NBC’s Extreme Pro-Obama Bias To Make G.E. Billions Of Dollars?

nbc-pro-obamaThrough their various news outlets including NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC, NBC has been the most shameless of the shameless when it comes to promoting Barack Obama.  Now, NBC’s parent company G.E. stands to reap billions of dollars in stimulus funds and cap and trade contracts as a reward.

All the way back to the presidential campaign, the reporting out of NBC news outlets was so over-the-top pro-Obama that it was beyond embarrassing.  In an era when most media organizations have left objectivity far behind, NBC has taken things to such an extreme that CNN looks “conservative” in comparison.

This goes far beyond Sarah Palin being skewered on Saturday Night Live or Obama being treated with kid gloves by Jay Leno while Republican candidates are raked over the coals.  No, as will be demonstrated below, what is going on at NBC is nothing short of a major media organization promoting a political candidate for the benefit of their parent corporation.

G.E., which owns NBC, lobbied for and is receiving stimulus funds, and now that troubled corporation could end up with literally billions of cap and trade dollars if Barack Obama’s cap and trade scheme is implemented.

You see, back in 2007 a number of large corporations formed the “Climate Action Partnership” (or CAP) was formed by several corporations to come up with a way to reduce greenhouse gases.  G.E. is one of the largest corporations in CAP.  This joint venture now stands to manage billions of cap and trade dollars.

G.E. has also invested very heavily in “clean energy”, and if cap and trade is fully implemented, other corporations will likely spend billions on G.E.’s “green technology” as other forms of energy suddenly become too expensive.

It certainly helps G.E. that their CEO has a direct line to the president.  After doing such a great job getting him elected, Obama named G.E. CEO Jeffrey Immelt to his Economic Advisory Board.  This is quite ironic considering the fact that G.E. has performed much worse since Immelt took over as the CEO.

So considering the very cozy relationship between G.E. and Obama, the reality is that Immelt and his cohorts are not going to accept any criticism of Obama on their networks.

According to recent allegations, Immelt and key NBC executives actually told CNBC to stop criticizing Obama’s economic policies. 

In fact, it is rumored that CNBC’s Rick Santelli was so offended by this that he said that it was like being sent to a “re-education camp”.

But of course we will probably not ever know if Santelli really did say this, because if he came out and said it publicly he would probably be instantly fired.

But it’s not like NBC’s Obama bias is any sort of a secret.  Every night on their networks “anchors” such as Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews sing the praises of Obama and engage in such hateful name-calling of Republicans that it would be almost comical if all of this was not so serious.

Now it has come out that NBC, along with ABC, has refusedto air television ads critical of Barack Obama’s health care reform program.

The ads by the League of American Voters are certainly not outrageous at all.  They feature a neurosurgeon who warns that Obama’s proposal will lead to the rationing of health care procedures and medicine.  These ads are running around the nation but NBC and ABC refuse to touch them.


We all know why.

Not only that, but NBC is now featuring Barack Obama merchandise in their online store!

Talk about ridiculous.

NBC has Barack Obama dolls, collectible coins and other memorabilia for sale.  Just see for yourself:


Now if they had also sold a George W. Bush doll all of this might not look so bizarre. 

But the truth is that NBC can no longer be regarded as an objective network. 

But why should they?

After all, Jeffrey Immelt is on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve and as we documented in a previous article, Obama is not about to stand up to the international bankers who control America’s currency and who have brought us all to the edge of financial disaster. 

Most Americans simply do not understand the sick relationship that exists between big money and America’s politicians.  Obama was not made president to serve the American people.  He was made president to serve big corporations such as G.E. and big financial interests such as the Federal Reserve.

It is time for the American people to wake up and start realizing how the world really works.

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