrials and much older humankind history on Earth.

      • JoBrown85

        The Q’ran, written by a person of questionable morality, A book that instructs its followers to kill non-muslims by beheading. And a look at its followers and the crap they’re doing in the middle east and around the world, it’s pretty obvious that the Q’ran is NOT the word of God. I’ve just read another article about a bunch of muslims gang-raping a 13 year old girl in Brittain. Pardon me if I don’t put much stock in your opinion or in the Q’ran.

        • Padraigin

          The word of God that you refer to is in fact the Annunaki gods, which the bible and all other books of a similar vein describe in great detail; the Elohim is that which you should research, now that you have sounded off on Muhammad’s observation.

          Sitchin 101 for beginners might help with information regarding the ancient artifacts that reveal that the planet has been inhabited by “humans” for hundreds of thousands of years.

        • Mike

          Name a religion that doesn’t promote its message by the killing of others. Don’t think Christianity applies? Read up on your history.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Islam does not promote itself by killing, the belief it is otherwise is the purest falsehoods, spread by natural born liars who seek not to inform but to misinform that their master’s nefarious plans can be advanced. There are no verses in the noble Q’ran that advocate killing in the name of Islam. There are references to historical killings and wars and guidance given for these instances but except for a specific class of blasphemous Muslim (the Wahhabis are largely the ones who misuse this to spread hatred whilst ironically it seems to be referring to them) there is no suggestion that violence or killing should be used in the name of God or His religion. Except in self defence. Anyone who says otherwise is lying, using the word of men or mistranslated verses from the Q’ran.

          • Jo Brown

            Read the article Jason linked to below. The koran itself, and history too, both testify that Islam is a religion of violence, not peace.

            Mistranslated verses? All of them I suppose? Gimme a break!

          • David Beczuk

            You try and try to paint the religion as something good, but your people decapitate others with the Quran in hand. There is no misinformation here, their acts are all that it’s needed to understand what the Quran is teaching them.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            I don’t have to paint a great and old religion like Islam as anything it is already known. The modern and recent pretence it is violent is just a self fulfilling lie told by the sort of liars who have fed your delusions. those head chopping, raping and pillaging swine in ISIS are not Muslims because they claim to be. All five schools of Islam have rejecte them as Muslims hence their claims are utterly devoid of merit. Their allies and supporters are USA, Wahhabi Oil Regimes and Israel. They’re your pets my boy. They owe their existence as do the Wahhabis and House of Saud behind them, to Washington, London and Tel Aviv and no more true Muslims than you are. The very actions you decry are committed by these idiots against our religion as it is in the Noble Quran for all to see. The idiots also carry out such horrors mainly against moderate and true Muslims like me you dribbling cretin. If they were anything but a weapon being used against Islam by its enemies why is it allied with Islams enemies and mainly killing Muslims? You’d have to be pretty thick to believe as you do at this stage but I shall direct my reply to anyone with a mind of their own to judge.

          • scott

            You are such a LIAR! The Quran absolutely teaches Muslims to spread Islam by fear and violence. There are 79 verses in the Quran in which Allah commands the faithful Muslim to do so.
            As for why Muslims kill, rape, and destroy other Muslims, if you knew anything about the history of early Isalm, you’d know about why the Shi’ites fight the Sunnis, and they both hate the Sufis.
            Stop trying to BS us with your lying denials: We’re not stupid! We have a Quran. And some of us have studied the history is Islam extensively and also the life of your perverted pedophile “prophet” (Hellfire be upon him) and we know what he did during his lifetime.
            On Judgement Day, you, Mohammad, all Muslims, and LuciferAllah will bow to The King of Kings & Lord of Lords and admit He is God Almighty.

          • Jo Brown

            Mike, I was talking about the q’ran, or koran, not the religion of Islam. So you should compare like for like. Book with book, not book with religion. Christianity has its new testament, which tells followers of Christ to be like Christ, loving everyone, harming no one. In contrast the koran tells its followers to strike at the neck of unbelievers (behead them).

            Those who claim to follow certain religions, whether that be Christianity or Islam, won’t always act in accordance with what their book teaches, so in that regard both muslims and christians can be hypocritical. But when comparing their books, there is a big difference between the two. Under which system would you rather live, Christianity or Islam?

          • Doozie

            I’d pick neither. Both religions are full of holes left and right. No doubt both are highly manipulative.

            “At the center of the universe dwells the great spirit. That center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”
            – Black Elk

            You do not need a book written by man to know this.

          • Jo Brown

            Hmmm, you say you don’t need a book written by man, yet you quoted some man named Black Elk as your counterpoint. By whose authority does he speak?
            Jesus spoke by the authority of his Father, the Creator, and he proved it by the many miracles he did, as well as the many prophecies his life fulfilled.
            I suspect the “holes left and right” you speak about are not due to your own research, for if you had studied the bible dilligently and with an open inquiring mind, you’d have come away with a rather different conclusion – that it is the word of a supremely intelligent being who exists outside of our time domain and can see the beginning from the end, and has foretold in carefully crafted code (that the dilligent can decipher) what is to happen in the future.
            It’s a shame that the god of this world (Satan) has manipulated you into closing your eyes to the truth. If you need help understanding it all, see if you can get hold of the seminars by guys like David Asscherick, Doug Batchelor, and Shawn Boonstra. I’ve found these men have an amazing talent for opening the scriptures and decoding their meaning. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll learn. In my country I’m fortunate to have a tv station called Firstlight that regularly features them.

          • Ser Roderick

            You do make good points. With reference to quoting Black Elk and not needing Scripture to know the truth, it does say in the Bible in the letters of apostle Paul that what can be known of the Almighty God can be seen in His creation from the beginning of the world, so the peoples who do not have access to Scripture or the Christian religion can still know God through their conscience. I’ve always understood this as a reference to peoples such as some Native American tribes whose worldview seems to correspond to Christian values.

          • David Beczuk

            Yet you can not prove any of the miracles he claimed he did. Or at least prove that he existed…

          • Joseph Chastain

            Obviously you’ve never read the New Testament…

          • Eram

            Do research on the Anakim aka nepilum and you will find out why God told “His” people to “kill” every lastan woman and child. They were the one with elongated skulls. The mixed seed. As it was in the days of Noah so will it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man.

          • Josh S.

            I’m glad you said this because I was gunna.. Anunaki = fallen angels same with paladieans they will come with talks of peace and say there going to fix everything blah blah blah… Noah and his family was the only humans that weren’t some sort of hybrid beast! I can’t hate I did so much research and I thought to that alien will help that they were good. That anunaki were gods had me going but please research this its real Jesus is great. I was full blown atheist most of my life intill I pieced the truth together. Also in the days of noah they were more advanced then use they stole history from this and if you read the bible it says this.. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN

        • Muhammad Abbass

          The morality of Muhammad is not under any question. He was universally recognised as a man of the highest character and I have answered the perverted imaginings I suspect you also are referring to like other verminous types.

          • Jo Brown

            He is not “universally recognised as a man of the highest character” because there are people who’ve dug a little deeper and say this man not a man of good character, being sexually immoral with young girls for instance.

          • Innernowledgeman

            Don’t worry man, there are to many worpt heads in this discussion, no doubt the majority of speakers are septic tanks !!!!!!

  • FreeThinker

    “…the powers that be, for whatever reason, do not want us to know our history.”

    The Reason:

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” -George Orwell

    Perhaps this is why children are no longer taught the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Ignorant people are much easier to impose a police state onto.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Thank you for that info, and you are not cluttering up the comments at all. In fact, I hope everyone will check out your new book which you can find here…



    • Lyn Leahz

      Well thank you! You’re so kind. God bless you a whole bunch! My news website is under some construction right now, just changed hands to a new host… he is pre occupied with another matter right now, but would be more than happy to add your book to my sidebar soon! Right now I have to get some ‘ads’ I do not want there off..but I don’t personally know how to remove them..LOL

  • Lyn Leahz

    Hey Michael. I just left a comment on your article on infowars. I did not know you wrote for them! Awesome! :-)

  • Judy Pearl

    Is it just me, or do those hieroglyphs look too freshly made?

    • alice walters

      they may be freshly made but if something is not exposed to light and the elements it can be in pristine condition.

  • Mrweedcopeman69 .

    The nephilem is somthing you should all research

  • Muhammad Abbass

    These things do not prove the Bible was true. The Bible is provably false on many counts. Deliberate alterations were made, a historically proven fact. The Scofield Bible is a Pharisaic hoax. These things merely prove the current historical and archaeological paradigm is not true.

    • JoBrown85

      Please give details on those many counts.
      I’ve heard of the Schofield bible being a pharisaic hoax, but that doesn’t mean the original scriptures are.

    • krinks

      The Bible is false only to a fool trying hard to justify the mindless rants of a pedophile that can’t seem to make up his mind. I speak of course of Mohammed was had a six year old for a wife.

      • Martin

        And how old was Mary, the mother of Jesus?

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Your information is incorrect. You are spouting a bigoted opinion, based on nothing but an invented narrative. The prophet Muhammad did not marry a six year old you cretin, the truth is nobody knows exactly how old Aisha (RA) was although Islamic opinion varies from 9 according to Sunni scholars, 12-16 according to Shias but all agree the marriage was only consummated when she had reached menarche as was customary at the time. However the age and marriage customs as such were common to all groups in the area, including Christians, you seem to forget this was thousands of years ago and even Christian nations didn’t set age of consent for brides until the last couple of hundred years. In fact the Q’ran was the first to give women equal rights before Allah and to ensure they would be protected in marriage, including from violence and the ‘ran gave a minimum age for marriage based on biological requirements which was also the first and its teachings whilst not setting an age specifically are in tine with trends these days around 16-19 and in practice most Muslim women are older than Westerners when they first experience sexual relations and at least most of them do so within the sanctity of marriage.
        The Q’ran made it a condition for the first time that women agree to any marriage. Women ceased to be property and were granted rights superior to most Western laws yet today. I happen to be a convert who has seen it all as far as Western standards go and I hold your ignorance and pathetic bigoted opinions in the utmost contempt as someone who unlike you actually knows what he is talking about.

        • krinks

          Read it and weep, pedophile protector:

          Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3310:
          ‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.

  • Lucyme

    Adam was an idiot consumed by greed and lust like his children today 2014

  • The riddler

    Pseudo, hyper interpreted bollocks. As soon there is any real evidence give me a call…for now I’ll be basking in the warm glow of logic.

    Whoever believes it takes great technology to build a pyramid needs a head check. Unless a few thousand slaves is an equivalent…

    Also, if you find an article where people are proceeding to use the bible as a legitimate, historical reference, you know you’ve stumbled across a veritable mine of truth and knowledge :I

  • Matt

    Ok, lets think about this logically. The Great Pyramid, we are told, took around 20 years to construct and the build consists of around 2.3 million blocks of stone. Using simple mathematics you can work out that they would have had to lay around 13 blocks an hour or one every 4 to 5 minutes…..24 hours a day……..365 days a year……for 20 YEARS. I’m sorry but to keep that up non stop for 20 years would be impossible.

  • Defiant

    Ica stones? Give me a break.

  • Jerry

    I’m sorry, but some of you have your head so deep in the sand, I don’t even know how you breath. These artifacts have been proven to be real. They have been photographed, videoed, and tested to be legit. And there are hundreds more like this. All you have to do is open your mind and do your own research. Even so, some people will deny it ’til their dying day just because it goes against what they have been taught to believe. Deny all you want, but it doesn’t change the truth.

  • Pablo Hein

    And how about the Father Crespi video on youtube.. you see incredible stuff there. Search Father Crespi Ica Stones on youtube.One stone even shows a long neck giving milk to his calf like any mammal does! The skin patterns weren’t known until few years only, man AND dinosaurs riding or hunting them..There are stones showing humans operating people, from brain surgery or even a cesarean, but more jaw dropping is those stones showing humans operating while being watched by REPTILIAN humanoids! NO KIDDING, very hard to find, just keep looking at many Ica Stones video’s.
    I lived in Peru and my father was an off grid archaeologist, did the same things as seen at Indiana Jones.

  • Nayana

    Forbidden archaeology by Michael Cremo is a must read check it out.
    And talking ancient civilizations this carving is Sumerian not Egytpian, Angka wot the temple also being refered to here is not Buddhist it’s Hindhu it depicts Ramayana the storie of lord Rama whose bridge is found just under the sea between India and Sri Lanka and is visible by space google it too it dates 1.75 million years.
    Up to 14000 years ago in the pacific from Hawaii, down past Fiji and the rest of the islands are the scattered remnants of Lumeria, which is logical as it creates the bridge really or stop over if you will between the east and west. “One world culture” and in the Atlantic the mythical Atlantis between us, canada, Ireland. Up and to 10000 years ago.
    Google that also.
    Google why you at that the world is growing and expanding hence why this plates of the earth if you decrease then fit perfectly and also explains the disappearance of this great civilizations.
    History hundreds of millions of years old. Modern day scientist are much all like Dr zaius and friends on the original planet of the apes in full knowledge but happy to destroy evidence and keep the notion that they where the first and most advanced. Which is not the case. Just like Giants. The world grew much larger in the millions of years prior and so did humans. These Humans who grew to up to 36ft are the missing link to the timeless question how’d they move the limestone? Modern history 3-4years at best with lots of blind spots. All this talk of religions is questionable to as this so called religions only appeared in the last 2000years and the bible was written not as it happened but 100 years after? And had more or less staple pages in over a 1000 yearsEmperor Constantine, who was Roman Emperor from 306 CE until his death in 337 CE, used what motivates many to action – MONEY! He offered the various Church leaders money to agree upon a single canon that would be used by all Christians as the word of God. The Church leaders gathered together at the Council of Nicaea and voted the “word of God” into existence. (I wish to thank Brian Show for pointing out in his rebuttal to this article that the final version of the Christian Bible was not voted on at the Council of Nicaea, per se. The Church leaders didn’t finish editing the “holy” scriptures until the Council of Trent when the Catholic Church pronounced the Canon closed. However, it seems the real approving editor of the Bible was not God but Constantine!

    • Nayana

      Or modern day King James Bible made for you guessed it King James. In the end I put no stock religion or Evolution for that matter. In the end the truth is out there staring you in the face.

  • howudothat13

    Very simple, time travel will be discovered in the future, connecting us to our past.


    Nothing new, look up on the works of Stewart Swerdlow – “Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict & Creation”.

  • Richard Lockwood

    If you want proof that humans have been getting dumber for thousands of years, just read this article.

  • Gregory Wyrdmaven

    As far as helicopters and airplanes…that’s not what they are. You’re seeing what you want to see, just like people “see” bigfoot in videos when it’s an owl, or a bear, or whatever. Just like people “hear” ghosts when they’re ghost hunting. As far as dinosaurs, again we’re thinking that the ancient world of the era of man began a few thousand years when it’s more likely in the tens if not hundreds of years ago whereas modern man has made up his mind about how long ago the dinosaurs lived based on just the fossil record, etc. that he’s been able to discover in just two-three hundred years of paleontology. So the question “why did the ancients make sculptures of dinosaurs” is answered by “why have we made up our mind about when they existed”?

  • Mike

    The reality is that the creationists are probably wrong as well as the scientists. It’s a fact that we don’t know what we don’t know. Religion is faith, and science is only as good as the latest discovery. Being open minded and willing to change ones paradigm is a good way to go I think.

  • krinks

    Check the facts. He carved 1100 tons TOTAL. The stones of which I speak are 1000 tons EACH.

  • Suspect

    My question is..
    Why are they writing this stuff on walls?
    Do we write on walls?

  • Jo Brown

    I just read that article. Wow, what a horrible religion Islam is! So focused on violence, murder, looting, oppressing, and all sanctioned by their so-called prophet.
    I wonder what Muhammad Abbas will have to say in reply to the contents of your link.

  • JonInJapan

    In answer to your question regarding the Egyptian heiroglyphs and the helicopter etc … they don’t depict those items. Take a look at the explanation: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_hitech03.htm

  • Aisha Muhammad

    We have spend this life already , our souls are ancient and connected to one soul that we call Holy Spirit, which is there from start to end , when we start peaking within ourself we cross the boundary of time and can see past and future and that is the part of mind usually used by Artist so sometime they create the things which belong to the future or past, some people call it predictions , some intusions.

  • ericlipps

    “Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs?”

    For the same reason that there are “faces” in the clouds: human beings are “wired” to find familiar patterns even in completely random images.

    In other words, just because certain things in ancient art look like “flying aircraft, helicopters and dinosaurs” to some of us today, that doesn’t mean that was what the artists intended to portray.

  • scott

    Jo, I agree with just about everything you’re saying. But don’t use this verse in Matthew for a Muslim. Muslims are NOT our brothers. This verse is talking about fellow Christians, not just anybody.
    Remember, seculars have Satan as their father, not JHVH, the god of the Bible. They are goats, we are sheep. For what fellowship does Christ have with Belial?

  • http://nomorethannothing.com apostrophedave

    “dinosaurs died out millions of years ago and modern scientists only started digging them up a couple hundred years ago. And yet this engraving is there…”

    “In fact, much of the anatomical knowledge about dinosaurs depicted on these stones was only discovered by modern scientists, just very recently…”

    what makes you think that Egyptians couldn’t dig a hole and find dinosaur remains in it?

  • MagikGimp

    lol you’re all a waste of space.