Cell Phone Privacy

cell-phone-privacy1Your cell phone calls are not private. The reality is that your cell phone calls, your personal conversations and even your location can be tracked constantly by your cell phone company, by the government and even by enterprising stalkers who are able to get spy software on to your phone.

For any of you who doubt this, please start by watching the incredibly shocking news report below…..


Have we got your attention now?

The truth is that cell phone conversations never have been and never will be private.

Not only does the cell phone company have access to your phone whenever they want, but the government has access to all of our calls in order to protect us against terrorism.

If you doubt this, just see what happens if you make a joking remark about airport security over a cell phone while you are headed to board a plane. You will likely be picked up within minutes.

But as you saw in the video above, an even scarier scenario is that stalkers or criminals could have complete access to your calls if they can get spy software on to your phone. And with more phones than ever connecting to the Internet, that little hurdle is now easier to overcome than ever.

Not only can stalkers and criminals listen to your calls, but they can also listen to your personal conversations even when your phone is turned off.

They can even listen to you at home in your private moments.

And thanks to GPS tracking, they can follow your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

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