The Failure Of The Education System In America

Public Education has got to change. There is a reason why so many people choose to home school any more. Public Education is simply not working out like it should and hasn’t for a good number of years.

I am not a teacher. Neither would I want to be in the current environment of public schools. I give them credit where it is due. They are in an impossible situation. How do you keep order and discipline in a system where you are legally tied down? I want the lawyers and Courts to try to teach school. Bet they wouldn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t even try. They have already made a huge mess of it in legal rulings.

The deck is stacked against someone even trying. Ask any teacher in this country. They will tell you.

The magic word is tenure. Once tenured a teacher has a life time guaranteed job. For as long as they can stand to be in a critical survival situation in the class. It doesn’t matter what ideas they have about teaching. Once they are tenured, they are golden. Nothing can touch them.

Don’t mention God. We are teaching a neutral education where concepts and ideas of life do not exist. After all, there are over 250 Southern Baptist denominations alone. No one probably knows how many other religions are out there. With that comes a neutral ethical and moral view. It doesn’t work. No matter what religion the children are, they need to be taught values. The Chaplain service of our armed forces has been able to manage that with every religion on the face of the planet for years. So why cannot the courts and the schools do the same thing?

Autism. A rising number of children have some form of Autism or attention deficit disorders. It makes a standard classroom into chaos.

Drug them into submission. The solution for public education has devolved into drugging the disorderly kids with class one heroin type drugs. If the kid is drugged he is not a problem. Retalin was fashionable for years. They have moved on to more sophisticated ones now.

This effects the ones with a brains that want to get a good education and ask too many questions. This disrupts the large classrooms. Drug them down to moron level. No problem.

I am a multi-system educated person. My Dad moved us around a lot. I have been in school systems here, there, and abroad. Of all the systems I was in years ago, the British one was the most professional.

Here is what I find wrong with all of them.

The school is dependent on memory retention. It is a contest of who can memorize the best and utilize that knowledge. If you come from a college educated home with plenty of education materials at home, a vocabulary of upper class English, and a reasonable mind, you might do well or not. There is more than one kind of English in this country. American English has 4 parts of speech. English from Britain has 7 parts of speech. Black English has its own vocabulary. Many speak French from Canada, Spanish from Mexico, and Cuba, but many do not speak American English.

No public school system teaches how memory works. How do you take advantage of the unique mind skills set necessary to get good grades? How many individual attention needs are met? In a classroom overloaded with students, you are part of an assembly line that moves you forward whether or not you have grasped the learning or not. We are interested in numbers rather than good teaching skills.

Then there is the mandatory vaccinations. They say you have options. I doubt it. So every student coming in is plastered with mercury type drugs in the vaccinations? Makes me want to learn . . .

You have an artificial class system set up in our public schools. If you are from a rich real estate tax neighborhood, yes, you might get a better education. Unless the courts decide to send you to a poor neighborhood on buses. Not going to happen if you are a separate city. So many neighborhoods are suburban cities not required to bus. The answer is to change the financial arrangements so everyone gets the same education. Thus you have people opting out with home schooling all over the place. No one wants a sour education system like we have right now.

Here is a clue or two. Pictures are remembered. Analog ideas are not. The faster someone actually puts a learning to use, the longer it stays with them. 85% of the learning goes down the tubes because the children do not use the concepts and ideas right away. Almost impossible in an overloaded system.

You do that with questions and children responding to the questions. A good memory file system takes into account visual memory. Our schools simply do not always do that.

Not everyone should go to college. We need an industry system that thinks that too. Not everyone benefits from college. I would rather my children have a good education that includes skills to make a living out there in the real world. That means High School Co-op concepts that teach kids trades to make a living with. 60% of the people that have trades end up getting a college education anyway in the field they are in. Only the education comes from mandatory credits necessary to maintain their professions. Real Estate requires 30 hours of education every two years to maintain an active license for instance in Ohio. There are seminars and weekend lecture series that are set up to give those credit hours. Finance and Appraisal are required after you are licensed for 5 years.

Most people with trades make more than most college grads. So if you do not have the mind for college perhaps your talents can still make you a decent living in the REAL WORLD.

We need to give our teachers better tools to work with. Education requires discipline. The current rules do not allow children to be disciplined when they need it. We need to oversee how the children are educated and reduce the waste time. I think mandatory testing to place students where they belong and give them credit for what they already know would be useful.

The education system in cooperation with the legal system has to change if it is going to work.

(Authored by Dave Webb)

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