You Won’t Believe The Method That Common Core Is Using To Teach Our Kids Subtraction

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Common Core Subtraction

The dumbing down of America is accelerating.  A massive federal takeover of education known as “Common Core” is attempting to impose nationwide academic standards on public schools throughout the entire country.  Thanks to the backing of billionaire Bill Gates, endless promotion by the U.S. Department of Education, and financial bribes to state governments by the Obama administration, 45 states and Washington, D.C. have already agreed to implement the full Common Core standards in their schools.  Unfortunately, these “standards” are doing to public education what Obamacare is doing to our health care system – absolutely ruining it.  Just look at how basic math instruction has changed.  Posted below is a comparison between the “old method” of subtraction and the “new method” of subtraction being taught in many of our schools.  When I first came across this on Facebook, I thought that it was a joke…

Common Core Subtraction

I thought that there was no possible way that this could be real.  I really thought that this must have come from some sort of parody website.

But it is actually true.

Here is another example of this.  The following is an incredibly bizarre Common Core math problem and the response by one very frustrated parent that has gone viral all over the Internet recently…

Common Core Math Problem

The frustration being experienced by that parent is quite understandable.  When I first looked at that math question, I could almost feel myself getting dumber while I read it.

Is this kind of “math” really preparing our kids for the real world?

I think not.

But these are the kinds of questions that textbook writers come up with as they attempt to implement the standards of Common Core

The question appears to be aiming for several of the main Common Core math standards for second grade:

1) A requirement that students understand place value, for instance, that “100 can be thought of as a bundle of ten tens — called a ‘hundred.’”

2) That students be able to “add and subtract within 1000, using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value … and relate the strategy to a written method.” Also that they “understand that in adding or subtracting three-digit numbers, one adds or subtracts hundreds and hundreds, tens and tens, ones and ones; and sometimes it is necessary to compose or decompose tens or hundreds.”

3) That they can “explain why addition and subtraction strategies work, using place value and the properties of operations.”

4) And that they can “represent whole numbers as lengths from 0 on a number line diagram with equally spaced points corresponding to the numbers 0, 1, 2, …, and represent whole-number sums and differences within 100 on a number line diagram.”

Here is another example of some Common Core math…

Common Core Math


Are you kidding me?

Why make things so convoluted?

Are they actually trying to make our kids hate math more than they already do?

And old terms such as “add” and “subtract” are out.  As you can see from the “Common Core – Parent Cheat Sheet” posted below, our kids are now learning how to “increase” and “decrease”…

Common Core Letter

And of course Common Core is not just messing with math.

Just check out the 4th grade homework assignment posted below…

Common Core 4th Grade Assignment

If you cannot read what it says in the picture, here is a transcript of the text…

Ruby sat on the bed she shared with her husband holding a hairclip. There was something mysterious and powerful about the cheaply manufactured neon clip that she was fondling suspiciously. She didn’t recognize the hairclip. It was too big to be their daughter’s, and Ruby was sure that it wasn’t hers. She hadn’t had friends over in weeks, but here was this hairclip, little and green with a few long black hair strands caught in it. Ruby ran her fingers through her own blonde hair. She had just been vacuuming when she noticed this small, bright green object under the bed. Now their life would never be the same. She would wait here until Mike returned home.

Why is Ruby so affected by the hairclip?

How has the hairclip affected Ruby’s relationship?

From where did the hairclip most likely come?

Why in the world are 4th grade students being taught lessons about husbands cheating on their wives?

Is this appropriate?

Unfortunately, this kind of inappropriate material can be found throughout Common Core-based textbooks all over the country.

Those promoting Common Core have gone to great lengths to make it appear that teachers, parents and students are embracing these new standards, but as Alex Newman recently detailed, that is not the case at all.  In fact, there has been a huge backlash against Common Core even in bastions of liberalism such as New York…

While the Big Business front group has been producing ads purporting to show that “teachers” support the standards, that lie is easily put to rest by witnessing the revolt among teachers in New York, where the Common Core roll-out has advanced faster than in other states. There, the board of the state teachers union voted unanimously against Common Core as it has been implemented so far. New York State Assemblyman Al Graf, a member of the Assembly Education Committee with a degree in education, even told The New American that the controversial standards represent “state-sponsored child abuse.” Even the governor in the establishment stronghold has been forced to retreat slightly on Common Core in the face of the public uprising. Opponents of the education takeover say this is just the start.

We live at a time when Americans have already become incredibly dumbed down.

Do we really want to sink even lower?

Posted below is stunning video of an Illinois Curriculum Director explaining that under Common Core, it is okay for children to say that “three times four equals eleven” as long as they can give the reasons for their answer…

What will our country look like if this insanity is allowed to continue?

At this point, only 43 percent of all Americans aged 18 to 24 can correctly point out the state of Ohio on a map of the United States.

How much dumber can we get and still survive as a nation?

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s shocking new book about the last days entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on It is shaking the world of Bible prophecy to the core, and it is being called one of the most controversial Christian books of 2016.  If you would like to check it out, you can find it right here.*

The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
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  • K

    Common core has little to do with education, it is psychological programing. The math problem, has nothing to do with math. It is about obedience. Do it our way, even if it makes no sense. Even if you come up with a wrong answer, everything is fine if you did what you were told. The hair pin message, you can not trust daddy. I am sure there is something in the program, that also says do not trust mommy. You see before you can introduce a new trust figure, you must first destroy the old trust figures. So why would the school want to teach blind obedience, and trust in someone other than your family. Well the last time the name for it was Hitler youth. .

    • dave

      The “if your workings are correct, a minor mistake in your calculation will only cost you a small part of the total score” has ALWAYS been a correct aspect of maths teaching. And why? Because it is just as easy to make a ‘typo’ in maths as in English, but a complicated solution, correctly laid out on paper, shouldn’t ever be scored ZERO because of a type in the the calculation.

      However, this is NOT what Common Core is doing. Common Core is careful to APPEAR to ape certain legitimate ideas and concepts, so that advocates can defend against criticism. But a deeper understanding allows one to realise that Common Core is intentionally exploiting the tactic of ‘PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY’.

      Common Core maths methods are plain WRONG. Not because they give the wrong answer, but because the methods are convoluted, and purposely non-scalable. One could, for instance, teach maths the way a digital computer solves problems- using binary bit-by-bit, and using NOR or NAND gates to implement the lowest level maths operations. Obviously digital computers are mathematically CORRECT, but one week later 95%+ of all pupils would be confused, demoralised, and dream of the day when they’d never have to think about maths again.

      CORRECTNESS is irrelevant as a fundamental concept in teaching ordinary people. The teaching methods must make sense to an ordinary person, and must be SCALABLE (in other words, a person can solve much more complex problems using the same methods taught in class).

      When a child of average or better intelligence experiences Common Core maths teaching, their first thought in class is “but this method would never work in the real world”. This is the most demoralising thought a child could ever have- and it is by design. The proper methods of subtraction, long division, multiplication of decimals etc all work with ANY size of number with ZERO extra complexity (just more time).

      • Hammerstrike

        Sue them for racial discrimination.

        Easy, point out that such a system is unfair to the disadvantaged and unprivileged.

        • Ian MacLeod

          Try again. It HUMAN discrimination, and it’s aimed at making everyone EQUALLY STUPID! Though I’ll grant you, just as in cases of genius, some people seem to have been born with a head start…

          • Hammerstrike

            The whole human concept have become very much twisted.

      • Ariestar

        I don’t know where you went to school, but when I took Chemistry, one little miscalculation, I got the whole answer marked wrong.

    • SodThat

      Excellent post.

    • Hammerstrike

      Actually no, that was the Soviet-Union.

      The great majority of German parents in Germany agreed with National-Socialism by March 1936.

      Of course there was propaganda but the main reason was that system worked, Germany had become a great economic power, enough to make re-armament possible. It was nowhere as dysfunctional as the current one. or the Roosevelt regime for that matter, despite the US´s crushing advantages over Germany.

    • laura m.

      Only loser stuck in stupid parents send their kids to gov schools . Savvy patriots do not, they home school or their kids go to a traditional private school where they teach traditional math and real history. You can’t fix stupid as most all families are dysfunctional anyway- most attend these 501c3 gov churches run by gelding church leaders and their hierarchies, the blind leading the blind into the abyss. I want nothing to do with these losers.

      • Here’s laughing at you

        Just curious based off your first sentence, we’re you public or home schooled yourself? Loser stuck in parents huh? Lol…

        • Jo Brown

          “we’re you public or home schooled”?
          Don’t you mean “were you public or home schooled”?
          And I’m pretty sure something is “based ON” something, not based off it. A base is what you put something ON, is it not?


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    • jaxon64

      I think it is much more insidious than most would even suspect. I believe that the elites know that dumb people are easily controlled.
      People who are unsure of things, unable to use critical thinking skills or deductive reasoning–these people will always step back and acquiesce leadership of their lives to those whom they presume to be more informed or smarter.
      I can’t help but picture the movie “Idiocracy” in my mind when I think of where CC will lead. The exception of course will be that the masses will be dumbed down to drone like mental levels and education–however the elites will always have the finest educations at highly expensive private schools.
      I watched a Youtube video suggestion after the linked youtube video in the article ended. It showed a young man asking the simplest of questions to High School students–( name the countries that border the US, how many stars are on the US flag, who is vice president, what was the name of the war where the US won its independence, name a country that starts with the letter “U”…for example)../the vast majority could not answer more than 1 or 2 of the questions–and some of these high schoolers are just plain “Scary Dumb”….I fear that when I get older that these will be the nurses, doctors and government workers I may need to rely upon…

      • Ariestar

        You can’t attribute that to common core however, since this is pretty much a new thing as of the last 2 or 3 years.

        • petulantes

          The program has been incremental. It is by far easier to do it step by step than all at once.. First the put fluoride in the water, you bathe in it , makes you not care, drops IQ levels..That was 1945, then tv.. just look at the brain rot that’s being shown. They know the flicker rates of TV’s put people in an Alpha brain wave state and make them pliable as playdoh! Then the schools kept failing the kids more an more despite of all the money thrown at them. College students needing remedial English. When a 150 years ago pre highschool kids were taught 3-4 different languages . IT IS NO ACCIDENT

          • Ariestar

            That is true. My stepson’s gf is in college & has a tutor for most of her classes, plus has to take pre this & pre that. I never took pre-anything!


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          • tipton.regina

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          • daniel.gillette

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          • Earlw

            As of the advent of digital tv, the flicker rate no longer applies, since there is no scan rate, ie, 525 lines interlaced @ 30 frames/second. Movies are similar, but at the frame rate of 24 fpm.

        • CK

          You’re incorrect Ariestar. Common Core is older than 2 or 3 years.


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          • ellis_brian

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    • So CAL Snowman

      Heil Hitler. Had Germany won World War 2, Common Core would never exist and you would be a lot happier today.

    • seth datta

      common core satanists should be told to get stuffed

    • DD

      Completely agree. I don’t see the problem…??? I learned math this way and still do.
      Its training your brain to “work through” a problem. The more you practice the better and faster you get. Why is that so

    • CK

      You’ve hit the nail on the head here “K”. All I need to add to this is AMEN! Well said, well said.

  • sre

    I throw apple cores away, they’re inedible, can’t be digested. Neither can this “new core” be digested. Throw it out, too.

    • Rebecca

      Actually they are quite edible, including the seeds. Although I do understand your analogy. 🙂

      • Here’s laughing at you

        You gotta be “that guy” huh? Good job pointing out the obvious. If u are the result of the current system…bring on the core!

        • Jo Brown

          Yeah, like you had to be “that guy” pointing out someone else’s mistake in a sentence, and making at least two stupid mistakes yourself in doing so.

      • american

        And apple seeds contain vitamin-17, a substance that specifically kills cancer cells, is present in certain foods, and is the body’s second line of defense against cancer after the immune system. If you really want to blow a Communist Core educated teenagers gourd, tell them this.

  • DJohn1

    What these people are trying to do is put math into going between 10s and 5s, then putting the remainder back into the equation to arrive at the correct number.
    I have used a system like this in the grocery store for years. Almost everything in a grocery store price ends with the number 9. By adding a cent to the equation you have whole numbers of 10. Instead of adding 3.00 and 2.00, the real numbers are 2.99 and 1.99. By adding a cent to the number you have a simple equation which is total of $5. Subtract the 2 cents and you have the actual price of the groceries.
    It is screwed up when you have taxable items. But what I do is math that can be done in your head rather than on a calculator. So you simply add a dollar to the total on every 20 items and it comes out fairly close the the ball park exact number you are dealing with.
    The decimal system never did work for complicated math. For instance you have 22/7ths is actually pi. The number using a 10 digit system starts out at 3.14 and the decimals go on forever. That is 3 and 1//7th. 1/7th does not do well in a system based on 10.
    In the Sumarian system that is also used in the Bible a lot, we have a system based on 60. We still use it to describe time. 60 minutes in an hour. 60 seconds in a minute.
    The system is basically a system of 12 instead of 10. There are 5 units of 12 in 60. 2/3rds of 60 is 40. 6 60s is 360 which are the degrees in a circle. 8 5s equal 40. There are 10 6s in 60.
    Basically the system of 60 for higher engineering functions probably works better as all the numbers seem to add up with out a slew of decimals.
    Printers used the same system. There were 12 points in a pica. There were 72 points in an inch. Most headlines are in points. An average price in an advertisement might be 24 points. An average body type might be 8 point.
    The entire system of 10 is not compatible with geometry like the system of the ancient peoples that used 12 as a decimal.
    What they are trying to do is to make math something you can do in your head.
    The best person to come up with a system based it on 25. His kids learned all the addition, all the multiplication, and division all the way to the 25th times table. Those kids could juggle numbers all over the place. That is where rote comes in. Memorizing the math tables so it comes instantly to you. Not a lot of people are drilled like that anymore.
    What I think they are trying to do is create a religion. The basis of this religion is neutral towards all organized religion. The idea is to get everyone out of the religious faiths. To some extent, it is working.

    • dave

      Your lack of intelligence and actual knowledge of maths is MIND-BLOWING. The whole world LAUGHS at the American State that passed a law declaring pi to be 22/7, and yet you, with no sarcasm or parody, actually believe this to be ‘fact’.

      Mentally ill, ‘autistic’ people who invent their own form of mental arithmetic actually believe they have a solid understanding of the principles of mathematics that ‘transcends’ conventional, correct teaching. And it is the crazed dribblings of such idiots that forms the basis of current COMMON CORE maths teaching.

      One can trace the origins of Common Core maths to the ‘mental arithmetic’ movement found in the USA from the 50s to the 70s, accompanied by a number of best-selling “how to do complex sums in your head” books. These highly convoluted techniques where invented by “maths magicians” who would appear on US talk shows, solving problems given to them by members of the studio audience.

      Complex mental arithmetic relies on multiple ‘simplifications’ so the ‘magician’ can reliably use simple maths and memorised partial solutions on the way to a final answer.

      These methods are NOT copied by Common Core to create a generation of mental arithmetic whizzes. They are copied because their prior existence allows Common Core advocates to claim legitimacy. But they are used because their arbitrary convolution, and insane need to generate trivial steps, confuses and demoralises the average pupil, collapsing confidence in the subject.

      When you lack confidence, psychologists have discovered that transference means you will quickly learn to hate that subject, and thus will not seek to progress effectively. Bill Gates does not want the average American to be skilled or have significant critical thinking ability.

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        You make valid points, but must you resort to insults? If you are correct, logic will be sufficient to prove you right; you needn’t tell another fellow that he is ignorant or stupid.

      • DJohn1

        I think we all show signs of ignorance. Most of us are not “educated” to extreme higher learning. Most of us are born with normal intelligence. It is what we do with what we are born with that makes the difference. Anything that I did learn over the years involved a lot of hard work and a lot of errors in judgment that I had to correct.

        I was taught a trade. The most forbidden phrase when learning a trade is “I know”.
        Even if “I know” something I always keep my mouth shut and listen. Normally that means that I learn something new.

        Bill Gates made his money using Graphics that he pushed to uncomplicate DOS that was used on most computers prior to Windows.
        This simple act of putting all computer programs onto a graphic interface made Bill Gates very wealthy. He brought the skill level down so the average person was comfortable using it.

        I really think Bill never learned to program a computer or we wouldn’t have such a mess of lousy programming on PCs to this day.
        Most of my computing is done on Linux. I prefer Edubutu 12.4 right now which is about three editions behind the current one.

        There are two kinds of skill level in our industry to this day. There is school. And there is experience. From your writings, I think you have a load of schooling.

    • JasonD

      22/7 is not PI! If it was, then PI would be a rational number which it’s not. It is mighty close though, and can be used for rough calculations. Don’t try to put it into code that is trying to get a space craft to the moon though, you’ll miss big time!

      the 12/60/360 system is used in time and angles because those numbers are multiples of the primes. It makes it easy to talk about 1/3 1/4 1/5, etc.

      I do something similar to this “rotten core” stuff to multiply numbers in my head, e.g. 247*143 I would consider to be (250-3)*(150-7) and foil it out mentally. Makes it much easier than shifts and carries. I call it successive approximation. I think it’s good mental exercise to do this, because it improves your “scratchpad” working memory.

      The 26+17 one above is weird, I agree. I would add 4 to 26 and 3 to 17, so 30+20-4-3=50-7=43.

      Other tricks? You can calculate square roots pretty closely by using 1st order binomial expansions: SQRT(65) = SQRT(64+1)=8*SQRT(1+1/64) ~= 8*(1+1/2*1/64) = 8*(1+1/128) = 8+1/16 = 8.0625. Real answer is 8.0622577… An error of 0.003%!

      Of course, a good curriculum would teach the “old-fashioned” way of doing things, but later teach the “tricks” like successive approximation. Wanna make kids smart? Don’t let them use calculators.

      • DJohn1

        Thank-you. I was taught 22/7 in public school over 50 years ago. Never questioned it.
        Though I was a royal pain with the amount of questions I did give the teachers. I developed a system of implanting knowledge using questions and I know it was very irritating to a lot of non-thinking teachers.

        My real education came as an apprentice printer after 4 years service with the U.S. Air Force as an enlisted man. I worked for 41 years in my trade, and math was a necessary apart of that trade. The more you could do in your head the better.
        I used the Sumerian numbers out of the Bible a lot when guestimating what I should put things in type sizes when building ads. It was only in recent years that I discovered where it came from.
        Never got into square roots and I have a very elementary knowledge of the more advanced math. I was taught some of it in Service.
        Is there an actual number that represents pi?

        • JasonD

          DJohn, there are many ways to represent PI, including infinite series or infinite product, but representing it in decimal (or any radix) form results in an infinite string of numbers.

          I direct you to the Wikipedia site for a great article on this fascinating number. Just go there and enter PI in search. I think you will enjoy.

  • Bob56

    I have a degree in Civil Engr plus an MBA. I looked at the above and I don’t have a clue as to what this crap is all about. Thank God my kids are grown. But if they were still in school I would yank them out in a heartbeat and home school them. This is NUTS!!

    • Bruce

      It is simply induced Cognitive DISSONANCE; now, being inculcated in the young. Very early in this millennium, the USG began the same inducement of nonsense in instructing its federal employees in their respective agencies’ “corporate” ‘visions’! I remember shortly before retirement, experiencing these utterly insane DVD presentations (and saying WTF?); attending discussion sessions, ending very swiftly with no employee questions or participation (obviously stupefied); and only cursory supervisory explanation and inquiry, since no one questioned its otherwise abject jejunity! Myself, having fought epic battles against 30 years of such doublethink on issues of life or death environmental import (and suffered retribution for those public service efforts), simply let this final exercise in remaining employees’ self-lobotomies slide (as I did, out the door, in’04). You and Boston Pissed, above are correct (and it’s WORKING on current federal civil engineers!).

    • Jeremy

      Amen. My fiance and I are discussing our future family, and education is one topic that is critically important.

      We have agreed that there is no way that our children would be educated this way.

  • Graeme Keet

    In Australia, schools have been following a “national curriculum” for several years. Now this is to change to a paperless version – and the spec sheet stated that their favourite brand tablet was to be the new endorsed all-purpose school book, replacing text and exercise books. The endorsed books list was also the same brand – all to be bought from the online site. “Core” education? You bet.

    Forget the giant free resources of the internet, now we have e-text-books, programmed to expire (self delete) in 13 months, hardware/software sold en masse and required purchase/learning at rates higher than most all countries.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Why should the subjects of math and English require a new e-textbook edition? Languages change but very slowly, and the principles of mathematics are constant.

  • Zoltanne

    My 7 year old granddaughter is not doing well in school because Common Core has been covertly implemented in the classrooms. We’re in Virginia where CC has not yet been accepted into the state’s curriculum but it’s here. The administrators won’t admit to it but anyone with basic common sense can see the proof by looking at the bits of school work that return home OR by quizzing the children.

    I used to wonder how she could make straight As and not know how to read, spell, or do basic math. Little did I know that the education most of us received is not being taught using the same/similar process.

    My granddaughter’s math skills were horrible: she has never been taught the basic add/subtract facts — it’s about “concepts”. We have to re-instruct her and are now working with the 1s, 10s, and 100s places doing columnar addition and subtraction. The abstract computation as shown in the above example is something she doesn’t understand — no wonder: it’s actually algebra. How can you understand algebra when you don’t understand the basic concepts of addition/subtraction OR know the basic math facts?!

    Everyone who has a child or grandchild needs to speak out against Common Core. It’s a radical process that was developed by only a few individuals who have far-left ideologies. Do your research, then become vocal against CC so that the next generation has at least gotten “the basics”!

    • Seen2013

      Obviously, Common Core reinforces students entering college promotes Community College participation instead of having the necessities required to immediately go from High School into a 4 year college, which more students going to Community Colleges for anything requiring 4 year degrees or for many masters degrees ultimately end up in so much debt that it’s impossible to just make ends meat requiring much more credit expansion.

      When I was in High School and below, the biggest PR the books would make was political points within the left-right paradigm. Such as my High School history book in thickness rivaled the bible, it was and probably still is incredibly partisan. Such as, the link of the Democratic-Republican Party Democrats and Republicans derive from is severed. The Republican-Whig alliance is also omitted as the book doesn’t reference Lincoln as a Republican-Whig at all but just a whig. After reading the History book, the overall impression given to students is aside from a few grudgingly given good works; the Republican Party is incompetent or malicious to the core. It really isn’t discussed outside US Gov assignments predominantly from a Community College the area is predominantly Democrat. The assignment was find your local, state, and federal officials and bonuses for their affiliations and in-class discussion.

      Common Core intensifies political partisanship and so-called socio-economic justice like that promoted in South Africa even though high ranking officials admit that the benefit of promising socio-economic justice is you can claim providing it even without actually changing a thing.

      • Zoltanne

        From all that I have read about Common Core — including auxiliary
        work from indoctrinated CC instructors — I fail to see that this
        curriculum prepares students for community college as opposed to
        university studies. From what I have examined, the CC curriculum is part
        of an indoctrination program which includes the ‘dumbing down’ of the
        mass population of govt-educated students. The curriculum is developed
        for right-brained arts and humanities and not for left-brained
        scientific and mathematical education. And the curriculum does not
        include in depth analysis of most subjects. The study guides and
        in-class discussion sheets I have seen for elementary school concentrate
        on one or two questions in short stories, going over the average
        students ability to focus.

        There is no educational reason to
        switch American education over to the Common Core curriculum. The
        curriculum uses unproven methodologies and is filled with ideological

    • laura m.

      solution: pull the kids out of the gov schools! How complicated is that?

      • Zoltanne

        I am commenting about my granddaughter, not my child. We care for her after school and into the evening so we see the school papers (almost none) and homework (almost none). If she were my child, she would not be indoctrinated in a public school system at all. So you see — it actually IS complicated.

      • Ariestar

        Many if not most of the private schools are also going to CC. You can still pick your own curriculum with a public charter school if you home school, & they pay for the books. That’s what I’m going to do with my granddaughter this coming year. You have to research & figure out which curricula are not CC though.


    It’s child abuse and an attack on our country, again from the inside.

  • Hammerstrike

    3 + 2 = 4

    • Common Core Teacher

      Correct!!! Great job! 🙂

  • Boston Pissed

    Common Core is Orwellian Newspeak. It teaches children that 2 +2 = 5. It basically teaches them to lie and that lying is OK so long as you have a plausible rationale to support the lie. It teaches children to accept lies as truth and to accept falsehood as perfectly acceptable reality. It teaches children how not to think critically and correctly and in linear form. The end game of Common Core is the creation of a mass society comprised of amoral, brain – raped slaves. We are in serious, serious trouble.

    • Hammerstrike

      That is also the purpose of the TSA and the recent NSA news, something that self-aware humans had for many years been mocked as “Conspiracy Theorists” for correctly guessing.

      Children do needs to learn that the authorities are dishonest, incompetent and injuste.
      Even more, they need to learn that they do not owe being truthfull to such a system, only the deepest contempt, loathing and hatred.

    • james

      dude your name “Boston Pissed” is awesome. That needs to be the rival slogan to Boston Dong.

    • Bruce

      It is simply induced Cognitive DISSONANCE; now, being inculcated in the young. Very early in this millennium, the USG began the same inducement of nonsense in instructing its federal employees in their respective agencies’ “corporate” ‘visions’! I remember shortly before retirement, experiencing these utterly insane DVD presentations (and saying WTF?); attending discussion sessions, ending very swiftly with no employee questions or participation (obviously stupefied); and only cursory supervisory explanation and inquiry, since no one questioned its otherwise abject jejunity! Myself, having fought epic battles against 30 years of such doublethink on issues of life or death environmental import (and suffered retribution for those public service efforts), simply let this final exercise in remaining employees’ self-lobotomies slide (as I did, out the door, in ’04).

    • Here’s worrying with you

      Now THAT is an excellent analysis of not only it’s psychological capabilities, but sadly it’s intent as well…

    • petulantes

      THANK YOU . CC is doubleplusungood !

    • CK

      LOVE the phrase “amoral, brain-raped slaves”! I totally agree: we are in deep trouble here.

    • retrogamer176

      So basically, it’s a church.

  • fleabug


  • Tatiana Covington

    Good thing I did K-6 in 1952-59.

    • DB

      K-6 = P

  • Sandbagger

    Just like some music has been labeled “crossover”, this article is truly a crossover. It could easily fit into Michael’s other two sites: endoftheamericandream and theeconomiccollapseblog.

    THE TRUTH is Common Core implementation proves THE END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM and will result in furthering THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

  • Janice

    Common Core Curriculum  is NOT new, just rebranded.    In the mid 1970s, I could no longer help my 5th grader w/her math homework. She said I confused her.  It was called the “new math method”.  Some  academia expert concocted a scheme to turn our kids into computing geniuses.   No making sense of how they arrived at their answers.   I became frustrated too.  They  could not “proof” out their simple division or subtraction problems
    …or check their answers.    Memorizing  their time tables by rote was “old” & out.    I understand why cash registers ( computers)  do the math & calculate change for employees.  A few times I’ve had to assist younger ones  in “counting out correct change” ( seriously) . Our kids have been programmed to dumb down for 40 years.  That’s how old my kid is.   Very sad

  • Deborah Sampson

    What the hell?

  • Chris Dangwillo

    Don’t you want your kids to Common to the Core? The title alone implies no one is exceptional. Socialist trash. Get your kids out of schools if this is the best they can do.

  • K2

    i wonder what the ‘real’ reasons are behind the govt and bill gates doing it?

    • Ariestar

      Follow the money.

      • K2

        Honestly i was feeling the same thing at the back of my mind. Something along the lines of bill gates having a stake/getting a commission from textbook publishing companies.

        • K2

          But the thought dint stick as he is already super duper rich and the book publishing companies felt poorer in comparison 🙂 But since other explanations are more far fetched in my opinion, money could infact be the reason. Or atleast the biggest.

  • Vlad

    Actually, it’s kind of clever. However, in learning practical math that most people need, it’s far too convoluted. The basics should be quickly moved through to get to real math. For math majors, engineers, and scientist, these methods are used by some to do arithmetic quickly in your head.

  • derfelcadarn

    This is clearly a conspiracy by the school supply manufacturers to expand the use of paper, pens and pencils resulting in increased profits. As absurd as that sounds it is as viable as any other explanation. This is total insanity, change for the sake of change is wasted effort and squandered money.

  • Gaetano Gagliano

    I love how when I went to school my math teachers provided me with the skills to solve most math problems in my head, with no pen or paper.

    I look at the “new way”, and say “How could anyone do this in their head?!”

    It’s neither faster, or more efficient, it creates a hell of a lot more room for error, and fundamental math is thrown out the window.

    This is pretty sad, math is basic – does not have to be as complex as they’re making it.

    Imagine learning Algebra or Arithmetic in the ‘new way’!!

  • DmaxD

    I guess this new math makes everyone ‘accept the choseinoids’ who invented it, equally dum.

  • andrew

    I agree that simplification of math conventions makes the most sense. But i was quite interested to learn about this common core subtraction method. This method is something that I came up with in grade 10 in 1976… rural Canadian school. I developed it to make more efficient subtraction that contained mostly greater-than numbers, such as: 74311 – 58643. In normal subtraction there would be a lot of carrying of values to be able to subtract. For some reason this always irked me. So I used my version of a proof for the equation to get the answer. 7 to make 50, + 50 to make 700,+ 300 to make 9000,+1000 to make 60000,+14311 to make 74311. Added quickly together the answer was 15668.

    This work well on a consistent basis. If a subtraction equation had less carrying I would use the conventional method. I showed this method to the math teacher. He scratched his head and walked away.

  • capt. crunch

    Brainwashing the malleable minds of children so they will not deviate from the formula to be the slaves and fodder of the elites. Why do you think the survivor shows, dancing shows, etc. are so popular? It’s because the people are being led to believe that things are best when they work as “a team” for a common goal instead of being an individual.

  • jj

    um wtf ” if they say 3×4 =11 its ok so long as they explain themselves”
    well gee mr IRS I don’t know how I owe 270 thousand dollars, when I did all my common core math I only came up with 27 dollars. but thats ok right mr IRS………so long as I show all my wrong math?
    is the common core

  • YahNo

    the math seems like they are trying to transition to the metric system…which would be a requirement under a OWO.

    • MJ

      I think the metric system is inevitable – only USA, Liberia and Myanmar still teach and use English measurements. And Liberia and Myanmar are planning to switch to metric in the near future.

  • YahNo

    the Ruby question has to do more with “squealing” on your parents to the authorities…look deeper than the surface and you can see what they are trying to do.

  • petulantes

    schools are joining fluoride and television as IDIOT MAKERS . HOMESCHOOL your children if your state has this doubleplusungood programming going on ! This is SO 1984 … my God, Help US !

  • momazilla

    They are also teaching that the “Founding Fathers” Were racist and domestic terrorists. As K said INDOCTRINATION not
    education. “Shut up, do as you’re told, be good little sheep, and nanny government will take care of you”

    • Kristen Marie Embler

      There is also a move being made in some states to completely eradicate the Founding Fathers from even being mentioned in the classroom. Thomas Jefferson was removed from Texas curriculum back in 2010.

  • Ian MacLeod

    This stuff looked really familiar – THEN I remembered! Understand that I’m almost 60 years old, and in maybe third grade or so I was started on something called “New Math.” Even though I’d been doing great at math, it confused the Hell out of me! I have an intuitive understand of math, but I’ve had to work HARD to overcome the conditioning to HATE IT caused by my father keeping me up night after night after night trying to POUND this stuff into me. My IQ at last measurement was 163. Granted, since it measures potential, at nearly 60 my IQ is a tad lower than it once was, but not THAT much lower! This crap is descended from New Math! Instead of making it more clear, at the time it just confused the issue, especially with my Dad (a very authoritarian – and short-tempered – lifer military man) trying hard to “help out,” I learned that an intuitive understand of math was worse than useless, it was “stupid” because what MATTERED was that I was supposed to “…do it the way you’re told to!” Yeah, this IS going to dumb down a LOT of kids!

    Unless we want a lot of math illiterates we’d better find a way to STOP THIS!

  • Randy Townsend

    When you turn education into a business (as we have in America), you get garbage like this. The purposes are to 1) KEEP PEOPLE EMPLOYED IN THE EDUCATION BUSINESS; 2) SELL MORE EDUCATION-RELATED PRODUCTS; 3) CREATE DEMAND FOR MORE “EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS” BY BAFFLING STUDENTS WITH CONVOLUTED TRIPE, REQUIRED TO BE USED BY THE STUDENTS. Never has there been a better argument for eliminating the Department of Education and returning education to local control than “Common Core”.

  • NoWorldOrder

    Wow. Seems that those behind these Common Core math lessons…need a little bit of math instruction themselves.

  • kgskumar

    Shop keepers use the first method all over India.If the price for something is 17.5 and if you pay them 50, they start by giving back 0.5, then 2 and complete by giving you 30.But this method is never taught in schools here.

    • amongoose

      It has been forever since I had anyone count back change from a purchase.
      I know it’s mean -but- every now and then at tha 7-11 I wait for them to ring it up, then plop down the change to make it even and watch. They look at change in the hand, amount on the register with a blank look on their face. Never though do it with someone in line behind you, because everything comes to an abrupt halt.

  • Michael Gugino

    I started doing subtraction in my head just that way in the 2nd or 3rd grade. I didn’t write a proof though.
    I do something similar with multiplication and division. 12×12 is not as easy as 12×10 + 12 x 2. However, I don’t think it’s appropriate to teach kids these methods directly, and the nonsense I’ve been seeing about common core really makes me scratch my head.

  • MJ

    I just hope these Common Core methods are not used to build new computer technology – otherwise the latest 4 GHz PC would run as slow as a 1960’s mainframe computer.

  • Cynical Guy 42

    Check out this common core video:

  • amongoose

    This may sound strange but it looks like they are trying to teach kids to count on their fingers.

  • nekksys

    Here’s a simpler way to teach what they want to call “Common Core” in math; it’s called Number Theory which goes something like this:

    A number is a representation of a quantity.

    Teacher then presents six pencils and writes the number 6 on the board. S/he then presents another five pencils which leads into a lesson on addition and the explanation of place value. The next lesson covers subtraction and place value (again)…

    At least, that’s how I taught math while volunteering at a homeless center in Florida. My lowest ranking student came into my class with a 3rd grade math skill level. He left my class with a 12th grade math skill. My class was only 4 weeks. Why the huge difference? No one had ever explained that a number is just a representation of a quantity!!!!!

  • Richard T.

    Any math teachers in public schools on this board that teaches the elementary or middle school grades? I myself teaches high school math and in my State, we already implemented something like the Common Core for about 4 to 5 years prior to adopting the Common Core. I am waiting to see the mathematical abilities of the students who have been through this program, how they perform at the higher level.

  • John p

    I have already told teachers for my daughter to go f themselves. I have a masters degree and perform statistics for a living. I will continue to have my daughter do math the correct way regardless of what her teachers say, give her Fs if they want. It is more important to be well educated than have good grades in elementary school. Testing is all that matters after elementary school. You are not required to show your work. Any math major knows they discourage the use of more steps in undergrad and graduate math. You are supposed to eliminate steps, not ad the,.

  • Anona Moose

    I wasn’t raised in the US, but I was taught by my grandpa how to do math in my head and sadly it was by using tens according to this article – what gave me a hard time with math in school was doing it the old fashioned way – I could do it faster in my head than writing it out which more than once got me in a little hot water with teachers who were sticklers for knowing how you came to the conclusion – my grandpa only had a grade six education due to WW I and he spoke five languages, but he was a stickler for numbers and I could count to a million using multiples by the time I was in grade 2 ie. 2+2=4 4+4=8 etc.

  • Nat Aki

    I normally just ignore all the terrible grammar I see in comment threads. Considering the global audience, many posters must be non-native English adopters, and that’s cool. You gets points for the effort. But I must laugh when I read one grammar deficient poster criticize another grammar deficient poster over the poorly executed common core education method. It’s like watching one clown step on another clown as they exit a clown car. So allow me to assist the clown in this thread who ripped the other clown. “We’re” means we are. Were….is sort of a past-tense form of “be”. “Were” you home-schooled? Will you “be” home-schooled? No clown should throw rocks at a home-school. They might bounce of and hit him in the head!

    I personally was educated in a public school. However, I’m exceptionally smart. I never did my homework and achieved marks only good enough for community college. But I can write, communicate, and comprehend at a level that surpasses most humans on this planet. I suffered in conflict with the greater portion of my education, as it generally failed to be rational, concise and allied to my success. I found most of my travails revolved around the few trick questions designed to punish students on tests. I learned quickly, it was easier to acknowledge the antagonistic approach for what it was. Brainwashing and submission programming to irrational authority. Getting an “A” is nothing less than the sublimation of Ego to the State in order to engender self-esteem and material advancement in the “consumer community”. So, being the uber-brain I am, I intuitively understood, it was far better to conserve my energy by bailing out as early as possible on the whole damn game. But that’s me. As Joshua said, “The only winning move is not to play the game”. Look it up.

    Common core’s aim, may be, a deeper look into the reality of numbers, words and meaning. But for it to open up mental perspective, it must be flawless. For example: The 26+17 problem breaks 17 down to 4+13. Basically a random selection. 4 only becomes relevant because 26 is short 4 from 30. Thus, to select 4 as a portion of 17 requires a pretext, derived first from 26’s relationship to 30. Thus, the entire approach is number specific rather than structurally general. Thus, there is no universal logic. If it was 25+17 could you still break 17 down to 4+13? Sure, but now 4+25=29. This is antagonistic to human reasoning. Now 17 must be broken to 5+12. In short, a reformulation of the process. Why not just kick the poor child’s sandcastle over?

    In the prior subtraction problem the system was being broken down by 100s and 10s. So why not here?




    Thus 26+17=43

    Breaking down by 100s, 10s and 5s is entirely universal and opens the door to proper perception. But I’m just silly that way. Common core looks capricious. And as such, is naturally cruel to sane human reasoning. A line of female teachers is no defense against this hateful aggressor to the human will for clarity. The Deceivers destroy minds one small slice at a time. An error here an error there. Change the rules just enough to tip the scales but not enough to get noticed. It’s a battle of mental attrition.

    • Andy C

      Worse than merely capricious. Its based on ‘behaviourism’. But education was ‘designed’ to be conditioning and indoctrination since its modern roots in 1806. The Prussian Public School Program.

  • retrogamer176

    Normally I wouldn’t agree with The Truth Wins (being an atheist and all) Buuut….. This is stupid.

    What’s wrong with “Oh, 4*10=40!!!!” Now I have to explain HOW 4*10=40? Who thinks about that in real life?

  • Brian

    Not only does it promote a waste of time, when these kids are faced with a “Normal” equation what the heck are they gonna do then? Start drawing pictures!???!?!? This system is not only a joke, it is not allowing our children to learn the basics of math. Who died and made anyone boss to tell us that our children will now be DENIED the right to learn the basics of REAL math!?!? Adding, subtracting, multiplying and division. What, are they suppose to reach college and then walk into their entry exams prepared to draw pictures and count squares!?!?! And think for one moment that any college SAT’s are going to accept these lame Technics for answers? They be the laughing stock of the class room!
    Who is over looking this BS?!? And who gave them the power to “Make up us Parents minds as to what our child will be denied educationally?
    If you walk in any 3rd grade class and not ONE CHILD knows simple multiplication, adding and subtraction then the system has failed. This system is clouding their education, development and denying them a chance at being a developed and educated adult. They also don’t want kids to sound out and ” Pronounce” and sound out words. They want them to memorize off of some Index card. So, what happens when they come across a word in a book that they have never HAD on any index card? EVERYONE KNOWS…you “SOUND IT OUT!” What? Are our wonderful teachers gonna DENY them that too?!?!?
    And when the teachers get mad because a child writes their name in cursive, you know the system has hands down failed. Cursive is creative writing. Its something they learn AFTER they learn the standard form of writing. Your gonna denying them that too? Maybe we should all vote to FIRE these over paid educational politicians. Maybe, they need to hear the parents of America!

  • MINZ

    They really wont our chiidren to be Stupid Robots.

  • Genus

    Common core is horrible! While tutoring an aftercare student, I went thru this crap over and over again, trying to figure out wtf they were talking about. BTW, I’m a homeschooler, so I MUST, MUST, MUST stay on top of my game. Now with that said, Sadly, under common core, in math, there is a great deal of estimating common core doesn’t care about an answer, an estimate is ok. We’d better get ready for bridges to fall, buildings to collapse and measurements to be completely off, thanks to common core. Also, there are so many misspelled words on Tel-lie-Vision and in articles, it is apparent readin [sic] and writin [sic] are nonessential.

  • Golden

    Isn’t all of America already as dumb as a country can be?

  • can’t they just use the Calculator app on their smart phones ?

  • jason17

    Guys, the math crazy stuff is just a distraction. They are teaching the kids islam and trying to change usa to be an islam, satan worshiping, nation.

  • MrTyberian

    These seem fine. Don’t overestimate how intuitive equations are to a young kid. The common core math described here details a reasonable method of thinking about how arithmetic works. It certainly makes more intuitive sense than, for example, long division. Common core math can be easily represented in the physical world. Carrying numbers can’t. Obviously the new method is slow, but the idea is to teach you how things work and give you the tools and confidence to tackle any arithmetic problem you are faced with through a methodical step by step process instead of ingraining the very common belief that “i’m just bad at math, I’m not special like those other kids.”

    I don’t mind the English question either. It teaches critical thinking. The obvious answer is that the husband is teaching, but there’s other valid solutions. The point is that the kid learns to think outside the and do more than just recite what they are told.

  • american

    Two workdays this week were spent driving a new 28 year old employee around showing him work locations. He could barely read a map, which was a very good highlighted and color coded map showing the locations. I required him to start, and he began to do so. Though there was also a gps unit on the dash, laying down a blue line wherever the van went as he drove it, and showing blue lines from previous van trips, it didn’t occur to him until pointed out that he could also use the gps unit to navigate to work locations based on the historical blue lines. He’s one course short of an associates degree. About a month ago, I bought two lengths of different size clear plastic hoses at a hardware store, bringing the price per foot and item code information with me to the register, where a young woman probably about 20 said she couldn’t use the codes for some reason having to do with the register. She also couldn’t figure out how to charge for each piece, even when I explained 18″ is 1.5 feet, so multiply 1.5 times the $4.99 price per foot, etc., it was over her head and she called on another checker to help her. Several years back I had a farm supply store manager tell me he had a college student employee who could not figure out how to inventory sacks of grass seed on a pallet. He could not figure out that he needed to figure out how many bags were in a layer and multiply that by the number of layers, then account for the layer on top which might have less than the normal number.

    • american

      I also think vaccines are damaging kids brains. Take whatever the latest ever-increasing ratio of vaccinated kids develop autism, and multiply that by a factor to find the total number of kids with the math-doing part of their brains damaged such that they can’t even learn higher math.

  • Tee off

    Grandpa working with 8 year old grandson
    common core addition 852 + 310 = waste of time getting answer with 10 multiples
    + 310

    No wonder we get our asses kicked by the world

  • OLO101

    You are being very short sided. They are being taught how to do complex problems in their heads instead of using a calculator or scrap paper. It looks stupid now because it is overkill for such a simple problem. However, you have to start somewhere.

  • Jason S

    The fact that evolution spawned a species that seems to be on course for causing their own extinction along with the extinction of most life on the planet should be an adequate explanation as to why things are turning out the way they are turning out. We are proof that nature is imperfect.