America Rising: Why The 2010 Elections Are Going To Be Really, Really Bad For The Democrats

Obama Reid PelosiThe 2010 elections are quickly becoming the most anticipated mid-term elections in modern American history. A little over a year ago, the American people gave the Democrats control of the House, the Senate and the White House. But now public opinion has swung dramatically against the Democrats.


As the video posted below explains, the American people are sick of the bailouts, sick of the spending, sick of the government takeovers, sick of the unemployment, sick of the corruption, sick of the socialism and sick of politicians not listening to concerns about health care reform.

The video below is very powerful and it has been viewed on YouTube tens of thousands of times. There is nothing offensive in it, but it has already been yanked down off of YouTube several times.

Why has it been yanked down? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps people don’t like hearing the truth.

The reality is that American voters are angrier than at any other point in modern times, and it looks like 2010 is going to be a really, really bad year for the Democrats….

But will the Republicans do any better if they get power?

After all, the reckless spending and expansion of government by the Bush administration got us into the position we are today.  Bush backed the bailouts and the government takeovers too.  In many ways, the Obama administration is just continuing the policies that the Bush administration started.  The truth is that the Bush administration was one of the most liberal administrations that the U.S. has ever had when you take an honest look at the issues.

So if the American people just end up voting in a bunch of George W. Bush clones, that is not going to solve much of anything.

The truth is that both parties are controlled by the establishment to such a degree that it is virtually impossible for the American people to change the course of the nation at the voting box anymore.  No matter who gets voted in, it just seems like things keep going the same way.

Hopefully the tea party movement can result in some real conservatives getting voted into Congress in 2010.  But it is high time that we all realize that the vast majority of the politicians in both parties are owned and bankrolled by the establishment, and not much is going to change until that does.

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