The Act Of Watching A Modern-Day Holocaust Occur….And Doing Nothing About It

While plenty of people around the world applauded the overthrowing of the dictator, Hosni Mubarak, many were cautiously optimistic. It’s not that they questioned whether or not Mubarak was a horrible man who suppressed his people, but rather, their concern was that something worse was looming on the horizon?

One needs only to look around the globe, at who is being persecuted today, to see that “evil” is alive and well.

The goal of evil has always been to do away with the belief in God and one method for accomplishing such has been to do away with God’s people. The purpose of the Holocaust was to rid the world of the people of God– the Jews. Today we are seeing this same agenda rear its ugly head. However, it is just not the Jews who are God’s people, it is also the Christians.

The cries of the world after World War II were, “we will never forget” the cost of apathy for the mass slaughter of a certain group of people. Today, many have already forgotten what evil is capable of, if left unchecked. Many more have never been taught the lesson, to begin with. We are, once again, witnessing God’s people being slaughtered, and the world (including the west) is, once again, silent.

Just like how America was silent when millions of Jewish men, women and children were being herded into concentration camps to be murdered, it seems as though we are keeping our mouths shut, today, as were are seeing the up-tick in the slaughtering of Jews and Christians around the world.

During the past few weeks, Egypt has displayed an unprecedented level of persecution against the Christians. First, there was the burning down of a Christian (Coptic) Church, despite the fact that it had all the proper permits and obeyed the laws of not having any visible crosses or ringing bells.

After the Church was set ablaze, about 1,000 Christians in Egypt decided to have a peaceful march, and sit-in, in front of the state controlled television building. What happened next could be the beginning of the end, with respect to one’s right to publicly display their Christian faith in Egypt.

The Egyptian army fired live ammunition into the crowds, and used its armored vehicles to jump onto sidewalks and mow down the Christian protesters. May of the victims’ bodies were mutilated and many of the dead bodies were riddled with bullets. So far twenty-six people were killed, and more are dying every day from their serious injuries. There are reports that anywhere between 250- 500 have been injured.

This is the same Egyptian army that, earlier in the year, allowed the Egyptian protesters to sit endless days in Tahrir Square without a single shot being fired or a single protester being killed (initially). The Egyptian army is now killing its own people; something they vowed they would never do. It is also being reported that, just before slaughtering the Christians, the Egyptian soldiers, much like Al-Qaeda terrorists, have begun yelling the rally cry, “Allah Akbar” which means “God is great”.

Analogous to the days of Nazi Germany, the Egyptian State TV is also proving to be anti-Christian, and has evolved into a full-fledged propaganda machine. As the events began to play out, the media actually urged Egyptians to help police in ridding the Christian protesters, portraying them as a violent mob, attacking the army and public property.

Soon afterwards, young men armed with sticks, rocks, swords and firebombs began to roam central Cairo, attacking Christians. Troops and riot police did nothing to stop the attacks.

In Egypt, Christians make up only 10% of the 85 million people. There has been as strong outcry from the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamic sects, for Egypt to become an Islamic state. Since the Egyptian Jews have mostly been done away with, the only people who stand in the way of bring this to fruition are the Christians.

In 1948, 75,000 Jews lived in Egypt. Today, there are about 100. There has been a mass exodus due to the persecution and anti-Semitism of Jews
This is not the first time Christians are being attacked, but by far, the most blazen. Since the removal of Mubarrak these attacks on Christians have esculated sharply.

In January, a suspected suicide bomber hit a church in Alexandria as Christians celebrated the new year, killing 23 people.

In March, thousands of Christians protested in front of the state television building after the torching of a church. Thirteen people were killed and 140 wounded in sectarian violence

In May, 12 people were killed and 52 wounded, in sectarian clashes, and in the burning of St. Mary’s Church in the Cairo suburb of Imbaba.
This had occurred after rumors spread about how Christians were protecting a woman who had recently converted from Islam.

As a result of the increased persecution of Christians (since the overthrow of President Mubarak), Christians have been fleeing Egypt.  In a recent report, nearly 100,000 Christians have emigrated from Egypt since March 2011. This report also warned that this mass exodus has been prompted by the escalating intimidation and attacks on Christians by Islamists. There is fervor amongst this “new Egypt” to cleanse the country of Christians, just like they did the Jews.

Those that do not believe in the Judeo Christian God may not care about this rash of killings against Jews and Christians, however, not caring about a group of people who are being rounded up and killed for their beliefs, just because you’re not a part of that group, has proven, historically, to be a very dangerous attitude, just as it did in the days of Nazi Germany.

Even if it is a group you fundamentally disagree with, or the massacre is happening thousands of miles of away, once evil has room to grow it will spread like wildfire and be hard to contain.

There was a prominent protestant pastor who first supported the Nazi regime, but then became an outspoken critic of Adolf Hitler. He later spent the last 7 years of his life in a concentration camp, during which, he wrote this poem about the dangerous cost of apathy.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

There are two ways this apathy will play out; we will either let history repeat itself and stand idly by, because it does not affect us, or we will be the watchman on the wall sounding the warning bells that they are coming for God’s people.


The preceding was a guest post for The Truth by Alisha Venetis.  Alisha Venetis is co-founder of – an online store specializing in emergency preparedness supplies.  She writes for Smart Girl Nation, as well as other conservative blogs, where she reports on world politics, domestic and global economics and the potentially negative ramifications they may have on America.

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