Why Is The Mainstream Media Ignoring The Rabid Anti-Semitism In The New Ukraine Government?

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Svoboda Party In Ukraine

In World War II, the United States fought against rabidly anti-Semitic fascists.  In 2014, the United States helps them overthrow democratically-elected governments.  And the sick thing is that the mainstream media is acting an an accomplice because it is purposely ignoring or greatly playing down the rabid anti-Semitism in Ukraine.  The anti-Semitism of many of the “reformers” that have seized power in Kiev does not fit with the narrative that the U.S. government is trying to push, so the mainstream media conveniently turns a blind eye to the fact that the United States is essentially helping neo-Nazis take power.  In fact, leaders of the Svoboda Party have been appointed to numerous important positions throughout the new government.  As you will read about below, the head of the Svoboda Party has denounced the “criminal activities” of “organized Jewry”, another top Svoboda official regularly quotes Joseph Goebbels, and the Party itself was known as “the Social-National Party” (in reference to National Socialists) until 2004.  There is a long history of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, but our politicians in Washington D.C. don’t seem to care about that.  All they seem to care about is making sure that there is not a pro-Russian government in Ukraine no matter what the cost.

There is a reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin cited “ultranationalists” as one of the reasons why Russian troops had to intervene in Ukraine.  What we are seeing in Ukraine right now is eerily reminiscent of what we saw in Nazi Germany before World War II.  The following comes from a recent Gawker article

Earlier this week, a synagogue in the country’s southeast was firebombed. There have been multiple reported beatings of Jews and acts of vandalism at Kiev synagogues. A leading rabbi in Kiev has called for Jews to leave the city and the country, if possible—though he later said he was stressing that it’s dangerous for everyone out there—and the Israeli embassy has reportedly advised members of the Jewish community to stay off the streets.

Some people are dismissing these as “isolated incidents”.  Well, then how do you explain the white power flags and other neo-Nazi symbols that have been going up all around Kiev?  In the video posted below, you can see a white power flag that has been erected in a city government building in Kiev…

The truth is that it is not a good time to be a Jewish person living in Ukraine.  Just like in so many other nations around the planet, anti-Semitism is on the rise.  The following is from an article about the rising anti-Semitism in Ukraine that comes from a news source in Israel

“We are aware of a terrible situation unfolding there,” Frenkel noted. She receives updates on the crisis from a friend of her son’s; the contact has described attacks and accusations being leveled at Jews on a regular basis. Among other things, Frankel has been notified that a grenade has been lobbed into a synagogue, a hareidi man assaulted on his way home from synagogue on Shabbat, and anti-Semitic graffiti has cropped up in several places.

Earlier I mentioned the Svoboda Party.  It is one of the primary political parties that make up the new governing coalition in Ukraine.  Unfortunately, this party has historical roots in Nazism and nobody disputes this.

According to Slate Magazine, the Svoboda Party was even called “the Social-National Party” until 2004…

The party traces its roots to a Nazi-allied partisan army during World War II  and was known as the Social-National Party—in reference to National Socialism—until 2004.

And the current leader of the Svoboda Party, Oleh Tyahnybok, is quite a piece of work.  The following is what Stephen Lendman had to say about him…

“Washington openly backs fascist Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok…In 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from former President Viktor Yushchenko’s parliamentary faction. He was condemned for urging Ukrainians to fight against a “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.”

In 2005, he denounced “criminal activities” of “organized Jewry.” He outrageously claimed they plan “genocide” against Ukrainians.”…

Tyahnybok extremism didn’t deter Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. On February 6, she met openly with him and other anti-government leaders.

In early January, 15,000 ultranationalists held a torchlight march through Kiev. They did so to honor Nazi-era collaborator/mass murderer Stepan Bandera. Some wore uniforms a Wehrmacht Ukrainian division used in WW II. Others chanted “Ukraine above all” and “Bandera, come and bring order.”

Isn’t that lovely?

And another top Svoboda Party official loves to quote Joseph Goebbels and other top Nazis from the World War II era

Another top Svoboda member, Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, a deputy in parliament, often quotes Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, as well as other Third Reich luminaries like Ernst Rohm and Gregor Strasser.

You would think that the U.S. government would want nothing to do with such people.

But instead, the U.S. government has actively aided their rise to power, and now members of the Svoboda Party have been appointed to very important positions throughout the new government in Ukraine

As the fires die down from the turmoil in Kiev, a political party that has been accused of promoting anti-Semitism and xenophobia is set to reap the benefits of the new government arrangement.

The Svoboda Party will take control of not one, but three ministries in the interim government.

These posts include the deputy prime minister and the heads of the agriculture and environmental ministries. In addition to these positions, a Svoboda lawmaker was appointed the new prosecutor general in the interim government.

Are you disgusted yet?

You should be.

If I was a Jewish person living in Ukraine, I would be trying to get out as fast as I could.

Fortunately, there are some people that are seeking to help them.  In fact, they will soon receive a million dollars from one organization to help with security…

Ukrainian Jews are slated to receive $1 million to increase security against possible upticks in anti-Semitic behavior in the wake of the country’s massive political upheaval.

The money is coming from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Jewish Week reported, and is going toward protection for places where Jews gather, as well as for the elderly and poverty-stricken.

“From the many conversations I’ve conducted this week with Jewish leaders in the Ukraine, we understood that the situation on the ground is critical,” organization founder and president Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein said. “Rabbis and communal leaders feel under threat.”

Hopefully as word gets out about the extreme anti-Semitism of some of these Ukrainian politicians, our politicians in Washington D.C. will start to change their tune.

But we have seen this kind of thing before.  The Obama administration helped al-Qaeda take power in Libya, it is helping al-Qaeda try to overthrow the Syrian government, and now it is helping neo-Nazis rise to power in Ukraine.

It is almost as if a case of collective insanity has gripped the people running things in Washington.

I truly fear for what is ahead.

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  • 2¢Wurth

    First off, get you news from any place except the United States news organizations. Even the BBC (which is certainly no right-wing news organization) is running five minute exposés on National Socialists walking around Kiev in groups of 12 or so with runic symbols all over their armbands and flags. However, troops sympathetic to Russia protected a synagogue in Donetsk, and the eastern, Russian speaking part of the country I am most familiar with has not seen anti-Semitic uprisings, yet. Finally, although I am not Jewish, I can not understand why they vote for the democratic ticket time after time. Liberal progressives in the Democratic party are the ones fomenting trouble and the worst foe Israel has – why vote to perpetuate it? I will never understand what liberals offer the Jew except a repetition of the most horrible genocide imaginable.

  • K

    Why is the Fascism in the Ukraine not being reported? Because the so called news media, has been told not to report it. From the mainstream media, there is no news, just propaganda. Add to that the American obsession, to not deal with anything unpleasant. I was told by a so called educated man, there are no fascist. They were defeated during WWII and there has been no such group ever since. This sad notion, that reality is whatever you want it to be. Has really gained a major foothold in the U.S. Not so long ago, these people would have been considered mentally ill. They can witness something with their eyes, hear something with their ears, and then disregard it all .Why, because it does not fit in with their so called reality, which is not reality at all

  • DJohn1

    It all comes down to just exactly who owns most of the radio, tv, and newspapers. Specifically the wire services that most media use.
    The only relief from that is the internet. That too will fail as time goes on and the financial advertising steers it away from telling the entire truth of things.
    Jewish people through out history have attracted this hatred and violence. I wonder why? Could it be that this minority has drawn this from their behavior over the years? Or is it something deeper like the mobs calling for Christ’s crucifixion and saying let it be on our heads and our future generation’s heads . . .
    Most of the Jewish people I have personally known are really nice people. They work hard. They join the professions. They invest in the future with businesses. Many of them are the top doctors in this country.
    Much of our heritage comes from this group of people. Things we take for granted here were invented by people of the Jewish Faith. They also share an enormous genetic pool of talent.
    So when a country like the Ukraine wants to discriminate against these people, I say give them all to us. Within 20 years that group of people will give it back to us a 100 fold in talented people of all professions.
    I am prejudiced. My own Mother’s life was saved in the 50s by a Jewish doctor in a local Catholic Hospital. For 30 years after that our family was serviced by this man and his family. He made house calls in an emergency. (I don’t see that happening any more!)
    To this day, I think that man was the best diagnostic doctor we could ever hope for. If given a choice, I would choose a Jewish doctor over someone else every time.
    There is a curse that follows this people. But there is also a blessing that follows them when they stay faithful to their religion. It is when a minority of people make bad decisions that the curse comes out to destroy so many innocent people.
    Britain has hosted this people for centuries. They have also had brilliant people that actually made the British Empire what it was.
    We also give them sanctuary and the blessing has followed us over the years.
    If I had a criticism it would be placing themselves in the midst of many enemies in the Middle East. Israel is a tragic mistake. It should never have happened. Given a choice I would never live there or have my family live in a place where they could be murdered at any time. The only excuse is the location of the Temple of Soloman. Personally I think they have a reason to subject themselves to such extreme violence. To me and mine, I would get as far away as I could get where my family could remain relatively safe. Places like Australia and New Zealand come to mind.
    I think it is also a set up. The idea being that this powder keg is going to go off and ruin all of us.
    There are things we can change and things we cannot change and so much of what I see happening are things that cannot be changed no matter what we do.

    One thing we should remember above all else is when Jesus does return(assuming he is immortal), He is Jewish.

  • nekksys

    As others have stated, I’m with the Russians on this one. Obama and his cronies started this. Putin will end it.

    I have only compassion for my Jewish brothers and sisters, holding out hope that they will escape to better, more hospitable lands while their collective world unravels around them. To quote from the Bible regarding those who would stand against the Jews:

    I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.

    Mr. Obama, keep that in mind as you support those who would murder our Jewish brethren.

    • Hammerstrike

      Not that many jews there.

      Let us see.

      Roman legions seizes ancient judea? Guy does nothing.
      Hundreds of pogroms in the next 1500 years or so? Guy does nothing.
      Holocaust? Guy does nothing again. Not even a few bombs hitting the railways to the camps.
      1956? IDF did it. 1967 attack and 1973 counter-attacks, IDF did it again.
      2006 Lebanon sees much firework? Israeli military once again.

      Dude sees his house destroyed. I am blessed by God, I still have my familly.
      Familly is cut to pieces Before his very eyes.
      I am blessed by God, I still have arms and can make.another family.
      Guy looses both arms and is painfully castrated.
      I am still blessed by God, I still have my eyesight.
      Guy have his eyes burned-off their sockets.
      I am still blessed… I am still alive….
      He realize he have a heart attack.
      I am blessed for being choosen for all of this….
      He collapses.
      LOL, see that Satan? You owe me 3 mugs of beer!

      • Willy Rho

        I counted 5 glasses of beer.

  • Mohsen Samii

    Sacrificing Jews for sinister objectives is nothing new in history. Evil forces are updating their hideous plans and the Jews who are real Jews will be sacrificed.

    • Hammerstrike

      How many jews there? Not many at all.

      Minimum wage in israel would be considered wealthy by these protesters.

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    I don’t believe in this. This is a Kremlin propaganda. Russia is more anti-semitic. They support Iran (including weapons) and Syria- arch-enemies of Israel. Anti-semitic attacks in Kiev may be a provocations made by russian secret service and/or pro-russian Ukrainians. Moscow will do everything to spoil an image of a new government in Kiev. Some extremist groups could also get an advantage of the chaos in Ukraine.

    • Hammerstrike

      Of course you do and you know why? Because, just like those protesters turning Wall Street or central Kiev into trash pits, you are dumb as a rock.

      Hence the mainstream medias narrative, aimed at the really clueless, works flawlessly on you.

      Putin is able to grow trees in seconds using nanotechnology, perhapse? Better yet, he stole your brain, sold it to aliens and repalced it by a giant invisible spider!

      • Hiroshi Yamamoto

        The same you can say about HAARP and chemtrails. Only morons believe in this (mostly pot-heads and tin foil hats). But one thing need to be sure – never ever trust a Russians.

        • Oh bologney, you are just stuck in 1985.
          Putin is FORMER KGB while Obama IS KGB/USSA

    • Purin is good to the Jewish people.
      Nice try.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I hope that everyone will check out I new article that I have posted entitled “Did You Know?”…



  • Willy Rho

    For those that get their information from the MSM Propaganda and Disinformation Ministry of Barack Obama, he is a Muslim and a Communist. And he appears to be an agent of Putin. Remember the Open Mic with Medvedev? “Inform Vlad that I cannot give him everything he wants right now. I have an election soon so must restrain myself from destroying the USA until I am reelected. But after my re election I can give him everything I promised when he helped me get elected”. And Medvedev said, “I will tell him, I am on your side”.

    It is too bad that the Jewish People are so ????, they sometimes ally with the people that want to destroy them.

    As a Christian I Love Jews and support them, but many times are puzzled by what they do.

    Barack Obama is their enemy, they should wake up.

    • Hammerstrike

      Wishfull thinking.

      Barack Obama is more like Mussolini (or Chiang-Kai-Shek), jews should be happy if he was against them, helas for them, he consider them to be his allies!

      Germany had to send more and more help to Italy as the war continued, the drain continously mounted, eventually both lost the war.

  • Tatiana Covington

    None of our business.

  • I’ll scream BS on this article. From what I’ve read all the folks that
    assumed power under the “new” government were rich jews. A POS named
    Soros is wrapped up in it also. It so hard to tell what’s true and
    what’s not, but I’m pretty sure, antisemitism is NOT a issue in this

    • Hammerstrike

      You do not account for the peculiar nature of ukrainian “nationalism”, especially as far as the bandera-worshippers are concerned.

      They are really stupid and they have a major inferiority complexe toward Russia.

      The center of their propaganda is that ukraine is a nation separate from the Russian nation but it really is a part of Russia, with the western part having been the longest under the Polish-Lithuanian and Austro-Hungarian empires.

      Kiev = White = Europe, Moscow = Mongol = Asia

      Oh and make sure to mention Putin in every sentence.

      George Soros could come himself to support them with kippa and all, they would cheer him for being anti-Russian and suckle him off for a couple of bucks.
      They really are poor as dirt, ukraine is near bankrupcy and economic heartland is the part that want to join Russia, the looters and moochers can´t go on without the producers.

  • Luka Viljna

    Oh really? You forgot to mention the fact that the new “neo-nazi” and “anti Semitic” revolutionary government in the Ukraine has just appointed a jewish prime minister. This seems just another piece of Jew-victimization propaganda.

    • Hammerstrike

      Yep. really.

      Simple, they are neo-nazis that sees the multiculturalism-promoting EU, jewish bankers or the Magical Suite as natural allies.
      Why? How can that be? They receive money to act like the complete retards that they are and they are against Russia and thus for the White race, because Russia = Moscow = Mongol.

      Ukraine is not a nation separate from Russia as the claime, it is just a part of Russia with western part have the legacy of being part of Polish-Lithuanian and Austro-Hungarian empires.

      Because they know that to be the case, they have a major inferiority complexe. Turning the center of Kiev into a smouldering trash pit is the height of achievement for these sad butt-clowns.

    • He is a Catholic.
      And, he is only interim and the facts are the facts.
      You are just anti Russian.

  • anglicus

    Why people keep saying the West went to war with Germany because of the jews makes no sense to me. I’m a Brit and my old dad certainly didn’t know anything about jews when he had to go and fight. In fact years afterwards he still didn’t know what the war was all about.

  • k

    That party should not be allowed to gain power.

  • hp b

    Because it’s there so why not use it?

    “if you want to control the opposition, then lead it!” (Lenin)

  • Steven Lewis

    Democracy is mob rule and shouldn’t be used when voting on something that will affect the minority. The founders view of democracy was not favorable. A republic form of government protects the rights of the minority. Would you support a vote that takes property from 49% of the people because 21% voted to do so

    • John29

      21% ? Dont you mean 51% ?

      • 1776blues

        Yep, my bad, but can I blame my keyboard? Seriously, it always does that to me. Thanks for the correction.

  • Steven Lewis

    Try this when comparing Democracy to another ism;

    Communism born 1917 died 1991: Here lies a fraud as you will see, my name is now Democracy.