An Ode To The Victory Of Scott Brown In Massachusetts

Scott Brown’s victory in the Senate race in Massachusetts is shaking up Washington.  Many are absolutely amazed that a Republican could win a Senate seat where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by 3 to 1.  If a Republican can win in Massachusetts, is there any place where a Democrat is safe in 2010?  For conservatives it is time to celebrate.  The following is a humorous little poem which expresses the mood of many Republicans and tea party activists today….

Sorry Comrade Obama
Scott Brown Won!
In 2012 We’re Taking The White House
You Better Start Packing Your Bags Son

You Still Want To Pass Health Care “Reform”?
Don’t You Know That We’re Tired Of Your Bluster
Now That We Have Senator Number 41
You’re About To Get Hit With A Filibuster

His Name Is Scott Brown
He’s From Wrentham And He Drives A Truck
If You Want To Date His Daughters
You’re In Luck

You Laughed At Our Tea Parties
And Made Crude Jokes About Us
Now You Are All Running Scared
And Throwing One Another Under The Bus

We Said No To The Bailouts
We Said No To Cap And Trade
We Said No To Government Health Care
But You Thought That You Had It Made

47 Years Of Ted Kennedy
Now Real Change Is In The Air
If We Can Do It In Taxachusetts
We Can Do It Anywhere

Specter In Pennsylvania
Reid In Nevada
Taking Senate Seats In 2010 Will Be Fun
Nothing Will Make Us Gladder

Except For 2012
When We Take The White House Back
We Might Just Elect A Girl Named Sarah
So You Better Get Ready For A New America Jack

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