Eric Massa: “You Can Literally Be Bought And Sold” As A Member Of The U.S. Congress

What in the world has happened to our once great republic?  The U.S. Congress has been turned into a festival of legalized bribery.  We all know that at least on some level, but when Glenn Beck interviewed Eric Massa the other day, what Massa had to say totally stunned many of us.  He told Beck that “you can literally be bought and sold legally” as a member of the U.S. Congress.  He also said that members of Congress spend about 5 hours a day just raising money, and that there are special coaches that are brought in that teach them how to do it better.  How insane is that?

But one of the saddest things that Massa had to say is that he felt completely and utterly powerless to change the system as a member of Congress.  When even a member of Congress can do absolutely nothing about the runaway corruption of the U.S. government, you know that the system is broken.

Do yourself a favor and take a couple of minutes and watch the excerpt from the interview posted below.  No matter what your political persuasion is, you have to admit that this is really, really sad….

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