9 Things That You Need To Know About Obamacare

obamacareThere is a whole lot that the American people do not know about Obamacare. If you just listen to the evening news or the talking heads, you may be tempted to come to the conclusion that you have it all figured out. But you don’t. Do your research. Actually read the various bills that have been proposed as they become available.

The reality is that there are about 5 different bills out there right now, but they all have certain things in common that are almost certain to end up in the final legislation. In fact, some parts of Obamacare were ALREADY passed in the stimulus legislation that was rushed through Congress earlier this year.

There are certain key points that all Americans need to know about the changes coming to our health care system. The following are 9 things that you need to know about Obamacare…..

#1) A National Health identification card will be issued to all Americans.

#2) You can keep your current doctor IF the government medical boards allow it.

#3) You can keep your current insurance IF your insurance company does not go out of business because they can’t compete with the new government-backed alternative.

#4) Virtually everywhere you find nationalized health care around the world, you find very substantial health care rationing. It will be the same under Obamacare.

#5) Just like in the U.K. and Canada, government bureaucrats will decide who gets care and who doesn’t, and therefore they will often decide who lives and who dies.

#6) If the government does allow you to get care, in order to control costs government bureaucrats (and not your doctor) will decide what treatment you will get for your condition. If they decide the treatment you need is not “cost-efficient” then you are sore out of luck.

#7) The bureaucracy required to run Obamacare will be a nightmare of unprecedented magnitude and it will quickly send federal deficits into the stratosphere.

#8) Obamacare will FORCE Americans to get health insurance. If you do not get health insurance you will be subjected to extremely heavy fines.

#9) It has been confirmed that elective abortion will be covered for all Americans. Because this is what health care is all about now – eugenics.

Please feel free to email this out to your family and friends and to post this on your own blog or website.  It is vitally important that all Americans get informed before our health care is changed forever.

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