Common Core Subtraction

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Common Core Subtraction

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  • Tiberiusduck

    The whole world is laughing at you America. HAHAHAHAH !!! : )

  • guest

    Gosh! I feel so sorry for those children! The teachers are no longer on their side are they…or too cowardly to stand up for them. Parents, REBEL! Make a stink! Go to the school board! Get involved! Quit being pansies! I’m tired of stupid people all around. Use your common sense and immediately reject anything out of hand that is preposterous and counter productive. Be direct in your communications. These poor little ones are being abused. Can’t you see that?????

  • Oceander

    With all due respect, that’s a rather elegant, and simple, way of gently introducing young kids to the fundamentals of algebra in a way that makes it more likely they’ll pick up algebra much faster when they finally get to their first algebra class in high school.

    The only real criticism here is the unfortunate use of the labels “old” and “new” which imply replacing the one for the other, which is not true.

    Why is this good math? Because the underlying principle is this: if I have the equation 32 – 12 = x (where “x” is the answer I have to get), then I can change that into the equation 12 + x = 32. The benefit here is that now the kids get to use the math they’re the most comfortable with: addition. How so? Because all they need do is keep adding small numbers to 12 until they get 32. Once they do that, they can add up all those little numbers to get one number which, when added to 12 – or subtracted from 32 – gives you the correct answer. Lo and behold, when you follow these steps, you get the equation 12 + 20 = 32. You can then convert that back to the original equation as 32 – 12 = 20. Bingo, you got the correct answer!!!!!

    See how easy that was? And how sophisticated the underlying concepts are, concepts that the kids don’t actually have to face right now, but which they unconsciously take in for productive use later on.

    • gitfiddler

      Why is this method the beginning of the end? I figured it out, but had to work a bit. This challenges the kids minds more.

  • axle

    So instead of taking two steps it takes five or more to come up with that answer, simply brilliant.